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  1. Ferdinand

    Tiling...many questions

    New tile. OTOH if this bathroom was 20k, if you could gut it and start again for 10k, perhaps you could persuade yourself that you have saved money...
  2. Not really my area, but don't you put a wedge of a known angle in to move it back onto the scale?
  3. Ferdinand

    4m stud partition - extra reinforcement?

    Yes. The top is open. Sorry ... thought I was clear on that. Will get a couple of pics. F
  4. Ferdinand

    Temporary Path

    Look into suppliers for events faciities. eg https://www.esedirect.co.uk/p-3471-roll-out-trackway-rubber-matting.aspx I think there are likely to be places that would do a rental at reasonable cost. You could also perhaps use the tree protection grids if you need any of that. F
  5. Ferdinand

    4m stud partition - extra reinforcement?

    It is to divide off 1/3 of an 8x4m storeroom to create a usable space, and a smaller store. The plan is probably to board one side on ply, of which there is some available. I should have said that the floor is a concrete slab. I was planning concrete screws for attaching the wall plate. Do I need a 4m length for across the the top? Thanks F
  6. As sketched, I think the join is clumsy ... especially that triangle at the top of the wall/ That may look different when built. F
  7. I need to construct a partition 2.4m high across a 4m run, which is free at the top ... ie a high ceiling with a space above the partition. I have not built one of these before ... can anyone advise on any extra measures I need to take for extra rigidity or intermediate support? I am thinking 63x36 timber, normal spacing, and perthaps extra noggins. DO I eg need a joist across the top? Cheers Ferdinand
  8. I would prefer the massing with the two roofs the same height.
  9. Ferdinand

    Kitchen tap flow restrictor

    Can you just turn the supply pressure down at the mains instead? Obvious question, but do they check that?
  10. Ferdinand

    What order to insulate in?

    IMO really work at it and you can save enough on materials to cover quite a lot of specialist Labour. Obvs it depends what you compare it with, but I think that 25-35% is possible as an average. I tend to use Wickes retail prices as a benchmark. F
  11. Ferdinand

    Walls, walls, walls!

    if this s the same as graphite vs normal EPS then the difference is marginal - of the order of 10-20% - so it is A relatively small benefit in heat terms, but the marginally thinner wall that results at the same overall insulation may be worth it. F
  12. Ferdinand

    Garden suggestions

    Can you not sell Walk-on Glazing to an obtuse person who runs a theatre?
  13. Ferdinand

    Walls, walls, walls!

    Nah. Always leave 'em suspended...
  14. Ferdinand

    What order to insulate in?

    Heh. Also bear in mind that there are some cost-saving threads around, so you can probably get up to a third more material for the price you first look up in Wickes, and that it is also useful to do a heat model on the famous @JSHarris spreadsheet, and that it is worth taking a few years .. say 10 ... heating bills into account for your lifecycle cost. eg You can get a routine 10-20% off at Wickes itself with a Trade Accoutn and a Reloadable Cash Card, for example. The thing about the fabric improvements is that you only get the chance to do them once, and only have to pay for them once, so some bullet-biting helps. it particularly helps when you are half under a floor at arms length with a staple gun. F