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  1. Yeah the observation re channels rusting was said on a YouTube comments but someone else said they’re off the ground and not exposed, so unlikely to. If I were using that system I would probably use protective paint though, or galvanised channels. I thought his builds were pretty neat TBH.
  2. Yes read as much as this forum as possible, the vast majority of new questions asked are answered & covered in existing posts. Plus you’ll pick up lots of tip ideas etc things you hadn’t thought about. If you’re going to use a main contractor make sure you speak to their last clients. Make sure your budget allows for plot cost + house build cost + access to an additional £30-£40k (to cover all the other stuff if needed. Fees, services, etc etc.). Welcome.
  3. Try this he’s got loads of good videos if link above Doesn’t work his names is William Griffin
  4. Is it possible to cannibalise some of the units e.g. use the good left and right sides of the tall units so you only perhaps need to replace one unit. Factoring in the cost of buying some new units etc to replace the damaged ones would you still end up with a really good deal? I know that not the point, but just perhaps worth taking a hit on? what they should have done is when they removed the items and damaged them they should have discussed that with you and reduced the price or whatever. The goods would have had some wear and tear Being ex display but the way I see it is unless You’ve signed a disclaimer regarding damage upon removal you probably would have a strong legal case. Have you tried trading standards? I once bought a car from a dealer who told me it wasn’t an ex rental but once docs arrived it had been. Phoned trading standards and they told dealer to refund me which they did.
  5. Phone your local SEPA office ? The local offices have direct phone numbers listed on the SEPA website
  6. I’ve been watching some videos on YouTube of a guy who builds garden rooms professionally. For foundations he’s developed a system whereby he’s created a DIY pile system much cheaper than the ground screws I was on about. He pours cement into holes & encases M24 rods, with big square washers near the bottom. Then he bolts a u channel onto the top of the rod. may be worth a look maybes not for your project.
  7. I cannot answer your specific query, but I like many here have our self build mortgage with Ecology. If you see their website they seem to offer a variety of option for self build mortgages and I suspect they’ll have more experience with your circs than the high street lenders. Thing is about them is if you phone them you’ll actually get to speak to someone in the right dept not a generic call handler. Would recommend you give them a phone as they’re very helpful. My best guess with any lender is they would only lend up to the value of your property once the current house is demolished, eg it’s value as a cleared plot with PP. so it may be that you need to use some of your savings to pay off the existing mortgage then use a self build mortgage to fund the build.. LTV will the key I’d imagine and how much savings you have. Unless someone here has done specifically what you are proposing the rest of us will probably advise you to speak to the lenders. If you do get an answer from a lender please do update your post, as future reference. good luck !
  8. Hi Harman. So our new build is going to be ready next month and will largely be furnished from scratch as we’re binning most our old furniture which was long overdue. So for our interior decor & furniture we’ve basically been looking at Pinterest for design inspiration, but I do think we have a good eye for interior design. Having seen show homes I’ve no doubt an interior designer could do a far better job than we could but what gives me concern about using one is this. (never used one before). What would happen if the designer came up with designs that we didn’t like or couldn’t afford. How would that work. What would an interior designer offer in terms of ideas that we could just get from Pinterest. Personally I would probably consider paying a few hundred pounds for someone to come up with a few designs for all the rooms, anything more than that I personally couldn’t justify/afford. With a view to then me sourcing the products. I imagine that an interior designers costs are mainly time, so would expect to pay a fair hourly rate for maybes a few days work. That’s why I’m thinking a few hundred quid unless you’re Kelly Hoppen or whoever. As a comparison I’m going to be using a highly recommended garden designer, at the lower end of her fees scale (£250). That’s to do a walk around, give advice on plant types for my site which has landscaping challenges, listing suitable plant types etc in terms of soil conditions, shade etc etc all things I know nothing about, and some design ideas. At £250 I figured I’ll save money rather than planting certain plants that simply wouldn’t survive at my site. She charges up to £thousands if you want her to do 3d rendering,, project manage etc etc. Some can afford that, I can’t.
  9. I wonder whether premiums will reduce for houses fitted with these systems. I do fear for the elderly and vulnerable getting ripped off by dodgy firms pushing systems.
  10. That’s interesting. Sounds like your stove is a heat source, if it wasn’t would you still use it as much?
  11. I declined putting in a log burner in my new build for two reasons (1) cost - £6k (2) several self builders with log burners had advised me they rarely use them as their houses didn’t need them for heat being new and well insulated. But they do look good. Have you considered a Bio Fuel fire. It would give you some of the ambience at a fraction of the cost. You can even get false flues. If unsure about committing to a real one it could be a cost effective way of seeing how much you’d use it. If you rarely use it, then presumably you’d rarely use a real one. Then you’ve saved £thousands. If you use it a lot but still want a real one you can sell it then look again at a real one. I’ve been considering one for my new build. Maybes someone here has one and will tell us they’re rubbish. I’ve been looking at than at ...just a suggestion.
  12. I’m putting in ASHP for my house for heating & water. I’m no expert and plenty here will advise better than I. The exterior ASHP sounds like a Fridge/freezer. I located my ASHP away from bedroom / living windows and have triple glazing which will help but bear in mind in summer if your windows are open the ASHP will still need to run for your hot water etc. i would avoid locating the ASHP near any bedroom or living room windows.
  13. I was provided an estimate by a company of from £55 plus VAT per screw so I estimated £100 per screw based upon installing bigger screws. Just a rough estimate my end obviously your have to explore yourself. Obviously DIY cheaper per the ground screws suppliers.
  14. I was meaning running the duct inset away from the edge and the groundscrews on the outside. Less digging, protects tree roots, better for environment and my understanding is the costs are comparable to traditional foundations. You’d get closer to your edge with screws. I’ve been researching ground screws for my garden building you’d obviously need 8 for that car port, installed you’d be probably looking at under £100 each each base my research thus far. You can DIY groundscrews but the installation company work out the calculation weight pull etc etc.