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  1. How you actually 'feel' is related to temperature and humidity. Where in the country are you?
  2. That is basically what they did with the MCS. It could be argued about the level of training to bring a pipe fitter up to the standard of a real engineer. That usually takes 3 years at university.
  3. One way of not getting them installed I guess.
  4. That is because, like Cornwall, it was never invaded by the Romans.
  5. I would like a system like that, but I can't see an easy way to administer it i.e. if the installer goes bankrupt, who then pays. What is, generally a known known, is the energy usage of a house. It is in the gas bill. There may be slight differences due to occupancy and internal temperature, but generally not huge. So half the verification of a heat loss survey is already done. Few current heating companies will bother to double check their numbers against known data. I also think that we need to loose the term 'Heating Engineer'. That is a description anyone can use, it means nothing now.
  6. Yes, and that is what science is based on. The way he stubbornly refused to concede, in the face of overwhelming evidence, and then have a Damascian conversion is what irks me. Whether I like it or not, he had a huge influence before 2006 and would have been better of saying nothing, but he carried in saying he was not convinced it was happening. If anyone is interested, here is the IPCC's Physical Science Summary for Policy Makers.
  7. Yes, there are going to be disappointed people. Why we need a decent program to educate. I frequently hear the Betamax vs VHS argument put forward. Not a good argument, they both worked, the problem was, in part, that Betamax was a closed format, VHS an open format. Was more to do with marketing than technology.
  8. BREXIT language is kicking in already. I think I am going to invest in a company that makes metric to imperial adapters.
  9. Was this the same David Attenborough that was not convinced that anthropogenic climate change was real until about 15 years ago? Now he is making a living from emotionally blackmailing the general population.
  10. Sturdy girl that Karen who was driving the Rangerover. She could have just picked up the protestors, one under each arm, and carried them away.
  11. Is there anything, from an energy transfer point of view, to not have larger pipework?
  12. Would hate to think i mine was made by Cornishmen.
  13. You can use an IR thermometer if your aim is good.
  14. My house is a similar size to the OPs flat (48m2). I do my laundry at night, and I sleep though it. How much do you think you use during the day? I work evenings, only use a couple of kWh during the day, and often less. 80% of my energy is at the night rate.