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  1. it includes payments to CIS contractors
  2. always required over external openings
  3. if it was mine I would put a wraparound DPC below the beam and block and bring it up the external face of the masonry and back in on top of the marmot block below the sole plate.
  4. Nod I'm supposed to pay it and don't have 7 employees and never did have. Plenty of subbies but only 2 or 3 on the books. Anyway it is a cost that is easily calculated after the event but not one that can be calculated prior to paying the subcontractors so in a way it could be chargeable. https://www.citb.co.uk/levy-grants-and-funding/citb-levy/about-the-citb-levy/#apply
  5. These details send brickies round the bend. Ideally the PIR should be cut at an angle to facilitate the cavity tray to be sloping towards the outside skin allowing water to flood out of the weep vents. In the real world it is difficult to achieve without creating voids in the insulation between cuts.
  6. I’m having the same problem. How did you solve it ?
  7. I recently installed a 150 duct with an erbauer core bit from screw fix. It went through fine. Jeez that fan sucks. You could dry your hair under the cooker hood. Mine also came with a 150 tip 100 reducer and I’m glad I tossed it away and went full bore.
  8. All the blocks I have laid in the last 20 years have been narrow and short.
  9. Roll of 600 mm hyload and some tape for the corners. He will be happy with that. I can’t think of another way to do it to be honest. Pre formed cavity trays are for stepped flashings.
  10. 6606323C-4BFE-445D-90EF-CF76A47F6737.jpeg
  11. Which my l sister says doesn't cover you if you move in prior to completion
  12. I have always took my sandwiches to work in a sandwich box. Any wrappers or waste goes back in the box and goes home with me and sometimes on the way home I empty the car door bins into it as well.I just can't get it into my head why nobody else can do this. Empty bottles and cans strewn across the site boil my piss. I did empty a mortar tub full of them into the back of the roofers van before they left one day and I wasn't very popular. Tea drinkers and their discarded tea bags are another breed as well. Where do they think they go after being left on the side of the kettle. It's for this reason that the microwave I bought for site is still at my other house. As for wheelbarrows and wasted plasterboard let's not go there 😞 (If you couldn't tell) after a year on site I am now officially fed up with tradesmen.
  13. Hi All, I'm nearing completion and need to move in soon due to my current place being rented from mid July. I have read somewhere here but can't find it again that some of you managed to get home insurance on your new builds prior to obtaining a completion certificate. My ( hard sell) sister who is an insurance broker thinks (99%) that this is not possible and suggested that I ask you lovely guys and gals where you got your insurance from.
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