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  1. Weebles

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    Thanks all. Currently all thoughts / actions on hold as have been drilling holes out of the plant room (through the thermal envelope) ready for render company (on site today). Will return to this when get some space in my head.....
  2. Welcome to the forum! You have found the right place. We are in the midst of our self build and this forum - the people on it - has been a constant source of advice, pragmatism, humour and support. We spent about 5 years looking for somewhere appropriate to “do up”. Finally bought a 3 bed damp asbestos filled bungalow on a small but quiet plot (in 2015). Lived in it for 2 years whilst deciding between renovation or knock down (chose knock down) and getting planning (took about a year or so from first architect conversation to final planning granted). My advice is to enjoy the journey. It will be stressful, frustrating and you will lose sleep through overthinking everything but if you can broadly try to enjoy it, even the bad days, then it will be easier. I try to remind myself of this at least weekly! Good luck with the plot search. Find an architect who listens to what you want (rather than one who designs the house that they want to, irrespective of your budget and wish list).
  3. Weebles

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    @OnoffRoughly 600mm deep we think though can’t get up there now. Scaffold tower will be the access up there. dont want to see too much from above so was intending to make the support for the tube as thin as poss. @JSHarris take your point about relying on skim finish vs a neat ply finish
  4. Weebles

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    Genius. What are you wasting your time with tiling for?😉 Will talk to the resident joiner and the tacker. Thank you.
  5. Weebles

    Actually, I do care...

    The habit of dodging from one job to another (without finishing the first one) seems common to a few trades. It has happened to us more than once. Sometimes it doesn't matter and you don't really notice. Other times (as for @vivienzwith the weather changing) it is more critical. Our render company turned up on Monday with all the materials, dumped them on site and then said they would be back next Monday. You are kidding me. A start date is a start date.....isn't it?
  6. Weebles

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    @Onoff What are you doing next weekend? How would you fix the bendy plasterboard to the mdf / ply (which I am assuming is only 12-15mm deep)?
  7. Weebles

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    He's slumped on the sofa, rolling his eyes...... He has some days off over Christmas so I think this will keep him occupied😉
  8. Weebles

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    1830mm to the current timber face. Loving the sketch. My joiner (long suffering husband) is up for a challenge. He's done nothing more complicated than a toilet box out so far but he's learning on the job! 😉 (someone else will be helping put up the plasterboard as we hope to be in before Christmas 2019 😂)
  9. Weebles

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    Had just found the @jamiehamythread. That wall looks really good. Will look at the flexi 6mm plasterboard. @Tennentslager Internal diameter is 1830mm. Don't think I am going to get that templated in one piece?
  10. Weebles

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    Ply looks good and would be able to be finished nicely. I guess we could shove some insulation behind it in the gaps. I also found this bendy plasterboard: https://vcut.co.uk/services/flexiboard/ Anyone used this stuff?
  11. Today our roof lights were installed. We are pleased with the finished product and how they fit. The blue sky and sunshine helps of course. Almost helped take the edge off the unexpected contract lift costs (£1380 in the end, but we have managed to avoid the additional VAT and we got him to lift some roof trusses off the scaffolding which saved a job). Their man on site today admitted that it had taken a long time to get to this point. Not wrong! The photos will hopefully do them justice. Already they make such a difference to the light inside the house. And the feature window (circular on the top, octagonal currently from inside) in the full height entrance hall is really fantastic. Any thoughts on how to get the internals finished on this octagonal light? I was wanting to make it circular (and the window company advises this so that we don't get any issues with condensation on the visible frame (which would be covered by the insulation if we did make it circular).
  12. Weebles


    Am digging up this old thread because we have now built the larder. It is a PIR insulated add on to our MBC timber frame and is outside the thermal envelope. Concrete slab is separated from the main house, no UFH. It will be accessed via a passive standard external door (from the kitchen) so it is genuinely "outside" and acts as an extra room added onto the kitchen. It has an internal square area of around 2.5m2. It is on the north side of the house, under and surrounded by very large trees and it never sees a ray of sunlight. We are using a gas boiler for heating the main house. No ASHP. There is no water supply to the larder. No MVHR extract in there. No plans to artificially cool the space. Planning on storing wine / beer, tins / jars, eggs, butter, fruit, veg and using the space to cool down leftovers / pastry / baked goods etc. If it does get too hot in the summer months we will revert to putting some foodstuffs in the fridge. Need to do something about ventilation (before our render people start next week we need to put any penetrations out of the house). My thoughts are 2 close-able vents (one high up, one low). Does this sound sensible?
  13. Weebles

    Bit of a cock up

    Thanks for flagging this. Our plans showed an outward opening door but we were thinking of opening it inwards to avoid hallway collisions. Regs copied below. Decision made - outward opening it is.
  14. Weebles

    Tree Survey cost check

    We paid £625 plus VAT for full tree survey at planning stage. About 13 -15 trees at the time. Had a guy come and cost up felling some of the large trees (20m plus height). £800 per tree to fell that size was his quote. 2 years ago. We cut down a 13-14m tree before we started building. Used a big ladder, some climbing harnesses and ropes, a block and tackle, a hand saw, a chain saw and it helped that the tree was half dead. 5 of us to do the job. Did it in a few stages over a day. Top section first, and as many branches as we could get at. Then middle 7m or so in one go leaving at least 1m sticking out of the ground. Then the rest. Got the stump out when we dug for foundations. That was massive and took some moving. It would probably have been worth £600 to have it all done quickly and all the stuff chipped and taken away. We spent weeks cutting up timber and offloading it to local friends and shipping the smaller stuff to the garden waste place. But so much fun was had by all involved - can't put a price on that😉
  15. Weebles

    Will they be worth the stress (and the money)?

    Thanks for the VAT tip. Am on it. And we do have some spare MBC roof trusses on the top scaffolding that we could lift down rather than having to saw in half and throw off. So at least we can save a bit of time there. Thanks