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  1. Oops!
  2. Thanks. I'm not surprised about the 'Moscow' one but the 'lady in the lift' is surprising as I thought they had actually moved into their house. I liked that house too.
  3. Having watched the TV show what houses are still unfinished? Are they still being worked on or have they stalled completely?
  4. I just got 4 new tyres from Costco. £80 off a set of 4 or £40 off 2, and the price was decent for CrossClimates (£464 including fitting).
  5. I have a cordless VAX vacuum (and a cordless hard floor cleaner too) and they work fine. I only have hard floors though so they don’t need such heavy duty suction as with carpet. The truly useless VAX I had was a robot one. Sent it back after a single use where it spent the entire time humping the bottom of the island stools and didn’t pick up anything.
  6. I use my iPhone way more than the hoover! 😀
  7. Hmm, well if you never vacuum it should last a lifetime surely? 😉 I have an iPhone and twin Dysons 😀. I think there are other cordless vacuums that are decent now. My friends with pets seem to love Shark these days but as I have no carpets anywhere any vacuum cleaner works pretty well on hard floors.
  8. Yes but plainly ridiculous when you’ve bought a house with 3 bathrooms that is supposed to be finished.
  9. More convenient. It’s a faff dragging the long hoses out of the cupboard and then dragging them round the floor. Cordless technology has come on leaps and bounds since the central vac was installed.
  10. I’ve got one. Never use it. Prefer to use the cordless Dysons instead.
  11. Indeed I did. I refused to complete on completion day. Developer threatened to sue me. On you go I said as I had plenty of photo evidence that the house wasn’t finished. Their opinion that as long as I had one flushing loo and could cook was unbelievable. Most of the issues were fixed and we completed 2 weeks later. To the OP, you need to formally write to the developer explaining that the work is sub standard and that you expect it to be rectified before you will complete. Get your solicitor to do it now.
  12. You have to send approved plans so I sent the plans signed off by building control. Depends if there are other plans that sit alongside the PP that are suitable I guess.
  13. Mine was added as part of permitted development later but when the BCO came to look at the build he said 'not interested in the detached garage'. I think the only way you will know for certain is if you ask them. I wouldn't be too keen to move it from all of the plans however as then you can't reclaim the VAT on it.
  14. Not sure - you make an assumption that they communicate but I will find out and see if that makes any difference, thanks.