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  1. Just out of interest where did the water go?
  2. We have a blockwork skin around most of the house. Although it's not structural to the property, you are effectively building a very big wall, I would want to know that the wall was soundly constructed. A structural engineer would advise on expansion joints, anchor straps connected to the timber frame.
  3. Is there a difference between a masonry home constructed with light weight block and dense concrete block? We used a few lightweight blocks and were surprised how crumbly they were compared to the dense concrete block we used for the blockwork external skin.
  4. My point was more to do with the passive house projects. I suggested rainwater harvesting earlier in the thread.
  5. But anyway that's irrelevant to your borehole query. Hopefully a member can assist with that.
  6. I agree lot of work there. The couple are building a new house just about twenty minutes away from me.
  7. I agree not sure what the issue was. I have a bit more work to do for the drive way so might be useful there.
  8. I'm hearing it on the windows at the moment! This house was in south of England, but with the rain we have here, surely there would be ample.
  9. I don't have a skip here. There always hole to fill or scrap wood for burning or for some think else. Even old nails get recycled. So far I've taken 10 bin bags to the dump since starting the build.
  10. He could have taken it today, but was cranky because we dared to question him about it. He was politely asked on many occasions and drove by often. But wasn't top of his priorities. In the end back in October I had to barrow the sand into tonne bags so I could get the container away. No contract, no waste disposal it will now be used somewhere else.
  11. Yes, I wasn't looking for left over materials, they were his. But my site is not a depot for storing materials, certainty not for half a year. He was treated well here and paid on time etc.
  12. Nah it's been peeing with rain here, so wouldn't have been working for a few days.
  13. I had some excess materials left on the site by our brickie. A pile of sand that he left in the corner (which I bagged up) and some left over blocks. My contractor did the work in May and I asked him in writing in August if he could clear any excess material and equipment away. He collected his tools and left the materials. Although he supplied the material and when finished the excess is his, how long is it reasonable for him to no longer have a claim over these. Presumably this can't carry on forever, He rocked up today whilst I was at work and my wife told him he could take it but it was cheeky to turn up unannounced seven months after finishing the job. In the end he drove away saying you can keep your sand.
  14. Just the two for us during the build and forty sheep.