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  1. Cubic metres or square metres. Would all depend on access. If it’s within grabbing distance of the truck or if it’s in a back garden and the only access is a 1m wide gate. Too many variables.
  2. Your icf house should be airtight without any internal finish. I tested mine before plasterboard and got a good score, big mirrors, cupboards, flatscreen telly, fix a chunk of 5/8 ply behind the plasterboard, then just board over. Externally, mine sat outside with no external protection for 3 years, you can stand there with a hose on it if you want, you won’t get any water penetration if you pick a good icf and if you detail the window and floor junction correctly. The only thing that hurts it is UV.
  3. That concrete is probably what is known as ( oversite) just a thin layer to stop weeds and stuff, they used to build the dwarf walls on top of it that carries the floor joists. Its normally very rough and can differ in thickness massively. Depends how wild you want to go, I would probably take it all up. What do you want to achieve and how long are you going to live there.
  4. I would turn the ceiling joists the other way, I would then build in as much strength as possible on that front edge, back to back joists with a steel flitch beam sandwiched in between. When you size doors you need to allow a 20mm gap at the top that is filled with a compressible insulation with a trim covering this gap, if you don’t any deflection will press on the top of the door and stop it working correctly.
  5. It does exist because I did just the same job. black 3/4 to a brass tap to 25mm mdpe we have a very good agricultural hose supply near me, I went in and got it all off the shelf. the brass stop tap will hurt your wallet.
  6. I know what product it is I used it myself. What are you looking for ? You do realise it’s Canadian so not much English info.
  7. Jesus Christ man, pull your finger out.
  8. I think you are looking at something poorly done and think it’s all like that. why can you see through the wooden cladding ? Obviously it must be an open joint system, in which case they have obviously used an incorrectly specified membrane. do you want open joint cladding? Icf can be covered in what ever you want, you then just use the correct mounting system. there should be no reason you can see a reflective membrane under it and I hope for their sake it was all taped up or they will have all manor of creatures living in it. pic is timber on Icf.
  9. What I would ask yourself is why have you chosen velox. what does it bring to the party that other Icf products don’t. if you cannot think of one then why did you choose it. Do the same with all the other blocks. price is not a consideration. I was offered a substantial amount of blocks free, all I had to do was transport them, I declined and left them on the pallets.
  10. Put it in as late as poss, two days before the last sheet of plasterboard goes up.
  11. I’m looking at porcelain floor tiles 1200x600, but 600x600 would be ok as well. Got prices around £32 a metre am I being unreasonable to think I can get this cheaper. What I don’t want is curved rubbish. Can you get quality at better prices or not anymore.
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