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  1. Triassic

    Air test

    I as on a site recently, 12 “eco houses”, one stood out from the rest, every joint in the timber frame was sealed and the inside had a vapour membrane and was taped etc. The rest weren’t up to the same standard, I asked why. Apparently the first one I’d seen was the “test”house, hence all the attention to detail.
  2. I’m about to pour the concrete into my ICF basement walls. How long do I need to let the concrete cure before I can backfill behind the walls?
  3. Triassic

    fire extinguishers

    I’ve just renewed my house to nsurance and one of the new requirements is to have two smoke alarms and two fire alarm extinguishers I asked why and I as told it’s because my house is timber framed and has some exterior cladding.
  4. Same here, mine just won’t run. Shame as it’s been a good strimmer up to press!
  5. I’ve got my ICF walls constructed and the next step is to fill them with concrete. The manufacturer states that the ICF must be proper before the concrete is poured. I’ve contacted the UK supplier of the system a few time asking for a date for delivery of their hire props and keep being put off. I’ve now found out that all their props are on hire to a housebuilder constructing an ICF housing estate of 30 houses.. Time is marching on and I need to get the basement walls completed, so the TF company can get started on the house! Does anyone know where I can hire ICF prop?
  6. Triassic

    Concrete release agent

    I’ve got a small section of concrete formwork and need to apply a release agent to stop the concrete sticking to the wood. Any suggestions what I could use as a DIY release agent - oil, wax, emulsion paint????
  7. Triassic

    Sole Plate Timber

    I’m about to order timber for my sole plate. Do I order treated or untreated timber? As I have a DPM under my insulated slab, do I need a separate DPC under the timber sole plate?
  8. Same here, don’t under estimate the amount of time, effort and money you’ll need to get this project completed. if your a cash buyer, tell them so, but go in on the low side, as it’ll cost you more than your budget to get it to a habitable standard.
  9. I wonde4 what ever happened to Mikeee and his neighbours who burnt painted wood and old pallets?
  10. Air pollution plans to tackle wood burners Ministers want to halve the number of people exposed to high levels of pollution from fine particles, known as particulates, by 2025. One of the most contentious proposals is to reduce pollution from wood burners, which, along with solid fuels, cause 38% of particulate pollution. But a source at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) told the BBC there was no plan to ban existing stoves - or the burning of coal and open wood fires, which are far more polluting than wood burners.
  11. Start with a small fire upwind and use a leaf blower to increase the combustion rate. If it starts smoking use the leaf blower again to get extra air in there.
  12. Triassic

    Plastering ICF Basement Walls

    I’d read that you can render directly onto ICF and on one or two of the American Build forums people had posted that they had plastered directly onto the ICF.
  13. I’m in the process of building my ICF basement walls and looking at the manufacturers video it shows that the services can be placed into ducts cut And foamed into the ICF. What’s not clear is whether I can simply plaster directly onto the ICF. What have others done?
  14. Triassic

    UFH Cooling without ASHP

    Start buying them up, once you own them extend the garden!