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  1. Onoff

    Zoot's Extension- advice needed.

  2. Content filter's working as it should by the sounds of things! 😂
  3. Onoff


    As you descend the stairs is there a full height window directly in front? Doesn't that allow the building's "energy" to flow out of the house according to the principles of Feng shui? (As in a curved path to the front of a house is better than a straight one).
  4. Onoff

    How to keep birds off my camera?

    I would have thought the solution was obvious...
  5. Onoff

    My Solar quote

    Deep pockets? Sageglass:
  6. Onoff

    Shower traps

    Price reduced here: https://www.ergonomicdesigns.co.uk/product/RKRFXGW~rak-feeling-slimline-90mm-shower-waste.html
  7. Onoff

    robo mowers

    Mate has one and he's built it a "kennel" where it goes back to bed & charge. An astro turfed table lift that sits level with the lawn is on his wish list.
  8. Onoff

    Spray PUR foam. Why isn't it popular?

    There was a thread on here somewhere ref the off gassing of such materials I think. I'm sure MVHR helps greatly in getting rid of that "new build" smell and any accompanying nasties. Not sure though I'd want to live in there if it was noxious. Guess earth wools and cellulose are friendlier in that sense.
  9. Onoff

    Spray PUR foam. Why isn't it popular?

    So you did this yourself? No offence but it doesn't look filled to the full joist depth. Is that an issue? Or had it not expanded in the photos? Is that why very little cutting back?
  10. Onoff

    Zoot's Extension- advice needed.

    How are you going to know how wide & deep to make your footings or whether you need to pile etc without employing an architectural technician and/or structural engineer? Some guidance on the process here: https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/foundation-systems-and-soil-types/
  11. Onoff

    Electric floor sockets

    The 3 compartment ones are what you see in offices. You can though inlay carpet, tiles etc: https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/categories/floor-boxes-cavity-floor-boxes
  12. Onoff

    Fixing in to concrete

    News to me, I'm an advocate of the puffer.
  13. Onoff

    Vintage Laptop

    £16.36 spent on an 8GB compact flash card and 2.5" ide adapter. I presume I need to image the HDD I want to put on the cf card.
  14. Onoff

    Guessing ...

    If there's a screed going down won't that retain the spine laterally?