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  1. iv never been pulled up by regs on the height of a handle, We generally put them where they look right, or 1m down from the top of the door. knobs will need a longer backset on the latch than a handle so you don't catch your knuckles on the door stop, especially if you need to have fire regs door stop. we recently fitted some unsprung porcelain knobs which required howdens "heavy duty" latches to work even remotely properly. they were hateful things where the knob didn't fit into the cup properly and even if they did no part of the whole setup was round so they ground when you turned them. I highlighted this issue a fair few times but " just fit them and make it work".......guess what came up on the snags (other heavy duty latches are available, we just happened to buy the original latches and hinges from howdens)
  2. Are you sure about that? Iv always been taught that oak was a hardwood and Wikipedia seems to agree
  3. I had the same issue on mine. Flat refusal for a "new build" because of sustainability. They did however let me convert it into a holiday let as that was still commercial so didnt need change of use. Which means that i did the work under permitted development. I had to keep 50% of the existing walls but no one seemed to care when 25% of that got blown over.
  4. Pretty much, i used white cement and lime instead of dye. Also i cast it in situ so i had to polish the top afterwards. Came out ok but definately not perfect. Looks pretty good though.
  5. 950.......🤔 They're getting more tempting
  6. I saw this which would do the 3 rooms i need but it just seems a shame to waste all the ducting i already have in place. I shall look into these ducted cassettes and see how it would stack up. Thanks for your help
  7. I got one of those last year and possibly the best money i ever spent. But now i want more!!! Try putting it at the foot of the bed so it blows under the duvet. Too cold for Faye but i loved it
  8. Has anyone had any success at such a thing? Seems "relatively simple", split the feed going into the house from the mvhr, fit a "non return valve" then just somehow cobble the ac unit so it blows down the pipe towards the manifold...... Surely they make a unit that fits straight onto a 6" pipe???? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Tia Ed
  9. Jcb's are all roughly the same size Mini diggers vary quite a bit but i would guess the one in the pic is about 1.9ton
  10. 1. I doubt the hinges would take such a wide door. (there is a lot of weight a long way from the hinges) 2. I would think the panels they make the doors from start at 1200 x 2400 so you would have a joint in the large panel anyway.
  11. The problem with very wide boards is they want to cup (curl up across the grain), You could biscuit some boards together but for strength you would probably be better laminating and off setting two layers. How are you planning to support the outer edge of the tread? I havent done much work with spirals but if you want to cantilever a 4' plank of a central column it will either need to be very thick (50-60mm), or have a big assed brace. The hole in the plank wont give you very much strength because the grain will just want to sheer out so most of the weight will have to be taken by the brace.... I suppose the handrail could offer some support but i really dont know very much about them.
  12. Im fairly certain the hole in the middle will be the wrong size. I had a lot of trouble trying to enlarge the hole on one to get it to fit my skill saw. Ended up using a plasma cutter iirc
  13. Its a bit late for me but i do like that insulated section. Great way to get over the issue. I also agree that in an already lit room they wont have as much of an impact as they did in my bathroom. That said, placed correctly it might still help