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  1. Did your installers not do a heat demand summary? This is the first page of the summary I received from an MCS installer when I asked for a quote. It was produced using the MCS software. If it appears to be using much more electricity than you were led to believe I would contact the installers. Heat pumps are designed to be used pretty much constantly I believe but if you move to a variable tariff you could raise the temperature to higher than you need during the cheap hours so it does more work during the cheap rate and then set it back during the more expensive period. I’m on a flat rate tariff of 11.5p for heating and 12.59p for all other use with EDF. I don’t have a heat pump yet (still considering one) but am on all electric heating. I’ve never set the heating to 22 degrees though. I have it at 18 in the bedroom and between 18 and 20 in the living space.
  2. Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your health issues but hopefully you are getting good treatment and the refurbishment will be a good distraction. Sounds like a good project and I hope that you can get some good advice on here when needed.
  3. There is other evidence you can use (it’s noted in the claim form). Has to be within 3 months of the document you use as evidence however.
  4. It will be on one of those ‘we install and you assign the RHI rights to us’ schemes I imagine. Zoot owns the property.
  5. Yes, you can include invoices received up to the day you send the claim off. They've always been allowed before that is, unless HMRC has had a change of policy. In general stone worktops aren't DIY fitted though so if it's supply and fit they should be zero rated.
  6. I never enter that, I just put in my annual consumption.
  7. There are tariffs that allow this but they don’t tend to have the best rates unfortunately. Most companies want monthly direct debits, an online only account (ebills etc.) and regular customer reads. I’d use one of the price comparisons and read the small print as I’m not sure if ‘pay for energy in arrears’ ( which is essentially what paying a bill equates to) is one of the options you can select.
  8. Oh and if you rip it out or install an alternative heating system you will no longer be eligible for RHI payments but I’m not sure if anyone ever checks whether the kit is installed as it was originally.
  9. They are pretty toothless. As long as someone is on the MCS list (it’s not their list, just anyone who has MCS accreditation) they will approve the loan. They won’t ever recommend a supplier so everyone is stuck with the selection they make unfortunately. You could possibly complain to MCS or via the RHI scheme but I bet they don’t have much power either.
  10. I’ve had female dogs for years (they don’t go on the lawn area more because of the mud issue than anything else). I’ve recently got an entire male and his pee stinks much more than any of the females. My vet confirmed that this was normal!
  11. From a heat pump group apparently they have admitted on the phone to sending many of these emails in error. It’s a pity that they haven’t managed to send an apology out as yet!
  12. I have one but have never been brave enough to use it outside! 😃
  13. IME the blokes would rather pee in a bush than use a portaloo.