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  1. SteamyTea

    Iresa have ceased trading

    I got a letter today from EDF about a price rice, the second in a few weeks. Generally they were good on price, but not now (though still in business). Hard knowing what to do as I agree with @Triassic, many of these smaller 'piggybacking' companies are going to go to the wall.
  2. SteamyTea

    The taste of my sand.

    Or webbed toes and fingers, like the inbreds from Helston
  3. Just avoid Nalders as a solicitors, they are the most ineffective and useless ones I have ever had to deal with. They added an extra 3 months to my house purchase. Just dreadful.
  4. Wish my girlfriend was an ankle biting mite
  5. I use a Raspberry Pi Zero W with some DS18B20 1-wire sensors and some DHT22 sensors. Also stuck on a real time clock. Very cheap kit, around 20 quid. The chart is just knocked up in Excel, though there is software for the RPi that can do charts on the fly and publish them. The advantage of the 1-Wire stuff is that you can daisy chain many sensors to 1 input pin on the RPI. The DHT22 needs 1 pin per sensors, but there are about 20 spare pins, so that is not really a problem. The software is easy to write, or copy, just depends how sophisticated you want it really. Also pretty easy to get it to turn things on and off i.e. a fan, airco unit, heater.
  6. My house was shut up most of the day, but you can see when the wind picked up in the afternoon and when I got home.
  7. If I had read this earlier, I would have said join me for a coffee down Tehidy.
  8. SteamyTea

    Not good

    I think you don't get it. You can dress methods up with meaningless words and acronyms, but, as usual, it comes down to communication between the person who wants the work done and the person doing it.
  9. SteamyTea

    Not good

    Seems to me, and taking @Ferdinand's approach to it, that all it is really doing is getting rid of unnecessary layers of management. This allows mistakes to be made, and quickly rectified, without reprimand. Suits some people, not others. As for IT people and self build correlation, there is also a high number of engineers that are terrorists/suicide bombers. I try and keep well clear of software engineers because of that, and the flying spittal when they get excited over finding they have a semi colon rather than a colon, which, mathematically cancels out to leave them with a semi. Which is very worrying.
  10. Quia illa schola cotidie
  11. SteamyTea

    Fixing our broken housing market

    Oh, good spot, never checked the date. There was an announcement on the news this morning about it. Maybe there is a newer one. This is the new National Planning Policy Framework, maybe it was that the were on about.
  12. SteamyTea

    Fixing our broken housing market

    It is a White Paper, so has nothing to do with reality. Saw my old Mathematics lecturer last night, think I got his change right.
  13. Isn't that dependant on property size. Have a hunt around on as they have all the details.
  14. Or how they are going to make it harder to build house, probably. Only 109 pages long
  15. Yes, basically true that a heat pump just cools one side and heats another. If the temperature differences, within the working range of the refrigerant gas, is equal, then there should be no difference. In practice there may well be a difference, but that could be caused by the plumbing side i.e. not capable of pumping enough because of UFH pipe restrictions, surface areas not large enough for the temperature differences, the fact that cool air falls to the floor, warm air rises which will effect efficiency. That sort of thing.