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    I'm a self-builder from South Cumbria. I've had a plot for three years (as of May 2016). Planning went through unopposed and without comment from anyone, a first for the local area according to the architect. Because of the tight access we started by building a cabin in the garden in which to live, a static caravan as too big to get into site and I'd heard horror stories from another self-builder living in the village, he, his wife and two kids have lived in one for three years so far, he reckons it will be another two years before the house is finished.
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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Probably best I talk to the BC company ( private company) and try and sort of the balcony issue and ask what the letter means with regard to completions.
  2. Ive just received this Extension of Time Letter from my BCO. The outstanding items are mainly metal work associated with a Juliette Balcony and a large balcony to the front of the property. These were originally going to me made out of steel, but the first firm went bust and I'm now on my fourth company and finally I have someone to do the work, but the pace is painfully slow, due to it being small job and a huge backlog of work they have. What does this letter really mean, as I'm not sure. What fees are involved as they don't make this clear?
  3. I work with a number of Scout Groups and one particular Group has a concrete Compton type building that is in poor condition. One suggestion to improve it is the apply external insulation and render. Is anyone aware of any grant that might be available for such work?
  4. This week I’ve found that our steel fabricator and the second fix carpentry companies have both gone bust. Luckily they didn’t have any of my money, but they leave me in the lurch! is this just a local problem, or are you seeing more businesses going busy? Talking to both owners, they blame material, utility and rent hikes for their problems. Late payment was also mentioned by the fabricator.
  5. A very underrated life skill.
  6. ICF is relatively easy, a bit like big Lego filled with steel re-bar and concrete. Used it in my basement. No need to use brick lips, just use bricks to form the outside skin. The search bar is a very useful tool here, as are the self build blogs.
  7. This is why hospitality locally is really struggling, local cafes and pubs on short hours due to staff shortages. All I can suggest is re-train and get trade skills to access the £200-£300 per day jobs. Lets face it Steamy, with you mathematical skills you could be on good money designing ASHP installations. I regularly see ads for good staff.
  8. Around a decade. We get power cuts around twice a year. Mainly less that a day. The last one, the third in twelve months, was last week and lasted for 16 hours. The biggest pain is reprogramming everything that isn't 'smart' enough to have a memory.
  9. I'm about to starting to lay the hardcore for the patio and wondered what your thoughts are on laying it, so that the finished outdoor tiles are level with the indoor tiles. I worry that in the age of torrential rain that I'm asking for water ingress issues. Maybe drainage is key? The alternative is a step down from the patio door onto the patio.
  10. Using a price comparison site and a rebuild value of £600,000, the suggested premium is £120/pa. That’s sounds too cheap!?
  11. It’s time to renew the insurance for the building and the question of rebuild value has come up.. last year I used the RICS rebuild calculator, so logged on again this year, to be told the rebuild cost is the same as last year! Yet I read in the press that material costs are surging and materials and Labour are in short supply. Then there’s the National Park premium to account for! So the question is, how do I get to a realistic rebuild value?
  12. The problem is that the rising cost of electricity is forcing many back to burning stuff. My neighbour has opened up two fireplaces and over the winter has been busy every day with a chainsaw, he tells me he has 12 years worth of cut logs stored in his barn. I ws talking to a chimney sweep today who says he's never been as busy and is getting new enquiries most days. Clearly rising energy cost are bad for the planet.
  13. Mainly because the balcony is 2.5m wide and 16m long with 20mm glazing the three sides. I was'nt sure if timber was the way to go?
  14. @gravelrash Do you have a link to Keto beams? Ah just realised you mean Kerto! All I got searching Keto was beans!
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