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  1. I'm struggling to find a supplier for a 1500mm tall window who will offer a top hung option. Any suggestions?
  2. It's basically not worth the hassle. Lots of thermal bridges and gaps where your cables have to run so you wouldn't really get a full 25mm insulation layer.
  3. If you can put your battens closer together that will help a lot. I had 600mm centres and there was no way 25mm counter battens would have worked, they would have bounced too much to drive the nails in. But halving that span should work pretty well I think. If you're including a cement board layer anyway, could you go frame-membrane-void and then use cement board cladding? It would give a more fire proof and lower maintenance alternative to larch.
  4. You may find that the 25mm counter battens flex too much. Is the cladding itself a T&G flush finish? If not, you may need to allow for another 20mm layer for overlaps.
  5. But it prevents you putting two units together.
  6. I'm not sure why they've changed it. If they think people are taking the mick building enormous portable buildings, why not just restrict the allowable size?
  7. It always was the case that it could be assembled however you like, but the finished product had to be theoretically moveable in one or two sections. Now they seem to have tightened that so that it's single piece only. They've also specifically detailed how it must attach to its base, if it's not on wheels. I don't think it would be feasible for me to add more than a token lean-to under these new rules. Which is a shame, because I quite fancy adding about a 50% extension and moving in there myself. I think my only hope would be to go for a retrospective building warrant and give up on the whole portable building thing. Fortunately I think the build would meet building regs, with the exception of the access not being completely wheelchair compatible, but that could be changed.
  8. A few years back I built a small house in compliance with Highland Council's 'Portable Buildings' definition, which exempted it from building control. At the time, you were allowed to build in up to two sections. I see that this is no longer the case. Might be useful to know if you were thinking of going with this route. Policy is here: https://www.highland.gov.uk/downloads/file/1346/bst_018_caravans_and_mobile_homes My own question is this: at the time that I gained planning and completed the build, I could have added another section. I wonder if I can still do this, or if the change in policy will prevent that? I would still be within the same total size, but adding on to the existing structure is not really feasible without making it a second 'module' that has to be moved separately.
  9. I think what I'm looking for is a mower that supports multiple guide wires? Trying to figure out what sort of price these start at. Husqvarna have a very nice 'choose your mower' feature but it's pointing me at the £2k+ segment... which is a bit out of budget...
  10. Ok here's question, which will reveal my ignorance of how these things work. I understand that for the non GPS type, you lay a boundary wire around the perimeter of the area to be mowed. What about if you have a narrow strip that the mower has to go down? Is there a limit to how close together two boundary wires can be? Asking because I don't just have one simple bit of lawn, I have a whole lot of different areas at different levels. I could have the mower trundle along the verge beside the driveway to get from one bit to another, but I need to know what the minimum width is.
  11. Is there another way of doing this? I don't mind having to manually tell it to go and mow, if that's something I could do over WiFi. I'd quite like something I can drive like a big toy car but I don't think that exists 😂. My problem isn't lack of time to do the job, it's the fact that I'm thousands of miles away...
  12. Thanks, that's quite encouraging. The cheapest ones appear to use some sort of optical 'grass recognition' and have to be physically stopped from falling down banks. I see Toolstation do a self docking/charging one for just over £400. How do they cope with wet weather? Do they sense that the grass is wet and go and hide until it's ready to be cut?
  13. We spend a good chunk of time away from our place and the cost of employing a gardener to keep the grass down really does add up. I've had a quick glance online at robo mowers and they seem to start at under £400, which is much cheaper than I expected. I'm sure you get what you pay for, of course. For it to be viable, I'd need something that that drive back to its recharging station autonomously. The space underneath the house would be absolutely perfect for this, there's even a power socket under there. The lawn isn't as flat as I'd like which might be a challenge. I am gradually levelling out the worst of the bumps though. Anybody on here using one of these beasties? Is it reasonable to expect it to operate with minimal human intervention?
  14. Bit of a personal thing, I quite like it. Part of the character of that age of building. If you don't want/need a pristine finish, it would be pretty easy to make access hatches in the panelling- just use an oscillating multi tool to cut through the T+G. You'd need to have a few screws to hold the panel in place afterwards- use nice slotted head brass ones with cup washers underneath. I don't think stripping the paint is a good idea. You could spend ages sanding it back, but you'll never get right in to the grooves. And as you say varnished wood can be very dark.
  15. Do they? Surely we want more owner occupiers? There will always be a small need for temporary rental accommodation- e.g. if you've moved to a new area and need somewhere to live while you build or buy-but I don't see how it's a good thing for it to be normal to spend years and years in a rented house, paying off somebody else's mortgage.
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