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  1. This is the Christmas present my husband lovingly made for me, as a permanent reminder of my favourite ever comedy sketch. He taught himself embroidery just so that he could make this!!
  2. thanks. I’ve had a quick look at the rules and I will need to put in a preliminary application by March 2021, but have until March 2022 to get it installed, which is great!
  3. I can’t find reference to this date online, and had thought it was open until 2022. Can you point me to your source please?
  4. I’ve previously doubled up on underlay, using two layers for an extra springy feel underfoot. Your fitter might be able to do this for you.
  5. It's fair to say I'm feeling pretty chuffed about this, and Mr HWMBO is too! 😆
  6. Original customer breakdown of costs.pdf Original plan of proposed new supply.pdf
  7. I found out that WPD should be funding infrastructure upgrades itself, although there is some contention about that as ultimately the cost of upgrading the entire network to allow for future needs in a low carbon economy is well beyond the means of these companies, even though they make significant profits. Clearly this was a case of the company trying to get this past me without me realising that the cost should fall to them and not to me. I wonder how many other customers have been similarly fleeced. Attached are the previous and current plans and cost breakdowns.
  8. This is the email I wrote WPD: Dear [name of WPD staff member], I have been doing a bit of research, and it seems to me that what I am being asked to fund is a local infrastructure upgrade, as well as my own connection. Obviously, as the country moves towards more heat pumps and electric vehicles, the existing infrastructure of 95mm 3c cable, and two 50mm ABC cables just won’t be sufficient for Cemetery Road properties, and it is a matter for WPD’s capital infrastructure budget, rather than asking individual customers to fund that. I’m aware of the policy principles at play, as follows: 4.2. The minimum scheme is the solution designed solely to provide the capacity needed for the new connection at the lowest overall capital cost. A DNO may design an enhanced scheme,2 but the cost to the customer will not exceed that of the minimum scheme. The customer can also request work in excess of the minimum scheme where it thinks this would be more beneficial. For example, it may decide that a more expensive route to the existing network will receive planning permission more easily and is therefore worth paying for. The customer will need to pay the full cost of this additional work, including the cost of operating and maintaining these additional assets over their lifetime I have also had sight of a recent memorandum from WPD stating: SD5G/5 (Part 1) 29.10.2020 Design Standards: Low Voltage Relating to the Connection of Low Carbon Technology (Electric Vehicle Charge Points and Heat Pumps) with a Capacity < 32A per phase This document details the approach for managing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Point and/or Heat Pump (HP) installation notifications and applications for individual or multiple equipment (installed beyond the same point of supply) rated up to 32A per phase onto Western Power Distribution’s (WPD’s) distribution network (low and high voltage). Main Changes The charging methodology for cutout replacement and service cable overlays has been changed. When a service cable is being overlaid due to a low capacity, the cable shall be overlaid with a three phase cable. Impact of Changes Western Power Distribution (WPD) will provide free of charge service upgrade costs for domestic installations (profile 1 or 2) where each item of low carbon technology has a rating < 32A. Taking account of the above, I would welcome hearing from you alternative solutions, such as running a cable directly to my property from the Tx at Drakewalls Mine, for instance. This would remove the necessity to run the cable all the way to the pole on Cemetery Road, dig up the road, install new junctions etc. Kind regards Morgan
  9. Nope. The new proposed works are identical to the previous proposed works, but they are paying for it themselves and only charging me for the works involved in the connection, rather than the local upgrade. I made the argument that they were going to have to upgrade the local area in any event as with petrol and diesel cars being phased out, most properties would require a car charging point to be installed eventually, ditto gas boilers to heat pumps, and therefore they upgrade in supply ought to be a capital cost for WPD, not a personal charge to me. Although no mention was made of that argument in the revised quote, this is exactly that outcome.
  10. Great news - Having obtained the information I needed from a forum similar to this for electrical engineers (The Institute of Engineering and Technology), and having gone back to WPD with a gentle challenge using that information, we now have a new quote for just over £3k, rather than the £14,600 they quoted originally. I am thrilled to bits with this. We learned last week that the planning application next door for the 5 new houses has been turned down as the developer had not done their bat homework properly. Now that the window for doing the bat survey has closed until next year, and the neighbourhood development plan which designates that land as a rural gap will go to referendum in May 2021 (and is likely to be passed), the possibility of the development going ahead has just decreased significantly. Whilst this means we can't piggy-back on the access this would have created for us (which would have been useful), it does mean that we will continue to have lovely green views to the north of us for the time being.
  11. We do have a builder that we were planning to use for the whole thing (subject to cost comparisons), and it looks even more tempting in the context of coordinating trades etc, but you're quite right, things always crop up. The description by the chap who lives on the IoW really resonated with me - he hurt his back doing some lifting and wrote off a weekend. Another weekend written off by bad weather, and evenings constrained by loss of daylight. I'm now fully expecting to start saying 'we'd like to be in by Christmas', without stating which year!
  12. I prefer the first one too, although I'm hard pressed to express precisely why! Very generous room dimensions on both, but perhaps more generous than needed on the second design.
  13. Oh crikey! I've been expecting to begin in the spring and finish by early autumn. Sounds as though I need to have a word with myself!!! ]
  14. That’s amazing @recoveringbuilder Well done! I’m very good at complaining, so maybe that should be option 1, along with a request for a technical meeting to discuss what our AHSP is going to be as per @ProDave