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  1. SteamyTea

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    You could go to Athens, lots of bubbles there.
  2. SteamyTea

    Not good

  3. SteamyTea

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    Only if it is a Crapple one.
  4. SteamyTea

    My 'what is this' thread

    You will need one of these to fix them, Jodie Whittaker has one.
  5. SteamyTea


    You don't have car insurance or a bank account then. Quite simply, regardless of house size, the price is what the market will stand. “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self-interest. We address ourselves not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities, but of their advantages” ― Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature & Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Vol 1
  6. I am seeing that dodgy investment arithmetic again. If you went out on Monday and invested £4000 in United Bank's fixed rate NISA/ISA, after 5 years you would have £4350 tax free. If you went out and bought a battery storage system, after 5 years you would have £0 plus any savings. Worth bearing in mind that the last 3 weeks I have used less than 100 kWh. As most of that is during the night, so the cost is about a 3 quid a week.
  7. SteamyTea

    No Nonsense? Pha! Suck on this......

    Never heard of that problem, it has never happened on an PU moulding machines I have ever used. If only the industry knew of a cheap, non flammable, low environmental damaging liquid that could sort it our if it ever happened.
  8. There are other schemes for second hand houses I think. Really odd the way people see house prices. They often see it as defered income, like a pension, except it is no direct cost. Keep someones mortgage repayments the same, but tell them their house has dropped in value, and the feel cheated. Up the mortgage repayments but keep the house prices rising and they feel winners. Tossers.
  9. Doesn't that just push the asking price up. So really like a false discount.
  10. SteamyTea

    Aluminium windows

    You lot don't know what South is.
  11. The woman that did mine claimed to be a chartered surveyor. Probably why she was reduced to doing EPCs
  12. SteamyTea

    One day...

    Or completely ignore it and get the hump when it is pointed out that they have not done as instructed. When I used to fit health clubs out and had to get builders in to do work, I often got the impression as they were looking at the job to prepare a quote, they were already looking at ways they could cut corners.
  13. Stop complaining, you pay £1.192/m3 for foul water, I pay £3.4150/m3.
  14. Just pulled up the EPC for my house, I had forgotten that they had doubled the floor area. If I correct that, but use their figure of 289kWh/m2 I still get a nonsense figure of nearly £2500 a year. Cost me about a fifth of that.
  15. SteamyTea

    CRL underwriter declared bankrupt

    Are these people the brokers?