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  1. JamesP

    Tata Urban Colorcoat Metal Seam Roofing

    Don't pay Tata that bill, buy your own silicone and screws from Screwfix. Product very good, sales and service poor. I would buy again after having fitted 300sqm though they did not supply enough Velux jointing fabs, no apology just another invoice. Will update later.
  2. JamesP

    External fire doors & lead times

    Most standard doors are 2040 in height. Might be helpful, https://www.howdens.com/doors/external/flush-doors/plywood-flush-external-door-obj-sku-family-11831279?productFamilyId=DXF0470&skuId=DXF0470
  3. JamesP

    Boarding for an attached garage

    @PeterW @ProDave Can I confirm that this applies to an attached garage. I have just started building our garage which is detached and using OSB on the walls and standard plaster board for the ceiling.
  4. JamesP

    UFH thermostat wiring, floor probes

    Hi Lizzie Does it all work ok, do you set each room independently or off a central hub, Wifi or wired?
  5. JamesP

    UFH thermostat wiring, floor probes

    Wunda have offered Heatmiser as an alternative. Perfect for the price.
  6. JamesP

    UFH thermostat wiring, floor probes

    Hi Nick Just wanted to be able to set each stat temp time / 7 day week etc, Had not planned on a central hub but could be persuaded. Wunda have not offered this as an option.
  7. JamesP

    UFH thermostat wiring, floor probes

    I have been specified the same thermostat X 14 from Wunda for our wet UFH, however the design is not quite doing it for me, are there any alternatives any one can recommend? Thank you. @PeterW @Nickfromwales
  8. I have had a quote to install same Ecodan ASHP and my price excluding the cylinder is nearly 7K. Your quote seems a good price to include MCS.
  9. @PeterW To get the self builder exemption do you have to live / own the property for a certain amount of time?
  10. Have a look here, great blog entry with photos. https://theoldwatertank.blogspot.com/2017/02/heat-recovery-system-installed.html @jamiehamy
  11. I have exactly same system but have only installed the radial pipe so far. I found it easier to unroll the 50 metre length into the garden and start dragging / feeding it through the frame. Don't cut the pipe until in position and ready to fit the plenums. Enclosed the BPC installation pdf, you might already have it. bpc_.installation_of_a_heat_recovery_system_with_unit_info_2016.pdf
  12. JamesP

    Planning permission refused - options

    All I can say is well done for persevering, we had an awful planner at DNPA who from day one refusal was her only recommendation. After a chance meeting with a senior planner from the same department who was in the process of puttting through their own application for a replacement dwelling did ours start to progress and be granted. It took six years but still worth it.
  13. I D4 glued and screwed 22mm Caberdek boards down, all of them. The glue is excellent. I used solid timbers at 400 centres with the longest being only 4 metres. I did not use joist hangers as they sit on the ground floor walls. Really solid first floor. No squeaks or bounce.
  14. JamesP

    UFH Material suppliers.

    @Nickfromwales We do have 3 levels even though the lower ground is only a metre below the entrance ground floor level. LG is 84 sqm, GF is 114 sqm. FF is 84 sqm. 2 manifolds were going to cover the LG and GF. 1 manifold for FF. What spacing do you recommend for pipes. GF is all in screed with timber floor boards and FF is diffuser with timber floor boards.
  15. JamesP

    UFH Material suppliers.

    Thanks @PeterW I will ask for clarification.