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  1. I had quite a few that were over £30 and they accepted them but I agree, a VAT receipt is best. Wouldn’t want to risk it for a large amount.
  2. newhome

    Discount Offers of the Week

    And here it is ...
  3. They must be in your name and not someone else’s (eg your builder). If there is no name on the invoice because it’s more like a receipt from a retail company then there is evidence that HMRC do accept receipts of a lowish value. Do try to restrict these to purchases under £100 if you can though. Most retail places have some way of requesting a full VAT receipt.
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    Discount Offers of the Week

    20% off specific sellers at eBay. Use code PURE20. Minimum purchase £25, maximum discount £75. Valid until midnight 23.59 on 27th June. 20% off eBay
  5. Buildzone provided my warranty and also carried out inspections for their own purpose to ensure that the building was fit for purpose when the warranty was issued. I am in Scotland and the LA cover the building control inspections (sounds the same as NI) so this was all arranged through them.
  6. At this point I’d be wondering how deep the patio foundations need to be ...
  7. FGS don't buy a curtain to match that blind!!!
  8. newhome

    What could possibly go wrong

    My neighbours did the same and their hedge hasn't grown much either so perhaps not good for the coastal Lowlands either. I bought some griselinia as recommended by someone on here and it's grown amazingly well in just 12 months.
  9. Have a read of this post. It explains how to approach your supplier if VAT is incorrectly charged. If they still won’t refund the VAT you can tell them that you are reporting them to HMRC but how far you’ll get with that is not clear. You must get it back from the supplier as you can’t get it back any other way. Water under the bridge now but this is why it’s important to ensure that you are charged VAT correctly throughout the build.
  10. newhome

    Toilet of death

    Does that stuff scratch at all? Not thinking loos but maybe induction hob, stainless steel sink.
  11. newhome


    Self build insurance is a must. You only really need the structural warranty if a. you intend to sell within 10 years as a buyer’s lender may almost certainly want one, or b. you need to get a mortgage yourself or may want to remortgage. If neither applies you may not need one. Try Buildzone for both the insurance and warranty. They’ve been in the market a long time and their warranty is widely accepted by mortgage lenders.
  12. newhome

    Thermal store setup control

    This is what I have on mine. The top stat is set at about 65 though and does pretty hot DHW (I have to mix with cold when running a bath). I don’t have rads though.
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    Discount Offers of the Week

    Ebay 10% off everything Use ‘PRICEWIN’ code Min Spend £50 Max Discount £100 Valid from 12:00 PM Friday 14 June 2019 to 11:59 PM Saturday 15 June 2019
  14. newhome

    Hello fellow Scottish builders

    I agree with @Christine Walker. Set your sights on getting the TF ordered and erected to watertight stage asap. If you haven't ordered the frame yet you had better get a crack on as although we're only in June by the time it gets delivered and erected the best of the weather wil be over (seems odd saying that today mind when it's tipping it down outside). Have you done anything about services and foundations yet?
  15. There’s also reason for optimism I guess as the mind knows that temperature is likely to go up rather than down in summer, but in the winter without a heat source it will only go lower. That said the weather is grim here today. We have the start of what the SE has had over the last couple of days.