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  1. Keep up the moaning and dramas you will be ignored on here. All the best for the rest of the build.
  2. Prehaps read over the thread from the start and look at the advice/reassurance that members have kindly taken the time to provide to you. You may note that a few members have been more 'charming' the more this has gone on for.
  3. I'm also a first time self builder and learning through out this process. I have some bad news for you, it's only going to get more stressful from this point on. Honestly this thread seems to have made mountains over mole hills, has the concrete set, yes. Did everybody say it would happen, yes. Generally posts on here tend to be like this, you ask a question, kindly receive advice and then do the work. We all move on and prehaps it might be useful for future members searching on the forum. Or just a light discussion/bit of banter. This thread has been neither and just seems to be evolving into new ridiculous problems. And what is the flipping deal with your neighbours, builders etc, what are they the mafia?
  4. Hi @zoothorn I've been following this thread for the last few days. It's pretty stressful self building! Before I started I read the home builder bible, gives a good basic understanding of the build process. Not to worry on the concrete this will now be set. Your foundation are probably going to be more substantial than the rest of your house. Are you using the same the builder through out?
  5. Thanks you for your kind comments. We got our cladding (Siberian Larch) from Russwood, we are leaving this to sliver naturally, if you have decided yet, lots of options regarding cladding. Once your windows are fitting you may want to put on some plastic sheets, to protect them during other works, our's went on once the outer skin blockwork started.
  6. I went to my building merchant and the only colour they had in 825 was anthracite, which just so happens is what I'm intending to paint the sills. @Carrerahill thanks for this. 😀
  7. No that is not what is required here. I don't believe that mortar ever provides a waterproof seal.
  8. Yes, that is what I'm after. I will look out for that, Silicone EB25 is basically a better version? Also would you put a bead down and then get it as flat as possible so goes a bit beyond the joint?
  9. Can anybody help with how best to seal a mortar joint on a concrete sill? Is it best to use a sealant out of the tube (if so which?) or should I apply SBR bond on top of the joint. I also plan to paint the sills in the next few weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Most folk are wanting to get wind and water tight ASAP. On ours self build the outer skin blockwork and cladding were done after the windows went in. Also windows were in before slates were on the roof. My blog on here might be of interest to you.
  11. Old thread. I have some concrete sills with mortar joints that I want to water proof. Could I brush PVA over the top would this seal them? I plan in long term to paint the cills would the PVA cause a problem here with painting? Any advice much appreciated.
  12. How much did the architect make? Probably drove up that bridge, laughing, with his scarf blowing in the wind.
  13. Not just trawlers, but also ferry operators. Last time I was over for business in Uist, in the Lochmaddy ferry terminal they have a cabinet with information about identifying/procedure for russian vessels.
  14. I would be surprised that this method is the most affordable way to self build a house. Self builders triangle, you can select two out of time, cost and quality, which are most important to you? Provider will be making a margin on the speedy nature of the kit construction. I had the choice between moving into a crappy developer house in tarmac town with huge mortgage to fund some fat cat's pension or going on the rollercoaster of self building. Started the process when I was 22, now 33, it's been a long old ride.