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  1. How strong...pretty damn strong! For example:
  2. I seem to recall @Jeremy Harris was an advocate of copper sulphate solution, certainly for keeping moss down. I actually got a load but didn't use as I was worried about the effect on "aquatic" life. Newts, slow worms, lizards etc here.
  3. We've some ABS filament here which would do I reckon. We need to crack printing in it anyway!
  4. Is there any merit in standard cheapo cat flaps with a slightly too tight, tinfoil tunnel. The cat has to squeeze its way through. You could recover the heat as it struggles through, to offset the losses...
  5. If only it was the first time we'd seen a picture of that...
  6. Click Mini Grid do a 32A DP grid but it's WIDER than a "normal" grid switch from other makes. For example: Check them out here: https://www.scolmore.com/products/minigrid/ If you really want normal width grid switches throughout then you could use a 20A one but then use it to switch a contactor hidden away somewhere (accessible 😂).
  7. Could you buy it on the mainland, make a raft and sail it back? 😂 I could bring a few sheets over strapped to the roof of the Mondeo estate if I make it over this year! Wonder if there's a height limit? 😂😂 On a serious note isn't 75mm disproportionately expensive when compared to the more "standard" 50 or 100mm thickness?
  8. It got pretty bad with my Mum. Anything with a neon or even a socket where when on it showed red was a magnet for her. She'd: - turn the thermostat in the hall in passing, fully up, fully down, whatever - press buttons at random on the CH/HW programmer - turn off my Dad's induction loop hearing aid system ( that annoying green led 😂) - frequently turn off the emergency lifeline system leading to a call to us as the designated contact
  9. My late Mum, on top of/because of her mixed dementia, became doubly incontinent. To the point my kids wouldn't go up there. The smell had to be experienced to be believed. It was a care issue with my father insisting he could cope when he couldn't. Once we got (forced) carers in, the situation improved but at times it still wasn't good. An odd aside in her behaviour was that she took to barricading doors and windows on top of locking them. Add to that drawing all curtains tight shut. Then there's that as they get older they tend to clean less generally. I'm pretty sure that MVHR would have massively helped with both the smell and to keep down the mould that ensued from the general lack of ventilation/cleaning. "Mould" incidentally has also been indicated in some studies on the causes of dementia. A pretty sad way to go considering how houseproud she once was!
  10. Jeremy had problem(s)/Jeremy found solution(s).
  11. Aim for no more than a 5mm bead was quite a good tip someone said on here: