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  1. Onoff

    Luxury HMO

    Erm...no, I just know you can get them...
  2. Onoff

    Luxury HMO

    You can get alarms to fit on a tundish...
  3. Onoff

    There's a swimming pool under my house

    Bfo thermal store?
  4. Onoff

    Luxury HMO

    We still need to talk about me getting my deposit back?
  5. Onoff


    Fair enough. I was reading about the Larsen system where he would wrap the whole building in plastic then fit his system over the top.
  6. Onoff


    @MarkyP, where in your EWI make up is the vcl, if there is one?
  7. Onoff

    Many ways to set up an ASHP

    You having a dig Sugar?
  8. Onoff

    Luxury HMO

    I wonder if the possible lack of tundish would be picked up on a later inspection? Guess not if they just inspect the boiler?
  9. Onoff

    Luxury HMO

    Presume you have a Landlords Gas Safety Cert?
  10. There was graphene paint a few years back to supposedly be used as a heating element on walls.
  11. Fair enough. Was there a minimum ambient temperature allowed for in the design?
  12. I forgot @scottishjohn was in the Arctic! Out of interest how would your build fare up North? At what point doesn't it "work"?
  13. No vested interest here whatsoever but I can confirm, having visited @PeterStarck's house that UFH is not really required. Might have something to do with his meticulous attention to detail on the build where it counts and the fact his air tightness beats the regs by a factor of something like x4. The sprayed icynene insulation too.
  14. Still on the drugs then? I've heard some shit in my time but this takes the top prize...