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  1. I suspect few building inspectors pay much attention to the electrics, other than check socket and switch heights are correct. They rely on an electrician giving them an EIC. If the electrician was satisfied that the switches used were okay for DC and was happy to issue an EIC then I really don't think there would be any building control issues.
  2. ProDave

    My 'what is this' thread

    First one is a power supply, not worth very much Second one is some form of probably DC motor with a gearbox.
  3. You are supposed to include it on your planning application usually for temporary permission for the static caravan. This will trigger the council tax valuation officer to keep on snooping. When we eventually moved into our 'van, I phoned them to tell them, and he said "let me get your file. Yes I have a photograph of your caravan, and I see I have been to your site 17 times" I have no doubt he is still snooping to see if the house build has reached a stage he thinks it can be assessed. It will be interesting to see if he notices that we might have moved in.
  4. ProDave

    Not good

    I remember wiring a house many years ago where the owner was keen to tell me how he had two layers of 50mm kingspan insulation in the upstands like that. I then pointed out to him the gap between them allowing cold air in between the two, meaning the outside one was doing nothing.
  5. Yes indeed Steamy. Most people when working out the ROI on e.g solar PV tend to forget that the capital has gone, so you need to recoup that before you start making a return.
  6. ProDave

    Cistern help please

    That looks to me like the float is wedged against the side if the cistern at the bottom and not floating up. Turn the whole fill valve a little anti clockwise to clear the float away from the side of the cistern.
  7. ProDave

    Cistern help please

    Turn it ALL the way. One way will shut the water off. Is the float free to move up and down? Sometimes things can get assembles wrong so the float is not free to move up and down, then it will not rise and shut the water off, so make sure the blue float can freely move up and down. If it really won't shut off, then the problem is with the fill valve and you need to start examining that.
  8. ProDave

    Cistern help please

    You have never done any car mechanics then, like getting to some oil filters or even spark plugs Car mechanics throws in rusted / rounded / siezed nuts as well as being inaccessible.
  9. Surprised you had 38mm battens. I found 25mm is plenty for 16mm pipes and the pug mix. I fixed mine down with plastic P clips (cheap as chips from CPC) and large headed screws. Last time I used the nail in clips and found they had a tendancy to pull out easily when just nailed into OSB Our first house had the same UFH system and just had standard timber joists. The frame designer was aware of the UFH method. This time round they specified JJI joists downstairs and and Posi joists upstairs. I did our UFH mix 5 parts sand to 1 part cement, and to do our living room took just over a ton of sand. That was a dry mix, well just using the moisture in the sand no water added. It has set hard. Easy to mix in a mixer and barrow in, and because you are mixing dry, a joy to clean the mixer afterwards. I chose the pug mix method as we had the sand and cement left over, so cost was £0 I would have had to buy some spreader plates, and then dispose of all that spare sand and left over cement. Of you paid £4K extra to upgrade the josts for pug mix UFH, I think I would instead have bought the spreader plates.
  10. ProDave

    Cistern help please

    I think the cistern is continuing to fill, and then overflowing down the flush pipe. Turn that bit Peter circled clockwise until the water stops. You might need to then experiment with it a bit as it sets how full the cistern will fill before the water stops.
  11. ProDave


    That is disgraceful. The joiner that machined my kitchen worktop, a very nice chap who I chose to do my work because I have worked with him on several jobs and know his work, charged me £80 for half a days work. Now I am going to say something controversial here. Is it because you are English? I have met 2 couples up here that are English by origin and both lived for a time in the Borders, and both tell me stories of how they hated the English and it was almost impossible to get work done. Are you the third to tell me such stories? This does not seem to be a problem in this part of the Highlands.
  12. To do the cost analysis, should you be working not on the whole unit price, but just the cost of replacing the batteries at 10 years, which should be less than the whole unit. That assumes in 10 years you will be able to buy suitable batteries.
  13. I wonder if this will lead to DIY systems becoming more widely for sale, and at a cheaper price?
  14. Since we are doing "what can possibly go wrong" Well we bought the plot, started the build, put the old house on the market, and gave up after 2 1/2 years on the market with no buyer. Now limping along as a self builder hardly employing anyone else, and building as and when we can afford it. The good news is when we eventually sell the old one, we will have more left over than we ever expected, but boy it has been hard and frustrating.
  15. Hold on, that is new. I didn't have to do that last time. Have I REALLY got to pay an architect, or quantity surveyor, to verify the items I am claiming for really have been incorporated into the build?