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  1. We have an undermount sink and granite work tops. Terrible problem with the sealer going mouldy. Needs replacing really but that would be a lot of work I think.
  2. Screwfix has some festool sanding supplies.. https://www.screwfix.com/c/tools/sanding/cat6270002?brand=festool
  3. I think that's OK but it's different to how many systems work... Many would have the Nest control the pump between buffer and UFH. Then the stat on the buffer would control the boiler, firing up the boiler when the buffer goes below the set temperature. That's how my TS system works. The down side is the tank is always kept at the set temperature even if the UFH is off. You can add a timeclock to fix that.
  4. We use cylinder gas for our hob. Cost in terms of £ per kWH its high but in absolute terms its not expensive. A 47kg cylinder lasts at least 18 months. We have two cylinders feeding a 6 ring hob Britannia range with electric oven.
  5. Solid uninsulated walls on ground floor ? Stick with mains gas.
  6. I think that might be being confused with.. https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200130/common_projects/43/outbuildings
  7. I'm not sure if that's a hard rule. Some people have built outbuildings close to their house and the planners have won and lost appeals. They use words like "there must be a material gap" without defining what that is. One option is to submit plans with an Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development. This would be checked against the rules for Permitted Development rather than the more subjective Planning Policies that a Planning Application has to meet.
  8. How wide is the green extension? The grey "PD here" is limited to half the width of the house.. Page 22... (j) the enlarged part of the dwellinghouse would extend beyond a wall forming a side elevation of the original dwellinghouse, and would (I) exceed 4 metres in height, (Ii) have more than a single storey, or (Iii) have a width greater than half the width of the original dwellinghouse
  9. It's brave buying bricks before approval. We choose some hand made bricks and the planners rejected them.
  10. Not all manufacturers approve their render for use below the DPC. Check before buying.
  11. I think its a more complex design than it appears.. The large open plan living/kitchen area means large spans for the first floor (9.5m). Not helped by the large patio door/window in the gable end and balcony above. The room-in-the roof design means the roof can't use simple trusses. Nor can you easily use a structural ridge beam because there is nothing for the western end to bear on (windows in gable wall). The flat roof dormer and roof light (snug and stairs) also complicate. At the front there might be an issue with the amount of water flowing onto the roof of the porch from three roof pitches. As my SE said.. You can do anything with a bit of steel so I think its all solvable but this is the sort of thing that can add to the cost.
  12. or mirror the whole house so chimney is on the north side?
  13. See The Guide to the Party Wall Act. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/preventing-and-resolving-disputes-in-relation-to-party-walls/the-party-wall-etc-act-1996-explanatory-booklet Unfortunately it can get expensive if they don't cooperate as its you who pays for their surveyor as well as your own. It's worth noting that there is no penalty for non compliance with the Act, however if you cause damage and it ended up in court the judge would take a dim view of you not being in compliance. First check if the work is even covered by the Act or if you can change it so it doesn't.
  14. But not by much. I suspect old sockets with weak contact springs might be more of an issue for overheating. I probably wouldn't leave everything running while you are all out.
  15. Equations are correct. P = IV I = P/V for a 2kW heater.. I = 2000/230 = 8.7A Two of those easily over 16A as others have said. The wire gauge of extension leads can vary a lot. +1 to what @ProDave said. I cant see the power rating for the dehumidifier anywhere on Amazon. One person suggests 420W. You should be OK if you put one 2kW heater and one 420W humidifier on each extension lead. Ideally plug the extension leads into different rings or at least check if there is anything else that will take the ring over its rating (typically 30A).