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  1. It depends on what the quote includes and the size of the house. My house was a stick built 174 sq.m house and to give you an idea the I-joists and glulam beams required cost £9200 ex vat.
  2. @JSHarris - I think you are right. The team that built the frame put the windows in and their attention to detail was excellent. I am not sure if 0.08 ACH makes a discernable difference to how comfortable the house is to live in compared to other houses built to passivhaus standards but it is reassuring to know that such care has been taken in this area.
  3. @jack - We just moved in this week ! Still a lot of boxes around to be unpacked. You are right, no sliders or bifolds which does help. Second pressure test also came in at 0.08 ACH @ 50 pa. We have a big picture window at the back with a window seat. Thought we would get more use from that than sliders A few bits and pieces still to finish off, but hope to be totally finished in 3-4 weeks apart from the garden. Will post another update as soon as my broadband gets hooked up.
  4. Thanks very much. The house is 174 sq.m. Completion to lockable shell of house including groundworks and foundations cost around £175,000 excluding professional fees. I didn't do any labour myself, just ordered the material in. We are just about to move in, so another blog posting is both over due and imminent ! Interior costs will come in at around £800 sq.m. Architect designed a house that looked good but was cost effective to build. I feel that his fees were a good investment.
  5. My conveyancing fees were £850 for my remortgage. It will work out at about £1100 when I sell my house.
  6. The highest scoring coffee machine in "Which" is a Delonghi scultura which is about a tenth of the price of a Jura It takes either ground coffee or capsules, so if you wanted to use coffee beans you would have to grind them yourselves, but then again if you only drink black coffee, much of the functionality in a bean to cup machine would go to waste. Bean to cup machines are also very big !
  7. Looks great. Well done on getting this far.
  8. We have a range cooker (gas hob / electric oven) at the moment. It has been a trusty workhorse which has done us well for 15 years but have gone for fan ovens and an induction hob in our new house. In terms of responsiveness, temperature control, features the latter seemed to win on an every score.
  9. Me neither. We have an isoquick slab and warranty.
  10. In terms of price, Nibe is the Rolls Royce of heat pumps. I had a quote for supply and installation of a Nibe 4kw heat pump and cylinder of 11K. I am using a Mitsubishi heat pump and cylinder which I paid £3.7K for. Your Stelrad rads are about £300 each online so again a significant markup. We are not bothering with RHI as the house is passivhaus and the cost of the monitoring equipment required would outweigh income.
  11. I have 2600mm ceilings downstairs and cathedral ceilings upstairs. I think the extra height is well worth it. Just the bathroom and en-suite have standard ceilings which give me a small amount of storage space.
  12. You can start putting together a list of requirements for the house even if you haven't found the plot. That forms a useful basis for instructing an architect if you choose to use one and is a great way to evaluate a plot as well.
  13. I used Isoquick. My groundworkers had used the system once before and so it wasn't too much of a stretch for them. In theory I don't see why groundworkers without experience of this system couldn't be used as long as they are open to a using a different system and are able/used to working to a high level of accuracy. do supply and install. I did take a look but didn't use them. Not sure how expensive it would work out.
  14. Your UK price is very similar to the price I paid for an order of 440 bags.