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  1. Stones

    Sewage treatment plants

    There is a lift out 'tray' inside the Biopure in which the air pump sits, so visually, all we have is the lid of the unit. You do however have to lift the tray out to access the internals of the unit. Having to build a housing to hide the box was something I didn't want to have to bother about hence my decision.
  2. Stones

    Replacement PC

    So having had a good look around, I've narrowed down to two, the first as linked to previously, but upgraded to 8GB RAM and 480 SSD would coming in at £310 inc VAT, or this: for £325 with 8GB RAM, with various combinations of SSD and HDD possible. The former has a Celeron N3060 CPU, the latter a Skylake 6006U CPU. Both dual core, although the Skylake has 4 threads. HD400 graphics for the Celeron and HD520 for the Skylake. Is there any real benefit of going for the Skylake over the Celeron given the PC will only be used for basic tasks - email, browsing, basic office functions, viewing photos? As previously stated I plan to go with Linux rather than windows which should hopefully improve performance.
  3. Stones

    Sewage treatment plants

    When I was looking, I narrowed it down to a choice of 3, a Condor, Biopure and Vortex. I couldn't get the Condor delivered to my location for a sensible price (or source it through the local BMs) which is a pity because it has one big advantage over the Biopure - there is a separate built in chamber for the air pump, i.e. you do not have to lift the air pump out in order to empty or check that the plant is functioning. I went with the Biopure in the end as I wanted to house the air pump within the unit. The air pump for the vortex sits on top of the unit, not something I wanted, and it was a little more expensive (delivered) to my location than the Biopure.
  4. Stones

    Replacement PC

    @JSHarris What OS did you install, and confirm you fitted both the SSD and HDD in the mini PC itself rather than an external HDD?
  5. Stones

    Replacement PC

    Oh, and AMD or Intel for the processor & graphics
  6. Stones

    Replacement PC

    Dragging this back to PC rather TV provision, having done a bit more digging around, the main things I have to consider are whether I want to go with a smaller SSD or larger HDD (appreciate the former should be quicker, but obviously less storage), screen refresh rate, as I suspect the refresh rate of all in one screens are poorer than I could get with a stand alone, and which OS. The first two questions really are trade offs, so in many ways the decision comes down to OS. I don't have that much interest in spending hours and hours working out how to resolve software issues, I just want things to work, easily. Windows 10 on the face of it would seem sensible, but I'm aware the recent update caused a lot of problems. I've not had any experience of using Linux - if I'm happy to accept the visual / asthetic differences, are Linux OS more usable, or will I end up spending significant amounts of time trying to get everything working? How good are the open source office applications - I assume more than enough for letter writing and simple spreadsheets?
  7. I'm looking to replace my ageing laptop with a desktop style set up so that I can position the (hopefully significantly larger) screen at the correct height in relation to my eye line. I only use the machine for very basic tasks - browsing, email, letters etc. No gaming or high powered processing capacity required. I have in my own mind narrowed down the options to either an All in One, or a Nettop. Whilst All in Ones are very appealing, I'm seriously considering the following: Performance wise, a bit better than my current laptop, has an SSD, and without an OS I could load it with Linux Mint rather than a bloated Windows OS. Add in the cost of a decent sized screen and the peripherals I would end up spending the same as an All in One. Any thoughts?
  8. Stones

    Heat Loss Calculator

    @oranjeboom How big is your house? Bear in mind the original spreadsheet was for a simply shaped and modestly sized house, so the fact your heat loss figures are a lot more isn't of itself anything to worry about.
  9. Stones

    Cut roof, a thing of the past?

    Mine has a mix of trusses and ridge beam / cut rafters. Depends on complexity of your build and what you want to achieve internally.
  10. Stones

    Greetings Everyone!

  11. and the availability of it / particular trades
  12. Stones

    Millennial don’t need living rooms!

    I can certainly see a future where large numbers of (single) individuals are housed in student type accommodation - your own small space (10-15 sq m) with multi functional furniture and en suite shower facilities.
  13. Stones

    What to do with our cats poo

    I actually ended up building a small rain shelter at the back door for the cats, rather than messing about with a cat flap. No smelly food (or litter) in the house at all. Cats would come in from time to time for a cuddle / sleep, but otherwise would do what they wanted outside.
  14. When I decided to go with that system, we had an alternative kit quote from Deeside TF. Although they were cheaper for the same U values, all insulation would have to be fitted on site, and having worked out the time / cost of that, the Supawall wons hands down. Compared to previous kits where tolerances were very elastic, the Supawall kit was mm perfect. A lot of time went into ensuring the soleplate was fixed according to the critical frame dimensions, but when the kit arrived and was craned into place (we had one 10 metre panel) it went like clockwork. Simple quick and effective, with each piece sliding in and interlocking with the next. It certainly persuaded the contractor I was using that such systems were the way forward. It was the first time he had built with it, and had been a little reluctant, but having erected the frame in just over two hours, he came to me and said all houses should be built this way.