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  1. I've had a follow up email with clarification on the issue. What I'm annoyed about is I had various email conversations with them before moving over and included pictures of my meter asking if it was suitable followed up by at least 3 telephone conversations. I've just looked at your account and you have an Elster SMETS1 meter - there's a known issue we're working on w with these meters specifically when on our smart tariffs which causes apparent double-counting. The meter itself is ok but the issue is how the data reaches us via the DCC (government central system). We're working on that but to help I'm forwarding this to a colleague who's dealing with this issue.
  2. I think there are days when it's very low but it wouldn't work for us. Our Tarrif is this one.
  3. I'm not exactly tech savvy either but if it wasn't for the app it would have been unlikely I'd of noticed the issue.
  4. Check it, probably unlikely unless you're on a Go or Go Faster Tarrif but it's worth double checking. If I hadn't no one would have picked up on it.
  5. Octopus seem to have suspended the app as I can only see now Sunday but am continuing to monitor the meter every morning. For the past two days our total comsumption has been less than 30 units a day total, mainly all heat pump as with our weather are still struggling to get over 0 degrees once the sun sets but we have had some good sunny days so have plenty of hot water and have made good use of the solar in the day.
  6. To be honest basing it off my calculations the amount we have paid so far won't be too far off what we owe and I'd rather not cancel it and end up with a big bill. They haven't yet applied the money sitting in my account from two direct debit payments to any bill because they can't bill me not knowing the amount! So for anyone with Octopus, keep your eye on your meter...
  7. Latest update from Octopus - there is a problem (really?) They are hoping the issue will be resolved by the end of May at the latest 😡 and they have identified the issue and now need to fix it. They said they have now identified this happening to people exclusively on the Go and Go Faster tarrifs. They did say once they are clear on exactly the usage and split, they will come back to me but they should be able to clearly dentify this by reviewing meter data (I'm not convinced)! Until I have concrete information from them on what they have my actual use as and the split I can't do anything aside from keep taking meter readings daily. As yet my direct debit hasn't actually paid any bill, it's just sitting in my account in credit as they can't work out my bill currently and they have 40+ days so far to go through plus the issue is still not sorted so they can't actually clearly identify how much I owe. Once it has I'll be on at them for some form of compensation. The time and energy (energy get it 🙄) I have put into all this recording, monitoring our electric use and buying additional monitoring equipment has taken up an almighty amount of time whilst my other half has thought I was going completely mad unplugging appliances, turning off heating and complaining when our daily electricity use went over 100 units!
  8. I'm waiting for a resolution from Octopus and am now bombarding them daily with photos of the meter and a breakdown of what the app is reporting during the same period. Having been taking the meter reading each 24 hour period for the past few days versus the half hour readings in the app I'm pretty confident the app is reporting just over double our use, e.g. between 9:45am Saturday and 9am Sunday we used 41 units of electricity (of which the heat pump used 36). The app shows 82 which is double and the times they have our use still isn't accurate.
  9. They were good about it and I've followed up with an email asking for a formal complaint to be raised. In a way the fact I've been so obsessive about our energy use due to the heat pump saga made me realize something wasn't right because I knew the heat pump use had been pretty stable so we couldn't have used the amount they are saying and certainly not during the times they are saying. God only knows how they are going to work out the split of units now and in the meantime they need to sort out what the actual issue is/technical fault.
  10. Nope. We had a smart meter when we moved in so didn't need any different meter with Octopus but we have never had the screen monitoring thing. I think the previous owner must have taken it or got rid of it.
  11. Checked - that's correct. Indeed. What I'm concerned about is how they are working out my use between 8:30pm and 01:30am when we are only paying 5.5p because if they are basing it on the smart meter readings they are completely inaccurate. The woman I spoke to says if the smart meter readings aren't accurate they have no way of knowing the split so this leaves us in a bit of a situation in that out of our 1500ish units we have used in 41 days no-one can say how many are at 5.5p!
  12. I found interesting that in between turning the heating off last night at 10pm and checking temperatures this morning at 10am when it was 3 degrees, the lowest thermostat readings were 19 degrees which were rooms which formed part of the existing bungalow and have no EWI yet (the extension was warmer but this has far better insulation in walls). I didn't think this was too bad with 12 hours of no heating when we have no EWI and no render.
  13. 🤣 Because of the ongoing saga with the heating and electric use I know exactly what our usage is but then when I saw the app I thought great, half our meter readings easier to monitor usage.... One particular day they had our total energy use for a 24 hour period as 82 units. Our HP use during the same 24 hour period was only 26 units so they are saying we used over 50 units of 'other' use during this time period. This is at a day when we had a really good solar use and charged everything up, did washing etc and we also have hot water heated with the ASHP when the 830pm Octopus cheap rates come on but this has been minimal as the solar has been doing particularly well in March.
  14. Sorry I posted it in the wrong place the first time. Now I'm sure you're all sick of my saga with energy use but it now gets even more complicated. You will recall I was monitoring my energy use for part of January, all of February and part of March. Once I'd managed to get the heat pump settings a bit more consistent we were using between 20-40 units of heat pump use a day and no more than 8-10 units of other use. We moved to Octopus and I've been getting myself completely tied up with their app and our half hour smart use data because it's being recording some absolutely horrific figures - at it's lowest around 45 units of electricity a day and at its highest 123 units a day which I absolutely couldn't get my head around for a 24 hour period with major use between 2-5am when we ended up programming the heating off during those period and setting programmes for each room (thanks @Ultima357) I've been checking out heat pump meter reading and that was only between 17-39 units a day (even with the recent cold snap) and I've been monitoring our other use. Finally I've gone to taking good old fashioned meter readings from the box and checking every day. Luckily I had a photo of a meter reading the day we moved 12271 and a photo this morning gives 13811 so the past 41 days totals 1540 units which is pretty much in line with what I'd expect given we have had some cold days but also good sunny days when we have had minimal other electricity use as we have been using solar. The app for Octopus, adding up every days units gives a total of 3052 for 41 days - over double!!! I've just rung them to be told the smart meter readings are normally accurate (really)! Explained I'd got pictures of the electricity meter pretty much every day and as I'd been monitoring our electric use for 3 months I know the app can't be right. All went very quiet when I asked them to tell me what the meter reading was they have when they realised the app cannot be accurate at all given the opening meter reading and what they have now. They are looking into it..... I'm not going mad. I'm not going mad. I'm not going mad.