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  1. Important updates to BuildHub

    I had a quick look at the font size, seems it it set on 14 point, which is pretty good. Shame the background is not a bit darker though I really find that a poor answer. Reminds me of 'Does he take sugar'.
  2. Important updates to BuildHub

    Some browsers allow you to set default front and size. Usually screws up the look of a page though. On a Mac, don't yo just use your fingers to zoom in and out. Or try this:
  3. Pop some doors on it and it would make a lovely bathroom cabinet.
  4. Important updates to BuildHub

    Or I could click on it for every post I read just to be annoying.
  5. Important updates to BuildHub

    So how do I turn this annoying feature off then?
  6. Important updates to BuildHub

    It seems to be when someone replies in a post that you have contributed to. But not had any reaction to this one yet.
  7. Important updates to BuildHub

    A feature I may try and turn off
  8. It may be hidden in here:
  9. Self building stress

    I feel a case of Boolean is called for. "Doctor, Doctor, we have a case of dysentery on the ward" "Make a change for Chablis"
  10. Self building stress

    That is a different conversation I think, as in my experience of builders, is that everything comes as a surprise to them.
  11. Self building stress

    You can start a conversational or statement sentence with 'Or'. Or maybe not. I am an observer that that will dish out advice, without taking any personal risk at all.
  12. Self building stress

    I find the trouble with most workplace psychology, and sociology in general, is that people expect a binary result. I think a lot of this is down to our 'Hollywood' culture in the arts. We see films and TV shows that create a very complex situation and the hero, against all odds, solves it. Life is just not like that. Knowing when to walk away is possibly a more important lesson to learn. The other things that struck me, apart from you self builders are all bonkers, is why we get hung up on small detail. Small things don't have to be right first time. I painted my bathroom green, was so vile, I repainted it the next week. So maybe get a cheap kitchen worktop first, then, if the kitchen layout is not to your liking, shuffle the base units about. I saw a very interesting documentary about the first moon landings. The main thing that I remember was the design/thought process of the Saturn 5. They made the big decision first i.e. how to get into earth orbit. They the rest tended to fall into place. Not perfect, but did the job several times.
  13. Dry Rot and Rising Damp

    Seems a good thing to try out first. Someone, and I think it may have been @joe90, fitted some pipes with a venturi on the top of them to draw out damp. That seemed to be a good idea.
  14. Self building stress

    Some of you may remember Ben, over at the other place. His project went totally pear shaped and he was looking to pull out. In hindsight, there was probably a lot that 'the community' could have done to help, even if just meeting him for a cuppa. He did have the balls to put up his problems, which was a good thing I think. I still wonder what happened to him.
  15. Induction hob review

    Basic economics. It is the manufacturers job to maximise profit, the consumers job to minimise it. These are really basic bits of kit, a food blender is more complicated. It is easy to get sucked in to a few 'special' features. Mine has a power setting (hardly ever use it), a temperature setting (use it all the time) and a timer (very useful).