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  1. Changes to building warrant

    Thanks for the responses. I believe building control will come back to us before it's all finalised so will have made a decision on the windows by then.
  2. This might be a bit of a daft question, but once you have submitted your building warrant, what constitutes a change to your application? Would stating double glazing timber window, but then installing triple glaze alum clad windows be considered or are changes items that affect the building structure?
  3. Bill of quantites

    Thanks @PeterW my only concern is how much the estimate can be tweaked before submission. Our joiner will be stick building our kit, I wonder if this sort of thing can be taken into account.
  4. Bill of quantites

    Thank you all for your helpful replies, much appreciated. Has anybody used this firm before Estimators Limited? I also note that Jewson offer an estimating but perhaps this incurs a charge? I have the Housebuilders bible it's a very interesting read. Gave me a good understanding of the various elements of the build.
  5. Bill of quantites

    Anybody got any good tips/advice for drawing up a bill of quantities?
  6. Glazing and frames

    Yes @jamiehamy it was timber window with alum clad I was considering. Wasn't aware of ALU clad UPVC windows thanks @le-cerveau I'll look into this further. I'm building in the Hebrides so was thinking that the alum clad windows might provide a bit more protection from the wind and rain. Thanks for the comments.
  7. Glazing and frames

    Hello, I'm weighing up our options when it compares to windows: 1) Double glazing, timber frame £7.6k - average U Value 1.2W 2) Triple glazing, timber frame £8.2k -average U Value 1.0W 3) Double glazing, alum clad £8.8k - average U Value 1.2W 4) Triple glazing, alum clad £9.4k, - average U Value 1.0W Is it worth paying the additional £1.8k for triple glazing and alum clad? The triple glazing seems sensible for the cost difference, but is alum clad really a lot more durable than timber? Any opinions would be appreciated.
  8. Building Regs / Funding chicken and egg

    We submitted our building warrant (BW) in early December, hopefully we don't get too many points back. I don't believe our building warrant is required to secure our self build mortgage, but we need our QS to sign off that the project is feasible within our price range. We used a local designer and structural engineer to provide structural drawings for the certificate of design. Most of the points discussed in the 36 above are included within our building warrant drawings so it would seem that either your SE or architect hasn't provided all of the necessary drawings and enough detail in the written specification.
  9. Based on our plans our house will be 78. I wanted some think that was slightly above building regulations. If I have more money during the build I'll invest further in better windows, insulation etc. My total energy costs are projected to be in the region of £50 per month. I was surprised at how little lenders are willing to lend for self build mortgages, if I had been offered the same amount for an existing residential product I would have invested more to improve this rating to perhaps the mid 80s. Just out interest for those currently building what are your projected figures?
  10. Why insulate

    Quite an interesting topic. I used to live in an old Croft house with walls like a castle and cost us about £90 per month in oil. I will be starting a build in the spring which will exceed building regulations but not passive. In our house, I plan to have an stove right in the center of the house. We live on a croft with quite a bit of woodland, so plenty of logs and room to season. I am 31 so hopefully got 40 years of good wood chopping years ahead of me. 90% of the year I am not expecting to have any heating on and if we do need it will just be some little portable oil heaters that we wheel out and keep in a cupboard for the rest of the year. Not really fussed about paying £x month for heating in winter. I would quite like one today to invest in some renewable when I have the money like a turbine and perhaps this would then offset minor electricity usage. As a first time builder and first time property owner the aim here is to provide a fairly comfortable warm home, a room for my two kids and a mortgage that's manageable. If I could buy a house on the open market I would consider it but property prices are over inflated from holiday cottages etc in my area.
  11. We’ve moved in!!!

    Well done, looks great.
  12. Part 23 - NEW ENTRY - Final Groundworks and Landscaping

    Just gone through the blog, very interesting and the house looks great!
  13. Timberframe choices

    Your approach seems similar to the one we have adopted. Our plans have been designed by an independent consultant with a structural engineer involved to sign off for the building warrant. An open panel built offsite/onsite by a joiner was what I had pictured, but now considering whether a timber frame manufacturer providing a open panel structural kit might be a better option. I can see a number of benefits from using a closed panel system (insulation, air tightness, speed) but I guess all of this comes at a cost. I don't know if I am relatively young (31) as a self builder, but my budget is relatively modest and my principal aim is to build a fairly simple property that will be slightly above scottish building standards.
  14. Timberframe choices

    I forgot to ask in my previous post, the point regarding the specialist for the trusses. Are attic trusses for 1.5 storey cut by the likes of a Scot Frame or would these come separately from the likes of Pasquill?
  15. Timberframe choices

    Yes, going to make some calls next week and start the ball rolling. Not considered MacQueens they must make closed panels for R-house in Crossal. I checked these out when we first considered self building, but r-houses seem expensive and have jumped in price over the last few years. I always wondered how much more you pay for the speed are having a timberframe put together in one day.