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    I'm going to die in a cold, unfinished house and be eaten by rats! I can only dream of being thermally & financially insulated!
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  1. Is it me or is the grout in those vertical rips done level? Maybe to try and hide them?
  2. To hide some of my poor tiling, where tbh you could hang your coat, I fittted..... .....a dimmer switch.
  3. Poor planning there. I did exactly the same at the ceiling. As I'd fitted new ceiling joists I should have just counter battened. Wouldn't have had to hunt down 2.7m plasterboard either!
  4. Might have been the same grout colour but a different batch? Tbh though I'd say two different colours. Is that a line of skinny, circa 1" wide tiles, ska "rips" in the corner or a vertical pencil mark? I did my floor first. Then brought the wall tiles down to a consistent 1mm off the floor tiles. Where I effed up was by not using a tile levelling system.
  5. Fromunder actually. Would you like me to reimburse you the toll fee? Even @MikeSharp01 moved to get away...
  6. A bit like the Dartford crossing model? Keep the parking charges in place for a number of years to offset the PV outlay then make parking free?
  7. How about Desmopol? I love the idea you can periodically just paint more on.
  8. That must be dead handy and save a fortune on muckaway lorries!
  9. Google "Appendix 15 of BS7671".
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