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  1. Thedreamer

    First Self build - Cornwall

    Hi @Werrington1 welcome to the forum. Have you considered creating a blog? I'm just coming up to first fix on my self build on the Isle of Skye. Also nice building plans have you consider overheating/solar gains from the south facing glazing. There are lots of discussions on the forum regarding this. My build has more south facing glazing than most on here but temperatures are generally lower in the highlands than further in the south of the UK?
  2. Starting to understand what I need for the ducting order. Our plans show a silencer. I have the option of ordering a longer silencer and those that have more insulation in the silencer (50mm to 100mm). What size and thickness of silencer have others used? Thanks
  3. Thedreamer

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    Ohh I see. If the rest of the neighbours are normal and not bothered then I would just crack on.
  4. Thedreamer

    Does the council class DIY as Construction

    If I lived near you and heard it I wouldn't be bothered. Must be a different issue that is annoying them. Did they comment on your planning application, prehaps it's the building noise during the day or they have young children etc Is there anyway you could surprise them with a token gift like a bottle wine, hold off the work for the next few days and have the opportunity for a proper introduction? We can all overreact sometimes, prehaps on reflection they might be apologetic.
  5. Quite a few on the island of these as well. Monitored both when we first considered building, but prices have increased as they have become more popular.
  6. Thedreamer

    Wood Fibre

    I used 32 in my floor and 35 in my wall. The difference in the two was really evident. The 35 can be easily peeled but the 32 is much more dense. On reflection I would probably have used 32 in the walls as well.
  7. The most popular new builds on Skye are r-houses. These are mostly timber frame with timber cladding. These are popular with self builders, families getting on the property ladder and social housing.
  8. Thedreamer

    Roof Windows - Will they drive me mad?

    We have a few velux windows where we currently are and have lots in our self build. It's really just heavy hail you hear. Usually we hear the heavy hail, and then I would say some think along the lines of: Looks like it's hailing, then it stops after thirty seconds or so and we carry on as normal.
  9. I would be surprised if people were put off timber frame properties, prehaps it depends on where your based. In Scotland where the original poster is based it has always been a popular option, in our area it would be odd if a house is now build out of double block. I don't understated the logic in buying a uninsulated frame, either you buy one with insulation fitted or you have a team of joiners stick build the frame on site and fit insulation later.
  10. Hope you are all having a good weekend. The chap who designed our house just dropped off five lengths of metal ducting and a couple of sheep food bags full of connectors, couplers etc. Somebody over ordered a while ago and they have been in storage since so I'm free to use what I can. I was planning on using 125mm as the branches and then 150mm as the trunks. I mentioned in previous discussions on the forum that I'm using a system that extracts hot/moist air from area of the house into a mini air source heat pump. The plan was to use a unit that has the pump and tank in a single unit. I'm now thinking of using a separate mini air source heat pump which will then connect up to a mega flow tank utilising a solar coil. This should provide more robustness as the some of the integrated units require an anode within the tank to be replaced. This arrangement should also provide more redundancy in the event of a problem with either system failing. One question that comes to mind is that some of parts have 160mm on them, why would an installer go for a slightly bigger version? Could I go bigger as I get closer to the heat pump? If anybody has come across any good blog entries or videos for fitting ducting for beginners please point them in my direction.
  11. Thedreamer

    Self build..what did you do?

    But the flexibility of having a main connection is not comparable to a off grid connection. Don't think you can just compare cost as the variable
  12. Thedreamer

    Self build..what did you do?

    I would definitely go with a £7K grid connection. Worth searching the forum for posts relating to connection costs. We are in a rural location on the Isle of Skye and were able to reduce our connection cost by: Utilising ducting instead of blinding the trenches Using our own contractor Applying to SSE for a grant Considered routes and argued with the quoter to get the cost as lower as possible. I have never lived off grid so can't really comment on how you adapt your energy usage around limited electricity. We might in the future if the incentives exist utilise renewable but it's not a priority at the moment. A general principle that most self builder incorporate is that the big stuff relating to your build you really want to invest in once (insulation, roof etc). To me having the option to get a £7k connection, fit and forget or have ongoing off grid electricity cost would be an easy decision for me.
  13. Your be nice and close to Russwood. Going to be incorporating timber cladding?
  14. Thedreamer

    Lifting heavy RSJ

    How does the cost compare to hiring a telehandler with jib to hiring two genie lifts?