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  1. Russell griffiths

    What is the function of a cavity tray at ground DPC?

    Why does the tray promote mortar damp bridges? my feelings are it’s there to stop them, the inner leaf is normally higher than the outer, so any moisture build up in the cavity is directed to the outer leaf and towards any weep holes
  2. Russell griffiths

    Soil contamination survey.

    I think they know we are on fill as it’s an old quarry site i have stripped a good metre off it and I’m not dead yet if a radon barrier will keep them quiet I would rather do that as it will only be a couple of hundred quid.
  3. Russell griffiths

    Soil contamination survey.

    So bco have sent through their thoughts on our building regs submission one item they picked up on was (Provide suitable gas protection measures due to landfill ) so my thoughts would be to replace the standard damp proof membrane with a radon type barrier, would this satisfy them or can they insist we have a survey carried out to determine if there is any gas in the soil. What is the likelihood of any nasty gasses being present in soil that had been put in place in 1947. Cheers russ.
  4. Russell griffiths

    I need to order some footing blocks, what types?

    Not in my book it’s not whats the £1.10 labour is that per block, if that’s the case I’m going to dust of my trowel ive got 660 blocks in my footings and will be expecting it to take under a day with 2 of us.
  5. Russell griffiths

    I need to order some footing blocks, what types?

    I used to pay 40p in 1995. 87p plus vat now
  6. Russell griffiths

    Do I need to plaster my new build

    Im afraid I disagree, I think it depends on the quality of your tapers and their finish you can get a level 3 finish which is fairly standard or a level five finish that will make your skimmed wall look positively rough i have had perfect skimmed walls that still require lots of fine surface filler and sanding.
  7. Russell griffiths

    I need to order some footing blocks, what types?

    Have you priced them up 🤪🤪🤪 i can get 7 kn concretes for 85p plus vat those trench blocks are eye wateringly expensive.
  8. Russell griffiths

    Embedding threaded bar in concrete.....

    Nooooo you haven’t have you my godly image of you being ultra accurate have all been wiped away in an instant gutted.
  9. Russell griffiths

    I need to order some footing blocks, what types?

    I did a lot of brickwork in the early 90s aerated blocks were the big thing I have seen whole houses built with them, but 20 years later we noticed lots of failures hairline cracking everywhere, i just don’t like them, go and buy one and take it home chuck it about for a bit, then decide if you want your house sitting on it for 100 years. I think the thing with beam and block is a higher loading on the footing wall as opposed to a slab on ground type floor. The blocks i have brought are the ones @Declan52 pointed out from Stowell Concrete. They are on site and I like what I see, but the price was a bit sharp.
  10. Russell griffiths

    Embedding threaded bar in concrete.....

    What are you fixing down that you want this amount of accuracy as an example if it’s a wall plate put them in with a fair degree of accuracy but not to @Onoff standards, if some are a little on the skew slide a piece of pipe over them and give them a gentle tweek, after tweeking if the thread is say 12mm drill a 16mm hole in your top plate and fix down with a 50 mm square washer. Bada bing. Beer time.
  11. Russell griffiths

    I need to order some footing blocks, what types?

    My personal opinion of course. I wouldn’t use a thermalite trench block if you gave them to me for free!! i have just had my trench blocks delivered standard weight concrete 7kn i personally have brought a special block designed for footings that is 300mm wide so you don’t have a 440 block wasted by being laid on the flat, dearer than a standard block, but I think they make a nicer job. Can you not lay one flat and one stood upright to make up your width.
  12. Russell griffiths

    Like buses

    Tell us more about this ordering from Italy @nod
  13. Russell griffiths

    Rendering top of wall

    Eps insulation cut to look like a continuation of the wall, mesh it up with the fibreglass reinforcement, render whole wall as one.
  14. Russell griffiths

    Old school tricks? Worth it?

    We went from 60m to 206m so I wouldn’t worry about size, there are far more parameters at play. I wouldnt worry about interviewing surveyors, pick the most local company as you will be able to call them out at short notice and they can pop in for a quick hour. This is what ours does, had them out three times now to plot various points on site that would be very hard to do with a tape. Full topo survey of a 1 acre site, 1100 points logged £800. Each site visit £70 an hour roughly
  15. Russell griffiths

    Rainwater drainage runs

    Yep I have one on the far end of all runs my system was designed by a hydrological company because of all the water by me not had any comments from bco, so hope it’s all good.