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  1. JamesP

    Building Control and fire rating.

    Just found this, I even made a a post.....
  2. Can anyone advise, Have a single storey vaulted ceiling kitchen, dining room which has OSB on the inside (Warm roof). Our plan is to finish with sheets of 8x4 plywood. Do I have to fit plasterboard first? The BC mentioned the kitchen ceiling requires National Class 1 for surface spread of flame rating. BC also mentioned using fire retardant varnish. Does the plywood need fire rating as well?
  3. Seems familiar. Carried in 150 sheets of 12mm plasterboard last week and now have to fix to walls and ceilings (shoulders screaming). I would say I feel stronger having started my build in March 2017, my knees were very sore for months but now far more stable and pain free. At 54 I try not to rush and take risks especially working on ladders and scaffold, consider every lift and ask for help if possible. @scottishjohn I have the drywall lifter, excellent kit.
  4. JamesP

    Flush window board.

    @ProDave @nod I did see your thread and your oak cill and trim, looks great. We want a flush finish similar to the photo. Its the join between PB and MDF which bothers me. I could just use PB and angle bead, maybe some hardiebacker board for more stability. Will ask the plasterer as well.
  5. JamesP

    Flush window board.

    Advice required as I have started plaster boarding and have fitted a moulded 25mm mdf window board. Now would like a flush cill with no return or overhang and wondering if this can be achieved using cut down mdf board or best using plasterboard as a cill (not as hardwearing). Just wondering about the join between plasterboard and mdf for the skim coat. Photos enclosed.
  6. Thats the right video to remove the sash from the frame, follow these exact instructions. As @PeterW said once Top hung installed push up as far as possible and the springs will engage. Depending on the pitch of your roof you can adjust the spring tension. Anything less than 45 degrees you will need to make an adjustment. Inside the frame is a tab which you lift and move down, on both sides. This video at 23 mins shows this and also how to disengage the springs.
  7. I think you need to disengage the springs. Screwdriver inside the side of the frame and click upwards. https://www.jjroofingsupplies.co.uk/blog/good-roofing-guide/videos/ They have clear instructions. .
  8. Hi Ed, I fitted 7 Velux in the summer and initially had the same problem. The instructions are not very clear or detailed.. Are these Top hung or centre pivot, this is what Velux sent me. Disengaging GPL_GPU Springs.pdf I found a video online which was much clearer. Will look.
  9. JamesP

    Metal roof covering costs

    I did go and look at the Euroclad in Cardiff, great product, similar price to Tata, but you do need to rent a seamer tool at £290.00 per 2 weeks if installing yourself. The finish is similar to Tata, up close you can see the pattern on the coating. in no way does it look plasticky once it is on. I am in a National Park, showed them both Euroclad and Tata, they chose tata but what do they know? My advice is choose another colour than anthracite........ it really does depend if you are fitting yourself and budget. I have 300+ sqm to fit, have fun.
  10. JamesP

    Metal roof covering costs

    Hi Russ, FYI Tata Urban Colorcoat was about £36.00 sq/m in 06/17 once you included eaves, ridge and verge and delivery.....
  11. Hi Joe Can you let me know your first floor build up as I am about to start plaster boarding and would like to eliminate as much noise as reasonably possible. My son's bedroom is under ours. My first floor build up is: 20mm timber floor 20mm Overfloor EPS400 (Wunda UFH) 22mm Caberdek glued and screwed 225x47 floor joists at 400 centres filled with 100mm Rockwool, I could increase Rockwool. 12mm Plasterboard
  12. @newhome I will confirm this as we have a site meeting on the 11th. I am not sure about the interpretation, whether its hot water for washing or heating its all domestic hot water. Both my Dad and brother installed ST some years ago and claim RHI.
  13. Hi There AFAIK the 300l twin coil unvented domestic hot water cylinder is fed by the ASHP and ST. The hot water and heating (UFH) are then drawn off from the cylinder. My solar thermal installation is eligible for the RHI.
  14. I am having an ASHP ( Same kit as @Stones ) supplied and fitted in January and on the quote is an electricity meter which will measure performance only. I have been reassured it will not effect the RHI. Site visit by supplier in December so will confirm again. Also will have RHI on Solar Thermal.
  15. JamesP

    Gluelam connectors

    I have 10.5m steel spliced together with cover plate as the drawing enclosed. Unrelated to Glulam but might be helpful.