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  1. I was in the kitchen and picked up bottle of vegetable oil and it fell right through my fingers, it was nightmare to clean up, had to call the professionals. Can't imagine cleaning up after a oil tank leak.
  2. Just out of interest, how would this be cleaned up?
  3. Thedreamer


    If it looks half as nice as @Redoctober house at the end I'll be pleased. It will eventually be white like most houses in the Highlands and Islands but prehaps if I stand on the other side of the croft I might be able to pretend that the block work is stone cladding 😉
  4. Thedreamer

    Buying a house

    Apologies for my ignorance here, but are modern developed houses, timber frame or block?
  5. Thedreamer

    Buying a house

    Feel so disappointed for the people affected by this. I'm not going to say that I've done most of the work for my build, this has been done by contractors, but I have done enough research to understand the work they were undertaking and know the fabric of the house. Whether it's a new build driven by profit or an older home standing for 100 years (but you never know what's under the walls, roofs and floor when you purchase) it must be a nightmare buying a house! No doubting that areas have improved like insulation, but on average structural work/materials like the quality timber, brick work, roofing materials these must be poorer when comparing a house built now to 100 years ago.
  6. So when the council want to start charging tax, what address do they put on the letter to me? If they give me a newhouse or some strange address can I then just ask Royal mail to update?
  7. Thedreamer

    Nice picture of the new house

    Most of Skye is covered in cloud, typical Skye weather! A little bit closer to ground, our site (house in the middle of tree shelter belt) is close to a popular waterfall, known as the Kilt Rock or Mealt falls so we quite often get shoots of our croft and house site from drones. This photo also shows how our rainwater soakway works 😉.
  8. Thedreamer

    The Build - Mission accomplished! We're in!!

    Superb, well done @Redoctober I've enjoyed reading your blog, hopefully your do one more entry once the last few jobs are done.
  9. Thedreamer


    Me too. It will look grey now probably until the Spring at the earliest. Now looking forward to doing the insides, I don't even have a floor yet, still hopping around on joists!
  10. Thedreamer


    Our blockwork started three weeks ago. This was always going to be weather dependent and it was mixed for the first two weeks in November but since then we have had a really good weather window where its been calm, sunny and not too cold which allowed the remaining work to be completed. Our brickie was fitted a temporary gutter which could be taken off when required. This gable end is where the prevailing wind comes down off the mountains, we have shelter belt here but its nice to know that we now have a solid concrete wall. Next on the list is fitting the concrete windows cills which should be next week. The sections that don't have blockwork will be fitted with the remaining Siberian larch cladding in early December.
  11. Thedreamer

    Down the big long lane...

    Mine are a batten of timber with dpc attached.
  12. Thedreamer

    Down the big long lane...

    What is the red tape? Is this DPC for the firestops?
  13. Thedreamer

    Scaffold is down

    That looks great. The white render looks very crisp.
  14. Thedreamer

    Stick build or factory built TF

    Strange I watched that on Tuesday as well 😲 Working my way through all the series.