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  1. newhome


    I included that in mine.
  2. A few years ago, I’m going to say 7 or 8, the government handed out targets for things like loft insulation. The main energy companies provided it and it was meant to be for existing lofts with not enough insulation but there were no real checks, you just said you had none and they delivered it for a small delivery fee. Thus they met their target. Cue an abundance of insulation on eBay and gumtree. The rules are much tighter now.
  3. @lizzie has a good idea. A key safe that’s very difficult to locate and when they break into it, it’s empty 😀
  4. So presumably it’s not attached to the house? Thinking where else I could put one ... 🤔
  5. I will put it round the back as I want it to open the back door. Haven’t decided where yet. 6 digits would be better and I will look for one where the order of the numbers is important.
  6. newhome

    Stiff door lock

    Thanks. I’m not too bothered about the cost but want something that will work and won’t feck it up ...
  7. newhome

    Subject to planning offer - how long?

    Quite! Especially as they haven’t had much interest in the plot to date!
  8. Sorry to bump up an old thread but I found this as I am considering fitting a key safe. I rang my insurance company (Halifax) and they confirmed that I would still be covered if someone broke into the key safe as it counts as forceable entry. She said they were popular if you have a carer or a cleaner for example. If someone accesses the safe without forcing it then I imagine you won’t be covered so be careful who you give the code to. I asked if I needed a specific type and she said ‘the safer the better’ but there is no standard it needs to comply with. She has also put a note on my policy that I have contacted them to inform them that I will have a key safe so my advice is to always tell your insurance company as they don’t all have the same requirements.
  9. newhome

    Stiff door lock

    I’ve ordered some 3 in 1 oil from Amazon. I have WD40 here but don’t think I’ve got the oil. Will give that a whirl when it comes, thanks.
  10. Nor me. I just shove an extension lead through the window or door. Do you have a replacement sink yet? I would get all of the materials ready to complete the job so that you don’t have any down time waiting for bits. You’ll need to order those extension boxes online ....
  11. newhome

    Subject to planning offer - how long?

    That’s not a lot to pay out if you think that the plot will become a whole lot more desirable afterwards. I would keep quiet personally. So how does it work? You are both tied in unless the PP doesn’t sort itself within X months? So they can’t pull out once they see your idea and you can’t pull out if you have a change of heart? Are the missives concluded before the PP?
  12. newhome

    Stiff door lock

    No it’s stiff when the door is open too. The bolts that engage when I pull the handle up don’t seem particularly stiff. Scared myself at 11pm last night when I was fiddling with it and couldn’t get it unlocked after I had locked it with the door open. Note to self, don’t mess about with stuff late at night! They are uPVC. And it’s not hot today. Back to normal Scottish summer 😉
  13. newhome

    Stiff door lock

    One of the locks on my French doors is becoming very stiff to unlock. Had a look online and various links say squirt with WD40, never use WD40, use 3 in 1 oil, use graphite powder, remove the barrel and clean etc. So now I’m confused about what to do. Any tips please as the lock on the back door is the same type and the one I rely on to get in the house and that’s getting a little stiff now too.
  14. newhome

    Subject to planning offer - how long?

    Sounds like you just need a conversation with them that you will proceed as soon as the PP is through but in order that you are both protected, and given the experience of others buying plots without PP 9 months is better for both of you, and you will keep them informed every step of the way through the PP process.
  15. newhome

    Subject to planning offer - how long?

    So if you have your offer accepted and a 5 month clause what will the vendor do if the PP isn't completed within that period? Say all bets are off and they lose the sale? I can see why they wouldn't want an endlessly long period but surely they will be cutting their nose off to spite their face if they offer an unfeasibly short time?