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  1. Loving the oak frame garage 👍
  2. I do - and it's not just because it reduces the amount of space, in which Mrs W can fill with toot!🤣
  3. @jdiggy For me, I prefer the top image - Just to underline the point that Sharps are probably factoring in their marketing budget in your quote, our son was recently quoted £1700 by a local joiner to supply and fit something very similar.
  4. I have to agree with @Tennentslager but can't help thinking it was a missed opportunity. The build looks impressive and not without its challenges. The amount of work undertaken by @JohnMo himself, is commendable but here's the rub. Whether or not it all went without a hitch, I'm sure the experiences, progress, decision making and supply issues would been useful to the collective also undertaking such a project. In addition, it would also have been useful to know what if any knowledge / advice / tips, one may have picked up from the forum during any given project. Having been one of many who have benefited from the knowledge, skill and advice shared on this forum, I would urge others to do as I did, and that is to share your experiences - This forum should be treated as a "two way street." I'll get my coat!!
  5. Welcome to the forum - What is your expected start date for the build? Either way, keep us updated with progress and feel free to ask for any guidance / advice or answers to questions you may have. Can't gaurentee a smooth ride but hey - that's all the fun of the fair! Enjoy.
  6. @scottishjohn - Exactly that - here I am using one for that very purpose back in 2018 - under the watchful eye of our builders who insisted I wore " L " Plates for H&S reasons 🤣🤣
  7. We went for the belt and braces approach with our new build back in 2018 - Wet UFH upstairs as well as downstairs operating via n ASHP. So. a couple of years on, would we do anything different? I can see the benefits of electric UFH in the bathroom and en suite BUT I wouldn't opt for rads in the bedrooms, simply because of the wall space that we would lose as a result. So, from a personal point of view, I probably wouldn't change anything because I'm not sure no heating in the bedrooms would be the way forward for us. I can at least control the UFH within the bedrooms when not being used by guests etc. Finally, the other factor to consider in this equation is budget - we were fortunate enough to be in the situation whereby our budget didn't impede our decision making, so went for the belt and braces approach as mentioned.
  8. Yes I agree, but not sure about all that lead flashing on top of the stones. Could they have dealt with it differently?
  9. OK - it transpires it had nothing to do with the ASHP - He failed to tell me yesterday that he also has an array of solar panels which he received on a supply basis only. He fitted them, had an electrician wire "them up" but failed to get them registered with whoever he should have done. Therefore the energy being "created" wasn't being recogonised. He says this will be corrected and hopefully will see a reduction in his usage. Thanks again.👍
  10. Many thanks guys for an informative and humorous responses 👍 I shall cobble together the comments and send them onto my friend. Without knowing for sure, I suspect he hasn't "invested" too much in one, so maybe he is reaping the rewards of such a purchase. If I do get any further technical or specific details from him @joe90, I shall update the thread but don't go holding your breath. One thing is for sure mind, I shall be washing my hair should an "invite" arrive for a drinks party !!!🤣👍🤣
  11. Hello - Asking for a friend - no, seriously🤣 I am. He has contacted me as he is becoming concerned about the high amount of electricity he seems to be using on a monthly basis. I have asked him for more details but at the moment he says he has an ASHP and a Hot Tub. Does anyone have any experiences at this stage of the two being run and resulting in high levels of energy usage? Last month he used 819kwh and already this month he has used 253kwh. There is only him and his wife at home!! Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  12. WOW - thankfully you said it was a personal view - There are thousands of self builders / amateurs /experts and no doubt reams of well documented research to suggest otherwise!! Just one question though - How would you tell the difference between a house built to your preferred spec and a house clad in stone / brick but a TF at its heart?
  13. Hi @saveasteading One question I have - regardless of whether or not SEPA need to be contacted regarding the soakaway, do they not need to be contacted in order to "register" the treatment plant? The reason I say this is because when we moved in, having been signed off etc., our Council tax bill came through and it clearly showed that we were being charged for "waste water" services and the such like. When I enquired with the local council and informed them that I am "self contained" etc., they said yes not a problem but they would need to check with SEPA to see if I was registered with them. They did and I was, so a refund was payable and the council tax adjusted accordingly. Perhaps a phone call to SEPA may steer you in the right direction.
  14. @Stones Bringing this thread up to date a touch, as we have finally had our "windbreak" - side awning installed. It was installed today some 8 weeks after the 8 week lead time we were given at the time of the order. As a result, we are unlikely to get much use out of it for what remains of this year but hey ho. The photos show it in place and I had tried to capture the "bellow" - the wind at the time was what I would describe as a gentle breeze.
  15. Flemings. No complaints.👍