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  1. Ferdinand

    Small basic build- help needed.

    You could get something like that built out of SIPS for less than that. eg https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Insulated-Garden-Studio-Office-Room-Pod-DIY-Self-Build-Kit-Bespoke-SIPs-Panels-/222302350517 F
  2. Ferdinand

    Tax on a second property

    This is the provision I was talking about. It appears in EW you have 3 years to sell your previous property to reclaim 2nd home Stamp Duty. https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/everything-you-need-to-know-about-stamp-duty#stamp-duty-on-second-homes Has that changed in Scotland? F
  3. Ferdinand

    Tax on a second property

    The 3% extra stamp duty does not apply to properties costing under £40k as one threshold, but that is to do with the price of the second property not liability for the second property tax. I think the solicitor is correct. I recall the overlap period being reduced, though I thought it was 18 months not 16. Others may add more. Ferdinand
  4. Ferdinand

    Tax on a second property

    I thought the principle was that ownership of a shared property was treated the same as if it was a whole smaller property ie normal rules and thresholds apply. Is the 3k the supplementary stamp duty of 3% on second properties? Ferdinand
  5. Ferdinand

    Hello from the North West - Alternative Self Builds 🤘

    There are records of around 30 builds in the blog area. Worth a look. I am not sure how many truly "alternative" build methods have been used by members though there may be some. I can't recall hobbit houses, or earth sheltered, or cob houses occurring too often. I think the weight of emphasis here is more on building houses to a good specification, whilst simplifying away some of the more gimmicky or specialist interventions. And I think that you may have more meat for your research in this kind of area ... eg do we really need grey water recycling, GSHP and complicated control systems? That is, straws in the wind for the practical consequences of high spec fabric first. Though there are exceptions - eg @Ed Davies is off grid in an A-frame house. IMO the valuable insights to be gained here are perhaps as much about practical things that can be rolled out more widely, rather than revolutions that will upend all the apple carts. Suspect that we are 5-15 years in advance of the norm, not 25-35. Ferdinand
  6. Ferdinand


    ie £20-50 ish pa for a 100 sqm floor area, depending on your heating. F
  7. Oh you mean that one not the famous football player, who must be good because he has played for both Forest and County. That sounds like a session of the Ozzie Senate. A good deal cleaner than most comedians these days. PS The crappie/chappie was Apple again.
  8. Is this Kevin Wilson chappie someone of whom we should all have heard?
  9. Ferdinand


    To convince yourself run some numbers including 10 years of heating bills.
  10. Ferdinand

    Internal Finishes when no cill - help please

    Wait until you tile something, then use the offcuts.
  11. My interest is whether cost overheads .. especially those imposed in advance .. mitigate against developement, and ar a drag on eg small development firms and small plots of land, and whether the balance is right. I also wonder whether there are extraneous reasons as to why the overhead is quite so high for self-build and small developments. We all have war stories or lack of war stories, but I am interested in finding some data. Reading campaign material eg from the CPRE there is a lot of questionable information out there. Ferdinand
  12. Absoluely agree, but an evaluation has to start somewhere, and where a public critique can be made from all sides. It would really want two entire years for all councils in the country, peer reviewed and done to take out sample bias and other factors .. but that is then in pro-research project territory. We all have our viewpoints .. mine is significantly based on observing what seem to be questionable institutional networks of relationships which seem to involve manifest conflicts of interest. Plus anecdotal accounts from long term professionals etc. Ferdinand
  13. I am of the view that there seems to have been an increase in the number of consultant reports required by self-builders (and developers, but that is not the topic here) over the last 20 years. My view is that this is in part down to Councils playing safe because it is more attractive to demand a report anyway when somebody else pays the expense, rather than the scarier prospect of not insisting on one. However, that is anecdotal. My suspicion is that we are in a position where a dynamic exists where some bodies want more reports to grow their businesses, in addition to protect whatever they say they are trying to protect. But I need to begin to get a handle on some evidence. I am trying to frame an FOI request to get data from a typical authority about 2 sample periods (perhaps Sep-Oct 2018, and Sep-Oct 2006), to get a snapshot sample. I think a more-complete request would be too much expenditure to get through, and to be justifiable as a load to place on Council Staff. Question 1: Does anyone have or know of any data on this? Question 2: Where is the definitive list of statutory, and hopefully non-statutory, consultees? Any comments are most welcome. Ferdinand
  14. Consider your post, as it will there for a long time. If it was a separate post, I would consider using a concrete post repair spur, as it comes with bolt holes already included, and the lifetime of a concrete post. eg This is the Wickes version at £18: https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Fence-Concrete-Repair-Spur---75mm-x-100mm-x-1200mm/p/542503 I usually pay more like £8-10 from a local supplier. Ferdinand