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  1. JamesP

    Sole plate bedding, mortar or dry?

    This is our floor, wall and roof build up. Hand drawn. Airtight layer (VCL) inside. DPM over blockwork under DPC. I did put sealant in the bolt holes. Floor, Wall, Roof Build up Jan 2018..pdf
  2. JamesP

    Sole plate bedding, mortar or dry?

    I just bolted the soleplate to the blockwork through the dpc, then frame on top. No mortar.
  3. JamesP

    Fork lift

    I thought of a Telehandler, 3CX or similar for off loading and other tasks but on my build I have used a Telehandler once for roof materials , local farmer. Arctic came with a Moffat to deliver insulation, all timber deliveries have been off loaded with Hi-ab. Steels went up with a Genie lift and Glulam ridge lifted in place with digger and home made jib attached to the bucket. So far the cost has been under £250.00. I still want one though........
  4. JamesP

    Building regs approval

    Went with private company as it was the same price as local authority, the BCO has been totally onboard.
  5. JamesP

    Cherry Tree Pruning

    Best time to prune cherry is June / July and treat pruned branches with Arbrex or similar.
  6. JamesP

    Airtightness tape

    Just ordered another 20 rolls and the discount code still works. 15%aocx
  7. Can you share your knowledge about solar thermal or a PV diverter ( Eddi ). I cannot see the benefit of having both, the PV diverter seems much more effective with an immersion in the buffer tank or UVC. Thank you.
  8. JamesP

    Comparing lengths of impact drivers

    DTS 141 is about 130mm.
  9. JamesP

    Doors and windows fitted. A few issues.

    Final payment not made. So far they have recognised all the issues and will keep you informed of progress. Might take a while.
  10. JamesP

    Doors and windows fitted. A few issues.

    I did pay £8k on a credit card as a deposit.
  11. JamesP

    Doors and windows fitted. A few issues.

    Hi Dave, the installers are from the suppliers. Have a meeting tomorrow at midday with them to go through issues. Will keep you updated. The glazing with the roller marks concern me most. @ProDave
  12. JamesP

    Doors and windows fitted. A few issues.

    Glad to hear you are watertight. Who paid for magicman, the installers?
  13. JamesP

    Doors and windows fitted. A few issues.

    90% has been paid. Terms and conditions stipulated payments before fitting. Yes, Heat stress / roller mark. Not sure why it would leave the factory like this, its so obvious. Thanks for Magicman.
  14. Advice appreciated. Doors and windows installed and a few scars to resolve. Doors and windows are Kastrup and the the 4m slider is Internorm. All 3G. Firstly, the glass in one of the windows appears to have roller marks about 150mm wide down each side. This makes the glass appear very wavey and distorted. Only visible from outside. The slider has a deep gauge on the face of the opening slider. Gauge and dents in 2 of the timber frames. I have sent an email and photos to the installers and await a reply. @lizzie @Barney12
  15. JamesP

    Airtightness tape

    My order was £321 + vat and they charged me £10.00 + vat for carriage. Next time......