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    I'm a self-builder from South Cumbria. I've had a plot for three years (as of May 2016). Planning went through unopposed and without comment from anyone, a first for the local area according to the architect. Because of the tight access we started by building a cabin in the garden in which to live, a static caravan as too big to get into site and I'd heard horror stories from another self-builder living in the village, he, his wife and two kids have lived in one for three years so far, he reckons it will be another two years before the house is finished.
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  1. Sadly it’s 380m2, the architect said it was around 300m3, however she didn’t include the hall, stairs or landings. So at £1000/m2 it’s costing us more! So much for downsizing! The basement is the grey bit you can see on the photo. Eventually it will be stone clad with a balcony to the first floor.
  2. I’m moving them with a tellihandler and six blokes!
  3. Why are scaffolders so difficult to deal with, my ex-scaffolder took to texting me at 5:30 in a morning and demanding updates on progress. In the end I’ve shown him the door, mind you, I’ve had value for money out of him. In the future I’ll be using my own to finish off the few bits. So here’s the photo of the house without the scaffold. In the next couple of weeks we we start putting in the rest of the windows, the scaffold was in the way previously, making it difficult to handle the largest 5 doors weighing 250kg each.
  4. So what is the current thinking regarding the best set up for a Sunamp?
  5. That we’re fixed to pallets and covering on a large plastic bag and cling film! Nothing else,
  6. Triassic

    EPS Delivery

    I was reading an article “Ten ways to improve your home”. Insulation was down at number ten!
  7. Triassic

    EPS Delivery

    Our DIY insulated slab came in 1 articulated lorry, plus a smaller load the next day. It took my wife and I a whole day to carry it all up onto site. This is the first load on site. It it doesn’t look a lot, but the stack was around 3 metres tall. The pieces of wood on top were place there first, then weld mash placed on top to stop it blowing away.
  8. I’m wondering how other self builders protect newly installed stuff from knocks and scuffs? I've just started installing windows and a few are floor to ceiling and I don’t want any getting damaged!
  9. Maybe as a result of the deal with Trump we’ll see more free movement of tradespeople from across the pond,
  10. No doubt building materials imported will be more expensive. Labour will probably be more expensive as EU labour leaves or are rounded up by immigration swat teams. On the plus’ side you’ll be able to buy a lot of materials at liquidation auctions.
  11. When knocking the old house down we found a junction box signed by the electrician and some stud work signed by the carpenter, both dated 1935. We’ve scribbled the odd thing here and there for posterity! I like the idea of the hidden news paper.
  12. It’s the holes on mine that are worn. I do a lot of strumming, our plot is rocky, with lots of exposed limestone, so the strimmer line breaks easily.
  13. I asked the same question on the Arboriculture forum and the response was negative, apparently these things were banned a few years ago as a result of an injury, leading to the untimely death, of a user. I won’t be buying one! I’ll be looking at other options for a replacement head for the strimmer.
  14. My strimmer head has worn out and given the amount of plastic line I loose to the environment I was wondering about replacing it with one of these, what do you think? Has anyone used one, are they any good ?
  15. It’s time to end the two party state and move to Proportional Representation.