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  1. Best get on with it then, you could have denailed 20 in the time it took to write that! 😂 Looking really good, keep going. 👍
  2. Were your steels galvanised or just painted?
  3. Duct tape some bits of thick card, old carpet tile cut up etc over any protruding ones and cut off another time when you have the kit etc. You'll know all about it the day you cut your head. Scalps bleed big time!
  4. @zoothorn. SERIOUSLY! If your screwing from the outside in then watch your head on screws poking through! If over length you'll want to trim off with an angle grinder and thin disc.
  5. I've been one of the men acting as counter weights! We did double up on the scaffold boards though as a nod to H&S! T'was many years ago when we had to fix a bracket over a stairwell and wanted a scaffold. The miniature site agent walked the plank and did it himself.
  6. I see the clamp now! 👍 Those two boards sticking out look like a redneck's diving board!
  7. Careful with that short scaffold board you're using for temporary access on the deck area. Inadvertently stand on the end and.....
  8. ...just thought I haven't drained the compressor for a while...🙄
  9. It was suggested this might happen. One school said gravity would overcome the potential issue. Another predicted it to a tee. Seems all too familiar for some reason... 😉 VID-20200528-WA0008.mp4
  10. Never mind the broken panes. It'll all be worth it when you're sat on that deck with a cold beer(s).
  11. Think I'd be looking at filling the edges in at least with pir or eps and filling in the gaps with treated timber. This is the two halves upturned of the FLOOR of my shed: Done in cans. What was I thinking!
  12. NSK 6203DU so nothing special. The two halves will need another dip before painting. Off to sort through the bearing box...
  13. Bugger! It's a bearing not a bush. Just out of the acid and what I thought was resilient material around the bush is in fact the blown seal of the bearing. More obvious the other side where thd seal is more intact. Pulley is two halves spot welded together. You can just see one of the 3 spots under the pen tip.
  14. Got the donor gearbox on the mower. She runs. All gears working though took a while to adjust the selector rods/linkage. It even cuts grass. Only to find one of the pto pullies had seized and the belt worn a groove in it. Thus the flails won't turn for the grass collection end. £24+VAT plus postage for a new one. Buy new, I think not! Went back to the scrap mowers and salvaged the same tensioner pulley albeit of all metal construction. Guessing an older variant. Rusted solid and then some. Some chipping off of the large lumps of rust then into the citric acid barrel for two days. Managed to get it all apart just now, some more chipping and scraping and back in the barrel for a final 24hr dip. It's salvageable. Bushed rather than a bearing. A bit of zinc spray and packing with grease and it'll be good to go. You should have seen it before it went in the acid!