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    I'm a self builder from South Cumbria. I've had a plot for three years (as of May 2016). Planning went through unapposed and without comment from anyone, a first for the local area according to the architect. Because of the tight access we started by building a cabin in the garden in which to live, a static caravan as too big to get into site and I'd heard horror stories from another self builder living in the village, he, his wife and two kids have live in one for three years so far, he recons it will be another two years before the house is finished.
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  1. At least your job only took 40minutes. Debbie and I have spent 4 days so far punching 20,000 holes in our roof slates, only another 5,000 holes to go! Mind numbingly boring,
  2. Nice cladding, what make, colour, is it?
  3. Triassic

    Freezer Not Freezing

    Our Beco fridge freezer does the same. Cheap c$$p,
  4. Triassic

    manifold box in.

    In our previous house ours was in the back of the kitchen sink cupboard. To maximise space I mounted the manifold on the wall before fitting the cupboard, I removed the backboard from the cupboard before fittng.
  5. Triassic

    Excavation cost / benefit?

    What’s 4m down? If it’s all soil, then xcavation should be straightforward, if it’s rock, it could become costly. What you going to do with the excavated material? The best is to retain it on site. If you have to get it removed it’ll be costly
  6. A friend had a mini digger stolen, it was fitted with a tracker, which indicated it was in an empty industrial unit, which was surrounded by caravans and trucks belonging to “travelling Folk”. He called the Police, they did very little, so he phoned around all his building trades contacts and within an hour the place was rammed with builders. after some agro the Police came back and ‘negotiated’ the return of the mini digger and it’s trailer. Sometimes direct action is the only way. All’s well that ends well!
  7. Triassic

    BT Monopoly

    Maybe that’s the problem, we also wanted a land line as part of the deal .
  8. This worked for an aquatence, he went 50:50 on the money they got back.
  9. Triassic

    I need a SUDS engineer

    I’ve used HR Wallingford in the past
  10. Triassic

    BT Monopoly

    Sorry, yes you’re right it’s not unbundled. When I check with Sam says the only provider is BT Wholsale. We tried a few other broadband suppliers but our exchange is not on their list.
  11. We’re in the process of changing various utility providers and BT are on the list due to their high charges. I now find that our exchange is “unbundled” and BT are the sole provider of broadband. Is there any way round this?
  12. Triassic

    Get rid of those awful downlighters...

    We need more example of good lighting, as being a bloke I struggle with lighting design!
  13. Triassic

    Dew Point - What is it and why does it matter

    So if the video is correct the condensing surface is on the back side of the OSB sheathing. If so, the OSB and the breathable Membrane should allow the passage of any moisture to the outside.
  14. Triassic

    Dew Point - What is it and why does it matter

    The analysis suggests it’s in the middle of the insulation .?
  15. I’ve been looking at the wall construction of my timber frame and the dew point analysis. I’ve realised I just don’t understand what’s going on and where the dew point should be and why? Could someone explain why it’s important and how to interpret the results?