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    I'm a self-builder from South Cumbria. I've had a plot for three years (as of May 2016). Planning went through unopposed and without comment from anyone, a first for the local area according to the architect. Because of the tight access we started by building a cabin in the garden in which to live, a static caravan as too big to get into site and I'd heard horror stories from another self-builder living in the village, he, his wife and two kids have lived in one for three years so far, he reckons it will be another two years before the house is finished.
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  1. That’s one pricey fan heater, £240…… Thanks for the help.
  2. Mine is electric only. So the Smiths SS80 won’t do as it’s water based.
  3. So to keep cost in check, I installed Ikea units in the utility room. It’s designed to be cooler than the rest of the house, however I’m now getting complaints that it’s cold on the feet when stood ironing. Ikea plinths are narrow, only 75 to 80mm tall. I’ve search high and low and all the plinth heaters I can find are 100mm thick. Does anyone know of a slim plinth heater? Links would be good.
  4. His there an App for do I have to log onto the Cloud every time I want to look at the data?
  5. I’ve just got the Panasonic ASHP Aquarea App up and running and I must say I’m underwhelmed. Maybe I’m missing something, it’s very very basic. I’d expected more! I can’t even see the COP. I can see over 12 months of data via the Controller, yet the App doesn’t display it. Any other users out there? Am I missing something?
  6. I did that in the last house. I used less that 1/4 of them. In the end I ‘hid’ the rest inside a false wall, never to be seen again.
  7. Could you be specific, which boxes and which switch? Make, model etc. Is there a diagram of how it wall goes together?
  8. Well done with the planning approval. having just finished a new build, I can tell you it’s an interesting ride. Hopefully costs will have stabilised. You must shop around, it saved us thousands. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount from local suppliers. Don’t leave sourcing stuff to the last minute, or your likely to have to pay more. Start a cost spreadsheet now. Keep a close eye on costs from the start. Update it each week.
  9. I’m thinking of keeping it simple. At the moment I have 4 items plugged into the router, but I need about 4 more spare ways. I also have the 3 security cameras to install. Ideally I’d like a smart phone app type thing, so I can see what’s going on when away from home. I’d also like to extent the Wifi to an outbuilding, to which I have a CAT6 cable installed.
  10. Property is a long term investment. I have a rent property in one particular location and seen very little capital growth in th3 last ten years. Mind you the yeald is around 14%. Talking to a local EA, he’s seeing lots of landlords selling up, due to poor yeald and some, due to age and the hassle of being a landlord.
  11. I have fibre gigabit broadband, lots of network cabling (CaT6 to every room) and wiring for 3 security cameras (CAT6 and a power supply), I also have meshed wifi. I have never installed network equipment before and was wondering if someone could advice what I need? To be honest, this is the last of the indoor jobs and I’ve been putting it off !!!
  12. Oxalic acid works a treat. Did ours and they came up very well. if you are close to South Cumbria, I could give you some Oxalic power i have left.
  13. Don’t use the slate with the crack. It will come apart one winters day, once the ice forms in the crack. Re-holing should be fine, so long as the old holed are well covered by the slate above.
  14. In a previous house I had new windows installed, and being new to self build, got a local FENSA registered company to make and install them. The guys who turned up had never install windows in a house with internally recessed stone mullions and I had to show them how it was done. I turned out neither were building trades people, one had trained as a butcher and the other had only ever been in sales. So much for “experts”!
  15. The BC never asked to see the sign off. For me it never happened.
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