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  1. Alas ! You will never have the chance to taste homemade fat free beetroot crisps. Or not yet.
  2. Do you have an air fryer? I would love to know how verithin slices of beetroot do in one of those. (Having just observed that a packet of Tyrells root vegetable crisps are £2.50 in Tesco, albeit for a 125g packet).
  3. @Dreadnaught When I tried Toolstation a couple of years ago their discounts seemed to be oriented to big customers such as public bodies. Hope it has changed, and best of luck. Judging by the companies involved, that looks like a Travis-Perkins group card. There is a long thread about discounts etc that was running for 2-3 years, but fizzled out as I think we had covered nearly everything in the toolbox. Here. Ferdinand
  4. Beetroot crisps? ie Thin slices of beetroot dried on wire cooling trays in the warming drawer. The apple, banana and figs seem to be working but I won’t know for sure until the morning. 3.15 9.15
  5. Why not an air gun and eat the rabbits? (Have I missed something?)
  6. Mine were just really late. Not out in the growhouse until July 31st. All now in a (small !) paper bag with a banana. Currently have a nice apple smell in the kitchen as I am doing dried apple rings in the warming drawer for the next 12 hours. First batch below was on a string for 4 days then an evening in a cool oven - far too much of a pfaff.
  7. The context here is a colleague with a family member who gets S.A.D. potentially in lockdown alone at the other end of the country, hatching coping strategies. Normally takes a holiday in the sun as a mid-winter relief, which may not be possible this year. F
  8. I just picked the entire tomato harvest in 45 seconds.
  9. Thanks @Big Jimbo. Yes they are; I am wondering about more general environmental changes which are more built in to the house - and so of benefit without needing to sit down with a specific device. I started from wondering about swapping out LEDs for ones with a sunny daylight tone of light, and then spotted stuff about "tunable whites" and Smart Lighting. So I thought I would ask.
  10. Does anyone have any experience, or ideas, or suggested products, which could be used during COVID lockdown etc to help family members who have Seasonal Affective Disorder and find winter, especially when unable to go on a sunny holiday, a challenge? I am particularly interested in adjustable smart lighting setups, and if anyone has used one, and whether it was beneficial. Cheers Ferdinand
  11. As it happens, dankworth’s Experiments with Mice came up on my Alexa this morning.
  12. Badgers and rabbits don't seem to have these problems...
  13. Can you glue a piece of wood on, and screw into that? Or get one of the Wilko coathook blocks (about £10) and glue that on? I have about 5 of those, and it still is not enough 🙃. Ferdinand
  14. You will need Puff the Magic Dragon with his Ceiling Wax to get that lot back..