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  2. Do you mean the circulation pump for the UFH\radiators or the one that pumps fluid within the actual ASHP (depends on design). While not desirable to have the circulation pump on all the time, it does even out the room temperatures.
  3. That is always the case. The RHI was really set up so people that were using oil or non-mains gas had a viable alternative. it was never meant for low energy new builds or renovations. The idea was that it should be cost neutral, not to make a 'profit', but in doing so it should reduces the overall CO2 emissions. That final point is often overlooked.
  4. Did you call them felch by mistake.
  5. On the admin side of the MCS. It is not cheap to be part of the scheme. It is a bit like having your new car serviced at the main dealer or Honest John under the arches.
  6. It is supposedly the same down here. The answer is to get people that want to buy houses onto the local council and change the interpretation of the planning laws. They may build more houses then. As it is at the moment, a couple of towns have effectively stopped all development because they do not allow building of holiday homes.
  7. Not many. But it is a good way to keep the public swimming pool clear of people.
  8. The use of chlorine in food processing is common practice. The EUs 'problem' with American chlorinated chicken is to do with animal welfare standards, not the post production after slaughter.
  9. I think you need to exclude results from Urban Dictionary
  10. I was thinking of buildings. So about 1.6% (400k / 25,000k *100 = 1.6)
  11. Hope not as you are in a different country.
  12. I think the guy at this house must have been upset when an arrogant architect moved in next door and put the roof extension on. It is a 'look at me' house.
  13. Just hope it works. Have you thought about adding some solar thermal for the pool? Quite simple to DIY it. Did it for my parents pool back in 1984. Worked well.
  14. £2bn at 5k a house is 400,000. So just over 10% of the stock. And most of it will be substandard. If the use the existing MCS scheme to fit heat pumps, at best it will probably only cover half the cost. I personally think that just fitting PV to suitable houses would be the most cost effective method as it displaces fossil fuel use. But that is not what the scheme is set up to do, seems it is to reduce individuals energy bills. Realistically it is just the Green Deal repackaged.
  15. 12% smaller, so assuming that all things are equal (they are not as the centre of the fan will be a similar diameter), you have lost an 1/8th of the airflow, just when you need it most.