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  1. This is ... interesting and, unusually for the Guardian, appears to be reasonably accurate on the subject of housing. There are loopholes which are not mentioned, and the "supersized" is a bit tabloid 🙂 . https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/13/westminster-council-to-ban-super-size-new-homes
  2. Ferdinand

    Help Needed With My Leaky GRP Roof

    Assuming that all the OSB is the OSB3 version.
  3. Ferdinand

    There's a swimming pool under my house

    There's a pool in my cellar Dear Lisa, Dear Lisa...
  4. Ferdinand

    Garden Plot offer price guidance

    Self-build is exempt from CIL, but you need to follow the procedure carefully. F
  5. Ferdinand

    Garden Plot offer price guidance

    Before you go into Planning-Cycle mode, just check whether the existing PP removes Permitted Development rights. It may be that the existing design + a permitted extension afterwards could be a better option than a planning battle. Ferdinand
  6. Ferdinand

    Luxury HMO

    What happened to this thread? It has turned into Toxteth circa 1986.
  7. Ferdinand

    Simple driveway - Not on your Nelly!!

    The carncil will want the footway reinforcing for that, and the cost is likely to be £1000 ish I would say. You may be OK as it is a minor road, but they may also have views about enter-and-leave-in-a-forward-gear ie off road turning space. The easy way for that may be either the @ProDave idea, or possibly a sweep driveway if ProDave would impact your back garden. F
  8. Ferdinand

    Simple driveway - Not on your Nelly!!

    My view is do the comprehensive PP and do the drive + wetroom now. If you can put up with a manhole in your utility (if allowed now - don't know about that) then it could be done. You need to work out a table of you options and what is required for each, and the various costs. Not too diifficult and estimated from online tools (eg whatprice) should be good enough to give you a feel for the possibilities. Start a thread about the overall project and ask for help. F
  9. Ferdinand

    Simple driveway - Not on your Nelly!!

    Suggest a separate thread or on the other one. Ideally you would tell us where the existing drains go (look under the cover and see the directions), and where your plans would send the black and grey water from the new shower room. F
  10. Ferdinand

    Getting On

    2 hours could put you as far away as Chesterfield or Colchester, so I think you probably need more criteria to avoid diluting your search. I would develop some criteria for the place you want to live - coast, walking country, shops, flatland etc. IMO the budget should be possible depending where you look and what you want, as by the time several years have passed you could have saved more. I have a perfectly acceptable 670 sqft bungalow with 3 double bedrooms, but most people want more. I could point you at a plot that just got permission for a 2 bed detached dwelling that is on sale for in the 30-40k range that may be replannable, but I am nearly at Chesterfield and that is 1hr 45 says Google. There may be much to be said for buying somewhere with a garden, then living in the existing and selling off afterwards - or similar schemes. The budget you need imo is an elapsed time budget to find the best solution for you. For 200k and those criteria you could probably buy a very nice house outright as an alternative. Ferdinand
  11. Ferdinand

    Simple driveway - Not on your Nelly!!

    I do not think you will get that drive - far too close to the junction. I have a number of 15m in my head for the minimum distance, but I have not looked it up. Usually ones closer were there already. You will need to be the other side of the path, or as @ProDave says off the existing next to your new extension. That side the kerb already looks to be at dropped height more or less, so you could just JFDI and see what happens. Perhaps not while you are the subject of planning's attention already, however - ie maybe leave it some time after the existing project. BUT consider your extension project. You can probably stick this drive on the same Application at minimal cost, once you have decided how you are doing it. Then if you delay one for >3 years, building the other will lock in the permission anyway. I'd go further and say include the new space for your eventual kitchen extension on the same application as another volume like the shower/porch, to give a symmetrical double roof and a nicely articulated attractive facade. Then you can build that as and when without more Planning Faff and Cost - just be careful to do it in a way that you know will be what you want in the future. There is usually no regulation for when have to finish the implementation of a Planning Permission. Your bloke doing the PP may well have suggested doing it in two planning bites, if he is not aware or is locking in future work (which is unworthy of me and probably casting an entirely unjustified nasturtium). Even if you never build it, the PP will always be a selling point worth 2-5k or as a persuader. Now, having addressed the other issues, what about this permeable driveway surface 🙂? What about the alternative to permeable from your document linked - traditional with surface runoff management which keeps water on your plot, which can be a soakaway or a flowerbed or similar. Why not use that huge lawn for what it does best and take the runoff there? It may need a conversation with the Planner as to what they will not quibble about. Elephant Trap: That manhole on your plan on the other thread looks as though it may cause issues for your extension - consider carefully what it is and what it does, and how you will integrate it. It may be that you need to move it - which will be easier now if that is where you plan to take the output from your new wetroom. Ferdinand
  12. Ferdinand

    New Building in Nottinghamshire

    Welcome, Chris - I am just the other side of Mansfield. Don't do what I did once and put a foot in a half meter cubed test-hole half full of water in the dark whilst wearing posh trousers. Ferdinand
  13. My estimate was out of pocket cost - £1800 per sqm * 303 sqm = approx £550k plus a plot which would be the thick end of £150-180k maybe. Equals 750k or so, which could easily be the "best part of a million" once it has had fees and more fees and extras and higher specification and more charges for getting bits done quicker and budget-creep and contingency and necessary breaks away and supplementary kit and repairs to the supplementary kit and gold-plating :-). Nothing wrong with gold-plating of course if you do it at the end after you have paid for the rest. > playroom could become fifth bedroom/grannex since the bathroom is next door Good stuff - the detail of different views may throw up other things. Best of luck, and spend spare time on thinking first not regretting later in all aspects. F * £1800 per sqm is reasonable for a complex-ish self-managed build. My plot price could be some way off as I am not that familiar with the Scottish sub-regions - except that Edinburgh seems to be expensive !
  14. Ferdinand

    Am I being too fussy?

    I would say that it is better to bring it to a head, but you also need an eye on the old friendship and how you will preserve it (or not). Difficult to advise on the latter, though it could end up as friends who disagreed one and move it, Christmas Card acquaintances or never-talk-again, and how you handle it coupdl determine which. F
  15. Is there a chance that you could get the bit extra via a Non Material Amendment, under an explanation such as making it more thermally efficienct? F