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  1. Wasn't right for us. Have a look at FAQ first.
  2. And he put the phone down. It was starting to become clearer what happened. “MacInnes” he shouted I’ve just had the results back from the Skye case. “What did they say boss?” MacInnes replied. The coroner mentioned some think to do with stove emissions, particulates matter I believe. The case was closed, but something always niggled away at the old detective, why in January would a family be barefooted and dressed in shorts?
  3. Would you really be able to do that in the Highlands in a cold winter period with no electricity for a few days? True it comes partly down to design/aesthetics. I like that I will be able to keep the house warm in winter if we had a power cut. In the Hebrides we get some of UK's wildest weather and we often have power cuts for a few days. With global warming , I will expect winds and stormy weather to be more frequent and this will probably result in more power cuts. No electricity, no heat pumps, no under flooring heating, just good old fire will keep my family warm.
  4. I did wonder out of curiosity as to how many passive houses are sold in the UK each year? I would imagine your average buyer would be unfamiliar with the concept and those who understood the concept may wish to self build there own bespoke home from scratch. Nothing to back this up, just a gut feeling. If I didn't put in a stove I think a future purchaser looking at the house would ask about this and if I explained that it was not need I think they would be disappointed. Of course in time this view may change if the number of stoves in properties are reduced. Before starting the self build if I was looking to purchase a rural cottage I would definitely have a stove down on the items I would like the property to have.
  5. A lot of properties around here continue to burn peat in open fires. A small stove used occasionally in the winter in a well insulated house is a huge step forward. I don't have any close neighbours and within a 15-10 mile radius no properties contains MVHR systems. In a city surrounded by neighbours yes not appropriate. A small stove in a rural location where timber is grown, fell, seasoning, cut on site is acceptable to me. We live and manage an area of agricultural land so burning any wood/biomass material is a fact of life, if we didn't do this we would have to leave it to rot or get a lorry do to a 75 mile round trip to take away.
  6. I would avoid a stove. I'm installing a small one and it will sit bang in the middle of the house which is open plan. We live in the Highlands therefore not densely populated and manage an area of woodlands. Although we have no intention of ever selling I would imagine buyers in the Highlands would expect a stove if purchasing a property.
  7. @Ferdinand & @Tennentslager Thanks for the comments chaps. Not sure how often I will be re-painting. I put two coats on and used a locally based paint which includes some seaweed in it! One thing I did notice is that the rough casting surface area is so much greater than smooth render so used a lot more paint then I expected. The kid's brushes were used when I got close to the soffit. It was nice to do a job completely myself as the majority have consisted of me providing labour, tidying or ordering materials/project managing.
  8. The sparkie had done his bit and we were now waiting on the plumber. Not much to see here just your standard first fix plumbing. We had a couple of dust sheets removed before the scaffold went down. It was great to have our kitchen view back it had been almost a year. Moving onto the ducting I had previously ordered. A 45 degree bend was deemed easier to fit so now I got to get that ordered. We also had our brickie complete the stove blockwork. We were keen to incorporate some meaty concrete blocks around the stove. Next up is plasterboarding and the end of first fix.
  9. With the rough casting having completed its two month cleansing period, I was keen to get painting. I started with a roller but found it to be ineffective in getting into all the nooks and crannies, therefore this was going to be a brush job. Most of the time was spend dealing with the edges near windows, cladding and soffits. The use of insulation sheets provided a good screen to any paint gone in the wind. I concentrated on the gables first and was able to use trestles to paint the rest. A good few weekends, evenings and days off later we were able to take down the remaining scaffolding. I have a bit more to do but will have the levels brought up around the house first. Tiring but satisfying work and it was good to see how the white contrasts with the cladding and windows. The next external job will be fitting the treatment plant and bringing up the levels. A separate entry will deal with our progress inside.
  10. Maybe somebody else with roofing experience can help. Just out of interest, are you able to go in whether you want and see what is happening inside? Or to track progress do you just rock up on the street and take external photos? I've taken photos every time any works been done on our self build, partly to track progress but also to have records where approximately stuff is. @Oz07 not sure how this works on a development, presumably you have to go to a showroom/sales team and discuss?
  11. Looks untidy to me, but may be a reason for this. Do you have any earlier photos of the battens? Is this a self build or a house you have purchased in a development?
  12. Your VAT registered business to business customers if supplied on a cost basis (and HMRC) won't be out of pocket. Non registered customers for new builds and would be. We can't decide how we apply VAT legislation ourselves, we must all be compliant with the same rules otherwise the system fails and somebody loses out. This may be of some interest to you, might be worth sitting down with your accountant to discuss.
  13. Cripes, surprised your accountant (or customer) never spotted that. Your loss as things currently stand would be the VAT on the markup applied by you on the price of the materials.
  14. Sorry for being a bit nosey, but why would you want to do this? It's quite common up here to buy a static, clad in timber so it's looks a bit more like a log cabin and build a shed to provide storage.
  15. I would just ask them to provide a quote correctly you don't want any misunderstandings at a later date. To be honest if I told them it was residential build and they quoted with VAT it would leave a slight negative impression with me.