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  1. Opposition parties have certainly made hay with the phrase 'Tory Brexit'. They seem to forget 5 out of every 6 MPS voted in favour of the legislation enabling the referendum. +1. Shrinkflation is the term most commonly used.
  2. Stones

    Any Tesla owners here?

    There are some interesting projects going on up here at the moment, for both hydrogen production (from excess renewable electricity generation), fuel cell to provide heating and cold ironing capability for local ferries, refuelling and hydrogen vehicles.
  3. Okay folks, I'm unlocking this thread for further comment. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone this is a self build and renovation community, the key word being community. We all have different views and experiences (which inform our view / position on this topic) but if we don't respect each other's views and opinions (even though we may disagree strongly with them), we won't have a community. Debate and discussion by all means, but we are not here to rerun the referendum campaign or descend to the level of (some of) our elected representatives.
  4. Rather than tempers getting frayed, I've locked this thread from further comment. It would be my intention to unlock it tomorrow once everyone has taken a deep breath and relaxed.
  5. Stones

    Sunamp container bulging

    That may be their plan, having got an A++ energy rating because of the low heat loss, it opens up a huge market with big developers seeking an easy SAP point or two.
  6. It's something that I've long considered, and read an article about a couple of weeks ago, comparing the EU (as an institution) to the old USSR, in that they are more concerned about ideals and pursuit of those ideals, than political reality and the wellbeing of their citizens. You only have to look at the price of the Euro project being paid by citizens of certain southern EU member countries, in terms of unemployment, wage cuts and so forth. I don't believe the model is sustainable in the long term. At what point (like the USSR) it collapses I don't know. Economically, if Euro member states were to proceed to full political, fiscal and monetary union, then it could be saved, but I see little appetite for that. As to our current predicament, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it's easy to say what should have happened, but we are where we are. I think a second referendum would be far more toxic than the first, and it doesn't seem to me that the proponents have considered what they would do if the result was the same. The only way I can see a second referendum working and having any value is if it were to decide and settle upon what our future relationship should be - i.e. Norway, Swiss, Canada model, the current negotiated deal being as intended, a transition to get us to that point. If we knew where we were going, I suspect the current deal, with all the political fudge entailed, would perhaps be palatable. As for our politicians, as has already been said, I really do wish they could put their personal and party agendas aside...not that that's likely! Parliamentary car crash in 9 days...
  7. Things that make your life easier: Multipanel / shower wall panels - really easy to keep clean Kitchen - incorporate drawers and cupboard pull outs for anything below worktop height Maids pulley - already mentioned, but ours are located in a section of vaulted ceiling so are well above head height / no washing hanging down into room 5A lighting socket ring in main room - single switch to turn off all lamps (really wish I'd fitted a master switch for all the TV and HiFi) Mat wells at doors - ours were the consequence of the door being able to open over the planned tiles, but we wouldn't be without them.
  8. Stones

    Sunamp container bulging

    So, having developed what they thought was a viable product with the SunampPV (intended IIRC as a means for those with gas boilers to benefit from diverted PV generation - I think they had identified a reasonable sized social housing market for this) and thanks in part to this forum, they realised there were other applications and that larger capacity units with low / negligible heat loss was potentially quite a lucrative market (especially if they could sell to big developers who need to get an easy extra SAP point). They develop their range, simplify the internal workings presumably to make it quicker, cheaper and easier to manufacture, but in doing so, took away one of the big positive features of the original product, i.e. ability to charge the unit whatever the state of depletion. Combined with the bulging lid, which doesn't look at all good, does seem to indicate it being a case of trying to push forward too quickly and perhaps taking eyes off the ball. Hopefully with the feedback they are getting will turn things around.
  9. Stones

    Benefits of a thermal store?

    Worth remembering that thermostatic showers need a temperature differential between incoming DHW temp and your selected output temp to work/mix properly. For most I believe that differential is around 6 - 10C. I costed out using an ASHP to satisfy all DHW provision, and the preheat to 40C then top up with immersion alternative. Heating to 50C and based on 300litres, and an ASHP COP of 2.4, I found the cost to be the same. Sure the ASHP electricity cost for preheat was less due to higher COP, but this was offset by the immersion top up cost. If it costs the same, is there really any benefit to complicating your DHW system / operation? I concluded there wasn't. I should point out that I don't have any PV (diversion) to DHW.
  10. Does your ASHP pre date the ERP compliance? Just wondering if that's when it changed.
  11. I had a read of the info and agree it's far from clear. It's your electric boiler (or say an oil boiler) that would be considered back up heating. If you chose to retain the boiler and keep it connected / used it, then metering would apply rather than deemed payments. Immersions form an integral part of most systems and are not included. I think all approved ASHP now have on board metering for performance which is enough to tick that particular box. I believe metering for payment requires extra kit.
  12. But the rules are there, and there for a reason. The tree, given its size will presumably have some benefit to the wider community in terms of amenity. Unless the developer has owned the land for 200 years and somehow been taken by surprise that this tree has grown unnoticed, he/she will have bought the land and gone through the planning process in the full knowledge of the TPO restriction. Depends on their planning permission, but I imagine there may well be specific conditions relating to the tree. They may well have rendered their planning permission null and void themselves by felling the tree (putting themselves in a position where they are unable to comply with conditions).
  13. Stones

    Warm downstairs but cold upstairs

    We are all on one level so don't have this issue, other than our master bedroom. tends to sit 0.5C below the set house temperature, whilst the rest of the house sits 0.5C above it. The room is heated in exactly the same way as the rest of the house. The only difference is that the MVHR supply rate to the room is (intentionally) set higher than other rooms. In previous houses, where we have not heated rooms, temperature in those spaces was dictated entirely be the temperature of incoming MVHR supply air. For those with this issue, a strategically positioned inline duct heater may be worth considering to lift the temperature in the relevant areas?
  14. Stones

    Mobile Garden Room

    A couple of planning phrases to consider: Incidental uses - something which is parasitic on the primary use, i.e. cannot exist without it - examples would be storage, swimming pool, gym, studio, hobby room Ancillary uses - an extension of the primary use, examples would be accommodation for an elderly relative, children, visitors etc Most dwellings benefit from permitted development rights (there are exclusions e.g. conservation areas, and PD varies between different parts of the UK), the area of ground in which such rights apply being defined in relation to the principle elevation of the property AND the amount of the ground has been developed. Erecting or placing a building, within that area, and subject to it being no larger than the maximum height (ridge, eaves and any part of the structure within 1 metre of a boundary) then you should be good to go, PROVIDED the use is either incidental or ancillary to the enjoyment of the dwelling house. Use is the common issue that is considered in all cases. Use, and determining whether the use has changed, i.e. no longer incidental or ancillary, will in many cases be a matter of fact and degree - If you build a swimming pool or gym then start operating it commercially, the use has changed and PP would be required; if you extended your kennels and started breeding dogs PP may be required, but then again it might not if you were only taking a litter or two a year. A caravan used as guest / family accommodation is fine, but start renting it out, either on long term let, or as holiday accommodation and the use has changed from being ancillary. That doesn't mean it cannot have a working toilet, kitchen etc. People do of course try and game the system by locating things like caravans on land away from there dwelling house (but in their ownership). PD rights will only apply to the planning unit, in most cases being the defined curtilage of the dwelling house. Stick to the PD rules and you shouldn't have an issue.
  15. I've got our master controller/thermostat set to 21C. Most of the house sits at 21.5C, our bedroom slightly less, due I think to the increased level of ventilation to that room.