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  1. Both Airtightness and EWI are *all* about detail, detail, detail. EWI especially is also about careful planning. You need to be obsessive about it. I'm not sure I mentioned it in my thread, but you would need to specify deeper external windowsills so that they stick out over any potential EWI. Cheap if you do it when you do the windows; a pain if you forget.I think I specced either 200mm or 250mm. Also for door thresholds, which I detailed with support for when people stand on them. Inside a classical example of a cold bridge that gets forgotten when doing IWI is the wall strip between the two floors (does not apply to you, but remember you have similar potentially under your floor). One way to think about it is where your insulated envelope runs. In the Little Brown Bungalow I made it beneath the internal floor, and up the walls where I had CWI, and on the loft floor. So I actually ran the plumbing and electrical services under a floating floor to keep them fully inside it. That meant I maintained the airbricks to keep the joints ventilated and dry. In the end I did not do EWI, as it was already good without it, even though my walls had a poorish U-value. The only wall I dry lined was with the other half of the semi-detahced pair, and that was for sound not heat reasons. F
  2. Having taken a sceptical stance, can I suggest that the way ahead may perhaps involve use of coloured corrugated sheet - perhaps box section, which will help address the fire issue. As mentioned above, I think perhaps talk to both neighbour and also the Council.
  3. I think you have fire hazard problems. Combustible material on the boundary. Do Building Regs also become unenforceable? Also you are tipping rainwater onto your neighbour's property, which is not unenforceable from 4 years. I think it is 10 (?). You can't put a gutter up as it will be over the boundary. So in practice if he knows his stuff and is dedicated he can make you remove it. Were I the neighbour I would want it gone or redone in a fireproof material, and I would lean on you to make it safe. Can you have a chat to the neighbour? F
  4. It changes. In my area the basic insulation in a normal cold loft has always been free if my memory serves - I have had them done while renovating, or while a non-benefit claiming T has been in place. Always worth asking, as it is a job they do in half an hour. I have had 3 or 4 in total. The thing that catches people is any requirement for there to be less than 100mm to qualify - so always take it out before the surveyor comes. And don't answer the "how much insulation is there in your lift" query - say "I don''t know, does it make a difference?", and they will tell you what you need to know. I once had a pile on my drive, and all the solitary bees migrated into it and later surprised the handyman. I have had a couple of free boilers, but on those you need a T in the property is claiming an appropriate benefit. I think cavity wall insulation may also be unrestricted, but I have only known one or two non-benefit claiming friends get that - my houses have had it done already, narrow partial cavities, or solid walls (where insulation *is* means tested). May be relevant to OP, but I might try and get phenolic cavity fill which will be far better, and seriously help room size (by about 125-150mm?) if the IWI is going to be a credible amount of woodfibre. Also, ECO3 goes via the energy supply company, and rules vary to a degree aiui. So potentially you can switch to access the thing you need if it matches. The above is roughly right, but I have not had one for several years. There is also a change of scheme coming as ECO3 finishes in March. So if it changes there is an opportunity to choose. Personally I think it works well and has avoided the politics, so should be trebled in scale and let the energy prices come back down more gradually. There will be a lot of demand from LLs, as the EPC requirements look like being brought forward by a couple of years, and the spending cap before LL can plead "too much" things going from 3.5k to 10k, rightly. That latter will hurt some. I'm expecting heat pumps to replace free gas boilers - maybe. F
  5. That's fair comment - it's a 3 year old (2018) article. But the article is actually about saving money first - was a response to someone with high bills, and switching has been the lowest hanging fruit for the last decade at least. It was slightly slugged when the Energy Cap came in, as that effectively balanced the market towards non-switchers to an extent. And obvs at present it is not re-applicable until the market loosens. It's really up there for people who are just starting, and for me to link to in random comment sections etc on any old site.
  6. I'd get a plumber in, have a conversation outside, and sit in the car whilst P does the work.
  7. It sounds like it needs a full renovation. It sounds as if you have no insulation at all, except for the 100mm in the loft. You may be able to get free loft insulation from a local service, but if there is 100mm there already then they may say you are not eligible. What I do is take out the 100mm, and then get the free stuff, and then use the 100mm under the floor as part of my insulation. I would be looking at things you can do first - perhaps double glazing is one of them, as a window can be done in a half day. A sensible approach would be one room at a time to contain the mess, high tog duvets and electric blankets / or hot water bottles. There may also be some stuff in the budget. What are the details on your EPC report? Here is a piece with a few tips I did. Ignore the "switch supplier" at present. F
  8. I'm inclined to export the excess renewables through our rapidly increasing portfolio of interconnectors. There's a large opportunity. In the last 24 25 hours EuCo has been talking about the need to maintain Gas as a "transition fuel", which was the argument for fracking (now dead) here.
  9. It looks logical that it not be available to newbuilds - if it is like most things it is actually done on reduction in carbon emitted, and new builds don't reduce it. Though a technical argument can be made for demo / replace being different.
  10. Certain things require paperwork to be in place before you start. eg CIL exemption, if it is active in your area.
  11. Welcome. I think a plan and a few photo would help here. Ferdinand
  12. Do we have a number for how much energy it currently takes to produce 1kWh's worth of hydrogen?
  13. I admit I have never had an MP complain about me 🙂. @riboid Welcome. Looks interesting. Do you have your decrement delays about right so that the heat gets not quite through the structure in the day and goes back out again at night? Can we see a pic of the Berlin Wall? Do you plan to soften it for the neighbours? Ferdinand
  14. That's not what I have normally done. I have my chap spray first, then glue skirting later.