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  1. Construction Channel

    sealant application without a gun

    might be worth looking into a set of silicone formers as well, running a nice even bead can be easy sometimes, but if you mess it up these make it loads easier to sort out. they make the job a LOT less stressful! you wont need a set that big, but a single one will probably cost at least £2-3 at a merchants,
  2. Construction Channel

    Better type of expanding foam

    After quite a bit of testing I think I like this one the best. At least I haven't found it goes brittle at all. It has a very good and flexible skin to it, sticks well and has very small bubbles.
  3. Construction Channel

    Hidden Door: anyone made one, installed one?

    I'm fairly sure you will beat me to it but I am hoping to do a similar thing. Plan so far is to have it work similar to a van side door. E.g go in first then across. It will have a top and mid rail on the wall and ceiling and if I'm feeling really flamboyant it may get a brass track embedded in the floor. Otherwise it will just run on the tiles until It "needs" a track on the floor. Further plans involve soft closers at either end, possibly actuators to make it automatic but I'm still trying to work out a manual override system so I can't get locked in, and it would be really nice if I could actually use the fob and locking mechanism off a van sliding door so I could lock it off the fob but that may not be part of the first prototype. Hth Ed
  4. Have you driven an excavator before? If not, up against someone else's house is not the place to practice. How much other driveway have you got to practice on before you get to the tricky bit?
  5. Construction Channel

    Marking out joist hangers . Not as easy as I thought

    Next time mark up the wall plates before you start, Iv played this game before. But now they’re already fixed, yes countersink and washer, or make a new hole.
  6. Construction Channel

    Fixing joists to the wallplate

    Just to be different I fit all the hangers first, with an off cut to make sure the bottom is in the right place. Issue with this method is the timbers all have to be the same size to avoid the floor undulating. But unless you use a thicknesses on every one, one side is going to suffer, technically should be the ceiling iirc but you can’t have everything. Other than that my only advice would be to use 40mm twist nails. They’re over spec but you won’t hit your fingers as much with them.
  7. Construction Channel

    Quick check, please..... wallplate

    No, if anyone asks just say it’s to stop it sucking damp through the wall. Or expansion. Just make it sound convincing
  8. Construction Channel

    First time DIY: how many of us?

    I feel very left out of this. Just because it’s a busmans holiday doesn’t make it any easier. 😛
  9. Construction Channel

    What do home buyers want?

    Supposedly broadband speed and schools are top priority at the moment, not that you can design them into a house but might influence location. Personally I recon it would be the stairs and worktops that sell houses. Possibly doors also. Howdens oak dordoigns seem to be all we fit recently.
  10. Construction Channel

    Quickstep Laminate from Howdens - how good?

    Couldn’t you get it delivered?
  11. Construction Channel

    Quickstep Laminate from Howdens - how good?

    Should be fine. Usually they just phone your home branch to check what discount you get. Why are you planning to go to different branches?
  12. Construction Channel up hill

    All very interesting I’ll give them a ring on Monday. I’m now intrigued weather I’ll be better off buying a 2800lt tank for £600 giving myself plenty of leeway and then just getting a pump system separately. Ill see see what they say as the size of the hole is almost irrelevant to me
  13. Construction Channel up hill

    Thanks for the advice, and more importantly numbers. I’ll do some more searching and see what the most cost effective solution is.
  14. Construction Channel up hill

    Tbh it wouldn’t be me that’s putting any of those things down there. But what I want to avoid is having to replace or unclog the pump because someone has accidentally. A friend had a saniflow years ago and constantly had problems, I want to visit that tank and pump as few times as possible so a “deal with anything pump” is what I’m looking for. Weather or not it has to deal with anything other than the standard depends how good faye is at following the rules.
  15. Construction Channel up hill

    Any reccomendation on litreage?