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  1. Ohh I remember that series about his portable home on wheels. I don't remember the trailer being that well insulated or including ducting etc.
  2. I had this idea also. My doubts would be that you don't typically want compost close to your house so would you lose a lot of the heat for the pipe to travel back to the cylinder? I would be up for this if it was just me. If this was going to be done properly, prehaps in a basement with a good composting unit linking up to composting toilets and with a heat exchange ducting system. Would it be possible to heat a passive house from your own 💩?
  3. I like hot bins but they are quite expensive. Has anybody tried to make a DIY one, I was thinking of using PIR insulation scraps?
  4. Few comments earlier about showers running out of water putting customers off etc Depends whether it is marketed as being off grid.
  5. Heritage, hydro lock Net £115 - 2.4 m x 1.2m per sheet
  6. Waiting on a multipanel as well via William Wilsons. I put this in a few days before the lockdown, who knows when I will get it.
  7. You will pay less NI as a self employed tax payer. SSP is not really a benefit to an employee, it's next to nothing same as statutory payment such as paternity pay. At the end of the day it's your choice to be self employed. I would like to have risks and rewards of being self employed but having a young family I prefer the safety of employment.
  8. I don't understand what you mean, how are you taxed on turnover?
  9. Your accountant can clarify, but I expect your national insurance bill has been less for many years compared to that of the same taxable income of a employee or self employed individual trading. The less you pay into national insurance the less you benefit. As example if you paid £50 for property insurance you would clearly expect less from the policy than if you took out a policy for £500. It is a national insurance policy for the tax payer. National insurance contributions really serve two purposes, to help people as a safety net in the present but also to help in the future. Your prior contributions would provide qualifying years for a future state pension. Unfortunately what you have paid previously won't make any difference to the present. I don't think it is correct to say that no one really knows about SE and property income, most competent accountants would know how to deal with it on a self assessment and I have also applied some logic as to why it is not covered under the government schemes. I have to go back to the books now!
  10. I think in your case it would sound as if you might benefit indirectly from the government schemes. I would assume from your posts that the majority of your taxable income has come via property income. I would expect you have not paid class 4 national insurance contributions (and just a small amount of class 2). This would have saved you a lot of national insurance over the years compared to if your total income had been through class 4 as trading self employed or PAYE. National insurance was designed to be safety net and those who contribution most to NI are those who stand to benefit most when in need! If your property income was say £40,000 and I earned the same amount as employee but had to pay significant more national insurance, how would this be fair and just on the employee?
  11. I went with Protect TF200 Thermo worked well for us. Makes your house look nice and shiny too! 😎
  12. The 7 tenants should receive theirs wages as normal from their employer, it's the employer who will have the time delay in reclaiming. I would imagine although employees may be earning less, there day to day living costs should also be less (commuting, motoring, disposal income on nights out etc). My understanding for the self employed scheme was that you needed just to have the 18/19 year filed (assuming the other criteria are met) so they should be eligible if they have filed just 18/19. Depending upon their circumstances they may qualify for the government backed loan, grant, or be able to delay a VAT/Self assessment payment for example which might free up some cash for the rent before being able to reclaim the government funds in June. The tenant that just left are you able to claim from his deposit. I'm not familiar with tenancy agreements. I wouldn't panic just yet, worth having a calm chat with each tenant to see what help they are able to access. As mentioned before I would have a chat with your accountant to see if they have any further suggestions for you personally.
  13. For this scheme it's the HMRC that will contact you. As accountants it's been an unusual week as usually we get a while to inform clients how changes will affect them. The last few weeks we've had information on schemes but have been waiting on more detailed guidance. In our office we have been working with a skeleton crew, one employee on each floor.
  14. Just out of interest if your the landlord how are you being affected? Presumably your tenants might benefit and then be able to pay? One area you might benefit from is the delay on the payment in account in July, if you have a bit of money set aside for this you might be able to use this now, but you will need re save it again as the liability will still be payable.