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  1. newhome

    What are my chances?

    TBH during our build plumbers were the least reliable of the trades in terms of turning up and most of the ones we had were pretty crap too so if you have a decent one it’s probably worth the wait. Is everything else finished now then? It’s much easier to get things sorted when you’re not working round your own stuff trying to sort things. Does the other guy need a van? Can’t he come in a car, or you go pick him up?
  2. newhome

    EURO NCAP * Ratings

    Now what one to buy ...
  3. newhome

    EURO NCAP * Ratings

    I got my car smashed into twice in the station car park, the second time crunching the whole side of it. Luckily for me British Transport Police reviewed the CCTV on that occasion and found that it was done by the guy who had been servicing the CCTV camera 😄. He hit it with his cherrypicker on the way out and got caught on his own CCTV. What a thick bastard, as they also did him for not reporting an accident. He tried to say that he didn’t realise that he had hit it but they saw him on camera getting out of his truck, surveying the damage, looking round to see if anyone had seen him (all in full view of the camera he had just serviced) and driving off. You have to wonder about some people! Cost almost 6k to fix it. Without the CCTV evidence I would have been screwed.
  4. newhome

    EURO NCAP * Ratings

    Thanks. I have a 4 port adaptor for phones etc in the storage box between the seats so I could plug it into the cigarette lighter. They don’t have a battery then? Was thinking about when I leave it parked somewhere as the only times I’ve ever had the car damaged was in car parks; 5 times serious damage over the years.
  5. newhome

    EURO NCAP * Ratings

    How do these things work? Do they come on automatically or do you have to faff around and switch them on and off?
  6. That's certainly what I read on a specialist tax forum, ie if it's in the curtilage of the garden of the PPR and under 0.5 hectares in total then it's not applicable, but if larger or on land designated agricultural, paddock etc even if adjoining the house and garden then it is applicable.
  7. What is the top made of just now? What is the unit made of?
  8. newhome

    Newbies from Central Scotland

    Welcome to the crazy world of self build. Exciting, challenging, sometimes terrifying, and a journey not many choose to take. You are among like minded folk here though. Read lots of threads, ask lots of questions; you are fortunate to have found this forum right at the start. Remember, there are no dumb questions here.
  9. newhome

    What are my chances?

    Christ I did that for weeks last winter when I couldn’t get someone out 😀. It’s doable. Wear a jumper and warm socks, plus you can pop to the old house to shower lol.
  10. newhome

    What are my chances?

    I think you are just going to have to go with it tbh. Getting anyone else will likely come with an overhead of cost as most trades don’t want to pick up a job halfway through. It’ll be a case of ringing round and finding out if you do want to go down that route but I doubt anyone will agree a fixed price for something that is an unknown quantity. Annoying I know but you’ll either have to go with the flow and move in without hot water, or heating in some places (think you have electric UFH in some places), or just sit tight.
  11. newhome


    Welcome to BuildHub. Experience is always welcome here 🙂
  12. No I don't believe it should. If the barns weren't part of the PPR (as in the back garden and and the whole PPR area less than 0.5 hectares) then CGT would be due I imagine just as it would be due if you gifted a second home. Similarly if you gifted land that wasn't part of your main house then CGT would be due.
  13. newhome


    Don’t forget there is a marketplace on here too.
  14. There is a similar thread here. Not sure if you’ve read this one?
  15. newhome


    +1. That’s a pretty nice house to bulldoze!