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  1. Trust that it doesn’t have a wooden beam going through the middle of it like our Jacobean Chimney did :-). Yes it did catch fire eventually.
  2. To complete this mini thread, t we are the ramp supports I used. This Version of WallBarn ASPs has self-levelling heads which can tilt to about 3 degrees to compensate for minimal fall or irregularities on a roof, or here generate a smooth slope. These are the standard version which take about 600kg each, and adjust up and down by a couple of inches. Costs are about £3.20 for a 40mm ish small one to about £5 and a bit for a 260mm ish big one, with others in between to give a range of sizes.
  3. You could actually install an in-line fan above the ceiling where the current one has its power supply, and make the pipe join using that. They tend to be more powerful and quieter. I had this done to a tenant’s house and we installed and we just did a fan with backdraft shutter, a decently long flexi pipe to the easiest place to put the outlet, and a cowled grill in a gable. Have had no reports of problems. F
  4. Have to watch @Onoff. Has a habit of quoting unfortunate statements before you have a chance to self-censor...
  5. Is it a thing that can be scheduled for better weather next year? Ask roofer?
  6. Hint: count the rows of bricks, then estimate by counting how many in a measured 1 or 2m. Second opinion required from another roofer? F
  7. That recipe should be in "cups". The CCI looks to be a fun body ... 3 Dachshunds on staff it seems.
  8. Some more piccies. As you can see, there is still some work to do, but this is probably 50% done.
  9. Cynicism would argue good sample to get the money then a poor product when it it too late.
  10. Before: https://vimeo.com/user83520911 After The guts put in since 11am this AM. Still edges, sides of turning area etc to do and some tweaks, but not bad for one Saturday in November.
  11. Read the headline. Thought he had bought a Tesla.
  12. It involves dodging mad locals who want to get somewhere...
  13. That is the Buildhub Pocster Avatar fundraising sweepstake we discussed last week gone for a burton...
  14. Hmm. 70-80mm £22.50 at Seconds and Co. if the suitable version. https://www.secondsandco.co.uk/product-page/kingspan-ecotherm-xtratherm Presumably cheaper if any seconds come up. And they are advertising a Black Friday Sale in a fortnight. F