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  1. Every day, sort of marking your territory? My Mum used to get given rhubarb for years by an old Dutch neighbour. She remarked one day how it was the best tasting rhubarb etc. He revealed his secret "Every evening I wander up the garden when it gets dark and..." πŸ˜‚
  2. Can't you just wee on the compost to add nitrogen?
  3. On my recommendation a mate used Bedec Barn Paint on his previously painted fence and gate. He wasn't impressed as despite keying the surface it didn't seem to take. We tried it here too on a previously wood stained / pu varnished door. It covered OK but seems easy to scuff and chip. On new or previously untreated wood though it's brilliant imho.
  4. The thing is with compost heating / bio gas, is none of us really have to. Dead common in Nepal at least on the gas front. You ideally need a couple buffalo.
  5. I thought he and the film crew shat in a tin?
  6. It's now a completely dead grinder, it is no more, it has ceased to be. Post mortem tomorrow. Battery is charging now though.
  7. We produce a fair bit of waste from grass cuttings, hedge trimming, leaves etc. I've thought of a big insulated pit with a coil in there for some DHW. Maybe some gas take off too.....
  8. Whoops... The Rolson grinder running on the Makita 18V Li-ion clone battery started to smoke. It still runs but much slower. πŸ™ The Makita Li-ion clone battery that was on the grinder as the time seems to run the Makita impact driver and the drill OK, but put it on the charger and after a few seconds you get a flashing green LED which means the battery is fooked I believe? Only hope is when it runs down on the proper Makita tool it might take a charge again. Any ideas why this is happening? Cheers
  9. It is a slider. No thread per se on here. It's just a frame I drew up and paid to have fab'd up and galvanised by my long term fabricator. I'd do it different next time as the upturned channel is a magnet for leaves and beech nuts. Think it was around Β£250. Sliding gate kit came from Easy Gates another Β£500. Posts were freebie scrap. Rails from Barrier Components in Thurrock. Never really tallied the cost. Here's a Flickr link, only 346 photos to wade through! πŸ˜‚ https://flic.kr/s/aHsjYQgVgE Still not finished btw!
  10. Bedec satin black barn paint on my gate 6 years now. 3 coats on new, reject scaffold boards. Even the 1st coat covered like magic. Then: Just now (after a wash for the photoshoot, bird sh!t really shows up on black πŸ˜‚): Before Bedec I was a Sadolin man. Always thought it took too long to dry. With Bedec you can get 3 coats on in a day and it's water based.
  11. Just looked at your link. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think they say. Looks like it's crying out for a rub down and stain. Untreated...not for me.
  12. Well, the Makita to Rolson 18V Adapter 3D printed project has exceeded expectations! Now there is we think an option to put female 1/4" spade connectors straight onto the spring connectors up inside these existing old tools to save taking them apart but that would be too easy! Instead I went for disassembly, clean and soldering new wires straight onto the motor and switch. Bit of a pita taking the grinder apart of course as to take the case apart you have to take the head off to get to 2 of the screws. Gave everything around the motor a blast of contact cleaner whilst I was in there: Some old HO7RNF gave up some wire for the new leads: All soldered on: Blue crimps a nice tight fit onto the fabricated battery connectors: First switch on video, SUCCESS! I'm using it now on the mower deck. It's got some grunt, not far off the corded one. 3Ah clone batteries. I'm being over cautious at the mo, just swapping them when I feel they might be slacking a bit: Circular saw is next up (best I sort the mower first or risk SWMBO's wrath)!