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  1. I think it would need the current owner to agree to the charge? The split might be delayed as permission from the council would be needed to remove it from part of the land? I think it might complicate things to start before the land is split.
  2. Temp

    Stained Oak

    It seems to be holding up well on our oak.
  3. +1 I have to apologise to my neighbours for my bad language sometimes. Invariably I'm cursing out a designer for some reason or other. Usually there is an obviously better no cost solution if only the designer had got his hands dirty.
  4. Even the Roper Rhodes are like that. They don't have rear bumpers and would need taller ones than at the front. "Splashing out" will stain carpet.
  5. Temp

    Stained Oak

    I'd paint that with a single coat of dainish for colour then a few coats of Osmo UV protection oil.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much then. Wait for that to go in before making system changes.
  7. Its very common for them to be like that. Mine doesn't even have the rear rubber bumpers. Yes it poor design.
  8. Did you mean a system boiler? It is possible to use a combi boiler to heat a tank (there are even some advantages) but its not a very common thing to do. With a combi the CH circuit gets a diverter so the CH side can heat both the CH and a DHW tank. The tank is used for high flow rate outlets like showers. The DHW side of the boiler can still be used or low flow rate outlets like taps or dedicated to one shower.
  9. Its called a Secondary Loop. The primary circuit 8s boiler to tank. Secondary is tank to taps. We have a secondary loop. They key is to run the loop as close to the tap as possible. In our WC the plumber T'd off about 3m from the loop to the tap which means most people are done washing hands before the hot water arrives so the loop is ineffective in that WC.
  10. I noticed that its a consultation document so might not yet be official policy. Appeal Inspectors are allowed to take such documents into account. However it may mean you are one of the first to go through it. I would start searching the database for other recent planning applications to see if you can find out what the going rate is.
  11. Only had a quick look and the alternative to paying is in section 5.2 but 5.1 says they prefer cash. However doing your own mitigation might end up costing more as you would probably have to pay Natural England or a recommended consultant to draw up a proposal and impact statement for you.
  12. I'm not up to date on this but.. If your wife's business builds and owns the outbuilding there might be CGT implications later on if you sell the house? Think same applies if she claims a room in the house is an office? or has Covid caused the rules to change? Here it also suggests business rates might be an issue.. https://www.brooksonone.co.uk/knowledge-centre/limited-company/claiming-business-expenses/working-from-home/#:~:text=Claiming expenses when working from,as a tax-deductible expense.&text=In order to claim tax,an office or a workplace.
  13. Dropping the temperatures from 22 to say 19C will reduce consumption but not by a huge amount. If its 0C outside the temperature drop through walls and windows changes from 22 to 19 so I would expect consumption should go from 586 units/week to 586 * 19/22 = 506 units/week at best (as the DHW demand hasn't changed).
  14. Probably not this but in one image it looks like a resistor lead might be touching the heatsink tab of the 317. The tab is connected to the Output of the 317 regulator inside it so accidental electrical connections should be avoided. (aside: You might also be able to use the tab as a convenient place to measure Vout.).
  15. Typo? You've got a -7V differential. eg If Vout is designed to be 12V then Vin must be >15V.