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  1. Nope! Named by @Nickfromwales
  2. The one from the garage. It is dusty as it was stored in the garage boxless but assuming it looks serviceable and if it’s any good to anyone I’m happy to pass it on, but it has no screws. I can’t even think where they were supposed to be used . There are also the cock controllers if anyone has a use for them (obviously now in a box, not on the wall!). They were only fitted for a few months before @Nickfromwales rendered them redundant.
  3. newhome

    New Privacy Rules

    Interesting that some companies ask you to opt in, some ask you to opt out, some say that they will protect your data and need to nothing if you're happy, and others don't appear to have asked at all. I have opted out of some, gone with the flow with others, but Virgin Trains (that will soon be replaced by LNER on my line) were annoying as they wanted my username and password to opt out.
  4. newhome

    She's BOUGHT a...

    Women like the pleasure of coveting then purchasing the next must have item, followed by the enjoyment of receiving it, admiring it and using it a few times. After that our interest is lost and we’ve moved onto the next must have item. My advice, go with it and buy a big shed
  5. So does @ProDave need both control boxes? Or do different types link together?
  6. I found that one on top of the TS still in its box where I suspect it has been for the last 8 years before it moved abroad to Wales so should be BNIB.
  7. @Nickfromwales do you want to pass @ProDave the one you have, and I’ll check out the one I still have to make sure it’s not nuked and will post it here if it looks ok and then someone else can have it.
  8. I think there is another one of those in the garage as I nearly chucked it out last weekend in my endless garage clearout quest. Ran out of room in the car so it lived to see another day. It’s not in a box and may be a bit dusty but I will check when I get home and then that may also be going begging too if anyone wants it.
  9. I’ve got many zones as @PeterW says but actually I mostly use the whole house as a 4 zone affair; 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs, split into ‘rooms I use’ and ‘rooms I don’t use’. For the latter I have set them to frost setting, keep the doors closed, and the other rooms run quite happily at a temperature that suits me with downstairs set to 20c and upstairs set to 18c. The zones I use are set to lower temperatures when I’m out of the house at work and then about an hour before I return home it heats back up to 20c so it’s definitely not cooking on gas (or in my case electric) 24x7. My system performed so poorly before it was sorted out I was very sceptical about how it could possibly work efficiently but so far so good!
  10. Every day’s a school day . Happy to oblige
  11. newhome

    My Nightmare Heating System

    Lol, as this has been bumped up again I will give an update on the heating system. Both heating and DHW are working great. Heatmiser controller is doing its thing, and I've got to grips with it now as opposed to it being an ornament on the wall for the last 8 years! However it would never have worked properly with the TS all fecked anyway. TS is all good and no longer the device from hell, and taps deliver hot water when I need it, and enough to take a shower or a bath. So all good. The only outstanding issue is with the solar thermal that isn't heating the TS despite it 'running' as I can hear when it switches on and should be heating the TS. So new parts have been ordered and I'm trying to get a local plumber to sort that out (not that easy as apparently all plumbers round here are scared of going on the roof). @Nickfromwales and @PeterW think it's hopefully just air causing the glycol not to circulate properly so a change of automatic air vent might sort it, plus have advised that the pump should be changed at the same time as it's probably murdered itself after being in situ and not working properly for so long. A plumber is allegedly coming on Friday so have a look and give me a quote so fingers crossed! Would be good to get it working but not the end of the world if it doesn't really.
  12. newhome

    Self build in Scotland on a budget

    I like it too. Sort of New York loft meets family home.
  13. newhome

    Self build in Scotland on a budget

    We used Scotframe and found them pretty good. Since being on this forum I am told they are not the cheapest however. I just checked and the timber frame kit that included things like internal doors, coving, skirting and staircase, and including windows and doors, made up 22% of the final build cost. The kits always sound pretty cheap until you start adding on labour and other materials.
  14. newhome

    Self build in Scotland on a budget

    We had a timber frame (not a basic package however), with blocks on the outside. Timber frame made sense to us for a number of reasons. Firstly most builds up here in Scotland are timber frame, secondly as novice self builders it gave us the comfort that it was all being designed and cut to spec, and the sizes were correct for every component, and as it turned out it all fitted together very well. Thirdly once it was delivered on site it was up and watertight with astonishing speed (a bonus as the weather can be iffy here). We also needed the house to be habitable pretty quickly and as it turned out we moved in once we had a kitchen, shower room and living space. The rest of the house took eons to complete but that’s a different story! We kept costs down by sourcing every component outside of the timber frame package ourselves, and all trades were on a labour only basis. The housing market was very slow when we built our house and mainstream house builders had pretty much stopped building locally so there were lots of trades wanting the work so we got decent people (well mostly, still ended up with a few knobs!), and they gave competitive quotes (labour only) as they really wanted the work. So if you’re building a 112 m2 house, doing much of it yourself, sourcing all of the materials yourself including recycled where you can, getting trades in as and when you can afford to, and aren’t in any rush at all it seems achievable just about. If you want a house built quickly, insulated to within an inch of its life with a very high spec and finish then it’s not but as with most things in this life you pays your money and you takes your choice. Please do blog! This forum isn’t going anywhere so slow doesn’t matter,, and your approach to your build is different from many so will be of interest and provide a different perspective.
  15. newhome

    The Butterfly Effect

    The vision vs the reality