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  1. Does this temperature meet the legionella issue as you have disabled the immersion. Do you know how an ASHP can be used for cooling UFH, I am looking at the new, (quieter) Mitsubishi Ecodan PUHZ-W85VAA. Thanks.
  2. JamesP

    The Build - Timber frame erection

    Hi, looking great. Can you confirm that price of £7600.00 for TF is correct, down south you would struggle to have a large garage built for that. Enjoy the build.
  3. Our windows recently fitted. They fixed Compriband to the frame prior to install and then added foam after from the inside. Works well.
  4. JamesP

    NIBE or Mitsubishi ASHP?

    Thanks @A_L and @Alexphd1. Correct on the internal floor area. Have a lot of insulation, 3G windows and doors and MVHR. Its airtight. Just want to run a system which is efficient for a family of 4 for 90% of the time. Can someone tell me what a scroll vs inverter ashp is?
  5. JamesP

    NIBE or Mitsubishi ASHP?

    The heat loss is 11248 for heating and 4921 for HW. Total 16169kWh. Both suppliers had the SAP test. Over specification? @ragg987 Good point.
  6. I have a couple of quotes to consider for our DHW / Heating solution. UFH and ST for both. 1. NIBE F2040-12 with 100 litre buffer and 500L UVC 2. Mitsubishi Ecodan W85 with 300L UVC, no buffer. Have read @Stones excellent blog about Ecodan. Can anyone share any other experiences of the above topic, Thanks all.
  7. JamesP

    Edpm at edges

    Great job, I did this at my Dad's home, flint stone walls. With the right discs its not difficult. Why the professionals did not bother just leaves you with inconvenience , no recommendation and continues the complaints about trades people.
  8. JamesP

    OSB3 pricing

    Sorry for confusion. I used Exeter CCF. In the end they could only supply 2440x1220 at £8.40 a sheet. I have 600 centres so had to trim sheets to fit. 2400x1200 seemed very difficult to obtain and at a premium. You could try https://www.southern-timber.co.uk/ They have been very helpful.
  9. JamesP

    OSB3 pricing

    OSB3 11mm 2400mm x 1200mm . £8.40 + vat a sheet. this was end of January. Includes delivery. https://www.ccfltd.co.uk/
  10. Very well put. Took us 6 years to secure planning permission (DNPA) and will be another 2 to complete the build. At the moment would I do it again, yes.
  11. No, I would always use a roof ladder for access. Less contact with the surface the better.
  12. @Temp @ProDave Thanks for your replies. I have spoken to my BC and has said cavity is not necessary as its a warm roof. I would like a cavity so 25mm is fine, no counter battens needed. Tata want a solid deck of OSB, provide you with 40mm nails which go straight through the OSB and puncture breather membrane which does not work for me.
  13. JamesP

    window lead/install times

    Kastrup and Internorm windows and doors now fitted. Took about 12 weeks from initial deposit. Fitting and manufacture issues still not resolved 4 weeks later. Balance of payment outstanding until all issues sorted.
  14. Ok, I have a warm roof, Pavatherm above the rafters. About to fit Tata Steel metal roof but not on OSB sheet but batten fixed vertically at intervals to support the pan. Do I have to have a 50mm ventilation cavity as its on batten not OSB which would not need a cavity for a warm roof. Is it necessary? Thanks all,
  15. I applaud your effort looking at alternative options, FYI I purchased BPC MVHR for 2.6K + vat. Includes 6 extract and 7 supply. 285 sqm building. Self installation. I have spent £400 on airtight tape!!