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  1. It is a new build house. Planning in place for an existing house already, but I will be putting a new planning application in to change this. But regardless. Planning application only needs outline plans, shape size, finish etc to get 'planning permission' which is fine, this can be done from outline drawings regardless of the final method of construction. The building warrant AFAIK, deals with the structure and compliance with building regulations, hence you would need to know the method of construction prior to applying (I'm assumignto show the BCO the cross-sectional build up of the walls). But if you go out to tender to say a SIPS supplier and a TF supplier these are different methods of construction (albeit similar) so one of the other would maybe not be able to provide a quotation as the building warrant would not reflect their particular offering. It would be bottomed out at the design stage as above but theoretically you have to choose then if you are going SIPS or TF. For info - no builder, TF/SIPS supplier to supply and erect kit which I have chosen. then I'll deal with the rest.
  2. Hi, I have a quote from two different architects. Who have both included a stage for building warrant application prior to the stage of going out to tender with the package to select a kit supplier. How can you get a building warrant without knowing what the construction etc is? for example if I had a design but hadn't decided if I was going TF or SIPS?
  3. @Ferdinand They were the first architect.....came across great. But I felt that once we were going to get seriously into it that I might fall into the not so important category.
  4. I’ve talked to a few architects /architectural designers and still to fully decide who I would like to go with or whether I might use an in house design service. However one thing I am noticing is the lack of ‘compatible’ architects in my area. I originally had my mind set on a well-known self-build architect who done fixed price (circa £25k to do everything, which included CDM and SE) but as time went on discussing with them I felt my budget (£240-270k for build @ £1200/m^2) was not really their preferred market and it put me off a little plus they are 80 miles from where the plot would be. I then came across an experienced AD who I am meeting on site this week, even though I haven’t actually finalised the plot purchase as I wait for a few things to fall in to place, but he seems to match my expectations on price (£12k including SE) and is experienced in SIPS and timber frame. But he is from 200 miles away. My only reservation so far is the distance and the ease of being able to go through those initial stages of design collaboration. So the last few days I spent some time phoning local architects in the Ayrshire/ Glasgow area. But struggling with people who understand what I want to do. They are either way out there and looking for customers who wants a turnkey managed process and a % based fee. Or they are cheap but don’t necessarily understand modern building methods or tools. Ideally – I will use an Architect/AD to help with design, planning and building warrant. From there then contract with TF/SIPS supplier to supply and erect and then manage subcontractors myself. The selected person would ideally provide a fixed price and be well versed in modern methods of construction for TF/SIPS as above and understand building to a budget, but I seem to be struggling to find this locally. So two questions: Do we think distance is an issue? (I know we can do everything online, but sometimes a 5 minute meeting can do what takes days be email). Does anyone have any good Architects / AD contacts in the Glasgow / Ayrshire area who are well versed as above? Can anyone tell me what I actually want - as I swing between doing it myself / using and AD / Using in house design almost daily 🤣 I am a Chartered engineer (mechanical design) so I can do all the learning and planning and managing bits and very easily understand and draw my house. But I believe there is value in using a professional with regards to house design to do things that I wouldn’t think of. However I don’t want an architect who is away with the fairies or not on my wavelength. Hence I feel like an AD is where I need to be because they can add this value at a reasonable cost. Note: I’m not looking for fancy glazed gables with spiral stairs. I’m looking for good fabric first well thought out functional house with some (budget) appropriate features which take it from what I would design to something a bit better that flows well and make sense for my family and needs. A pragmatic approach to house design with a little bit of architectural flair.
  5. That's what I wasnt sure of. I'd downloaded a sample but it had no reference size or grid lines so with nothing to reference you can tell what one measurement of in it is to get a scale.
  6. Thanks for the offer but managed to get it. I'm aware it doesn't have scale, but if you have no reference size you cant do anything.
  7. @Temp many thanks - emapsite had exactly what I needed!
  8. Thanks @JSHarris I can see i can download it in CAD - but doesn't seem to give me a scale for that download - which i strange because then yo can't really scale it. I could be being stupid...but I deal with mechanical engineering drawings every day and this OS map world and resources seem pretty rubbish.
  9. Thanks @JSHarris and @ProDave I've been on all the sites - but none do 1:10'000 for planning maps. they only go as big as 1:2500. I don't know why either. I want to just get an official one - so that they don't spend three weeks getting to the top of the pile only to be told its still invalid as its not a correct map. This is just to remove a planning condition as well its not even to get planning permission, that was granted ages ago!
  10. My current PP has been in for 3 weeks waiting to get registered, but I've been sent it back invalid as they want a different scale map. They asked for a 1: 2500 in the initial PP request, but now want a 1:10'000 as its rural (even though it has coordinates and very clear) got it from map trunk. However i did try and go get a 1:10'00 scale version from there but they only go as big as 1:2500. does anyone know where to get bigger scale maps done online?
  11. Wow @nod that's an amazing cost ratio. Gives me confidence that my 1200 is definitely achievable. Do you have any links to pictures of the finished house? (I did search your posts but it seems you have search through all of a user posts to find these things). I'd heard tales.of those high interest rates which make me shudder. Although all the bad stuff didn't just happen in the 80's, I bought a flat at the height of the market in recent times in oct 2007. Lovely 3 bed flat in a small town south of Glasgow. Was o/o £105k at the time.. I got it at a deal of £117k at the time..which was actually decent money! It was high end for the town but I should've sold 2 years later and made 20k. Obviously...I didn't. I still.own that bad boy..probably worth maybe 85k the at 70k at one point..its a sore sore one. Considering I've probably made 50-60k of mortgage payments and still owe 90k odds. You live and learn!
  12. I'm trying to understand and project my cashflow at the moment but only a at the beginning of the process. I'm aware that everyone's builds are different shapes, sizes, standards and contractiong styles from turnkey through to buy everything yourself and build it. But I was wondering how much are peoples typical vat reclaims? Itll will give me an idea of if we are talking 5k or 50k I'll have to outlay until I get it back.... Thanks in advance if you're willing to share. Reclaim amounts and typical projects details might be helpful.
  13. @Thedreamer seems the grant is only available for people North of Dunblane. Bit rubbish really!
  14. @ThedreamerIt's rural so coming from 370m away across a field. Mains water is 400m away and although they have told me there is capacity....I'm awaiting a connection cost. yes it is in Scotland - Any info on the grant, or notable connection thread, as that would be great! I've asked for building water connection so may do that early, on electricity I am assuming we can get ground works and foundations in without any, then time it so the power is done right after the kit is erected on site.
  15. Thanks @Thedreamer . Updated my first post - I do have a pretty comprehensive budget for the development as a whole based on 1200/m^2 @ 200m^2 house. Soreally once I come to design stage, thats when I will tweak to design to suit my specific budget. I have costs for power and water coming from SPE and Scottish water in the next few weeks but I was planning to hold off for those and time it with the kit going up as my costs are in the region of £20k for power and dont know about water yet. but there won't be any (significant) unexpected costs from this aspect. But these are outlays I'd rather avoid till I have to as it uses up all my spare captial as they want paid upfront.