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  1. Construction Channel

    My 'what is this' thread

    Whatever you do don’t let @Onoff see this.
  2. Construction Channel

    Most Amoosing?

    I could stand behind that one. You wouldn’t like it if I hit scaffold with a hammer for hours at a time and personally I can’t hear the difference.
  3. Construction Channel

    Most Amoosing?

    I remember a good friend recalling a story of a Devonshire farmer being abused by a bunch of organised trespassers ( commonly known as “ramblers”) because his cattle were spoiling the peace and quiet of the countryside. Also hear many a tale of residents complaining to councils because of tractors disturbing them late at night ( almost undoubtably in harvest time). I really dont don’t understand the mentality of some people.
  4. Construction Channel

    Mr Luxton redoes 80% of his plaster!

    kudos for the guy showing his mistakes. especially with the magic of editing available.
  5. Construction Channel

    Nother roofing Virgin question.... felting

    What Dave said, roll out the strip, cut it off long enough to do the longest side, roll it back up and cut It in the middle, should give you a nice straight cut.
  6. Construction Channel

    Son's project

    Sorry i did t reply earlier. I was at a wedding yesterday. But yes that tub of premixed should be fine. Or as Peter said Just pilyfilla would work. It’s a bodge and we all know it but as it’s just “cosmetic” anything would be an improvement. So just take the cheapest option.
  7. Construction Channel

    Son's project

    Then they should have been more specific. IMO this is the cheapest option and if they don’t like it they could always take one of the other offers. They're probably just trying to get money off and have other plans for it anyway.
  8. Construction Channel

    Son's project

    Personally I would just use a very sticky high cement mix. Plenty of SBR 1-1 cement and soft washed sand. Fill the worst bits and then just paint it. The paint will make the biggest effect. Filling the holes is more just to show you made an effort.
  9. Construction Channel

    Roofing Virgin just lost it.....

    the only thing duct tape sticks to is itself, and usually when you dont want it to, I would have thought you want tyvec tape for this? that stuff really does stick well, but you will most likely have to buy it online. the stuff at 5:30 ish it looks different but i think this is the same stuff
  10. Construction Channel

    Roofing Virgin question: membrane - top down, bottom up?

    I can almost guarantee the second you get the felt out the wind speed will increase dramatically, can you not put temporary battens where the laps go as you will be taping that anyway? Im with Russel, The staples won't hold it and that's when things start getting stressful...
  11. Construction Channel

    Son's project

    its about an hours work to fill the big holes and paint it white. even such a small amount of work will make a huge amount of difference on the look of the front of the house, the question is, is the £40 on materials worth the argument. personally id do it just to get the deal done. my 2 cents
  12. Construction Channel

    Son's project

    Filler and paint then. As it’s already sold I wouldn’t even mess about with the fibreglass.
  13. Construction Channel

    Verge 'rafter' : does it need to be treated?

    Yes probably the most important ones to be treated.
  14. Construction Channel

    How many screws.....

    Although I like the idea the flip side would be the glove pulling itself into metal things..... like saw blades, I’m sticking to my nail bag and collated screws when I can source them.
  15. Construction Channel

    How many screws.....

    Put a magnet on the end of your tape measure.