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  1. Thedreamer

    Should I Project Manage Build?

    I'm project managing our self build, doing it in stages as I don't have any rental costs and will continue to save and wait for the right tradesman for the our self build. The plan for us: 1) Design, planning, access and services 2) Foundations 3) Joiner cutting kit, structural stuff and wind and water tight 4) The insides 5) Finishing off I've currently done 1 and nearly done 2. But I'm spending most evening doing house stuff and usually a weekend day. If you have lender you might have to consider what their requirements are, I'm needing a RICS QS to oversee inspections during the course of the build and therefore be the 'project manager'.
  2. Thedreamer

    The Build - Part 1 - The groundworks

    Nice stuff, I hope the weather stays good for your groundworks
  3. Thedreamer

    One's bum and things that bite you there!

    Despite shifting over 1000 tonnes of material we were lucky that we had a borrow pit on site, we took out hardcore from the ground which left a big hole, we then took the clay excavated from our site and infilled the hole (also with over 100 tree stumps) and then put turf back on and you wouldn't know after 2 1/2 years. Could of cost £10,000's and might have killed the project before starting. Until the concrete lorry came to pour the foundations no material was imported or exported despite the lengthily access.
  4. Thedreamer

    Foundation 3 - Blockwork

    As long as the house is wind and water tight by around the Autumn, I'll be happy with that. The joiner wants to start cutting the kit on site early in May.
  5. Thedreamer

    Foundation 3 - Blockwork

    The weather has been good this week in Skye, hopefully it will continue. Our Brickie is doing a great job, he is here at 8.30 and works till 7. I did one day in stacking blocks and busted my back, I don't how these guys do it.
  6. Thedreamer

    Foundation 3 - Blockwork

    Last week we poured our concrete strip foundation and we have now moved onto the block work. Monday was a day of stacking the first blocks, taking measurements and setting up lines. By the end of Monday we were all ready to start with the first course in the morning. By the end of the Wednesday we were at: By the end of the Thursday, a lot more blocks were delivered and we were at: The good weather continues into the second week and so does the progress on the blockwork. A little job during the weekend, trenches now dug and ready for the plumber to put in waste drainage pipes
  7. Thedreamer

    Foundations 2 - The pour

    The west is the where the prevailing winds come down of the Trotternish ridge, so I wanted this to well protected against the elements and also no views that side. Fortunately we have the site sitting slightly lower, then a shelter belt and the neighboring croft has large outcrops of bedrock so we quite well protected. The self build the next croft along must take a really hammering, as it has very little shelter.
  8. Thedreamer

    Foundations 2 - The pour

    Here are the elevations plans. It's glorious sunshine here today, although I'm in agony. I was too enthusiastic moving blocks yesterday and I've busted my back These were bloody heavy, 6 inch solid concrete blocks. Started shifting blocks this morning and had some pain after twenty minutes. Hats off if you are brickie, it's a very hard job. In terms of the foundations, our structural engineer said because of ground conditions a slab, would not be feasible so we are having a suspended timber floor, so the extra trenches are for the sleeper walls. This will result in the house being slightly higher off the ground, but fortunately I have a pretty much endless supply of sub base so I'll be able to bring the levels up a bit. I might incorporate some decking around the front, although I'll worry about that in 2020.
  9. Thedreamer

    Foundations 2 - The pour

    Not sure, brickie just popped them in their at the end of the day.
  10. Thedreamer

    Foundations 2 - The pour

    @CC45 and @newhome - I was chatting with the brickie whilst we waited for the second concrete pour and he is involved with the mountain rescue and helps folk stuck on the Cullins like where Danny is on his bike. Can you imagine going onto the ridge in the dark and cold conditions?
  11. Thedreamer

    Foundations 2 - The pour

    You can't beat a nice long walk. I did wild camping on the Storr last year, completely clear sky at night and a glorious sun rise. Woke up at 5-6ish, packed up the tent and was back home at 8.
  12. Thedreamer

    Foundations 2 - The pour

    It depends which mountains, one gable side of the house has views of the Torridon mountains (across the sea to the mainland - photo 4) some are munros. The other side has views to the Trotternish ridge (Photo 1) these are not munros but the last one is the old man of Storr, which is popular here on Skye. Depending on the built hope to walk on the ridge on Monday!
  13. Thedreamer

    Foundations 2 - The pour

    Yesterday we completed the excavation of the trenches. I had a half day at work and came back to the site after lunch to get started on the pour. I was slightly worried about the heavy concrete wagon coming down our access and over the culvert, but the driver did a great job reversing and the road passed the test with flying colours. Our digger driver than used the bucket to spread the concrete as required. Half way through. All done. We now move onto the blockwork next week. It was a good day and I'm pleased to get this over and done with. Half a day for excavations and half a day for pouring.
  14. Thedreamer

    Foundations 1 - Excavations

    Due to be pouring around mid day so should avoid the frost. Looks good tomorrow, with a bit of rain due for Friday. If all goes to plan, I'll post some more photos tomorrow evening. Going for the volumetric, our bricke is managing the pour.
  15. Thedreamer

    Foundations 1 - Excavations

    Yes should be good in the summer, hopefully we will have enough of a breeze for the midges.