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  1. I remember only too well and it's a long time after my build. I think to a degree you are going to have to trust your builder. Presumably you have employed him as he comes recommended and knows what he is doing? No one can really advise much without photos TBH as it's just too hard to envisage what's going on from words. Once you see things start to take shape properly I hope that it will feel a lot less stressful and you can enjoy watching things progress.
  2. I haven't seen any evidence that they have done this for some time but they reserve the right to. I suspect that if you make a couple of genuine mistakes you wouldn't get fined. I imagine they would be more likely to fine you if you tried it on, or tried to reclaim VAT on a stack of ineligible items, services, VAT incorrectly charged etc.
  3. More’s the pity! Bloody weeds in pea shingle are the bane of my life during the summer!
  4. I use a hose end sprayer set to the right concentration. Means I don’t have to dilute anything. My 5l has lasted a few years.
  5. This is fortuitous as I have just come to the end of my current batch of weedkiller and need to buy more. I assume that this is the same as Gallup 360? It has been quite effective but I could do with a final spray before winter as there are still new weeds appearing. £30 for 5 litres seems to be about the going rate from a quick google
  6. Surely set back in this context means that it simply stays switched off unless the heating was to drop so low it reached the set back temperature? It’s nigh on impossible for it to come on at the level I set it at - it might come on if I’m away in the winter and the system is set to away. I can’t easily switch my room stats off for specific periods so the set back process allows me to determine when they are off and on.
  7. Personally I set mine back when I’m not around as I don’t want my boiler to keep firing up. I then set it to come on again a couple of hours before I arrive home so that it’s up to temperature when I get in. The slab is slow to heat up but slow to cool down too so I don’t find that it drops too much during the day anyway. That works for me. YMMV.
  8. I doubt @Ferdinand‘s mother will need a season ticket as that’s only if you pay for prescriptions and need multiple. It may be the difference between postcodes, ie some will prescribe the build up drinks and some won’t. My mother is down to 7.5 stone so she is getting them now.
  9. You can take 25% tax free surely?
  10. +1. We always get ‘free prescriptions’ called out as a massive benefit when as you say 90% of prescriptions are free in England and I pay a well into 4 figure sum of additional tax to live here with ‘free prescriptions’!!
  11. Both my hubby and my mother got them from the ordinary GP. Neither went to a dietitian. Hubby had his as he pretty much stopped being able to eat normal food, and my mother was prescribed them when she lost more than a stone after a RA flare up and she can’t afford to lose that amount of weight.
  12. +1 and surely MCS installers should be used to installing in new builds?
  13. Not for someone who must be 80+ surely? No charge.
  14. Won't the GP give something similar on prescription?