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  1. Jcb's are all roughly the same size Mini diggers vary quite a bit but i would guess the one in the pic is about 1.9ton
  2. 1. I doubt the hinges would take such a wide door. (there is a lot of weight a long way from the hinges) 2. I would think the panels they make the doors from start at 1200 x 2400 so you would have a joint in the large panel anyway.
  3. The problem with very wide boards is they want to cup (curl up across the grain), You could biscuit some boards together but for strength you would probably be better laminating and off setting two layers. How are you planning to support the outer edge of the tread? I havent done much work with spirals but if you want to cantilever a 4' plank of a central column it will either need to be very thick (50-60mm), or have a big assed brace. The hole in the plank wont give you very much strength because the grain will just want to sheer out so most of the weight will have to be taken by the brace.... I suppose the handrail could offer some support but i really dont know very much about them.
  4. Im fairly certain the hole in the middle will be the wrong size. I had a lot of trouble trying to enlarge the hole on one to get it to fit my skill saw. Ended up using a plasma cutter iirc
  5. Its a bit late for me but i do like that insulated section. Great way to get over the issue. I also agree that in an already lit room they wont have as much of an impact as they did in my bathroom. That said, placed correctly it might still help
  6. You could bend it further. I think each "bending bit" would go up to 45deg (they're a variable angle thing that you twist to incease the angle). So with 4 bendy bits you could make the horizontal periscope that you want
  7. In my experience suntunnels are great. Rigid are far better than the flexible ones and the bigger the better although the smaller ones are still better than nothing. My bathroom before: My bathroom after: This is the 14" rigid velux version with about a 30 deg kink in the pipe. The insulation issue isnt really to do with the tunnel itself as you can wrap that fairly well with insulation. The issue is the 2 ends where the internal bit is a fairly rubbish attempt at plastic double glazing Hth Ed
  8. Did you manage to keep hold of the little cap? Always fun when that goes sailing down a main run 😂
  9. I wouldnt. Firstly because its an expensive way to do the job, And those couplings are generally used for connecting to clay pipes. Not saying it wouldnt work, just unnecessary here
  10. Indeed. Were not talking about a courtesy dab of vaseline here.
  11. Also little tip for fitting pipes in a trench is to get the end into the socket loose (plenty of lube) then bang a couple of road pins (bits of rebar) in either side of it tilted out slightly. (this just helps to stop it jumping out which it will try to do). Then put that long shovel in the pic against the other end of the pipe and lever it in. (saves a lot of bending in the trench + gives you that extra bit of force) 😉