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  1. We have PM'd our self build (still not quite finished) whilst working full time and with a 12 and 14 year old (at the start). It has been incredibly tough but very rewarding. If it helps, here is what our situation was: We lived on site in a caravan. I imagine it would be trickier to live off site if you are trying to work full time too. You want to see your site most days. Husband worked from home 3 days a week for the whole 2 year period. I worked locally and could nip home if needed to make decisions / look at something / make a cup of tea for someone let onto site in the morning / check in with a sub-contractor - essential if husband was away at work that day. We did (and are still doing) quite a few things ourselves, saving quite alot of cash, getting the quality we wanted. We have been lucky with our trades people - most of them have been fantastic, happy to offer views / help problem solve and the work good quality excellent. We quite like solving problems and were happy to work with problems, solving as we went along. We spent many many hours (often very late at night) going over quotes / specifications from suppliers to agree purchases - things like windows, doors, rooflights, bathroom fittings, kitchen etc but also plastering, electrics etc. Would a PM help with this because honestly this does take up alot of time (but is key to the final finish) We have made mistakes. Would a PM have avoided them? I honestly don't know. Probably some. But unlikely all. We haven't yet finished. A PM would probably not have allowed it to drag on this long. But life (and lockdown) has got in the way so things have slowed up. I hope your build goes well. I would like to do another but I have said, since we started this one, that I would never do one again whilst working full time. So maybe that's the honest answer. The passage of time hasn't yet made me reassess that statement 😉
  2. Our roof lights let in loads of light but are letting in loads of heat too, with the sun now high in the sky and outside temperatures in the 30s this week. So we are thinking of applying solar film. I don't think we get any value add in terms of heat in the winter as the sun is too low so not going to lose out on that. Please pass on stories, good and bad, and any recommended suppliers. There are some that just supply and some that also fit? Is it easy to self-fit? (we have easy access to the flat roof) And there is a minefield of different films to choose from......any recommendations of films? Thanks
  3. Update: got turned down for remortgage. Need building control sign off and can’t get that without a wheelchair path to the front door, amongst other things. V annoying.
  4. Do you mean 30mm inside door? So door closes onto the rubber ramp? Or extending the floor out under the door? it’s actually level, mostly, but water will still pool I guess so we’ll need to introduce a small fall. nothing much is coming under the door (got the same seal arrangement as @HerbJ albeit a different manufacturer) but some was coming though the bit around the base of the vertical garage door runners having run down the door and pooled at the bottom. That appears ok now following sealing up the gaps though not had much rain to test it.
  5. We included in our site insurance. Tbh, nothing in our van was worth nicking. We had a separate shed where we locked up power tools (and sometimes we put stuff in the van at night). And we found that we were virtually on site 24/7 anyway with living here. we also stored some furniture and boxes of possessions in a summer house (locked and boarded up). if you have anything really valuable, store off site?
  6. I am digging up this old thread as we have the same issue and could do with some ideas. I was wondering if @jack and @Roger440 had some finished photos, or even some work in progress photos please? We have laid a rubber tiled floor in the garage (it will never be used for cars by us and creating a games room and place to work out has been invaluable recently) and were thinking about getting a weatherstop strip. We were getting some water in but the grey mastic around the edge where the door is fitted seems to have helped. But we haven't laid the driveway yet and have the same issue with the concrete slab sticking out further than the door. We will only have about 10mm to play with for laying a surface on top to cover that concrete lip unless we do something......is that a problem? A thin layer of something? Ground level currently very similar to garage floor level though might have to dig out for driveway base. Thanks
  7. no UFH. But does have intake and extract for MVHR. And boiler. And data racks. And water softener. I have some pipe lagging lying around so at the very least I’m going to use that. Am somewhat surprised our plumber didn’t lag the pipes but not that surprised.
  8. We have a separate plant room, inside the thermal envelope of the house but accessed externally. This weekend has been a good opportunity to do jobs we’ve been putting off like making a stand for our water softener. Whilst in there I noticed that none of the pipe work is lagged. Would you lag the hot water pipes in here? The room is pretty warm due to all the kit in here. Any thoughts please?
  9. Weebles

    We have a leak

    not named on this thread I think. I have made every effort not to name them because I wasn’t sure if the source of the leak. But I think named on my other blog post. I wouldn’t want to name them here until they have been given a chance to rectify it. Which it appears they won’t. ☹️ will check all the paperwork tonight.
  10. Weebles

    We have a leak

    We have moved to a standard policy. I’ll check terms when I get home. Am on it re getting quotes. no BC sign off yet. I feel strongly that they should deal with it. And I can’t believe they can walk away and do nothing. I am not usually vindictive but am feeling particularly pi**ed off at the moment.
  11. Weebles

    We have a leak

    The roof light company came out yesterday and identified the mastic as the point of failure. They stripped out the mastic, replaced it and drilled some weep holes (from which water poured out). i asked them how they would like to proceed with our internal roof void damage. This is their response. I’m glad to hear that issue was identified and solved. Unfortunately warranty doesn't cover any consequential or subsequent loss, cost, injury or damage arising of any nature. I am quite cross. Any advice on what to do next? They didn’t fit their roof light correctly and are now refusing to pay up for damage caused.
  12. Hope you are getting on well with Ecology? Took about 4 weeks to get the surveyor out but he wanted done proper costings and wouldn’t accept our mix of formal quotes and guesstimates (who gets a plastering quote for a new build when they haven’t even knocked down the old house??) so we had to pay a couple of hundred to an estimating firm for an online schedule of costs (no site visit, just off plans). They accepted this and immediately approved the mortgage. Prob was about 8 weeks total but in the end it was us not rushing as more costly with them than our prior mortgage.......
  13. We aren’t expecting a completion certificate for a while (maybe later this year). Two year lock in on expensive self build mortgage has just expired. Our house is liveable (mortgageable) but not yet finished. Things to do include final bit of cladding, all landscaping and driveway plus some other internals. Plus a bl**dy roof light repair and internal making good. Currently Ecology SB mortgage. Does anyone have any experience of remortgaging before a completion certificate is issued? Could do with saving some money......
  14. Depends what you are going to keep in that garage. I would start imagining walking round the whole house and see if it works for you for your everyday life. I spent ages thinking about how I wanted to "flow" around the house, doing the day to day stuff I do, and I am delighted now it is built as it works just as I expected. One observation: The utility looks narrow for a pulley maid. Ours is fairly narrow (1.1m from edge of worktop to wall) and there is only just enough space to lower it and stand alongside to hang the laundry. Works well but I would say our dimension is a minimum. How does yours stack up for width?
  15. Weebles

    We have a leak

    I agree with this @ProDaveand of course we haven't quite confirmed the exact issue. I am also not a professional designer of glazing units (though I now know a bit more than I did earlier this week . ) But if you look at the cross section of the design it looks like this is the only reasonable possibility for how the water is getting in. Our theory also depends on the failure of the two bits circled in red. We don't think the water could be going up the inside of the frame (capillary action) as it is quite a way up but that could be the second option but that would require the failure of the silicon bead and whatever is next to the screw in the drawing below. I wasn't on the roof for the install (HWMBO was, but didn't take too many photos). The only photos we have before they lowered the glass in are here too for interest. We wonder whether the water seeps in the outer edge, and then is funnelled round to the lower part of the frame where it deepens until it seeps over / under the blue things (?) and either down the screw thread or over the edge seal (?). I guess we won't know anything for sure until the glass is lifted. But we don't see how just repairing the mastic seal is going to solve the problem as there may well be damage to the insulated upstands and more. About to email the roof light company.....