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  1. I did one for an outbuilding that needed PP. I used SketchUp to do the elevation drawings and included an isometric/3D sketch using the styles to make it look like a hand drawn sketch.
  2. First thing to do is get the solicitor to confirm if the covenant is valid/enforceable. I understand they have to be written for the benefit of another piece of land yet many were written in favour of a person. https://www.land-registry-documents.co.uk/news-blog/covenantswhat-you-need-to-know-about/
  3. Perhaps try and get "free" delivery or rather delivery included in the price per block. I believe vat on delivery charges can't be reclaimed if it is separately listed on the invoice.
  4. Temp

    Pitched roof thickness and insulation

    We have around 180mm PIR insulation between 200mm deep rafters. I don't think it's enough. If building again I would look at either a SIP roof or a warm roof (insulation above the rafters or above and between).
  5. Temp

    Flat panel LED lights

    This is the sort of think I'm thinking of... https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/236473849/wave-in-a-frame-free-uk-shipping?ref=related-7 https://www.jazzitupinteriors.co.uk/acatalog/FUSED-GLASS-WALL-ARTWORK-PANEL-JDORGASTR_6020.html
  6. Temp

    Flat panel LED lights

    I haven't purchased the glass panel yet but it will probably be around 600mm X 200mm. I've just found 600 X 600 panel on eBay for £22 so might buy one to diassemble for parts and ideas. Claims to be 45W dimmable.
  7. I believe moving an electric cable or water main comes under section 3.3.4 work that "allows the construction of a building to take place". I got my water main diversion zero rated to me.
  8. Temp

    Flat panel LED lights

    I'm considering making a backlight for a fused glass art panel. Main concern is how to get a uniform level of illumination without spending a lot of time experimenting with led strips, reflective sheets and diffusers. It occurs to me I might be able to modify an LED flat panel ceiling light. I know some of you have tried them. Can you see the individual LEDs throughout the diffuser or are they pretty uniform?
  9. Temp

    Ideas for Monetizing 3 acre Surrey Plot

    I would get a copy of the document and double check that. What's the building between 94 and 86? Any scope to convert it or knock it down and replace. That's encouraging. Typically you have to sell the houses at 80% of the free market value and put a covenant in that forces future sellers to do the same each time it changes hands. The question is how many builders make >20% profit? That might be possible if house prices are high and you can get away with a relatively simple house design. One problem I've heard of is planners objecting to small affordable houses on the grounds they are out of keeping with existing larger more expensive houses. More usually builders press for a mixture of full market and affordable houses to ensure the site is profitable. I think this is definitely a job for a planning consultant but I wouldn't expect it to be a quick or cheap exercise. However it's not hard to get to a possible value over £1m if you can get planning permission. Perhaps you could find a planning consultant to do a profit sharing deal at say a few percent of the sale price of the land?
  10. The link newhome posted is the guide for builders and sub contractors that might do work on new houses... https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-notice-708-buildings-and-construction Tells them if they should charge you VAT (usually not). Typically... You should not pay VAT on services or labor. Should pay VAT on materials and reclaim it. If someone does both (supply materials and fit them on one invoice) then all of it should be zero rated to you.
  11. Temp

    100mm back box screws

    Pretty sure electrical screws are 3.5mm. If you get stuck these are 50p each. Collection from store, shipping to me would be £9 ! https://www.ccmsupplies.co.uk/m35-x-100mm-socket-screw.html You can also get "3.5mm Socket Screw Extension studs" https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p79641
  12. Temp

    Can you have too much PV

    Do PV panels run hotter if you don't draw all the power they can deliver? The law of conservation of energy suggests there must be an energy balance. eg If the panels operate at a constant temperature then the power going in must equal that coming out. If you don't draw energy from them in the form of electricity it must come out as heat (unless they somehow become more reflective).
  13. Try local hire companies. If really stuck Google found... https://www.roadplatehire.co.uk/
  14. I'm sure it's against the law to mention Ch.....as before the beginning of December. If it isn't it should be.
  15. Hope you aren't hungry. This popped up in my news feed. It's an article about free Dominoes Pizza from the UK Daily Fail... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6161905/Dominos-giving-away-free-pizza-entire-WEEK.html Collect only from Australia ! Bastards ! Could have used them as pad stones.