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    Building a split level bungalow in the garden of my bigger one. Reason 1) fund retirement 2) benefit from modern technology in building and insulation 3) future proof - although on this I am taking a step back also as my current bungalow has no stairs
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  1. Hecateh

    Shower screen needed.

    I got mine from Amazon, free delivery https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01CC6UNZG/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Around £125 so not as cheap as @Ferdinand but a big improvement on £350
  2. Hecateh

    Disabled access

    My door and window supplier was a small local company. I made the common mistake of thinking they knew their job and complying with building regs and didn't discuss the fact the main entry door should have a level access and they installed one with the standard access. My BI said it was fine. That, as I was building the property for myself, it wasn't important. He is a very experienced guy. He used to work for a local authority but has done private work for years.
  3. Hecateh

    BT Monopoly

    I've been with Plusnet for years in my old house with zero problems. I contacted them first about getting a line to my new house and the person I was speaking to had no idea band wasn't prepared to put me through to someone who did - so I contacted BT. Connection charge fixed at £50 despite needing a new pole. £20 connection charge and £10 delivery charge. £70 gift voucher on completion, so effectively £10 all in. Then 18 months at £25 for landline and broadband. £10 per month cheaper than my Plus Net deal. Can't lose. ????????? Completion was due to happen on Dec 28th. I knew this wouldn't happen as I knew a new pole was needed. Not too concerned to start with as my new house is in the garden of the old one; I could use my old cordless phones and internet connection until the sale went through on the old house. I was also told that, should further work be needed, (as I knew it was, which is why I asked the question) it would still all be completed well before the end of January. So why am I still waiting???? Around the middle of January a team arrived to install the pole, they knocked on the door, explained what they were going to do and confirmed the placing for the pole. After an hour or so I looked out, there was a deep hole and the pole was on the drive. An hour or so later, it had all gone quiet so I went have a look. Hole filled in, pole disappeared, no one there. And there began the saga. It was about 2 weeks before an engineer came back out. He told me the contractors reported back that when they dug the hole there were services there so they could not continue. They sent him a photo of a black hole where nothing could be seen. I explained that there were no services. I know the history going back to 1950 as the original house was built for my grandparents. I was able to say exactly where all services were routed, and being fair he remembered me telling him this on his first visit. 'It will be prioritised' he said and someone will be back within the week. This was the middle of February. I still have no pole or line installed. I am currently phoning BT every couple of days. They are all, bar one, very polite, very sympathetic and full of reassurances. But nothing happens. I can't speak directly to OpenReach. I was told on Wednesday that the pole was going up that day and the work would be finished by the 21st. I phoned on Thursday when I got the guy saying - 'no you weren't told the pole was going up on Wednesday, you were told the work would start Wednesday'. Err no! the work started in December. I hung up on him. I spoke to the case manager today. He is as helpful as he can be but still nothing is happening. The contractors (apparently) have said they will contact me direct but I have had no contact - so now we are into yet another week. The only saving grace is that the completion of the sale of the old house also keeps getting delayed so I can still us the phone and internet from up there. Contracts should be exchanged next week though and completion very soon after so then I am snookered
  4. Hecateh

    Indemnity on track to the land

    Definitely get the seller to sort it. I have an indemnity policy - can't go into details as it is specified in the policy that the information cannot be divulged. My buyers solicitors have asked for this policy and wouldn't proceed without it. In this case 1 I have been told the codicil is unenforceable because of the way that it is worded 2 The people who could potentially benefit are known but they do not know they have this. If I had spoken to them about this then I would not have been able to get the policy. The fact that it is unenforceable is irrelevant because that wouldn't necessarily stop them trying to enforce it which would mean high legal fees.
  5. Hecateh

    600mm units are all I need....?

