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  1. And almost certainly got his fees.
  2. Yes, just a standard GRP system. Nothing new about a powdered hardener, been around for decades.
  3. Heat does not 'rise' in a solid, so I am not sure how much difference where the elements are located actually makes in practice. But I still think that fitting wet UFH pipes us the way to go, then from an educational viewpoint, you can play about with different heat sources later.
  4. That may be an issue with one particular company, but the same is true of a few mass building companies too.
  5. That is probably a good thing, they have more knowledge. Got to be better than many local builders that have limited knowledge.
  6. Funny how people have different favourite equations, mine is Newton's Law if Cooking. I would type it properly if I switched auto correct off on my phone.
  7. When I did my surveyors course I seem to remember that you had to get online quite quick after gathering the data to get accurate readings, that was in 2006. Did manage to map the halls of residence at Exeter university to within 100mm. Not bad for a first go. Got over 90% in that assignment.
  8. Ah, that makes sense, my least favourite of the equations.
  9. Where does that come from as it is pretty useful for estimating.
  10. If you watched 4 GD's back to back, I would say that is a sign of stress. Get some help.
  11. I liked living down that way, though my house was in what, was 30 years ago, scummy Weymouth. Interesting that the nexgen website is not active. Maybe we have had some real influence on a company.
  12. Not sure how things have developed in 35 years, but we used to incorporate this sort of heating element into moulds for insitu post curing. They were very 'patchy ' to say the least. Some areas got very hot, other areas had no heating at all. Also I don't think you can reliably run directly from PV. You will need some voltage regulation. A normal domestic solar module runs at about 72V. So outside the scope of ELF I think. And that is before power point tracking is considered. If you can fit normal wet UFH, the water can be heated with just about any energy source i.e. Heat pump, wood burner, bottled gas, oil fired, electricity, small boy scouts rubbing their knees together etc.
  13. I used to manufacture both log and panel saunas. These are basically small houses. Panel saunas, when outside had worse thermal performance i.e. they cost more to run. Log saunas had, as @JSHarrissaid, large coach bolts though the timber that had be periodically tightened. I preferred making and installing log saunas as they were more profitable and the finished product was, in my opinion, much better.
  14. Welcome Don't confuse low voltage with low energy. Voltage is only part of Ohms Law. There are, and I am sure an electrical person will come along and say more about it, different rules for High and Low voltage. Low voltage is anything under 1000V, but then there is Extra Low Voltage. If you have not read this, may be worth it NextGen. Sounds like an interesting project you are involved in, where about on South Coast are you?
  15. Have you updated and upgrades recently? sudo apt-get update && upgrade