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  1. Important updates to BuildHub

    I tried it, but it didn't work. Maybe Specsavers is the answer!
  2. Important updates to BuildHub

    Tried the alternative theme, is the text any bigger?
  3. Important updates to BuildHub

    That's a shame, I find the text a bit on the small size.
  4. Important updates to BuildHub

    Only if the site supports 'dynamic type'. Oh oh well I'll just have to zoom in and shuffle the screen left and right with my finger to read each sentence.
  5. Important updates to BuildHub

    How does that work on an iPad?
  6. Important updates to BuildHub

    I find the new font an bit on the small and faint side. Can the user increase it?
  7. Important updates to BuildHub

    Is it just me, is the default text size in the new forum smaller than the old forum.?
  8. Dry Rot and Rising Damp

    Also worth checking the gutters are working and not overflowing and constantly wetting the exterior wall in the damp area. A neighbour had a damp patch and this was traced to a leaking leaf flashing, this allowed water to trickle down inside the cavity wall. So worth checking the roof for loose flashing and defective tiles.
  9. Toilet Hire in the South

    I'm about to build a site loo out of demolition leftovers, a close coupled loo, a small sink, 3x2" and OSB. luckily I've got water and a septic tank on site. Overall it'll save me a few hundred quid which I can put to better use elsewhere.
  10. Select a forum

    I just click on the "+ Creat" twiddly at the top of the page, then select "Topic". I then get to select the correct forum. It works no matter which view I'm in. Not sure why your forum choice is limited as you describe.
  11. Having looked at the various systems, some use plastic cross ties and others are wholly formed of polystyrene. I assume the ICF systems using plastic ( or on a few cases steel) ties, will be stronger? Is there a definitive list of which system uses what, or is it a case of looking at ever web site for the answer?
  12. Does anyone have the UK contact details for Nudura ICF, I'd like to get a price off them.
  13. This is not an easy post to write.....

    Just a thought, We capital raised using our last house to buy the current one. Maybe you could do the same, assuming you can make the mortgage payments. Bugger! You really are in a horrible place. Maybe once you've had time to think, you should name the institution that pulled the rug on you, at the very least it may help others steer clear of them.
  14. I think you were done! from the South Lakes Council web site.. Uninhabitable and vacant properties Two classes of 'local' discount have been available since 1 April 2013. We have set this discount at 100%. uninhabitable property that requires, or is undergoing, major works to render it habitable, or is undergoing structural alteration. This discount will apply for a maximum period of 12 months (as long as the property remains unoccupied and unfurnished)
  15. Radon and other membranes

    My local BM quote £120 +vat for 100m2, hence my question. Oh and they don't have any air tightness membrane or tapes on stock.