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  1. Important updates to BuildHub

    @JSHarris, first thing I tried but unfortunately no success.
  2. Important updates to BuildHub

    Is this the one we changed prior to going live? There is a buildhub entry, below local host name resolution. Do I simply delete this entry?
  3. Important updates to BuildHub

    Where will I find the hosts file?
  4. Important updates to BuildHub

    The old URL returns the forum will be offline message, and the new URL reverts to This site can't be reached.
  5. Important updates to BuildHub

    Right, I'm unable to get on the forum using my laptop (chrome) regardless of using the new or old URL. I can however access on my phone. I've cleared history, cache, cookies but no change. Any suggestions?
  6. Glue Down Engineered Oak

    My joiners (2 of them) took just over 4 days to do 105 m2. It was the smaller areas that took the time.
  7. Floating or Fully Bonded floor over UFH

    I'm still not sure I like the feel of a fully bonded floor. However, what I do not miss is the normal gap between skirting board and floor that you get on a floating floor where heavy furniture is placed against the wall. Replacing boards (see my blog) was quite invasive if using the plunge saw method. We have recently tried a different approach as we have two or three other boards that need some remedial work. I should stress this is not an adhesive issue, but a level slab issue - the boards didn't bond in certain places as they were pulled up from the slab when fitting subsequent boards due to minor undulations. You really do need a level slab to bond without issue. We recently tried the following product with great success. Clean and easy to do, and A LOT quicker than the lunge saw method. In the test area we tried, after 24 hours the floor board in question, previously hollow sounded is now rock solid and sounds like all the other fully bonded boards. For the test area a hole was drilled and a plug (cut from spare flooring) was fitted. We have a couple more boards to do so will try simply drilling a 1/8" hole, injecting the adhesive then use wood filler to fill the drill hole. I should be able to report back in due course as to which repair method looks best.
  8. Coin covered garage floor

    Clear resin was the only thing I could think of, but as you say, adding all these bits on increases the cost.
  9. On a fairly regular basis, we get questions regarding whether it is permitted to live on site in a static caravan. Schedule 1 of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Order 1992 / Schedule 2 of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 both refer to paragraphs 2 - 10 of the First Schedule of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, which details the permitted use of land as a caravan site where a caravan site licence is not required (to obtain a caravan site licence, you require planning permission). Paragraph 9 states Building and engineering sites Subject to the provisions of paragraph 13 of this Schedule, a site licence shall not be required for the use as a caravan site of land which forms part of, or adjoins, land on which building or engineering operations are being carried out (being operations for the carrying out of which permission under Part III of the Act of 1947 has, if required, been granted) if that use is for the accommodation of a person or persons employed in connection with the said operations. Many people believe that this paragraph means they can live on site with their families. For those individuals who are employed in connection with the relevant building operations that may be true, but the paragraph does not cover family members not employed in that process, children being a good example. Whilst it may be the case that individual Planning Authorities are more relaxed about their interpretation of this paragraph, and individual circumstances will differ, the only way to be sure that you can permanently reside on site is to obtain planning permission. The most straightforward way of doing so is to include provision of the static caravan in your main planning application.
  10. Quite like this, something a bit different, but what a lot of work. Not sure how they intend to fill all the gaps between coins.
  11. Buildhub member in Swindon

    Hi and welcome. Are you fixed on the Swindon area or are you considering further afield?
  12. Design for Racks for Spray Painting Skirtings

    @Ferdinand One of my friends used your A frame approach with great success. One issue he hadn't thought about was the subsequent fixing of skirting and facing boards. Having nailed them on, and filled the holes, he ended up doing a final coat of paint by hand as he couldn't touch up the filled heads to the glass like finish he had achieved by spraying them.
  13. That's the 1961 order I referred to in my earlier post. I'll be posting in more detail soon.
  14. This is not an easy post to write.....

    To quote Captain Darling's last diary entry, "bugger" Short term finance / credit card to get wind and watertight a priority. Raising finance on your current cottage worth actively exploring.