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  1. Thedreamer

    Hi! First timer from Fort William

    Hi @ClaireP and welcome to the forum. I'm a first time self builder on the Isle of Skye.
  2. Thedreamer

    Ooops (anyone need a window?)

    What's the make up of a standard MBC panel?
  3. Thedreamer

    How to make best use of the budget?

    I also spent last Saturday tidying up bits of timber and slates. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but last Friday night a spare lenght of sarking board got lifted halfway been the pile where it had been lying and the house.
  4. Thedreamer

    How to make best use of the budget?

    I've spent my last weekends painting the soffits and fascias. This would be sort of job I would hate to pay people to do.
  5. Thedreamer

    The Build - Nearly done!!

    I can see similarities between your design and our first rented house. Was your design based on a traditional highland croft house? This house had walls like a castle just two layers of solid stone with in fill. We had to pay an eye watering £90-£100 a month in oil and it never felt warm.
  6. Thedreamer

    Non material amendments

    I went from this: To this via a non material varation. Luckly enough they started charging for NMVs a few weeks later, so cost me nil in planning fees.
  7. Thedreamer

    New series of Grand Designs

    For the Harris build, I would imagine a lot of the rock pecked on site would have been used for the access and any quarry material would come from Lewis rather than coming on the ferry. Upwards of £80k for groundwork ouch! Have seen it time and time again both on the TV and with my own eyes, people who have money to burn on sites that are not really fit for building in the west coast and the Hebrides.
  8. Thedreamer

    Wayleaves - a resolution

    Good to hear that this is moving in the right direction.
  9. Thedreamer


    We once had helicopters land very close to our house site. Not sure what type, but you can imagine what it would be like if this landed with no warning 20 meters from your living room.
  10. Thedreamer

    Be careful....

    The blockwork and foundations are the only part of the build that I'm not involved in for ordering materials. But I believe the six inch dense concrete blocks are around 26kgs.
  11. Thedreamer

    Be careful....

    Ouch that does not sound good. When I was 'helping' the brickie I pulled a muscle, it got worse during the morning and after lunch I came back to the site with a walking stick. We all laughed and I hobbled back up the access road with my pride in tatters, thankfully I was a bit more useful with the joiners! Later found out that the dense concrete blocks I was shifting around are actually supposed to be a two man lift. Take it easy and rest up if that's possible.
  12. Thedreamer

    Battens under joists for insulation

    Just plain old wood joists. Did you use thin strips of OSB and attach with screws?
  13. Thedreamer

    Battens under joists for insulation

    Sorry should have said it's for our suspended floor. Having a layer of Kingspan and then Frametherm wool on top. Timber is to support the kingspan, which will fit snugly in the joists but will still need some support.
  14. Evening folks, Just after an idea of what type of timber you have used to hold up insulation on joist? And type of screws? Any pictures would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Thedreamer

    The Build - Things have got very messy!

    Looking good @Redoctober like the doors