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  1. Is that installed or DIY?
  2. Don't know about cost for ASHPs but 3P motors are smaller for a given kW size, simpler and have a lower component count. No capacitors or centrifugal switch. Less to go wrong therefore. After the motor isn't an ASHP just a compressor and pump? Can't see it being fussed what's driving it.
  3. Just looked them up, never seen them before. A good chance I reckon of either going straight through the duct with one or the car port weight pushing down on in and they pointy end going through (the duct). I know where I am with timber formwork and concrete tbh. The cube sizes / depths that Peter is thinking are smaller than I'd envisaged tbh.
  4. You'll be getting a thor thumthing for sure! 😉 This is actually a really good thread. Early adopters pushing the boundaries/things forward. Wish I had the £££££ to join in!
  5. And I'm jealous again... 😂
  6. Yep. Never said I wasn't! 😂
  7. The bill will prove if that statement is correct! 😂
  8. Fair enough. Gut feeling was saying 800 - 1000mm deep. I almost want "cardboard" boxes or tubes I can leave in the ground and fill up with concrete later. Was thinking some shuttered wooden boxes that would rot away. Half rain barrels, oil drums etc. I'm nominally at 600mm at the mo depth wise in the trench. Bloody hard going! Not sure yet where my core drilling from inside the garage comes out depth wise nor how far down the duct is I left at the pillar end. I want to ensure the duct is deep enough so as to allow unimpeded excavations if I later block pave. The root layer from the conifer hedge is a pita. I've a bfo concrete post footing from the original gate post to break out yet, right on the trench line. Then there's the flints. The clay keeps sticking to the mattock blade too so I have to keep a can of spray oil handy. Oh well, back to the digging!
  9. SWMBO is still blathering on about some sort of dedicated storage in the bathroom cupboard! I want it on wheels so it can roll out allowing access to pipes etc. As it stands, looks much more organised with the door shut! I've just acquired some offcut ply strips, nom. 220mm wide. Been a bit damp but drying out fine other than done staining: It's nicely close grained and no holes on the edges. It's this: Mulling over whether I could use two of the long strips either side as "sides", maybe spaced with a gap in between. To gain shelf depth and aid air flow for when towels etc are on it. The shelf battens would join the uprights together. Then have a couple of solid shelves at the bottom with slats up above, all made out of the ply. Not sure whether this ply is thick enough to be used as battens similarly as slats. As to finish...maybe a blue woodstain? Off down the rabbit hole we go!
  10. Think it was the Cheung Kong Centre that went with the mirrored facade. Too long ago to remember exactly. My company put kit on Exchange Square there.
  11. At the end of the day it's what makes you tick and makes you HAPPY! Kudos. I was told to get an Impey wet room former. I didn't and got loads of satisfaction out of making my own former. (Best bit of tiling in the bathroom but that's another story). I researched it and came up with a freaky concrete mix that worked. What a lot of work my wall drain was. I LIKE IT. I build a solar water heater from scrap yet some derided it. No arguing with the temperatures it achieved. You're going to drown in your own leaky basement but it'll be all your own work! 😂
  12. You could consider some secondhand acoustic tiles to line the cupboard. Something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-Acoustic-Panels-soundproofing-tiles-30x30-cms/114469750240?hash=item1aa6edc5e0%3Ag%3AcBkAAOSw~gxfjCBC&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  13. That's my old fridge I scrapped with TESLA Photoshopped on!
  14. Still mulling a car port. Funds don't allow at the moment but I'm thinking ahead. I'm currently digging (by hand), a 13m trench from my garage to gate post, 600mm deep and the width of a mattock at the bottom. Into that will go some heavy duty DNO type ducting. The thing is, if I were to do a car port I'm guessing that at 6m x 6m I'd have 6 posts, maybe 8. Wondering if it's worth digging out for then pouring in 6/8 mass concrete "cubes". Later I could simply drill and fix the car port leg feet to these pads. To dig for the bases later I'd risk hitting the duct when digging. One option, but I imagine they wouldn't be big enough, is to dig post holes with the auger bit on a pto. Think the Bil's auger is about 12" dia.
  15. That £200K you lost to that Nigerian scam was just loose change wasn't it?