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  1. 11 panels per string ( 22 in total ). So around 500V then.
  2. What is taking that much? How old are these free batteries, or in other words, why are they free? Some SunnyBoys had a settable relay in them that could be used to divert load. Could you charge them with 4 or 8 half decent car battery chargers? (I don't know enough about the chemistry of lead acid batteries to really comment). Can you run some of a dedicated load of a cheap inverter, or even DC (with appropriate switching)?
  3. What is the difference between Light and Hard? You can sleep with a light on.
  4. I know quite a fee, and the last 2 years has been very quiet for them. Write up a blog on here about it. I had noisy neighbours, but after threatening the absentee landlord about it, they seem to have got better tenants. Trouble is the last bad tenant in that house only moved a door away. And now has a small, noisy car, as do his friends.
  5. Why, can't she cook. There is a reason that modern commercial kitchens mostly use induction hobs now.
  6. Only if it is sized I correctly. Put a gas boiler in that is too small and you would have the same problems. It really is time we stopped thinking that say an 8 kW HP is a direct replacement for a 24 kW gas boiler. Are you having PV fitted. That would change the economics of running a heat pump.
  7. And copper oxide, hydride, nitrate and sulphate are just pretty colours in a crystal garden. Good job they still use lead piping to get to the property.
  8. Actually, that is more clever than I initially thought. Turn the pump on and you can store more (OK, you loose a little more though parasitic losses). May be useful if you have extra guests staying.
  9. Hotter water just needs to be mixed with extra colder water. Really makes no difference at all. No. My system is as simple as it gets. A cylinder with an immersion heater at bottom, cold water from a tank in loft, and s pipe out the top to the taps. Works well. Cylinder lasted for about 31 years.
  10. Milliwatthour I was under 4 MWh last year (again). When I moved here, 17 years ago, and even have a keen interest in energy usage, I was using 11 MWh.year-1. I still use resistance heating (no gas), have original timber windows and back door, though re-glazed to a 16mm gap, rather than a 4mm gap. Added some insulation to the loft, fixed easy to find leaks (got one I just cannot seem to cure), the rest of the savings have been better management of my usage.
  11. Why should that matter. You can store more energy if the temperature is homogeneous i.e. mechanically stirred. Here is a picture of what happens in my tank as it is heated, and then settles once the heating is off (settles is a better term than stratifies, stratification implies discrete layers that move up and down).
  12. Yes. Seems to me, from what I have observed on here, that most of the expense is inside i.e. electrical, plumbing, woodwork. And people spend really stupid money in kitchens and bathrooms. Regarding the 6m wide sliding windows with thin frames to get a better view. Put the chair a foot closer to them. (Was watching a TV show, 'retire to the sun with other arseholes, just like yourselves' or something. People where looking at views from the balconies. Spectacular they were. Except the wall was 4 foot high and you would see nothing when sat down.
  13. Get the correct screws for doing floors, not just any old number 8 or 10. Plumb in plastic. ASHP, or any boiler outside. You can also design in sound proofing with resilience bars and insulation. Make sure stairs are not attached to internal stud walls. Be careful of holes between one room and another. Make sure ventilation systems have dampers fitted. Cellulose insulation is very good at sound deadening.