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  1. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    Threshold: The tiles at the threshold will obviously get a tad higher with adhesive under them. 8mm tiles so maybe top of tile will end up 15mm above the concrete? (Once down I can can sort the door frame & door). The room next to the bathroom is the "stairs" room. This will be dug up (concrete floor) and built back up much the same as the bathroom. Instead of its own UFH loop it'll just have all the loops to the other rooms running through it as it's central 'ish to the house. As a high traffic area it'll be some sort of engineered wood flooring. So what, if anything can I add in terms of trim to this tile edge? This to protect the edge and to allow future integration with the wood floor? Cheers
  2. Onoff

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    Amazon? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/p13n-mobile/overflow?
  3. Onoff

    Cladding : without twisting

    Search "Yorkshire boarding" for what they do on cow sheds. That has open gaps between boards. I wonder if you could do that combined with a really well applied & taut black membrane behind...or st/st mesh. Or maybe like hit and miss fencing...
  4. Onoff

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    You joke but as an apprentice, after making our spirit levels we would be sent to the local engineering merchants in Erith to buy the 'bubble' for them like it was the most normal thing in the world. In fact the liquid filled glass / plastic tube. Same when I made my knurling took I had to buy the knurling wheels. I've still got the knurling tool somewhere.
  5. Onoff

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    @newhome has a cistern full of them!
  6. Onoff

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    You could download an app and sit the phone on the level...
  7. Onoff

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    Have you tried turning it over?
  8. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    Home brew screed rails rule OK! Vid:
  9. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    I do that too...
  10. Onoff

    Not good

    Bloody hell thats rough! I used up all the pir off cuts I had but made sure they were all seriously well foamed in. My foam bill will attest to this.
  11. Onoff

    Cistern help please

    I looked at that very valve on toiletspares but discounted it as I couldn't zoom in on the phone!
  12. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    Ta. The intent was a warts 'n all "instructive" thing. I was mulling "how to" lay the tiles on the adhesive bed. I know some favour Tilemate type systems. Gut feel tells me I can do this organically and just "feel" what's right as I lay them as in with a level and a tap-tap here etc.
  13. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    You sound like SWMBO! Dunno, it all has to come up with the cut tiles getting numbered. I've got to fill in a void at the back of the cupboard, cap off/divert the old incoming 15mm main to the Geberit wc, pressure test the towel rad piping. Then tank. Hopefully all within the next 7-10 days...
  14. Onoff

    Tiling...many questions

    All done (dry) bar the shouting! Now this tile could be a pita: The edge is sitting on just the eps upstand! There'll be the door frame goes on here. Some of that red brick needs to go to let the frame in: So the tile fits on I'm just worried it's not supported: The other side shows how the door frame will sit: Not sure how far I'm going into the doorway or whether that's it?
  15. First one is a Dell psu. On eBay from £21 used to £200 new from Poland. Still likely be good. The motors look like 24V jobbies from maybe a wheelchair or mobility scooter? Was your old man into Robot Wars? Donate to a school maybe? Also ideal for making kiddie cars...