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    Hi @ProDave This is exactly why I am doing a "blog" detailing my experiences and routes for various aspects of the self build. We will never be embarking on such a project again which is a great shame when you consider the "learning" one gains from such a venture. Yes, I can sit back and reflect on where I could have made a saving and or used a different approach but as long as we get over the finish line without breaking the bank, I shall consider it a successful mission. I just hope others reading this record will be able to consider options they may not have considered, as explained by either myself or contributors such as yourself.
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    So the roof of the tower is nearly complete, the slates are in and all we need now is the lead man to do the hips.
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    Five years ago a friend had an air tightness result of 0.9ACH and she was disappointed because she had put so much effort into taping etc. The house was very comfortable with no cold spots or draughts. To help her I ran the PHPP to see what the effect of different air tightness values would be on the space heating demand. Results below. I asked on the AECB forum why the PHI had set the maximum value at 0.6ACH and had an answer from Mark Siddall shown below. So until you get to relatively quite high air tightness values, space heating demand is not affected greatly. Of course the PHPP has been designed to work at the low end of air tightness. Pressurisation Test Result ACH Specific Space Heating Demand kWh/(m2.a) 0.2 12.1 0.4 12.3 0.6 12.5 0.8 12.7 1.0 12.9 2.0 14.0 A 2pa pressure difference (what you get over 2 a storey building) would mean that assuming a 1m long, 1mm wide gap would permit about 360g of water vapour to be transported through the gap in 1 day. On the basis of the internal temp being 20C/50%RH and ext. temp of 0C/80%RH then you can expect this moisture to hit the dew point as it passes through the insulation. The air tightness threshold is 0.6 so as to protect structure from moisture damage.
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    Hi @Stones let me try and clarify, I’m not really flash with the computer so I hope I can get my thoughts across. the situation you state about a developer coming in and building loads of houses, HAS HAPPENED. land to the rear of us was brought a few years back and given consent for over 200 holiday homes. Most are 3 storeys with grass roofs, they start at a cool mill and go up to about £2500000, we are having to plant multiple large trees every winter to try and hide them. why im annoyed. We wanted a single dwelling on 11 acres of land, our nearest neighbour is 260m as the crow flies. The council wanted a landscape impact assessment, so photos taken from any viewpoint that a member of the public could see the house from. There are none. You will struggle to see the house if you stood on the roof of a very big van whilst driving past. We applied for a house that was 240m square. We where told it was too big. To big FOR WHAT. We applied for a house that was two storeys, we where told it was too tall, to tall FOR WHAT. In the last few months since we started work I have not had a single person on site who thought we shouldn’t have a house here,most seem flabbergasted that it all took so long. we where told by the planning pleb that he liked the design, everybody in his office liked the design. But there was no way he could pass it on the grounds that it is not similar to the dwelling it is replacing. Having lived abroad and built a house abroad I firmly believe the planning system in this country is completely flawed and buildings are getting consent in places you should not even consider building, yet something that makes perfect sense is an uphill struggle. We need a new system with a strict criteria, if a house meets this criteria it gets consent if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t simple. We applied to build a house in Australia the planning consent was granted the same DAY the same non ambitious planning guy waiting for his pension, mentioned how he was having to put up with squeezing his new family into a 2 up 2 down cottage as that’s all he could afford. Oh dear I’m so sad for him. I stand by what I say I think the system is flawed, and run by people who couldn’t make a go of it out in the big scary world, yet have the power to control people who actually get of there arse and try to achieve something.
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    Better late than never - a final post for this blog. the house eventually sold on 1st June - two years minus two days since we bought it. the buyer is very happy and so are we. we have had some time away from renovating but new plans are taking shape - not quite what I expected but it will do for now. tell you more soon! ?
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    A week later and the Cedral cladding is installed and all we need now is for the scaffold to come down so we can finish the rest of the roof.
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    I remember our basement looking like that - wan't much point clearing it until the rest of the house was watertight. At the end it resembled the trash compactor from Star Wars...
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    Put me down for 2 weeks in August please!
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    Maybe apply some clear anti-slip tape to the nose of each tread. https://www.seton.co.uk/clear-anti-slip-tape.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1Ybd2eLz3QIVaLvtCh1aGQM1EAQYASABEgKUbPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#CLEAR4
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    Nice looking house. Great symmetry.
