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  1. That's different. Tell him, he should be looking after YOUR interests, not the buyers. If your buyer has not yet got wind of this "offering" I would keep quiet and instruct your solicitor it is not necessary and importantly not to even mention it to the buyers solicitor. When selling our old house down south, our buyer asked for indemnity insurance due to possible breaching a "no building without permission" covenant (which I think was worded so as not be unenforceable) Because it was the buyer that had spotted the issue and wanted the policy, I was happy to pay for it to keep the deal going.
  2. I share your view that they are a scam, but personally I would not just say no, however unlikely it may be, the buyer could walk away. I would just stump up the fee which is probably small beer in the scheme of things. Perhaps I am more cautious having had trouble selling before, I would not want to do anything to alienate a procedable buyer.
  3. What if the buyer just wants it as it is without a loft conversion? he will need to repair the roof so will expect the valuation to reflect that.
  4. ProDave

    Willis Heater in an unvented system

    Who says they are only for vented systems?
  5. What does the survey say about valuation in it's present state and how does that relate to the offer price?
  6. For thee to be 2 earth wires there must be 2 cables. You need to find the actual cables, not just a subset of the cores from them. When fitting that sort of light, people often just stuff the "spare" cores up through the hole as there is not enough room in the light fitting for them all. When you have dug them all out, post a picture, and turn the power off before you go poking up the hole!!!!!!
  7. ProDave

    Help me find a dual rate electricity meter.

    Well it took a LOT of searching but I have found one. The problem is, all the kit I can find on sale anywhere is current kit. So basically that means the few dual rate meters on sale are the modern ones with built in time clocks to switch from day to night rate. Totally useless for what I want. While there are a handful of "vintage" meters on sale they are all single rate. Eventually, after contacting several sellers on ebay to ask if they have what I want, one of them does. It probably fits the classification of "vintage" as it's a spinning disk dual rate meter but at least it has digital dials not analogue ones, and definitely has an external rate select input. So when I get it hopefully later this week I can start monitoring the energy cost of this house now we are living in it.
  8. Dig deeper and you will probably find more wires shoved into a terminal block and poked through the hole in the ceiling.
  9. I am still needing two. Every house I have yet seen, including those with mvhr and no ordinary window vents, still has vents in the roof windows. I honestly didn't think you could buy them without. Can someone point me to details of ventless, but opening 3G roof windows please? And tell me how much extra you have to pay for not having a vent fitted.
  10. ProDave

    Disabled access

    Building control here specifically prohibit timber ramps because they know they may not be permanent.
  11. ProDave

    What's the Simplest Setup

    last house was just a standard oil boiler, no buffer. New house is ASHP no buffer.
  12. ProDave

    What's the Simplest Setup

    It does not have to be complicated. I just bought the most basic UFH manifold control box I could find. Each room has an ordinary mechanical room stat. And it is all controlled by an ordinary boiler time clock. When it is all connected together, if any room calls for heat (when it is on) then a relay contact closes that instructs the heat pump to deliver heat, in exactly the same way as it would instruct a boiler to deliver heat. The secret to a simple system is choosing simple controls and connecting them correctly.
  13. ProDave

    Soil pipe spacing

    I have just looked at mine. The pipe exits the floor with the back of the pipe probably 10 to 15mm clear of the finished wall, The pan joins nicely with a standard 90 degree pan connector going straight from the pan into the pipe. Could not be simpler. Leave the pipe a bit long and cut to length when you have the pan and know the height of the spigit and finished floor covering in place.
  14. ProDave

    Shortage of pipe insulation?

    I was in the town, not the city. And that is about what I paid at TP, still twice what screwy's were selling it previously.
  15. ProDave

    Discount Offers of the Week

    That makes more sense. A "booze cruise to the borders" To be honest I buy most of my Whisky from Lidl, whatever they have on offer, usually have something decent for not so much money. There are some well known and not so well known distileries around here like the already mentioned Glenmorangie, Balblair, Dalmore, Teaninich, Glen Ord, Tomatin, and it's not far to Speyside. Look out for the new kid on the block, The Ardross distillery under construction 2 miles from here hoping to start production next year.