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  1. We have similar size home of 275sqm but large volume at 750m3. The ASHP used 1900kWh for heating and 1800kWh for DHW during 2021. I would recommend some PV and a PV diverter.
  2. I have used locally (South Devon) sourced Western red cedar, definitely knottier than imported. These boards are 20mm x 195mm. You can see the difference in colour after a year being installed.
  3. No, In my experience dealing with a National Park. And back then it was free. Our first application was then refused which in retrospect worked in our favour.
  4. Under permitted development I think your proposed rear extension can cover no more than 50% of the original dwelling. Have a read of this. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/830643/190910_Tech_Guide_for_publishing.pdf
  5. I might well be wrong but my understanding is that the proposed new extension cannot be built across your previous extension only across the original dwelling.
  6. It is an open ended system not sealed like the enclosed image above?
  7. Hi Joe, Can you give me some advice regarding rumble / rumbling drain. We have been using the Vortex for a few years with the outlet to a ditch but is dry a lot of the year. I am thinking of adding a rumble drain, perforated pipe bedded in gravel with a geotex membrane. What size system did you install?
  8. +1 for Liebherr. Though expensive at the time still working 20 years later.
  9. @joth Thank you for this. Done. The pumps having been running when the external temp reaches 5c.
  10. I stick built and have enclosed my wall build up. Hand drawn! The t&g Pavatherm is a great product. Air tightness, insulation and attention to detail most essential. Minimal heating required. Floor, Wall, Roof Build up Jan 2018..pdf
  11. Just about to render blockwork underneath soleplate and wanting advice on the correct sand. Thank you.
  12. No blame on BPC, it works fine. We run it at 30% all the time though have a manual boost option and the humidity sensor kicks in when having showers. The machine was specified for the area supplied in the drawings though was at its maximum area. Would not be without it.
  13. I used BPC who supplied a very good service. However the MVHR system is not adequate to meet the building regs even running at 100% so had to be creative with figures for BC. Fortunately you can self certify. They recommend a specific kit based on the floor area though I think the internal volume should be taken into consideration as we have many high ceilings, 3 and 4 metres in the majority of the house. Just something to consider.
  14. I have a ventilated warm roof fitted with Tata Steel SSR system. Pay attention to the closely fitted battens otherwise it is very noisy when the wind blows.
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