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  1. Looks like oil is under cutting solar... https://www.pv-magazine.com/2020/03/31/jordan-switches-off-all-large-scale-solar/ Jordan switches off unsubsidized solar projects The Middle Eastern kingdom has ordered the shutdown of solar wheeling facilities which use the grid to connect to energy offtakers. The move has come in response to tumbling electricity demand after the nation halted all non-essential industries as it tries to limit the spread of Covid-19. Snip The kingdom relies on fossil fuel imports for 80% of its energy mix and will benefit from a rock-bottom oil price at the moment as regional neighbor Saudi Arabia tries to stare down petrochemical rivals the U.S. and Russia by refusing to reduce production levels despite demand tumbling around the world.
  2. https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200130/common_projects/25/garage_conversion/2 https://www.labc.co.uk/news/garage-conversion-tips-from-our-building-control-experts But then..
  3. First thing to do is find the original planing permission for the house. Check the exact wording of the condition and how many parking spaces are required. It might be they only ever required two including the garage.
  4. Plannings are sometimes used as a hardcore, farmers use it (and other types of hardcore) to reinforce dirt roads. You still get potholes but they can just be filled in with more of the same.
  5. Try the Paving Expert website. Usually good for this sort of thing.. https://www.pavingexpert.com Index.. https://www.pavingexpert.com/pavindex
  6. The only real problem I see is with the utility room WC. Another way to do it is to run the pipe for that above ground to the stack in boxing. Perhaps use a concealed cistern.
  7. Are two 45 degree bends equivalent to a rest bend?
  8. I have stained oak cladding on one outbuilding and barn black painted softwood on another. The stained oak is treated with Ronseal General Purpose wood stain which is spirt based. Faces exposed to the sun fade and i restain them once a year using a small cheap Hoselock pump up plant sprayer. Much quicker than using a brush. Don't expect the sprayer to survive but a sprayer isnt much more than the cost of a decent large brush and the paint doesn't run down your arm. My garage was clad using softwood prepainted with barn black 12 years ago. Some sheltered areas have gone green and need recoating this year. That's a pretty good life but sadly I don't know what make of paint was used.
  9. Send letter by recorded delivery/signed for. They don't collect a signature at the moment but they are still logging delivery.
  10. He might be right but planners do similar things all over the country. All new houses, including mine, in our village have PDR removed. Our planning consultant and architect wern't surprised. Officially we're in a conservation area but it's not deemed important enough for the planners to write a conservation area statement explaining why (unlike other villages nearby).
  11. Temp

    AAV quickie

    and once the BCO has signed of the house I'm sure you could make it "disappear".
  12. Temp

    AAV quickie

    Are you planning a shed or other outbuilding? Might be possible to extend the drain there and put an open vent on that?
  13. Temp

    AAV quickie

    I suspect the "four house" advice is based on work AAV manufacturers commissioned at the BRE or a similar research body. I haven been able to find that. I would try asking some of them if they can write a letter to justify your use of AAV without an open vent. Send them a simple diagram of your row of houses showing yours with an AAV and the other houses with open vents. Ask them... "Can they confirm the guidance in their literature (enclose a copy) is applicable to your situation and that you would not need an additional open vent to meet section ?? of part H which states "Where these valves are used they should not adversely affect the amount of ventilation necessary for the below' ground system which is normally provided by open stacks of the sanitary pipework." The alternative might be to try and do the calculation on page 10 of.. https://www.bpfpipesgroup.com/media/29598/Air-admittance-valves-for-domestic-properties.pdf That calculation is about sizing the AAV you need based on the flow rate from your appliances. It's not clear that's what your BCO is asking for but it's the only calculation I can see being possible.
  14. Why do you want PDR reinstated? Is it any cheaper to get PDR reinstated instead of submitting a planning application to build what you want?