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  1. Ah ha. Yes we have all this on our land. So not public then. Inspection chamber it is. Thanks
  2. I might be misunderstanding the regs here but this manhole connects to the sewer. We are the first house on it but I guess others connect to it further down. Looks like the min size for a manhole serving a sewer is 1200 diameter or 1200 x 675 ( note 7, table 12, H1Bldg regs). Can I have an inspection chamber (a bit smaller) where I connect to the sewer? If not, does a plastic manhole of the required dimension exist?
  3. That old pitch fibre pipe was definitely a bit flat in places......
  4. We were going to replace the lid obviously but thanks for the brutal honesty. I knew it looked a bit tired but didn’t know how easy it would be to replace. A plastic one? Will check it out.
  5. Pipe at top of photo Is from caravan and only temporary. Pipe on right from above angle is the one we are talking about (white plastic bag handle sticking out of it to pull out the stuff we stuffed in to block it up).
  6. So pull everything out at the manhole then? We are convinced about replacing the pipe, just not sure how to go about the manhole connection bit. Chip away at all the cement around the existing to get it out and then re-cement the plastic one in? Followed by the proper benching etc as the existing may get damaged I guess? A relatively “simple” job just got a bit trickier 😉
  7. It’s the same stuff all the way back to the manhole. Any suggestions please?
  8. Thank you @JSHarris and @PeterW. Now going to dig it back to the manhole and see where it joins into clay as it is a clay pipe into the manhole.
  9. Been digging to find drainage from old bungalow so can connect into that rather than breaking another pipe into the manhole. Found this sewage pipe? What is it? Can we connect a modern plastic pipe 110 diameter to it? cut through it with a reciprocating saw. Slightly flexible and smells like bitumen? outer diameter 125mm
  10. Having looked at levels it looks like we’ll need to encase the foul drainage pipes in concrete (our cover is less than 600mm. I have no issue mixing up some concrete but how do you hold the pipe in place? Could some holes through the expansion boards at the joints work? How do the pros do this? Its not a long length of pipe to do (foul waste only at the mo. The surface water drainage is another problem for another day)
  11. Just starting to dig to find the drain pipes that poke out of our MBC EPS slab foundation (thank goodness we took photos a year ago 😉) and wondering how to best finish up against the EPS when getting back up to finish ground level. we have put some rat mesh over the EPS. Can we simply back fill with some spare MOT type 1 and bits of rubble or do we need to line the EPS with something? Finished ground level will be at the bottom of aluminium trim. Probably going to have some paving round the house in places but not everywhere.
  12. We used 12mm shuttering ply as it was the cheapest. The stuff that was sourced from China looked smoother than the stuff from Brazil. Ultimately it’s all hidden under plasterboard. We put it in on walls where extra strength needed (over pocket door frames) or extra noise reduction or where fittings like basins would be hanging.
  13. Yes. There is some concrete (dumped after the slab pour) to get out of the way. No way am I hand digging. Thanks for tips. Good idea to put the plans to the BC guy. Will get level checking pronto. thanks @PeterStarck for the pressure test info. Will look at that. I also recall @Russell griffiths Mentioning a chamfering took ages ago on another post so will look at that too. thanks all. Looks like we’ll be able to do it, with all your help 😉 photos will follow over the next few weeks....
  14. We have three pipes poking out from under our MBC slab to carry foul waste away. Existing manhole is less than 10m from the furthest point. We have had a drainage design done. Got an access point, inspection chamber and some pipe work to fit and then re-using the old connection at the manhole. What pitfalls potentially lay ahead if we have a go at this ourselves? Any advice please? (I should add that HWMBO did the caravan drainage so we have some “previous experience “ but that wasn’t building control inspected or for our forever home!) Are we mad to take this on?
  15. Ta dah 😀 thanks @PeterW tiles arrive today so hopefully the tiler will arrive soon too.....