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    Building a split level bungalow in the garden of my bigger one. Reason 1) fund retirement 2) benefit from modern technology in building and insulation 3) future proof - although on this I am taking a step back also as my current bungalow has no stairs
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  1. Hecateh

    Bridging Loans Query

    I got in a mess with bridging. It was at 13% so extortionate but I planned for it and all should have been fine. Then the house took much longer than planned Then my old house didn't sell and still hasn't I am lucky my sister is loaded and loaned me the money to pay it off but as I am not earning anything I would have been totally up the khyber if she wasn't able to help.
  2. Hecateh

    Fixing Kitchen Island to the floor

    mine's the same
  3. As things become more automated - an 'Alexa' or similar positioned in the bathroom to enable oral 'drop in' check
  4. Hecateh

    Accessible Ablutions - Three

    would this work? https://www.amazon.co.uk/InterDesign-Organizer-Towels-24-Inch-4-Piece/dp/B01AILVIAG/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_201_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=RM9QF44PXBVJXP5RP2CE
  5. I would go for stick down ones too. Anything that allows water underneath will either need to be lifted everytime or will get absolutely grotty underneath
  6. Hecateh

    Wi Fi, Broadband etc

    Bloody typical - 2 different employees told me that - I think it's because it;s a different property though but I can't see that should make a difference
  7. Hecateh

    Wi Fi, Broadband etc

    I couldn't book straight with OpenReach I had to go through a supplier - BT offered me an excellent deal which, despite the £50 installation still saved me about £75 quid over the next year. (previously with plus net) I've had a pole installed on my land, very difficult and long to do it any other way. They were supposed to be connecting me on 28th December - I knew this date couldn't happen because of the pole but they were happy to give me a fixed date. So engineer came that day and said 'we will have to install a pole' 'Yes - that's what I said when I ordered it! We agreed where it would go and a week or so later (7 Jan) they came to put the pole up. Knocked on the door, lots of digging, pole on drive and then it all went quiet. After I while I went to have a look and the hole had been filled in and they had disappeared. Contacted BT and the saga commenced. Phone calls about twice a week. The guy at BT was doing his best, contacting Open Reach all the time. An engineer came out again - apparently they had come across services - I knew there were none there. He went away saying I'd hear within the week. Lots more communication with BT. Open Reach had no capacity, were booked up with other jobs etc etc. Eventually I got in touch with the Ombudsman. So then BT higher management got involved, and eventually another engineer came out. Told me that the services were some kind of land drain junction - so I realised it was were the surface water from the porch went - about 1m of guttering. We could put the pole pretty close. He also told me that the contractors had said I had gone out so they couldn't discuss it with me at the time - a complete lie. Within a week they came back - dug up pretty much the same hole and put the pole up. 2 or 3 days later I was connected. That was the 11 May. As my original house is not yet sold I was able to use the cordless phones from up there and with the aid of a plug in booster use the wifi too. The ombudsman said I wasn't entitled to any compensation as they had done nothing wrong as they weren't accountable for OpenReach. It seemed a waste of time but my contact at BT said that was what had got them moving an enabled him to escalate even higher - he had already escalated 3 times to the highest level he was able. After I was finally connected BT contacted me and told me they were crediting my account with just over £150. That amount covers the installation and about 6 months phone and broadband so I'm happy enough with that. I just have to wait 2 weeks to get my phone number transferred as BT can't port numbers from Plusnet - I have to cancel PlusNet which puts the number back in the system and in 2 weeks time BT can reallocate it. What a farce
  8. I find it odd that the comfort of the seat is never mentioned as a feature and most sellers don't even give a good picture that shows it properly. It's something I have become aware of because, with my 3 toilets, 2 have comfortable seats and the 3rd which is a different design, with a curved profile is much less so.
  9. That'll work - but I like the dispenser, fits so neatly in the corner - but then I don't use bar soap - which i should do as it is far better for the environment. Does she know that you can get bar shampoo now? One thing to think of as body feels more delicate; a toilet seat that is fairly flat and wide is much more comfortable than one with a more rounded profile to the seat. Or even a japanese one if the funds run to it https://www.victorianplumbing.co.uk/metro-smart-toilet-with-bidet-wash-function-heated-seat-dryer .
  10. My daughter's best friend is an OT. I'll try and arrange a chat with her about these issues and feedback. One thing I have bought and found useful which could easily help in this situation is one of these https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003SX0UDS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Kept topped up and put at an accessible height enables access shampoo, conditioner and gel without having to reach for and handle slippery bottles with stupid slippy caps
  11. Wishful thinking I was there full time, still got interior walls in the wrong place; doorways put where it would be impossible to open them; a pir night light in the bathroom that goes off if I take longer than 2 minutes because the sensor isn't in a sight line to the loo; a heating control stuck like a work of art right in the middle of the only plain wall in the lounge etc etc etc. Some of the things I was asked didn't need to be because it really didn't matter BUt things that made a difference were just done to their own convenience without any consideration what I wanted or for other trades.
  12. Hecateh

    Discount Offers of the Week

    Thanks @Ferdinand there are a few bits I could use but nothing I really need I could have saved about £500 if it had been on at the right time though. They have quite a few things that I paid a fair bit more for
  13. Hecateh

    Critique my plan!

    I've put my washing machine upstairs and it is not that noisy. It's one of the best things I have done. Washing machine and tumble dryer in my ensuite/dressing room. Clothes off and into washer, straight into dryer (heat pump condenser) next to it and straight back in the wardrobe, revolutionised my laundry - and much quieter than having in my open plan lounge/kitchen.
  14. Hecateh

    neighbour self notification, should I?

    I told my neighbours first, all except one who I rarely saw and his wife more or less ignored me in the street. Mumbling a reply to my hello without looking at me. They all objected to the planning but none of their objections was valid because they were basically about their issues with the building process causing problems as I am on quite a narrow cul de sac. The new build is in my garden and I have lived here longer than any of them (I know that is not relevant ) They caused problems all the way through the build wanting to come in and out whenever I had a delivery. We had half a dozen council visits due to complaint, each time the officer was fine and accepted that some disruption. It didn't stop them phoning again. They would shout and swear at any trades and were a total pain. I asked them at the beginning if I could have a mobile number of email so I could let them know when there was likely to be an issue - during concrete pours for example. They wouldn't give me any details. To start with I would take a letter to each of the 3 houses whenever there was something major planned but then when the concrete pour was 4 hours late they were still complaining so I just gave up and let them get on with it. More or less done now so things have calmed down. I don't really see any of them now unless we happen to cross in the street. Despite them being absolute 8^*&^s I say 'hi' if our paths cross and I have taken in a parcel for the loudest of them. In the long run, we have to share a street and though I don't want to be 'friends' with any of them neither do I want to be enemies. I live alone and am in my 60's - I need to feel that in an emergency (and it would have to be an emergency) I could call on them for help and I can't do that if I keep ignoring them. They are not important enough for me to waste time having bad feelings about them.
  15. Hecateh

    Moving boundaries

    All sorted, no solicitor or conveyancer needed. I had all the deeds dating back to the 1800's and for my specific piece of land dating back to 1950, with every transfer of rights detailed. Somehow it had been wrongly registered when the deeds went digital. I sent in the evidence. They have corrected it. ALL DONE