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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum - you have certainly come to right place for advice and guidance but I fear helping you with your quest for a sizable plot in your chosen area is probably beyond even the sagest of members!! That said, and out of curiosity, what is the current situation for land down that part of the world? Are you hopeful in finding such a plot within your desired budget?
  2. A lovely uplifting thread - thanks @ToughButterCup - Thought I would try and tie in the "lawn" thread with my offerings!
  3. I don't sadly - all this SAP business is beyond me. I just set the timers and temps and away we go. That said, I shall PM you some paperwork BU provided us in an attempt that they may assist you as it seems you understand this "stuff" far better than I do🤣
  4. That is correct. BU did install our system which included the ASHP, UFH and DHW tank etc. The science and calculations are sadly beyond me but suffice to say, they would have applied the same process to our build ads they have yours and I have to say, we have not had any issues with it whatsoever. The house has sufficient heat as and when we require it and we don't run out of hot water - even when "guests" were allowed.🤣 For completeness, ours is a 165sq m 1.5 storey house with a 5KW ASHP and 170l tank. Our air tight test, should it be relevant, came in at 4.9. Have you enquired with the other companies as to why they feel it necessary to install a 10kw or 12kw ASHP? All the best . 👍
  5. Thanks. Was going to recommend a local guy we used but unfortunately you are out of his range. Good luck.
  6. We had ours emptied just last week after a 2 year period. Driver said it was in "good shape" as I thought we had let it go too long. Perhaps I could have squeezed an extra 6 months out of it but I wouldn't have wanted to leave it any longer. The Treatment plant we use is a Bio pure - and they "suggest" a 3-5 year emptying cycle! Anyway, like @ProDave we shopped around and found SW to be "reasonable" but with a long wait. We ended up going with a company called "SERIOUS" I think they are UK wide and the people we dealt with, operated out of Perth. The driver mentioned he is often going to the Highlands and Islands. They charged me a straight £250 and I would certainly recommend them. Good communications, trackable driver when on route and all round good service.
  7. Oh dear not good. Sound advice given though so hopefully it won't cause you too much pain. We had a similar situation whereby the oak arrived ahead of the scheduled time and in fact unannounced. I refused to take delivery of it simply because we had nowhere to store it and had I done so we would have been forever moving it about within the build structure as I wasn;t prepared to store it outside. The Company accepted it was going to be returned but unfortunately, when it was re-delivered some weeks later, it was in an awful mess! I suspected at the time that the Haulage company concerned just "slung" the pallets in a corner of their warehouse pending re-delivery. The Oak company were very good and replaced warped and broken items.
  8. Yes, absolutely and I will take that into consideration when fitting a pipe etc. The thin pipe shown is actually a drainage rod used for demonstration purposes, but thanks anyway.👍
  9. @joe90 - Interesting. Our Mitsubishi Ecodan 5kw has a pipe coming form the base of the unit and we were instructed to create a soakaway for the pipe to drain into, as the unit will produce a good few litres of condensate. I did that but unfortunately the soakaway I created is surrounded by clay. Hence the issue. Thanks for the advice re hole cutter etc.
  10. Here goes - It seems I under estimated the area needed for my ASHP condensate pipe to drain away into, as the condensate has been backing up recently. [Not draining away via the soakaway created as expected.] Upon inspection, I thought I could just dig a larger area but unfortunately, the area I am working with is clay based. In fact I managed to dig down a good 900mm but all I have done, is to create a clay walled well! Yes, it will no doubt take time to fill up but it is not a "long term" solution. So, one possible solution is to connect the ASHP condensate pipe to a pipe which in turn will "tap" into a nearby down-pipe / gutter system - see image. My question is this - How best to drill / create a hole in the "gutter" / "drain" to accommodate the new drainage pipe without breaking it and causing me all sorts of additional problems' As ever, your thoughts are welcome.
  11. Cracking video and I shall look forward to this unfolding. The "one driver / operator" approach reminded me so much of my situation. Not that we were moving the quantities you have, but nonetheless, our ground needed to be stripped and the Contractor left just one bloke on site to use both machines. As I was in a position to do so, I helped out by operating the dumper. The job still took two and a half days mind! Probably would have taken half that if left to his own devices!! 🤣👍 This was the view from "my office" for a few days.
  12. Hi and welcome to the Forum. There are members, including myself, who didn't use an architect or QS - or even a PM. Most self builds are manageable but again it does depend on ones circumstances. You say your time is a premium so are unlikely to be too involved. That in itself will add to your costs. I don't know how far down the line you are and what type of build you are after - TF or Block/ brick? Again, all important things when trying to price up / estimate costs. 3 years ago we finished our house - 165sq metre - a generous 3 bed 3/4 build for £1850 per sq metre. Again, the detail needs looking at rather than the headline as our finish may be considered higher than others and it did include an oak frame garage and shed combination. Take a look at my blog which might assist - others are also available and can be found here -
  13. Interesting thread. As always the devil can be in the detail. "Looking at it from a one off self build project" I am of the view that the plumbers approach isn't too far off the trades I used during our build. From my experience, our Plumber didn't spend a whole day on site, he came and went having done what he could in order to move the build on. That said he wasn't paid an hourly rate. He priced up the job and was paid at certain stages - However, our Chippy was paid an hourly rate and spent weeks on site. He took a 30 minute break in the morning and an hour for lunch. All explained beforehand. He even mentioned a bit of travelling time allowance. BUT, and here is the but - his was work was top notch, he was reliable, communicative, offered solutions not problems and pleasant to have on site. As with most things with Self builds, there will be many elements to consider and things aren't always as black and white as we would want them. That said, I do appreciate larger projects beyond a one off self build would require a more robust approach to the trades employed. @NewToAllOfThis what is your situation/circumstances?
  14. Just catching up with this blog and it is wonderful to see you have started. Good luck with it all, try to enjoy it and keep up the "blogging" as it is very informative. Looking forward to seeing this project unfold over the coming months.👍