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  1. Thanks for the comments and likes.
  2. Completion certificate received. I guess it's no longer a dream.....
  3. Our structural engineer has since retired, but if it helps the fee was £850 (structural drawings, certificates and inspection of ground conditions).
  4. Telescopic window cleaner, you can get them on amazon.
  5. We had our final inspection yesterday and building control were happy with the house. Just awaiting on an EPC certificate and we should have our completion certificate next week. We had a little tidy up before the inspector arrived so probably the ideal time to upload a few pictures. Landing and upstairs - not posted much here as this was covered in a earlier blog entry. Considering we put in outline planning in 2009 when we were 23 it's been a long time coming and a great relief to know it's nearly all over. I intend to post a couple more entries with the last bits of outside work and one about the costing/finance. Thanks for all those who commented over the years and answered odd queries, much appreciated. The to do list of actual jobs is getting short now. Proper downpipes – ordered Gravel - ordered, coming on Monday
  6. It's within the forum. Usually an admin grants access to create one. Perhaps an admin will be along shortly...
  7. @ProDave yes no problem. If IIRC from previous threads you have a bit of raised ground so your's won't be as long?
  8. Thanks @soapstar We were quite close to be being finished, but I believe you need the bare necessities to live there (kitchen, bathroom). The electrical and fire safety certificates had to be uploaded before the certificate was granted. We stayed with my wife parents just up by and could move in when the certificate was granted. I also registered for council tax and tv licence at that time to be squeaky clean.
  9. Does there not need to be dishonestly for theft to occur? Could this be just an accident.
  10. Pretty squeamish about squashed animals on the roads. You know the ones you notice that slowly disintegrate each day when you pass. Worse than that is when I'm driving and there is like a million frogs and toads hoping across the road. It's total carnage.
  11. Hi, little further up the way in Skye. Very close to finishing a self build next to a Loch. I like l living next to the Loch as we always have different stuff to look at. Whether it's the moon on the water, ducks floating by, a heron waiting for a fish or stormy waves. We built a fairly simple shape and invested the savings in the fabric like your plan.
  12. Hello, It’s been around two months since we moved in. After a brief period of enjoying the summer and the new house we have made a push towards getting our completion certificate. We got our air test which came back as 3.33. We got the property registered for Council tax, pleased the assessor rated the property as a band D. The last bit of major building work has been the construction of the ramp and decking. We always knew that because of the ground conditions and the suspended timber floor our ramp was going to be higher than your average. After considering many different options we decided to build one out of Siberian Larch, which allowed us to have just a single order and the joiners could do the two together. I’ll need to apply some non-slip oil in the next few weeks. Here is one of the ramp And the decking. As with many self builders I now have an abundance of wooden pallets. I broke a few of them up and started on this. It’s a wood store. Still some finishing touches required. What’s next, all being well, hopefully a final inspection and completion. Other jobs which won’t hold this up, but on the to do list are proper downpipes and ordering gravel for around the house.
  13. That 4.5kWh, is that just for you? The 10kWh is all our household energy for two adults and two children. What's the set-up for your hot water and initial investment?