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  1. If it’s going to be worth £1m why are you even hesitating about building it?
  2. Back to that time of year again, when you have a large plot it’s not easy to decide what you are going to do with it all. Last year we put up a fence at the back of the house about ten metres out to divide what we wanted as garden from what is essentially a paddock, we had decking built from the house and then you step down onto what is currently rough grass , seed spread quickly last year to give the appearance of a lawn. It’s been difficult trying to plan what to do with this area but we’ve just had a couple of walls built and it’s amazing how when you decide to do something like that you then begin to form a picture in your mind about how the rest should look, it doesn’t all come to mind at once but bit by bit as you decide on one thing and get it done the next part sort of falls into place. I’m really looking forward to getting it all done before winter so that next year should be maintenance only!
  3. Hopefully they will come up with a plan to suit you without you losing out on a connection, they don’t really want to remove so will go all out to accommodate you once they realise you are serious.
  4. Can’t see you needing to tell them until you are going to demolish the old property but I don’t think they’ll just swap the mortgage onto the new one, you’ll probably have to apply again so that they can do all the legal stuff with title deeds etc on the new house.
  5. Have to disagree with you there, we have corian, never had any problems with stains, I’m not the tidiest cook and have spilt lots of things including beetroot and it’s cleaned off no problem.
  6. Welcome from another Scottish member, should be an interesting job
  7. think it’ll depend on the size, if it’s a commonly used size you’ll be fine although you probably won’t get what you paid for it. When we started looking for a garage door I checked gumtree and found one which was brand new, off a new build house where the owner had decided to make the garage into a room, he couldn’t get rid of it because it was so big, over 5 metres wide , he had continuously advertised it with no takers and by the time I saw it he had reduced it to £30 just to get it away out of his road, great for us but not so good for him!
  8. If they have a wayleave they have to produce it , how long have you owned the property? If the wayleave was in place before you bought it, it will now be void unless it’s a necessary wayleave as wayleaves don’t continue on to the next owner.If the wayleave was granted by yourself you’ll have been receiving paltry payments every year. we have had a similar situation with a plot we have been marketing, asked them to produce the wayleave, they don’t have one ( which I already suspected) served them notice to remove the overhead cables, this started getting them engaged, they have come up with a plan to underground the cables, I have now handed over the negotiations to the person wishing to purchase the land and he has had them on site with a surveyor to plan the route and they have agreed to do this in 12 weeks time, so far there has been no mention of any payment to do the work and it looks like there won’t be any charge. As for the trees, if their cables are going through them they should be doing the work, where we are a firm comes out every year to check all the trees and do any work needed, last time they were here they wanted to trim back one of the trees on our land and I asked them to take it down altogether which they did, no charge.
  9. Think you’re complicating things for yourself, roughing joiners can usually do kit erection, window fitting and partitioning plasterboarding etc and finishing joiners for all your doors , skirting , reveals etc
  10. Is there not a Facebook page for your area? I know here there’s a local Facebook page which proves very useful, I even tracked down a missing parcel on it, the other thing is a self build Facebook page for your area?
  11. Yes I can verify that, mcs registered installers are no better than the guys who register themselves with trusted trader and other sites like this..
  12. We have two of these, one is south facing and we had to have film put on it because of the solar gain, the room was reaching over 30 degrees in summer and the film has definitely helped. I started looking for blinds for the winter time as you always‘ feel’ a coldness from a bare window even although there really isn’t any cold coming in, I found a company that do motorized blinds that go up the way from bottom to top into the triangular part of the window, unfortunately not in Scotland and I can’t find anyone that does them up here.
  13. I was expecting one night a couple of weeks ago as it was advertised in my telly paper and then it didn’t come on! Had a look online and it was saying starts in May?
  14. We parted company with our builders near the end as they just stopped turning up, they’d been paid at stages during the build and I’d paid them an amount on the Friday before we parted company the following Wednesday, when we told them to go they tried to bill us another amount which they weren’t due, after ignoring the first two bills when it appeared for the third time I told them they wouldn’t be getting it until building control had been out to check their work, never heard another thing about it. The electrician they’d sub contracted still had work to do and he continued the work with us paying him directly.