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  1. Would platinum be the best, can get that from underneath cars.
  2. Shoe = 5 Boy = 5 Icecream = 2 Shoe + (Boy x Icecream) = ? 5 + (5 x 2) = ? 5 + 10 = 15 I always feel assaulted, after a bit of battery, with these things.
  3. Right. Shall relook at my area and see how they line up with the roads.
  4. @Jeremy Harris Is the high number of shallow wells/boreholes (0 - 10m) what farmers use for irrigation, rather than for filling toughs?
  5. As an accountant, how many other cracks are there? Have heard that if a company that is paying their staff 80% of wage and they do any trading, they loose it all. Have also heard that it is only available to full time employees. Could be back to 1970's crazy paving and income tax levels.
  6. Condensation maybe. Nights have been cold. Wind direction maybe. Been Easterlies, a relatively rare direction. Get it GRP'd properly. Problem solved for ever.
  7. Cheaper to use regular modules and a cheap inverter. Less Volts, More Amps, Bigger Switches.
  8. PV is the easier and probably cheaper option. Could even charge a battery and run your lights off it.
  9. I can think up some thing that are so bad I can only say them in BSL.
  10. Had a girlfriend that was a nurse, she did it the other way around. Not long after I had retiled her bathroom. Dirty girl.
  11. Some do, some don't
  12. Was it Sheffield University Gridwatch has some PV data, not sure if it is live or calculated though demand drop.
  13. Sub metallic lustre. Or Marketing bullshit bluster.
  14. Going to be an interesting experiment as both @Jeremy Harris's and @DavidHughes' houses are similar. Kind of thing that is needed.