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  1. We are using @Bitpipe plumber and sparks (in South Oxon). Nothing started on the house yet but some very useful conversations so far. And the sparky has already helped move us to a kiosk and sort out the caravan electrics. Sharing trades is very useful. We have also used the scaffolders used by @dogman. We would not be where we are with out the inspirational site visits to fellow buildhubbers @Bitpipe and @dogman and help from lots of people on this site. It is lovely to think we might have helped / inspired someone else. We didn’t think we’d get here. And now the next stage feels like a mountain too but we are having a lot of fun. @Bitpipe - do pop over when you have a free hour or two.....
  2. Weebles

    fire in the house

    Lizzie, glad you are OK. After seeing a house fire locally my sister bought additional fire extinguishers and blankets for their house. She also practices a fire drill regularly with her husband and children. It is good to know what you would do so practicing a fire drill and discussing what you would do and what exits you would use in different scenarios is sensible.
  3. We saved about 400 decent whole bricks from our bungalow demolition for a future “project”. Flowerbed edging? Firepit? Offered the rest on a local Freegle site. No takers. People couldn’t be bothered to come and sort them out of the pile of rubble. We wanted to put some rubble back in the hole but we had no space to store the rubble whilst we dug out for the foundations. So it headed away in skips. Did manage to give away about concrete 150 paving slabs though.
  4. I did send MBC a couple of pics of our sunny site......
  5. Weebles

    Corner window insulation

    This was a really useful post as it has helped us solve a similar problem. Here is our experience. We copied @oranjeboom and shelled out for aerogel. Went for the 10mm thick foil backed stuff (foil backed on both sides). The aerogel people said it would be easier to cut and a bit cleaner and that proved true. Bit pricier but worth it for the ease of working with it. Cut with a Bahco insulation saw - really easy to get it accurate to within 5mm. Hard to wrap around the steel posts but with 2 of us we got it tight enough by taping it onto the post first and then pulling it around before taping it to itself. Then timber packers put around the outside so windows can fix to those. Not got to that bit yet but it looks like it should work.
  6. If anyone would like to visit an MBC frame (finished last week, not air tightness tested) then we would happily welcome fellow Buildhubbers (we are in Henley-on-Thames) It would make a welcome change from mopping the rain off the floors (roof is not watertight) 🙁 Bring back the sunshine!
  7. Thanks @Ian - stainless steel insect mesh arrived today with a staple gun so some fun will be had this week trying to attach it. www.themeshcompany.com very helpful and quick delivery. Got some rat mesh too for covering our EPS.
  8. Weebles

    How do you start a blog?

    Thank you. Message sent.
  9. Weebles

    How do you start a blog?

    I would also like to post on the blog page please. I have some early stage build photos to share. @BuildHub please can I blog? Thanks
  10. We need to put some insect mesh on our parapet roof edges. Got to allow ventilation into roof but stop the insects. Soon the parapet will be covered by a Sarnafil roof covering which will overhang, still letting ventilation come up but effectively weatherproofing the mesh. What sort of mesh would you use? Stainless steel (expensive but longer lasting) or plastic (cheaper but will it last?) or PVC coated woven fibreglass? Or something else? And will a staple gun do to fix it - if so, any clues on staple sizes? This is Saturday's job so going to need to order some stuff pronto. Sorry no photo - too dark to take one now.
  11. We are living in this beauty. It is 17 years old and cost £7K. We hope to recoup some of this at the end. Rental costs round our way would be a min of £1200 per month so it will pay for itself fairly quickly. Being on site is already proving to be a huge advantage. It has 3 bedrooms (we have a 14 year old boy and a 12 year old girl). It has double glazing which just means the weak points are the floors and the walls. Not sure it will make that much difference but we will see in the winter. It adopts the outside temperature, whatever that is. So even now, it can be cool-ish at night. We chose a van with no furniture in it so we could put our own sofas / table and bed in - saves on storage costs. Got it from a static van seller in the East Midlands. Looked around 50 vans (there and at another site in Guidford) to work out what we wanted / needed. Originally thought £2-3K would do it. But then looked at some at that price and realised we couldn't live in them. We have been in it since mid April. It was very cold until the end of May. We are expecting to be very cold this winter but hopefully it will only be one winter to survive. We have a dehumidifier ready. And some 4 season sleeping bags. And we have a laundry (washing machine and tumble dryer) and a second toilet / basin set up in a shed next door. We have resealed the windows (rubber seals) and boarded up some of the outside between van and ground to reduce cold air flow underneath. And sited next to a tall hedge. This provides shade (very important at the moment) and reduces the impact from wind. The trees behind are the other side of the access road but also help shade the site. I echo @oranjeboom comments about the paper thin walls. Nothing is private..... No regrets so far but haven't been through the cold months yet and we have been lucky as hasn't been too wet yet either. wind.
  12. Thanks all. Seems we won't be taking time off after all!
  13. Our MBC frame starts going up on Monday (yippee). But just found out that our windows will be delayed (until mid September). We plan to get the roof on but can't render / clad until the windows are in. What else do you suggest we do whilst we wait? Is it silly to start on any internals (MVHR / first fix elec and plumbing?) whilst everything is still open (and not secure - although we are living on site there isn't someone here all the time)?
  14. Weebles

    Ducts in slab sub base

    We have a slab! With ducts sticking out of it. All beautifully taped. Thanks everyone. I forgot to allow for electricity to the kitchen island but everything else seems to have gone well. Ducts aren’t all in perfect positions but we should be able to work around it. Will see for sure when the frame goes up. MBC back in 23rd.
  15. Just about to start fitting UFH pipes onto the steel mesh in our MBC slab. Designer has used 150mm centres for the pipes. Guys on site say that 200mm centres are sufficient. I have ordered enough pipe for 150mm centres so there are no cost savings to be made now. It will be a gas boiler supplying the hot water for the UFH. Any views?