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  1. Onoff

    OH F**K!

    Probably saw your avatar and thought you might turn up in person!
  2. Onoff

    Min pipe coverage.

    All the soil pipe people do something like this: https://www.marleyplumbinganddrainage.com/media/5423/pipe-laying.pdf
  3. The 111.383.00.5 should be on one end of the cardboard box the frame came in. Other than that do the measurements tie up with this? https://catalog.geberit.com/public/product.aspx?cat=GB_GB-en_1&a=111.383.00.5 Then the accessories: https://catalog.geberit.com/File_Container/Overview_Tables/en-GB/DAS_157930.pdf If it is a Sigma then choose your flush plate: https://catalog.geberit.com/public/chapter.aspx?cat=GB_GB-en_1&ch=CH3_100500
  4. Onoff

    What to do with our cats poo

    +1. The stray we took on when we lived in the centre of town was scared of it's own shadow. It lived in the airing cupboard and was scared by frogs! 6 years later & taking it to the country where we are now and it virtually turned feral overnight and even grew tufts out of it's ears. Mainly a mouser than one for birds it'd clear a nest one by one in a constant stream of presents for us. Nothing like waking up and finding the "gifts" it'd brought us during the night. Never did find where it poo'd until it was in it's last legs then it was anywhere; lounge, hall etc. Still, she made 23.
  5. Onoff

    What to do with our cats poo

    Kevin McCloud did that Man Made Homes series using pet poo to produce bio gas I think.
  6. Onoff

    Combining circuits in a control panel

    @PeterW, what contactors are you after? I've a few collected from panel upgrades/rip outs etc. Only got a couple of timers though but I'm keeping them...can't remember what the project was though! Something like this, 230V coil, 20A rated? TeSys K_LC1K0910M7.pdf I might have 3. Got some plug in, 11-pin base stuff too. 10A @ 250vac but 24vdc coils. Could do you a psu as well I think!
  7. Tiles BOUGHT! Sitting in their boxes gathering dust...
  8. Ive got 25mm of eps (offcuts) behind the pipes. It's got to be better than nothing?
  9. Onoff

    Combining circuits in a control panel

    Sounds like a pretty standard control panel to me. 4 circuits in a box...no different to a cu. Most manufacturers offer timers and contactors to go in their cus. Go for it. Tbh there's DIN rail mounting time switches that'll handle 16A on their own without the need for a contactor(s) if that helps. Not cheap if you go for a name though! I'd try and standardise on say 16A throughout if going that route so you can chop and change in the event of a fault. Preceeded by its own appropriately rated circuit protection. Or buy slightly more obscure ones along with spares.
  10. Onoff

    EPS Beads

    I know. Tbh the packs aren't as numerous as they appear. Originally it was just 5 fixings per vertical stud but the concrete screws wouldn't hold very well in this bit of the wall. So in went some horizontal 3"x2"s fixed with resin studs.
  11. Onoff

    EPS Beads

    Cheap seats here! OK, no EPS beads but all this "old crap" is going in the wall with copious amounts of gun foam and foil!
  12. Onoff

    EPS Beads

    Good shout other than I've got to BUY it! Was hoping to just use up the old crap lying around.
  13. @Jude1234, what is the Geberit part number for your Duofix frame? This link maybe, under Pro Area, lists for the different flush plates for SIgma, Omega, Kappa cisterns etc: https://www.geberit.co.uk/products/bathroom/geberit-flush-plates/
  14. I decided the shallow pocket could be made deeper by chiselling away the two projecting breeze blocks. OMG THE dust! Should have worn a mask but washing if down now! 🍺 Not for the first time SWMBO unimpressed by the mess my Lidl tool's made!