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  1. Saturday night nonsense

    The writing came with the picture but it did take me a second or 2
  2. If I were you, I'd ....

  3. If I were you, I'd ....

    if I had to pay £1 for every grammatical mistake I would be verging on the national debt I'm not as bad since I downloaded Grammarly
  4. If I were you, I'd ....

    I should add a lot of the frustration comes from how it is worded, (youtube comments) "could you not have........" ill give you an answer explaining why "i'd have just.........." GFY
  5. Painting steel

    Quick question. Do they need to be fire rated at all? If so you will need an intumescent paint in it somewhere.
  6. If I were you, I'd ....

    I'd have just turned the bucket around. in relation to underpinning with the digger and the special adaptor I made, I mean FFS as if I didn't try that first.....
  7. Smug to Mug

    I can’t speak for all but that is generally how brickies leave it. Not so much the gaps above and below the batts nor the masses of mortar left behind but not filling right up to the reveal. You just need to hope the person that fits the windows (usually me on our firm) cares enough to fill them up before fitting the cavity closures, unfortunately in this case they had fitted the closures with very little regard to “finishing someone else’s job”,
  8. Mitre Saws

    the rage series are what they are, what do you expect for something 1/3 of their competitor's price, cutting studwork, firewood, metal, fingers they are fine and will easily be within a mil unless you start forcing the arm about. but don't expect to be able to just stick it on opposite 45's and end up with a perfect 90, it'll do it but you will probably need to adjust the fences first and be conscious when tightening up the selector, makita make good chop saws but all the ones iv seen always seem to lack something that a similarly priced competitor has, (AFAIC dewlt are still leading the pack on big chop saws) also plus a few for skill saws on big timbers, the major factor is being able to cut the timber on the pile, to use a chop saw you will have to move and place accurately every single length at least one extra time.
  9. My Nightmare Heating System

  10. Dear Father Nick ...

    any preference on brand? ill take advice wherever i can get it, I may not listen, but ill take it
  11. Dear Father Nick ...

    im ok, mine is on its way, but that link is running out quick
  12. Dear Father Nick ...

    better be quick there's only 1 left now but while we're here how do you feel about the actual solder?
  13. Comparing lengths of impact drivers

    OK because I know Ian will like this lets summarise, in the end, I bought the DTD154z bare for £112 delivered inc vat from eBay while researching we found out: DtD 154z and 170 are both 117mm long (120mm in the real world) the 170 is a lot more expensive but has 3 more speed/torque settings, (total 6) the DtD 152z is 137mm (real world 135mm) Dtd 146 is 132mm in the real world dtd 141 is 130mm in the real world or you can get the Dtl 061 if you wanted a real "angle driver" but i still havent found the measurement on that. prices are what they are and you can all type product codes into amazon as well as i can note all model numbers are refering to 18v makita and the measurements are taken from the back of the body to the front of the socket without a bit in it.
  14. Comparing lengths of impact drivers

    indeed, in your line of work I can see why, I put the joists in, you go and take as much of them out as you can ;P the Milwaukee adaptor I linked earlier really has been fantastic for what I need it for, it has put in literally 1000's of timberlocks when sistering joists/rafters, it has also drilled quite a few 25mm holes but not as many as other trades would. I'm not sure it is rated for use in an impact driver but that's what I use it in and I haven't managed to kill it yet
  15. Comparing lengths of impact drivers

    she hasnt complained yet