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  1. Ferdinand

    GSHP in Agriculture

    Interesting. IIRC Thanet Earth were adamant that theirs was the only place in te( country where they could do their particular type of operation, which is I think using LED lights as one part of making it grow. F
  2. Ferdinand

    Electric Gates Emergency Access Override

    You tell them what it is. Or conceivably they have a pass key. How do they do it with all those centre in the London blurbs designed to stop rat runs? F
  3. Ferdinand

    Electric Gates Emergency Access Override

    Would they perhaps have a database of key codes?
  4. Shouldn't that be "volume", even down the TM rabbit hole?
  5. Ferdinand

    Do five leaf bifolds ever get fully opened?

    Thanks all. So the extra 3 leaves (say 6 ply not 3 ply) is very much for taking the potential benefit from 80% to 90% of the max. Ferdinand
  6. As an intermediate, why not close them but use a bead of silicone around the edge of the shutter first, then wipe off the excess. Then if you find it works OK with the MCHR and decide to foam it up in 1 or 2 years, you can reopen it with a modelling or Stanley knife and do the thing more thoroughly. F
  7. thanks. That is a classic BRE document 😎. 230 pages including 21 Appendices. Including ‘Appendix O (not used)’ on a whole page. An army artillery man, there. Should have had a picture of a hat and “This is not an Appendix”.
  8. Ferdinand

    Considering Heatstore and PV Diverter

    Thanks for tecpomments, all. It looks like provision for the future and watch this space, for now, then. Ferdinand
  9. In a 1960s Comic, this would be under "Droopy's Drippy Questions", but are they? I was just reflecting on big bifolds, and whether they would actually be necessary, bearing in mind that lift'n'slide windows only half open, anyway? I might be more inclined to have a 3-ply bifold, and a big window. That must be worth £1200-1500 off the cost (or could be spent on slide and turn). But is anything lost by so doing?
  10. I have seen comment on BH that an EPC of 100 is nominally a Zero Energy house. Can anyone give me a source I can reference for this? (Needed for blog post). Cheers Ferdinand
  11. Ferdinand

    Fused spur, for human or wiring safety?

    If you leave the 1.5mm² 'protected' by the larger fuse, then it can lead for example to your smaller wire burning out before the fuse itself - which (in addition to allowing a bigger current through, fire hazard etc) is a far more complex thing to mend afterwards. Apols if adding eggs to your aniseed balls to suck. F
  12. Ferdinand

    Critique my plan!

    Height above stairs will be bound by Building Regulations' requirements, anyway. If he is an architect he will have complied with those. It was more about asking for more detail of the plans so we can see how it all fits together - a 3d angled view from above (technically called an "axonometric" by architects) would be good too 😀. The more info we have, the better feedback you get. The one thing that I think immediately is to go for side-by-side parking not tandem (unless they won't allow that, in which case I would make the drop kerb very generous in width and do it in a couple of years anyway). Where are you with the plot purchase - have you bought it yet, or have you got a lock-in agreement with next door, such that he can't back out? F
  13. Ferdinand

    Critique my plan!

    Note: Previous conversation about this project here:
  14. Ferdinand

    Critique my plan!

    It would be useful to see how the 2 floors (and especially the walls) register, and perhaps the elevations. Looks good that you are not being constrained by the box you were given when you started. That staircase looks a bit head-bumpy afaics, and there may be (perhaps) complications with flat-roof to wall joints if that is what it is. Are those your spaces or next doors spaces at the front? If next-doors, what did you get in return? Ferdinand
  15. Ferdinand

    Largest diameter masonry drill.

    I have up to about 25mm - maybe 26mm, and up to 1m long. Usually come in cheap kits from Aldi etc once in a blue moon, and a typical use would be to thread pipes or cables through a thick wall or ceiling, also not needing to be very often. I have one which is a long 16mm one which generates a small standing wave in the drill bit as it wobbles. Ferdinand.