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  1. That looked an interesting build, I would liked to have seen more as it progressed. Given the hillside location was that piled foundations?
  2. Fit a vented water cylinder fed from a header tank and put up with poor hot water pressure.
  3. There is no mandatory need for a check on a heat pump but some manufacturers warranties may require it,. An unvented hot water cylinder rewires an annual check regardless of heat source.
  4. The SAP assessment for my house, which was done with knowledge of the building construction, actual UW window figures and actual air tightness test results, estimated my heating usage at nearly 3 times what it actually is in practice. Jeremy's simple heat loss spreadsheet gave a far more accurate prediction. It's a good job I did not wait for that to choose my heat pump or I would probably have fitted a bigger heat pump.
  5. Why do I get the feeling that in perhaps 10 years or less, this will be the next "miss selling" scandal?
  6. I am sure if anybody dismantles this house they will find a lot of pencils.
  7. The manual is here It makes no mention of this "feature" It says this on the Honeywell website " Energy Saving Utilizes an advanced, self-learning algorithm for intelligent heating control, ensuring more efficient boiler control than ever before. Boiler plus compliant." If it is some silly self learning function that you cannot turn off, I would just change it for an alternative "dumb" thermostat.
  8. That no doubt is because we are in for a couple of days of windy weather so the wind farms should be on good form.
  9. Can you clarify the term "landlord" used in this discussion. Are you really a tenant? Or do you own the leasehold of the flat and the "landlord" you refer to is the freeholder?
  10. Hi and welcome. My guess is a 2003 house might not be bad on insulation, but will probably be pretty poor on air tightness. If you like experimenting, make yourself a blower door and go looking for air leaks. you will find plenty i am sure. Getting at them to seal them may be more of a challenge.
  11. My favourite is "Council tax poverty" and it is the one household bill I can do NOTHING to reduce, no investing in insulation or switching providers possible.
  12. Well on R2 now the "experts" are doing a good job of saying how poor heat pumps are and how unsuitable they are for most UK houses. At least they are mentioning the poor insulation issue.
  13. This £5K heat pump grant is being discussed at mid day on Radio 2 by Victoria Derbyshire. It might be worth a listen but I suspect I will be shouting at the radio. I have sent an email contribution, if you hear something from Dave in the Highlands that might be me.
  14. they have got "noticed" so people know their name, but I still bet very very few know what they actually want to happen.
  15. If it is "Carbon neutral" then that is manipulating that phrase and kidding yourself you are reducing CO2 emissions. A Boimass boiler still sends CO2 up the flue, it still adds to greenhouse gas problems and has reduced the number of trees absorbing CO2. Just imagine of we all swapped to boimass boilers. Do you really think the CO2 problem would be solved? I don't.