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  1. SteamyTea

    The eyes have it, the eyes have it!

    Scuba divers spit into their masks, finger it around, then rinse off. It works but I have no idea why. Do my shiny acrylic replacement lenses that were put in as replacements for my old cataracted ones count as safety lenses. Driving is safer now.
  2. SteamyTea

    Surfeit of Squirrels

    Is it covered in this: Personally I would just make them all legal. If you want to catch squirrels, a trap is probably better.
  3. The radiator manufacture should have a data sheet on what the power output is for different temperatures. Good place to start.
  4. SteamyTea

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    Not unusual for a development company to rapidly increases sales just before a sell off. It is how venture capitalists make money.
  5. There is a reason that shipping containers are not used to make many houses. Foundations is not one of them.
  6. Not as simple as that. Generally a heat pump works at a lower temperature than an ordinary boiler. That is why the radiators have a larger surface area. If the installation was gas or oil and the radiators were sized correctly, then new ones, with a larger area, would still be needed.
  7. SteamyTea

    Strengthening undersized joists

    Doubling the breadth does not make much difference. But probably be enough for your needs. Calculate it if in doubt.
  8. SteamyTea

    Is this legal?

    My local library used to get in any of the standards I wanted when I was researching. Not sure if they still do. May be worth asking there. They used to charge for photocopying, but at a reduced rate as I was a student. They never checked I was a student. I was in my 40s at the time.
  9. SteamyTea

    New type of Shower Panels?

    Plastics have been recycled for decades. We used to have large containers outside the factory for the vac formed off cuts and scrap. Prices varied by the type and colour, but it was always worth doing, and that was nearly 40 years ago. Really need a bit more information.
  10. SteamyTea

    Working out a scheme for DHW

    Judging by your picture, it looked like you bathed in it. Are you auditioning for a part in Chernobyl.
  11. SteamyTea

    Working out a scheme for DHW

    Quite the opposite, I did my BSc final year project in solar thermal. Since then, the world has moved on and in my opinion, PV is the way forward for domestic use.
  12. SteamyTea

    Is this legal?

    Post them up for us, just like the EDXCEL exams.
  13. SteamyTea

    Working out a scheme for DHW

    followed by 10 lines of text about how complicated it is. It is not just control systems, there are accumulators, pressure valves, safety cutouts, replacing fluids. When a car boils over, you can just fill it with some water, but you really need to fill it with anti-freeze as well, and find out why it has overheated, which could be, in no particular order: broken hose faulty waterpump faulty thermostat internally blocked radiator externally blocked radiator failed head gasket broken fan broken fan motor broken fan belt and a few more things. The above are some of the reasons I think PV is a lot simpler and reliable.
  14. SteamyTea

    Firefox versus Brave Browser

    @Ed Davies using FF 67.0.2 the lastest update as of this afternoon. Brave is based on Chromium and has an opt-in for their advertising system. I have not opted in. The main problem with Brave is that it is not a true portable app. Passwords are stored on PC. One thing I like about it is that it has TOR built in (just click on the user icon and pick from list).
  15. SteamyTea

    Firefox versus Brave Browser

    This is just a quick, one sample, snapshot of a problem with Firefox Browser. This has come about from a conversation with @Ed Davies on Zoots topic about a slow computer. I have the latest version of FF and it is still memory hungry. The screenshot is of Task Manger showing memory usage. Brave has been open for an hour or so and has the forum loaded. FF is just opened up with nothing loaded.