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  1. Oh I've had a new phone 🙄 didn't even notice the typos my precious 😁
  2. Thanks @ryder72 off the top of your head any idea who are the cheapest?
  3. It doesn't have to be Farrow and Ball just the ability to either customise or have a larger ranger of colours than normal. Do you have any suggestions of which German manufacturers to consider?
  4. @nod what make is that kitchen? @Simplysimon thanks I'll check it out.
  5. Having purchased a bath which was one of my particular obsessions, we are looking into kitchens and we really like the handless kitchens but I'm not particularly fussed on the J style ones and these are the only type I can see on DIY Kitchens. DIY kitchens appealed due to the fact you could custom colour the doors (using any Farrow and Ball colour or alternative). Any other kitchen within similar pricing of DIY kitchens doesn't have the ability to custom colour doors and we can't find a colour we like. Couple of questions: 1. Does anyone have any suggestions of somewhere that allows you to customise door colours at a reasonable cost? 2. Are painted doors and handlesss a recipe for disaster in terms of fingerprints etc?
  6. Today was our four year wedding anniversary. It was also Day 1 of the builders starting promptly at 730am and as we got the day off work we decided to leave them to it and escape. Since the cancelled Ideal Home show and home associated birthday plans in March I've been online adding things to my ever growing Pinterest board and my particular obsession has been a bath and although we had done some browsing before lockdown I hadn't seen anything that really caught my eye. My wife concerned with the ever growing board of bath pictures offered today to go and look at some. So heading north commenced our bathroom shopping with a list of places to visit, mainly ex display showroom baths. No posh anniversary meals, stopping for cheese and beetroot sandwiches I'd made to take with us (who said romance was dead)? Lots of baths later and still not fully decided and the threat of with 'we aren't coming back again' we get to our final stop in Bradford. I'd had a notification en route from eBay saying it had been reduced further and 'you are not haggling' resulted in me haggling a bit more discount too and the tap thrown in as well (the wife had walked out at this point leaving me to it). Managed to get it in the Jeep with about 10mm spare (I'm sure there is a joke somewhere a out how many people it takes to fit a bath into a Jeep). So, Happy Anniversary - we bought each other a bath! Here is the bath modelled by me - safely home in our garage. Just caught the builders - that big hole in the last post. It's no longer a hole.
  7. I have a total figure and am happy to PM you what we have been quoted if you want me to (haven't worked it out per m2 and separating out the windows and sliders as we have negotiated a discount on pricing after an initial mess up with our quote). Price includes install as our location isn't the easiest to access and I'd rather they take the responsibility incase anything goes wrong with the sliders. We had significant variation in pricing from three different Internorm distributors. Our sliders are north west facing and we have a fair few windows North East and South West but I'm not worried about overheating - but that's because I'm never warm!
  8. You must be psychic @tanneja We just come back from one of the Internorm distributors today. Weru was way out on pricing. Kommerling never replied to any emails, neither did Gaulhofer. I did quite like Ideal Combi but there was so little price difference between them and Internorm (mainly due to the cost of Ideal Combi sliders due to our 5.5m size) and the difference in U values/overall quality I think we are set on Internorm. Just finalising some pricing and hopefully will be proceeding. Our builders start on 1 June so I want to be pretty sure on our decision. OH liked the profile of the Internorm aluclad UPVC ones. The sliders also impressed us though I found them heavy (and that was some only 3.5m rather than our 5.5m) but I think that's because I've bu$$ered my shoulder/neck and have a trapped nerve currently so can't even carry my handbag. I did find the handle set up weird on the sliders as when shut the handle points up and it's so big it looks like a big hook. I don't think the square profile helps so would perhaps look at a rounder handle instead for the slider.
  9. Ah yes, we are due to start on 1 June but just a couple of miles away in Wales they are still on lockdown
  10. It was a Christmas present off my parents a few years ago. Ever practical, I've previously had a tool box, pressure washer and vacuum cleaner.
  11. You have a beautiful location @Thedreamer is this your permanent home (I haven't read all entries) as I've only recently discovered the blog section and started one myself.
  12. One question my dad asked me on Saturday. He only came up to get rid of a tree stump in the garden that's been there since Storm Doris blew down our Silver Birch. Job done, we thought whilst he had the digger he could tackle 7 other stumps in a large overgrown border near our drive. He then asked the question he would now probably regret and was met with a response of "we will probably extend the drive at some point". He looked at my like he did when I'd told him I'd failed my GCSEs and explained we were going to pay a builder to get rid of all the hardcore then buy it back in again at some point for hard standing and that we can save 'thousands of pounds'. So, dad realising what he had talked himself into dug out the area under strict permission not to damage the Christmas Tree because where would we hang our fairy lights otherwise and I was on social media advertising 20 tonne of topsoil and moving stumps. The neighbours must wondered what was happening with an endless supply of trailers, cars and even a JCB Fastrack. The wheelbarrow clearly felt the impact of yesterday's hard work and pretty much sums up how we feel today too (another job dad sorted).
  13. Thanks, I since found the nosing caps which look fine. Cheers.
  14. Just had a thought. As we plan on having LVT gluedown flooring throughout it just occurred to me about the stairs we have in the hall (see pic) The Amtico gluedown sample we have feels quite rigid. Is this a problem? I think it's around 2.5mm with a 0.55mm wear layer for the hall. In other rooms the flooring is 2mm with a 0.55mm wear layer.
  15. Yep read it. It's 60l/s so one like that icon fan would be ok. I'd probably never use it anyway and we can put this on the opposite wall to the hob which will be on an island.