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    I could not afford to buy oak so salvaged it from a big oak tree that fell down on my road, got a mate to slab the trunks and I turned the bigger branches into roof ties, my dad is a dab hand with an axe so the finish was very authentic.
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    OK, I have one upped myself. I give you.... The invisible induction hob. This I like.
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    Go underground my friend . It’s the only way to get more space …
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    Tom Cruise here , I’ve borrowed pocsters account for a bit . After hours of prep , some dry run thru’s - we finally went for it . Absolute silence on the set as I do the most extreme and skilful stunt I’ve ever performed. Remember this scene from my next movie “Mission Impossible: Glass door dilemma “ ( rated 18 - due to extreme scenes of a DIY nature )
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    For safety you could apply for a certificate of lawfulness on the grounds you started work before it became a conservation area. Include copies of any drawings and dated invoices you have.
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    That’s a direct connection distance you’re referring to. This is the min which is 450mm
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    M3.5 is readily available https://www.accu.co.uk/en/countersunk-socket-head-screws/5608-SSK-M3-5-8-A4
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    Your right Ian The money could be better targeted Perhaps nurses should have seen some of the windfall I was offered two 10k payments the help with my yard rent and business rates I’d be quite happy for that to go elsewhere
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    Openreach dropped off a drum of cable, all the ducting, and the joint box with manhole cover. They even gave us a little drum of draw cord and duct reducers. we're 120meters from the road and they did not charge us a penny. We dug the trench and pulled the cable, it's now waiting for connection. This has been the only problem, getting them out to dig the last 5 meters of trenching on the verge. It's now booked for a few weeks time and I can see that they have a traffic control permit so it should be going ahead.
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    If you are laying a duct then just put a draw rope in at the same time, that way anyone can pull in whatever cable is required
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    If you have the height use 200mm eps and save 40-50%.
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    If cable routing allows swap rcbo in main CU for MCB and then have an rcd or rcbo CU in garage so at least a trip would be more local than having to go back to the house to reset it. All my outbuildings only have local RCD's in their own CU's
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    Service void before services: Note the gap in the vertical battens at 450mm and 1200mm above floor level. This is to allow socket and light circuits to run horizontally without having to drill the battens to do so. Similar view with some cables in. That's a bundle of AV cables that I wanted to take the shortest route. AV cables are not confined to safe zones like other wiring. And here are some pipes as well in the service void, hot and cold water for the kitchen sink.
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    I went for the Philmac 1143 at the same price. This is 21-27 x 15-21. The nuts are quite big at 70mm and I didnt have a wrench that size and the stilson wouldn't fit. Had a brainwave and used a oil filter wrench. The one I have is from Lidl and is thin and easy in a confined space. No leaks at the main connector but will have to remove the stopcock to fit insulation and tap.
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    The cheaper Flir one is only 80 x 60 resolution, compared with 320 x 400 for the one linked by @joth Exactly. The nearest I could find to this resolution from a "bigger name" manufacturer is the Seek CompactPro, which is 320 x 240 at £600. So getting almost double the pixels (320 x 400) for half that price seemed a bargain https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seek-Thermal-Compact-Resolution-Imaging-Black/dp/B01NBU1AVN 80 x 60 seemed totally pointless to me.
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    Slightly less than that of being hit by a meteorite whilst swimming with sharks whilst wrapped in bacon after winning the euromillions… . I would seriously get on with the build and ignore the issue as any asbestos would have been cement bound plus the wind will have carried anything far away from the house.
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    When we applied for PP back in 2005 there was more than one "file" on a site. In our case there were at least three. There was the online data, a public paper file you could ask to see, and the planners own files which were a grey area. First time I went to the planning office I was able to see the public paper file just by asking to see it. Receptionist just went and got it and I was able to use their photocopier. Second time I tried to see a public paper file it was a pain. Visitors were no longer allowed into the planning office and I had to make an appointment to see it in the "visitors centre" where there were no facilities. Still it was interesting because there was stuff in the file that wasn't on the online database. Mostly letters to/from the previous owner. Later when we needed to hire a planning consultant it turned out he had been involved with the plot before. He had a letter from the planners that was very helpful to us and wasn't in either of the public files. When I showed it to the planning officer he asked where I had got it from and then went to get his boss. They rolled over pretty soon after that. How much of this "selective publication" still goes on I don't know .
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    Our VAT clam was submitted in February this year. Today a big fat envelope arrived in the post with all my receipts returned and a covering letter telling me the claim has been approved in full with no deductions or contested receipts and payment will be made by BACS within 20 days. So that's a little under 6 months All very handy as our 0% credit cards are due in a couple of months so we will now have the funds to clear them and not need to find somewhere else to roll them over.
