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  1. There was not much in the way of progress from the last entry as we were already close to moving in. The plumbing was completed in the last entry and connecting some final electrical fittings was done soon after. After a decade since putting in outline planning it was time. Our furniture delivery has taken longer than anticipated and we are living with a bean bag for the living room seating and a mattress on the floor for our bed. But we are here. The first few days were spend getting used to living in a new space. As a family four we had spent the last six years living in a relatively small space, it is now great to have a room for each of our children and an extra bathroom. I am pleased with how the house is performing from an energy use point of view. We don’t typically get really high temperatures here and the external average temperature has been about 12c over the last few weeks, the house temperature has remained a comfortable 20c. I have been monitoring our electricity units on a daily basis and we are using between 9 to 10kw which is promising as my hope is that we can go six months or so in the year without heating. The real test will come in the winter as the electricity usage will probably be double, but we plan to make good use of our centrally placed wood burning stove. Once we are furnished, I’ll post some more photos. For the moment just enjoying the new house with the family. The next jobs are: - Ordering decking for a small decked area and for our access ramp - Spreading gravel around the house site - Gardening - Putting more material on the access road - Order some down pipes Thanks for reading.
  2. Going for a treatment tank with an air blower seems to be more one area where pretty much all members agree on here. If you are installing a soakaway yourself and have access to a digger and the correct stone prehaps it would be cheaper. Our tricel tank is operational and although we had some problems with damage on transit (three tanks have come on site!) pleased with how it is now functioning.
  3. So interesting that no concrete is on site. Are the bales from fields fairly close to the site?
  4. I'm struggling to see this idea taking off.
  5. Hi, we had those black spots on our Siberian larch. When the timber starts to sliver it's less visible. On ours it was more prevalent on the sides that get less sunlight. Our timber didn't have the bark on it so not sure on that mould, but as it's open to the air it it won't be rot or cause for concern. The cladding needs some time to settle to it's new surrounding as it's a natural product. If you are planning to treat it I would leave it for a bit before putting on a something like osmo. Thanks
  6. Our was with SHEPD/SSE and wanted a temporary supply. We built a box Trench dug, ducting laid and draw cord Cable pulled through ducting Then connected and SHEPD left a cut out Meter was installed when we could have an appointment Electrician installed a couple of sockets and little consumer unit. Power ready for trades Hardest bit was the paper aspect, wayleaves and negotiating the connection fee.
  7. @Sunnyside Probably worth updating location on profile, mortgage availability varies greatly across the UK.
  8. Tiny house are great if you want that lifestyle. The government should just build more qood quality affordable homes. In our community it was announced on Friday that after 21 years they were building six new affordable starter homes. Would have been great to have one of those ten years ago.
  9. If you are going for a fairly standard build, do you typically test at the end? We were supposed to have an air test before locked down but it got put off and we are now pretty much completed inside.
  10. I usually review the financial statements with caution as the figures are going to be historic. I'm more interested in other filed documents at Companies House such as: has a recent security been granted, overdue accounts, changes in ownership/management and winding up notices.
  11. If I was committing a bit of money, I would be doing a companies house search.
  12. Further to the above, our solicitor also had to receive our first drawdown don't know if that is standard practise or a quirk of the building society.
  13. We are quite close to the coast and spend ages looking at this. In the end we with these because they have a high waterproof rating, made of robust plastic and were the same colour as our windows. Because they are quite cheap got a few extra if they need to be replaced.
  14. What type of ground floor has it got? The church in our community, Staffin, Isle of Skye is currently being renovated (Thomas Telford design) it had a suspended timber floor and was completely destroyed by dry rot. A lot of work in that project.