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  1. 15 5+5*2 Silly game 5+19*2 43 but i blame the poor resolution
  2. You will not regret investing in a rail saw (plunge or otherwise) Personally i just bought an attatchment for my circular saws but i do also have easy access to a plunge saw if i ever need to cut out for sinks. The beauty of circular/plunge saws is that they are little mohammeds. Where the wood is the mountain 😀
  3. Use 40mm nails is my best advice. Or hire the gun but remember the gun won't get to all of them.
  4. I'm a bit late to this party. But this sounds similar to the missing pound riddle. You don't want to get to 180. Else you would be going straight back up, (in that case you would want the 87 bend) You want to get back to 0. Hence a 92 and a - 92 being what you want.
  5. I thought my tongue was spelt wrong....... Just can't trust autocorrect nowadays.
  6. You are. Or at least we always have been and we have had many houses passed by building inspectors. The horizontal band was a bit toung in cheek. But when the bco turns up and sees you have made a very nice job up to regs they will be much less likely to start looking for other issues.
  7. This is the foil tape stuff. If you use 100mm one strip will do both sides of the stud. Fixman 191666 Silver Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape 100mm x 50m You could even run a band of it horizontal at about 1200 off the floor and then everyone would just assume there is a noggin behind it.
  8. I really shouldn't get involved In this but I like tesla. They have invested a huge amount Into the charging infrastructure and have millions of miles of real world data about autopilot. For a small car company they seem a lot more forward thinking than the others that are "resting on the laurels"
  9. Weils desease probably doesn't help their reputation much either.
  10. I worked on one called "3/4 mile house" once. Guess how far down the lane it was?? 😀 Naming mine was easy. It was a cow shed before. Now it's called "the old cow shed". Easy
  11. It says every 300mm but I went every 800mm after discussing it with my plumber.
  12. My only suggestion would be some kind of sump before the outlet as eventually the mud washed off said boots will clog the top of your massive soak away. But realistically that's going to be a long way off so I would just let it carry on unless you're looking for work.
  13. I would remove the beads, measure the glass, put the top and bottom beads back in, then wait for the replacement, only 2 beads will hold it fine and it's a lot easier to get them out afterwards. The first bead is always the hardest.