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    IMHO if you mention or threaten "liquidated damages clause" you might never finish your house
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    In case anyone out there is interested - we managed to reclaim our PD rights successfully. A real result. Much teeth-gnashing among the neighbours but hey, the rules are the rules, right? We found the council lob this remove PD rights clause almost as a default setting, which is extraordinary. There's a total pattern to it. It's like preying on the naivety of home owners. Anyway, this is the man we have to think for a formidable application > http://just-planning.co.uk/
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    Congratulations, almost there!
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    I always say it feels like walking into a large stone church or a cave on a hot day. There's a very different (better!) quality to the coolness compared to air conditioning.
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    Drainage etc should be zero rated If I remember right we paid vat on the muck away As I’ve stated previously some trades either can’t or won’t zero rate materials So it may be worth buying the drainage material or asking your contractor to In any case most contractors will add at least 20% on for supplying materials It may be worth getting another quote
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    In that case you can do it in a couple of stages, i dont know of a 35 to 22 fitting.
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    RHI paid out considerably more for me, but even at £3,290 would cover the difference on a new build. Cost of Electricity v. Gas is in parity today, but Gas will soon be loaded with the green tax that will be coming off of Electricity, and then I expect additional carbon taxes to be added to Gas to make it less competitive. There is no compelling reason to install a Gas boiler in a new build, let alone Oil or LPG
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    Arresting the spread of fire from open flames is the consideration here. If it were a multi storey dwelling or adverse scenario requiring fire intervention then your BCO would have already stated so. Have you actually asked your BCO ? Our opinions here are worthless btw. That person is signing your build off not any of us If you don’t have any mandatory stipulation(s) then just consider risk vs mitigation, and focus on the salvage of the fabric of the property, eg if a fire started there.Buying a FR plasterboard is £10 more than a regular one. Why skimp?!? Fill gaps with intumescent acrylic caulk not FR foam as that has far better integrity. FR foam is for very small gaps only. On every single one of my full M&E installations, early prevention ( detection and intervention ) via deployment of optical, ionisation, multi-sensor and heat detectors in every habitable and plant space is standard practice. Each type of detector is selected to suit the space. Finding a fire before it’s become involved is the number one focus of the owner, and prevention of the spread of flames and cold smoke is the focus for means of egress and escape, eg the preservation of those routes of escape ( for 30 or 60 mins whichever is applicable ). Talk to your BCO.
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    Don't think I put a link up here? Not a Bristan anyway, I used a Hudson Reed Reign. I think @ProDave used the same one. Dead easy to turn imo BUT arthritis is a funny thing, it causes lack of grip, wrist action is hampered etc. (My old man is riddled with poly arthritis). Worse case I reckon it'd be easy enough to print some clip on/off extensions for these handles to give more leverage.
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    10Kn is nothing (1ton) but I agree you should have a plate to land the truss on. Could be steel or even plastic, couple of layers of DPC etc. Truss bottom cord is plenty wide enough to give a good bearing so really just an isolating layer unless you want to include fixings in which case a steel sole plate would be the best option.
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    Pack of 10 x 6mm x 1 Metre Stainless Steel HELICAL Bars for Repairing Masonry Walls https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FGVP59R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_BMPR7KH25NRTD50ME5F5
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    I would have thought you would lose the flange in the depth of the bedding material - mortar or whatever.
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    Stem inject it, don’t spray. Large syringe.
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    🤔 If you use the same scale rule on your build surely the result would actually be a smaller property.
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    I hate cavity closers, they will give you more thermal bridging than what you have and worse draughts and they cause cracking where they join the blocks. if you are doing dit and dab then draughts will be a massive problem I did something similar to you and used thermal board to close my cavities, (normal plasterboard on my canted reveals) then wet plastered everything, no problems 11 years on
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    if you are not in a rush Appeal the condition...it already has an existing driveway and the LPA would have a hard job refusing a replacement house. You can run the appeal alongside the demolition and build.
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    I have a business broadband deal with Vodafone and it's £17.50 / month, discounted to £15 as the speeds are lower than advertised (25Mb/s is the best we ever get, usually in the 15Mb range). I think that's what it's worth really. Includes a home PSTN line that I never use. On same bill as a SIM only mobile contract so not sure if there's an additional discount - also about £40 total. BT wanted almost £60 for just the broadband and fixed line. All of the services that run on OR copper/fibre (i.e. VDSL2 aka 'super fast broadband') will give you the same speeds, some of the routers are better than others - the VF one is a bit clunky and the BT one was nicer but not worth the premium!
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    Hi and welcome, Here's my experience.
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    Rising band gate hinges?
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    Probably not as you need special nails for the PPN guns. If this is outdoor decking there is no need to have so many fixings per hanger. Could reduce 12 per hanger.
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    Yes, having helped on a couple of straw builds and initially wanted to build in straw myself I am interested in an update on progress.
