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  1. Hecateh

    Gas boiler servicing cost?

    I've been told that some building societies/banks ask for it.
  2. Hecateh

    Gas boiler servicing cost?

    I pay about £75 for mine and the engineer admitted it's easy money
  3. Hecateh

    Leaking Aquarium!

    I suspect you don't give them very often either
  4. Hecateh

    Leaking Aquarium!

    Invisible???? Visions of Harry Potter's cloak until I realised it was autocorrect at work again ... invincible, maybe 🤣
  5. Hecateh


    I think the ones that survived are out for revenge. I have shooed 3 out of my current kitchen this afternoon and 4 from my lounge. I suspect it's because they can no longer get into the new house but it feels deliberate 😟
  6. Hecateh

    Extortionate price

    https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/ofgem-publications/87259/guideelectricitydistributionconnectionspolicy.pdf So you should get some money back when they connect
  7. Hecateh

    A rising problem

    Finally getting the connection made next week. Got permission 3 weeks ago but the guy that's doing it has been tied up with contract work. Got a date for next Thursday and have just spent 25 minutes on hold to the Yorkshire Water to arrange the inspection. Finally get through to be told someone from the connection team will ring me back. If they've got to ring me back anyway why the *&*&*& couldn't I just email them in the first place.
  8. Hecateh

    Foaming at the mouth about foam

    and good for sniffing when it all gets too much for you
  9. Not quite mastered the art of being in two places at one time yet. ... and when I do I guess at least one of me will have something better to do 😁
  10. At least I know mine is going to be designed properly and optimised for my specific usage
  11. Hecateh


    That's a point - I may pop to the offy for a bottle of fizz to celebrate 🤪
  12. Hecateh


    Stairs are the next big thing for me. Currently I can only get downstairs by going outside and round. Unlike my fit joiners who easily jump up and down (although I most admit they are not so quick by the end of the day lol)