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  1. @lizzie Thanks, I think that's good advice. We will most likely build the house and garage in parallel and use a different storage option for materials to save money on the inspections. I also need a warranty to prove I am a self-builder for my CIL exemption which is another good reason. @curlewhouse Thanks, I read your blog and that is unreal ! I am not using mainstream (ibeam timber frame with cellulose insulation) and for that reason am using a building inspector familiar with the build method rather than one provided by the warranty company. It is more expensive that way but will hopefully prevent any unnecessary delays. Stunning location and lovely house by the way.
  2. Thanks and yes I did try them, but they came out quite expensive. It seems an awful lot of money to pay for something that only seems to be of use if you wish to sell the house in 10 years. I will probably swallow hard, take a deep breath and purchase one even though I don't plan to move again as a "just in case" insurance policy. Likely to go with selfbuildzone although they have doubled my audit fee (extra £800) because I am building the garage first then the house so they need to do double the inspections.
  3. Requested a quote for a warranty from Proaktive and received the following reply: "Unfortunately not no. Our provider, Premier Guarantee pulled out of the self build market wef 1/9/18. As yet we don’t have an alternative provider." Seems like warranty providers for individual self builders are becoming quite thin on the ground as many providers seem more geared to volume house builders.
  4. Thanks so much for the feedback. Some really good suggestions on both the layout and preparing for the build. So many decisions to make !
  5. I have now purchased a plot after several years of looking. The plot is in Bishops Castle, South Shropshire and one of nine on a self build / custom build site just a couple of miles away from the Welsh Border. It is a really lovely town and I can't wait to get started. Planning has been submitted for the house which will be built to Passivhaus standards. Waiting now for the planning to be approved after which we will be making a start on the groundworks. Trying to get ahead of the game by deciding all of the interior fittings before we start (main learning lesson from first time). A picture of the plot and design is enclosed.
  6. + 1 for Passive House Plus. Some very informative case studies. I think I only paid £10 for a years online subscription which also gave access to back issues.
  7. @newhome Could I ask who you remortgaged with ? I have approached a couple of lenders who have said that they won't lend for the purpose of financing a self-build in that way.
  8. jonM any experience?

    Took a trip up to DIY Kitchens yesterday and very impressed with what I saw. Their planning tool also seems to be available again. I particularly like the fact that everything around the pricing is so transparent, everyone gets charged the same price and I can play around with a design online to understand the implications of certain options on prices. A no-nonsense Yorkshire company offering great value for money ?
  9. I would expect that the Design / Engineering Fees were incorporated into the kit cost. Nothing comes for free. I felt that starting with a clean sheet of paper and using an Architect to design a house for my plot was a good investment to make. It was a small percentage of the overall budget and worked out well, but it does depend on your budget.
  10. Plot is in Shropshire.
  11. £900 + £180 VAT, but a quote without BRegs is not £1080 cheaper as the cost of the site audit fee for the warranty goes up then.
  12. Have an indicative quote for £2250 for a 170sqm build. Not taken anything out yet.
  13. My quote for warranty and BC from Buildzone was only a couple of hundred pounds more than the quote for the Warranty only. Maybe that's the reason ?
  14. jonM

    We're in :)

    looks fantastic. awesome view from the back as well. (the hills I mean not the pile of patio slabs )
  15. jonM

    Hi all!

    I have also had a look around the Buckinghamshire Passivhaus. The PH15 system seems very well set up if you are using a builder who has not built passivhaus before due to its modular nature and support / training available.