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  1. Dee, silly question but how do you know it's heating when it shouldnt? The evidence you have for that may help diagnose the problem. When the heating comes on unexpectedly at the wrong time go to the controller and check if it's calling for heating or hot water or nothing. My guess it will be calling for hot water not heating and the diverter is sticking allowing hot from the boiler into the heating circuit instead.
  2. According to Talk Radio today a significant percentage of the population think the recently agreed deal is the final deal that will govern our long term relationship with the EU. They don't realise this is meant to be the easy bit that only covers the transition period - which is now only going to be 11 months long (according to Boris).
  3. A lot of new bricks are porous. I once filled a bucket with our house bricks then filled all the space with water. They fizzed and popped and absorbed the lot. Next day almost no water in the bucket and individual bricks felt really heavy. A new chimney or rebuild should have a DP to stop ingress through damp bricks. https://www.labcwarranty.co.uk/blog/how-to-ensure-your-chimney-is-constructed-correctly/
  4. +1 to getting someone in. I hire towers for outside painting as I don't have storage space and rental towers are usually decent quality. Shop around as rates vary a lot, haggle. Some places have good weekend rates. Remember to ask for a price Inc vat and delivery/collection. Don't underestimate how much work it is to erect a tower and get the platforms into place. They are awkward and heavy. Definitely a two man job.
  5. Perhaps but if there is a leak why get the key holder to struggle with the stopcock hidden under the sink unit if it's possible to turn the water off outside. When you get back from holiday perhaps get the builder to improve access to the stopcock by moving it higher up.
  6. Yikes. Is it a three storey house? Wouldn't get me that high on a ladder (and I used to fly gliders). I'd be using a scaffolding tower then a roof lader.
  7. Have you got a key for the valve in the road/water meter? Screwfix and Toolstation probably sell them for under £10 but I haven't looked.
  8. Eclisse pocket door frame kits come in two thicknesses 100mm and 125mm. These are the thicknesses of the finished wall not the frame. So for a 100mm thick wall the metal frame supplied is 73mm thick and you use 73mm thick studs elsewhere in the wall (and above the door pocket). https://www.pocketdoors.co.uk/unique-features/
  9. +1 No stud required. The plasterboard screws to the metal pocket door frame using self tapping screws. Think some came with my door kit. Do not replace with longer or over tighten these screws because if they go too far in the sharp points will scratch the door first time you open it.
  10. PS: If you have soakers you don't really need lead on top of the tiles at the sides of the chimney. Although there will be an apron at the front. My guess is that some time in the past the lead was replaced or repaired by someone who didn't really know what they were doing.
  11. My money is on a lack of lead soakers. It looks like any rain blown under the existing lead can go sideways then down the side of the chimney if there is no soaker under there. If the lead had been a few inches wider you might have gotten away without them because of the profile of the tile. In fact the other side (left hand) on the chimney might not be leaking because on that side the lead might be lapped down the tile profile. Soakers go under the tiles and deflect any water going sideways out onto the tile below. They are fitted before the tiles and the stepped flashing that you can see. Skips to about 2 mins in..
  12. Here are the forms you must normally fill in to claim the exemption. You don't need all of them. See the 4 steps described at top of form 7 part 1. Some people have lost the exemption by not following the 4 steps exactly. Note some things must be done before work starts and some after construction is completed. https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200136/policy_and_legislation/70/community_infrastructure_levy/5 Note it says "before commencement of the development", that would be the commencement of the PP.
  13. If it's just 30sqm you wouldn't need CIL exemption. But you mentioned.. So I thought you had bigger plans :-)
  14. You don't normally have to apply for the exemption at same time as PP. Not even sure that's possible. There are very specific forms you need to fill and replies to receive before starting work or you loose it. The 30sqm limit is only needed to avoid building control approval for the structure of an outbuilding. Its not needed to avoid planning permission for the outbuildings. You can build bigger outbuildings without needing PP. If your outbuildings have drainage and electricity you may still need Building Control involved.