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  1. ProDave

    Is our winter generation amount about right?

    A Sunny boy will report on it's display the string voltage and string current. Next Sunny day you get, record those peak values that you see for each string.
  2. ProDave

    Low Water Flow and Pressure

    Start by fitting an accumulator, that will maintain the 2 bar pressure until you have emptied the accumulator. A pump would need a break tank and gets messy. you can't just suck water out of the mains pipe with a pump.
  3. ProDave

    Temporary UFH Buffer

    Run the towel rail direct off the 1 pipe system, and just the UFH off the buffer with my idea of a 2 port valve and tank stat to limit the temperature in the buffer. Then for now you don't need a manifold and blending valve. You can add a proper manifold and blending valve when your next room is refurbished and ready to go, some time about 2025?
  4. ProDave

    Temporary UFH Buffer

    This is only temporary. @Onoff definition of temporary may be a bit longer than mine.
  5. ProDave

    Temporary UFH Buffer

    Surely only if it is designed as an unvented cylinder. A header tank, even without a ballcock would seem better. Just keep an eye on the level if you do that.
  6. ProDave

    Temporary UFH Buffer

    Agreed it needs a header tank.
  7. ProDave

    New Build Design

    I don't like the stairs pushed off to one side, they would be better in the central entrance hall. Definitely needs a door direct into the kitchen from the parking area.
  8. ProDave

    Temporary UFH Buffer

    Better would be a 2 port on the input to the tank, driven by a tank stat so it only heats the buffer to the required temperature. Normal "1 pipe" system bypass when the 2 port is closed.
  9. ProDave

    Solar on garage issues

    You don't need to go "off grid" Just do as I am doing and fit your own system. It does mean anything you export you do not get paid for, so just do all you can to self use as much as possible. That will almost certainly mean battery storage at some future date.
  10. ProDave

    4m stud partition - extra reinforcement?

    So the TOP is open (i.e nothing to fix to) Are BOTH ends attached to something, or is one end floating with nothing to fix to?
  11. ProDave

    4m stud partition - extra reinforcement?

    I would be building that of 4 by 2 minimum with 2 straight runs across the top. Might also line one side with OSB before the plasterboard.
  12. ProDave

    UFH manifold problem

    Photo of the manifold so we can understand which valve was the issue?
  13. ProDave

    Temporary UFH Buffer

    That sounds like a good plan. You will need a header tank would that go in the loft or just above the cylinder?
  14. ProDave

    DIY ground mount solar PV install

    Well I now have the Unistrut. Could not better £24 per 6M length locally. Transporting that on the roof of the car was interesting. Good job the cheapest supplier was also the closest, and has a handy back road route so I could drive slowly without being a nuisance.
  15. ProDave

    UFH manifold problem

    What do the flow meters show? They should show water is actually flowing through all the loops. If return temp = supply temp then don't discount the slab being up to full temperature.