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  1. My Nightmare Heating System

    From memory the places he looked at were circa 350k - 400k for a fairly small 2 bed with a single parking space (which was the main issue with buying a house there, ie most didn't have one). Not sure about the rental income he was looking for TBH but occupancy levels were a major factor. He didn't want to buy somewhere further out and then have trouble renting it. He said that they had rejected Polzeath but not sure why. He was looking for somewhere right near the coast and looked at this one I think (but it needed a ton of work). He looked at it when it first came on the market but interestingly it's still on the market 7 months later.
  2. Emulsion spray painting

    We tried to do this on the external walls (we had intended to do the internal walls too). The spray painter (which wasn't particularly cheap) packed up after 4 hours so it went back and the money refunded so we resorted to old fashioned tray and roller, and gazillions of hours painting .
  3. My Nightmare Heating System

    Cornwall sounds lovely though. My aunt lives in Looe somewhere but I haven’t seen her since I was a kid. My brother’s been looking to buy a holiday cottage in Port Issac but I think it’s crazy expensive. I should encourage him really and get somewhere to go on holiday .
  4. My Nightmare Heating System

    So it’s circa 30 seconds to feel any sign of warmth at all and just over a minute to get it up to the full temperature. That’s a minute of my life I will never get back when I shower
  5. My Nightmare Heating System

    I will work on being more patient!
  6. My Nightmare Heating System

    Lol re the measuring! It’s not just that bathroom, it’s all of the taps upstairs in my view. I know I’m impatient though . Will time how long the hot water takes and you can tell me if I need to chill out more
  7. My Nightmare Heating System

    I don’t know re the pipes. I didn’t really take much notice when that stuff was going on sadly as I had a flat in Edinburgh in the early stages. Here are the only photos I can find so I imagine the answer to the insulation question is no. Adding up the distance directly round the walls (is that where the pipes are likely to be?). It’s circa 35 metres to the furthest shower. So re the flow rate I time how long hot hot water takes to arrive once the tap is turned on?
  8. My Nightmare Heating System

    Just thought of another (fairly minor) irritation. DHW seems to take quite a while to arrive upstairs, especially to the taps / showers furthest away from the TS. Is that just due to the distance and something to live with? I have to warn visitors that hot water won’t arrive instantly.
  9. Tiling...many questions

    She would have been better off cutting her losses at that point . The mirror was clearly trying to commit suicide!
  10. Tiling...many questions

    Jeezo! I know we all have different tastes but FML that vanity unit is a monstrosity. And the lights!!!
  11. Little message for your power crazy council employee
  12. What do they do if you need to earn enough money to make a start on the next thing? So you may need a few months to be able to afford to get it plastered (for example). Not everyone has cash available to work on the whole lot consecutively with no stops surely? Some people will deffo be completing tasks on an earn / pay as you go basis.
  13. Finished at last!

    Ha ha, I had to 'train' mine but it was mostly successful .
  14. That’s excellent news, well done! Love it when people stand up against mindless bureaucracy and win! You can put the kettle back now
  15. Hi from the north

    Lovely site! Will make a great spot I’m sure. Welcome, from the wild and windy east coast of the Borders.