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  1. Structural warranty

    I must admit I didn't follow the demise of EB and thought it was around someone naming a company and the forum owner then getting lots of grief from the firm. Anyway, I suspect we don't want to revisit that subject . Well, once I've reached end of line with this company I'll name them (though God knows, they are very clear already of my opinion of them) and give a fair and objective update of their behaviour since I "had it out" with them. I have in fact already warned the SIPs providers/erectors we used to try and save any future customers the same grief if they are ever in a position to advise them about choice of BC services, and I have also suggested to Buildstore they advise the lender too - though I'm also going to do that directly once we no longer have to deal with the lender via Buildstore (though once we got the mortgage, I've found the department you deal with after that to be far, far better) - I feel slightly guilty that this firm only got on the lenders approved list because we used them!
  2. Structural warranty

    I'd love to but I think that was an issue which helped cause the demise of the previous forum. I'm happy to give details by pm of course.
  3. As I said a couple of posts ago, I thought I'd put video updates on to save time. This one is without much detail, just a quick update on where the build is and a whirlwind tour of the house on a snowy Northumberland day.
  4. How to protect oak against plasterers!

    Not quite the same, but we have some of the internal oak doors fitted before plastering (as we've had to move in) so I've fitted them but left the polythene covers on. I'd probably look at wrapping it all and using masking tape where its against the wall. Its definitely worth paying more for masking tape and getting brand name as there is a big difference I have found. A bit of a faff but I'd think well worth the effort if you've ever tried to get plaster splash out of woodgrain (I have it was a complete pain).
  5. Well rather than repeat everything here, this is the link to the issues we've had with our building warranty inspections. At it's most basic the issue is that our inspector has not dealt with SIPs before and both he and his boss appear to have objections to anything other than brick and block. Those issues have taken up weeks of the time we should have been working on the house. In the end, although his boss claims he's been an inspector over 10 years, his behaviour/knowledge level makes that seem very, very unlikely, and both our mason who has had contact with him, and ourselves are convinced he is actually new to the job. Even if he is, that is still no reason to expect us to complete his education however, or to bring our build to a halt repeatedly. I have advised the SIPs company that they may want to make future clients aware of this firms view of SIPs and hopefully save them the hours and hours of wasted time and stress we've suffered due to it's aversion to SIPs, and will be telling our building society the same - this BCO/Warranty firm was only put on their approved panel for our build, so I think it's the right thing to do that we should inform them for the sake of future customers.
  6. Mice in the roofspace

    I'm not keen on the sticky pad type traps unless people are willing to check them very regular then humanely deal with the trapped mice/rats (which doesn't mean drowning!), but I just had to photograph these ones when I saw them. It's a bit blurred as the guy in the shop was watching me suspiciously as I got my phone out to photograph them (probably after I burst out laughing pointing them out to my daughter) so I had to snap it quickly in case he objected. As you can see, its a curious sort of "rat" they feature (Rattus GuineaPigus I believe)
  7. Mice in the roofspace

    Those Goodnature traps are great but expensive. They've recently cleared a version for grey squirrel control (something my work involves a lot of) too. I'd definitely use traps in a house rather than poison as one dead mouse under the floor can somehow manage to create the stench as if you had an decomposing cow under there, not a tiny little mouse! I once took an electric cooker out of a house for a friend and when I opened the junction box in back of it found a long dried mouse stretched across the terminals. The space it had utilised to get though to get into there was unbelievably small. My father is a retired electrician and he was rewiring a pub once and found in the loft that mice had eaten the entire insulation off some of the old fashioned cloth/rubber insulated wires. It had also perished with age most likely, but the copper also had teeth marks in it. In places the bare copper wires had been reduced to lying side by side along a joist and by sheer chance had not made contact (and this is the days before RCDs). there were a few old mouse skeletons too who presumably did!
  8. Structural warranty

    We too had to have one as a condition of the mortgage unfortunately. It seemed logical to us to use the same firm as doing our BC inspections even though it was more expensive than others I could have used - and whilst it should have been simpler, in fact it's been a total nightmare which I've posted about elsewhere. I think if we'd built a standard, mass build type brick and block type house it would have been no issue, but this particular firm have made it clear they think SIPs are too alternative (it was very clear our inspector had never seen a SIPs build before as his first issue to question if SIPs are even allowed as a build method! - Despite looking at the BBA stickers on every piece as he said it ) and blame me for using a "non standard method of build"! From this experience no way would I have a warranty if I had any choice in the matter, as from their attitude towards SIPs I suspect that no way would they ever pay out for anything and would simply blame me for using a method they don't know about/like.
  9. Floor bounce - PosiJoist Floor Vibration checks

    Not sure centre distances or use of hangers are necessarily the culprits - ours are at 600 centres, on hangers, and the floor is really rock solid, not an iota of movement. In fact on reading this I've just been testing it by jumping up and down in the centre of the widest span and not a jot of movement or noise (apart from me landing ) could we detect. Our floor is nailed and glued 22mm thick Eggar Protect board on top. Minor thought - do all the holes in the hangers have nails in? My BCO picked up that there were no nails in the lower holes in the hangers and made me do them. I protested at first saying that clearly they are superfluous since the joists aren't about to jump out of the hangers, being nailed also in the upper holes, but his point (probably correctly) was that movement has been encountered when the lower nails have been omitted, resulting in squeaks, (and subsequent complaints) so they like to see every hole in them nailed.
  10. Cavity Socks

    I use the net for some stuff and the BM for others and just tied the socks in with another order from the BM as there's also the convenience of getting it for zero carriage costs. So most purchases are sourced on a calculation of cost/time/urgency - Some stuff it's worth paying a little extra for speed of delivery, and some can wait so then cost wins in the decision. The BM branch manager looks after us pretty well re prices on most things and at a minimum price matches usually, so if they can do that I prefer to get it from them.
  11. A long long time ago...

  12. Cavity Socks

    I've got loads of rockwool insulation going spare from another project, which is the great irony, as all the fire socks are is rockwool in a long polythene bag! I could probably make my own and with more rockwool in.
  13. A long long time ago...

    I've decided to start shooting video as an easy way and less time consuming (I think).
  14. Cavity Socks

    Old thread I know, but I got my local Jewsons to order the socks in for me as they don't carry them either. However I myself now have a question. We've used all the ones up the mason asked me to get and I find we actually need 11 more. Given that I'll probably end up paying silly postage for such a small number, or waiting ages again, and the fact we are placing them between the outer face of the SIPs panels and rough and uneven stonework, at window and doors, it seems to me that fire rated foam would be a more sensible option (and cheaper) as it will fit into every tiny air gap, whereas the socks, although flexible, don't really do so to the same degree. However, search as I might I can't find anything saying you can use fire rated foam for that specific task (the fire rated foam I'm using for other tasks like sealing round pipe entries and such is fire rated at over 3 hours, so clearly more than sufficient. The firms data covers all that and mentions suitability for sealing around doors and windows but may not mean the same sort of sealing, but rather gap sealing at the perimeters). The obvious thing would be to ask my BCO, but as my own threads show, this is unfortunately a non starter for us. If I can find it is legal to use for that task, then I will do so and sod him if he doesn't like it , but if I ask him first, he'll have me contacting the SIPs manufacturers, the foam manufacturers, the SIPs building firm, probably the source of the stone and anyone else he can think of (its what he does instead of answering himself) and then if it seems a doable, sensible and cheaper answer he'll say "no" on principle. Does anyone know if somewhere it says you can use fore rated foam for such or what the specific wording may be as I doubt it insists on rockwool specifically?