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  1. How about a nice line of evacuated tubes rolled to follow the roof profile then a small steam turbine? I'll get me coat...
  2. Welcome. Some solar gain there! Going to need some shading/ cooling. Sage Glass if deep pockets maybe?
  3. One would hope the 6"x6" fence post will fit in the shoe. Sometimes they need a bit of pairing down at the end... IF the 6x6 will fit under your chop saw you can maybe mark a line all round, cut halfway then flip over. You will need some stacked timber a couple of metres away as high as the saw bed is off the ground. This to support the end.
  4. With a DECENT handsaw... I'd mark the cut lines in pencil then with the tip of the saw cut along/into the pencil lines a bit. That'll act as a guide for your saw blade. Apply Mr Sheen to the saw blade.
  5. Did well gluing all those little bits together!
  6. So my missus says.... Just been looking for that particular Round The Horne episode...
  7. Who knows ref the quality? Might set up tomorrow with a long bit of Cat-5. The Chinglish manual is a treat!
  8. TWO stoned masons now! Welcome.
  9. Are you proposing to use 6x3 everywhere instead of 6x2?
  10. Seems a lot of work for such a tiny space.....what are you going to do in there? So this, are you positive?