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  1. Shouldn’t you finish the bathroom Er I mean gate pillars Er nope I meant ford Capri first.
  2. I thought a brick brace was for new openings where you have brick work on both sides of the new opening, so in effect the brick brace is creating an arch effect. If you remove the corner you have nothing for the brick brace to work with, I would put steel needles through on that corner. I will try and find a pic.
  3. Have building control passed this ? i am very surprised you are having a padstone and not a steel post.
  4. Our price from norrsken was cheaper than rationel, for a product 10 times better IMHO, give them a call talk to Marju tell her I sent you, That window in your pic doesn’t look far from the sizes we have, off the top of my head there about £1700-2000 each plus fitting.
  5. Not really, imagine a 200 year old farm with 20 sheds all with rainwater pipes all just disappearing into the concrete, no idea where any of them go apart from the fact that when it rains the outlet pipe discharges like a fireman’s hose, so we know that’s his rainwater also coming into this old system there isn’t actually a tank of any description, just a series of pits all linked with pipes taking the water off the top and allowing the sludge to sink.
  6. System works well, my mate is concerned about getting a visit and him not complying with new regs coming into force.
  7. Asking for a friend of mine who has a bit of a problem to start looking into he has a property with 3 houses on it and all toilets exit the property’s and join 1 pipe, this pipe travels down his yard and into his septic system, he would like to change his septic system for a more modern system to come up to current standards. Now the problem, as this pipe travels down his yard it picks up the surface water and roof water of all his yard and buildings, literally hundreds of square m of rain runoff joining this pipe. Trying to separate out the rain water would involve running 3-400m of new pipe and digging up thousands of pounds worth of concrete drive way to install it, is there a system that will cope with a large influx of rainwater into the treatment plant. Cheers russ.
  8. Show us your plan, so we can talk you through it.
  9. Exactly i had an extension sitting on 2.3m deep foundations on London clay, in periods of very dry weather I would often fun the hose pipe at the side of the house for a few hours to keep that clay moist.
  10. How about scaffolding, terraced house? How do you get around the back. Scaffolding alone could be a grand.