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  1. Thanks @JSHarris Good to hear - we’ll see how it goes. The pipes look pretty big so maybe we’ll be ok.
  2. I have got home today to find the plumber has fitted a Harveys dual flow water softener. The only specification in his quote was that it would be a water softener. We requested the mid range Harvey’s model so it would be big enough. He has gone with the trade range (Harvey’s Dualflow) which I have no problem with except he’s picked the base model, the aptly named dualflow, and on their website it states this is suitable for two bathrooms. We have four bathrooms. Any thoughts on whether this is fit for purpose or should be swapped for the larger capacity models. Aqua or big blue?
  3. Like @oranjeboom BPC only supplies one silencer and based on the responses here I reckon we’ll be using it, fitting horizontally 😀 I guess you can retrofit one?
  4. We have a Vent Axia MVHR and are currently fitting the unit and associated metal ducts. The drawing from BPC specifies the silencer to be mounted vertically. No space for that in current position. Can this silencer be mounted horizontally please?
  5. We have 900mm on the stairs landing. This is governed by the newel posts supplied. It’s overlooking the stairs. but for the galleried landing we are going for 1100mm to be sure. Work in progress.....
  6. Mmm. Interesting. Thank you for noting this. Think we could have an issue with the “landing” definition. Might do 1.1 just to be sure. Supplied newels (Stairbox) are plenty long enough......
  7. Ours is over the entrance hall - quite a fall. Kids are teenagers. But that’s not an argument for making it lower!! No access issues as it’s along a straight section to a bedroom. Will try at 1m and see what it looks like.....
  8. We are installing the newel posts for our landing balustrade. Need to cut them down to level. We see that building regs require the handrail at a minimum 900mm above the floor. But commercial premises require 1100mm. We are interested in knowing if anyone has installed banister / balustrades (on landings, not on stairs) higher than 900mm in a residential setting. Any views on optimum height? Thanks
  9. I haven't installed a thermometer in my larder so can't give any detail (yet). We aren't living in the house (yet). But we are using the larder for some food stuffs, wine and storage for other stuff and it is significantly cooler than the house. It was delightfully cool during the brief heat wave in Aug. Ours is insulated but not heavily. Had a top vent and bottom vent to the outside. Is on a separate slab so no underfloor heating contamination via the slab. Has a passive door between it and the kitchen. It doesn't feel damp in there, but it is cool. And the key is it is north facing and literally never sees any sunshine. It is also under trees. I reckon its going to be brilliant. And exactly what I was aiming for. And a thermometer is on my Christmas list so will report progress.
  10. Thanks @Nickfromwales. Parts ordered. Thanks @epsilonGreedy. Will lag the MDPE pipe anyway and keep fingers crossed for another mild winter. We had no problems in the caravan last winter but this will now supply the house where, hopefully, toilets will be flushing regularly enough to keep the water flowing.....
  11. We have an outside tap (temporary) situated not far from our boundary boxes. Our house 32mm MDPE supply is ready to connect. It can’t get to the boundary boxes (yet) as there is a caravan in the way. What advice please for connecting, potentially to this outside tap (a 15mm copper pipe)? And what should we lag the MDPE with - it’s going to probably be overground for these 5m all winter. Thanks
  12. Weebles

    Do you like my spreadsheet?

    4 coats as that's what the Dulux trade person told me. 2 wash coats with the cheap stuff and then 2 top coats with the more expensive stuff. Sprayed the wash coats, rolled the top coats. Everything is brilliant white. Very hard to see where you are have done after 2 coats though.... I can't imagine we'll be bothered about touching it up - it'll be like the Forth bridge....
  13. Painting commenced on 6th March and was finished about two weeks ago. I heavily underestimated the time this would take. By about 4 months. White everywhere so it was hard to tell where we were at after the first two coats. Our favourite whiteboard "spreadsheet" tracked progress and filling it in gave great joy.
  14. +1 for the @JSHarris approach. We prepared our own drawing with help from people on this forum, in particular @dogman. Some of the wording is fairly standard and it is good to understand the specifications in the building regs for when you come to make on site decisions. Tbh, doing it ourselves saved alot of fees to the architect. But i suspect it has cost us in terms of a few mistakes we made, that might have been picked up by a professional person. Silly things but material - will be fine for our next house 😉
  15. It was a new bung. But one of the plastic ones not a metal one. I had a go with the vaseline but couldn't get the Horobin air test thing to work at all. Pressure dropped slowly but too much over about 3 minutes thus suggesting a leak somewhere. And this was in a test pipe with no joints! However, at the suggestion of our tiler we bunged the end of the 110mm pipe (this time with a far more solid metal bung) where it joined the manhole, tightened it good and proper, filled the entire system up from the inspection chambers until the water level was above all the pipes and joints, and then left it for a few hours. Minimal fall in water level (some evaporation on a hot day possibly) so we are happy that our drains are all good. Took some photos for the building inspector in case he ever asks. Some local builders across the road maintain they have never done a drain test using air testing in 20 years of building new houses..... A bit unconventional in the end but we feel confident enough to back fill now.