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  1. Ok cool will bite the bullet and see what they come up with.
  2. This is a list of stuff in the quote, shall I pop into the plumbers merchants to see if it looks reasonable.
  3. Evening peeps. So I sent my plans into wunda to get a design done, knowing full well there is a £50 charge for the drawings, ok cool bananas. So I received an invoice and it turns out the cost has gone up to £100 refunded from your purchase. So am I being bent over ? do I just pay it as their stuff is good and it’s not worth the agro running around looking for other quotes, there quote has come in £1000 cheaper than continental underfloor. What ya reckon @Nickfromwales @PeterW And any other knowledgeable people out there.
  4. The more insulation the better, but obviously every job is different you probably need a chat with your builder, or do a test hole and see what you have there now.
  5. So looking at that pic with the dog is that not what you are trying to achieve? little soffit, remove gutter and fit a facia. Or am I barking up the wrong tree, boom boom.
  6. In that case you could do with digging down further and getting more insulation in the floor, the extra insulation is relatively cheap, it’s the digging down that’s a pain, whats the headroom like ? Can you go up instead of dig down.
  7. Not meaning to be a killjoy here is this already a habitable room i really don’t like the idea of a kids playroom in a cellar, is there another means of escape in a fire ? i may be barking up the wrong tree but would hate for anybody on here to advise that this is a good idea without knowing more facts.
  8. If you trim the rafters back will you not have to redo the whole roof? does your roof not extend down to the end of the rafters and run into the gutter? need a pic of the roof slates really i believe you used those funny slates that fit to an aluminium rail am I correct? If so can you remove the first row without compromising the rest fit you tilting fillet and dress your membrane down as it should, or fit a nice facia board and mini soffit that abuts your cladding. All a bit of a guess without seeing it clearly.
  9. Morning mr @zoothorn now how about this, every time you ask a question and I reply we can have a little bet that can be judged by the forum, so if you ask a question and I answer incorrectly I will lose, if I answer correctly then you lose. Why don’t we say £100 a question just to make it interesting for sombody who cannot look up the price of a sheet of insulation you seem very confident that I’m wrong, so should be an easy £100 for you. What ya reckon,
  10. Metal roofing sheets. 6 inch feather edge boards, lots of creosote.
  11. You will find that a concrete lintel is far cheaper than a steel one so it wasn’t put in for cheapness steel lintels are supposed to be propped in the centre as you build the brickwork above, when the brickwork above goes off this when full strength is achieved.
  12. Tighten the joints up, looks a bit heavy on the mortar.
  13. Double boarding will cost you double in labour.
  14. TBH looking at the pics you have some ceiling fixing to do where you have removed that wall, you may as well cut a 600mm square hole so you can reach in and do it properly, then board the hole and repair where that wall was. It may be easier to overboard the whole ceiling and reskim it.