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  1. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1114991/ubuntu-18-04-does-not-see-windows-network/ (Zorin 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04)
  2. This is a later Zorin you have than 12? When I say start I mean the bfo Z, bottom left where Windows Start is.
  3. I have a BT Home Hub 4. Zorin laptop sees a USB stick fine if plugged into the router. Start/Home/Other Locations/Windows Network/Home/BTHUB4/USB4.... Sees all the files, plays videos. That's on Zorin OS 12 Just tried it.
  4. Wtf? How small? D'you intend firing arrows through that?
  5. If anyone does have any pointers to the above question then please fire away, it'd be good to know for the future. However, found this which we're hoping to graft onto the model for the earlier Oculus Rift controller: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3652161 I really MUST try and learn this Fusion 360 thing, my lad thinks I'm a bit of a Luddite for being stuck in the past using AutoCAD! (I can still teach him a few tricks though!) He's only been using it since 21st Dec ffs! 😤
  6. Evening, need some Fusion 360 help! This is the .stp file of a VR game controller opened up in Fusion 360. It's from the maker's website. It's for the Oculus S: It's not one piece but two, with an irregular nominal gap between them 0.3mm down to zero ('ish). In effect the join. Seems the actual controller the two halves are glued together. What we want to do is create a solid cylinder, insert the "male" controller then subtract it from the cylinder leaving us with a "cup" in the end of the cylinder. Because the controller isn't one entity we're having trouble. Almost wants the gap filling then the two halves along with the "fill" combining into one entity. Any ideas anyone? Cheers
  7. I was an early fan of Zorin OS on the forum here. Saying that Mint is well worth a look.
  8. The Geberit wall drain instructions said to achieve a 1 to 2% fall. In my case I think it was 13 to 26mm. I was really worried that you might notice this underfoot as you crossed the corner of the wet room and over balance when old/doddery/drunk to get to the basin. I'll get the laser level out a bit later and see exactly what it came out as, a feeling maybe 1.5%? With hindsight I'd have aimed at 2% from the off as you really don't notice it.
  9. We have a winner! Well, other than it's off white compared to the fridge paint. Albeit simplified from the original it's so much smoother etc than the previous print! Pity about the split in the seal... The profile isn't a bad match either:
  10. I should have printed the fridge handle in antibacterial PLA maybe: https://www.xyzprinting.com/en-US/material/antibacterial-pla
  11. Must be quite stressful waiting for your next Lego piece to print if you're building something...
  12. Say you had a double garage with single skin block walls with pillars...like I have Could you ADD an inner skin, straight off the floor slab, maybe even in timber, in order to give support if adding an "upstairs"?
  13. 3D printed, 2 piece handle to connect two Occulus Rift VR controllers together to make a Darth Maul style light sabre. Used for playing Beat Saber. They interlock with an m/f twist joint but I've backed it up with self amalgamating tape: