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  1. Oh dear.. "Daily Mail: ROGER BISBY: Heat pumps are one of the biggest cons I've seen in the building trade." https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-10109299/ROGER-BISBY-Heat-pumps-one-biggest-cons-Ive-seen-building-trade.html
  2. How big is this boiler? A 25kw combi is £820 from screwfix. Plus fitting obviously. Oh and British gas will let you pay monthly (9% interest).
  3. Yikes. That's more than copper.. https://www.roofingsuperstore.co.uk/product/coppa-gutta-box-gutter.html 2.4m box is £61.24 Inc vat. Pro rata that works out at £46 Inc for a 1.8m
  4. Typically frame drawings look like this.. Note how they specify the distance from the front face to the centre line of the waste. Then the other half diameter of the waste pretty much sets the minimum depth. If you have a horizontal waste pipe it's actually it's better to allow more depth so you can have timber frame in front of the waste pipe to support the "plasterboard" (I recommend Hardibacker board for this).
  5. WC Waste pipes are typically 110mm diameter which is more than 4". Are these wall hung WC going on a Geberit frame or similar? They typically provide drawings for how deep the studwork needs to be.
  6. I would expect the seller to do this normally. Not least so that all three plots have the same rights and responsibilities over the access. However as mentioned by @Ferdinand in any contract negotiation its normally better to be the one that writes and ammends drafts. Shared access roads can be a pain. In England at least... in order to be adopted they typically have to be built to Local Authority standards for a year after the last House is finished or some such. Can be an issue if the last House is never finished.
  7. The Guide says it applies if you want to..
  8. The PWA is not just about Party Walls.. As I recall the PWA applies if you are excavating within a certain distance/depth of a neighbours "structure" but I can't remember if a structure is defined anywhere. It sounds like the surveyor is after his cake (your money) and has said the planter counts as a structure. I would do some googling to find out what counts as a structure. It's worth knowing that there is no penalty for not complying with the PWA. It only becomes a problem if you cause damage to the neighbours structure and it ends up in court. In which case the judge may take a dim view of your non compliance. But for the cost of a planter I'd settle out of court if I thought I'd damaged it. Wrote the above before I read..
  9. Nice flat panel LEDs are the thing now.. https://www.google.com/search?q=flat+led+downlight&sxsrf=AOaemvIrKvuNN43dOQbWNLnaBlzEeD1KtQ:1634162334405&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=2ahUKEwjh1MmLscjzAhV6g_0HHQYgCLsQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1575&bih=856&dpr=1
  10. Na I reckon the whole front wall goes up and down like on Tracey Island or Wallace and Grommet.
  11. 20% reduction due to difuse shading by a TV aerial wire...
  12. When considering a planning application the planners are officially only allowed to consider "valid planning reasons" for refusal or rejection. This doesnt include things like the impact on the value of your house or loss of a view. It doesnt directly include an individuals need but may do so if they can show there is a lack of suitable housing in the area to meet their need - which is usually the case when someone is disabled or from certain other minority groups. Forget a solicitor as there is nothing they can really do. If you want to fight it i would spend money on a planning consultant. Remember you only have a limited time to object. Once approved there is really nothing you can do in practice. Unless they block your driveway they can park where they like. Consider making an application for a dropped kerb to widen your driveway?
  13. Looks like you arecright though. I thought when the loops were upto temperature the mixer didn't just recycle more from the loops but also sent more unused hot flow back to the boiler. So I expected the return from the mixer to get hot. As that's not happening it must be as you say eg the bypass is opening. I have a Reliance mixer as well but its a different model.
  14. The Reliance blender is a fairly standard model so should be fine. If something was switching off the motorised valve feeding the UFH but leaving the boiler running that might explain why the bypass is opening?