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  1. Construction Channel

    What do home buyers want?

    Supposedly broadband speed and schools are top priority at the moment, not that you can design them into a house but might influence location. Personally I recon it would be the stairs and worktops that sell houses. Possibly doors also. Howdens oak dordoigns seem to be all we fit recently.
  2. Construction Channel

    Quickstep Laminate from Howdens - how good?

    Couldn’t you get it delivered?
  3. Construction Channel

    Quickstep Laminate from Howdens - how good?

    Should be fine. Usually they just phone your home branch to check what discount you get. Why are you planning to go to different branches?
  4. Construction Channel up hill

    All very interesting I’ll give them a ring on Monday. I’m now intrigued weather I’ll be better off buying a 2800lt tank for £600 giving myself plenty of leeway and then just getting a pump system separately. Ill see see what they say as the size of the hole is almost irrelevant to me
  5. Construction Channel up hill

    Thanks for the advice, and more importantly numbers. I’ll do some more searching and see what the most cost effective solution is.
  6. Construction Channel up hill

    Tbh it wouldn’t be me that’s putting any of those things down there. But what I want to avoid is having to replace or unclog the pump because someone has accidentally. A friend had a saniflow years ago and constantly had problems, I want to visit that tank and pump as few times as possible so a “deal with anything pump” is what I’m looking for. Weather or not it has to deal with anything other than the standard depends how good faye is at following the rules.
  7. Construction Channel up hill

    Any reccomendation on litreage?
  8. Construction Channel up hill

    I need advice on what to buy to pump sewerage up hill. We installed a new bio disc/ clargester at the parents house a few years ago which we made big enough to take my new house as well, so installing my own sewage treatment plant seems a bit of a waste. Problem is the inlet to their plant is above my drains by about a meter or so. So I need to pump my sewage up hill. The last thing I want is to have restrictions on what I can put down my toilet (lady products) like a saniflow. Nor do I want to have to replace the pump anytime soon as that will be a foul job. I have heard stories of pumps that can shoot a full sized nappy out of a 2” pipe which is the kind of thing I’m looking for but how would I go about searching for that? had anyone already got or installed such a system? i have briefly searched eBay and this seems promising but it all seems a bit cheap and non descriptive to be any good. Any help appreciated. Tia Ed 
  9. Construction Channel

    Tiling...many questions

    I’m fairly sure it’s Threshold
  10. Construction Channel


    I don’t disagree that they’re useful. Iv got quite a few of them about. But they’re not as good as the real thing at any task.
  11. Construction Channel


    It depends how much your drill bits cost. Even if you have a nice set of hss g bits I still wouldn’t be spending £150 on a sharpener. £50 maybe as a new set will cost you double that, the multi bits are ok at most tasks but imho they’re not very good at any of them.
  12. Construction Channel

    Plastic bullnose window cills - any one got them?

    Lol, but yes I agree they’re rubbish and no need for them, go for wood. You have plenty of frame to play with so it won’t look out of place. You could rout out some of the back to make it thinner if you wanted but don’t go too thin else it will warp. IMHO plastic inside is a big no no. Also im still here just been a bit quite. Too much to do and not enough time. I’ll update you all soon.......ish
  13. Construction Channel

    Which sealant for this job, please?

    I would have said it’s gutter seal or similar. Loads of movement and sticky as hell. Everbuild ROOF Roof And Gutter Sealant, Black, 310 ml
  14. Construction Channel

    Fixing stud wall sole plate to concrete floor with UFH??

    Slap some dustproofer/hardener on the floor first and you’ll be fine. Iv stick all my sole plates in my house even though I know there arnt any pipes below them.
  15. Construction Channel

    Work canopy for our flat roof: wiggle wire

    sounds expensive to me, couldnt you wrap the roll the edge over a batten a couple of times then screw a second batten to the other clamping it? i know you like your wind up there so you might want to be careful creating a big sail with the bad weather coming.....