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    Building a split level bungalow in the garden of my bigger one. Reason 1) fund retirement 2) benefit from modern technology in building and insulation 3) future proof - although on this I am taking a step back also as my current bungalow has no stairs
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  1. Hecateh

    To chase or not to chase?..

    chase - definitely but gently so as to keep them on side. 'Many' people, when they have too much work to do, will concentrate on the work that someone is asking for. It's easier that way. Definitely an area where patience doesn't pay. Slightly different but when I was waiting for planning my 'architect' kept telling me "it takes as long as it takes." When I got fed up and called the planning dept they told me that they were waiting for a payment and a confirmation of some information. I was able to provide that instantly and got verbal confirmation of permissions
  2. I got 2 cheap loos and one a bit more expensive. I much prefer the cheap ones. Their shape 'works' better, and the seat is more comfortable LOL
  3. Hecateh

    Tiling...many questions

    Curling tongs??????????
  4. Hecateh

    Step needs markings?

    can you use some of that led tape along the vertical edge. If it was in my house (and I had no choice but to have it there) I would try and light the vertical. I would definitely also have something, paint or tape wrapping over the edge as my fall would tend t0 be down it rather than up it. And probably put my foot actually on the 'step' and twist my ankle in the process. Glow in the dark paint??? For that stumble in the dark for a glass of water. Motion sensor strip light. Having said that - if I tripped on it in my 20s/30s - no big deal. At my age it is potentially a big deal
  5. I was having french doors and a juliette balcony until someone suggested (on here I think) that I had full height windows with the bottom fixed and the tops on tilt or turn. If I had french doors there would be 2 layers of glass, the doors and the screen, (or the cheaper option of bars) obstructing the view, with all the faff and expense of buying and fitting. You open the door and effectively you still have a fixed pane window and, if I leave the doors open then security is compromised. With a fixed floor to screen height window topped with tilt and turns, there is only the single pane of glass and the windows can be securely left on tilt, so I can sleep safe in the knowledge that no intruder can get in through an open window. Originally I was having a small inset balcony with the window set back - until it was discovered that no provision had been made for supporting the roof above this, and with other costs going through the roof the idea was abandoned.
  6. Normal people do not build their own house!!!!!!!!!
  7. Similar to mine. I paid up front for the whole kitchen, they didn't want to accept a credit card for the whole amount so just put £100 on card and paid the rest. However mine was a much smaller amount overall.
  8. I got mine from here https://www.factory-direct-flooring.co.uk/vinyl-flooring There is plenty there that would give you your flooring for less. I paid about £10sqm for mine but that was to go all through my house. Plenty of choice that is cheaper or pricier but you could certainly get something much less than £200 even allowing for a £30 delivery charge. I believe they are part of one of the big high street chains
  9. Hecateh

    (C)old stone cottage- orig floor insulate?

    Only being able to vinyl up to the cupboards may reduce the benefit BUT will make a huge difference underfoot by making a barrier between your feet and the cold floor I would think.
  10. Hecateh

    SSE Electricity Connection

    I was charged £13,000 for around 100m so I think yours sounds excellent. Was originally quoted £8k but the council would only give permission for half the work to be done on a Sunday as it restricted access to a medical centre which bumped it up to £13
  11. If you do go for wall cupboards at all I thoroughly recommend a bifold door opening upwards. When I am working in the kitchen which involves putting things away or getting them out the doors stay open without getting in the way or risk of banging head. Then closed when all is finished. Top shelves just for things that are rarely used of course
  12. Hecateh


    So on Saturday I finally managed to get the plumbers back in. This is my 3rd lot of plumbers - being fair I genuinely believed this lot would come back but I've been waiting 6 weeks. The first 2 weeks I was just waiting as they said they would be back. For the last 4 weeks they have been breaking promises due to ' unexpected extensive workload'. They kept telling me it was just a few bits. I knew it was worse than that. So they finally turned up at 4pm on Saturday. They were originally coming at 10 am and by the time they let me know when they would actually be here I wasn't turning them down. I was in the middle of cooking a meal for the 5 friends who had moved all my big stuff down, trying to give them information which they didn't believe and answer questions which they were not interested in the answer to. As far as I was concerned there were 2 main issues 1 The UFH - * the boiler was not being controlled by the thermostat - it was either on or off; as being switched by me. * at least 2 of the underfloor connections were leaking * loop 1 of 3 on the lower ground - the kitchen area - is not warming up * loop 2 of 3 on the entry level, the hallway not heating up 2 My ensuite. * The toilet flush was leaking, * the hand held shower head was leaking, * the sink hadn't been installed AND the big one that * my shower was leaking badly and dripping (pouring) into the kitchen. Also, there is water under the entry level floor and I don't know where it is coming from, unless it's the leaking UFH pipes. After their visit 1 The UFH - * the boiler was not being controlled by the thermostat - it was either on or off; as being switched by me. THIS IS NOW SORTED AND WORKING. They sorted out an issue previous plumbers left * at least 2 of the underfloor connections were leaking = sorted - tightened * loop 1 of 3 on the lower ground - the kitchen area - is not warming up - still the same * loop 2 of 3 on the entry level, the hallway not heating up - still the same They tell me it is pumped so 'can't be true' 2 My ensuite. * The toilet flush was leaking, - lowered the 'ballcock' (or modern equivalent on) sorted, (maybe) * the hand held shower head was leaking, - it still is * the sink hadn't been installed - it still hasn't AND the big one that * my shower was leaking badly and dripping (pouring) into the kitchen. - it still is. However - we now now that everything from my ensuite is discharging (almost) straight into the underfloor area of the entry level. SO - They have said they will come back tomorrow (Christmas Eve) - 'because they can't leave me like this over Christmas!!!!! FFS I've been telling them for weeks it wasn't a few minor tweaks. They kept trying to tell me that the water under the entry level was down to water getting in. Me telling them that it couldn't be because it was all tanked was ridiculed - because that HAD to be the answer. Except they have now found otherwise. They mean well - and I know they will sort it - as far as the plumbing is concerned. I am going to have to get someone else in to sort the UFH as they don't have a clue. BUT they have been the most patronising t***ts that I have dealt with, in terms of not taking on board what I have told them or even following simple request/demands. (As in don't fix the basin/unit to the wall I want the vinyl to go underneath ... Only used a full tube of CT1 all over the back of the basin. CT1 that I had bought for a different purpose at that. AAAaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh I bloody well hope they do come tomorrow.
  13. Hecateh


    I did use some cardboard for that - but I WAS very naive and hadn't realised until too late how little even the better trades respected what was there. Pluss There are so many questions I could have asked on here that I didn't - because it didn't occur to me that hubbers had solutions to offer for problems I didn't know about until it was too late. I need to go back and post in the 'what I wish I had known post' @ Lessons learned too late
  14. Hecateh


    yah ... yeah .. but ... specific jobs and no prices mentioned. - it's the question I didn't know to ask