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  1. Thedreamer

    Old school tricks? Worth it?

    That's fee is eye-watering. My professional fees for planning, building warrant, SAP assessment and structural engineers plans came to below £3,000. Project management inspections at various stages of the build by a RICS quantity surveyor will be around £1,800.
  2. Thedreamer

    Sarking and Velux windows

    Very nice, looking forward to seeing these on my roof next month. : ) Would you mind telling me what price you paid per pallet and are the 400mm x 250mm?
  3. Thedreamer

    Rain and Guttering

    I like the look of the cast iron effect as well, perhaps there are many out there, but Brett Martin is one manufacturer that I've come across to date
  4. Thedreamer

    Sarking and Velux windows

    Thanks, its great once the structure goes up, it gives you an idea of how the building fits in the surroundings. Are you still on course with your build? I'm looking at slates, next what did you go for? I think I will get the Cupa 3 heavy slates.
  5. Thedreamer

    Sarking and Velux windows

    Nothing more then what you would usually get in the Highlands. I've never seen any of our trademens wearing midge hoods, but they are all Skye folk so perhaps they are immune to Midges 😃
  6. Looks very tidy. UFH fitter has done a great job there.
  7. Thedreamer

    Sarking and Velux windows

    Thanks. The middle section will be partly vaulted between the two bedrooms . We have a few scaffold boards so can now walk (carefully) upstairs.
  8. Thedreamer

    Sarking and Velux windows

    With the fabricated trusses already fitted on site. The next job was to create the middle section of the roof, this part was cut on site and it was quite satisfying helping to fit the rafters into place. We had some good weather for this job and I was pleased once these were all in place. The next task after this was creating the bridles for the Velux windows, fitting the smaller lean to rafters and then the gable ladders. After this, we were ready for sarking boards. The next job was the roof paper and fitting the velux windows. The next job will be the ground floors windows, these are due to arrive on Friday.
  9. Thedreamer

    Extortionate price

    Keep fighting away, it stressful but might get results. Maybe even consider dropping your MSP an email and then cc them into the next complaint.
  10. Thedreamer

    Should I be worried

    Further to @JSHarris comment regarding beams being bolted together. Here is a picture of my three 6 meter lengths of Kerto S beam spiked together a few minutes before installation. My structural engineer specified this.
  11. Thedreamer

    Should I be worried

    Few points here: How did they erect the timber frame that far our? Do you have any pictures of before and after? What is the Glulam beam for, who has calculated the replacement numbers on the planks, what type of timber are the planks? Who is responsible for materials? A few bashes probably are expected on OSB and waterproof membrane. If this has come to light today I would try and wait till the morning before speaking/emailing your builders.
  12. Thedreamer

    Half way point

    Must be a great feeling if it is less than expected. I'm hopeful that we can do some work later in the job, prehaps fixing the guttering, painting etc.
  13. Thedreamer

    Half way point

    Build costs to get to the stage below has cost approximately £32,500 (materials and labour). I hope we get to £75,000 for windows, slates and exterior skin (blockwork and larch cladding). Hopefully, this leaves £75,000 for the insides. If you add in all costs to our self build: preliminary fees, professional fees, utilities and access it has cost approximately £50,000 in total. Glad that I now have at least a skeleton of a house, rather than just some blocks and concrete.
  14. Thedreamer

    Half way point

    Labour and materials. Costs from day one of breaking ground for foundations.
  15. Thedreamer

    Half way point

    Interested to hear what your half way point is or was for your total build cost budget? I hope for us, this will be when the slates are on the roof, windows in and exterior skin has been added. Does this seem reasonable?