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  1. Roller wave is a real thing. I've come across it on commercial curtain walling. Like ripples in the glass. Not sure what causes it (vibration, draughts in the glass factory?) So bad sometimes that when it's installed and being cleaned, the squeegee rubber only touches the peaks on the glass and misses the troughs!
  2. Is that what's called "roller wave"? @craig will hopefully be along shortly.
  3. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    I got a price for hinges to the DXF the kind soul on the other forum did. They were nom. 350mm long. £22ea, water jet in 6mm Gr304 stainless which I don't think is too bad. However 350mm is aesthetically too short. I reckon they need to be about 500mm long. Wondering if I could go down to 3mm. I went and stuck some white tape on at 500mm long. I'll probably have them cut blank as the coach bolt centres aren't exactly regular though they are on a straight line. I was going to mock up the hinges in tin foil to get a better feel before I committed to having them cut. Then someone else did me this: There'll also likely be a vertical stainless strip of some sort dead centre and a mock lock/clasp/GoT (blame @pocster) or WoW shield etc in the middle eventually.
  4. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    A well deserved "That's really funny!" 😂😂😂
  5. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    Sounds like you do I bet! 5b2234b3-d10d-487a-974d-5901f2662722.mp4
  6. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    Washing the clothes.
  7. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    RF remote. I hid one up inside my mates dash when we did his gates (finished btw 😂) and got an OEM switch to go in a blank (Ford Focus). So he drives up and presses the dash button as he comes along the road. I just soldered the OEM switch wires to the push button contacts and gave it a fused feed from the car instead of the usual 12V lighter battery.
  8. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    Top of the uncapped pillar: This is the aerial and length of RG-59/U coax: I'm thinking to drill a hole atop the box section horizontal arm and fit a removable mounting plate: Conduit will come along inside the box section for the coax. Will look something like this: Nice big ground plane! 😂
  9. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    I'd be worried that the gap between old and new pillars might fill up with water. Do you have any experience of such things?
  10. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    A while back I used a small ratchet strap to clamp a bit of timber onto this pillar as a guide for a 100mm core drill. I managed to place the ratchet over the corner and a bit of brick face came off: Suggestions? It's on the edge nearest a fence so not the end of the world. Options I guess are chop the whole brick out, dress the damage with an abrasive disc and maybe use some dye to tone it down or a glaze. I half thought I'd saved the bit that came off to "glue" back on but can I find it...nope! 😂
  11. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    If you wouldn't mind I'll take those nuts off you. PM me if you would with the cost and p&p. As for washers I'll probably do something a bit funky/shaped, in sympathy with the faux hinges I'll have water or laser cut. A kind soul on another forum has just converted this photo of these faux hinges into a DXF for me. (Think I've said before they're in the church we got married in). Cheers.
  12. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    Fairly convinced now that plastering sand was the wrong thing to use. Sharp sand would have been better I think for some sacrifice in detail. This one could be future hardcore.
  13. Onoff

    Gate Pillars

    Hmmm...this one hasn't come out as well as the first so far. The corner where the 15mm copper was set too deep needs repair for a start: