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  1. Russell griffiths

    What a difference a nail makes.....

    What a ridiculous way to handle things. I might start doing my own MOT just tell the old bil I signed it off my self.
  2. Russell griffiths

    What a difference a nail makes.....

    Do building control not do a frame inspection before first fix.
  3. Russell griffiths

    My self-builder's zimmer has arrived!

    Have you applied for your blue badge, so you can park it at the builders merchants
  4. Russell griffiths

    Different sheet roofing

    Oh how I wish I had the budget for that.
  5. Russell griffiths

    Sealing ducts

    In the grand scheme of things £13.00 for a tube won’t kill the house budget
  6. Russell griffiths

    Different sheet roofing

    Hadn’t considered stainless, any reason you didn’t choose zinc @Alexphd1
  7. Russell griffiths

    Different sheet roofing

    So I thought I would be using tata raised seam roofing but have started to look at other products, all raised seam but based on different base materials, has anybody got an opinion on the good and bad bits about the base material tata is a steel based product rein zinc is obviously zinc comax roofing is aluminium as i I see it steel can rust, zinc can corrode I have been told, aluminium won’t rust, but I’ve always had problems with aluminium when trying to paint it, special primer needed, would this be a problem with the coating system they use? the aluminium one actually comes with the longest guarantee out of all of them. Anybody have any thoughts.
  8. Russell griffiths

    Ventilated plastic battens

    Stuck in the bloody dark ages this country.
  9. Russell griffiths

    Tata Steel v Marley Eternity Profile 6

    I don’t think you can compare the two really one is a metal standing seam, the other a corrugated fibre cement both made from a different raw material and both giving a different profile as for roof windows, when I went on the tata course a lot of time was spent talking about flashing kits for roof windows, so the metal system certainly lends itself very well to having windows installed in it with some carefull planning. If look at @JamesP roof he has done a stunning job of installing his roof windows, as for life span I think these products have moved on a lot in twenty years.
  10. Russell griffiths

    What a difference a nail makes.....

    Ironmongery direct. £10.50 for 2.5kg.
  11. Russell griffiths

    What a difference a nail makes.....

    40mmx3.75 available on e bay. Timco, a good make.
  12. Russell griffiths

    OS Map Requirement For Work on TPO'd Tree

    It is probably just one of those old fashioned things if I remember correctly, you needed 3 things to make an application valid site map reason for work paperwork signed
  13. Russell griffiths

    Achieving a clean square cut with plastic 110mm pipe, how.

    Here you go, forget the hand saw unless you just like hard work, or your like Fred dibnah and like doing stuff like in the olden days cordless grinder and buy a pipe chamfering tool. Get a can of silicon spray for the rubber seals, and a clean towel for your hands or you will be slipping around like a greasy pig.
  14. Russell griffiths

    Flexible pipe for awkward temporary foul drain connection.

    why not do the sewer connection correctly, then come back at the correct fall in the correct direction for a meter or two, then build temporary inspection chamber and drop your caravan pipe in the top of this.
  15. Russell griffiths

    Temporary toilet plumbing.

    Why not whack a T junction on the back of the shed and have the poopy outlet going in one end and have the other going up the back of the shed to provide a vent at roof height of the shed.