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  1. Here is a chart covering the last hour of having the window open.
  2. If your DNO is National Grid (used to be Western Power) then I think they are installing 3 Phase by default now. Real shit that mortgage lenders do not allow you to borrow without a mains connection. Just goes to show how little the finance industry thinks of reducing domestic energy usage.
  3. Very true. My thermometer is on the wall next to my window. It is now 10:25 AM and the display is showing 22°C I shall open the window and come back in a while and see how much the temperature has dropped. 15 minutes have passed, the thermometer is showing 21°C. This is a small room as well. 3.5m by 2.5m. Thought I better look at the OAT as well, 10:25 7.2°C, 10:40 7.8°C (the sun has come out and it has stopped raining)
  4. Without do a detailed thermal model it is very easy to attribute the wrong things to the outcomes. The things that will make the biggest differences are the ventilation rates, the solar gain though windows and the insulation levels, not the difference in the thermal inertia of the walls. There is generally a very large difference between the mass of air in a building (even allowing for air changes), and the mass of the construction. No one goes looking for heavyweight insulation. To get the equivalent insulation value from a brick wall, compared to 0.25m of mineral wool would mean that the brick would need to be 3.5m thick.
  5. No it does not, just shows that there is a huge variation in farming practices, just as there is in shopping practices. (I think people forget that I did a ResM in Agriculture, predominately dairy farms)
  6. Well it is to me, but not to everyone. Does need a bit more clarification as obviously, directly heating interior air will raise the temperature very rapidly.
  7. Only with you because I am a There is no need for you to reply. For everyone else, just highlighting that sustainability is it is not as simple as it first seems. Be great if it was, would have sorted out the nonsense several millenniums ago.
  8. Add in a couple of sin waves for good measure, if only for moon phases.
  9. Food is getting like religion, based on nothing but believes. But then the food industry is good at corrupting evidence. People got poisoned at the Fad Duck after all.
  10. Here is a picture of a beef farm near to me. All outdoor reared. Like this all year round. Cornish beef anyone?
  11. Not necessarily. If you think about animal welfare too long, you end up a vegan. So, as an example, how much energy is used to bring in food for a few bullocks, compared to feeding thousands of them. I was at university with a couple of guys from Uganda, their farming model is very different from ours, as is the Argentinian, Australian, Kenyan, Spanish, French etc. Some are better, some are worse.
  12. Sure you have mentioned it but what sort of boat is it. @saveasteading has a thread about what is needed to build in a bit of resilience for when things go wrong in the world. I suggested a boat.
  13. Victron always were the off grid choice.
  14. What make is that? Would do most of my daytime loads.
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