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  1. Russell griffiths

    Rafter to ridge detail

    if You do my version, you use a specific hanger that is multi angle adjustable, it does not have a birds mouth, it fits plumb to a timber you have fitted into the web of the steel, you then plumb cut your timber and offer it up fixing it with the appropriate nails. Loads less cutting, but I think the hangers where £3 each.
  2. Russell griffiths

    Permitted Development Trade - how it works

    @Brickie as we are detached and a long way from the road we could put a rear extension, a side extension and a front extension. Not many people can do that as there are rules regarding setback distances from the road i suppose it would look like one big one if it wrapped all around the building.
  3. Russell griffiths

    Rafter to ridge detail

    Can you not raise the steel up so the timbers are plumb cut to the face of the steel, so hiding the steel in the roof.
  4. Russell griffiths

    Self build - foul waste connections advice please

    It will need to be inspected before you back fill it. Bc will soon tell you if he doesn’t like it. Take a couple of good pics and what you are thinking we will soon tell you if it’s no good.
  5. Russell griffiths

    Permitted Development Trade - how it works

    We sort of did this. We wanted to go from 60m to 260m planning was not happy and said they are likely to refuse it, we asked for a site meeting where we showed them the extent that we could go to under permitted development. We explained that we could put on 3 extensions and a loft conversion over the course of a couple of years and there is nothing to stop us. Or knock it down and build a far better constructed new house. What did help was a scale model of the existing house, with permitted development extensions stuck on, then make a model of new proposed. After presenting the planner with these models he started to look a bit beaten, so told us to put it all in writing showing the exact dimensions that we could achieve under pd, it passed a few weeks later. We did use a planning consultant to do a to do a lot of leg work and it did cost a small fortune but it achieved what we wanted.
  6. Russell griffiths

    Dumper and a slope

    What ever you do, do not buy a 1 tonne high tip, they are inherently dangerous and tip over at the slightest bit of poor positioning. For £1000 it will be a pile of crap, you will need to spend £3-4000 to get anything decent a 3 tonne dumper is only £150 for a week to hire. I have been thinking about a tractor and trailer, tractor minimum £2500 trailer £1000 again you get what you pay for.
  7. Russell griffiths

    32mm Water connection

    I have a 50mm main that goes into the metre box, it then has about 100mm of 25mm before the metre. Makes no sense at all, but it seems that’s how it’s done.
  8. Russell griffiths

    Painting A Panelled Door

    That will do move on, next job. 👍👍
  9. Russell griffiths


    You have obviously got a Goodun mate. Treat her well. Mine is a cracker as well, I remember being ill in bed and hearing a bang out side I jumped up to the window and she was on the back of my truck unloading concrete blocks. it does amaze me some of the crap wives my mates have. Well done to you and the misses mate. 👍👍
  10. Russell griffiths

    What could possibly go wrong

    Ok looks like I’m going to put it in then. Nice beech hedge I think.
  11. Russell griffiths

    What could possibly go wrong

    Ok bit more input, the neighbours drive in question is the one with the red car on it. Our front wall was actually built 3-4 feet in from the road edge regarding noise, that was badly worded, I’m more interested in cutting out the view of the passing cars. Regarding anything on our deeds, there is a covenant saying I cannot impede any visibility to the driveway of the property to the left of the White House, that’s ok as that’s our other place we are building now. There is a map in the deeds detailing an area that must have no structure over 2 feet high, this is on the exact opposite side to the corner I would like to plant in. Regarding having to disclose any past disputes to future buyers. 🤣🤣🤣 oh god it would be like a 50 page novel. Regarding selling, we believe (unless it all go pear shaped) that we won’t be selling.
  12. Russell griffiths

    What could possibly go wrong

    Evening all. The house we live in at the moment whilst we build the new one, has a front garden with a fairly fast country road running past it. Now two years ago the view across the road was pleasant so we put up with a bit of traffic noise because of the nice view, however the view has changed as the landowner across the road planted a new hedge which is now 1.5m high so our view has gone, so we might as well try and cut down the road noise. What I would like to do is plant my own hedge on the inside of the low wall you can see in the pics. However this will really impede my neighbour getting out of her drive. Is there anything legally I need to look out for ?? am I allowed to plant what I want ?? FYI I hate her and couldn’t give a Monkey’s if she can see or not. As far as I’m concerned when her house was built they should have built in an adequate vision splay. ( this is something I used to do a lot of at work). FYI. Her house was built in my side garden by a previous owner who was a builder, so my front wall and her house where built at the same time, so he could have designed it any way he wanted. Are there any rules about planting a set distance from your boundaries she likes to go around bullying my other neighbour with verses from the high hedge act ( which I also know a lot about) i have looked through my house deeds and there are no restrictive covenants on anything I can see. Anybody have a view.
  13. Russell griffiths

    Reluctant new build

    Think of all the vat you can claim back.
  14. Russell griffiths

    Accessible Ablutions - Three

    Why not get a nice piece of wood to match the door and glue it on, I have been using that D4 flooring glue and I bet you would need a hammer and chisel to get it off.
  15. Russell griffiths

    It starts!

    Cracking job, I like people who use the right kit for the job. 👍👍