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  1. And what am I doing...this must be stuff only self builders end up having to do in a last minute panic. Best guess get no prizes.
  2. And what am I doing...this must be stuff only self builders end up having to do in a last minute panic. Best guess get no prizes.
  3. This is definitely the way and if anyone reads this and you're doubting solar PV and not got slates or tiles on yet...get it done...not ever will it be as cheap to do it as at that point in time. I'm currently preparing but not committed to ripping off a bunch of perfectly graded slates. As a benchmark on that quote I was quoted about £3k about 2 or 3 months ago for a 4kWp system. I'll look out the quote.
  4. Fuel prices is just going to drive so much costs now. What a crazy time to be in...brexit...covid....war/ energy cap prices..and so it goes
  5. That's actually not that bad considering. Get it bought now...
  6. I thought we'd seen the back of mega prices....after starting my build 2 months before the pandemic. Just went in to get two full inspections chambers from PDM....£63 last January now £158. Mental.
  7. I've not installed it on the first floor...purely based on what I read here. Mostly on a hope and prayer.. but with some degree of calcs that my heat input would be low...6kW for the whole on a minus 20 day. I'm.going to do electric UFH mats in bathrooms and worst case know I can add wall mounted electric heaters for a quick blast if I have gotten it wrong. SIPS build pretty much as you described with 300sqm.
  8. Yes. And it's registered and sent out with the exception going live on Royal mail so we don't get hundreds of Junk mail. I'll maybe check with local planning and see what they say. I was planning just using that address but can see I'll need a council tax band to get bins. Building for the actual house is well underway and half way through and is all legit with pp and BW. This is for me to just add a caravan to site now as we are going to love into that to finish the build.
  9. Revisiting this.....currently in a whirlwind decision we are going to sell our current house which wasn't planned until we finished the build but with house prices so high it's the right time to do. So we have bought/in process of buying a static which we will position in our driveway (4 acre plot) no neighbours within 400m and even at that they are friends. We will connect it to the water (borehole) and sewage on site which is ours. Planning on being in it maybe 6 months If i am doing it legit - do I need to do anything planning wise? Do you need to pay council tax? (how else would you get your bins emptied) Located in Scotland, East Ayrshire council central belt.
  10. For anyone who comes across this - I have decided to go for the Solido Smart. The ASP currently is £1750 vs £2630 (Gravity outlet and delivered for both, plus VAT). It's 900 quid more expensive for the Solido however ROI is in year 7 based on the power usage, see below for table. This was costs per year and cumulatively added up, starting point was 33p/kWh and a 3% inflation rate over 20 years. So on year 7 the extra money is paid back and by 20 years it nearly pays for itself vs the ASP. Plus point is that the effluent quality and suspended solids is better by a factor of 2 nearly) on the Solido. Will I notice the difference, absolutely not. Do I feel a little better about it - Yes. The Solido also has a flat tank cover and you can move the vent elsewhere which means I wont run over it like the ASP. Both very good units and either would be a good purchase.
  11. Jesus Lord.. that's horrific. Albeit as above lots of factors. Look into an insulated foundation, less steps than conventional and imo cheaper and easy to DIY parts.
  12. I'll need to check tomorrow on output but the solido is 8PE which can be turned down to 2PE. the ASP is 6PE but both gravity. The solido as far as I can see comes with the control panel as standard? Didn't see a basic version.
  13. Thanks. Seems like a decent unit. I could either bring the vent back to the house which might be 8m or take it to the fencing but that would be maybe 12-15m and unsure if that's too far. Can't quite figure out why ita 1k.morw expensive though?
  14. @dpmiller on the solido smart...where did you site the vent bit? I have to put my treatment plant in the middle of the garden (albeit - 2 acre garden) but didn't really want that sticking up in middle of garden. Also - does the control panel go in the house? I want a TP with the blower in the unit and the Conder ASP and Conder Solido both have that and good reviews. Quote this morning direct from Premier tech water : £2081 - for the ASP £3061 - for the Solido Difference being the ASP is 80w permeant and the Solido being 58w - but intermittent (albeit haven't managed to get what the timings are). so @ 27p/kWh - £190 a year for the ASP, £140 for the solido if it was permenant running. I don't see the advantage here really?? 20 years to make it work. what other advantages does the solido provide?
  15. You can buy airtightness tape that can be plastered over. Tescon do a version.
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