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  1. The exhaust air source heat pump are not popular here, but if I had built our home in the south of England I would have investigated whether it would be possible to divert the cold air into the house during the summer.
  2. was this for LA inspections or for a structural warranty? One produced a certificate for my lender 'as the project manager' and the other did a valuations when I needed a draw down.
  3. Crushed egg shells can work to keep the slugs away. Also if you have bramble canes, they can work as well.
  4. I used a surveyor for building inspections and one for carrying our valuations, both were based on Skye.
  5. Is that a Charnwood C4? Looks similar to our stove, we had the log space extension underneath which covers the air intake duct.
  6. @davidc Similar to your circumstances I have a lot of free wood. My space heating comes from a centrally place wood stove (mine is surrounded by dense concrete blocks). This goes on from October to March. The rest of the year I rely on solar gains and waste heat from appliances and us. Having access to free wood has resulted in the space heating bills being no more than £5-£10 since we moved into the house in July 20. My hot water comes from an exhaust air source heat pump which sits on a good quality hot water cylinder. My approach is not for everybody but I feel in the right location it could work for others.
  7. If you want a weed layer why not use cardboard. The cardboard will break down and will benefit any worms as well. Membranes belong under gravel, decking etc.
  8. By the points mentioned in my original post. An afternoon laying ducting & drawcord. Another evening putting together a grant application. Multiple emails to the quoter to work on the most effective opition. I had loads of bedrock to navigate my way through. One Saturday I spend an entire afternoon with an iron pinch bar, to ensure we avoided any rock breaking. Asking SSE to come out and walk my route and being extra nice. By doing the above it came down by thousands from the original figure. Your wayleave should be more straightforward but you will still need to go through the process. During the twlight I may have dug and found an existing duct for our water pipe/telephone. Some where in the region of £500 to £750 saved in permits and road opening contractor cost.
  9. What about a load of cardboard and then top soil on top.
  10. Yes I have the Aero 260 litre, but a new model now exists. It's seems to be suggested for flats. https://jouleuk.co.uk/victorum-air-exhaust-systems/ My plumber ordered, so not sure where it came from.
  11. 50c It's stainless steel and put together either in the UK or Ireland.
  12. Our house is a recent self build that requires little heat. From about October to around now I heat the house from a central wood burning stove for a few hours in the evening. I have pretty much an endless amount of wood. The rest of the year its just solar gains. This keeps the energy bills to around £60 a month.
  13. I'm two years in with a Joule and working fine so far.
  14. I have a similar set-up. A few comments: We completed our self build in 2020 and have a home with a good level of insulation. I did'nt need the cylinder to do space heating for us. We have three extract points, en-suite, bathroom and utility room. As a way to provide domestic hot water heating for a family of four, the capital cost is cheap compared to getting an external heat pump fitted. Our tank and system is a Joule Aero, with stainless steel cylinder, no need for anode changes. I believe they have now released a new model. I live in soft water area. The system also has a dual immersion electric heating, but never used it and rely entirely on the mini heat pump. All in we are about 10-12kWh of electricity each day, but not sure how much of that relates to the heat pump. I'm not sure why the system is not popular here, when I posted a few years back, one member suggested that I would hear whistling through our trickle vents when the system was running which was nonsense. After living with the system for coming up to two years, I'm so glad we fitted this system rather than external air source heat pump, as it fits our circumstances well.
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