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  1. For decades employers have been allowed to run their pension schemes at a deficit. When they go bust or face other issues that limit their ability to pay members have lost out. It's time the regulator changed the rules to put tighter limits on the scale of deficits.
  2. I don't know about all the ones linked above but a lot of fire rated down lights aren't air tight. The top of the unit is typically a sandwich of metal and intumescent material with holes drilled through for ventilation. In the event of a fire the intumescent material swells up blocking the holes. Depending on how they are installed the ventilation can allow water vapour past the vapour barrier into the roof space where it can condense. Hence the references recommending units that meet BS5250. Consider ordering a few before buying a whole house worth?
  3. I remember seeing a YouTube video that showed bearing replacement on a machine that needed the drum cutting open. I also remember being impressed that was possible.
  4. I've actually got an EE (and others) mast in line of sight and about 500m away, but it appears to be set up to service the A14 to the south of it and not our village which is north east of it.
  5. Rest bend tee

    That's the right thing for the bottom of a stack but I don't think there is one with a T- joint on it as well. Normally if you have several stacks you use one of those rest bends (aka large radius bend) at the bottom of each stack to send the waste outside, then run a pipe along the outside to connect up all the stacks and feed them to the sewer. Usually each connection will have a manhole on it. You can have a large diameter (eg 110mm) horizontal pipe connecting two stacks together above the rest bend but I don't think there is one bit of plastic that does both bend and T-junction. Would be a bit unwise as you wouldn't be able to access it if there was a problem. edit: I think any connection into the stack above the rest bend has to be 450mm above the bottom of the rest bend.
  6. I'm going to have to do something about our mobile signal. It was so bad yesterday that I couldn't connect to 3 to find out what the balance was on a pay as you go account. In frustration I downloaded their app to try and get the info that way but the buggers won't let you use the app to connect to the 3 server over wifi !! They force you to use mobile data to connect on the grounds of "security".
  7. Floor tiling question

    This is the sort of brush we use but not sure if exactly same make. Looks like this one needs a separate mop handle.. http://www.belhygienic.com/mobile_product_info.php?products_id=2678
  8. Floor tiling question

    I'll try and find out which cleaner we got last time but I usually just Google for the cheapest alkaline tile cleaner and buy a 5L. The wholesale cleaning supplies companies are cheaper than the DIY stores. You can also get narrow stiff brushes with a long handle specifically for scrubbing grout lines. Allows you to do it standing up. I get best results if I dry the floor as much as possible after cleaning and rinsing (either mop it dry or use a wet vac) otherwise water seems to collect in the grout lines before evaporating leaving any remaining dirt behind concentrated on the lines. Alkaline cleaners are quite aggressive and if used full strength will probably remove any sealer on there. So after a full strength clean you might need to reseal. Lots of stone and grout sealers around. Lithofin is probably the most widely available brand but there are probably cheaper out there. Applies with a paint roller or pad. Smells the house out a bit.
  9. Unpleasant Discharge!

    Ed, Sorry if this is obvious but....Planing an Building contol are totally separate things. You must get planning conditions discharged by the planning department at the council but you can choose who does your Building Control Approval.
  10. Floor tiling question

    Sorry I meant when the grout lines eventually get dirty an alkaline cleaner works better than say Flash floor cleaner.
  11. Floor tiling question

    I recommend a professional alkaline tile cleaner for grout lines. Works better than regular supermarket floor cleaner. Make sure grout is well sealed before it gets dirty.
  12. Conflict of interests

    The planning condition is to protect the front hedge row so the planners may want an alternative method of protection in place if you remove it. If you want to keep the planners sweet I would ask them if you can amend the planning condition to allow you to remove the hedge and replace it with a "Tree Protection Barrier to BS 5837". We were required to agree tree protection measures and if I remember correctly we wrote a "Tree Protection Method Statement" which amounted to a site plan with a line in red ink where a temporary barrier would go and a one paragraph note stating that the barrier would be a "Tree Protection barrier to BS 5837". Google found that BS standard here... https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/idoxWAM/doc/Other-1592559.pdf?extension=.pdf&id=1592559&location=Volume2&contentType=application/pdf&pageCount=1 However we didn't actually build the barrier exactly as described in the BS. We just used whatever scaffolding poles and boards we had to hand. Nobody ever came and said it wasn't quite right construction. Edit: It might sound like a lot of work writing Method Statements and the like but it took us only a few moments and it ticked all the right boxes with the planners.
  13. Check all the rads get some heat? I wonder if the system is full of crud because nobody put corrosion inhibitor in it? If it's not been used for a long time perhaps it's all settled out so it only takes one or two tvr to shut off to block the flow?
  14. Loft Insulation Grants

    Humm I didn't spot that.
  15. Q: What's in a name? A: £100-£50

    As I understand it the council are obliged by legislation to maintain a record of street names and numbers/names. The fees vary a lot. Google found one where the fee was £25... http://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/planning/address_management/fees_and_charges.aspx For some reason renaming costs £31 so pressing the delete key costs £6. The emergency services also use the council database