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  1. Has anyone got experience of this insurer https://www.frontierinsurance.co.uk/home-insurance Only one i can get a reasonable quote form but it has really bad reviews and no phone number !
  2. hidden gutter detail included - just make sure 1) air flow (see blue) (note thid design is breaking rule 2 below) 2) Outer side is lower than inner side (to ensure water flows over the side of the house not into it it the drain blocks) TBH this was a major faf and i am still biting my nails about a blockage ! Bob example hidden gutter detail.pdf
  3. here are a couple of snaps - i have been fitting into chalk with no issues its called everedge and i believe this is the 3mm thick 200mm wide you can go thinner / less wide if its not going to be driven on by the over eager amazon driver ! you can see the type 1 in this picture making up the sub base - we have black granite booked to fill out another 20mm leaving c 20mm exposed Note - make sure you get sharp stone and not round (if you are not going for granite) as this will not work as well for a driveway with any type of slope like me
  4. HI - here is a snap of the cladding - its Siberian larch (which we just managed to get before stocks dried up) - from recollection its 70mm-x20mm board on board - spent ages working through style options and ended up matching a national trust property building in Ireland that had its own saw mill - so its the smallest cheapest way to go but i think also has the nicest look bar a shadow gap which is another long story !
  5. This is MBC covering their backs and trying making you responsible for the H&S / principle design and fire risk BUT - you are not a principle contractor or skilled person as a self builder so this will always sit in a grey area. BTW - zero interaction with anyone from the council / H&S through the whole build We did the basics (a few fire extinguishers / a couple of signs) for H&S but did take out an all risks insurance policy We had to install lots of extra smoke alarms to satisfy building regs but managed to avoid installing a sprinkler system bob
  6. It is a timber frame with passive principles applied (sensibly!) , Aluminium roof (part slate), ASHP / UFH / Triple glazing, totalling about 6000sq ft over three stories plus garage - all done with day rate subbies and frame company - we PM'ed and did the demo, site prep, garden and about 12moths labouring plus H&S ourselves - Flint was on surecav and cladding cyberian larch More than happy to answer any questions Bob
  7. Hi All Well its been quite a journey ... House is finished (a year after moving in!!) with only the never ending snag list to sort ... Thanks for all those who have posted and replied to my many questions Bob (now an officially retired self builder !)
  8. Hi Simon Many thanks for the insurance tip. Your build looks amazing - really like the detail on on the cladding and interior. Here are a few photos of ours - almost finished ! Bob
  9. Thanks for the tips so far - any other recommendations for insurance on a finished Timber frame / Metal roof house ! thanks
  10. Many thanks for the repliers - frontier was really competitive. I would be grateful if there were any other recommendations from the forum. Thanks bob
  11. Hi All We are trying to get a quote of our recently finished self build At this pint no one will quote on a timber frame / Metal roof ! Any providers out there you would recommend ? Many thanks Bob ,
  12. avoid odc at all costs - have a read on trust pilot - not a great read and exactly my experience as well - terrible
  13. avoid odc at all costs - quick search on google / trust pilot confirms the many issue people have had - wish i had read before going with them it has been a nightmare on terms of quality / air tightness and thermal performance - and that before customer services get involved !
  14. Hi All Just starting to optimise my solar / battery install. here are the key facts and performance stats - PV Facing due south - 10KW system (420w panels / black) - Optimisers on all panels (some shading to lower section in evenings) - Max daily production - 20kwh - Max daily peak production - 5.8kwh - 20kwh battery - Eddi solar inverter would value any thoughts on the performance of the system / ideas on how to improve Bob
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