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  1. there is always 5x as much in it when you puncture it in your workshop by mistake.
  2. Council being entirely reasonable. They thought they could ignore the rules do to an alleged technical constraint which they chose not to discuss when it arose. Lesson hopefully learnt.
  3. I wonder if Matt or textured tiles would help.
  4. you could have a panel or whole wall done in cork tiles as a “poster wall”. Had one in my room when I was a lad.
  5. Local steel fabricator, or potentially aluminium veranda specialist. You imo want more than just a roof. Could the sides be in something interesting like glazed bricks, or a sheet material? F
  6. Luxury Vinyl should be a more acoustically alternative, or I guess you could do things to your other surfaces, Would something like those fashionable faceted type wall tiles potentially help, to break up reflections?
  7. we talked about this one. Barge pole. I have these, which are fine, subject to Ikea spacing etc. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/odensvik-double-wash-basin-00135612/
  8. Welcome. Take care to be accurate with whatever is underneath.
  9. Don’t ever say Franke with a W by mistake. It sticks and you do it again.
  10. Ferdinand


    Welcome. It is useful to know something about your project, but ask away !
  11. Mine is a Franke. The best point is that the order is half-sink sink drainer, which means that mucky stuff in the half sink can be done whilst stuff is draining. My favourite sinks are sit on top, whiach mean there are no joints to go manky and no oles in worktops to cut.
  12. Does 20 years unopposed not establish a ROW?
  13. I think we have been here before, and I think the Council said "do it".