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  1. Having just got back from the hospital with SWMBO, the one thing I would say is do not delay getting the op. Leaving it risks making the injury so much worse, and the eventual operation to correct that much more complicated, with a lower chance of a successful outcome. One assumes you would normally break for Christmas / New Year so that does at least reduce the effective non earning period a little. If you know anyone who can drive you, even a couple of days a week, would let you get out and at least price jobs up for when you are fighting fit. As suggested, if you can get a plumbing apprentice on board, even for a short period, that may also help. Looks like you also have some interest in the consultancy side. No need to splurge on Christmas (if you haven't already, and even if you have gifts can be returned). Kids are resilient enough to get over not getting their wish list of presents, and depending on age, may well be happy with a mountain of chocolate... A 'voucher' from mum and dad for a present in the spring may be another way of deferring any spend. A 2nd hand something or other may also be worth considering - I've recently picked up a telescope (retail £90 or so) for £20. Nothing wrong with it, just needed a quick clean and new battery.
  2. +1 VERY important. My wife cannot remember anything that was said to her after she saw the picture of her 3 month old broken arm.
  3. @Nickfromwales Ouch! Hopefully they will get it sorted out asap, and don't take no for an answer if they try and fob you off. My wife ended up with an undiagnosed broken arm for three months because a certain medical 'professional' would not listen to her...
  4. Just been having a look at replacement filters. The current filter has a 30mm thick piece of carbon foam within a nylon sleeve. Genuine replacements are eye wateringly expensive, so here are the alternatives I've found: what looks promising about this one is that it appears to be filled with granules, which could in future be cheaply replaced. Alternatively, I could just buy some replacement foam, and swap it out every 3 months I should get two sets of 'filters' out of one sheet. So, foam or granules?
  5. From your description, that's a hell of a lot better than the installation I saw in a top end showroom. They had taken up virtually all of the unit underneath the hob with all the gubbins, part of the reason I didn't consider them (cost being the other factor). Will report back on the ozone generator asap.
  6. How long to heat up a heavy house

    @AliG Apologies, missed this earlier. As you know we built with ICF. Prior to the decorator coming to tape and fill the walls, we ran two industrial dehumidifiers 24/7 for two weeks (they used 1kW each so not cheap), dropping down to one overnight whilst the taping and decorating was being done. We had them plumbed directly into the drains so no idea how much moisture was actually drawn off, but you could feel the humidity gradually drop and the house feeling warmer and drier. When we got the UFH up and running after I had finished decorating, we set it for an internal temp of 16C, it only took a couple of days to stabilise and sat at that temp until the day before we moved in when I raised it to 21C, which it did over the following 24 hours. Best advice / course of action - dehumidifiers.
  7. Ozone generator

    @JSHarris That's very helpful, thanks. Decision made. Will give it a whirl and report back in due course.
  8. Ozone generator

    Looking at the output of fridge units, the larger 400mg/h unit would seem to be the way to go, plus it has a timer, presumably to prevent over use. A 50mg/h plug would no doubt keep things fresh, but perhaps struggle to quickly eliminate odours from a 'shock' event like cooking.
  9. I've decided to buy a small ozone generator as a means of eliminating odours resulting from cooking. These wouldn't be permanently on, only used as and when required for the minimum length of time required (which I'm sure will be a matter of trial and error to determine). Looking at two options. Not much money in the grand scheme of things, but wondered if anyone had any thoughts / views:
  10. @JSHarris I'm assuming it's this stuff you are referring to and simply a case of emptying the filter out and refilling?
  11. Hmm, wind speed has dropped, but just had a text saying the schools are closing earlier than the previously announced early closure time. By the looks of it, we are going to get hit fairly hard in the next couple of hours.
  12. You're more than welcome to our rain!
  13. 54mph here at the moment, still a long way to go...
  14. Just under 10C with a 40 mph wind speed at the moment. Wind due to increase a little overnight before significantly increasing early afternoon tomorrow to 80 mph. Kids are delighted, school transport is getting brought forward tomorrow so only a half day for them.