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  1. That is going nowhere. It will fail Building Regs, and there is yonks of rental regulation that will stop it on Complaint to EH .... starting with category one hazards under the HHSRS, such as ventilation and fire escapes. That is unless he does it to an acceptable standard. Suspect it is part of a Planning Strategy to redevelop, and by doing change of use early under PD he gets to make it residential with no objections. Perhaps they will deem it to be 15 Band A units in as short a time as possible. The article is rather unfortunately incomplete in its assessment imo. Speculating, embarrassment of the Commercial to Residential PR law may be the target, which is unfortunate as it enabled a lot of good conversions as well as some bad ones. F
  2. (personally I ask for the one I want to drink, as I am sure all on BH do. 😎) More on topic, I sometimes use the ESE capsules which are wrapped in paper. And can I plug our local roaster, who are just coming up to 100 years old and are ironically called the Northern Tea Traders. They roast about a tonne of beans every week, and the prices are from about £3.60 for 200g. Depending on which of the 20 types of bean you order. Minus about another 10% for orders over, I think, £30 or £40. If you are Within the region and commercial (or a big drinker) they will provide you a free and maintained Bravilior filter machine - think of those ones with 2 jugs, and deliver your coffee. The region is roughly Leeds to Brum across England, and the amount you will need to make is about 50 jugs per month. https://www.northern-tea.com/shop/coffee/ And these are the most moreish chocolate product in the entire world: https://www.northern-tea.com/buy/milk-chocolate-coated-cocoa-dusted-almonds/ Ferdinand
  3. Or, more concisely YES !!! Aaaaaah.
  4. My chosen weapon for physically removing moss is a gutter brush on a 2x extension pole. No idea where it came from ... parents saw one in a shop once and swooped. It only extends to about 12ft, but that makes 18-20 with me. Should be easy to find online. I did a high bungalow roof with this before selling it. The problem I have now is that I have one storey of wall, then about 7m of roof above that .. which is too much for the brush. So it will be the idea below when I next do it. For the ‘spray with copper sulphate and leave to die for a couple of months’ option I would look for a traditional fruit tree sprayer, which will do anything between 2m and perhaps 5m plus you. Or for more fun get hold of a water soaker of the bicycle pump type, which you can make yourself for tuppence https://www.instructables.com/id/5-Water-Guns/ Or buy one for about £3. They will have a 10m range, get a bucket of CuSO4 solution, and Robert is your relation. Maybe. Just practice frost with water so you do not go over the whole house and kill next door’s cabbages. I got one from the pound shop a couple of years ago which had enough range to discourage the cats and squirrels on my front wall from the front porch and protecting the nesting birds a little. Ferdinand
  5. 1 Make sure they are happy with a washer-dryer. I find the drying by those to be less than stellar. However, @JSHarris can probably attest to the performance of that model. But he has mvhr in an ecohouse, and your parents may not. 2 Check the readability of the controls. At worktop level, away from a window, in a utility it may be different to a brightly lit shop. Especially for oldsters. I have trouble with our new one, let alone mum. 3 Check on the exact programs used constantly by your parents, and that those ones in particular are easy to use eg if the dial position is at the top or top half, not at the bottom. And ideally that their favourites do not require further settings after the dial. God is in the detail of the defaults. 4 I can recommend a current Bosch, which have a dial and then a control panel that lets you adjust nearly everything easily. It also has a short cycle. Ferdinand
  6. Interesting the differences from orientation, position and trees. My rather larger array has general 16MWh since Feb 2016. I think Jeremy’s was put in in spring 2014.
  7. Looks very interesting, I would say special care would be needed for something so spread out for Energy usage in particular. But it will be fab to live in. I would raise a flag and say to balance any inspirational architectural aspirations with your feet on the ground. Example .. the Gasworks by Chris Dyson in Upper Slaughter is up for umpteen awards, but it only just scraped a D in the EPC stakes. In a few years that will probably prevent it being rented out, perhaps even for holidays. And it took them 2 years to sell it. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property-history/the-gasworks/upper-slaughter/cheltenham/gl54-2jt/41509827 It has a fair amount of sustainability wibble attached to the architectural-bollocks, but in practical terms sustainable it is not, as the Energy efficiency is well below the national average. https://www.architecture.com/find-an-architect/chris-dyson-architects/london/gasworks “The introduction of a very carefully-considered architectural concept into the Gloucestershire countryside; one which is of national significance and distinction in its approach to quality and sustainabilty, notably the integration of internal and external factors.” Ferdinand
  8. On a short break from my break. Stop making me post.
  9. Hulsta Sale. Prompted by @Moira Niedzwiecka's bed thread, I see that Hulsta have a summer sale with a third off, and an ex-demo sale at 50%+ off. And there is a showroom in Northampton near to Moira. It is all *very* nice stuff: https://www.webstore.hulsta.co.uk/our-biggest-ever-summer-savings/ Though it is a slightly different end of the market to the bed Moira has posted from Wayfair, I recommend these, and it fits an "invest in what you touch most" idea. They are in the sort of Aga or Saab+ bracket. Parents bought one for the (separate for both sides) orthopedic mattresses (pull a puller and it sits you up for your cup of tea or book - electric version available) back in the 1980s and now mum has to sleep semi-prone it is just what she needs. For some of us this is probably in the "windowshopping for things I do not need to buy" or "just what I need" category. Ferdinand
  10. Welcome. You probably need to have a very good idea how "restored" it is, to tell you how far you need to take it back - hopefully not at all. As commented above, it depends on your goals. One quick link: F
  11. That would be bathstore who just had an 80% off closing down sale. How high would you propose one to be?
  12. Could not @Patrick make some of these Bath Companion jobbies out of his yew bush?
  13. Mine is waiting to be fitted when I tidy the appropriate location and can get to it. I loved Screwfix service when they brought their whole range of safes to the front counter for me to look at.
  14. 😀 (for short people) or doorstops. Yew is heavy. Or as you say donate to woodturner or sculptor in exchange for one or two pieces, say a house nameplate or a number or a box for loose objects in your hallway as examples. Something that will memorialise the tree for a few decades in your house. BTW what is that circle of toadstool things - pass the parcel installation?