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  1. Our council recycling centre is closed, of course. But all of our bin collections, including the garden waste, are still running. Impressed.
  2. By the way, how does one dispose of a huge pile of ivy clippings? The quantity would probably fill a 3m trailer. Ferdinand
  3. Well - today I spent a couple of hours fighting the Ivy Monster that is trying to invade through the old wall from next door. That wall is lovely, and full of bees every spring. (I once had a pile of insulation there removed from a house attic so that we could get 250mm new put in by the Energy Company, and when the handyman came to collect it to use as Underfloor Insulation in another house he discovered that some bees had moved from the wall to the insulation.). Fortunately a flower lady came past in her van and asked for some of the cuttings - not enough though. Unfortunately her business is going into abeyance from next week. I have enough clippings left for about 2 months of Council Garden bins. What I need now is a systemic weedkiller to put on the new growth in a month's time. And the front border of contrasting shapes and colours planted by mum 6 years ago is developing nicely. Ferdinand
  4. My cleaner has now stopped coming, as she works for a Limited company run locally. Will get the 80%. Also she has mum’s supply of unused pyjamas, which will probably last about a decade 😎. I'm pleased that someone known to me could use them, rather than having to cast them on the charity shop wind. F
  5. Can you talk me through that £7500 for nothing? I have not yet absorbed the detail of the package - how does that work. Ferdinand
  6. Hello Jane Try the Historic Houses Associaton, which is an association of privately owned listed building owners. They may know who are relevant experts, but also be aware of ‘the ones that got away’. https://www.historichouses.org They may be willing to pass your details on. Just checking ... if I recall correctly, you are building on a (slightly expensive!) former vicarage garden in London near the river bought at auction, and run a couple of successful small businesses (?), and have an inconvenient third party drain across the middle. If someone has successfully fought off a similar thing, they may well be willing to advise / encourage someone in the same position ... there will be a solidarity. In your place I would also place a speculative call to the Chancellor of the Diocese to ask for any useful contacts they can give you, given the history. The. Chancellor is the Senior Legal Advisor to the Bishop, and would not advise but may be willing to give a couple of pointers in a short phone call or email, if you bought it from them. Speculative, but on the occasions I have dealt with them, often willing to spend a few minutes helping me. The Church of England have more listed buildings than anybody else, and they should know who to talk to etc. The other official who deals with buildings in the CodE is the Archdeacon, which in London (last time I knew) were organised on an area basis similarly to the ‘Area Bishops’; they could be an alternative to contact. OTOH you could have found them hard to deal with. I could say the same for the National Trust, but I do not know their internal systems. Best of luck. Ferdinand
  7. +1. Not cheap iirc, but I found this under a 2 for 1 deal at Wickes. Perhaps somebody can comment whether a ‘roll your own’ idea of ‘normal coating plus sprinkle sand on it’ works at all. Ferdinand
  8. @grich Heh. Multiple choice advice. Welcome to Buildhub .
  9. It may be a flag that the price is inflated (or not). In any area there is a per sqm range of prices for each type and quality of house, which are usually based on the real parts of the house, and is one way EAs compare things. Compare with the selling prices of identical houses (allow for condition and selling date) as a check if you are doing well or less well. Pretending that a not-very-solid conservatory is real habitable space makes the house seem bigger. Not necessarily a deal-breaker or maker, but useful to know. On the conservatory, I would certainly start again ... and take a very careful look at a real extension instead, especially if it gets much sun - in a conservatory you will either be a roast potato in summer / ice cube in winter or have very significant heating / cooling bills or only use it seriously in the spting and autumn. If you had to replace the roof, glazing and an oversailing awning would be one way. My take on conservatories is: 1 - Never let them get the sun, 2 - Get an inexpensive one or do an extension instead, 3 - Consider a secondhand one done professionally, which are all over Ebay, 4 - Divide it off by external quality doors from the house. Ferdinand
  10. I note that the estate agent has also included the leanto in the "floor area" of the house. The plan above claims that it is a 1353sqft house. If you add it up it is actually 1200 sqft plus the 150 sqft leanto. Ferdinand
  11. if you have an internal division, you could use that as the feature wall, which would not compromise your fabric. Or put a lead to orangery or extension of some sort on the back of your feature wall to make it internal. Ferdinand
  12. That 50-60k quote is doolally, unless you are in Knightsbridge. The conservatory is about 15sqm. A real extension of that size should be 25k-35k (ie £1650-£2100 per sqm) give or take. And that is not being especially mean. Will come back with a few more comments after I have had my House Arrest breakfast 😎. Ferdinand In the meantime, singing in the institution.
  13. I would think you could either roll your own, or buy something off the shelf designed for a boat or caravan. But I would expect that solar PV would be less buggeration-ful over time. Ferdinand