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  1. Yup thats exactly what happened. I still havent made it 😂
  2. How far is it and how many blocks? Also what is the plan for the sand?
  3. With that kind of joint you cam tell everyone that its dovetailed and they will never know any different
  4. Couldnt have explained it better myself. But the mesh was just standard galvanised and was raised a little while i filled the mould
  5. Bit late to the party here. But have you already bought the slabs? If so why did you choose those and can you return them. The simplest solution here is to either get a slab you can lift/lay or concrete a path and draw some lines in it if you really do want the council slab look. They're bastards to lay at the best of times.
  6. I have a product similar to this just under my soffit. Works fine for the normal free view channels. Gets most the hd ones as well
  7. My only suggestion would be to create a fake mansard/ tile hung section between the windows so you could bring the gutter line to below the sills. Not sure how good it would look but it would solve the problem. What was the original design to deal with the downpipes? Or is that your last pic with red line..
  8. Fwiw i dug down to find our water main on the other side of the road where i needed it connecting. Put a fence post on it and loosely filled it back in. Everyone involved with the pipe said i was a very bad boy and should never do such a thing again BUT it was very helpful and saved all of them a lot of time and effort. Pipe is now connected and no one got taken to court
  9. Just get a ladder long enough for the job. Something to stop it slipping and a pad for the top. The pipe lagging down each side also sounds like a good idea but i have never tried such luxuries. Nothing could possibly go wrong, i have faith. Im glad to hear you got on with the machine though. I know a fair few people that wont get in the things because of the sway.
  10. I am eagerly awaiting the tale of how this goes..... I have used some varying sized machines and they all sway/bounce a lot more than you think. BUT they are pretty hard to get to tip over as they come with so many alarms. When was the last time you cleaned the gutters on the old house?
  11. I doubt it would pass hse but i would put some some decent "outriggers" on the scaffold away from the building. Then clip down the boards so the cant flip up. Screw a batten /4x2 to said boards so the ladder cant slip and use a normal ladder so you dont have an issue with the solar panels. Then use a sofa cushion under the ladder like suggested above. Failing that fix a bit of wood across the top of the ladder to try and spread the weight but the cushion would be my no 1 choice Or put the ladder up the gable and shimmy along the ridge but that would be dangerous and is fairly scary getting back off
  12. The only person that sleeps better than kenny is me. 8 hours minimum for that boy, last night he had a cool 14 without a peep. But as for the sealants, i have not used that one, consideri g the brand i would assume id does as described, I have used this stuff reccomended by my tiler on my concrete worktop, travertine floor tiles and patio . Came up almost invisible/matt.
  13. Do you mean you are really in? Including a bed and kitchen sink...... If so, bloody well done. What are you going to do with all the spare time you now have??
  14. Considering the level this thread had fallen to i cant see it lasting much longer but i doubt suggesting you like golden "shoes" will be what gets it wiped 😘