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  1. I'm pretty local to you I think, and have a local-made timber frame. Happy to share experience by pm if that's preferred.
  2. Assuming you're new-build, then in-roof. Looks better, costs less. If you go for a tried-and-tested system, leaking won't be a concern. We've used Viridian Solar's in-roof stuff, but there are a number of people on here that have used different systems satisfactorily.
  3. Might be able to find a home for some of those! Pm incoming!
  4. Not sure that there is any reason for the cill to be any wider than the structural opening, other than aesthetic preference? I'll shortly be fitting aluminium pressings, and they'll be the width of the opening (minus a few mill for fitting and a bead of silicon)
  5. We rented for what turned out to be 2 years. A big lump of cash gone, but with 2 teenage kids studying, it kept family life on an even keel whilst the build was progressing. If we'd tried the caravan option, I'm pretty sure I'd only be seeing the kids every other weekend now!
  6. Surely someone somewhere is working from a set of plans, and not just making it up as they go along? If not, or you can't get a copy, perhaps it's time to ask your builder to sketch out a plan with dimensions on it before doing anything else? If he knows what he's doing, it will only take him 10 minutes; you'll know what you're dealing with and what questions you need to ask, and the experts on here can help you out without having to have to guess...
  7. +1. Can you disconnect the waste first (through that access hole) just to make sure you dont break anything that doesn't want breaking? It looks like the frame is screwed together; might be less messy to remove some screws and try and knock a piece out to see what's going on.
  8. Is it OSB clad? If it is, I think I'd probaby cover it, depending on the spec. Orientation: the intermediate studs will always be vertical, so it should be pretty clear which way up they go. First floor joists: mine sat on top of the ground floor walls. The floor deck then went on, then first floor walls sat on top of the floor deck.
  9. That tank clearly has been sat around somewhere for a while before it got to you. Another vote for Bio-pure here!
  10. Hmm... is there perhaps a side elevation to the plan that we haven't seen yet?
  11. Like it! Strictly Come Building. Pair-up with a professional to make you look half competent, share your issues and tissues with anyone who's prepared to listen, and you've got a one in 15 chance of coming out a winner! Oh... Hang on... Sounds a bit too familiar...
  12. You shouldn't need a respirator, but a face shield for handling concentrate is good practice. If you've got glyphosate mist floating around, the pressure is too high or the nozzle too small. It should be a fine spray, but with a big enough droplet size to make sure it goes where you point it and avoid drift. Try the sprayer out with just water in it first to get a feel for it.
  13. There's a lot to be said for an angle grinder 🙂