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  1. Me to, the threat of an injunction stopped her.
  2. Must have got a bit muddles, it is 300W for whole house. My current usage is 750W, this is for everything. That drops to 200W in the summer.
  3. when you say off-grid, do you mean sewage or power. If power, then you need to reliably supply ~300W (I think @Jeremy Harris monitors his power requirements). Supplying that sort of power constantly is not easy, probably need a combination of solar or wind with batteries, plus a good generator.
  4. Only got one left, so looking under the kitchen sink for mind bleach.
  5. With someone I love the most. Reminds me of this:
  6. Tea is compulsory in my house, even when I am on my own. "So on that note, I am going to make myself a cup of tea".
  7. Turds are tapered to stop your arsehole closing with a bang.
  8. £246.07 incl. VAT, plus Shipping But if it cost 20 quid you probably would wear one.
  9. It may seem odd that you only have custody of the water as it passes though your property. But if you go back a few decades, our rivers and canals were highly polluted. This is why we have such strict rules.
  10. It still amazes me that down here, with most of the population close to the warm Atlantic, water source heat pumps are not used. At Penzance the open air swimming pool, which is actually built out into the sea, has raised £1.3m to have a borehole drilled and a WSHP filled (yes a water one, not a ground one). Why they did not just use the ocean, it is huge and no need to drill.
  11. Hope they treat you better than customers, it is the 'sliminess' that gets me. A good SE needed then.
  12. As much as I like the look of them (glass canopies), I would not trust one in the winds I get. There is also keeping it clean. And not making it look like a BMW showroom.
  13. Just finished my meeting with the clever chemist. All about dipoles and negativity. Seems that when a molecule absorb energy, at the right levels, it changes shape. This makes it vibrate and rotate differently. After a short time, it slows and spits out a photon at different (lower) energy level. So CO2 (shall make the 2 subscript later) starts off as a non polar molecule until some energy heats it up, then it bends, this upsets the electrical balance. It is now a polar molecule. After a short time, it straightens, losing the energy it has gained. So I am thinking it is a bit like a bi-metalic strip. Starts straight, heat if and it bends, as it coils it straightens again. That is as far as I have got.