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  1. @newhome Could I ask who you remortgaged with ? I have approached a couple of lenders who have said that they won't lend for the purpose of financing a self-build in that way.
  2. jonM any experience?

    Took a trip up to DIY Kitchens yesterday and very impressed with what I saw. Their planning tool also seems to be available again. I particularly like the fact that everything around the pricing is so transparent, everyone gets charged the same price and I can play around with a design online to understand the implications of certain options on prices. A no-nonsense Yorkshire company offering great value for money 😃
  3. I would expect that the Design / Engineering Fees were incorporated into the kit cost. Nothing comes for free. I felt that starting with a clean sheet of paper and using an Architect to design a house for my plot was a good investment to make. It was a small percentage of the overall budget and worked out well, but it does depend on your budget.
  4. Plot is in Shropshire.
  5. £900 + £180 VAT, but a quote without BRegs is not £1080 cheaper as the cost of the site audit fee for the warranty goes up then.
  6. Have an indicative quote for £2250 for a 170sqm build. Not taken anything out yet.
  7. My quote for warranty and BC from Buildzone was only a couple of hundred pounds more than the quote for the Warranty only. Maybe that's the reason ?
  8. jonM

    We're in :)

    looks fantastic. awesome view from the back as well. (the hills I mean not the pile of patio slabs )
  9. jonM

    Hi all!

    I have also had a look around the Buckinghamshire Passivhaus. The PH15 system seems very well set up if you are using a builder who has not built passivhaus before due to its modular nature and support / training available.
  10. PHPP also very useful to model overheating which can be as big a challenge as reducing energy consumption if the building is heavily insulated and has a lot of glazing.
  11. @CC45 I am looking at staff blue tiles at the moment. Which manufacturer / type of tile did you use ?
  12. Modelling the performance of the house whilst it is still a drawing and easy to change, together with insulation, air-tightness and MVHR will go a long way to producing a comfortable house to live in. Keep things as simple as possible and bear in mind that anything Technology related is likely to dated in 5 yrs and obsolete in 10 years. Have a clear understanding of what your house requirements and budget are before you start.
  13. Hi all, I self build 20 years ago in Milton Keynes in the glorious days when the Commission for New Towns were knocking out building plots left, right and centre. The house has been a great family home but having read about Passivhaus and visited one, I know have itchy feet to build a Passivhaus all over again in a more rural setting. Following up on a couple of leads at the moment but realise this is going to be a long game. The forum is a great source of information and inspiration particularly as the building technology has moved on so much since I last self built.
  14. jonM

    Gamekeeper turned Poacher!

    A very interesting and thought provoking thread. I think a lot of it comes down to a business culture in the UK that is not prepared to invest in training and are unwilling to move on from legacy methods. It is I guess one of the reasons why the UK companies have some of the longest working hours but lowest productivity. Where we are competing internationally, British owned companies end up becoming niche players with the car industry being a case in point. The house-building industry is however dominated by domestic companies, so they just carry on doing what they have always done. A good quality home seems to be as much about good design and attention to detail and I feel sure that if the volume house-builders put the same effort in these areas as they do in marketing, they could make significant improvements in quality and use their scale to minimise any additional costs.