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  1. Toolstation are the latest to p me off. Everything was in stock when I placed the order. 3 days later an email to say an item was out of stock. Off to find an alternative from CPC who at the moment still seem to be processing orders and dispatching in a couple of hours.
  2. And if the suppliers are shut down, what will the lorry driver do? break into the suppliers premesis to get the materials?
  3. You need to determine exactly which planning policy it failed. Is it "open countryside" or "not sustainable" or both? Then see if there is a way around either or both.
  4. I ordered some stuff from toolstation 2 days ago. All in stock when I hit the button. Expected it to arrive today. Instead an email telling me delivery is postponed because one item is out of stock. Warehouses getting empty and supply chain issues. Shame the email did not come 5 minutes earlier before I placed an order with CPC.
  5. Outdoor solar shower with a small and clearly visible reservoir of warm water.
  6. Could this provoke a long term re think of the stupidity of making so many people work in such a small area and forcing them to travel on overcrowded public transport every day to get there?
  7. We are all overhead here. The usual cause of an unplanned power cut is a tree or a large branch brings an overhead line down. It's blowing a hoolie good and proper today, as strong if not stronger than most of the "named storms" we have had this winter. There was a forecast for gales in Shetland but we are some way from there. Gusting to 55 at Sumburgh, gusting to 43 at Inverness. I guess it's a bit blowy all across the north today.
  8. People will get really P'd off with a shower timer. Imagine the lady of the house is having a good shower, hair all lathered up, and the water goes off, and it will be 10 minutes before it comes back on. You will probably get an irate phone call reporting the "fault" and a lousy review. In the accommodation business you just have to suck up the fact that guests have no interest in energy efficiency Like the guests we had that would turn the thermostat up to 30, then when it got too hot, open the window, but leave the thermostat at 30. I share the views of a few others that if you are going off grid, LPG should be in the mix somewhere..
  9. I don't like those quadplexers. they won't work for instance with the wideband LNB's now used for Sky Q for example. No substitute for extra cables.
  10. That is the symbol for the bathroom light fitting, so when you turn on the switch the light comes on and the fan starts, That is showing a "loop at light" wiring configuration.
  11. Electricity usage is about 18% down on normal, so I can't see power cuts due to excess demand. Power cuts due to storm damage might be an issue, but you would expect the network operators to be "essential services" and at least have staff on call to repair damage in the normal timescales. It sounds like a headline to sell newspapers to me.
  12. Design the house with low temperature heating, e.g UFH, and a large DHW tank e.g 300L with a heat pump input coil. Then fit the oil boiler. If oil goes through the roof in years to come, swap it out for an ASHP.
  13. You did well to get it that cheap. Boiler Juice says only down to 39p
  14. Provision for 1 terestrial feed and 2 satellite feeds e.g. for a sky or freesat box.
  15. I would not bother with what some silly regulations says, I would do what you want. But personally as a minimum I have provided 3 coax cables, a cat5 and a telephone cable to every tv position, all brought back to a central cupboard. That central cupboard has a duct to bring telephone and aerial cables in and is where the broadband router lives. I also included 3 long hdmi cables tot he main downstairs tv's that allow one satellite box to live in the cupboard and be watched from either downstairs tv. Most of our tv is watched live from satellite or terrestrial.