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  1. Roundtuit

    Purchased of freehold

    To me, it sounds like a reasonable price to secure the freehold. Even if it's 50% over-priced, I wouldn't want to lose the option over a few hundred quid. Express an interest and make an offer!
  2. I expect wall/ceiling finishes and colour have a significant effect, and you'd need more lighting in a timber shed to achieve the same level as a skimmed and painted room?
  3. Roundtuit

    How much should it cost to install windows?

    I had 26 widows, 2 doors, 3 French doors and a 4m bifold door fitted for £2050 by local window fitters. I bought the expanding foam tape and fixing brackets (maybe £400 tops) and foamed them in myself after fitting as per JSH. Two-storey house, no need for a telehandler. I'd say there's some room for negotiation in your quote!
  4. Roundtuit

    Rationel Windows - Payment Terms

    Me too. Rationel windows/Solarlux bifolds; 50% up front, balance 10 days prior to delivery. In retrospect, I was a little concerned about paying up front, but that paled into insignificance compared to the worry about whether they'd fit the holes I'd measured....
  5. Roundtuit

    Rainwater harvesting

    Materials aside, one day of your plumbers time will likely cover around 10,000 toilet flushes by my rough reckoning... If you're looking at this as a cost saving measure, it needs to be done dead cheap I'd say, with a long term view. If it's an environmental initiative, possibly better to buy your water, and in doing so, help finance large scale resource management by your supplier. If it's to reduce reliance on utility suppliers, then it depends how much it's worth to you!
  6. Roundtuit

    Timber frame make-up for hut

    Ok, you've got a bit of planning time then! If it's just for short duration site visits (assuming you have some services on site), then anything better than a tent is a bonus. My view would be to keep it simple, ventilate well, and light the wood burner when it's chilly.
  7. Roundtuit

    Timber frame make-up for hut

    Hi. Don't know what your situation is re: build route, but you should consider whether a 'side project' is really going to be a realistic option if you're going to be anything like hands-on through the build. If you need it fully plumbed and wired, then +1 for the static caravan option. Live in it for the duration of the build, then sell it to finance your dream shepherds hut if it's still on your wish list!
  8. Roundtuit

    Concrete screws ?

    Just tried concrete screws into block work for fixing battens but didn't get on with them (kept stripping the pilot hole out), so went back to screws and plugs. Maybe what you need are 'concrete ceiling anchors':
  9. Roundtuit


    Not sure what sort of look you're aiming for, but in our previous place we had a brick hearth that looked good. Now we have a wood burner on 12mm tiles on top of screed that BC were happy with.
  10. Your trading relationship would be with the installers so I don't think the manufacturers would have any obligation to you directly, and I'd suggest that if things are going t!t$-up, there is nothing to say the installer will have made any payment to the manufacturer towards your order anyway. 'Section75' credit card protection might be the easiest way to get some security; break up the purchase in to chunks < £30k, and pay a deposit on a credit card for each? @newhome: snap!
  11. Roundtuit

    Should I tile Ensuite Wall?

    Good choice. For balance, I ordered enough panel boards for two showers (Mermaid trade I think). I did one, and returned the rest... (visible joints, difficult to fit full floor-to-ceiling lengths). It pi$$es me off every time I look at it, but I'll have to live with it for a while. Much happier with the other one I had tiled. The rest of the rooms are just skimmed and painted, with the exception of approx 150mm splash-backs; its ok, but doesn't match the look of fully tiled.
  12. Roundtuit

    How to get Howdens prices

    Yep, we've just had a new branch open nearby, much more convenient than the branch my account is with. I said I'd transfer to them if we could stop dicking about with pricing, but it seems to be company policy...
  13. Roundtuit

    Beam & Block Overkill?

    Building regs require the area under the block and beam to be ventilated I believe. I'm sure there are other options but anything 'non-standard' is hard work locally in terms of expertise and willingness to break the mould, so we're piled with a ring beam. We're probably about 500mm out of the ground for FFL (300mm above adjacent road). On the plus side, no muck-away, and room for 175mm of PIR on top of the block and beam.
  14. Roundtuit

    Beam & Block Overkill?

    In our case, unstable ground conditions (fenland) coupled with a flood risk assessment requiring elevated finished floor levels.
  15. Roundtuit

    How to get Howdens prices

    As above: easy enough to open an account just as a self-builder, but in practice I've bought very little from them as their pricing 'game' is such a pain in the arse, and it's generally been easier to buy better elsewhere. Got a good deal on some discounted skirting and architrave though...