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    One of my favourite jobs when it's going well. I even used up the scraps to gain some brownie points when I was doing my step flashings.
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    I can empathise with your feelings. Part way through our build my father in law died. We were both hoping he'd live long enough to see our house finished, but it wasn't to be. I did put a small memorial to him, and my late father (who died back in 1972) right up at the very top of our house:
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    Things take a while when you are self building don't they? So, back to this circular rooflight internal finishes joinery. I thought you'd all like an update, particularly @Onoff who I was expecting on site back in November 😉 Here is what has been done. Firstly, there was a slight thermal bridging issue with the metal frame for the roof light being inside the thermal envelope. Got some drips earlier in the year when plaster was drying out and condensing up there. Not a huge amount we could do easily but I have at least stuck some aerogel (left over and lying around) on those areas. Those are the silver triangle pieces. Hopefully there will be less moisture (than plaster drying out) when we are living in it. Back in Jan the tackers said they would have no problem with that rooflight meaning that HWMBO was left with stud wall construction only. And this week was the week for them to do it. They turned up with a flexi 6mm board (that they also said was moisture resistant). They used some plasterboard to batten out slightly from the square bits of the hexagon, some 25mm battens a little bit further out and then some creative battening across the corners and then they bent the 6mm board into shape and fixed it. Today they did the top bit (no photo, too dark when I got home). But they have left the plasterboard about half an inch short of the glass and made sure that the black edge is covered (in case the finished skim isn't quite circular - otherwise the absolutely circular black edging would show it). I'll post again after the plasterer has been in on Monday - hopefully he'll have no issue with it. But so far so good. Did have to hire a huge tower scaffold though. Ours only goes up about 3m and they needed the platform for this work at over 5m. Its still pretty hairy standing on a step ladder on top of the platform but even I can reach the roof light from the top. Bodes well for painting.
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    So the roof of the tower is nearly complete, the slates are in and all we need now is the lead man to do the hips.
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    @Oz07 We used smart ply propassiv https://www.buildingcentre.co.uk/news/smartply-propassiv-sets-industry-first-standards-for-airtightness which is the airtight version. The joints were all taped. @Russell griffiths Fabricator who did the flashings was ACL Sheet Metal in Hereford. https://www.aclsheetmetal.com/ I would recommend them. If they had any questions they asked, the order was turned round quickly and we were pleased with the quality of the final product.
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    And here it is fully boarded. Plastering of it starts Monday. So far so good.....
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    Summer of 2017 - photos of the paddock near the stable. Our daughter wanted wild flowers for her wedding but she then brought the day forward from June to May due to another family wedding clashing. The flowers looked beautiful on the original wedding day but were not out on the wet and wild day she actually got married on.
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    3rd Draft arrived this afternoon - I think we are there!!
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    Nothing says "I love you Faye!" like lead poisoning! 😂
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    Not bad for a 60 year old
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    My in-laws built their own place from a Scandia supplied frame only. The fit out was done by my FIL. He was a very deep thinking and logical person and posed the question regarding the insulation of what was a fully pumped circulating hot water ring around the whole house. Hot water was there at the turn of the tap. Unfortunately it was also there at the turn of the cold tap and although cooler obviously you could never make a cold water based drink without having a filter type jug in the fridge. The in-laws sold the house after 20 years and that issue with the non insulated supply pipes for both hot and cold annoyed him until he passed away last year. It does go to prove that the planning detail for even such seemingly mundane situations will haunt/annoy forever.
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    You get about a 1/3 m out of the pump lines when they clean them through @Adam2, a good idea is to have someplace to put it, shutter up a box for the chicken coup to sit on or make a base for the wheelie bins, I have 3 posts that hold up our carport that sit on concrete pads, so pre dug some very rough holes ready for the overspill. You need to nominate a washdown area for the pump guy, plastic on the floor with a sheet of ply on top so it’s easy to shovel up the mess. Its all relatively straight forward with a bit of planning.
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    If I bought it for the current bid and sold it to you for the price of 3 brollies I would still make nearly a 50% margin...
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    I am really impressed with this house. One of my Buildhub favourites. I also like @Tennentslager's build in a similar vein. Very well done.
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    It seems to me that flat panels are the “natural” form factor for LEDs as they can emit both their light and heat in all directions easily. Also, they avoid big holes in the ceiling. They seem to still be a bit of a niche product, I'm not sure why.
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    Tbh I’m very impressed with nudura, we have a couple of niggly bits I don’t like, but if I had built it out of blocks we would have had the same niggly bits. I had the hump one day, just as the nudura rep turned up, he could see I wasn’t happy and asked why, I told him a few things that had taken longer than expected. He turned to me and said : to be fair russ what you are building isn’t normal, you need to except that you will have a couple of hiccups: i thought about this for a while and now I completely agree, what I designed is far from normal and certainly not straight forward, I couldn’t begin to imagine the amount of work involved if I had built it in cavity brick n block. So on the whole very impressed with icf and happy I chose nudura.
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    I still lead weld using my dads old stuff - iron must be 60 years old at least ..? Roofers wanted a whole roll of 900mm lead to finish a dormer peak and I pointed out the offcut they had left would cut and weld to size .... suffice to say I ended up doing it and they couldn’t work out how you couldn’t see the join..!
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    Well done, looks lovely and you have managed to avoid it looking to clinical which is often the way with such "accessible" bathrooms etc.
