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  1. aahh the memories. A sure sign though that things are going in the right direction. Just can't get enough of those views - do you keep thinking to yourself, how lucky you are? I would imagine so, as we often catch ourselves reflecting upon a wonderful achievement, even still, after being in for nearly a year. I think it must be a self build thing. Anyway, good luck with the forthcoming progress.
  2. Welcome aboard and I would echo the comments above with regards to your wealth of experience and knowledge. I'm sure it will offer members that something different to tap into as and when. I feel I should ask you to cast your eye on our stone built cottage, erected last year but in a way, I'm not sure I should - The phrase " careful what you wish for " springs to mind!! 😐
  3. We opted for an oak frame carport and integrated shed - cost of frame etc without roof slates and foundations came in at around £26k - no VAT payable as it was a design, supply and fit. Oak frame with larch cladding. See image - 7m wide by 6m deep. [Early 2018 prices].
  4. Welcome - I look forward to seeing this development unfold, so please do keep the reports coming. Yes, I would echo the sentiment that a 7 month build schedule on £1200p.s.m. is tight indeed. Don't go putting yourself under any unnecessary pressures as it will bite your backside!! We managed a seven month build from breaking ground to moving in and I did was sweep up after the tradesmen!!. I didn't manage a £1200 p.s.m. budget either. Good luck.
  5. Redoctober


    Hello and welcome to the forum. The way to get the best out of this site is to treat it as a two way street. Where abouts are you building? Is the intended build a complex one? Keep us updated with progress and ask as many questions as you like.
  6. WOW, that does look impressive - and to think I thought you were developing a stone cottage !!! 👍
  7. Wow, a stunning looking property. Those moments you snatch should be rightly cherished and you should feel proud of what you have achieved. Great feeling isn't it?
  8. @puntloos have a look at this blog entry - might help explain a few pros and cons.
  9. It might be worth your while sending your plans off to an online estimator - for the sake of £150 or so, they provide you with a detailed breakdown of likely costs based on your spec. If the budget needs to be trimmed, then it allows you to see where possible savings could be made thereafter.
  10. We have had one of the "mid range models" installed and it works a treat. Ours too has been installed between JJI Joists. Fits well and have had no issues with the operating side of things either.
  11. I don't know where you are in the country but you might find UKOAKDOORS useful as they have a showroom at Lutterworth, just off the M1 - J20 I think. Failing that, you might find this place more accessible -
  12. As with most things in the self build world, it comes down to budget. We went for oak skirting / door frames etc simply because I didn't want the hassle of having to paint them in the future.
  13. I'm not sure if you are "overthinking" things here or not. Yes it is important to grasp the cost of materials but work hours is another thing altogether and in my experience few if any tradesmen work on "piece work" rates. Our plumber, electrician, window installer, builder, stone mason, plasterer and heating engineer all worked to a set price for materials and labour or labour only. I suppose bricklayers maybe different but not having used them on our build as such, it's hard for me to comment in that regard.
  14. @Robert Clark I too have attached the spreadsheet I used. You may find it useful. Contract sum analysis - template.xls