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  1. Not sure why there are two videos - I had trouble uploading it and it seems there are two - I can’t delete the one that has nothing in.
  2. Today the IBCs were connected together. Tomorrow we will fill with some water to look for leaks. We ummmd and arghd for a while about burying them or covering them in black plastic to reduce algae. In the end we decided not to worry - algae on the kitchen garden isn’t a worry to us. Time will tell. Next step is to link the last 2 IBCs that will actually collect the water off the roof and buy the pump to move the water from there to the kitchen garden. 9EBF65A3-B0CC-4F49-8ACC-C3AADF5E87F3.MOV AD1FE16D-C4CE-4E8E-8FE6-E4322DA3DDDE.MOV
  3. We are a mile from the cabinet. The copper cable comes through trees all the way down the lane to us. We get full fibre to the house Friday week. You would not believe how excited I am. There are times when I am working from home where we turn every single wi fi device off so that I can log on. Interesting that OH has just got a new phone - a Huawei. I know when he has come into range of the house WiFi before he arrives. It steals every bit of bandwidth available! This is our current speed
  4. The fish pond has been finished for a few years now. The fish have been busy getting on with life and last year, the numbers exploded. The filter pump has just broken - something to do with a kamikazee slug shorting out the motor. Luckily Peter noticed the same day as in the hot weather the fish would have died quickly without the pump working. Hopefully it will be back to normal next week when the repaired unit is back and functioning - the water normally looks a lot clearer. Anyone want any koi carp?? IMG_1907[1].MOV
  5. During the year of waiting for the planning refusal, we (or more accurately Peter) has been busy in the gardens, getting things sorted. The kitchen garden is coming along nicely. The trees and bushes have settled down and it looks like we are in for a bumper crop this year. We have 6 IBCs that will be filled over the winter to use in the drier months. We have an additional 2 IBCs by the house which will collect the initial rainfall, before it is pumped to where we need it in the kitchen garden. The connectors to link the IBCs are on order and should arrive next week. The fencing is failing but replacing it properly is eye-wateringly expensive. The hammering you can hear in the background is Peter fixing the best bits of wood he can find, replacing the completely rotten bits. IMG_1904[1].MOV
  6. oh @pocster - after all this time we will not be having a flat roof, we may not have a roof at all of course!! Sorry, looks like you are back to ebay 😢
  7. Oh how long ago that last post seemed. So a quick recap. Planning put in April 23rd 2019. In September we went for non-determination to the planning inspectorate, fairly confident as a similar property a few plots up had been approved with a surprisingly similar design. We knew the approx. waiting time for the planning inspectorate was 6 months but as we'd lost the winter anyway, what did we have to lose? The site visit from the inspectorate was arranged for 24th March....... Yep, that was cancelled by the lockdown! Finally we get our site inspection 18th May. We did what we were told - opened the gate, let him wander round by himself and off he toddled. We got the refusal on Thursday. The architect was furious but to be honest, I was so fed up by that stage, any answer was better than nothing. There is no appeal of course and apparently because we are more than a year since the application went in, we are unable to get a free go with the next planning application. The architect is drawing up a second design with no charge - that is the contract that we had so good news on that front. So we are back to square one. We may as well go back to the drawing board and re-think exactly what we want from scratch. It will have to be a chalet bungalow to reduce volume but I know we can easily lose a bedroom without causing us an issue. The journey starts again but we are perilously close to not being able to fulfil the dream of a nice house here! We are getting older and will need a mortgage to build. We are borderline now over the affordability of the mortgage because of the short repayment period that we will be forced into so all a bit doom and gloom right now.
  8. We had them in our three en-suites in our last house. We had the light built into them as well. Worked really well. Nice low light for night time visits to the bathroom without the need for a light on.
  9. You must have seen the one about looking a right tit haven’t you?
  10. I have friends who have requested that I make some for them. That is what I am doing tomorrow. I made these three this afternoon as a test run. Nose wire in place (you need that if you wear glasses or you will steam up within seconds). A filter pocket, three layers of cotton and removable elastic. I figure we will have to wear these things for many months so a lasting version that can survive many washes is better (hence the ability to replace the elastic).
  11. Oh yes - they do smell and it lingers for a while. We could hear them running up and down inside the cavity wall. They were coming from the house at the other end of our 3 houses. They had renters that cleared out leaving huge quantities of rice in the larder and the mouse population exploded. They came into our place via the loft so our 5 cats couldn’t get to them. We had to resort to poison which I hated doing. I figured the smell was karma for doing the wrong thing 😔
  12. One thing to avoid (it’s not a herb but used in flavouring) is horseradish. Worse than mint for taking over. we have had herb beds in our last 2 houses. A raised bed that bordered the patio. The bed was about 2ft wide and joined the main flower bed that went down the garden at the end. Sage and rosemary grew quite large and needed pruning to keep under control. Chives just kept coming back all over the place - they are now in a pot to keep them contained. Various thymes give love fragrant ground covering. Radishes grow really quickly and seem to get hotter the longer they are in the ground! Fennel (the herb) and Dill are really quite pretty but grow tall and need a fair amount of room. Basil i I ended up keeping indoors on the kitchen window-sill - it worked better there than in the garden and made the kitchen smell nice. Coriander I always struggled to keep alive. Tarragon is one of my favourite herbs but make sure you get the right type - there is French or Russian and one has flavour and the other doesn’t. I really miss my herb garden that was easily reached from the kitchen. Now it is in the kitchen garden and I don’t get to cook much anymore either.
  13. WWII bomb damage is part of the problem of our previous re-build, partly paid from insurance. Half the original bungalow had been bombed and rather than knock down and start again, they rebuilt the bungalow after the war. That led to the original having foundations measured in inches with the new part with foundations measured in feet. Add unstable ground into the mix, the different foundations caused the bungalow to move differently, leading to very large cracks.