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  1. I am sorry to hear that they are not going to do the right thing. Just thinking outside the box, are the big issues with the render system the bits closest to the ground? What about stripping off the lower part and having a split between the render and timber cladding? Perhaps a little bit of tidying up around the windows etc?
  2. Most modern roofs incorporate a breather membrane but the PIR sheet would be a vapour control layer. What would be the point of the airbricks etc if the joists cannot be ventilated?
  3. I have 'modern' suspended floor. I am surprised that 150mm PIR insulation fell short. My joists are filled with insulation but the bottom parts of the joists are exposed for airflow, I would not feel comfortable with having the joists covered underneath by PIR.
  4. Just to say from my own experience of recently completed the VAT reclaim. I had just the one rejection and now resubmitted this invoice and will obtain back every penny due. The building merchant did not put sufficient information on a VAT invoice provided. This was for velux windows and was recorded as an individual line 'velux windows' on the invoice but the HMRC wanted to see the individual items listed for each velux window ordered on the invoice. This was oversight by me as I should have gone back to them then, but it was the busy point of the build and I had loads of invoices. They were pretty quick at come back to me when I explained the problem and provided the revised invoice. Just for reference here is what your invoices should show.
  5. It's tough in Scotland, less lenders. I had a knock back from the Scottish Building Society but got there in the end. Buildstore came back to me with Newcastle building society, but this had a ridiculous amount of fees.
  6. I found there to be not much increase in cost compared to double glazing.
  7. Larch (Siberian more so than Scottish) is one of most durable softwood trees varieties, therefore better suited for cladding.
  8. I had that question for years even before the building work started, I remember somebody in the community laughing when I said that we need to convert a loft in my parents in law 's house to create a flat and then be able to save sufficient funds for the build. I have a bit of gripe now that the house is done and somebody 'says you are so lucky', like we won the house in a raffle.
  9. Yes Yes that should work. The further away the less extraction and also if you have bends etc. I worked out the most efficient way to work for us and that's the system coming on during the morning and evening. It pretty rare for us to have a showers say at middle of day then I would open a window for ventilation. Our tank also has a dual immerser heater but never used that just rely on the heat pump. Yes, I believe this could be done, but it's going to be cold air, might not be ideal for all of the year. Some form of ventilation splitter could be useful, for the summer into the house and in the winter sending it outside.
  10. The one in the original post by @ashthekid is an ecocent as you can see ESP on it. Mine is the same technology but is made by Joule, the exhaust heat pump is similar but was told by the plumber and house designer it was a better quality cylinder. I have set mine up as MEV system and it's pull air from the utility room, ensuite and bathroom. Although it is drawing heat from house it's not noticeable. You can set-up them up to draw from the outside, but it is less efficient. The cylinder definitely won't heat your house mine is just for hot water. My approach was to insulate enough not to need radiators or underfloor heating. I heat our house in the winter evenings with a wood stove surrounded by concrete blocks. I have free wood therefore this approach is very cheap for me. For the noise, the cylinder sits in a cupboard in the utility room and you hear virtually no noise in the kitchen and is no louder than a normal fridge/freezer when in the utility room. These systems don't work for everybody, my property is well insulated new self build.
  11. I think one of the issues was that he wanted them placed where it cannot be seen or heard from his house!
  12. I'm sure everybody has come across this before! Caution it has expletives might not have copied well for that reason 😀 angry ANGRY BT customer! Very Funny! - YouTube
  13. Yes will be watching like a hawk. I just wish he came and spoke to us, we are not on bad terms.
  14. No, it's not like that here. The croft is family land, so will be passed through the generations like a good quality watch. I think he just had a cheeky architect and wanted to see what he could get away with.
  15. It's more complicated as it not a single site, but part of the next croft along, so he is able to position them elsewhere. This was really the only area that our house could be overlooked, as we control the other three sides, the bit of land where the application was submitted is in the corner behind our house on a crop of bedrock so did not expect any development, as it would require a bit of rock breaking, so was a total surprise.