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  1. Yep, slightly more expensive if you start it at say 8:30pm for example and it then depends if you want 3 hours, 4 hours or 5 hours of cheap electricity. 5 hours being slightly more expensive per kWh than 3 hours. I guess it depends on if you can get significant use of 5 hours versus 3 or 4 hours. I could just stay in the bath for 4 hours topping up the hot water 🤔
  2. No they are different tarrifs - the Go one is the 00:30-04:30 is the one at 5.00p kWh. The then have the Go Faster Tarrifs which are different prices and periods (options 1-3) so have the options of different times than the standard 'Go' one.
  3. The only stumbling block was not knowing if I had a smart meter. I found a Scottish Power logo on it and took a pic of it and they have confirmed it is a smart meter so there should be no problems moving. Yes I was thinking that the 830am would be good for showers, baths, watching TV etc and charging things reading for logging on work in the morning - at which point we can then make use of the solar again. I'm going to call Octopus and see if they can get me on this tarrif
  4. I believe Quooker is 3p a day but then we have the cube for filtered water etc which I believe is 3p a day according to the Quooker website. We aren't heavy dishwasher or laundry users. We do make sure TVs are all off overnight but we also have the treatment plant, pump etc but I'm pretty content with our general other usage but will be getting some timers to charge things when we move to Octopus and have a cheaper overnight Tarrif once they confirm if we have a smart meter or not as the wait is significant to get one installed and they put you on a higher tarrif whilst waiting for a smart meter.
  5. I'm going to keep monitoring it weekly so I get a really clear picture of usage, especially in the colder months. We have an abundance of wood so are making us of our log burner at the moment in the evenings. Whilst the EWI isn't in I don't want to whack the temperature up, rather walking round wearing something more than a t-shirt is probably a better idea! We had builders here for two days using equipment so it's probably more than we would normally use. That said, we could never get to 2 kW a day. But we are both working from home, laptops etc. I've been looking at our solar generation on the inverter today and we have had 2.5kWh for a sunny morning and miserable, rainy afternoon.
  6. Why is it drawing at all? Should it not be? Bear in mind I think at least of of this was the Tuesday when it did or tried to do the disenfectent cycle which I've now deactivated.
  7. So having been monitoring the units for a week I now have a clearer picture. We have used a total of 339 kWh since last Friday when we took the readings at a similar time. Of this the breakdown is as follows: Heat pump 218 kWh Immersion 18 kWh 'Other' 103 kWh Some things to note - our solar got connected finally late afternoon Thursday so seems to be working now today and I can definitely monitor this over the next week too. Outside temperatures dropped Wednesday onwards and it has been a lot colder. We noticed the HP using quite a bit more over the past 48 hours than it was earlier in the week. We haven't got the house as warm as we would like and have thermostats set at 19-20. On Wednesday evening we had a powercut from 10pm through til around 5am with sporadic attempts to restore power in between so temperatures dropped in the house. It's still more than what we are hoping for but let's hope it gets better......
  8. Ah it's working! Not a lot but it's something....
  9. Nope - it definitely doesn't it's the 3600mtl-s and I've tried various knocking techniques with no success....
  10. Ahhhh I read 'knocking' in the manual - I thought it was some form of technical term. I didn't realise it actually meant knocking it 🤣
  11. 3,840 total (12 x 320w) but the inverter will limit it to no more than 3.68kW. The DNO said we just do G98 after installation. I hope this is right as our solar got connected today!
  12. It's gone dark so I presume the screen only works when it's generating. Another question, and this relates to the DNO form. How do we know anything over 3.68 will go to the immersion?
  13. That makes sense as the company who did the solar design didn't include a DC isolater I just checked the invoice.
  14. I can't see another one next to the inverter?