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  1. Hello from Northamptonshire

    Welcome. It seems to have the right orientation. Is solar planned? You will certainly get fit going to bed .
  2. More snow?

    One wonders whether the Virgins are frigid. (Gets coat and exits to shovel the white stuff.) My car enthusiast neighbour has about 6 cars and this winter is the only time since God-knows-when that one of them is not a 4x4.
  3. Emulsion spray painting

    I meant the spray gun part, and empty of paint. SO the only thing that is not done is the full half hour cleaning routine,
  4. More snow?

    WE had an icing sugar dusting on Friday and Sat AM, then I had snowstorms coming back on the A61 through Clay Cross etc which is a bit higher than us (we are at 600ft), then settled snow overnight. This winter will kill many of the newly arrived bugs. I am remembering the famous 2000-ish newspaper article about snow will soon be a thing of the past, which our children will never see .
  5. Is this snow everywhere? We have more than last time. THat looks like about 150mm on the table. But my poor knocker-posts are not drying enough to make fitting the Postsavers easy: ANd I am glad I made it to Chesterfield for the coffee supply yesterday: That bag middle top are chocolate coated, cocoa dusted almonds, the most moreish thing in the world amongst food items. Today day is an admin and buying-socks day. Ferdinand
  6. Patio wall lights

    @daiking Unless there is a show stopper I would go with something as close as possible to the right place already. They will presumably be LEDs so no significant load from the lights, though you may want to consider an external socket on the patio wall too ? I am not sure what stance a lecky would take wrt to certification with a cable he has not seen installed underground, without appropriate evidence or supervising the install. Could the correct type of isolation via a master switch internally or water-certified external junction box put it outside the scope? One way I deal with Ts wanting external power is to supply a proper outside double socket by a professional electrician with an internal master switch, FCU or separate circuit from the CU, and leave them to do what they will outside. PS Plan B Fit a duct / drawstring and let the electrician pull his cable through. F
  7. My Nightmare Heating System

    TRusting that your sister is not called Theresa. As the bishop said to the wrong actress of the twins ...
  8. Emulsion spray painting

    I think ours is left in a bucket of water overnight and is fine. Would not leave it for several days, but the amount of masking means that I would block-schedule it anyway.
  9. My Nightmare Heating System

    Real men do not pee in showers. They might use a chamberpot, though.
  10. How is it possible sensibly to test a fake result, short of the Council employing a person to dig another hole? And how would it be enforced short of expensive inspections and/or compulsory sample drilling? And how would simple bribery be prevented? And it would have to pay for itself. Ferdinand
  11. Emulsion spray painting

    There is a good thread here with a lot of experience I have standardised on spraying but am still in search of an ideal paint for the finish coats for refurbs. We have not yet achieved the speed quoted above but it os certainly very quick. The thread describes my experience and others. I would be interested in the comments of a pro like @Glynn - especially on kit. Perhaps a thread merge? F
  12. Yours truely is very annoyed.

    Agree with RA approach. But I might do a short and blunt summary first.
  13. How much is a water connection?

    Think ar least slightly about potential complications that may happen later on a sublet supply.if eg you sell one house and not the other. In your circs I would do it though. Effectively you are borrowing the splitting cost from yourself in x years time, as the purchaser in 20xx will deduct it from the price. Ferdinand
  14. Tiling...many questions

    That is the proof that Trump is also an adjective.
  15. Yours truely is very annoyed.

    Oooer. I think I am keeping clear until after your 4th beer. (But it looks OK to me. Friday problem at Building Control?) I it happens I just submitted representations against a planning appeal - deadline is midnight today. If you want a good night's sleep I can send you my document to read. F