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  1. You can "age" shiny zinc surfaces. Various DIY methods. For example: https://www.creeklinehouse.com/how-to-age-galvanized-metal-containers/
  2. 40mm, no chance! I've just dug the reel out and it's not 25x3 but 9x1! Could have sworn there's a reel of bigger stuff somewhere here. Unlike me to exaggerate about size...
  3. I've a reel of copper bus bar tape, I think it's 25x3. Will dig it out and check. Figuring to tack it to the sleepers with copper nails. Biggest worry is if it shorts during wet weather and becomes ineffective.
  4. 2 transistor FM bugs here. The school got quite upset and threatened me with the 1948 Wireless Telegraphy Act.
  5. 47/50 beans: Shifted all the sleepers: Unscrewed / cut off the screws in them: Each is nom 2.6m long. The veg patch will thus be nom 5.2m wide. The rough plan is this: Level sleepers surrounding the beans. A 25mm square box section frame, put together with 3D printed connectors. This to be meshed over to deter the rabbits, deer, pigeons etc but let the pollinators through. Then a close spaced, 2 copper wire "loop" attached to a battery, possibly solar charged. This for a slug/snail barrier as seen all over YouTube. Not sure how the stripped copper wire will fare as in going green and tarnishing? Periodic cleaning? Maybe too a 25x3 copper strip all the way round the base frame as well. Or do away with the wires and have 2 copper strips on the vertical side with a slight gap between and connect that to the battery?
  6. Nothing worse I imagine than the Chablis being under chilled!
  7. Reckon I need to be planting these soon'ish. Haven't even done my sleeper surround yet! For now I think I'll just "fence" off the bean area. Plan is burn off the rest of the conifers tonight then I'll have an area of "dead" ground I can haul the sleepers over to and sort them into light/heavy, straight etc. That'll free up the lawn where they're currently sat. Incinerator loaded, conifers chopped into bite sized bits! 1 can British Bulldog, one of Spirit of Kent, I'm partially loaded:
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