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  1. Construction Channel

    There's always bloody something.... (warning pointless rant)

    Also the customer walked in almost perfectly at 4:26 NSFW*
  2. Construction Channel

    There's always bloody something.... (warning pointless rant)

    How are you punching them? Iv done my fair share of pissing about with slates and I really do feel your pain..... Have you ever tried cleaning bricks 😁
  3. Construction Channel

    There's always bloody something.... (warning pointless rant)

    It's a little ironic to be covering concrete with imitation concrete tiles. 🤔
  4. Construction Channel

    Internal Finishes when no cill - help please

    Why not a very narrow windowboard? I bet even if it's only 2" wide it will still accumulate loads of "things"
  5. Construction Channel

    There's always bloody something.... (warning pointless rant)

    Yay me 😊 only took 3 evenings 😂
  6. Construction Channel

    Building the dream : one lesson at a time.

    Whenever you get that feeling. "that's going to hit me" /"that's going to slip and cut me" /"ill trip over that later" /"I bet there's a pipe or cable behind there" Listen to that feeling.
  7. Construction Channel

    There's always bloody something.... (warning pointless rant)

    Either that or I'll pay for any advantage I can get 😉
  8. Construction Channel

    There's always bloody something.... (warning pointless rant)

    He got brought up earlier this week and a college was showing me a song I hadn't heard before called "the kid". The customer turned up in perfect time to hear Mrs brown going mental at the end 😮 luckily she saw the funny side of it and asked what it was so she could show her husband... I can think of a lot of previous customers that wouldn't have taken it so well 😁
  9. Construction Channel

    There's always bloody something.... (warning pointless rant)

    Once I'd calmed down I did manage to lay 3 whole tiles 😊 planned for 4 but I couldn't be arsed to mix any more gear. You only got the polite and post pint rant. Poor old faye got the full brunt of it. Kevin Wilson would have blushed by the language involved 😡
  10. So the story goes as such. Today I hoped to finish installing my radial ducting. Let's ignore the fact I left the core drills at work so I would have to leave out 2 runs until Monday evening and that they sent out the wrong manifolds so I can't finish the big duct runs properly. Everything was going well, Faye is here so it made life a lot easier. Then my second roll of strap has gone missing, I took it out of the van yesterday, spent 30mins looking..... Its gone! Nevermind the bathroom is done so I can finally board the ceiling and get the sun tunnel in.... Hang on, I still need to get the 15mm feed up to the toilet... Might as well put the lino down first so I can drill a nice neat hole through it..... That bit went well. Perfect amount of adhesive. Done. Dry run the toilet. Mark where the pipe needs to come up. Done. Get the hole saw, drill the floorboard 10 seconds and we'll be ready.... Oh no no no, there's a steel. Knowing full well I should just go and get the mag drill I decided to percevere with the hole saw, 10 mins later I give in. Get the mag drill out of the van and it's got the standard end on it not the broach... Grrr but nvm. Change the end... Then start drilling. Now because of all my messing about a load of swarf has made a mound under the lino so I run out of depth. Lino comes back up and I need the hoover. Obviously that's full up and in the workshop. Finally the swarf pile is cleaned up, I got through the steel and the lino is back down. 10 second job ended up taking the best part of 40 mins. F*ck it Faye were going to the pub. Rant over..... I told you it was pointless
  11. Construction Channel

    Door ironmongery (hinges etc)

    I'm a bit late to the party but £1/hinge is just not going to happen on anything worth buying. Bearings are obviously they way forwards unless it's on a shed. Only issue I have found with cheap bb hinges is the grease tends to leak out of them after a few months. But saying that once the grease is wiped away I'm pretty bloody sure they will still work better than a washer hinge for at least a couple of decades.
  13. Construction Channel

    Sourcing travertine

    Thanks for that. I will keep an eye on ebay until I really need to buy them. The annoying thing is I could have easily stored them if I bought them on sale but it just wasn't high on my list of things to do at the time.
  14. Construction Channel

    Sourcing travertine

    Hi everyone. A while ago I found the tile we liked on floorsofstone. Honed and polished ivory Travertine. It was on sale at £22/m. Which was fine but because I have taken too long its now £25-29 from anywhere. I seem to remember someone on here ( @JSHarris iirc) sourced it directly from abroard. Where and how did you do this? Or does anyone else have a secret supplier that is selling at a lower price? Tia Ed
  15. Construction Channel

    Smoke detectors with WiFi repeaters in?

    Thanks. I just looked through a few of them and they don't seem to advertise as a "booster"