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  1. I'd absolutely have the good side facing yourself if you are paying. That's what I did with my neighbours. As for the bottom of the garden,.I don't know the rules but I'd probably just stick one up and stuck it and see if anyone says anything.
  2. I'll second that. I'm projecting much more for mine and not passive standard and no basement....and similar size...
  3. I'll give you a few pointers craig next time we chat. 👌
  4. Ha they are always about, lovely to see them. Have a badger too that visits regularly
  5. we are: self_build_ayrshire Just search for that username. But to find others you would search for a hashtag E.g #SELFBUILD Then that would show accounts who tag their pictures with #SELFBUILD, then you will quickly find lots of accounts. Works for anything on there, so if you want to see pictures of cladding search #cladding or maybe #timbercladding give it a shot.
  6. I previously used it years ago. I still have an account and sometimes I look at the odd image there, but it'd much more interior design focused and heavily American. But it's time has come and gone imo. If you genuinely want to generate more social media awareness to generate interest and leads then it is all about Instagram. There you can see work businesses have done and see how it looks. I love it for that, you need to be consistent with posts though and committed. But easily there you can follow more self build accounts. We have 600 odd followers following our build and watching out stories. So getting tagged by accounts like that helps no end. In there though very few are interested in technical details, just looks. People on here are the folk that want technical info..
  7. My Kit supplier is struggling for someone to erect the kit (central belt Scotland). Does anyone know of any SIPS erectors in the central belt area in Scotland?
  8. LVT shouldn't move like that either. It should be rock solid. No disaster, and they'll fix it. But definitely be cataloguing these errors seriously and how they are attended to, straight on the phone to the main contractor/ plumber and have him fix it. In my opinion you are sue plenty money back.
  9. Firstly. Welcome to the forum. I've never heard of a SIP floor being used ever? Why do you want that? If it for insulation then just use insulation? An idea of your planned build up would be helpful here.
  10. Thats me... I brought power from three fields away and had to have my own transformer- £18k. I'm also 400m from mains water. That would have been 30-50k to bring down a B road, so opted for a borehole (getting drilled next month) at a cost of 10-15k all said and done. I have treatment ant too and will discharge into my own burn. These options made the plot viable for me.
  11. Welcome @2nd Time Around. Lots of good info to be found. But defo err on the side of caution and do lots of research and that'll give you the best chance! I used to go here as a child regularly shooting at a ace called the Gannochy, loved it. Stayed in the big hotel in town every time. Just linked to our low wages isn't it. Blows me away the wages and house costs down in England. When people say their budget is 600k...for a three bed semi....
  12. Does seem a bit hard to find to find them.. is that an ecodan thing or an ASHP thing. Does this mean you don't need to do all the other piping/circuitry as per the other thread?
  13. Wahey. Defo sounds like a f$ck this.. let's get it ordered!
  14. That's exactly the phrase I was looking for, describes it perfectly. Yes, where you had wind I have rain, 😂. Christmas.....everyone loves a xmas day deadline!!
  15. Use SAPEASY. Then get the number based on your build up as per above, if it doesn't stack up. They will adjust it until it is above 85 for ecology. Make sure you keep an eye on their figures for MVHR and get it down to below 1.5. Now adjustment it might be addition of solar PV or other means. But in reality you're only ticking a box to say that's what you are planning to get above 85. Which will get you the mortgage. Then at the end of younrun the numbers and worst case scenario you don't get the full C change discount its not the end of the world as you'll be switching lender at that point.