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  1. @Murdo We had Howden LVT (Quickstep) fitted last year. It's the one area in the self build where we have had some snagging issues. This has now been sorted following the fitting of a couple of thresholds/expansion joints, but the staff who advised about this not being necessary for the size of the area we were fitting. A pain taking of skirting boards. It's fine now and the LVT stuff is very robust no scratches, easy to clean and waterproof etc.
  2. I’m sure this has been covered previously but if you insulate/airtightness a property to a good standard your heating demands will be low. As you are then likely to need your space heating when temperatures are low, say 0 celsius, presumably your COP efficiently will be low, 2.5. If you obtain COP 2.5, then surely when combining the capital cost with the unit of electricity the cost is really that much better compared to direct electricity heating. I’m still try to understand the logic with external air source heat pump for a self build. You never achieve an optimum performance as in the summer when air temperature is higher you don’t need the space heating you have the higher COP but not full use of the capacity but in the winter you have full use of the capacity but a reduction in COP. I have heard of members running them in reverse for a slab perhaps that is a bit I am yet to understand.
  3. If it was me I would get a trial hole dug and a structural engineer to review the clay and provide a foundation solution. Oaks are very thirsty trees. How high are they? A photo might be useful.
  4. There is a similar discussion here. New member & MHVR enhancement, upgrade and bypass aftermarket installation - Introduce Yourself -
  5. Did they just not have two days of holiday pay? Auto enrolment pension contributions and SSP are not great benefits for employees.
  6. In my photo two different products are being used Frametherm 35 in the walls and Frametherm 32 in the floor. The 32 is thicker product and more expensive.
  7. @MortarThePoint another one here that use Frametherm. I use Quinn therm in other areas but if I could go back I probably would have done the whole lot in Frametherm. Less messy and easy to cut and store.
  8. @SteamyTea and @pdf27 Thanks for your comments, I've learned a bit from that. And others that have chipped in with rates. It's coming up to a year since we moved into the house and I took reading on the day we moved in so it will be interesting to see what the electricity cost will be for the year. All this talk about moving from gas boilers (and I would presume oil would be the same) sounds as if consumers will be hardest hit in North Scotland. I wouldn't be surprised if people go back to burning peats here.
  9. Yes I see that, but if renewables will be coming from rural & remote areas then why is the rural/remote 'levy' being charged on a one way basis on the grid infrastructure. Might have been case in the 1950 or 1960's when remote areas were being added to the grid, but why now? Presumably in the future, urban areas will be benefitting more and more from renewables generated in rural locations, will the charge be reversed? Also given the North of Scotland electricity production is usually the cleanest area of the UK in terms of carbon intensity, should higher prices be paid by areas of the country that have a greater impact on the environment?
  10. Looks like I am paying quite a bit more. On Skye we have a few wind farms and there is a hydro power plant down the road. Stupid question, but if we produce more electricity than required on the island and we are net exporter, why do we have higher ongoing charges?
  11. Lumber | 1978-2021 Data | 2022-2023 Forecast | Price | Quote | Chart | Historical (
  12. I was with Bulb and have had a couple of increases in price this year (the last won was on Sunday). I have since moved to Octopus. This is what I was going to be paying. We're increasing our electricity unit rate from 18.837p to 18.876p per kWh and electricity standing charge from 22.848p to 26.881p per day. These prices all include VAT at 5%. What prices do others pay on a peak tariff?
  13. I had to move a single pallet of dense concrete blocks over about 200 meters uphill and it was hard work with a wheel barrow. If I had lots of materials to shift I would use a wagon trolley over a barrow.
  14. Sounds as if you are going to go a broker to go to a broker. Lots of fees with Buildstore. Our mortgage was going to be with the Newcastle Building Society, I was shocked by the fees. I would look at building societies. Might be useful to state where in the UK you are. In Scotland our choice were limited to a few lenders. And welcome to the forum.