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  1. Presumably it's a metal pipe so can you trace it with a metal detector?
  2. In my area builders merchants sell a few different grades of plywood. All is claimed to be wbp but some is dire quality and how they can claim it's waterproof I've no idea - it seems to have more in common with a well known brand of breakfast cereal. Shop around and go see what it's like.
  3. If it was my forever house I would have the arches out and full length steel beams installed. Quite a lot of work. There isn't much of a pier left at one end and that might need fixing. Rewiring can cause a lot of disruption leading to a lot of making good plaster and redecorating. Whats the heating system like? I think I would get quotes to do a lot of work and use them to haggle down the price. Allow a decent contingency. If they won't budge and it doesn't make sense financially I'd walk away.
  4. My understanding is that the Danish scheme covers claims up to a date (4 weeks from them being told about the insolvency) and premiums until the end of the policy. This makes sense for something like car insurance. Basically it gives you 4 weeks to find a new policy and the premium back to pay for it. So in theory you are no worse off/don't loose anything . For a structural warranty it's problematic as you can't so easily move to a new provider. I think anyone with a policy from Alpha that is underwritten by CBL should ask Alpha if they have a new underwriter. If they do then ask about new paperwork. If not then I suspect all cover for claims ends after the 4 weeks are up. Alternatively you should get your premium back from either Alpha or the Danish scheme. This is just my interpretation of what I can find on the web. I might be wrong!
  5. I believe sockets are allowed in a bathroom if over 3m from zone one but must be protected by an RCD. Just not sure if the RCD can be in the socket or if it had to be in the consumer unit. Try the electrician's forum?
  6. If you can prove it's been empty more than 2 years a building contractor can charge you a reduced VAT rate on any refurb work.... https://renovateme.co.uk/blog/vat-2-year-rule/ The work isn't covered by the self build vat reclaim scheme (which is for new build or conversions) so you can't diy and then reclaim the VAT.
  7. Warranties are only ever as good as the company that writes them. The Danish protection scheme appears to cover part of the premium if you can't get it back from the credit card co... http://www.skadesgarantifonden.dk/english/Sider/QAs.aspx 1000 DKK is about £120. It may also cover claims but only for 4 weeks or so after the company goes bust.
  8. BuildIt article.. https://www.self-build.co.uk/alpha-insurance-liquidation-structural-warranty-advice/ Note the quote from CRL that says self builders "do not need to do anything at present" and see the paragraph that follows. Edit: Just noticed that was their response to Buildit in 2015!
  9. Seems to be problems with both... https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/uk/news/breaking-news/troubles-at-cbl-see-alpha-insurance-go-into-liquidation-93956.aspx
  10. They figure people don't water their garden enough so rainwater butts sit there full and most of the rainwater goes out the overflow into the sewer.
  11. Is this where the FSCS rescue scheme comes in?.... https://www.moneysupermarket.com/money-made-easy/what-happens-if-my-insurance-firm-goes-bust/
  12. Temp

    Gas Hob jet conversion for LPG

    Jolly good. If your hob is on cylinders I think you will be surprised how little gas a hob uses. Ours gets a lot of use and a 47kg cylinder lasts at least 18 months.
  13. Temp

    Water connection

    We built our house about 11 years ago. At the time someone told me to budget £100 a meter for just about any service involving trenching across a field, more if it had to go under a road. The water main actually ran across our plot but needed diverting to the edge. This involved a trench and pipe about 45m long all on our plot. The cost for that and connecting our house to it was about £4600 so pretty close to the £100 a meter budgeted.
  14. He says he's moving because southern UK could become too hot. The world is warming but it's not clear yet what the effect will be on the UK. There is evidence that the gulf stream is weakening, worse case that could cause the UK to become colder not hotter.
  15. Temp

    Old school tricks? Worth it?

    Here you go... https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200126/applications/60/consent_types/14