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  1. Radon

    Our site is in a Radon protection area. So I’ve fitted the radon barrier under the insulation, I assume I’m correct to bring the radon barrier up the basement walls to ground level. If so, why would the architect specify a separate tanking membrane? Surely in only need one water and gas tight membrane?
  2. Airtightness tape

    The charge £11 per roll for the 50mm by 25m roll.
  3. Airtightness tape

    Maybe I’ll up the order and see if the delivery costs come down!
  4. Airtightness tape

    The discount code still works. Not impressed by a £24 delivery charge for 10 rolls of tape, so cancelled the order. Any suggestions when to buy air tightness tape without ridiculous delivery charges ?
  5. DIY Insulated Foundations

    So my DIY insulated foundation project has started, after weeks of digging and peckering the basement is dug and with the help of two local ground workers I’ve started levelling up the surface prior to installing the insulation. This is the view of the left hand side of the basement. No doubt more photos will folllow as the Work progress.
  6. Advice on DHW & heating please.

    What’s the problem with chilblains and UFH, just curious!
  7. The cost of waterproof concrete

    I’ve talked to a number of admix suppliers and they do make this waterproofing chemicals stuff sound like a black art. Taking the cost of the admix into consideration, it sounds like my only local batch plant has a £35m3 mark up on waterproof concrete.
  8. Re bar tie tool

    Which make do the hire shop have and How much are they to buy?
  9. Alaskan saw mill

    It would be nice to have him back.
  10. The cost of waterproof concrete

    It’s good to know the price of ordinary concrete. It’s been suggested that the waterproof admix is £24 per sachet and a sachet will do a m3.
  11. Re bar tie tool

    Great advice, we start our reinforced foundations and basement walls tomorrow, so will hire a machine to up the pace.
  12. The cost of waterproof concrete

    iI’ve found that there’s only one local supplier of waterproof concrete. I’ve got a quote, but be honest im unsure if their quote is competitive or not. £145 per m3 ex VAT for a C28/35 (350 0.45) w/r sika w/t CEM 1 S3 Pump 10mm. What do you think? How much are you paying for concrete locally?
  13. What size duct is required for ASHP feed and return?
  14. So my drains and Radon sump are in position under my insulated foundation slab. I’m now thinking of what else I should install under there, I’m thinking a duct for a power cable and a duct for a phone cable. So is there anything else I should consider installing before it’s too late?
  15. Sunamp heat battery

    Just thinking ahead, what is the lead time - design to delivery of a Sunamp unit?