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  1. Tree/shrub removal

    As a quick sort of reply, @Russdl you are not allowed to disturb a nesting bird or a bird building a nest, you should not cut back any hedges using mechanical means after March the 1st however like everything in life you can get around things if you put things in place, if you carry out a survey to prove nothing is nesting it can be removed, however you will probably need some college plonker with a degree to carry out the survey. The simplest thing to do is get it all cut down before they start nesting.
  2. Tree/shrub removal

    Just a heads up to anybody planning on doing some site clearance, or tree/shrub removal make sure you have put the wheels in motion to get it done before bird nesting starts, usually March the 1st if you are going to be using any mechanical means of removal. Ive just had the lads in with a big flail to smash all the hedges back, even though we are still in discussions with the planners, the last thing you want is to get consent and not be able to proceed because of a bit of hedge in your way.
  3. As far as other finishes are concerned you can have any finish you want ,the icf is just the structure just like timber frame you can fix plasterboard on battens, tile, timber boards,timber sheets, have a look at a website called Houzz thousands of ideas.
  4. A friend of mine is building a very modern build with board finish concrete on the inside, he is basically making the shell a concrete box with insulation stuck on the outside, it’s all been designed and looks cracking. The only problem is he can’t find anybody to build it, the general builders just haven’t got a clue unless it’s traditional brick cavity, so he’s having to look at civil Engineering companies. I would look on YouTube at the builds in the states as they are far more up on these methods. Also look at an icf product that only has insulation on one side and plywood on the other, you could substitute the ply for boards to give you what you want, however you would need to increase the insulation on the outside to make up for the lack of it on the inside.
  5. So thinking out loud here, if you swap the timber floor for concrete have you thought where your new electric wires will go and your central heating pipes. In an old house like that it is going to be hard to find places to conceal it all, unless you like surface run pipes. Also you need to consider the final floor finish, getting your average builder to concrete that floor will leave a finish not that flash, so unless he is told it must be to a certain standard I think you will be disappointed with what you get, and having to do extra work to make it good enough for carpet, laminate or tile will be extra expense. On another topic topic you say the upstairs wall bows out by a couple of inches. Lenthening the joists to meet the wall again does not really seem like the correct thing to do. Maybe you should get a builder in with a good rep and local knowledge of these houses. Just my thoughts.
  6. Oak protection

    Hi I’ve just made a name sign for outside our site out of oak and would like to protect it, it’s going to hang on a post like an old pub sign so will be swinging in the wind and rain for a good few years (I hope ) any veiws on a good sealer protector I want it to stay oak coloured and not grey off. Cheers.
  7. Everedge

    We have used all manner of these pre made edgings over the years, and found them to all be a bit flimsy and over priced. We now recommend standard mild steel in 100 x 4mm or 150 x 5mm both come in 6m lengths we secure these in place with 16mm re bar tack welded to the back with a bit of care you can create some nice sweeping curves and some very sharp looking corners. If fitted down the side of a driveway any dodgy driving where a tyre rides over it will result in no damage to the edging, unlike the garden centre stuff that won’t like it one bit. The steel will rust to a nice brown colour and looks quite arty. I will try to find some pics.
  8. Impey shower trap does not seal

    I seem to find this with almost everything I purchase, it doesn’t seem that until the mk3 version comes out that they get it right. Kind of puts you off buying a new product until you have heard that they have fixed all the issues.
  9. Impey shower trap does not seal

    Just a guess as I haven’t got one, but just fitted a mcalpine one that looks similar, does it not compress when you put the Crome top on and screw that down. Or twist it on however it fits.
  10. Down the big long lane...

    Our planning officer told us his case load is supposed to be 25 planning applications at once including any enforcement notices he is working on. But due to 2 staff members both handing their notice in at the same time he has 85 cases to deal with. It beggers belief how this system of ours is holding together.
  11. Retaining wall options

    Sitting here bored. I found these for you.
  12. Retaining wall options

    On a previous house we needed a retaining wall aprox 3m high and found out that any structure used for retaining would require engineering drawings if over 1m high, so we built 3 terraces all aprox 900mm high with a very light slope aprox 3m wide and built timber planters on the relatively flat bits and turned it into a veggie garden, it worked very well as each flat area was sheltered by the one above. Just bear in mind a group of terraces will take up more land than a vertical method.
  13. Self-Build induced Insomnia

    Turn off all electronic devices at 9pm good glass of this, and snoring by 10.30.
  14. By George, I think she's got it!

    Well done, 👍👍 I wish these planners new how traumatic and stressful the can make people’s lives
  15. Building an Electric Kiosk

    We have this in our garden, it would be more costly to build than the pre formed version but has loads of space in it for future equipment. Just an idea if you have the space.