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  1. I would say it is most important to get other quotes. You would in other matters of general life so self building is no different. That said, you also need to gain an understanding of the terminology they use as this will assist your understanding when it comes to knowing what it is they are actually supplying or not, as the case may be. Ask the question on here and you will find an answer - I'm sure. That all said, trying to compare TF quotes like for like is not easy! They all offer different things and the devil is in the detail!!! There are plenty of members who have used various TF suppliers so ask a question or indeed use the search facility to research previous queries/concerns/questions etc. Good luck and finally, invest in some candles that burn well into the night, as you will need them as you embark on your research/understanding!🤣🤣
  2. As others have said - it depends on your circumstances really and what shape the house intends to take - The more angles etc the dearer the build cost could be. We built a 160sqm TF stone clad house, with Oak framed car port - 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms etc. Plenty of space and all for £1850sq metre, albeit north of the border and it was completed 2 years ago. Take a look at my blog to see what we ended up with and for details of how we achieved it.
  3. Hi - it's not a problem as such. The Scottish Building Regs make great play on new builds having to have what they call a "level access" for wheelchair users and this can sometimes be problematic when planning / designing the house of your dreams etc. I just raise this issue with regards to your drawings, as there doesn't appear to be any such provision.
  4. Looks great but simply out of interest and curiosity, how do you overcome the "level access" requirement for building Regs? I'm in Scotland so the regulations maybe different north of the border!
  5. @canalsiderenovation how about putting in an over sized doorstep type board which sits above the finished floor?
  6. No suggestions sorry but an interesting post in as much we a,re in the process of putting our sons flat on the market. The Estate Agent - 20 years experience - was saying that he has noticed a trend in the past 3-4 months whereby he has had more downgraded market valuations than in the past 20 years put together. It seems the RCIS are getting stricter with their valuations or are reacting to pressure from elsewhere?
  7. This looks a fantastic bit of kit - I was only pondering the other day how best to paint the gable ends - I thought of a cherry picker but dismissed it due to the likelihood of it curning up my lawn etc. But this beast could be the answer. Thanks for sharing - Out of curiosity , what is the hire rate ?
  8. Hi @Charlotte sounds as if you are on the right tracks before committing to a plot of land as you definately want to try and identify all "costs" beforehand. Estimates for Water connections and Electrical connections are paramount and various "estimates" can be gathered by asking members their experiences but remember not all plots are the same! BT should be able to get you connected for free providing there are no "substantial issues" with doing so. Look into getting a soil strength and porosity test done - this will be needed for foundations and also SEPA. Inform SEPA of your intentions and get registered with them as you will need that certification to all ow you to install a treatment plant etc once the build starts. Not only that, SEPA can advise you as to what sort of discharge they will accept for the plot. I appreciate my figures are a few years out of date now but have a look at this part of my blog for an indication of the likely costs one could incur depending upon circumstances.
  9. Guys I appreciate the comments but for clarity, this thread is about 2 years old now and was recently added to by a newish member being steered to the blog. He kindly "liked" it, which caused it to pop up on the current threads so to speak. That said, we are still enjoying it, thanks. 👍
  10. Well that is interesting. Personally I don’t think that that is a bad price🧐. What sort of figure where you hoping for or do you think you could get it in for?
  11. Teaser....................... Me and Mrs W just played a game with by not scrolling down until we had guessed!! Anyway - between £9.5 & £13k ?
  12. Prompted by @daiking comment, I have read this thread as I seem to have missed it first time round. Probably up to my knees in self build stuff. Anyway, for what it is worth I too looked into pressure washers and felt that for the once a year usage it would get on the patio - [Not an advocate for using them on cars] I couldn't really justify the up front capital expenditure. Instead, I hired one from the local hire company - Unbelievable - it cost me £40 for the day and they provided what can only be described as an industrial one - it was petrol driven and arrived on a set of 4 wheels which made movement all that bit easier. I was so pleased I will be using them again this year and on top of that, I could probably use them again for the next couple of years before being out of pocket.
  13. Hi @WWilts - Perhaps you do need to explore possible "turnkey" routes or as you say, employ a Builder who will take on that responsibility too. Your build doesn't sound as if it really needs a PM on board - It sounds as if your circumstances are making you feel you need one. The things you list such as drawings, quantity estimates / programme of works and even a contract can all be sorted / sourced individually by yourself. I'm sure if you asked for the collectives experiences on these matters, then you may find yourself emboldened to undertake them yourself. If that is all you are looking for from a PM, then I would suggest you don't need one. Take a look at my blog - you will see that although I was on site the majority of the time my duties amounted to no more than making decisions, sourcing materials and sweeping up. No PM employed - just me and I am no different to anyone else undertaking a self build of the nature you describe. Good luck.
  14. mmm. The word "value" complicates your arguement I feel. How can you or indeed anyone, say that a TV [for example] couldn't be "most" valued thing in someones life and therefore justified? Making any decision to purchase any item has to be considered carefully. Such as house building - It depends what one is building for. Is it to sell on for profit in the very near future or indeed next few years? Is it a forever home? These are the sort of considerations one has to be mindful of when purchasing anything I would argue. So you are right to say that looking at it from a cost prospective alone, is wrong but in that equation one has to consider "value" and "justification"
  15. Good for you - reading between the lines, it seems the back stories have there own issues but the main thing is you are now in a position to push forward and realise your dreams. I'm sure your Dad is proud of you. Enjoy the build and I will look forward to seeing this unfold over the coming year. Good luck. 👍