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  1. Plot viability

    Talk to the planning consultant or architect who did the other one, if there is one.
  2. All Pumped Up ! :)

    QUite a sensible move by Severn Trent by the sound of it, then. From their point of view.
  3. Best thermal insulation under bamboo flooring.

    I rest my case .
  4. Best thermal insulation under bamboo flooring.

    Can't use the same measurements, as then people would understand it!
  5. Why insulate

    Have we not done cats? Anyhoo, my cat popped its clogs at 18 and three quarters recently and is now either pushing up asparagus or in pussy heaven tormenting Schrodinger. Can anyone lend me 64 iguanas?
  6. Dropped Ceiling Feature

    I think you want a device to turn your shower cubicle into one of those air-fly towers. Body drying would come for free.
  7. Narrow Upright Freezer

    I have Tenants who have had White Knight. The experience seems to be that they are inexpensive to buy but not so inexpensive to run. That was some time ago, though. Appliance World let you filter your appliance search by exact width. HEre is one for freezers 540mm to 560mm wide. 45 models, which you could buy elsewhere. http://www.appliance-world.co.uk/freezers?perpage=36&sort=na&price_slider=£159+-+£4345&opt[]=23_4815&opt[]=23_5387&opt[]=23_4183&opt[]=23_5487&opt[]=23_5390&opt[]=23_4401&opt[]=23_5236&opt[]=23_4190 F
  8. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    So a day later the flow and return temperatures have stabilised at about 38-40C and 27C, and the thermostat in the hall says it is at a temperature of 18.5-19C. I think I need that thermostat to be at about 20.5C for comfort, but I will give it all another day to stabilise.
  9. Tiling onto painted surface

    @TheMitchells That sounds like quite a lot of hard work cutting tiles round sockets - I am no good at that. I left the sockets in paintwork, and cut the holes in plasterboard. Best pics I have to hand at the moment I am afraid. Best of luck.
  10. I now have my EPC numbers back, and the estimated energy usge for heat, light, water is actually 8283 kWh (6577 space heating, 1706 water heating) which is down from 13443 kWh (8424 space heating, 5019 water heating) = 38% less. The estimated cost over 3 years is down from £3537 to £1620 = 55% less, which equates to an estimated saving of £50+ per month. Even that is not quite right because he has called it a "solid, insulated" not suspended floor, and missed out 25mm of celotex , and also the PIV ventilation, so I will have to get that corrected or the record will be incorrect next time. Ferdinand
  11. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    Cheers all. So I have now set my flow temp at 40C or just over, the return has dropped to about 28C, but I have dropped the pump to setting 2 to slow the water down so the return temp may be lower and I may be able to reduce the flow temp a little more - boiler can modulate down to 35C flow temp. I have turned all the flow valves full except the conservatory connections that are just stubs. May need to adjust the upstairs radiators in case we are hot or cold. And now it is to wait. Ferdinand
  12. Hello from London

    I think the single most important point I would make is to take your time to get it right. It is a big project, and you have a fair bit of time on your Planning Application left, judging by the above.
  13. Hello from London

    @LadyBuilder Since you seem to know pretty well how to go about it, just a check are you on top of the self-build CiL exemption? In London there is a lot of CiL. Ferdinand
  14. Hello from London

    There was recently a Grand Designs in East London where they had a disastrous contractor for their basement, who they then replaced with somebody competent. Perhaps you could find the competent replacement. Episode here with link to supplier list: https://www.granddesigns.tv/east-london/ Since that whole site was 38sqm, presumably they would find yours spacious.
  15. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    What does a bypass valve do in a ufh system? This pic at the end is the list of components from the ufh specification drawing. Also a pic of the full drawing. Won't that slow down the flow, which (I thought) was supposed to run at between 1 and 2 on the telltale indicators on the ufh circuits? I hid this in the previous post, which should do that. Should I put the rest of the system (my office plus a study bedroom plus the utility) on the flow adjusters, which will kick in another 240+m of pipe-run in on 3 lobes on top of the probable 350m I currently have running ie do I need it all on for this exercise? Cheers Ferdinand