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  1. Mesh will be in the render basecoat. I don't see point in all that if you're tiling. The rainscreen method makes more sense to me, but again, need to speak to an expert.
  2. Not an expert but I would have thought you'd be better off battening the insulation, fitting cement board, and tiling that?
  3. Can we see your full threshold detail please? Normally the compact form would sit on top of the block, replacing the traditional concrete.
  4. I'd just be putting in a picket style fence using vertical 25x50mm battens fixed to the back of the sleepers. Put some nice climbers against them. Id view it more as a deterrent for the kids to climb... Pointy sticks and growth will do that well!
  5. It doesn't (appear to) form part of an access route to / from the house so is considered landscaping and BC does not apply.
  6. I'd just put up a low level timber fence for a couple of years, your kids will soon wanting to be jumping and playing off it!
  7. 90% sure you'll just need an 8mm spanner for the screws.
  8. Just make sure you've a good 100mm of stone over the pipe before using the whacker.
  9. As said, BC has nothing to do with planning. Normally, this is how it would work: BCO suggests / requires a change. You go to to your architect and ask them to make the changes to the drawings. Architect updates construction drawings but raises the point that this might require a new planning app At that point you decide what direction to take, assume speak to planning and they request a new application. Tell builder to pause, submit new planning drawings, await decision. Alternatively, you ignore BCO suggestion and proceed as designed. Clearly, a step has been missed. I'm assuming you've either not got an architect or they are not involved in the construction phase? You'll need to re-engage them. All you'll get here is wafflely opinions. The only thing BCO could have done that you can argue they didn't, is advise that any changes made may have impact on planning consent etc.
  10. Off peak tarrif and time ASHP to heat water then. Sell excess solar during the day - if you have an export agreement with your electric supplier. For me, the off-peak rate and microgen export rate are the same, so I still prefer to load off peak, and let excess solar go to the grid.
  11. Speak to your SE first, they will specify what they need, it's not in the architect's area of expertise. Mine just wanted four holes dug, and a visual inspection she did herself. Cost about £500,
  12. Ours was based on the floor area, different rate per m² for each stage.
  13. I'd check with SE. Even though the screw pipes take the bulk of the loading, the ground beam will still be designed to sit on firm ground, but over the drain you'll need to make sure there is no/minimal loading. Might mean a bit more steel, thicker concrete, or an additional screwpile closer. You really dont want an issue with a drain under your house
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