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  1. SIPS Garden Office for 3k?

    We're in the same ballpark, then. I tend to have to pay a bit extra for materials due to my location. Lovely little house, by the way!
  2. Steel beams

    Caley Sheet Metal in Inverness would be worth a call, obviously I'd speak to our local BMs (Jewson and Rembrand) too. Haulage from Inverness via Skye Express but you'd need some way of offloading at your end. If you want to save a few quid, a long trailer and a squad to lift it off at your end? That's how I did quite a bit of my timber.
  3. SIPS Garden Office for 3k?

    These sheds/tiny houses etc are making my project look very expensive! C.£40k for 43m2 useable, this is the entire project cost except for land itself, so includes services, access, related permits, foundations, and internal fitout (inc a full kitchen with dishwasher, induction hob etc, and MVHR). Insulation to about double BRegs minimum, triple glazed aluclad windows. I had to spend a big chunk of my budget on the sewage treatment system- about £7k- dictated by ground conditions.
  4. Anybody use a WiFi immersion controller?

    Yes it'll have Wi-Fi beamed across from my own house. As to 3/4G... hahaha there's a reason I don't own a mobile phone
  5. Multi tool choices

    I'm Makita throughout, apart from my corded multitool from Lidl. I've never been in a Waitrose...
  6. Multi tool choices

    Ah but hold on to your receipt, they will come good on the 3yr warranty
  7. I've got a small all electric house with just a UVC and an electric towel rail. It's a holiday let and I like the idea of being able to boost and otherwise control the heater and hot water remotely. Just wondering if anybody has experience of a WiFi enabled controller? I see that Timeguard do one:
  8. Nearly ready to start

    Congratulations on getting thus far. Give me a shout if you're looking for any contacts or advice
  9. On the home straight

    Yup, from a certain spot in the park you can see it quite easily (also from the pub car park). The front wall is only partially clad in larch at the moment but it's fairly distinctive compared to all the white houses.
  10. A bin extract would be neat, not possible for me though. Reminds me of Jeremy's cistern extract idea, which is pretty clever.
  11. My 'portable building' sits on eight concrete piers, each about 450mm square and of heights varying between 150-900mm due to the slope of the site. These piers are themselves cast atop individual concrete bases measuring around 800mm square and of whatever depth was needed to reach firm soil (minimum 500mm from memory). The building itself is a big monolithic box that should, in theory, be capable of transport by crane or low loader, just as a container would be. BC have shown zero interest in my project, and I have had no contact with them other than my initial query to check if my proposal would be exempt.
  12. Interior Plywood Walls

    How do your BMs compare to Wickes? They can often be quite competitive on things like this.
  13. Sounds great, and a similar concept to my own place but a bit bigger. As IanR says your u values look to be better than the BRegs minimum. I thought that an air test figure of under 5 meant you needed MVHR? Or have I mis-remembered that?
  14. On the home straight

    Thanks, I seriously could not have managed it without your help!! I should put together a separate blog post about just the bathroom as it was a big project.
  15. On the home straight

    It's just cheap stuff from I think the whole lot came to about £250. Pottery side of things seems fine but I don't know how long the unit itself will last. The shower tray and screen was about £200 off eBay. Total spend on the bathroom was about £800 inc lino, tiles, etc. Just got to do the skirtings and fit a towel rail now.