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    I'm a self-builder from South Cumbria. I've had a plot for three years (as of May 2016). Planning went through unopposed and without comment from anyone, a first for the local area according to the architect. Because of the tight access we started by building a cabin in the garden in which to live, a static caravan as too big to get into site and I'd heard horror stories from another self-builder living in the village, he, his wife and two kids have lived in one for three years so far, he reckons it will be another two years before the house is finished.
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  1. Has anyone got a photo, sketch, layout plan for such a set up? I only ask as I find it easier to understand rather than a written description!
  2. It was very much like the examples on the wen site (3 spread sheets covering labour, materials, quantities etc).
  3. This only came about after the number of claims against surveyors went up, suggesting it was their fault that things with the house weren’t right. As a result RICS added more checks to their checklist and insurers started offering to cover the risks associated with missing certificates etc. Buyer beware!
  4. We got an online QS to do ours, £150. Just send them the drawings and they do the rest.
  5. Our donor timber frame Bungalow had hardboard internal wall coverings and 1/2” fibre board wall coverings on the internal face of the exterior walls. Apparently, according to a now retired ex county council building surveyor, lots of these were build in the 1930s.
  6. So you’d got fully Sunamp? How would you deal with UFH and cooling? I assume you’d retain the ASHP and feed it directly into the UFH. Thanks for all the contributions to this and other Sunamp threads. It’s crunch time for me, I’m starting first fix in the New Year, so need to finalise my space heating and hot water design. I’m come to the conclusion that one large ( suitably sized) Sunamp, charged using solar PV and off peak grid electricity is the way to go for DHW. Still not sure about Space heating! In my case I’ve fitted hundreds of metres of pipe in the slab. Do I really need the cost of an ASHP and unventilated hot water store? Maybe the Willis heater is the way to go and in summer when it’s too hot, just open the windows and purge the hot air! What keeps you awake at night?
  7. Will building control expect to get a copy of the structural calculations for the stairs?
  8. I’ve had a couple of quotes back for our steel staircases and both have included a sum of £3,000 for detail drawings and structural calculations. Are detailed drawings and structural calcs normally required? If so, would it be cheaper to get someone local to do these? £3000 sounds a lot
  9. I’m about to start first fix electrics and was discussing lighting with the electrician. He tells me that one of his suppliers does a free lighting design service, he’s going to send them my plans. Has anyone els3 used such a service and if so, what did you think of the results?
  10. Best get it cut down asap, or find another plot.
  11. With a base cost and top coat it added up to 10mm
  12. In the cabin I used up offcuts 10mm thick slate floor tiles as cills.
  13. In the end I went for straight 10mm bead to give a flat finish, the render guy was happy as it’s easier to get a good finish. The beads came via Hew Grey builders merchants.