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  1. Discount Offers of the Week

    They have 5m hoses and accessories under separate cover.
  2. Best source for back boxes & cable

    Bound to be less random than B&Q. I can predict the phases of the moon. Listen for the Husky down the road howling the neighbours night before .
  3. Important updates to BuildHub

    On an iPad, the 'drop the pinch of x' gestures gives you perhaps 15-20% enlargement and the text fills the screen. You get the added bonus that certain avatars such as censored vanish off the lhs of the screen.
  4. Best source for back boxes & cable

    I am working on a Screwfix Trade Account, which give discounts of up to 35% (they said) but it is not clear what selection of products attract a discount. They were saying that if a qualified electrician or Gas Safe engineer opens one on my behalf during a project I can continue to use it afterwards. Ferdinand
  5. Discount Offers of the Week

    A reminder that the Aldi DIY Special Buy is today, including: Welder for £70. 24l Compressor for £80. Mini Bench Grinder for £27. Cordless 20v tools including Recip Saw, Grinder. Air tools. 20m extension reel of air hose "10. Also consumables such as: Pack of approx 150 x Welding Electrodes 3.2 x 350mm £8.99. Pack of 11 thin cutting disks £3.99. Assorted pack of 11 disks also £3.99. 20m ropes for £3.99 - duct cord perhaps. Puncture proof wheelbarrow wheels @£15. And lots of types of tape. Website: https://www.aldi.co.uk/c/specialbuys/diy I find here, with about half a dozen Aldis in a few miles, that there can be a significant time difference before they sell out. Some things go in a day in some places, others stick around for a week or more. I am heading down, and probably coming back poorer. Add: the coming back poorer hunch was correct . Ferdinand
  6. Sorry. I meant 15-18", which is how much depth my microwave would need. Have corrected. F
  7. Council tax

    I would say that the answer to such comments is either to educate them or ignore them.
  8. Depends on the bathroom. 2 ft 15-18" is quite deep front to back for head height in a bathroom.
  9. Nice plots with a good effective and attractive internal layout to the house.
  10. Stage 1 Is Very Nearly Complete :)

    Hope she likes it ... and it is a good job you did not meet Esmeralda.
  11. Important updates to BuildHub

    If you cannot turn it off, the web-elves could turn it off by replacing all the icon files here for example: https://forum.buildhub.org.uk/uploads/reactions/react_haha.png with blank white squares or lolcats. (avoids temptation to post Demolition Cat).
  12. Design and Access Planning Statement

    The copyright laws include an express exemption for private research, study and commentary. F
  13. Design and Access Planning Statement

    Interesting 63-page Phase 2 report, of which about 2/3 to 4/5 are references, appendices and the normal stuff. And it ends up recommending NO ACTION. Google and the map interface on the council w/s are useful ways to find things sometimes. In your shoes I would very carefully consider employing an appropriate professional to review my application before submission, as a quarter way house between self-planning and getting a professional to do the whole thing. I would want someone with significant (= 5+ years) local experience of this type of development with this particular Council, and ideally in the same geographical area. I would find one by asking in independent local estate agents for their MRICS, and then have a conversation with the MRICS to see if they are appropriate or can recommend a professional colleague. You could also look at people who wrote reports for previous applications that impress you. When we did our (housing estate on family land) Planning App I chose the chap who was in the local paper stories who won the permission for a controversial housing estate. Should you go down that route, the brief of what you want to know is crucial as you need to use their time efficiently. I think I would expect to need up to a day of their time, including a detailed 1-2 hour feedback and questions meeting, and budget up to £400-£500 - perhaps making clear that it was advice for which I would not expect liability cover. Negotiating your terms is quite tactical. The benefit for you would be a better understanding of how the LA will approach it, and more corners k ocked off your planning app, and what areas you can de-emphasize etc. eg You could potentially save your barrier and soil costs if they know information that helps your case. That is for your judgement on the Time and Cost/Benefit and Risk Management triangle. On the topsoil, whether they ask for a landscape plan or statement or not, you can include one (and to design your house) which involves removing minimal topsoil during construction and afterwards. That is *if* you are confident that the soil is OK. You could design it as a family football garden (ie the existing surface as lawn and raised beds) or similar. Personally I dislike the habit of micromanagement of developments years after completion - it is another example of planning overreach. Apply KISS. Like the Heritage Statement, it could just be a para in the D&A perhaps with a sketch plan. You may need to exclude most of the back garden from construction traffic to prevent disturbance. Would they buy that? What does your Soil-chap say when you ask him how much soil would need to be removed? You could of course also use your dug-up topsoil for reprofiling areas of the garden. Not sure how it is handled, but I can see someone deciding on the basis of the Soil Report that it must be treated as Controlled Waste or something similar, just in case - I have infinite faith in the ability of big organisations to make excessive decisions because it seems sensible at the time. At which point your skip bill becomes a little larger than it was before. Perhaps other BHers know better on that. If you want certainty then it is one of your two options. Over to you. X marks the spot :-). F
  14. Important updates to BuildHub

    Thank-you - especially to the web-elf who seems to have filled in my location, if it wasn't there already. I haven't tried to break it, but things seem generally to work. [Update: Oh noes. More emoticons in the like box. Do not tell the mad icon-mangler .]
  15. Heritage statement

    No apology needed. We all do it all the time. Project vs topic. Tricky decision. I usually end up with 2 of each as a compromise :-).