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    Currently building an off-grid timber-frame A-frame house on a windy hilltop in Caithness, Scotland. Slowly.

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  1. Ed Davies

    Vintage Laptop

    If you're happy with using Linux live systems and the CF card is as big as or bigger than the HDD then just use dd to copy the whole HDD to the CF. No need to format or anything. Just be careful that you get the right output disk otherwise 😢 If the HDD is, say, sdb and the the CF card is sdc then make sure none of the partitions on the either disk are mounted then something like: $ sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc bs=10M and away it should go copying one disk to the other byte for byte. bs=10M sets the blocksize for the copy, it doesn't make much difference but will likely speed things up a bit. If you've got spare space on the in the CF card you can expand the file system later to use it all (fdisk, e2fsck, resize2fs). If the CF is smaller than the HDD then it's all a bit more complicated.
  2. Ed Davies

    Thermal break at threshold?

    Stainless steel is also a lot less conductive [¹] that ordinary. [¹] Thermally and, by the way, electrically.
  3. Ed Davies

    Soil Survey (Scotland)

    For mine, I got the contractors doing the site access to do the pits and the architectural technician/house designer to record the results. He wasn't a structural engineer but had the appropriate ticket, whatever that is, to do this. So I don't think you could do it yourself, but perhaps ask your SE what they can accept. Note, this was after planning permission was granted so the digging work could be part of a zero-VATed contract, though the professional services of peering in the hole and writing things down could not.
  4. Ed Davies

    Immersion smart switch

    How about a thermostatic switch on the pipe by the slowest-to-reach tap?
  5. Ed Davies

    GSHP in Agriculture

    @JSHarris, yes, just looked at the Thanet Earth Wikipedia article which appears to use both waste heat and CO₂ from a CHP plant. But all the other thermal plants should do the same (except nuclear won't produce CO₂).
  6. Ed Davies

    GSHP in Agriculture

    If one neighbour is pumping heat out to keep potatoes cool and another is pumping heat in to keep tomatoes warm it seems to me that a deal should be done. Similarly, thermal (coal, gas, nuclear) power stations should be surrounded by greenhouses to exploit the low-grade waste heat.
  7. Ed Davies

    Solar PV check letter

    Good point about cleaning the heat sink - I hadn't thought of that.
  8. Ed Davies

    Having an air test next week, any tips?

    It should do. The standard way to do it is to measure the airflow at a range of positive and negative pressures and fit a formula then use that to work out the leakage at 50 Pa.
  9. Ed Davies

    BIM Objects??

    I hope I did, too. Some thoughts on the subject: https://edavies.me.uk/2012/12/sketchup-component-layers/ https://edavies.me.uk/2014/01/sketchup-components-and-groups/ My preference is to use components rather than groups, as explained in the second of those posts.
  10. Ed Davies

    smart meters

    Slightly surprised it doesn't cycle through 888888 to make it obvious if any of the LCD segments have failed. I thought most did.
  11. Ed Davies

    smart meters

    Then let's have an honest debate, you have to reduce peak usage to even out demand, so peak rate metering and charging is the tool to achieve that and encourage you to change your usage patterns. Who said anything about evening out demand? That's not necessarily what you want with renewables, rather you want to match demand to available generation which might not itself be all that even. E.g., charge cars and various heat stores while the sun shines or the wind blows.
  12. Ed Davies

    smart meters

    They'd probably argue that they makes large-scale grid renewables plausible. There's probably an element of truth in that.
  13. Ed Davies

    My Solar quote

    It's possible @JSHarris and @SlivenClod are talking past each other here: AC = air conditioning, perhaps. AC = active cooling, perhaps. I don't think @JSHarris has air conditioning as such (might be wrong - maybe he has a cooler in the MVHR, can't remember). What he does have, though, is an air source heat pump (ASHP) driving the underfloor heating (UFH) which can operate in cooling mode (so UFC???) to drop the ground floor slab temperature a few degrees and thereby cool the house.
  14. Ed Davies

    Building in provision for a later ASHP.

    Probably the least wasteful plan (particularly as you could keep the in-line heater as a backup) but might not work with SAP, could finish up with too high emissions depending on the house construction.