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  1. And so are we now. I had the same thing with a delivery last year. I kept waiting in, only to get "delivery failed" I kept on saying for god sake five the delivery driver my phone number and of he can't get an answer to phone me as e must be at the wrong house. It turned out when he did deliver, nearly a week later he had indeed been trying the wrong house but had not been given my number so had no means to contact me.
  2. The Build - Part 1 - The groundworks

    Watch that overhead power line with the digger and tipping trucks.
  3. So @Onoff has been on a bender today then?
  4. Flooring under kitchen cabinet?

    ^^^ Exactly Unless you are VERY lucky you will always have some tiles left over. On the floor, under the kitchen units behind the kick board is a very good place to store all the spare tiles so they are safe, and you know where they are if you ever need them.
  5. Help me find my hot water cylinder

    We have hot water. Only heated by the immersion heater just now, the heat pump plumbing will be later. And I have just had a shower in the new bathroom, I said I would get there before @Onoff Pictures to follow, no not of me showering but the tank plumbing.
  6. Help me find my hot water cylinder

    Telford Technical said it does not matter, it' a symetrical coil that goes up and down the tank twice.
  7. Flooring under kitchen cabinet?

    That's what I did. Means you can leave choosing and paying for the tiles until nearer completion.
  8. Cost of foul drainage vs non foul drainage

    The drain you lay underground is exactly the same. There is no such thing as a "non foul drain"
  9. Smug to Mug

    CPC is a well known component shop, part of the Farnell group. Most us us just use them mail order
  10. Help me find my hot water cylinder

    It arrived today. A day early in fact, I had been told to expect it on Friday, so I had gone out to do a job. I just got back late afternoon and there was the truck pulling up at the house. One question. The two input coil ports are side by side. The diagram in the instructions says "heat pump flow and return" But WHICH is flow, the left one or the right one?
  11. One's bum and things that bite you there!

    Makes me feel smug. Even stripping all the top soil down to sub soil, and then digging the foundations, muck away =0. The advantage of a sloping site and using all the excavated soil to build it up and make it less of a slope.
  12. I'm confused, You knew about the lines, you knew about the invalid wayleave, but carried on and built close to them (no doubt with a lot of difficulty) but only now you are finished are you actually asking for them to be moved?
  13. sub floor over garage.

    Here in the UK we have to do a garage ceiling with 2 layers of the pink 15mm thick plasterboard with staggered joints to achieve the fire rating. Ceiling up first, then you can fill between the joists with insulation, then your floor. What's wrong with P5 chipboard flooring? OSB does not give a particularly smooth finish.
  14. And even when I cut and pasted to the address bar it went to a blank page. I have removed the link as it is proving contentious, and I will edit it out of the quotes as well.
  15. Smug to Mug

    I read that as ANY solid material, which could be tarmac, concrete, paving bricks etc I would avoid resin bound gravel, awful stuff imho.