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  1. Yes. There are a ton of people self isolating. Either they’ve been in the office with someone who has come come down with a temperature or diagnosed with Covid 19, or one of their family members has, or they are coughing.
  2. The power station up here is fully staffed. They have contingency plans in place that if the situation became extreme involve testing the teams and essentially locking them in until the pandemic ends. It’s nuclear so they can’t just lock up and leave!
  3. Conversely the amazing sickness policies in some companies seem to ‘encourage’ some employees to take full advantage of the policy often timing their time off sick to coincide exactly with the significant period for which they are eligible for full pay. There are many however who choose to have contractor status (admittedly well remunerated ones). Until IR35 (was supposed to) put a stop to it we had contractors who had been with the company for years in some cases but never wanted to go permanent. IR35 persuaded many of them to convert to permanent but there were still several who decided to continue contracting via an umbrella company. That may not have been the smart move in the current situation as the expected economic downturn post coronavirus will undoubtedly lead to cost cutting, and in such circumstances contractors are generally the first to be let go.
  4. True, but people place value on different things based on how important something is to them. For some a kick arse tool is of great importance, others have horses, designer handbags, flash cars et al. You can buy cheaper versions of all of those things (well the horse might be a cat instead 😉 ) but ultimately we all place different values on things. From the comments here it would seem that many people believe that MVHR is worth it for the air quality alone whereas others would be quite happy with trickle vents. It doesn't make one view invalid - vive la difference.
  5. There is also a certificate you can use at the back of VAT Notice 708.
  6. Looks lovely! For info since you mentioned VAT there is a VAT sub forum that has a guide to the reclaim process but you have to have made 10 posts to view it.
  7. Welcome. Fancy telling us something about your build?
  8. Sounds like it could be a good thing for you then. Let us know what the deal is (and terms and conditions) when you get something formal through.
  9. This company @zoothorn?
  10. I think that there are companies around that will fit an ASHP free of charge but you have to sign the RHI payment over to them. Also not a good plan if you intend to move within 7 years. They generally require the prospective client to pay a small fee, something like a couple of hundred pounds a year I believe as a maintenance charge. So I’m guessing one of those companies. The company would need checking out with great diligence IMO. There were plenty of rent a roof companies installing PV and getting the FIT in the past. This is an extension of that.
  11. There will be local variations with the cost of trades generally. I imagine that Edinburgh prices may be higher than in other areas of Scotland. @AliG has built in Edinburgh and he has posted extensively so probably worth reading through his posts specifically as well as general topics posted by others.
  12. Mine took them 3 years in Scotland. In the meantime my solicitor retired, the path of a right of access was screwed up (goes through the middle of my garage) and now it’s down to me to instruct another solicitor to sort it. I’ll do that when I come to sell (or next door come to sell) as it’s causing no issues currently. Complete pain though.
  13. Nope, I suspect that many believe the sales patter.
  14. Developer new build. Garden swept away in Storm Dennis.