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    I'm a self builder from South Cumbria. I've had a plot for three years (as of May 2016). Planning went through unapposed and without comment from anyone, a first for the local area according to the architect. Because of the tight access we started by building a cabin in the garden in which to live, a static caravan as too big to get into site and I'd heard horror stories from another self builder living in the village, he, his wife and two kids have live in one for three years so far, he recons it will be another two years before the house is finished.
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  1. Triassic

    Another council enforcement

    The council admit losing the revised plans. Maybe the Council will see the light and admit they got it wrong!
  2. I’ve used this approach in comecial property deals, once came out of a deal, that a purchaser let lapse, a million Pound richer, well not me, but the company I worked for.
  3. Triassic

    Leicht Kichens

    Maybe I’ll look for a local cabinet maker, I’d rather pay for real creaftmenship rather mass produced stuff !
  4. Triassic

    Leicht Kichens

    That was my thought, I just can see £27,000 of value in a kitchen. My first house cost less!
  5. Triassic

    Leicht Kichens

    Well the quote for our Leicht kitchen is in, £27,000. Remind me, what was Plan B.........
  6. Triassic


    I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything better than the instructions you already have, sorry.
  7. Triassic

    A Winter of Peckering

    Just to add, Chris the pecker guy got through four peckers due to various mechanical problems, things falling off or shearing or coming loose inside. Luckily he’d started the job with a brand new pecker and the supplier is as only three miles away, so replacement and repair was easy.
  8. Triassic


    Which model as they produce a large range?
  9. Triassic

    Alu clad timber or pvc

    You right, their first option is to get the originals renovated and their second option is like for like replacement. luckily, although we were in a conservation area, the building wasn’t listed.
  10. Triassic

    A Winter of Peckering

    I have about 40m of new dry stone wall to build, so a lot will be used there, the rest will be ‘lost’ around the plot levelling up sloping areas to form patios and level lawned areas.
  11. Triassic

    Alu clad timber or pvc

    @Tiny Sorry about the delay in replying, I’ve only just noticed your question, if you put an @ in front of my name it alerts me to a question. I’m currently sat in a house in Newby Bridge with Chapelhow windows and they look very nice. I’m in the final throws of choosing a window supplier for my own build, for me it’s all down to a quality versus price decision.
  12. Triassic

    Alu clad timber or pvc

    @KernowGran welcome to the forum. Ive lived in a conservation area previously and we needed to replace all the windows in a house we renovated. I borrowed a shop sample of a uPVC sliding sash window to show the conservation officer. Thankfully he was impressed with them as reproductions and allowed their use in our home.
  13. Triassic

    A Winter of Peckering

    Our site slopes, so we had the idea of digging into the slope and creating a walk in basement. Having done two trial pits into nice soil and clay during the initial design phase, we were confident that it was a simple soil dig out sort of thing! Once the bungalow was demolished it became clear we’d quite by chance dig into the only two areas of soil and clay and the house had been constructed on a large lump of limestone rock called Cumbria. After a hit of head scratching and a coffee with my neighbour Brian, he’s the ‘go to guy’ if you have a problem, as he’s usually got a solution and the solution was a local guy called Chris, a man with a machine and a pecker. Chris arrived on 1st November and twelve weeks and an estimated 1,200 tonnes of rock later we had a basement. Here he is starting clearing the site. The basement hole starts to take shape. This is about half of the stone removed from the basement hole.
  14. Triassic


    I tried to give it away and I only had one guy turn up and he only wanted new wood! I even tried advertising it as firewood as we live in a rural area and a lot of people have woood burning stoves, again I only had one person come and look and he only wanted logs! I did manage to sell a lot of the internal fixtures and fittings. I reused some of the timber to make a site loo, it’s a lot nicer than a plastic Tardis Loo and it doesn’t blow over in high wind!!
  15. Triassic

    Peel n stick membrane

    @Russell griffiths I used Protec SAGM, it’s a multi layer waterproof and gas proof membrane, the gas proof ness was a building control requirement as we are in a Radon Area. We applied it during the summer and it slicks!! As the weather gets cooler it’s more manageable.