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  1. Not mine, but during a colleague's build they plaster boarded in a cat. It was eventually freed. 😀
  2. I feel fuel poverty could be an issue in my local area. There will be a number of stone cottages that are starring at many turbines but paying some of the highest rates of electricity in the UK. I would like to see a policy of a single unit of electricity costing the same for all households in the UK. It's radical but fair. The nice clean renewable energy for towns and cities impacts rural communities.
  3. My understanding is limited on heat pumps and the UK grid. Does the expected increase in heat pumps result in the need for much more electricity to be generated, how will this occur, whilst already trying to increase the percentage from renewables at the moment?
  4. It would be useful to post an extract of your section plan. Here is mine. You This is the first step to correct the problem.
  5. What do you plans show? You should have a section plan which shows the breakdown of layers/materials in the roof, wall, floor etc. We have a small metal room roof on our lean to and it has a breather membrane underneath to catch the condensation,
  6. Royal mail super fingers crossed delivery. I work in an office and was able to make copies of invoices.
  7. This may be of interest to those who follow DIY VAT decisions.
  8. I had a look at my EPC report after reading the above posts and it mentioned we were 79. This report is said that we would have used 3,124 Kwh of electricity for space heating, but I only had the one electric heater on for maybe five or six hours over the course of the year. Just noticed that it states this document should be fixed to the dwelling, who does that?
  9. The redevelopment of the buildings is horrible. Particularly the earlier one. That's the trouble with property it's all about greed. The planning system penalising those people who view their house as their home and compared to those who view their home as a house. If I had a magic wand I would reform principal residence relief to taper for CGT purposes.
  10. Had a quick look over this again. The system has worked well, only used the heat pump and no expensive use of the backup immersion heater. A few comments were made on the post regarding the amount of air needed to come into the house, even trickle vents howling with the air movement. This has not been issue and we don't notice the temperature in the house decreasing when the system is running. It runs for about six hours a day to heat the water for two adults and two children. I've said a few times before I don't see why such large external heat pumps are required in a well insulated self build. With no underfloor heating, heat being extracted from the house into joule aero and trickle vents, we never had the temperature drop below 18c since we moved in. Usually around 20c to 21c.
  11. Thanks. Not quite ready to start planting yet and it might be into the summer next year before we have produce.
  12. Tatties are definitely on the list.
  13. It's been over a year since we finished our home and I thought it would be good time to reflect. We have not had any major snagging issues with the house. The only product which required some additional work was the LVT flooring, we found thermal expansion was causing some warping. This has since been resolved with the addition of two expansion joints. In my last blog post I discussed how we were heating the house with just a wood stove during colder times of the year. In the first year I had to build up our wood stocks quite quickly, but going into the second year I decided to focus on collecting sticks. I'm still burning home grown split logs but I find that collecting a bundle of sticks to be a great way to maximise the amount of firewood. By the end of the summer I had collected quite a large pile. Nearly all of these sticks are either dead wood, wind blown trees or from trees needing to be cut down for other reasons. In these times of uncertain electricity and gas prices, it's very satisfying to be able to collect and store fuel to heat my family. For our hot water, our exhaust air source heat pump has been very efficient and with no need for electricity to heat our house our usage has been 10-11kWh a day. During the course of the self build I collected a huge amount of stones from the ground. I used the smaller ones to extend the parking area. The larger ones I sorted and then had a go at dry stone walling to line the ditch. In the spring I stumbled across videos on YouTube by Charles Dowding discussing his no dig approach to gardening and I decided that it would be great to grow more vegetables. My take away from his videos was that having access to large amounts of compost was critical to making this a success. I started to hot compost from lawn clippings, hay and a variety of woody materials. I recycled the last of the pallets from the self build to make this four bay system By the end of the summer I had a huge pile of homegrown compost. This is now ready to grow some vegetables in the Spring, any suggestions?
  14. Our stove which is just under 5kw and has a dedicated air feed under our suspended timber floor. This prevents uncontrolled cold air coming into the room and this approach can only be a good thing for ventilating the joists. Our house has a good level of airtightness/insulation.
  15. If you collect the water in the pipe, where will it go? Does the grass in the second photo form part of your ground?