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  1. 100% wunda here. Very competitive and they provide a design at the front end for 50 quid. Nu heat last I checked were a rip off.
  2. When you say merchant do you means builders merchant? Best going direct here to whomever drives the bulkers
  3. Hi See below picture, I'm struggling with a detail for a flat roof that adjoins the main house as I have a ventilated cavity and the main house is render on renderboard. I would like to finish the edges tidy and not leave a big gap. Its an area I haven't paid attention to but now need to do it before render board goes on in 2-3 weeks. It's a SIP panel roof (partly) hence, can I just add batons for the ventilation gap, then OSB then membrane and whatever covering I decide? (GRP, Rubber? lead?). Would you just build up the left and right edges higher, then lay the finish, then add the gutter to the front face? I've 100 questions but don't know where to start. I'm likley overthinking it, but a bit like a ribbit in the headlights
  4. Thanks for this only just noticed you'd replied.
  5. Buildstore are 100% grade a wankers. Ecology all day long. I had 4k per month coming in and we have 400k loan approved. SAP wasn't quite there at first so adjusted till it met the requirements I'm not going to add the 1kw PV required but I have increased windows u value to compensate at end.
  6. The deposit was a red herring. That was if he was buying material so sorted now. I've booked him and seen his work now that looks excellent. K rend rep reckons he'd only recommend this guy ans one other in Scotland to do the work so here's hoping it's good.
  7. Why not nail everything? Its a roof male sore it's done proper. My roofers are nearly finished doing mine, 10000 slates all double nailed but it's solid.
  8. What kind of roof is it? Just a normal trussed roof?
  9. I used ecology, straightforward and no major issues. It's based on affordability with them not multiples of wages. They are very good to deal with and I would highly recommend. I have stayed in our current house (paid off) while we build. I havent looked at the budget since started because we are in it now and just need to keep going till at least its fully complete outside.
  10. I've just had an updated quote. £8841 for labour only applying K rend TC15. This includes fitting all beads etc. Thats for around 195sqm including the windows area as that. Thats £45 per sqm the work looks good. But is he ripping the pish? Also wants 25% deposit up front 8 weeks before he even starts? I'm desperate to get it done before winter. If I don't I'll need the scaffold for an extra 3-4 months at maybe 2500 extra.
  11. Right...this time is upon me. What's best practice for installing this? Spray glue onto the SIP panel then seal the joins around windows and lapped joints? I'll need a separate thread likely but thought I'd start here. @LA3222 I know you got a great result, I'm not planning added internal insulation but defo tape and VCL. Was thinking of taping all SIP panel joins then doing VCL but I can imagine this would be fortunes in tape?
  12. I am in Central belt and I have two joiners who are cracking £320 a day for both (thats both not each) so keep looking these good guys who are out there are about and not taking the pis.
  13. I'd say no. Nobody wants to share upside ever, for anyone doing estimating that's their assumed budget if they get a better price that is kept in their pocket. That's why things are normally fixed price. Also anyone on a cost plus contract is not incentivised to reduce costs whatsoever. I'd disagree they are. Everything is also programme driven, so if you need it now you need it regardless of the costs. A lot of major construction contracts run on cost plus contracts but they can be incentivised to reduce costs. You just can't price major construction projects.
  14. Definitely bring them up through through slab easiest ans best way. In reality ans cold bridging from this I would think is negligible in the grand scheme of things.