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  1. Redoctober

    Cost of air tight test

    @Christine Walker we used this guy - Comes from Perth - happy to travel and charged us £250 - excellent service and would fully recommend - @eandg Yes I believe it is a requirement and therefore something for you to budget for - £250 should see it.
  2. We registered a B84 without MVHR.
  3. Redoctober

    Part 1: Site Clearance

    Exciting times - good luck with the build and I look forward to seeing unfold. 👍
  4. Redoctober

    Driveway Flooding Issue

    Take a look at a website called paving expert - Well used by members on this forum and they provide sound advice. Good luck.
  5. Redoctober

    Plot purchase solicitor question

    When we were buying a plot, we put an offer in which although was accepted, it was subject to the following conditions - Us being able to secure Planing Permission for our intended build. Us being able to secure the necessary services to the plot within our expected budget The soil survey coming back with an acceptable result regarding percolation and foundation strength etc. All 3 elements were undertaken by us and were completed within a 6 month time period. I would argue that all three elements would have to be carried out by any interested party unless the vendor can answer the final two himself, so don't worry about the time it will take to resolve these issues. Good luck.
  6. @Wagas - Like @ragg987 We put the screed down over the UFH first as to allow plenty of time for it to dry out prior to the tiles going down. Sometimes an image or two helps. The two images show how the manifold was fixed to a wall, in the under stairs cupboard, prior to the walls being plastered and how it ended up afterwards.
  7. Yes, wishful thinking I believe. During our build, I found the stage where the TF and roof where going on to be the least stressful part! They were taken care of by a team of erectors employed via the TF company so I had a degree of confidence in them. After that, it was down to me and the sub contractors. What helped me I believe, was our level of decision making beforehand - such as electrical points / sockets and lights etc. and the materials to be used internally. Try to avoid last minute decision making !! Good luck.
  8. Redoctober

    Ball park 137m2 build cost

    +1 to the above and that is with a main contractor.
  9. Redoctober

    first time self build

    Hi @selfbuildaberdeen and welcome to the forum. As you have already experienced, there is a lot of well intended advice available and sometimes the ride can be a bit bumpy. Just hold on tight and you will be fine. Now, MVHR - I pause to adjust my tin hat - last year we built a well insulated house without an MVHR - The reason we chose not to install one was due to cost, ongoing maintenance, our desire for a wood burning stove [ WBS] [possible balancing issues] and because we like to have the windows open whenever possible. In helping us come to that decision we visited a show home, built by Border Oak in the Shropshire / Herefordshire area. They chose not to install one and we found ourselves agreeing with the reasons they cited. The members suggesting an MVHR have no doubt good reason to bang that drum but for balance, we are now 6 months in and do not feel that we have missed out on any of the benefits they can offer. We received a EPC rating of B and our annual fuel bills - electric only - are expected to be sub £1000. Yes there are many variables to consider, location being one of them, but I just wanted to let you know there is life without an MVHR! As suggested very kindly by @Thedreamer, have a look at my blog for further details. oh, and good luck!
  10. Redoctober

    ASHP + UFH quote

    @ProDave To you it may well seem expensive. To us it was value for money, given the net cost as you say will be £7600!! I posted these details in an attempt to provide some guidance rather than to generate a debate as to whether or not we paid too much for the system. As @joth said above, there will always be a discussion about price so perhaps it is sometimes better to just provide figures as opposed to judgments. Just a thought that's all.
  11. Redoctober

    ASHP + UFH quote

    @Jenni We had our UFH and ASHP / Tank etc supplied and fitted by the one company for the same reasons you have mentioned. He was MSC certified, allowing us to claim RHI which currently runs at £220 per quarter. For comparison purposes, our coverage was 160sq metres, with UFH upstairs and downstairs. The ASHP is a 5 KW Mitsubishi eco unit & our tank was 170 litre. - total cost as of last year - supplied and fitted - £13600 - No VAT payable
  12. Redoctober


    Welcome back!! Great to see you have finally got out of the ground and a structure is taking place. That said, there must be a story to tell given your last post was in March last year! If in the area, pop in as I know you are close by. Good luck. 👍
  13. Redoctober


    Thanks @scottishjohn but sadly I knew very little about how to do or indeed how not to do things last year, when the house was built. All I would say though, is that the roofers were long term, well established professionals from the local area and to date, the slate roof hasn't blown off or leaked! 🤞🤞😕
  14. Redoctober


    Hope this helps. Nothing like a photo to assist. It shows our roof having been fixed with Sarking and then a "loose" or floppy fitted membrane attached.
  15. Redoctober

    Sorting out a cock-up in Durisol.

    Ian - good on you for facing up to what has no doubt been your "elephant in the room" - I'm sure the collective will come good with suitable suggestions but perhaps more info is required. It might just be me but I can't see what it is you are trying / wanting to achieve. Just an observation that's all. 😕