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  1. Do I need a solicitor for Party Wall Act

    The process and sample letters can be found here.. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/party-wall-etc-act-1996-guidance If the neighbours are happy you can DIY
  2. BBC R4 You and yours is currently discussing the shortage of building materials. Small builder reported delays of 30 weeks plus for bricks and roof tiles. Also price increases of 10-15% Will be on iPlayer later if not already. Last item in the program.
  3. sub floor over garage.

    Interesting construction. What sort of blocks are the walls made of? Will there be external insulation? I noticed the floor joists are dovetailed into the beams. Cool.
  4. sub floor over garage.

    OSB 3 Vs 4... https://www.egger.com/shop/en_LV/product-comparison http://www.osb-info.org/rightgrade.html OSB 4 is heavier duty and swells less in high humidity.
  5. When I went to purchase a duct the supplier asked if it was for my house or shed. Apparently the local DNO insists on a particular type of duct and marking on it. This makes it more expensive so they also sell a cheaper version for connections on site (eg to a shed).
  6. Couldn't find a free 5 year warranty on the whole machine but Bosch are offering one on the "ECO silent" (brushless) motor if you register within 28 days.
  7. The aviation industry was spelled out recently.. https://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/607757-ec-notice-brexit-issued-licenses-certificates-invalid.html Huge list of certificates and approvals suddenly become invalid. Everything from a pilots medical certificate to the license to operate an airport. Means some sort deal will have to be done for the aviation industry even if there is a no wider Brexit deal.
  8. Gone for another Bosch. Last one had brushes that needed replacing every 18 months or so. The new one appears to have a brushes motor so one less job for me. The control board is about half the cost if that ever goes wrong but it looks like its only available "unprogrammed". It appears only Bosch service engineers can program them so perhaps not a DIY job.
  9. Our 12 year old Bosch has finally expired so I've been looking at replacements. Surprised to see that many modern machines take over 4 hours to do a 60C cotton wash, almost twice a long a our current one. I'm guessing they have just made the standard cycle longer so they can add a button/feature to make it shorter. SpeedPerfect I think they call it. Or is there another reason?
  10. Meeting architect for first time

    Perhaps too late but.... Between arranging a meeting and actually meeting our architect he had been to the site and done some pen and ink sketches of what he thought would suit the site. Architect fees for supervising the build phase can be expensive so decide if that's something you can really afford or need. Some Architects will propose a fee which is a percentage of the final build cost. Avoid this because it means they get paid more if cost over runs. If you decide to install a better kitchen than initially planned you can end up paying the Architect extra even if he's not involved in the kitchen design.
  11. Preparing for WW3

    My guess is the Americans will give the Russians a few mins warning of attacks on Sirian military targets - Just enough time for the Russians to evacuate their people but not to move lots of equipment. Was also reading that a lot of Sirian aircraft have already been moved abroad. Perhaps the USA could set up some no fly zones to stop them returning?
  12. I would get the ball rolling on both and see how things turn out later.
  13. If they pay at the begining of a stage it's an advance mortgage. If they pay at the end of a stage then it's an arrears mortgage. Sounds like you have an arrears mortgage. Normally builders are paid in arrears so either should work. I you are using subcontractors and buying materials without a credit facility then an arrears mortgage could be a problem unless you have some cash. Best check the terms and conditions.
  14. Loadbearing baths

    I would also look for one that has a relatively flat bottom. Some are quite curved which can make them dangerous to stand in.