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Finally got started on the extension!

So after 2 years since the planning permission was granted, and a 2month delay from the builders I'm finally underway on what will be the last major building work on this bungalow.                   Having real trouble finding a joiner who's available to do the roof, so I may end up having to do that myself. The one bit i'm unsure on having never done a lean-to roof before, the wood plate which goes


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June 2022: Patio & Finding an Engineer

While I was uncertain about ever getting to build my new house I decided to hire some plant and build a patio out in the back garden of my existing house. It will allow me to sit out in the morning, absorb the sunshine and ponder things! I found some nice 40x40 concrete flagstones and edged them in and finally grouted them yesterday. They need a cleanup and a wash and I've to fix the drainage in one spot but otherwise it's done! The experience will also come in handy as I'll explain shortly. 


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30th May 2022

Well 6 months on and once again the only progress is paid work. After all the disappointment over the issues we have been pretending that it's not happening.   We came up with a list of options.   Give up totally and clear the site  Return the barn to stables Sell as it is Sell barn and our house so we don't have to watch someone else do what we wanted to do. Hand over to a building company even though we can't really afford to. Try and progress


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The road to a static caravan and services.

The next stage of the setup of the site took place over the last 3 weeks. with some good progress. The trip up North, 433mile from our current rental in the NW of England. I set off on Wednesday morning in the 7.5T truck, and the 2 dogs for company.  I took some materials with me, and had a gut feeling I was overloaded. I had worked out the approx. weight of what  I was taking, but was unsure of the TARE weight of the truck. so I didn't take all I was planning.  Luckily the nice guys from V

MDi Airwall

Having had no response about the Ridgeblade product, I am now looking towards the MDi Airwall as a form of power storage.   This uses excess energy to compress air and use the compressed air to produce electricity.   The basic unit indicates a 7kwh storage capacity.         

Basement UFH and Screed

I had a few spare minutes on this lovely sunny Sunday evening and decided to spend it writing up a blog post for our basement UFH install and screed.   We have a 250mm reinforced concrete slab sitting on top of 200mm EPS300 in the basement. The slab wasn’t very flat and so we decided to use a cement based liquid screed to give us a nice level base for our finished flooring. So we put down 25mm of PIR to level things out and also to allow the UFH pipes to be stapled to. I did some quick

Finally - Planning Condition Submission Accepted!!

There were two obstacles blocking me from proceeding with my build. After finding a professional who could sign off the compliance paperwork (I couldn't afford the Architect) I had a boundary issue which I agreed with a neighbour to resolve and then I had to add a window to the plans and submit them for approval before I could lodge a commencement notice and get going.    Issue 1: When the house was built years ago a hedge was planted at 90 degrees to the house fronts but the land

Working on reducing mains power by best use of PV (without batteries).

Having now had a 5.12kW system running for about 6 months, usage seems to be forming a pattern. It appears we are buying an average of about 11kW a day so 28p times 11 times 365 days means a bill of about £1,200 including vat and daily charge etc (This includes charging the EV but see below). We are trying to improve this without becoming anal about it.   When you consider that our PV system realistically reaches, about 5kW max (due to orientation and roof angle) and about 1kW on a goo

Oak, oak, oak , it robs me blind but i like my oak

Ordered some Window cills and door linings. Had a quick discussion with the carpenters "What do you want to use for door linings and window Cills" "what are the options" "well , you could use anything- plastic , painted or stained Pine , Cills from stone - but if it was me,m i probably would put oak - you spent a lot of time and effort on the bl%$&y thing so would be a shame to now start penny pinching on the parts that you really can see" "well , i guess oak it is t

After the dust has settled

Well there has been a lot of comments and generally it seems that I am wasting my time. Thank you posters.😒    However I am struggling to obtain any information on which ways, and what designs, would produce what power. Can anyone point me to technical data that I can hopefully understand so I can see that the idea is dead in the water (so to speak)?   Otherwise, its controlled experiments, which have to be done big scale to try and reduce the errors.(I can see sheets of OSB


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Another type of wind use.

Yes we all agree the challenges regard domestic wind turbines: too small to produce the power or too big to get permission and so on, so let move on...   My wife often comments that it's very windy here and we have been thinking of how to utilise the wind to produce electricity when we came across these ideas:       The first thing to be done is to work out the direction and wind speed on top of our roof to see if this is at all practical. 


Marvin in Theory

Battery Storage - Nearly 2 months in

As promised a little update on the Battery Storage. Firstly i'm very glad I bought when I did, as everything battery storage wise has skyrocketed in price since, even the prospect of adding a US2000C seems unlikely for now, though to be honest, going on my usage I don't think it would add a great deal of benefit.   So I'm running the Solis 5th Generation AC Coupled Inverter, which does have a couple of niggles, which at present are reducing its savings potential. Those issues are:

Breaking Ground

Wow, we have finally started, and what a journey.  The goal of the last 8 days was to try to make the the stars align. We had planned several meetings / connections deliveries all to happen the 1st week in April, and this was it, lets see what unfolds. Firstly, the plot, being located high up on the East coast in the highlands, which is basically a large un-serviced field has a few logistical issues, the main one being storage, the second distance. We had quotes for containers to

Finishing up

As predicted, progress has been a bit slow. We've been working away on internal joinery/finishing and a bit of outdoor landscaping when the weather allows (in-between baby-management and working). We got our building warrant completion cert. and VAT reclaim back about a month ago which has also helped.   Costs For reference, our finalised costs were just shy of £1300/sqm including all professional fees/admin, site setup, construction and fitting out costs. I think this is a fair r


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The roofs, the windows and the solar PV array

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last blog post but we’ve not been idle but I do admit to having been slack in updating the blog.   At the end of the last blog we had a superstructure and the roofer was about to begin his journey up the scaffolding. This is where that tale begins…..   ’Twas a sunny November morning when all was quiet that a white van man arrived at our site to felt, batten and slate our sloping roofs. And he wasted no time at all in cracking on with it


Rainfuel is a concept that has recently come to my attention. Like all inventor types into not wanting to buy power, the mind jumps to having the whole of the north facing roof covered and obtaining power when wet, day or night!   The principle seems to be (I am now opening myself to being corrected) that each rain drop falling form the sky has a small charge and collecting all those small charges could produce sensible power.     The first things I want to know is will this


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