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We want you to enjoy your experience here on BuildHub, and we look forward to your contribution. To ensure everyone gets the most out of the forum it’s important to maintain a high quality of content. To help us achieve this please read the following information.

Introduce yourself 

If you haven’t done so already, please introduce yourself. We all love hearing about what other members are up to, so please include some details of your project (or planned project). Photos are appreciated – they help others get a feel for what you’re doing.
Commercial Content and Advertising

BuildHub has a strict no-advertising policy, and you must not submit content for commercial gain. If you do recommend a product or service, please ensure that you have no commercial incentive to do so.
Be Polite and Professional

This is a lively forum, populated by real human beings. Debate and discussion are welcome but please do so in a constructive and friendly way that makes this forum a nice place to be. Abuse, discrimination and insults will not be tolerated. Threads may drift off topic from time to time, and there’s bound to be some banter – that’s what makes BuildHub such a great place to be! – but please try to stay generally on topic. Follow the lead of regular posters if you’re in any doubt. 


Acronyms and Glossary

There are many acronyms and abbreviations used throughout this site so we have prepared a helpful guide to the most common ones here 



If you’re looking for something specific, use the search facility to see what’s already available. You can search using a variety of different parameters including date, author, tags, etc. Another good option is to browse the sub-forum related to your query. The sub-forums are quite narrowly defined, so you can often learn a lot about a topic by just browsing existing threads in the relevant sub-forum. 

The forum is organised into a number of sub-forums. If you wish to start a new post, either click on Start New Topic and select the relevant sub-forum from the drop down list, or go to the relevant sub-forum and click on Start New Topic there. Please try to give your post an appropriate title and use tags to enable others searching for specific information to find your post more easily.  If you'd like to be informed about new postings to a specific topic or sub-forum, you can click on the relevant link within the topic or sub-forum. You can manage your notifications settings here.
Starting a Blog

Many members choose to record their project by using the forum’s blog facility. A blog is a great way of recording your progress and sharing it with others. The blog functionality can be enabled via a request using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum. Once the functionality has been enabled you will have the ability to ‘Create Blog’ from within your user profile.
Reporting a Post

To report a post (eg, for breaching the Terms and Conditions), please use the Report Post functionality at the right-hand side of the post or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.


Proceed With Caution

Any reliance you place on any information posted on BuildHub is solely at your own risk. BuildHub does not recommend or endorse any product or service and you are advised to take professional advice .
Terms and Conditions

Our full terms and conditions can be viewed here
We want all members to enjoy their time on BuildHub, so please keep in mind what BuildHub is about and try to conduct yourself accordingly. With your help, BuildHub will remain the best forum on the web for self-builders and renovators.

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