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    Building a split level bungalow in the garden of my bigger one. Reason 1) fund retirement 2) benefit from modern technology in building and insulation 3) future proof - although on this I am taking a step back also as my current bungalow has no stairs
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  1. I am now on my 3rd plumber and this one does seem a decent plumber and gas engineer (and genuine person/tradesperson) in general BUT even they have only installed one ufh previously and have happily heated my previously unused system to way above the 27 degrees that is the max for the installed flooring. One also said he couldn't understand why I had opted for UFH as radiators were very efficient now.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the same for other areas but for me 'a plumber' has been an expensive mistake as they have little to no experience of ufh.
  3. Yeah Well We have to be. ...
  4. A very well wrung out cloth would not wet the surface but should remove the dust
  5. Hecateh

    I have an offer

    I now have a proper offer! The people that came first at the end of August, loved it but had only just put theirs on the market. They have sold theirs now to a first time buyer, and with that money will be a cash buyer Yay I hope all goes smoothly for me for once.
  6. Hecateh

    Spend a Penny

    My build is in the garden of my current place - in 6 months on site, (with the initial build)1 lad came in once nearly every day, another came in perhaps twice a week. other than that alfresco was the choice. Since I have had 'interior workers' in, then the loo has been used more frequently. It was the plasterer's first request most days. He had a 40 min drive to get here and was on site by 8 am. It was my spark that I found most amusing though. He would come in for a pee (bearing in mind this is a bungalow) and wouldn't even bother to shut the door. LOL
  7. Hecateh

    Driven to the edge

    No it's a bit more than that. But not actually much more The boiler is installed as is the manifold for the UFH but there are some of the UFH pipes that need connecting and, actually I'm not totally sure, I think there are a couple more connections need making. There is no water in the system yet and the plumbing hasn't been pressure tested. All of the pipes are in for the sanitaryware but nothing is connected up as the flooring needed to be down first. The plumbing side of it is less of an issue though - it is finishing the gas side that is the problem.
  8. Hecateh

    Driven to the edge

    I so know how you feel. I am so close now - if only those damn plumbers had done their job I could move in. However, a week has passed since they 'didn't come' and I still haven't got the mojo back to look for someone else. I am so low that the thought of contacting yet another plumber to take his turn at ripping me off and leaving me stranded just isn't an option. I know not everyone is like that, and I have had some good and helpful trades people in doing work but I am having a confidence crisis and don't trust my own judgement. A lot of the flooring has gone down today and that has helped as it is a visual reminder that I am almost there. BUT I made a big cock up in the measurements for that which means that the ensuite/dressing room is having to be treated as 2 rooms instead of the one that it is with a narrow piece about 4oo mm wide fitted between them. So another knock to the confidence. I am again wishing I had never started. At the moment I don't even want to move in/
  9. Hecateh

    Who’s been on what?

    Rip off Britain talking about experience with Purple Bricks. Shown a coupe of weeks ago
  10. Hecateh

    *rant* pre-application timescales *rant*

    My architect (who turned out to be an architectural technician) designed things that wouldn't work and, although she knew my budget, didn't offer any advice as to the least expensive way forward or that alterations she suggested would make the build much more expensive. She also didn't advise that hard landscaping needed to be on the plans in order to be able to reclaim that VAT.
  11. Hecateh

    Stairs options

    Another vote for Stairbox here. Mine is the absolute basic, similar (but cheaper I think) to the ones some of you are using as temporary stairs. Delivered exactly as specced and, though they couldn't give me a time, they were very helpful in giving advice as in 'Setting off from Goole around 8am and yours is the 4th drop. Joiner was very impressed by the quality for the price.
  12. Hecateh

    one for the girls

    Tried that with both a hard and a soft nail brush (also an ex hospital theatre one) none of them really help Will try this
  13. Hecateh

    one for the girls

    OK, so I can soften my hands, what can I do to get rid of the dirt under my nails? Happy for answers from males, females, trans, non binary - or however you identify yourself. Gardening is worst but not the only culprit and my nail brush doesn't do a thing
  14. Hecateh


    It's the first of April and I have succeeded in hibernating through winter - - - - - oh???