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  1. Russell griffiths

    Spatial planning of renewables system

    Just as a side thought that may not be relevant at all is this a property that is already there, or are you trying to get planning the reason I ask is that track seems a bit narrow for a fire engine so may effect planning.
  2. Russell griffiths

    Scaffold towers and lean-tos

    Take a couple of tiles out, build up a tower to same height of missing tiles, span from tower to missing tiles with a couple of scaffolding boards, span over these two boards with other boards to make a platform.
  3. Russell griffiths

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    Do you know if there are any joins in it. Tree roots ??
  4. Russell griffiths

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    Your an electrician, can you lay your hands on one of those fibreglass cable pulling things on a roll like the telecommunications guys use. Poke it in have a hunt.
  5. Russell griffiths

    Swellable water bar

    No idea it poked out of the slab a good 75-80 mm
  6. Russell griffiths

    Quiet strike impact drivers.

    And end up deaf when they are 60 WHAT DID YOU SAY,
  7. Russell griffiths

    Swellable water bar

    Hi will have you checked your preferred water bar against logic blocks i went to see two icf houses both with basements, the water bar poked up out of the slab to high and interfered with the lowest plastic web in the block. Have a check.
  8. Russell griffiths

    Quiet strike impact drivers.

    Anybody know if dewalt make a quite one. Couldnt stand the racket of the other one.
  9. Russell griffiths

    Swellable water bar

    Hi will if it is only one section at 0.7 m high that is retaining, why not build that bit up and pour it straight away extending slightly into the non retaining part, add starter bars and continue with the rest at a later date work out concrete amount and try to stick to say 5m so just a small truck load get a line pump in stead of a boom as you won’t need it to just go up a metre.
  10. Russell griffiths

    Quiet strike impact drivers.

    Just sold mine as I couldn’t stand the noise, I cannot see the point in them to be honest, I’m just about to put in 2100 100mm screws into laminated timber and I know I won’t have any problems with my standard drill/driver.
  11. Russell griffiths

    Scaffold towers and lean-tos

    Can you reach it SAFELY from on th roof if so build the tower up and bridge across to the roof with scaffold boards, or a youngman you will need to protect the roof with something soft and then put a board parallel with the roof and then boards on top of these to form a bridge. How wide are the lean to,s Can you put a tower both sides and span across with a youngman board. IF IN ANY DOUBT DONT DO IT.
  12. It genius for this country but years behind the rest of the world you can buy them in oz pre made to set sizes and custom you fit them first and then board down over it you can also screed in it to create falls. They make them in fibreglass in oz to in oz when you build a new house there are a couple of things you are not allowed to diy, one of them is bathroom waterproofing has to be done by a licensed installation team. It’s normally a fibre reinforced liquid applied to the whole room perimeter.
  13. Russell griffiths

    Quick bit of help please: which way round?

    @recoveringacademicJust a thought, if you run out of those dreadful plastic things buy some of these instead loads better, sit flatter, don’t damage face of insulation so much.
  14. Russell griffiths

    Small ICF House

    IMHO silly idea how will you install cavity closers ? you will end up with lots of 400-500mm long bits, what you going to do with these. A lad near near me has just done a nudura house with literally no wastage ( I have tons of it ) his answer was to adjust all sizing to block sizes so in effect a window must be either 1-2-3-4-5-6 courses high so a lintel sits on a course, as well as the window cill height 1-2-3 blocks from the footing, doors set 1block up from the footing, its very doable, it just didn’t fit my design i should have laid another block all around my footing to save 2 days of cutting the icf to get the correct ffh but you could procrastinate about this for months. 1 course of extra blocks for me would have been about 160 blocks, so buy them and lay them would be £500 or you chop up some polystyrene for a couple of days unless you have costed this to the nearest grand I think it would be hard to pick between the two. Now my angry bit. How many icf houses have you been and viewed whilst being built ? how many pours have you been to and watched. I think the best way to get a grip of this is to get hands on and touch some blocks. I viewed 4 houses mid construction, and went to two pours. I then chose the product I liked it happened to be the dearest of all 3 quotes I got.