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  1. Did he recently sell a box of tools for £1?
  2. I'm with Onoff. Fit them in anything but white. We all know what they are. Im 32 and am creating a seat in our shower for a similar reason. I wouldn't give it too many years before I need a handle to get off said seat. Just try to make it look less sterile.
  3. I dont know. But what do we know? They are shaped like pliers so probably for holding or squeezing something. The holes in the grippy bit are serrated so possibly for turning something or stopping something turning. The holes are the same size so I doubt they are for crimping. Only thing I can think of it to apply different amounts of pressure. Unless there is an industry that needs three strands to be held apart and stopped from twisting....... Pre insulation days..... My guess is some kind of electricians tool. Probably best just used as a nut cracker so Dave wins
  4. In fairness I have never worked on icf and Russell's picture does make it look a lot easier than I was thinking. I assumed there would be a lot more shuttering to mess about with and may have forgot you will be pouring the whole thing anyway 🤔
  5. I'm sceptical of this. Every tool I found when looking about a year ago was a lot more than that. Sounds too good to be true....
  6. Afraid I'm with Peter and can't imagine why you would want to make your own lintols. That said the tool depends on the wire. The one with a hook is for use on premade lengths of wire with loops on either end. Generally called a potato sack tier round here. The ones with the pliers on the end are for use on just plain wire you buy on a roll.
  7. Iv found if they don't come out easily put it back in the driver and thump it into a bit of wood a few times.
  8. Iv heard the term "the drivers just for taking them out" But have you really just hammered in 2.5k screws for the last 2 days?
  9. 😂I did see that while searching... It must be a typo.... Surely......
  10. That's far too difinitive for my liking. It's a simple concept. And obviously a market for it, so someone must do it
  11. The is looks ideal. But I can't find a heat detector to match and i don't know if it's UK approved?
  12. I have but the wires are currently sticking out of the ceiling so it's not ideal. Hence possibly accepting the battery route
  13. But there's rules!!! And my electrician said that's in them. 😔 One of them definately needs to stick down a certain mount. I just need to find a decent looking pair that are no more than that