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  1. ... and an intriguing rusty corrugated roof. Is it marked on the title deeds as "here be dragons"? 🙂 Good clearing. I recall we found about 5m "extra" around our plot edges when we cleared the undergrowth (and overgrowth!!)
  2. An alternative might be a nut and washer either side of the plywood to hold the bolt vertical?
  3. The simple question is how to hold the four bolts in place while the concrete is poured? I'm guessing someone has had to deal with something like this before, so be interested in seeing your solutions. Wax paper cones and polystyrene cones are two things I have found in my searches Here is the proposed connection - a steel column that will sit on a 250mm insulated raft that will have two layers of A393 mesh reinforcement. The column is sited flush with an edge of the raft.
  4. On my SE's drawings are a series of dowel bars connecting 3 smaller slabs that are outside the envelope of the house to the main house slab (insulated). Has anyone had to install such dowels in their build? I would appreciate a chat so that I can understand how they work, and hence the best way to install them. (I am building myself and not having contractors wherever possible)
  5. First fit of door? Do it off the hinges Second and subsequent time? slide a dust sheet underneath and just get on with it
  6. My Architectural Engineer and Structural Engineer have both only supplied PDF drawings, and have stated they will not provide editable (.DWG) files that I can use to extract measurements from in order advise suppliers. The former claims it would invalidate his insurance. Should I be relying on the figure in the PDF's? Am I making an unusual request? Has anyone else been able to get such files from their professions? Is my eye for detail not suited to the building trade and should I be relying on measurements taken on the ground (which I can understand when it comes to ordering things that go in holes like windows and doors, but they're not on (or in ) the ground 🙂 )?
  7. Agreed Jack. Just pointing out the wonders of acronyms and the different names we have to put up with deciphering 🙂 (and I thought the IT industry was bad!!)
  8. Ali, The Radon/DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) shown in blue on your diagram is, I believe, the DPC (Damp Proof Course) you referred to in your original post
  9. BotusBuild

    1 floor done

    Looking good Adam. As I will be building a part basement lower ground floor, likely using Nudura, I would love to learn more about the waterproofing system/s that you used.
  10. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Maybe I have just been unfortunate, but after 2 units and 3 receivers, and having someone else test them as well I cannot bring myself to try and get it resolved.
  11. Finally got so brassed off with Huepar that the whole frigging lot has been returned - absolute waste of my time. The support was absolutely lacking in actually doing anything. Going for something else - GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
  12. A problem many of us have from time to time - too close to the action 🙂
  13. Welcome and good luck - hope the muscle pain disappears soon 🙂
  14. Welcome and good luck Adam