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  1. Construction Channel

    Concretely Buggered! :(

    It may have gone too far as its been pretty hot here today but I would get a scraper (batten on a stick if you have to) and try to knock off most of those stones sticking up. It will be much easier while it's still green. Also much cheaper to fill the holes they leave than bring the rest of it up to their level. Concreting in direct hot sun isn't fun. Your constantly chasing it. those that said. "they should have" /"I would have" /"why didn't they". Have clearly never had a concrete pour get away from them. When it happens there really isn't much you can do. Fwiw it looks fairly true to the shuttering just a bit rough on the surface. Think of it as a good key for the latex to stick to. 😉
  2. Construction Channel

    lawns - input please

    A very good point. Personally artifical grass just reminds me of pain playing hockey
  3. Construction Channel

    Guessing ...

    Have you considered radiators? 🤔
  4. Construction Channel

    Guessing ...

    Drill bits usually find them fairly fast. 😎 But more seriously the cheapest way is either take lots of photos with lots of measurements. Or make an accurate plan for the stairs and avoid that area all together.
  5. Construction Channel

    Fixing in to concrete if you're going into actual concrete I would suggest a 6.5mm hole edit: they dont need to be the timco ones, just search for concrete screws.
  6. Construction Channel

    Discount Offers of the Week

    Whats the dimensions? + spec 1/2/3 layers, laminated/toughened???
  7. Construction Channel

    ICF Foundations +/- 5mm

    Why would you assume that an employed professional would work to anything else. I really wouldn't get yourself down about things like this. I know a local bricklayer that constantly moans about footings being slightly out. Then it comes to a job where he had put his own footings in and they were over 40mm out from one side to the other. Obviously I didn't make too many comments when his first course was a row of tile creasing 🤣
  8. Construction Channel

    Gate Pillars

    Like so
  9. Construction Channel

    Sunken Bath

    What exactly is wrong with that bit? It looks fine from here.
  10. Construction Channel

    Sunken Bath

    I hope you leveled that up when you laid it.
  11. Construction Channel

    Sunken Bath

    Almost a decades work in one very short post. 🙊😂
  12. Construction Channel

    Sourcing travertine

    Just to update. I took delivery of my floor tiles today. I eventually found some on ebay for £13.99/m in 610x406x12 which is the size I wanted. Now comparing the samples from int marble and floors of stone. The floors of stone one is quite a bit smoother and has a lot less defects. they may have just found a good tile to cut their samples out of but I will never know. Having taken a few out of the pallet From int marble I can confirm their sample is quite representative of what was delivered. Not perfectly smooth. Fairly holey on the back and tbh they could have done a better job of filling and honing the top on some but the majority seem perfectly acceptable. That said they are what I was looking for. They are less than half the price. They rounded the £1020 bill down to 1000 and threw in a couple of m2 for free. By the time iv sealed and grouted them they should become a bit smoother. All in all I'm happy. And I saved over 1k which can go towards paying some other bugger to lay them 🙂
  13. Construction Channel

    Concrete screws ?

    Concrete screws. 5.5mm in celcon/soft red 6mm in fibolite/ normal brick 6.5mm in concrete/ fletons Don't keep winding them in. Let it bite then stop!
  14. Construction Channel

    Concrete screws ?

    Sounds mighty complicated. Ct1 it up. Maybe a couple of screws to hold it in place. Personally I don't like perforating structural concrete things like lintols with screws. Afaic it's just asking for trouble
  15. Construction Channel

    Concrete screws ?

    What exactly is the ceiling build up? Surely it can't be just a 100mm concrete slab?