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  1. It's a shame this company o longer exist, would have been a good way of testing. https://get.waterlilyturbine.com/paddling-charger/
  2. Dam isn't an option as there is a lock the other side of that bridge. Sometimes the flow is more fierce in thr bywash especially when the locks are in operation...
  3. Because the Canal and River Trust own the water! It's a canal....
  4. That's why I wanted to try something cheap and cheerful, I'm just curious if such a thing can work!
  5. It's on our property, accessed only by our garden. The water source heat pump needed CRT permission and all sorts of issues for an MCS install and they wouldn't give it but perhaps me trying a bit of DIY thing would be OK.... nothing permanent...
  6. No, it's not deep at all. Not even knee deep, perhaps a little over ankle deep. I'll measure exactly later.
  7. Ok, I know nothing about this but I'm curious to try. We have a small bywash in our garden (some of you may remember me at one time considering a water source heat pump but Canal and River Trust did not take kindly to that idea and we also discovered that when maintenance is done on the canal the bywash doesn't flow) so we couldn't rely on it all of the time. I'd like to see if it is possible to try and use this flow for something such as charging things. We don't have electric nearby (just a small shed) but I'm curious to see if there is any way of generating some kind of power we could use to charge things for example..... Other half who has the electrical knowledge has refused to get involved in such hairbrained ideas so I'm sure buildhubbers can point me into what sort of equipment I may need (and I don't want to spend much otherwise I risk divorce if it doesn't work or I mess something up)! Electrical stuff is not my strong point so you'll need to spell anything out to me in a non technical way..... Video of area (bywash is shallow despite looking quite deep). 20240715_112416.mp4 This is something I'd seen on Amazon not sure if its suitable and what else I'd need.
  8. Yep, us too but maybe in time we will replace..... also like the idea they do the dark grey polymeric sand too.
  9. As a fan of Nancy Birtwhistle I have used soda crystals with some eco friendly washing up liquid and it works a treat on porcelain.... presume it would do a good job on block paving too https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7hAF8Zo4I9/?igsh=YW51eDlxN205cDBo
  10. I'd be interested to see what sealer options there are. Any particular suggestions on brands of sealer? We have free ranging chickens and we haven't yet trained them to not go on the block paving! They are only just learning to avoid the porcelain patio/terrace/pergola and that's been through the use of a very powerful water pistol 🔫
  11. We have just had close to 300m2 laid just close to being finished after some batch colour issues (see my previous post). We have an incline too and lots of trees and ruled our gravel as this is what we had before and it was always wet and slushy and just not practical. We looked at imprinted concrete and resin but were worried about the longevity of it (a family member had concrete and it looks OK 10 years on but has a fair bit of cracking). My parents have tarmac and it has heavy indents from parking in the same place and when someone damaged it, the patching looks terrible. Block paving was a logical choice as if anything goes wrong at least it's easy to replace a brick or two. Once is finally finished I'll upload pics. We will be looking at some kind of sealer for it but once our finances are a bit improved so be good to hear of some suggestions.
  12. Huws Grey Whitchurch, Shropshire (the builder said he spends a lot of money with them)! They probably want to keep him happy.
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