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  1. I Give In

    Then it s facing the right way, happens a lot down here during Emmet time
  2. I Give In

    I have trouble too. Road signs are my pet hate. Do you include the post, or a tiny bit in one square? (we are just helping the autonomous vehicle industry here)
  3. I Give In

    And there was me thinking it was some magical banking term
  4. Heating Control Systems

    This is really down to the price of energy in my opinion. The easy thing to work out is the capital cost of different systems, and the relative complexity of them. If you want the whole house heated, then yes, a 'single' system is probably the best. But, if you live a 'disjointed' life, i.e. different people living to different timetables, then a more controllable zoned system may be better. Also, as you have probably found out, there is a big difference when the sun comes out, if only briefly. That happens a lot where you are (usually, this last summer was very odd).
  5. Heating Control Systems

    Yes, it will, as it is a small problem. But take another scenario, say a refurbishment to a lower standard, and with the original boiler, then it is a totally different kettle of fish. Or using E7 and regular storage heaters, which are still one of the cheapest overall methods of installing and running a heating system. Variable time of day (TOD) energy pricing may make this a more important issue in the future.
  6. I Give In

    What is this one, the below I know (now). CC CNP PIN CCV
  7. Heating Control Systems

    Starting to seem to me that heating control is more about prediction that the actual switching on and off. There are two statistical methods used to predict weather, both based on observation. Frequentist: This relies purely on the distribution of past events. The output is a probability rather than binary. Baysian: This is still based of past events, but allows a known event to be discarded. The output eventually becomes binary, which is useful. I am not sure how reliable getting a local weather feed from the WWW will be. It is rather at the whim of the weather station owner and the feed could be pulled at any time.
  8. I Give In

    We take cash up front, or reluctantly a card. My sister, who has now started working in hospitality, takes payment at the end of the trip, she gets bigger tips.
  9. I Give In

    Is it really 18 months since you got screwed
  10. Help me identify this, please

    Ever industry has its own 'language'. There is a theory that it is to keep people out and promotes protectionism. Having just been away for a month, I noticed that 'the locals' spoke in statements, one sentence, one meaning, only. This stifled debate and was quite tiring to listen to. And they had no idea about irony and general humour.
  11. Crypto currencies

    So if each person in the chain keeps a copy of their picture, and the hash number, it is possible to work your way back up the chain to the original image, and therefore who first sent the tool out.
  12. Crypto currencies

    Yes, I knew that
  13. Heating Control Systems

    The problem with solar gain is that it is very location dependant. On my cheap 'weather station', basically a clock, a thermometer and a pressure gauge, it is amazingly accurate in predicting sunny days. The only outside measurement it can make is air pressure. I wish I know how it worked as these things are sold world wide. It may be possible to point one of those IR thermometers up into the sky. The colder it is, the clearer it is. The most reliable indicator that I know of is wind direction. Not 100%, but pretty good in the UK.
  14. No, but nice to see the current owners are a little eccentric. I noticed that the blinds are the same ones I put up in 1999. An old mate of mine has a farm in a village just North of the town.
  15. Crypto currencies

    Would it need huge amounts of power. I can't see a company trading in PV wanting to do that. If you took a picture of your 'tool', then hashed it, that could be used as proof of ownership. If you then send it to someone, you can take a picture of the letter/courier bill/whatever, hash that and attach it to the orginial. The receiver does the same but also with the delivery note as well. Then the clever bit of making those hashes work together is done, the bit I understand in principle, but not in practice. The currency in this instance is the tools, and the transaction are put into the ledger.