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  1. A demolish / newbuild can quite often be a better idea than an extensive / expensive renovation. Have you considered both, and are you beyond the point of no return?
  2. Remember that you will need an accessible entrance - though that need not be at this particular entrance.
  3. My old installer closed down the solar side entirely, and now does scaffolding hire !
  4. Morning, @richo106. Floor AIUI there are two things here. 1 - Insulation value, where the differences between Jabfloor EPS70 and EPS100 are marginal - 0.038 vs 0.036 u-values respectively. On the U-value, you will need something like 350mm of EPS to give you the same insulation value as your 200mm of PIR. EPS100 would save you ~25mm on the thickness required afaics. Significant? 2 - Compression strength, where it needs to take whatever weight you are putting on it without collapse. According to the datasheet either seems applicable under a domestic floor. https://www.jablite.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Jabfloor-70-100-150-200-250-below-slab-Technical-Data-Sheet.pdf Wall I think you may be constrained by building regs here depending on what type of blocks you are using for teh inner leaf and what extra you have inside the inner leaf. EPS may only barely meet the required standard depending on That may force you down the PIR route. TBH I would plump for the one that insulates better, given what has happened to heating costs. Then worry about any of the house which is less insulated. Ferdinand
  5. But you get sloe gin and puncture wounds ! @Adam2, go for varieties of pyracantha (firethorn) with several colours of berries, and plant them spread out along nearish the bottom, then let them develop into a thicket if you have space, and birds will love it.
  6. Holly? Especially Ilex Ferox. Though a huge 10ft high pile of pyracantha sounds good. Perhaps Blackthorn.
  7. Listen to yourself not the BCO on the insulation, needless to say 🙂 .
  8. There's a lot in that, and that may be the easy way out - keep it on site. The are umpteen threads on BH about composting loos. Here's a fairly comprehensive one a couple of years old: I love that letter, @Temp - 25 pages including 13 Appendices.
  9. I can't call it; I'd love to see a piece by a senior planning professional. Boiling it down to the core after my brief excursion into language, and trying to provide a useful summary: Is this a leftover from all the EU law being read across into UK law in the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (I think it is that one; there are about 3 or 4 similar acts.) Is it English Nature being too precautionary? Are LPAs listening to English Nature too much? The LPA response has been to ignore it if deemed n/a, stop apps if they think a big issue, or require a "prove Nitrate Neutrality" report. Possible responses are: Keep it all onsite (eg etc), as many of us do. Develop high nitrate ground, which makes a net loss easier to demonstrate. Appeal, perhaps for non-determination of they try to freeze it. Argue that the nitrate issue should trigger draining to the main sewer "last resort". Argue that a single-self build is de minimis. I am sure there are other options. F
  10. It's very straightforward - Hs are at risk of going extinct, and need to be saved. Around here, most people drop them - 'ouse, 'Arry, 'effelump, 'artlepool. Except, ironically, from the name of the letter: HAITCH. Incidentally, that should be Hinspector Morse. So we need to rescue them and attach to suitable habitats, such as the word 'egg'. Which now becomes HEGG. Simple, and you will earn the undying appreciation of Natural England, Scrabble Users - an H worth 8 points because of rarity is unconscionable, and the Ghost of my late mother. As it happens, my tea tonight is a hostrich steak.
  11. I scatter crushed heggshells on the top of hosta-pots to keep slugs away. If you need a big batch, then buy a lot of heggs (perhaps 2 or 3 trays), and lightly mix them together in say 3s (to make an omelette or scrambled heggs) for the freezer. Then your heggs store in a much smaller place - perhaps 1.5-2 dozen in a margarine pot - and you get pre-portioned heggs and less clutter. Works for me.
  12. Catching up. If you put a Feng Shoooey chap in that lot, he would come back like one of these lost Japanese Officers from WW2 in the jungle in 3 decades' time.
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