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  1. @Scotland the manfolds look good - can you share where you got them from? Also - assuming you're in Scotland...where did you source your Ecodan from?
  2. There's a man who sounds like he is speaking from experience! 🤣
  3. @Bozza s looks nice. Look up russwood. Lots of cladding detail, black cladding is pretty nice. I going for rainscreen siberian larch cladding mixed with white render on carrier board. I thought you didnt need an expansion joint on renderboard, defo don't need vents.
  4. Hi Marsh and welcome, I'm just south of Glasgow. You are bang on that its a hard question to ask about how much and once you've done 6 months of reading you'll be anle to answer that question yourself. But I started right where you are a few years back, so you need that figure to start to work with something. Have a guess at say 1600 per sqm if you are leaving a lot to trades. It much be much person ( @nod) managed 800 odd person sqm but that is an extraordinary case. its 10m x 10m and 200sqm. So budget on 320k...and you'll eat it up. Go Bobby basic or do loads of DIY and that can become 1200. I've budgeted on 1200...I'm now realising I won't achieve that and I havent even started. But I have a SIPS house coming and insulated foundation with ASHP,.MVHR triple glazed timber framed aluminium windows. It goes up quick. Educate yourself here and it'll become clear, lots of great info and people willing to help.
  5. I may well do - just seemed to be causing hassle. It's just trying to remove those joins under the slab.
  6. @Dan F thanks for this. Stuff it - I've sacked off the island drain, it was just in the event we put one of those wee prep sinks in there some time in the future. But - I'm likely never going to do it and will likely be far too skint to do it! Final revsion maybe...
  7. I've done an update on this based on some feedback above, does this seem like a better option now @PeterW @Oz07. I'm hoping this captured what you guys meant about the Oblique tees, which I assume come off that main run, seems a little foreign to have those connections like that?
  8. Haha. Fortunately I would have agreed with you. It was changed to a 2 section slider as it wasn't really that nice. Just the original 3d wasn't updated. Haha. Maybe not....but it definitely won't be any time soon anyways.
  9. My superstructure engineer just finished the design and we are currently drawing the SIPS design and my designer needs some input from me on the position of the steels. It can be either in roof or under roof, see below. In roof is less intrusive and likely easier to level out internally with battens and plasterboard, maximises window also. Downside being a big thermal bridge, but I cant quantify how much of an issue it is? Other option being below roof - Much better thermally, but big drop below roof internally which I'll need to build down too (or do I just hide it in able wall?!) and obviously reduces window size. Also would give a really big services void, which may be helpful. What have others done? would be really helpful to see pics of others glazed gables internally and externally. 3d models fro context:
  10. @LA3222 good questions. The ecodan website is poor as is any literature you can find on the units themselves. Albeit this is exactly where I am aimed it makes me question how easy it will be to with the lack of clear guidance frok the manufacturers. I haven't contacted a rep yet though.
  11. Have you tried rational, Nordan, Allan bros, ecowin (gaulhoffer and zyle fenster) gaulhoffer has a great selection...but they will be above this price. They are on a par with RK doors. Any of the main window suppliers really.
  12. But you had a deal if I temeber correctly? So you have to compare that with what your actual price would have been. The prices above seem pretty standard for any of the high quality (or perceived high-quality) brands.
  13. Makes perfect sense and thats why I'd like to do it. I think I'd maybe do that for internal ceilings. But if not required on the roof (and provides a significant saving then I might follow @ProDaves thinking. If there is no need for sound deadening there its lighter and easier to work with it makes sense.
  14. Itll be harder, take longer and probably work out the same cost in the end.....with little to no actual benefit. But this is the way of the self builder..... I will be buying one. 😁