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  1. Hi @Joe-90, I’m in south Lanarkshire, we found Scottish power knew where they’d be connecting from (although it wasn’t quite as simple as that) and Scottish water were the same, knew where they needed to connect from but getting it done was another story!
  2. https://apple.news/Aqm1YHZ0jQa2WB2pqdAWrvAhttps://apple.news/Aqm1YHZ0jQa2WB2pqdAWrvA
  3. We’re just planting out a wide border at the front of the house, lots of perennial plants and shrubs. Two days later the rabbits took a fancy to some of them, had a look online for ideas to stop them-hair was one of the suggestions. Dogs were needing a haircut anyway so I set about them and gathered up all the clippings, so far 🤞it seems to have worked!
  4. Funny you should bring this up, I currently pay £90 a month for electricity this was agreed after the rise in price earlier this year. I’m slightly in credit and check my usage with the app on a daily basis. Yesterday I had an email from OctopusEnergy saying they were putting my dd up to £125 a month so a £35 per month increase. I don’t use the £90 a month I already pay! I tried to go on their site to keep it at £90 but it wouldn’t allow me to. I emailed them and said I disagree with the extra £35 per month and wouldn’t be paying it and that instead of that I would like to be put onto monthly billing (which they had offered). A few hours later I received a reply from them saying it was fine to keep my monthly payment at £90. Methinks they are trying to accumulate some money by getting people to overpay
  5. Not really, our chap was Hetas registered
  6. We put in a 15kw parkray, we had a good bit of the twin wall already in situ because we previously had a biomass stove so we only needed a length and a couple of bends. The installer also lined the space it went into and provided slate for around the opening and an oak beam. The whole thing cost £4.5k , installation was just over £1k included in that price
  7. We just had one installed last week. We had to have 20mm slabs laid on top of our slab floor and a hearth 450mm to the front. Installed by a Hetas registered installer as previously mentioned it has to be signed off.
  8. We put ufh in our build in 2008 , when we sold it and bought another house that was the first time I gave it any thought. I had never realised how good it was until we went back to radiators, it was a definite in the next build
  9. Well I’m still trying to get pay back from a crap installer, 16 months since I first complained to Hetas and Recc!
  10. Fwiw it also means you have a warranty over thedesign and theoretically industry backed recourse if it doesn't perform or And as far as I can see this is not worth the paper it’s written on, just try to get any satisfaction from the industry backers!
  11. Grand designs tonight in Glasgow with @Joanna Susskind
  12. Did that for years through different houses mainly because I couldn’t afford to do anything else but in 2008 I had a clean sweep however when we downsized I had to get rid of a lot of furniture and then unfortunately we upsized again and had to buy more 🙄
  13. I did an interior design qualification many years ago which has been quite helpful through the two builds we have done since then. I always start with a base colour which in my case at the moment is grey flooring throughout, some wood some carpet but then I pick something in a colour that I really like and go from there. The stores that do the interior design service ( next etc) are only doing what anyone with an eye for colour can do themselves and selling you their products. And yes I do like yellow!
  14. We were of the opinion that we’d had a bad installation, which we did and Hetas can attain to that, we also were of the opinion that the boiler was undersized which had apparently been proved that it wasn’t, although when calculations are only done when the registering body demands them and they just happen to come in at the exact figure required it sounds suss to me but I have spoken to various people in the course of my 3 year nightmare who also feel they were sold a pig in a poke and that includes people who have totally different biomass systems than we had, the technology is definitely not there yet and I for one would never consider having it again
  15. Well 3+ years after our nightmare began it has finally ended! two weeks ago the biomass boiler finally died, we are still awaiting the enforcement of the arbitrators award which is now in the hands of a solicitor but when it decided to give up the ghost a fortnight ago we had no option other than to remove it as it’s still too cold here to do without heating. Finding a heating engineer who was willing and able to install the oil boiler and mega flow tank was another hurdle altogether but we finally found a company (after many who came out to look and I presume were lost when they saw the thermal store and realised they’d have to remove it) who came out over two days and did all the work for what I consider to be a very reasonable price. they actually worked until 7.30pm last night to finish the job and make sure the ufh, radiators and hot water were all working as they should. what a difference from the original installer who installed the biomass at great cost but wasn’t interested at all in how everything would link up and work as it should. after a fortnight of no heat preceded by 3 years of having to be totally ocd about the heating (or lack of it) it was wonderful to get up this morning to a warm house, enough hot water for a really decent shower and peace of mind with a 10 year warranty from this company. Definitely not as eco friendly but when HVO becomes freely available at a decent price the boiler only needs a change of jets to run on it 🤗
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