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  1. Don't they swap the power between 'rings' when more than two are on. And isn't it 10A for a continuous load on a socket?
  2. When people talk about me, do they say 'SteamyTea the boat builder', no. Do they say 'SteamyTea the chef', no. But one sheep.
  3. Sounds like you are cooking a parrot, a live parrot.
  4. That why it sounded like another 4 letter word beginning in C. You need a proper West Country accent, just like they have in Scunthorpe.
  5. Welcome. I ache all over and not building. So probably nothing to do with it. I have 5 pairs of glasses, it is annoying when I sit down to read and then realise my nose is holding up my driving glasses.
  6. Seems it may be work thinking about the EV wiring if getting a new CU. @ProDave is it possible to double up in bus bar on all CUs, or only on some. If latter, which ones, and should it be done at the begining, rather than a retro fit?
  7. Can all these CUs take a breaker that is large enough for an EV charging point, or will that still require a separate unit.
  8. How about if you do most of the work yourself, like @Ed Daviesis doing.
  9. Just had a thought. Have you considered cellulose insulation (Warmcell). When I went to see @Jeremy Harris's build before he moved in, I was surprised that it did not have that 'empty building' sound. I think there is also a sound deadening product that is similar.
  10. They can always fit radiators, hard to fit UFH after the build.
  11. There may be a issue with the different temperatures used between radiators and UFH, though I think this can be over come with 'mystical' plumbing devices. I think @ProDave have the right answer.
  12. Would it not take several coats as OSB is not exactly flat and easy to paint.