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  1. Thanks. We will have a builder and won't be diy'ing it but you raise a valid point and joins, junctions etc worry me especially as we will have three rooflights. It's also such a large area potentially 8*8m.
  2. So as we await decisions on our revised plans I'm looking into flat roofs. There seems to be a few issues with the recent weather which has caused people with flat roofs some issues and it's worrying me. We currently have a small flat roof area which is felted. When we purchased the bungalow just over 18 months ago the surveyor said the felt was knackered and gave it 3 months before we would likely have issues. Luckily we moved in last summer when we had the red hot summer so slathered on that black sticky stuff as a preventive (I can't remember what it was called but I do know it took about 2 weeks to get it off my skin)! So even now the roof is still intact and no leaks despite it being the original 1970s roof.... Although this area will stay flat roof as it's all being extended along with the pitched roof too we are exploring alternatives as we will have a significantly larger area of flat roof (roughly 8m * 8m) and the existing flat roof will need replacing when we have the extension. My concerns are getting something that is warm, I'm always bloody cold (ok so we will have all new heating ashp, windows etc) but it needs to be a warm. We will also have at least 3 flat roof windows in the roof area. One for a bathroom and two along hallways. Despite reading lots about GRP, rubberised systems, etc what worries me is those that are leaking after a short space of time versus our knackered felt with is still leakproof and whilst knackered, thin and on its last legs it is doing it's job 40 odd years later (I say this with baited breath)! So, my question is in terms of longevity, maintenance (it's a bungalow so fairly easy to maintain, sweep leaves off etc) and with roof windows, which flat roof system would you consider. I know a bit about GRP but only in terms of boats as we are looking to buy a boat. Given what I've seen with windows fitted into GRP boats and the issues there this doesn't fill me with confidence!
  3. We relocated the bed into the living room a week or so ago. When you step out of the living room into the kitchen or into the hall to go to the bathroom it's like stepping into a fridge! Did I mention we have no bath either as the drains are insufficient to let the water out. Oh and there is an inch gap around the bathroom window as when we opened the window in summer we went to shut it and the window frame basically fell out and it won't fit in straight now. I nearly had a breakdown when I went to the loo two nights ago and there was a slug on the bathroom wall 😱 I can just about cope with the spiders, woodlice and earwings.
  4. After our major wobble we now have plans ready to resubmit scrapping our two storey plans and keeping our bungalow, but extended. Couple of little tweaks needed internally, random extra door in places need to be removed and ignore the different colour externally but we are finally happy with our layout even if it does mean a largely flat roof extension. Let's hope the council don't have any issues, our architects have expressed some concern over the increased footprint but we are hopeful as the majority of the footprint is where we have existing buildings (half derelict shed, garage). Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for a decision. In the meantime we are now living in one room with a wood burner with no other heating elsewhere. Hoping for a mild winter....
  5. Same person who sent me the email above. Perhaps my initial email to them was a bit vague.
  6. Just not a great start IMO. I never mentioned the size of the project, how many windows, doors etc. If they don't want the business, that's fine. Plenty more companies out there. I actually thought it was a joke response!
  7. I had asked some general info from Ideal Combi on their Futura range (it was almost two weeks ago). This wasn't a specific quote just a general query. I've just had a strange email back which is most odd given I never asked for a quote or gave timescales. Thank you for your recent enquiry however unfortunately at this time we will not be providing a quote due to project suitability and high workloads at the moment. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and good luck with your project. Kind regards, Nick Brigham
  8. Oops, can no one see a pdf drawing? Here it is. On the pdf I uploaded we got the master bedroom/dressing layout wrong. Ignore any measurements, these are very, very rough and I think the 8.5 is bigger....
  9. You may recall our major wobble a few weeks ago. We had planning permission all sorted, plans drawn and about to be submitted to building control when we had second thoughts about our bungalow plans and extending up. We have now decided to extend and keep our bungalow a bungalow. It's been challenging as we are working with an odd layout. For info, here is our current bungalow existing plans and pic from above (albeit from the 70s but gives an indication of odd roof space). Excuse the naff drawing as this is the best I can do and hopefully we will be able to get in touch with our architects this week. Essentially, the main extension (shower room, utility, guest bedroom/ensuite, master ensuite and office/bedroom and half of the dining room (where we are proposing a flat roof light) is all flat roof extending on from the current flat roof. The other half of the dining room will continue with a pitched roof (extending into what is the vegetable patch on the photo). Whilst we aren't entirely keen on a flat roof we have an odd layout anyway and it seems the best way of doing things. The kitchen dining will have a slim profile sliding door and the OH wants a glass corner so coming this with a tall window rather than a sliding corner door (likely cheaper as suggested by Internorm when we visited the other week morale hen I was rolling my eyes at the OH picking ever expensive item). What do you think? Are we missing anything? New House Plans (1).pdf
  10. Rethink definitely needed. This is our current floor plan (ignore the fact doors are missing on everything, we have been playing around with it and somehow managed to get rid of them!)
  11. This is an old aerial picture of the bungalow, the issue is the weird configuration. The garages/shed can be demolished as there is space for a double garage at the end of the drive. The only proposed extension to the ground floor is where the veg plot is on the picture which would be a kitchen/diner. We could additionally extend where the garage/shed is and the other end of the house but it's such an odd shape (yes it was built like this)!
  12. You have hit the nail on the head! We are both late 30's and since I left home I've always lived in bungalows and love them (aside from the fact they are always cold but decent heating will address this). My mum's going through so many knee issues at the moment, she's in her 60's and it got us both thinking. The argument re the balcony is one I've had with my OH since day 1, almost verbatim your point!
  13. Well we had planned corrugated roof, 11 velux windows (for privacy no direct facing windows, balcony etc). All of this seems unnecessary if we can get what we want on a single storey. We have what seems like a hundred copies of floor plans and bits of paper everywhere, there's just something we are missing 🙄
  14. We are about to pay building control but have put a stop on things. I confessed to my OH I was having a bit of a wobble with our plans (extension of ground floor of bungalow and second storey/upstairs). It's the upstairs I'm now questioning. OH confessed she was the same though she was always more keen on the second floor, balcony etc and perhaps budget wise a single storey is easier, things like we only wanted underfloor heating and no radiators. Although we did mention an upstairs to our architects we have always been open to a single storey and this was our brief initially. To give us the space we need I think it was easier to just put a second storey onto the bungalow although this then created more space than we actually need. Ironically although we got our plans passed the council did favour a single story extension initially as well. This does mean trying to go back to the drawing board and to try and work our new ideas, I mean we have the garden space to do it but we just don't know where to start as our bungalow is such a weird configuration anyway!