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  1. Thanks @George Most useful. 👍
  2. Hello - I'm looking to undertake some "patching" up of our lime mortar but I'm confused as to which product is best. I don't need vast quantities, so I'm looking for an "all in one" if possible. I have the gear ready to go, just no idea!!! 😁 Suggestions welcome.
  3. @Mike_scotland we have our set at 55oc and is plenty hot enough. Probably too hot at times as the nearest tap to the cylinder, produces very hot water immediately and has to be mixed with some cold to be comfortable.
  4. @Mike_scotland yes, we use Finish power ball tablets. 👍 https://www.expresswastewater.com.au/septic-systems/information/is-finish-dishwasher-detergent-safe-for-septic-tanks
  5. We only use dishwasher tablets that the packaging clearly states "septic tank safe" - it's in the small print and if it isn't there, we avoid them because there are others which do mention it.
  6. I can't sadly but from our experience of buying land in Scotland, the legal side of it was dealt with by the "in-house" Solicitor at the Estate Agents.
  7. Never considered "tipping" a delivery driver and not come across one who "appeared" to expect such a gesture. That said, the majority of delivery drivers I dealt with, seemed keen to stop, chat and look / enquire, as to how the build was going. Never dawned on me that they may have been lingering for a tip! As a complete aside, things do seem to be getting out of hand though - we leave our bin men, postie and local courier a tub of sweets at Christmas, as a gesture of our appreciation but our son, who lives in a major residential estate in an urban environment, told me that on his "community FB page" someone had organised a "whip round" for the local postie for Christmas. He was shocked to discover that the organiser of said "collection," presented the postie with a cheque for £1000 - yes £1k!!! Crazy times!!!
  8. Hi @MortarThePoint -" , so quite envious of @Redoctober's connection all for £900." Yes it did wok out well for us as I too thought we would have to go into the "expensive area" due to the distances involved. I hope all works out for you and the increased costs are not too crippling.
  9. We used this on ours and works perfectly - has withstood jet washing twice now - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jointing-Compound-Stone-Joint-Mortar/dp/B010V0U5MG
  10. @Rishard Here is a fairly up to date photo of it upon completion - you should see the shed and also down the side of the car, we use that space for log storage.
  11. Hi @Rishard- sorry for the tardy response but yes the uprights are 8" - the actual footprint of the structure is 7m x 6m - It is 7 m across the front and then 6 m deep - the shed within, is set back a metre allowing for weather protection and is 5 m deep. I hope all this helps.
  12. Hi - yes you seem to hit the spot with regards to your breakdowns - We built in 2018 so I am happy to share some figures with you as to how we "established" a £ per square metre figure. Remember though, these figures are no longer accurate and the £ per square metre figure can not really be measured £ for £ due to the many variables. We never worried about the £ per square metre figure, our financial guidance was simply controlled by how much money I had left in my account !! Therefore the £ per square metre figure is irrelevant to us. Each to their own. Heating and plumbing included our WBS and installation. For the finer details of our build have a look at my blog. Land & fees etc £120,465.00 Utility connections £1,817.00 Construction Costs £154,910.00 Roof coverings £20,131.00 Car port & porch £31,955.00 Heating & Plumbing £21,371.00 Joinery etc £25,806.00 Electrics £5,070.00 Windows and doors £22,214.00 Kitchen etc £17,148.00 sanitaryware £4,653.00 Fitted wardrobes 9,007.00 Curtains £4,080.00 Landscaping £13,092.00 £305,075.00 £305,075 £1848 p.s.m £305,075.00 £120,465.00 £425,540 £2579 p.s.m £305,075.00 £120,465.00 £13,087 £438,627 £2658 p.s.m £305,075.00 £240,930.00 £13,087 £13,092.00 £572,184 £3467 p.s.m
  13. My thoughts exactly - Went with Flemmings back in 2018 so any costings etc would be irrelevant to the OP - That said, no complaints with Flemmings. The Joiner we used said he would have been more than happy to undertake the "stick build" etc. As much as I would explore that route if we were going again, I would have to balance that out against erection time and associated costs of going independently so to speak.
  14. @Adsibob as an alternative you may try taping down a decent sized sit of plastic - leave it for 24hrs and then lift it up to see what if any moisture is underneath.
  15. Yes, just to underline what has been mentioned already as I have picked up on this thread somewhat late in the day - we too have an ASHP and a stand alone Log burner. Our water is set at 55 degrees and trust me, that is more than hot enough for baths etc. We also suffered a loss of total power for 6 days recently and it was the log burner that kept us cosy and warm. The other thing worth mentioning as part of any forward planning - we have now invested - cheap as chips really - in a camping stove and kettle. Our neighbours lent us theirs and it was a real morale booster and well worth its weight in gold.
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