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  1. How far can you get in an hour

    I would do the North coast 500 in the stag if it were me.
  2. Is this rafter detail OK?

    If the beam was in the centre and both sides are the same angle, the front and rear wall plates would be at the same height. I am sure the angles are the same, so that means if the right hand wall plate needs to be higher, then the ridge beam is too far to the right as seen in the picture. Raising the wall plate is no doubt the easiest fix if you can live with it looking odd from the gable end. I accept moving the ridge beam is not trivial.
  3. Is this rafter detail OK?

    Some might say I have a bit of OCD so bear with me. Looking again, the REAL problem is that dirt great big steel ridge beam is too far up the roof. It's not in the middle of the small section of roof. Your "fix" is to raise the wall plate on the right hand side. But now when viewed from the gable end it will be obvious the roof is now asymetrical. The proper fix is move the ridge beam. Sorry, I'll get my coat.
  4. Crypto currencies

    All these ones that have risen thousands of percent, we have missed the boat. What we need is to be in at the start of the next one. Invest a small amount you can afford to lose, on the basis if it too rises thousands of percent, your insignificant punt could end up a significant sum. Any ideas?
  5. Is this rafter detail OK?

    Raise the wall plate. If you don't want to lay more blocks, then a second wall plate above the first wall plate with timber spacers between them. We did this on our garage to raise the roof slightly so it did not cut across a door opening.
  6. Water at last

    Sometime officialdom bureaucracy just makes you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall.
  7. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    A bypass valve goes between flow and return as far away from the boiler as you can get it (in the airing cupboard in our case) Normally it is shut. But if all circuits are shut and there is still a boiler demand, it opens and gives the boiler somewhere to pump to. In practice, the only time it opens is when (note when, not if) the microswitch in one of the motorised valves fails, so it is calling for heat even though the motorised valve is shut
  8. Hello from London

    Okay I will ask the daft question. If you have no plans for the basement, then why build one? it's not as though it is cheap additional pace is it?
  9. Not sure where to start

    You start by detailing the design of the construction method for the house, working out how much and what type of insulation you are using, U values of windows and doors etc. From that you can work out the worst case heating input requirement and then size your heat pump to match. e.g in my case when it's -10 outside and +20 inside I will need a little over 2Kw of heat input so I have bought a 5KW ASHP which will heat the house via under floor heating. Others on here have houses with an even lower heat requirement. JSHarris has made a spreadsheet which you can download from here Enter the value for your own house and see what heat demand it gives you.
  10. Why insulate

    Didn't he ought to finish the bathroom first? Then they can live in that during the renovation
  11. Discount Offers of the Week

    I read that at first as 84p per switch. Then I see it's 84p for a pack of 5. None in stock within 100 miles of me.
  12. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    The other important thing with soldering copper is let the solder cool naturally and DON'T MOVE the joint while the solder is still setting. I love it personally, that and pipe bending to minimise the number of joints needed in the first place.
  13. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    You can tell I am a dinosaur. My gas soldering torch was my dad's. It's probably as old as me. It connects via a hose to a 4.5Kg Calor propane bottle. I have another one that I don't use that screws onto the top of a Calor Dex bottle, I am not even sure you can get those refilled any more and even when you could the cost of the gas was stupidly expensive.
  14. Plan change - is it worth it???

    You already have support for the door opening. Can you proceed with the build, but make the lintel the full width, not just the width of the door. Dig and pour the founds for the extension now. Submit the amended PP application. Don't build the walls of the extension yet. Worst case if PP is denied, is block in the opening and fit the door in the original place for now then consider it as a permitted development extension after completion. If PP is granted then complete the extension as soon as it is approved.
  15. Discount Offers of the Week

    Only £11.34 each if you buy 3. They have an inbuilt thermostat and 3 different power levels. We find the lowest 700W setting about right for keeping our bedroom in the caravan warm at night withut too much cycling of the thermostat.