    @Dreadnaught post the dimensions of your kitchen and I will do a design for you. I suspect others will too. A few questions to help with making sure that it meets your needs. How many people will be using the kitchen? cooking? preparing food - even if just making tea/coffee or toast. Will you eat in the kitchen regularly - just breakfast or casual dining too Do you have/use a lot of appliances - large mixer; dry fryer; halogen hob; coffee maker; bread maker; soup maker etc etc How often is food prepared from scratch? What sort of fridge/freezer do you want. How much fridge freezer space do you need. More fridge (if you cook mostly from scratch) bigger freezer if you either buy ready meals or batch cook and store your own 'ready' meals/soup/ice cream? I or 2 or more ovens - built in at accessible level or floor level. separate grill or built in to over Microwave? Washing machine/Dryer in the kitchen or elsewhere? Dishwasher? built in or free standing? Refuse Do you want built in? For recycling? How many discrete recycling? Hot water tap? Would you like a walk in pantry Lots of tins? Lots of spices used regularly? These are all questions that I can think of off the top of my head. It's a good idea to have the answers even if you go to a designer A bit of 'office' space - for bill paying, list making etc etc. A 'charging' area? There is also the type of kitchen you want (modern; traditional; shaker; solid wood; handles or handleless'; colour or finish; matte or gloss? I'm sure others will know of other things to consider as well.
  6. Thanks I'll do that. It's a few months since I asked since I got caught up in other things (as yu know). But that invoice is worth a lot to me
  7. I got the Hudson Reid diverter and it's great( - shame the plumbers weren't) it went up £50 between deciding on it and buying it but 'shrugs' The rest isn't Hudson Reid. Used British Bathrooms for most stuff but not the greatest experience. Delivery took 2 weeks longer than promised and whenever I phoned I got stock answers without anyone looking up the specific order AND I have asked for an invoice 5 times and still haven't received one. If they don't send it I will end up without my 20% Vat reclaim
  8. Hecateh

    Discount Offers of the Week

    There is also a 20v at the same price. Would this be better? I think I need to buy a new drill. My corded one works fine, I have had it for about 30 years and it doesn't really get a lot of use so I am reluctant but I think it is necessary for safety's sake. I am sure my current one in no way meets current health and safety requirements. It has a button on the side that locks the drill on. I discovered the other day when I was holding the drill and plugged in and switched on that the button can be accidently pressed whilst the tool is in storage. Luckily I was holding it safely and despite my surprise managed to quickly switch it off again at the switch. I then found the button. I dread to think what could have happened if the drill bit had been touching me.
  9. Hecateh

    Tiling...many questions

    Brill (there are some good un's out there) and I bet he didn't charge you - much less charge you £80
  10. Hecateh

    600mm units are all I need....?

    I think in the days before online design, someone with experience could knock up a design more accurately and much more quickly than a layman. They also knew what was available in a way that we didn't before easy access to online stores. You could walk round a showroom all day without being confident that you could remember everything you had seen. Or visit 3 showrooms and have very little idea what you had seen where. (Or I could anyway lol) Now, visit a website, do your own plan, sit on it for a day or 2, week or 2 or even a month or 2, tweaking it as often as you want. I had 3 designs done, (Wickes, Ikea and Sheffield Kitchens) all of them just asked what I wanted and put it in. I got no suggestions of how to make better use of the space - or even the things that I was already considering - mainly around future proofing IE drawers and pull out units instead of cupboards so nothing is left at the back and high cupboards having bifold doors because I'm fed up of banging my head. Wren's was the first place I visited. I had looked round one in Bristol when I was at my sister's and thought they looked great. His attitude meant I left there knowing that it was the last place I would buy a kitchen.
  11. Hecateh

    600mm units are all I need....?

    And Wren refused to do me a plan without visiting to measure up for themselves. Salesman was very pushy too so that might just be him rather than standard practice
  12. Hecateh

    600mm units are all I need....?

    Diy kitchens have a great online design tool. Not easy to find though - no direct link from their website. They do standard units at 300, 400,500, ... right up to 1200. with lots of solutions for different drawer types and pullouts as well as standard cupboards. They also have cupboards only (I think) at 150, 350 and 450mm. The also have fitting for tray storage, bottles, towels etc at 100 and 150mm, so there is really no need to stick to 600mm. They also have loads of ideas of things you may not have thought of (corner solutions, bins, pull out ironing board, quadrants etc.) Although they are not made to measure they make all the cabinets to order at the site in Pontefract and their showroom is well worth a visit (Free tea, coffee and cakes) and it's close to M1, M62 and A1. Their customer service is great and everything comes very well packed. Here is the link https://planner.diy-kitchens.com/
  13. The lads that built mine all had posh cars - lived at home with Mum and Dad (or just mum) so have proportionately large disposable income.
  14. Plus one to that. I've used gas all my life and would never consider electric - until induction. It's quicker than gas It's more controllable than gas - I have never been able to get a proper simmer on gas without moving the pan half off It's much much much much easier to clean It looks so much neater than a gas hob It's safer - it only heats the pan so the surface only gets hot where the pan is and even then it's nowhere near hot enough to burn if just touched. You have time to remove your hand before you are burned It's safer - when you remove the pan it automatically switches off it's safer - handles don't get hot, even metal ones. When I used the same pans I am using now on my gas hob I couldn't pick the pans up with a holder, now there is no problem.