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  1. Onoff

    Tile Spacers - Anti Lippage

    Short of winning the Lotto and being able to give up work to do the house without compromise then yes I'm going to live with it. I've more projects here than years left on this Earth tbh.
  2. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    With the level resting on the studs, 400mm wide tiles, brown, 5mm packs: Roughly where the top of the pan will sit, its about 3.5mm each side:
  3. Takes a deep breath... In the back box on the wall you have two grey cables. One grey cable appears to be twin and earth containing red, black and an earth that has been over sleeved with green/yellow. I can't really see the other cable properly other than it's grey. Is it in fact twin and earth where the black has been cut back? I assume the other earth sharing the sleeving is coming from that cable? The switch pattern is likely L1, L2 and Com - marked on the black rear where the terminals are. This is one of the most common switch patterns there is, it's a one gang 2-way switch.
  4. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    If I prime the walls but don't get round to tiling and the primer dries, do I then have to prime again so as to tile whilst it's tacky? Cheers
  5. Onoff

    Quinetic Switches

    I have to admit that if I get a catalogue now I rarely read from cover to cover. These Quinetic modules that fit an MK grid caught my eye: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/QUGDMK.html? No idea how long they've been available! Can't be long before Quinetic offer these as a dimmer, in black etc. Gives some more traditional looking options with brass, stainless plates.
  6. Onoff

    Tile Spacers - Anti Lippage

    I'm falling down at every turn on this wall tiling. Just inexperienced I suppose. Ideally I'd take them off and start afresh with what I now know. That won't be happening.
  7. Is that red "on it's own" a cut back twin and earth or a single? Is this the only switch that controls that light?
  8. Onoff

    Tile Spacers - Anti Lippage

    If you want to see an incompetent, amateur tiling job... ...come round my house, I'm in the midst of doing one at the moment! "Lippage", knew I had lots of it, didn't know what it was called.
  9. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    Good shout, I can bolt on "loose". Will post pics later.
  10. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    @Nickfromwales, ref the cardinal sin, the centreline of the wc is in effect a high point as above due to idiot boy here not thinking to tamp the tiles level horizontally. Reckon the back of the pan will be 2-3mm shy of the tiles either side. Salvageable? Cheers
  11. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    How do you know? She might have very low standards whilst appreciating a bloke who takes his time!
  12. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    From a distance maybe. Run your hand over some of the joints and they're a bit uneven. Yeah I've got Jennifer Aniston lined up to test the shower which I'll live stream!
  13. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    Going to have to try and "flatten" the next two rows that have the flush plate in the centre or when I get to pocket above the wc putting the trim on straight will be a right pain!
  14. Onoff

    A Winter of Peckering

    Seriously 1200 tonnes? 120 seems immense!
  15. Onoff

    Footings for second storey on a bungalow

    I think @Construction Channel ended up underpinning as his footings were shallow. Probably a video.