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  1. Didn't know there are two versions/voltages. I went for Hikvision POE cameras and a 8 port hub with built in POE support, hooked them up and they worked, no injectors or strippers. If doing so again I think I would investigate cameras with an alarm input and use a separate PIR sensor to trigger recording because motion detection either in the camera or server has problems. Possibily also separate IR illuminators to try and draw spiders away from the camera?
  2. Temp

    robo mowers

    90 mins with my Stihl today and I managed about a quarter of it 😞 Seriously thinking about hiring a power scythe if I can get one at a good price. The bind weed keeps tangling around the strimmer head.
  3. Temp

    robo mowers

    I'm trying to cut the overgrown grass in the church yard next door... We need a robo powered scythe.
  4. Temp

    New Joists for new 1st floor bathroom

    Personally I would try and build the floor strong enough and rigid enough for tiles if possible. That might mean reducing the joist pitch to avoid needing to double up the WPB? I think 18mm is the minimum recommended (for carpet) but I might be wrong.
  5. Temp


    +1 You need to know the load on the beam (in Newton's) and the load bearing capability of the blocks in the wall (Newton's per square mm). Divide one by the other and you get the minimum area of the pad stones (in square mm). At least that's the theory. In practice it's more complicated. Calculating the load for example isn't simple. It's not just the weight of the beam! It's everything above it and some. Wind and possibly snow loading as well. There are also safety factors to be included. It's a job for your structural engineer. We have some narrow pillars between windows and our SE recommend denser blocks in those area because there was a limit on how big the padstone could be.
  6. Temp

    Kitchen cooker

    We have a Britannia dual fuel range (two electric ovens and six LPG rings). Now about 12 years old. Had two elements warp/break, door seals come loose and a door hinge fail. However all the parts were readily available on the web and not too expensive. So yes I would buy one again.
  7. Temp

    smart meters

    I've made three or four complaints to the ASA, all upheld. Can all be done via their website. If complaining about an online advert they will ask for a screen shot if you have one. Typically they will ask the advertiser to justify their claim. If it's a complex technical issue they may send you the advertisers reply for you to comment on. One problem is that the advertiser can drag out the process, sometimes for a year, and then withdraw the advert. In such cases the ASA don't always publish a decision so there is no bad publicity for the advertiser.
  8. Think I agree. The porch, utility room and corridor seem wasteful. Do you need a sink in the utility room. If there is a ground floor bathroom? Perhaps move something from kitchen in there?
  9. Temp

    Is this really a consent

    Looks good to me. I'd print out copies of the emails just for safety.
  10. Temp

    Blue water pipe to outdoor tap

    You can get MDPE check valves and brass taps with an MDPE backplate for mounting on a temporary post. Get one to match the size of MDPE pipe you have.
  11. Temp

    smart meters

    Telegraph.co.uk: Fix for smart meters 'going dumb' delayed until end of 2020... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/05/17/fix-smart-meters-going-dumb-delayed-five-million-households/ Was meant to be end of 2018 so that's a 2 year delay. Clearly it proving a lot harder to sort out the mess than they thought.
  12. Temp

    smart meters

    I'll get one when they can guarantee I will get a SMEETS 2 meter. For some reason we don't get pestered to have one at all.
  13. An option contract would give you the right to buy it (but not the obligation to buy it) for a fixed period at a fixed price. You might have to pay the seller a fee to agree the terms. That could be cash or a percentage of the uplift in value if planning is granted and you proceed with the purchase. PS You need a solicitor that has experience writing such contracts, not just someone that does conveyancing.
  14. Temp

    lawns - input please

    If it's any consolation I've also got holes this year, both where there were large weeds and where there was more Moss than grass. Some years it just seems worse than others. Have to cover reseeded patches with chicken wire or the rabbits that live in the churchyard next door come and dig holes.
  15. Temp

    lawns - input please

    We also had turf laid but good preparation is key. Should be dug, and stones removed several times then rolled. Make sure you have a decent water supply. Dry windy weather can wreck turf in under an hour. It shrinks up leaving gaps. If you had a week of sunny weather you might need sprinklers running and being moved around constantly the whole week. This was a big problem for us. Two sprinklers was only just enough. Once the turf anchors itself down you are reasonable safe but do watch out. I treat my lawn every spring with lawn sand (for moss) and either Weedol or Verdone Lawn weed killer for everything else. If you have a lot of grass perhaps look at weed killers such as Depitox Selective which might work out cheaper. Don't cut it too short or that encourages moss and weeds.