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  1. You're lucky that the place has only just fallen to the Greens. You've avoided the bylaw imposing a fixed penalty notice for being caught in possession of a bacon butty.
  2. When I did an at exhibition in a small gallery in Nottingham a bit over a decade ago, it cost more to park the car for some time each day than it did to hire the gallery. So .. Brighton. Parking and a bit of digging. £400-500 ?
  3. I think you should do it in copper.
  4. On topic: I think this will make you very popular with Sageglass Inc 🙂 . Can I ask another totally .. er .. ontopic question of our tinted glazing expert (*)? (Berry picking exhibition in Derbyshire later this week). Do blue tinted sunglasses make blackberries easier to see amongst the leaves? Ferdinand * This is the defined as the person who can answer my question.
  5. I can see at least two Medieval torture devices in this thread. Why don't you just fill it with banzai spikes, cover it with camouflage, and have done with it? Find some sheep and you have homemade mutton kebab. Sod your cellar.
  6. Thanks for the comment. I tend to agree. But this is for my green vegetables 🙂, such as watercress and dill weed. 4000k would be for flowers, and I can't eat so many of those.
  7. I think that's the two chimneys from the top of number 73, and is why your plot at 75 has a big hump on it and is twice as wide as it should be.
  8. Just a note that that was me quoting @jamieled, not me saying.
  9. I am looking for some inexpensive LED striplights with a colour temperature of about 6000k-6500k. That is roughly "daylight". They will need to be linkable, and plug into the mains - so 240V or maybe a transformer. The product area may be shop display lights or under counterd lights. My application is as growlights for microveg, as I continue to experiment. I picked up the idea from an American site who recommend these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F2WMCP2/ I need slightly shorter ones 30-70cm long, as I am. I already have some designed-as-growlights LED grid things, but I want to try these too. Any ideas? Thanks Ferdinand
  10. That's interesting. I can see a green fluff happening about that eventually.
  11. If you thought about this for 5 minutes with a coffee you would get it - it is an experiment we all did at school: Find the volume of an irregular solid by seeing how much it raises the level in a container of water. In this case we only need an answer to about +/- quite a lot, so personally I would guestimate a third for any reasonably sized sort of gravel, but obvs it takes up more of the volume if it smaller. But the tolerance means we don't need a big sample. If i really wanted to know I'd do it a la probable Jeremy: 1 - Get a big measuring cylinder or a bucket or anything of which you know the volume. Find out where say the 5l line is (put in 5l of water and make a mark or measure the depth). 2 - Empty water and fill up to your mark or depth with gravel. Do the hokey-cokey and shake it all about to max the amount of gravel. 3 - Refill with water and see how much it takes to the same line. Steal a measuring jug from the boss. 4 - The difference as a fraction or % allows you to calculate the allowance you need to make. This method even allows for any voids inside your pieces of gravel. Personally I would add 25% to the whole thing afterwards just to allow for uneven rain to give me a buffer. Ferdinand
  12. I haven't really followed this thread. However I would expect the number to be the volume of space for water, which would be minus the volume of solid gravel. Unless it has voids in the gravel, in which case the thread needs to continue 😛.
  13. In practice a lot of people with MVHR find that their washing dries so well inside that washing lines outside are redundant. Control condensation *THAT* well for many.