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  1. Top tip to any reader. Throw away the rubbish plastic plugs supplied with most things, curtain rods, light fittings, in fact anything intended to be fixed to brick, throw away the total rubbish usually supplied and use a good make of rawl plug instead. And unless the screw head is going to be on show and is "nice" throw away the rubbish screws usually supplied, with heads that chew up easily, and use decent screws. The rubbish fittings often supplied to save a few pence astounds me.
  2. So in my case once the small cylinder has exhausted it would just supply hot water being heated by a 5kW heater. Well I find a 7.5kW shower pathetic, a 5kW one would be a dribble. So only begins to be viable with a 12kW or more ASHP?
  3. Except in Scotland you are supposed to get a building warrant before you start and that plus the actual purchase could easily take more than 6 months. In our case though we registered "started" with the planners just by constructing the entrance from the highway onto the plot that did not need building control. Condition 1 of our planning said that must be the first thing done to prevent vehicles parking on the road before any other construction started.
  4. Just re measured. My top hung Rationel the 1400mm is just the dimension of the opening sash. the window including the frame is 1500 tall. Rationel do top hung and top swung. I forget which is which but one just hinges at the top, the other is hung on side slides that allow the window to slide down and reverse for cleaning the outer pane from the inside.
  5. Where to live? If your plot is big enough and you can stand some hardship, a static caravan on site is the cheapest.
  6. Rationel supplied 1400mm tall top hung for us, so worth asking if they can go the extra 100mm?
  7. Not much point asking for a particular recommendation. Look at the market where you are and choose the best you can. We actually chose ours not because it was good, but because the internal layout was unusual and suited the plot and it's continued use after the house was complete. All the ones available here are ex holiday static caravans, if you have the choice and ex residential park home might be better, but they tend to stay on site longer and get repaired and upgraded and continue in use, compared to holiday statics that often have to be removed from the holiday site when X years old.
  8. 2 comments, hope they are not harsh, but whoever put that roof on did a poor job imho. Firstly none of the fixings are in line, that shows a lack of care. Secondly, I always fix that sort of roof on the ridges. Little water flows down the ridges, it falls into the flat valleys and runs down there, so you don't really want fixings in the flat valleys where there is more water and more chance to leak. Agreed the one photographed close up does not look very tight.
  9. Fischer are a company well known for selling very expensive panel heaters claiming they are more efficient than any other panel heater (impossible) They are now selling re badged sun amps. Many members on this forum have had reliability issues with sun amps ans some found them unrepairable. Good they have a 10 year guarantee, but what if it breaks down at 11 years and it unrepairable?
  10. To add to @JohnMo answer that would mean the HP has to run at least at 60 degrees all the time it is heating water which is right at the top of the range of most of them and the COP would be very poor.
  11. Yellow is GAS. (water is blue or older pipes black) So get advice what to do with a GAS pipe.
  12. We had distemper in a previous 1930's house. It could not even be painted over (it peeled off and wrapped itself around the roller in places)
  13. It would be good to see what it connects to in the floor? I suspect the duct tape around the tundish means there is no trap and that is a bodge to stop the smell. Ideally a normal wet trap for the washing machine and a waterless trap for the tundish.
  14. As well as the above, panel in the space underneath the shed all around and tightly, so the wind can't get underneath it to try and lift it.
  15. As one unit. Which I don't believe is possible.
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