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  1. Planning Committee

    Claim forms here.. https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200126/applications/70/community_infrastructure_levy/5 Must follow the rules at top of the claim form 1 to the letter (reproduced below).. https://ecab.planningportal.co.uk/uploads/1app/forms/form_7_self_build_part_1_exemption_claim.pdf Make sure they acknowledge receipt of everything in writing.
  2. We had exactly the same. In the end I wasn't able to keep up and had to tell the builder that I would fit out one of the bathroom myself later as I couldn't keep up with the demand for second fix items.
  3. Planning Committee

    Congratulations! Next stop the CIL Exemption.
  4. Ask your electrician/anyone on other networks if they can get 4G at your house. If they are happy ask them to visit the web site www.Fast.com for a speed check. There are only 4 networks, other suppliers resell them :EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone.
  5. It looks like standard pvc twin and earth wire is only rated to 70C. The flex used on irons appears to be ok to about 150-180C I think.
  6. 250C... http://sinolec.co.uk/en/ceramic-lamp-holders/1211136-bc-b22d-porcelain-lamp-holder-k567.html
  7. I found a ceramic holder that claims they are suitable for upto 210C. But it's not quite the right type... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CERAMIC-BAYONET-BC-CAP-BC-22-High-Temperature-Lamp-Bulb-Holder-/262946776986
  8. I doubt the stove maker will be able to help. I think your best bet is to get the stove installed, fire it up and measure the air and surface temperatures where the lights will be installed. Then find lights that are rated for that environment. I doubt you will find lights that are specifically rated for use close to a wood burner, not because it's difficult to make lights to go there but because they don't test lights for suitability in in every imaginable location.
  9. Foundations/slab advice please

    The method your builder suggests is pretty common.
  10. Towel rail timer

    That makes a lot of sense. If there is a stat in the top heater it will only actually come on if the water previously heated by E7 has already been used.
  11. Gosh that's rough. If selling your current house would raise money then presumably you have some equity in it. Perhaps consider a second mortgage on that place? Might be faster than selling it?
  12. Towel rail timer

    Nick may correct me but I thought that with a dual immersion the top one was the "normal" element and the lower one was the boost? The idea being that hot water rises so the tank heats from the top downwards. So normally only the top element is used and only the top part of the tank is heated. Then if you know demand will be higher you turn the bottom one on so it heats down to a lower point.
  13. Patio Door Step Regulations?

    Most patio doors and windows are custom made to fit the opening. I can't be sure from the photo but I wondered if the doors were short in height and the installer made them up to the right height using another section of UPVC? Edit: Perhaps the maker has cross sectional drawings on their web site?
  14. Patio Door Step Regulations?

    My understanding is that it's the "person carrying out the work" that is responsible for compliance with the Building Regs. That might be the home owner in some cases but most reputable window installers claim to be "competent person scheme members" (such as FENSA) and I would hope their rules require their members to do the necessary paperwork.
  15. Our council wrote to us out of the blue saying they will assume we will be complete on a date and proposing to charge us from that date. We wrote back telling them the date we believed we would finish and they just accepted it. I think it took us at least 6 months to get from first fix to completion.