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  1. Should have been clearer, apologies, I meant in terms of deeper reveals.
  2. Only laughed after I'd left! Youngest still talks about his digger driving experience though, so if nothing else your build has inspired the next generation! In answer to the question, battening out using packers to get it plumb before cladding sounds like the best option assuming you don't want to explore the option of a render finish. You should be able to take string lines at intervals from one end to the other to assess how far out of true it is and therefore if packing out is viable. The downside is that any packing is going to show itself at the door reveal and perhaps the window reveals as well. I can't remember what other external finishes you have planned. If packing out for a continuous run of cladding isn't going to work, and it has to be timber, is there scope to vary the style - switch from vertical to horizontal half way down the wall, using the break to step out the lower half slightly? If you were prepared to accept that kind of visual break, how about stone cladding , dry stone walling up to halfway, timber above? Yes you would need another rain cap but might work and allow you to disguise things more easily. I had aluminium cills folded and painted by and had them quote for a complete bespoke rainwater system which was half the price I could get anywhere else. I'm sure they could fold something and paint to whatever your specifications are for the rain cap. I found them very helpful and more than willing to cater for small orders.
  3. To get the height I need standard office furniture has to be lifted on blocks. Off the shelf therefore not really an option.
  4. Some pictures for context. 1st shows existing, functional but soul destroying layout. 2nd shows proposed position marked out on floor, desk space directly under window, PC on desk space at 90 degrees to the window. Indent at balustrade for built in seat or house plant. 3rd the view I want to see from my desk.
  5. The European Marine Energy Centre is based up here - all kinds of tidal devices, systems and projects being trialled: Ongoing issues here with proposals to upgrade the grid to handle expected new renewable energy schemes - objections from those who want overhead cables buried, and in turn objections from those who think burying cables will damage wildlife habitat...
  6. Attached is a plan of my proposed office layout (apologies for poor quality of scan). The room is formed from attic trusses which means the coomb meets the wall at a height of 850mm. Because of this, it's a little challenging to sit a PC monitor on a desk simply run along a wall - it either has to be positioned in a corner, or on a peninsula of desk. I have a velux window recess where I would like to construct my desk area, both for the view and added space, and have come up with the attached as a layout that I could form from two 3m lengths of oak worktop. Alternatively I could use oak veneer MDF, or a ply base with engineered oak flooring glued on top for a finished surface. I have two options in terms of oak worktop - 27mm or 38/40mm. As I would be butting joints together to form the shape indicated in the plan, would 27mm be viable given I'm going to have route and bolt? I've still not discounted the plywood / engineer oak option - just need to look at some flooring samples to find a smooth surface product. Office layout.pdf
  7. @orkenny - Welcome, nice to have someone else from Orkney on the forum. Have you had a look at the local development plan and policies? If it is your ultimate intention to use the cabin as a holiday let / self catering you are going to need planning permission. If memory serves, you are going to need to show justification or requirement (increased visitor numbers predicted with RET [if we ever get it] has not in the past been accepted as justification or need). Even if building within the curtilage of your dwelling house (which may not extend across the entirety of the 0.8 acres you own) PD would not cover that type of 'use'. The easiest and quickest way to get an answer on the planning side would be to email a query into Development management, setting out what you propose and whether policy and development plan would support it. Usually a reasonable turnaround of such enquires. Alternatively, make an appointment or go to School Place between 09:00 and 10:00 or 16:00 and 17:00 and ask to speak to the duty planning officer.
  8. @Home Farm is the flooring bonded down onto screed/slab or a floating floor (laid on an underlay)? If bonded, you could try this We had a few of our oak boards lift before the adhesive had set. To inject the adhesive you can either drill a larger hole, then plug to get a matching finish, or a smaller hole then finish with filler or furniture wax. Have a look at my blog entry:
  9. They do in some areas, albeit in a small way. The one's I have seen have formed part of a wider development site that includes social housing, something that does put some buyers off / may limit the market.
  10. I've used some of that in our kitchen extractor hood as an extra to the charcoal pellet filters. Certainly soaks up grease / odours.
  11. Can we please keep this topic confined to the impact of no deal on self building and renovating?
  12. I bought a stock of spares / replacements so I can easily swap out a faulty unit if needs be.
  13. We went with the pure white (rather than warm or natural) as we wanted a more clinical light.