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  1. JamesP

    Wet UFH System- Nu-heat, U-Heat?

    I had quotes from Nuheat and settled for Wunda, kit is very good quality and they provide drawings. And a lot cheaper.
  2. Thanks for this, about to order kit for kids bathrooms, found this: same drop as yours? https://www.victorianplumbing.co.uk/hudson-reed-round-ceiling-arm-300mm-length-chrome-arm16?campaign=googlebase&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgq3L69jw4AIVBZPtCh3iVwMlEAQYASABEgL9uvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. JamesP


    I started with a double extension ladder and since starting the build now have 3 Glass fibre step ladders, one step up and a single section 4.5m roof ladder. All from here : https://www.laddersukdirect.co.uk
  4. JamesP

    Soil Vent Pipe Tata Roof.

    Update from BCO : Email below Thanks everyone, @Barney12 @JSHarris @Carrerahill "The installation details seems to suggest that the SVP can be provided from the inlet to remove the need to vent externally. The vent should be on the inlet side. An AAV internally will be acceptable internally".
  5. JamesP

    Soil Vent Pipe Tata Roof.

    @JSHarris @Carrerahill @Barney12 Reply from the BCO below. Shall I mention having an external vent near the treatment plant? "Normally the head of the run will still require venting to external air as is shown in the picture of the drain run as this is the only vent on the property an AAV is not acceptable unless there is any guidance from the treatment plant supplier confirming different. This is probably not want you wanted to hear."
  6. JamesP

    Soil Vent Pipe Tata Roof.

    @JSHarris @Carrerahill Thanks for your replies. I did look at this thread you had contributed to. Yes I do want to avoid cutting holes in the roof. Gable end vent could work though its very close to Velux windows. Or could put AAV at the top of stack in roof space above the 1st floor bathroom and venting at the end of the foul drain run near the Vortex treatment plant. Do you T off the soil pipe just before it gets to the treatment plant? I will contact the BCO.
  7. I need to cut a hole through the Tata Urban seam roof which I have been a bit reluctant to do. Can anyone recommend collars / flashings which would work best with the roof, Thank you.
  8. JamesP

    Metal roofing tools

    Hi there, very happy so far with the roof. I chose it because I could fit myself and it was within my budget. Lots of other options on the Forum here.
  9. JamesP

    Flooring, quick check, please ...

    I just used Turbo gold PZ wood screws but someone mentioned the Glue! Gloves essential otherwise it remains on your hands for weeks...have fun, first floor really makes working a lot easier.
  10. JamesP

    Flooring, quick check, please ...

    Thats how I did our first floor. Caberdek P5 22mm. I put the floor down before the roof. All ok.
  11. JamesP

    Which Brand

    For my self build I have the Dewalt DWS780 mitre saw, Makita 18V drill, impact driver, circular saw, jig saw, grinder, multitool and Senco DS5550 Cordless for fixing OSB and plasterboard. All been faultless.
  12. JamesP

    Metal roofing tools

    Hi Russell Sorry for the delay, only just seen your post. For my Tata roof they supplied, 3 tools. Eaves closer, Stubai pliers and Flange mate. I also bought left and right off set tin snips. Best bit was Makita 136mm 30 tooth metal blade for circular saw, I cut all the panels with this.
  13. JamesP

    Ufh, how many manifolds

    I have 3 manifolds. one 6, 7, and 8 port. 2 manifolds cover about 84sqm each and the other about 120sqm. All from Wunda, good kit.
  14. Thank you Nick, I hoped you would reply. I look forward seeing your results.
  15. Advice needed please. Have a 22mm Caberdek on the first floor and plan to have a Wet room bathroom with UFH and a waterproof concrete floor. No UFH under the shower former at the moment. Is it possible to put a 20 -30mm screed on top of Wunda EPS with a Impey waterguard membrane between the two. Any info would be much appreciated.