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  1. Disagree with @Onoff. Decking is normally raised on a framework, so I don't see how grooves-down actually adds much. I do mine grooves up. Which matches your situaton. Maybe grooves down if you are installing it directly on eg concrete. Horses for courses. Anti-slip is a good call, but I wonder if those microbeads are plastic? Or do it with a more normal thing and sprinkle sharp sand on before it dries.
  2. I concur that you are mad. If you just want the pain there are plenty of services which offer it, or you can probably get an original Battle of Trafalgar Cat-o-nine-tails for that money 🙂 As to constructive alternatives, what about a 45 degree corner, or mosaic tiles? Or is there an annealed glass or other product, which can be made to size? Or something printed on a stiff but flexible backing? Plus a weekend in a very very very posh hotel on holiday with the money you have saved, or donate to a local charity to help them rebuild services after Covid.
  3. No. Not doing a build :🙂. I am waking up at 5am, and cool ventilating the house. Other things far more onerous than a build are currently being done. Paperwork. F
  4. The extra strip of land looks to me like Highways Land designated for the expansion of the junction / traffic island in the future. Perhaps tickle Highways and see if they will make representations. They will be in your County or Unitary or similar authority. I think I would argue that he second drive to serve an unlawful development is unnecessary as they already have a drive capable of holding 7 or 8 vehicles at the front with an entrance a safe distance from the roundabout. Also the local school and traffic may be useful if the road is busy around that period. While that drive i closer I am not sure it is close enough to be a problem - needs a check. And I would be writing a careful objection based on the list of Relevant Planning Considerations (anything else will be ignored, but you can relate a lot to Residential Amenity). Is it worth requesting that the site has its PD rights removed? I am not sure if that can be done in these circs, but Council's do it to retain control. The shout to check the status of the Gazebo is a good one, as the house has two 'principal elevations'. F
  5. Roll back to your objectives before diving in. Question 1 - What are your plans for the property? F
  6. "Bilbo meets a creature named Gollum who lives on an island in a dark, hidden lake at the heart of the Misty Mountains. He is about the size of a hobbit, but nearly hairless, and slimy-skinned from living in and near the water for so long. He also has huge bulbous eyes, similar to other naturally-occurring water creatures who live in the dark depths. "
  7. Indeed - perhaps best described as a "relative subsidy". I would apply the same label to eg FTB incentives, key worker schemes, main dwelling CGT exemption, reduced VAT for listed building repairs, reduced VAT on restoration of empty homes, and all the rest.
  8. Thanks. Are you willing to give that as a rough % of overall project cost? (I may be having a conversation elsewhere about how much self-build is/should be supported by public funds - so I'm just ying to get a guestimate as to current support).
  9. I would suggest that the Service Layby is so that people can stop for your plot without pulling up on or impeding the road. One alternative may be to set your gate back from the road, such that you can pull into the first say 6m of your drive when you get home. Phone the person up who gave the feedback and ask what it would be for. To me the above reads that you do not have the formal requirement to provide a layby, and you may be able to make that stick because "that is what it says". But I think it may be expedient for you to provide it for your own good and to make it safe, unless you are absolutely sure this is not a problem. To my eye this would not be a wise hill to choose to die on, unless you are absolutely sure it is a non-issue.
  10. Just trying to get a handle on the actual savings in the real world through self-build CIL exemption and zero rated VAT. What % of your overall budget was saved through the VAT recovery and exemption from CiL? I'm not after a number - jus an approx %. My guestimate something of the order of 2-5% on a normal project. Cheers Ferdinand
  11. Staff ! Love it. Self-build Wentworth Woodhouse coming along real soon now !