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  1. Stage 1 Is Very Nearly Complete :)

    Following on from this thread Iv decided to drag this update back to the correct thread as it is barely about the bathroom. Either way the news hot off the press is we have just finished installing the UFH pipes 😃, i still need to test them but the actual laying is complete. Also in the mean time when either I was alone or waiting on deliveries I have installed just over half of the frame therm 32 upstairs and celotexed between the rafters above where my walls are ( the PITA ones to fit.) next job is to get all the mesh up on the little concrete spacers. Box off the shower area. Get the bco out on Monday and look to pour the floor next saturday 😧 here are some pictures. If I pull my finger out I’ll have a video up by the end of the weekend.
  2. Hey, Everybody!

    Its not about scoring points. It’s just what we do. Admittedly most do it to make themselves sound clever even if they know full well they would have done a similar bodge but personally I do it because I can’t help but see the faults. I may be slower than most but also my work doesn’t need snagging. (At least in the last few years. )
  3. Roof before first floor?

    I would agree with putting the joists in first. Then temp board them with all the OSB you have lying around. If nothing else it will make it feel a lot safer when you are working on the roof. That will look a long way down if you have nothing else to hit from the ridge to the floor.
  4. Hey, Everybody!

    Mines called Faye, Shes the one with the patience, Truckloads of patience........amongst other things obviously also Welcome to the forum Marie,
  5. Paying on the spot : why I shouldn't.

    do you offer hot beverages? they make a big difference
  6. Enhancing Video

    iv had a look, there really is nothing i know how to do to improve it,
  7. Enhancing Video

    Pretty much what ragg said. You can’t Add what isn’t there. You could put it into any video editing suite and mess with the contrast and such which might make it look “better”. But that’s all I can offer. Or if you are willing to send it to me I can have a mess later on in final cut but I doubt it’ll help much.
  8. Kwikstage Stage Scaffolding: tolerances

    You’ll be surprised how out of upright you can get away with, if it falls over you went a bit too far 😂 but seriously i waould say 25mm over that distance will be fine. Imagine the Center of gravity, then imagine how far you would have to push it to get it over its tipping point. It’s the same with diggers.
  9. Oh - so what next

    agreed , while you are at it, get rid of the lead, is the lead from that joint to the meter or the other way round?
  10. How do I turn off the unread content filter

    Hmmm this part is definitely new for me if I press the button I circled in the op otherwise i I doubt I would have noticed anything had changed. As for just clicking activity in the top left I suppose that will be an acceptable work around. Thanks for that.
  11. How do I turn off the unread content filter

    I used the same iphone SE I always use in the day. I have noticed that happen with other people before if you refresh the duplicates usually go away.
  12. How do I turn off the unread content filter

    I have got a desktop but it’s not quite as easy to carry around in my pocket.
  13. How do I turn off the unread content filter

    I remember reading that somewhere as well. And yes it only started this weekend so it sounds fair to blame Terry
  14. How do I turn off the unread content filter

    Ok thanks for trying. I think @PeterW is an iPhone user. Hopefully it will annoy him enough soon to change it back
  15. How do I turn off the unread content filter

    It’s not my bookmark that’s changed it’s just that button. It seems to be linked to unread (see picture) but I don’t know how I would change what the button does.