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    If this carries on then you are going to have a hell of a house. Er in doors is lusting after that stone - we havent had feellings like that in this house for years! ?
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    Ah yes, I remember that feeling, before my innocence was ripped from me by the rest of the build Gorgeous setting. You got me with the building inspector comment too, until I scrolled down.
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    Top and bottom of most self-builds are decisions, decisions and can we afford it, Full stop!!!!
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    We have stick built primarily for cost saving, will share the actual cost later but hopefully £50K+ saving, fortunately have some time and energy though I do feel a bit bushed in a good way at 53 and the challenge and satisfaction from it all. Also having the support of my Dad, he's 74 has been invaluable and an opportunity to spend time together. Maybe that sounds a bit odd. I am still enjoying it.....
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    Bloody cheek! Sorry, seemed (in?)appropriate. Did you plaster yourself? Looks good.
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    Oh and I forgot the best bit: I was packing up for the day and couldn't find my wee radio... I could hear it though... no prizes for guessing where it was So hopefully that's the only time I will have to pry off a piece of cladding...
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    Wait till you're knee deep in muck and gutters after throwing a track and see how many swear words you can mutter. The bigger the digger the easier they are to drive and a lot more fun but by god can they do a whole lot of damage in the blink of an eye.
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    We went with the pure white (rather than warm or natural) as we wanted a more clinical light.
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    No, we've used a volumetric cement lorry, so only taken what we need. It appears to be a rather unpleasant feature of the boom pumps.
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    Child of an architect 🤩. The telltale is that I sometimes talk about "dwellings".
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    But I am FANTASTIC at Lego 😂😂 It’s not the strength but the air-tightness that I think will be different. I know that @JSHarris has previously mentioned that concrete is not necessarily air tight but it has a much better chance than the woodcrete. The difference between the three products is how complete the concrete wall within the formwork will be. During the Durisol training, they were very keen to talk about the product being breathable. Passivhaus and air-tightness were almost dismissed as a goal not worth aiming towards. The MD (a structural engineer) went so far as to state that it made no sense to him as an engineer to make a property air-tight and then introduce an MVHR to bring in ventilation. They also talked about Thermal Mass and I just smiled sweetly and thought of our Jeremy 😊. We went to a passivhaus seminar at NSBRC in November and cat flaps were mentioned. IIRC they were mentioned in the hundreds of pounds to much laughter. During the Durisol PowerPoint, a similar cat flap story had become thousands £s. We have a similar story in our family. Peter lost £5 in the sea in Cornwall during our first holiday together when we were mere babes. (17 &19). This was way before children came along and before the lottery existed. That £5 is now referred to by the kids as a winning lottery ticket that would have set them up for life if only their dad hadn’t lost it in the sea - it has taken on a life of it’s own 😂😂.
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    Couldn't afford to run mine all day either. It will take a while trying to find a program that works but @Christine Walkerwill get there. Get that installer back asap and get him to show you the full instructions on how you work it.
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    Superb, well done @Redoctober I've enjoyed reading your blog, hopefully your do one more entry once the last few jobs are done.
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    Wow, that's looking fantastic!
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    What has happened to the installers? Why are they not sorting it for you? Time for a visit from a certain Welsh Plumber?
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    Looking good hope you get the weather to get all the block work done
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    Yep, I too feel your frustrations - our Joiner has been on site for just 13 days out of a possible 30 working days!! As a result, other trades are having to be put back and the time in our rental extended for another month. Electrician said he would be on site this week - failed to show thus far. Plumber won't come out until Kitchen is in. Kitchen can't go in until tiles are down. Tiler failed to show for past 3 working days despite saying he would. What can you do? I'm sure it will all come together over the next 2 -3 weeks but why does it have to be so blooming frustrating ?? I believe it is part and parcel of self building - I don't believe anyone said it was going to be easy !!
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    And it all takes so much time! Fiddly, faffy, tiddly details that are for tiny things and take 80% of the time. Drives me nuts, but it's often this level of attention to detail that makes the finished build look like a quality job.
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    That’s better news. They must have caught your mood and valued their balls enough not to pee you off further lol 😀.
