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  1. Devices dropping out of WiFi

    There have been numerous versions of wifi over the years (eg 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11a, or 802.11ac etc) some manufacturers rushed out their routers before the standard was finalised. Might be worth trying a router update but obviously a new one would achieve same thing. We switched to a Billion router about two years ago when fibre became available. I didn't intend to use the wifi capability as we already had wifi access points set up but I've been impressed with the signal strength especially as it doesn't have an external antenna. I can't be sure it's not a one off but very happy with it.
  2. I can't provide evidence that solar farm reduce house valuations but I know I'd rather live next to green fields than a solar farm. As for wind farms the LSE found upto 12% reduction.. http://personal.lse.ac.uk/gibbons/papers/windfarms and houseprices november 2013 v5.pdf "Wind farms with 20 or more turbines reduce prices by 3% at distances between 8-14km, and by up to 12% within 2km."
  3. That works as long as all the occupiers of the van can claim to be site workers. If you have kids or spouse that works 100 hours a week for the NHS the planners could decide they can't possibly be site workers and that would trigger the need for planning permission.
  4. Just for info the issue of Council Tax and Planning permission are separate in law. It's quite possible/allowed for the council to decided that "separate use" is occurring (and therefore that council tax is due) and at the same time tell the owner he doesn't have planning permission for "separate use" and issue enforcement proceedings. If you don't pay council tax they eventually take you to court for the unpaid bill and send in the debt collectors with all the black marks that puts on your credit file. So I would certainly pay a council tax demand although you probably should check the banding is correct and appeal it if necessary.
  5. CU: where to install it / them ?

    Just for my own education... Can you put the Henley block before a pair of isolators (one per CU) or must it go after an isolator?
  6. Non heated areas.

    If it's wet UFH then definitely install that in the bedrooms as well. I would (I did) put each bedroom on it's own floor loop and programmable stat. That way each can be independently controlled allowing guest rooms to be cooler or even off when unoccupied. If nothing else when you come to sell it will be easier if you can claim full central heating. You can get special low TOG underlay for use with UFH. Hessian backed carpet also has a lower TOG than rubber backed. Watch out for small print that allows a shop to supply either version of the same carpet.
  7. That wording is a bit strange because he can't formally appeal until he has been served with an enforcement notice. Don't confuse letters threatening enforcement with an actual enforcement notice. If he is certain he can't find a way to prove 10 year use then I think I would submit a planning application for the park home asap. They won't normally issue an enforcement notice while there is a live planning application. That could take three months to be determined. Then you have a further 6 months (5 for safety) in which to submit an appeal which itself might take 6-9 months to be decided because the appeal service is busy. It's after all that they normally issue a formal enforcement notice....and you can appeal that taking up even more time.
  8. I think lenders are paranoid because of the sub prime crash. For years they bought and sold each other bundles of mortgages that were supposedly AAA rated but which turned out to be anything but. If they only lend on properties that are squeaky clean they can put that converted AAA wrapper around it/them when they sell them on.
  9. As long as it has your name on it you should be ok. If I remember correctly a store receipt (rather than a VAT receipt) is ok for items below £30. Permanent fencing can be reclaimed. It's listed in VAT 708. Temporary site fencing probably not. Plants can only be reclaimed if on a landscaping plan forming part of the planning package.
  10. Mains water blockage.

    No bids yet.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GPS-50MM-DIA-100M-COIL-BLUE-PE-TUBE-MDPE/173005833150?hash=item2847f383be:g:TO0AAOSwfVhaHshA
  11. Ok this is what really bugs me about the renewable industry in the UK.. I found this map of the Cleve Hill site on the Daily Mail web site. If you compare it with the area on Google maps you find that most of the site is well away from houses. What looks like development to the south turns out to be a large poly tunnel farm. So far so good... However the south eastern part of the site appears to extend right up to a group of 5 or 6 houses that I've circled in red. So it appears they could easily build 99.9% of the scheme without impacting anyone's house value but oh no they have to use every square inch of land they can get. Even if they don't plan to put panels on that bit the fact that the official site boundary is so close would be enough to put people off buying those houses
  12. Mains water blockage.

    If the electric cable follows same route perhaps put in a new fatter water pipe in at same time?
  13. Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

    Go to the yard where the sleepers are stored and see if you can smell them. Some do some don't. Some will be in worse condition than others, very variable. Don't put them where people are likely to sit during a garden party or BBQ. Ours still leak something black and sticky ten years after they went in.
  14. What Tennentslager said. WC should ideally connect into the top of the horizontal run using a swept bend to "point" things in the right direction.
  15. From the Daily Fail but even so... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5099557/Criminals-kill-MILLIONS-remotely-hacking-cars.html and from last year.. https://www.wired.com/2016/08/jeep-hackers-return-high-speed-steering-acceleration-hacks/