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  1. Crofter

    Grand design on a budget

    My own little build has worked out at just a fraction over £40k for a 43m2 (net) single storey house, price includes all services, fees, access, interior fit out, but it was about 99% DIY labour which obviously kept the cost down. Creating the access and installing the sewerage and other services took almost half of that budget. On a flat site with mains drainage the project would have been significantly cheaper. I could also have cut back on the spec, e.g. no alu clad 3G windows, no plaster skim, budget kitchen, and saved a few thousand that way.
  2. Crofter

    The Build - Oak framed car port

    The ceiling joists and the rafters will form a truss in themselves. Looks amazing, and no worries about it blowing away or collapsing under a bit of snowfall! Puts my garage to shame (I live in fear of both these events...)
  3. Crofter

    Reclaimed insulation

    All I know is what the driver happened to mention to me, as related above. I don't think PIR can be recycled so saving it from landfill has to be a good thing. If you're after a natural insulation product, blown cellulose is pretty high performance and with good green credentials- I would probably have used it if it had been available locally (a contractor has to install it).
  4. Crofter

    TV options

    My concern with freesat is that I might not reception. I bought a dish for my own house, just across the road from the holiday let, and wasted hours trying to find a signal. Eventually the wind ripped it off the wall so that was the end of that. The aerial went the same way, we now stream everything.
  5. Crofter

    TV options

    I'm a wee bit reluctant to buy another tv since we already have a Samsung 40" that was top of the range a few years ago. Is a smart tv really any easier to operate than a tv with a streaming dongle plugged into it?
  6. Crofter

    TV options

    I'm concerned about a smart tv becoming obsolete very quickly. The one I have was my in laws' and is already outdated. We have a Nespresso and the local broadband is being upgraded a we speak. Like you,I don't really rate TV- more of a Radio 4 type
  7. Crofter

    TV options

    Thanks for that feedback I'll check it out. The TV itself is a Samsung smart tv, but now too old for most of the apps to be supported. One of the reasons I will never be an early adopter!
  8. Crofter

    TV options

    We're about to open our holiday let and need to decide what we're offering in the way of TV. People are only going to be staying for a few days at a time so simplicity is key. A good proportion of visitors will be from overseas as well which could complicate things and make written instructions less useful. Terrestrial reception is very poor and a dish sounds like too much trouble- no guarantee of getting a good line of sight anyway. We use a Fire Stick ourselves and find it very intuitive. Not without its glitches, and removal of support for YouTube is a big step backwards. Any other streaming devices to consider? As I said, ease of use is everything. I'm told people will often want to log into their own Netflix accounts, so actual content provision isn't that important and I'm sure free to air stuff will be good enough.
  9. Crofter

    Bigger window for the bedroom?

    This version works for me. But I hope you're not going to be giving your neighbours too much of an eyefull!
  10. Crofter

    Sewage treatment plant

    Whether or not it will sit happily in pea gravel is entirely down to your ground water conditions. If the water table is low, then the tank won't float up out of the ground when emptied. But in areas of high water table pretty much any design of tank or treatment plant will need to be concreted in place.
  11. Crofter

    Are we there yet?

    Eek, didn't think about that!
  12. Crofter

    Are we there yet?

    Aaaaaand we have Wifi! Writing this from the comfort of the reclining sofa. In the end I resorted to a power-link wifi extender, using an extension lead running down from my shed. Crude but it works! Will consider swapping over to something else when I get a chance, maybe something that doesn't involve running 240v cables across the garden.
  13. Crofter

    Are we there yet?

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. It's certainly a bit of a group effort to get here. We've now gone live on AirBnB but any BuildHubbers should just contact me directly for your BH discount (hang on isn't this blatant spamming???)
  14. The spigot on the back of mine was definitely an 80mm, same as the galv pipe. But mine is the through-the-wall kit, and I think yours is the through-the-floor?
  15. Crofter

    Are we there yet?

    Very good points. We still have three weeks to do the snagging. There's not really anything that can't be worked around, e.g. for internet I can run an ethernet cable down from our own house. It's going to be a busy race to the finish line though!