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  1. I know you are in the stove club. Was for an early post 😀
  2. Come to the dark side on here. 😉 If the circumstances are right, then it's worth considering.
  3. That would be £384,000 but it might be less as you are building 3 storey. I would recommend you buy the home builder bible off Amazon, it is worth investing £10 or 15 quid on this, as it will give you a good grounding on the build process. Your age is quite young, I started to dream when I was 22 with the build and finished last summer when I was 34. I could have built earlier but I decided during that process that I wanted to build a house with a low mortgage that will hopefully be gone by the time I'm in my late forties. Use this time to be a sponge and soak up as much information as possible. Some on here are around on the forum for a good while before they start. I would check out the blogs section, range of projects, building styles, sizes.
  4. Not going to say the bad word! 🔥 I bring the temperature up to 22 degrees in evening. When I retire to bed I bring the temperature to 24 degrees and then it gradually comes down over the night. It's usually 20 degrees in the morning and then depending on the solar gains and external temperature it might stay at that, but the coldest it been this winter has resulted in the temperature dropping to 18 degrees before I start the process again. From about March to Octoberish I won't need any heating.
  5. That's seems like a lot of electricity. We usually have a temperature of 19-20 degrees. Best thing to do is to reduce temperature and then monitor the change. We are in a 3 bedroom all electricity house (but just have heat pump for hot water) and our usage is 10-11 units in the summer and around 13 units in the winter.
  6. Is that your land sorted? How many m2 in total? People usually reckon £1500 per m2 is a good starting point. Mate rates/family connections are great, but you might need to wait if work is required above their normal work. Planning, firm connection quotes for services, and then financing that's the order I did stuff.
  7. Yes this Very limited £175k max borrowing and you need a mortgage promise for the end and have to stick to tight deadlines. If you go over the deadlines you pay 9% interest, that is why I discounted it.
  8. First point is that I'm in the opposite end of the UK to you (Isle of Skye). You could build a mansion for that up here! Less lenders here, so I only had the choice of three or four, but the mortgage offer was not really much in the way multiples of my salary. At that stage we had a £38k grant secured and serviced plot valued at £75,000 to £80,000 and still it was nightmare borrowing. By far the hardest bit of the entire build was the financing. I had costed the project, as being a Chartered Accountant this was an area I wanted to add some value.
  9. Log burners are split on here, many love them and others despise them. Log burners need to be considered carefully or you will just waste a fair bit of money. I live in rural area with access to wood and put the stove in the middle of house. That's our evening heating source for the winter months. Also you mention GSHP in your post, might be worth considering air source, it is more popular here. Even if you are building to modern regulations and monitor the standard of work, you will not need heating upstairs.
  10. There would appear to be quite a few events needing to happen for this to work. What would happen if your costs were 10% higher, interest rates increased etc. My own experience was that it was pretty difficult to get a self build mortgage and the amounts we could afford no way reflected what was offered.
  11. Hi Oxbow 16, I am heating my house with just a Charnwood C4 maximum output is 4.8kW. I am in strange position of having a suspended timber floor in a new self build which is well insulated but not to passive standard and take the air from the void below the floor. Is your floor a slab? My wife did the caulking it makes a big difference for us it was a final layer of airtightness. Also do you have trickle vents in your windows? It all add up but older properties need some airflow to prevent condensation both in the internal and external spaces, so each bit needs to be considered.
  12. I would make sure you install a treatment tank, rather than a septic tank. Lot's on here about them. I'm across the way in Skye, but there are few members on here around Inverness.
  13. It was a real pain getting the broadband connected. I can't even remember what we did as it had loads of steps and lots of delays. I paid the fee to the Highland Council for that Royal Mail database after we had been connected.
  14. Looking forward to seeing this development over 2021. You have similar priorities to me regarding the rural lifestyle. It might come as a shock to my kids one today that some children live in a world surrounded by tarmac.