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  1. Seriously, "lattay" or "lartay"?
  2. I've done similar. Thermahood lip will be intumescent mastic sealed to the foil. Around the Thermahood I'll fill with expanding foam. Cable will come up in 20mm steel conduit.
  3. You want to roll some stainless steel mesh imo, maybe 1/4" pitch. Cut edges on galv mesh will rust and run. Something like this. Not sure on the diameter you need to "wrap". A place that will cut to size would be best: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Mesh-Companys-Stainless-Steel-Woven-Wire-Range-Huge-Range-Top-Prices-/151682102640
  4. We've got a jar of something in the back of a cupboard somewhere...just for guests...we dont get many.
  5. Latte. Is it pronounced "lartay" or "lattay"?
  6. I'm not allowed to drink coffee, makes me "agressive" apparently.....
  7. I'm interested, is the new house soundproof (& vibration proof?) enough that your mowing ths lawn won't wake them up?
  8. I'm going to try the copper sulphate trick on my parent's moss covered concrete patio. If nothing else to mitigate the slip risk.
  9. I think all I've ever done to their Bosch is replace the brushes on the motor. In the case of this model you have to buy a plastic housing containing both brushes unless you want yo cut and solder the brush braiding but it's cheap as chips to do. V.impressed with the build inside. The drum is on proper shock absorbers not silly springs.
  10. I think there's a moral here...where there's a well there's a way.
  11. Tbh neither Mum nor Dad can really use a washing machine anymore. A case of whatever we buy will outlast them both anyway. It'll be the carers using it. The problem is compounded by Mum's mixed dementia. She will turn off, adjust mid cycle etc the existing machine then would until recently hang still soiled partially washed clothes out to dry. When she takes off clothes and immediately folds them and puts them in the airing cupboard/wardrobe is something else she's prone to. Wouldn't perhaps be so bad except for the double incontinence! She still has the thing about buttons. A neon is like a moth to a flame for her. Lost count of the times she's switched off Dad's phone linked call button box (he wears the call button around his neck). I then get the call of a probable power failure but it's just Mum switching it off. Tbh he hasn't pressed the button the last two times he's fallen and been hospitalized. They're living, kept alive by medical science but they're not living well. One thing I would say is that I think MVHR would be a boon to assisting the elderly in remaining in their own homes a bit longer. Mum has a habit of shutting and locking all doors and windows, drawing the curtains then barricading with whatever she can find. The smell can be nauseating. That foul air can't be good for them anyway, leads to mould on the walls and ceilings and I imagine could contribute to some breathing, infection, possibly even dementia related illness. MVHR might even mean people visit them more. Shoot me if I get to that stage please.
  12. My old man's deaf and Mum doesn't know what day of the week it is. Should be fine. 😂
  13. Got a link to the 2kg for £15? Ta.