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  1. It's actually the complete opposite. Can't remember the name but I listened to a podcast that interviewed a guy from national grid that managed something like future planning. Having 10m electric cars with vehicle to grid capabilities would dramatically reduce the peak loading demands on the network as the combined storage is far more than the grid capacity and it would only take a few kWh from the cars to "flatten the curve" and reduce the peak generation requirement. This, of course, requires properly thought out car charging standards, smart chargers, meter etc etc....
  2. Del Carmen prime, £1.50 ea from SSQ. They didn't even need to grade them.
  3. The guys couldn't work on the west facing door after mid morning as the lead and slates were too hot to work with. They're leaving the south roof until Monday when hopefully it's a bit cooler.
  4. The protection circuits didn't do the job and the cell at the front of the picture overheated and failed - with loud popping sounds and smoke.. was promptly thrown out on to the gravel until it calmed down. Surprised the whole thing didn't go up.
  5. Oh, the battery. My circular saw is really, really hard on batteries. The Makita one does just fine, the copy ones literally melt.
  6. You know those cheap replica batteries on eBay and Amazon? Best to avoid, unless you like your power tools exploding in your hand. Obviously the claimed overload and over heating protection didn't work. The heat probe tape had come free and was no longer in contact with the cells. Happened when I was doing a particularly tough rip with the circular saw. The solder on the other battery melted away on one of the tabs previously. Should have taken that as a warning sign.
  7. It's depressing to see so many dodgy roofing job posts here. Our Slater's have nearly finished, here's their work to date: I've never had a roof slated before, or seen one close up. But I'm very happy.
  8. If you do that, run the 22mm pipe in some conduit though the ground and the wall / floor of the house. Good luck!!!
  9. As I inch further along.... Are the plastic wedges for the panel clamps only required at either end of the array or at all of the clamp positions? If it's the latter I've not got enough and these need to go on today!
  10. Philmac universal connector will get you down to 25mm. Measure the pipe first and get the right coupler. Why 22mm? You're underground so you need to use either 20mm or 25mm MDPE.
  11. Thanks @Marvin. If it makes a difference, the soil pipes enter inspections chambers right outside the building, and flow along our own private pipe to the public sewer.
  12. Architect has specified one stack with an AAV, and the other (main one) with a vent slate at the top of the roof. We can't get a vent slate that will fit between the steel channel sections in our thermohouse panels (200mm), and roofers will be slating there tomorrow so limited options! I've just reread Part N and in all three paragraphs referring to ventilation (ventilation stack, discharge stack and separate vent) state that an AAV is acceptable. Is this correct?!
  13. I managed to set fire to my fire retardant EPS when welding. It's hard to trust any data sheet these days.
  14. You probably won't want to hear this, but going by the sound of things, you'd be better off demolishing the existing house and building a new one. If you are removing the roof, adding a story, building an extension, you'll have the building back to nothing more than a few walls.
  15. I did this for our washing machine, drier, and freezer in our last house. Was bit of a pain making a run of units wider and deeper than standard, but worth it.