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    Hi. best practice is to aim for minimum of 1:40 in construction, to achieve 1:80 in reality. to work out what 1:80 needs to be take the run (length of the roof) and divide by 80. 2310/80 = 29mm
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    I think you’ve asked the wrong question of your insurers. Sequence should be : - Split plot and fence off. - Insure plot as self build plot. - demolition of garage and new extension Doing that most insurers would see the demo/extension on your land and plot. It sounds like your insurers think you want them to insure the self build on the same policy which they will not do.
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    The dates of Google earth imagery are not always correct Round this neck of the woods the same image is shown for 3 years. The LPA have fallen foul on trying to use the imagery for enforcement and it has been shown to be unreliable
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    Or the £6 - 800 jobbie @pocster was salivating over! 😂
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    Very, very cheap......you’ll probably pay more for a new tv for the new house......
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    Thanks for reply, just praying nothing got in as kids are so young, have wiped surfaces down with wet kitchen towel, we are going to move out for next phase where they deal with the softfits, just so annoyed they cut them whilst still here next to the windows, really suffering anxiety issues for first ever time with this, anyone with industry knowledge would be great to know just what u p against and chances of stuff having entered the house. Thanks, Lawrence
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    Hi Just joined up after recommendation from another self builder. We've got planning for a house in Wiltshire for us to downsize into. This will be 4th new build, the last one 20 years ago - after which I swore I'd never do another one !
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    Many thanks for taking time to write such a detailed response, really is appreciated as been really quite worried over it and more I read and responses on here then am being much re-assured that this accidental short exposure happens a lot and is was as lethal as touted in some resources then many diy'ers would be dropping down of asbestos related disease. Thanks again, really is excellent forum, Lawrence
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    I live next door to the site and can actively monitor what they are doing (also a time lapse camera is set up). Things have got better and and hopefully for the next bits of ground works will progress as expected (last weeks invoice reflected the reduced work on site). I have my guard up though on the work they are doing. Yesterday me and three of the ground workers got the two layers of retaining wall / slab mesh installed, me being on site getting my hands dirty seemed to progress getting the work done, also i was there to make sure it went in properly. I am going to tie in the starter bars over the weekend, and BCO / architect inspection scheduled for Tuesday morning. Hopeful for the slab pour on Tuesday afternoon / weds, and brickie's on site for the retaining wall on Monday (different firm). There is also the availability of slave labour if things get really tough (my little helper setting out mars bars, i should have paid her a proper one for her efforts)
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    So Series 10 Episode 1 was shown tonight. Below are my show notes. Location: Hertfordshire (Potters Bar) The Self-builders: Bob (retired firefighter) & Wendy (chartered accountant & writer). Experienced with renovations & an extension. Eight children. Setting the Scene: Oct 2016 – Charlie visits to meet the self-builders & review site and plans Secured planning permission for four bedroom chalet bungalow on back garden plot. Nominal value of plot £350k. £350k build budget. £950k expected value for completed house. Targeting completion in 12 months Eco-features: Solar panels and rainwater harvesting Impressive westerly views towards green belt – Charlie suggests changing ground floor layout to take advantage of this with a large kitchen diner with bifolds in west elevation. Suggests replacing two small dormers with large, long dormer clad in zinc The Build: Aug 2017 – Groundworks underway after approval of revised plans. Ridge height too high so site lowered by 2m. Piling and groundbeam (£30k) required. Muckaway cost £10k. Total groundworks cost £50k. Block & beam floor installed. Timber frame (standard 140mm with OSB sheathing) erection commences. Posi-joists. Kingspan Kooltherm insulation, Protect VC foil air-tightness layer, Protect TF200 Thermo external membrane. Sept 2017 – Roof timbers erected. Windows (look like Aluclad uPVC) being installed. Oct 2017 – Charlie returns. Expecting completion June 2018. The Visit to Another Self-build: Larch clad four bedroom barn style home in Loughborough. Double height hallway. Power floated concrete floor. The Build contd: Dec 2017 – Roof tiles & solar panels (12No) installed Feb 2018 – Brick skin has been (miraculously as we never see a single brick being laid) installed. Plasterboarding ongoing. Apr 2018 – Polished porcelain floor tiles being laid. Decorating with help of family & friends (to save v £6k quoted) May 2018 – Plumbing. Kitchen fitting. Self-builders move in in late May. July 2018 – Charlie visits completed home (called Luxton Lodge). Double height hallway with skylight above. The final figures: Actual build costs £350k including VAT but with some landscaping incomplete giving total cost of £700k. Bob put in a lot of work himself (shown fixing cladding and doing plumbing).(However, why does this figure never include design or the other project costs? Actual valuation of £1.2M (2018 prices). Impressive figures but as usual with these backgarden plots, the reduction in value of the original house never seems to get mentioned.
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