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    Give it a few days and you’ll be like Billy Elliot My shoulders are hurting just looking at the pictures 😓
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    "A total of 18 separate roof planes in all! Why oh why did I let the architect talk me into this design? " I feel your pain...
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    What a Stunning looking house, very well done mate.
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    Looks really lovely. Well done!
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    @oldkettleTo be honest BC only visited twice, one to look at the foundations and then when the frame was up. Their fees included the inspection of the cabin and the house. Since then I’ve not involved them in the cabin, we just finished it and moved in. No doubt in 20, 30 or 40 years our relatives can sort of a completion certificate! It was our architect who suggested we add the cabin to the planning application for the main house, mainly so we had something formal and to stop anyone suggesting we didn’t have permission. The description of the cabin in the planning application was vogue, we simply added a front and side elevation of the cabin in a small space on the house plans, no one questioned it. However it’s in Band A for Council Tax purpose. Looking at the accounts it cost a grand total of £30k to build. The cabin has a formal bedroom, a bathroom with shower and a living room with corner kitchen. Above the bedroom is a storage mezzanine, this contains a double mattress on the floor and is used by us when we have friends to stay over. In future it might get BC sign off and use it as a holiday let.
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    @ultramodsNo, if any of the above text refers to 'we' that's me getting a man in to do it. 😀 I'm not really a practical chap. Better with numbers.
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    That blue plastic thing. My mate just bought an identical cow/pig feeding thing except it was solid glazed clay, 100+ years old and took 6 to lift it. hes using it for a border/planter
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    Oh is that all, I was thinking you where making a new start with a new house using wealthy jacks money 💷💷💷💷💷
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    Excellent read, tell us about your user name. Im very nosey.
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    Lovely story. Have you considered doing stand-up?
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    No, we've used a volumetric cement lorry, so only taken what we need. It appears to be a rather unpleasant feature of the boom pumps.
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    We has 12mm OSB temprary flooring on 600 centred posijoists for well over a year. It held up surprisingly well. Just don't try putting a scaffold tower up on it without something under the legs to spread the load.
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    Very nice that looks😀
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    Good luck. Fingers crossed. Mine is due on June 11th.....
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    Looks great, is that insulation under the brick plinth? EPS Raft of similar?
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    The darker something is the more imperfections that'll show. Get a nice bright white on that and you'll lose even more imperfections that you see at present.
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    I could buy an umbrella from the pound shop - or 4.
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    And so the bidding war begins !
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    That walk on glazing is affordable 😎😎😎😎😎
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    Yes it’s amazing how prices go up We keep hearing about ceiling prices But it doesn’t seem to apply for a one off One simalar to ours sold for 720 It was built in the 80 s The chap plans to spend a whopping 200 Nice area fantastic house But it will be a long time before it’s worth a million But will it ? I suppose houses are worth what someone wants to pay A lot of wealthy people out there I was looking online at the company that specialises in second hand high end kitchens The amount that people have paid only to be taken out twelve months later
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    Ta. I don't have the invoice with me, but as I recall, it was about £130.
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    Child of an architect 🤩. The telltale is that I sometimes talk about "dwellings".
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    We have quite a nice curry house a little further south, near the sea which just happens to be near a new build in need of expert plumbing advice later on in the year. Not as as good as my home town of course but growing up in Hayes, next door to Southall, where curry houses are 10 a penny, I have been through a few to find one I like.
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    It's the start of it looking like a house rather than a building site. Exciting!
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    Look in the first floor bathrooms and the walk in wardrobe. I missed it on the second draft because it's a very fine dotted line
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    We need more example of good lighting, as being a bloke I struggle with lighting design!
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    The first draft of the plans arrived today - I open them all excited and love the initial look of the building. Then I look a bit closer.......... I am SO disappointed that I'm not even going to load them up here. I mentioned to them many times that I hate being too hot. That I haven't put windows on the south side of the first floor deliberately - for two reasons. 1) I don't think that planners will accept windows on that side because of overlooking the horses next door and the planners appear to think that they will object and 2) we don't need anymore light and we will overheat. We spoke about our exrrememly tight budget - the glazing alone would take our budget. I gave them the roof light sizes from @pocster - why have rooflights when you can have full length windows into your bathroom - right by the bath? I put an overhang along the whole south side of the house - I appreciate it may be difficult to build and require "boys stuff" to hold it up. However, it will help shade the ground floor. It's gone, so the ground floor will overheat as well - no explanation as to why it's gone. If they were going to tell me it's really difficult to build, I would accept that and think hard about it but to just remove it is gutting The kitchen has so many windows that you can't put any cupboards on the walls - god knows where the oven will go The dining area of the kitchen has sliding doors PLUS a single door within 5 ft of each other. I think even when I'm eighty I might manage the twelve steps to get from one option out onto the patio to the other. There - I feel a bit better now. I will have a discussion with them tomorrow and we will get back on track to plans that we can afford and that will achieve what I want.
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    I will take some photos today and post them. It's an easy system to use. Called tier stone cladding, by CED Stone, via Sydenhams.
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    I am still finishing my immersion heater dump load controller and I then need to install my own export meter. Then I will have a measure of how much does get exported and how much we are actually managing to self use. I am sure batteries will some later but too expensive just now.
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    Cladding straight onto battens (which had a damp proof membrane fixed to them). The cladding overlaps (each piece has an overlap edge detail) so should be weathertight.
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