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    @vivienz when I was speaking to PYC about scaffolding, they mentioned that they can erect a single story without scaffolding if needed, using a fork lift or something similar, and could place other safety features, such as crash mats and air safety mattresses, to protect any workers working at height without scaffolding. Hope you can find a similar solution. Great photos!
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    I wish my house was that clean and tidy, but that's impossible until I've had my bigger house built with enough room for all the crap we've accumulated! I do like the idea of sticking the plans everywhere - no deniability!
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    Our sparky was uber tidy, never left anything behind. Depends on the tradeperson I suppose and whether they are just used to being on sites. Second fix is a different story as you will have finished areas that they will be working in.
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    Still looking great. Can't wait to see all the stonework completed because that will turn it into a thing of beauty. Clearly it's @Redoctober with the OCD
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    Looks very tidy. UFH fitter has done a great job there.
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    Or in direct sunlight for much of the day
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    Still loving the view. Even a JCB can't make it look bad.
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    The UFH pipes needs to be filled when pouring the slab anyway (manufacturers instructions). I'm guessing that the problem in this instance was insufficient staples/fixings to hold down the pipe. I know it's not much help in this instance but you have to try and not mix diy work with contractors if you want to be able to have some comeback. Bodgit builder will have a ready made excuse that he didn't prep the floor if you ever try to sue him.
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    I’m in the best doing it your self camp, but my wife wants things done quicker. I’m currently fixing the reinforment steel for my basement, I’ve got two local guys helping me, they weren’t impressed when I insisted they get into their waterproofs and get stuck into some work during two hours of heavy rain this morning. Apparently I’m a slave driver!
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    The mobilisation cost is always the big one. You are just paying to get the rig there on site. For the type of rig above it was probably a dando terrier which fits nicely in a long wheel 6.5t van. Drove one all over Ireland for a few years. When you go into the holes over 30m then your into much bigger rigs that will need a big compressor as well. So your paying usually for a lorry and a Jeep. As for the soil testing very few companies will do the actual soil tests them selves as the equipment is very expensive. Queens university done most of ours or a company in Dublin if it was contamination. I think @PeterStarck robbed who ever he got in. £3k for 47m is cheap very cheap. Well done!!!
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    @Grosey, looking good. I take it the tiled area above the fire is for your TV? An ingenious way of camouflaging the TV when off if that's the case. Love the triple circle pendant light.
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    Ferdinand has it spot on about the rigs. If you look at a medieval street map of the town every building has a long strip of land behind it, traditionally a kitchen garden or pasture for a horse/cow/goat. The town was agriculture based, originally, and pains have been taken to preserve as much of that history as possible. Our plot was the original rig length by double the width, we could see where the original boundary line had been, but the dividing wall had long gone, unfortunately. We had an archeologist who told us all this stuff when she came on a site visit, fascinating. That's also the reason why there was SO much blimmin topsoil (over 2m deep in places!) all over the place - the land had just been used as grazing for hundreds of years. We found a lot of cow bones.
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    @JohnW, thanks for your kind comments. Our resident Welsh Wizard may be able to offer more insight but with gas you start needing buffers or maybe even a TS because of the short cycling issue. I'm only guessing but I believe fuel costs would be lower (for DHW at least), but you end up paying another standing charge for your gas supply. I haven't costed gas vs ASHP, but I suspect there wouldn't be that much in it once capital, running and servicing costs taken into account. If you need cooling, gas isn't going to give you that capability. I can't really give you a definitive answer as it simply wasn't something I had to consider, but my gut feeling is I probably would have still gone with an ASHP set up.
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    Well, I emailed Gary and he responded very promptly. He advised that although they haven't had any sound transmission issues reported, he is going to send me a silencer . He also suggested that the noise may be due to an air imbalance within the MVHR unit. I'll start a topic to discuss this. My acoustic foam has also arrived so my plan is to knock up my own silencer and when I receive the silencer from BPC, test run both to see which is most effective on the supply, and use the other for the extract.
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    @curlewhouse Also worth reading this - usually the vehicle is defined in the easement with the height / width / weight as they are tangible - and it does beg the question if that is even enforceable. http://www.boundary-problems.co.uk/boundary-problems/priv-r-o-w.html
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    @Triassic is like a top class hut! Some of my compatriates
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    Some "inventive" use of scaffold boards there..!!!
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    Let @Rogerthedog fly the thing I say, he seems to know where he's going round the site better than anyone!
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