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  1. If it were me, something new & innovative like this is needed. 1. Govt instruct local councils to identify a minimum of % of their area for housing within x months targeting brownfield sites, MOD land, factories etc etc etc prior to using greenfield. if land not already owned by state or local authority, compulsory purchases made to create fast track building zones. 2. This newly state owned zones sold as single plots to private individuals, developers, housing associations etc. As such the cost of the compulsory purchases is recovered at zero cost to taxpayer or even a small profit to the state. Nobody is making money out if it. 3. Local authorities agree a set of broad design requirements to fit in with local area and needs and produce a catalogue of hundreds of designs and styles with detailed drawings for high quality houses. Like what Kim Jong Un does with the North Korean haircuts. Any design outwith this catalogue needs normal PP otherwise default being you can just crack on and build your preferred approved design via a fast fact approval process. Eg plot 27 is pre approved for a single house, or two semis. Plot 41 for 6 flats or three terraced houses. Etc 4. Land Owners can then go ahead and build on this basis. No planning required. 5. If plot is not built on with x limited years plot ownership returns to state, without refund for purchase price. Build on it or lose it. 6. Self builders in one of these zones are VAT exempt from the outset. No paying vat then claiming back. HMRC do spot checks to ensure no fraud. Upfront build costs reduce by 20%. 7. Lending schemd so that the wealthier people can use their own savings or equity in their own homes to go into a national fund or similar that provides cheap loans to those seeking to build in these zones. Sort of a credit Union whereby the wealthier contribute at zero risk and some return (eg tax free saving), and the younger generation access and benefit from cheap loans. Effectively the wealthier lend to the poorer. The bank of mum and dad actually effectively becomes just that via a scheme. no doubt what I’m suggesting can easily be picked apart and criticised but mainly what I’m saying is if not my idea, we do definitely need real innovation to facilitate individuals and companies to build good quality homes easily, quickly and cheaply in a way that everyone wins, not just the very wealthy.
  2. I used these to drill porcelain tiles last year, with tremendous success. I did that thing where I crammed the drill bits with water soaked sponge. Was able to drill very close to the edge of the tiles. if you use them be aware of the tendency for them to slip until your get a groove created, I found going it at a slight angle, create a slight half moon shaped groove, then bring drill up to 90 degrees to create the full circle then obviously dril through. If that makes sense. As you only have one go as the tiles are they fixed you may wish to consider creating a timber drill jig. If you wish to use them. Better still buy a similar single porcelain tile sample and practice to get your technique. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07DTHGN5N/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Yes agree with @Alan Ambrose that little kerb is retaining the tarmac drive. Leave it. so what to do is: 1. Remove / scrape out all the old stones and weeds and crap. Go down about 2-3 inches below the level of whatever the area is bordered by eg kerbs. 2. If you still have weeds dig them out and spray with weed killer if need be. Backfill any holes with the leftover debris to make a level area 2-3 inches lower. No need to wait. 3. Put down your landscaping fabric. Any will do but often comes in 1m rolls but you can get it in larger folded dimensions so it would be ideal to get some that means you wouldn’t have any joins/overlap. If you do need to overlap it yes just overlap it by a few inches. Your area is not a driveway so it’s just decorative so don’t waste your money on expensive stuff. Tips are not to do it on a windy day and to have a few rocks/bricks or whatever to weigh it down and keep it in place. At the edges I tend to just underlap any excess as if you cut it it can fray. Start putting in your stones they will weigh down the fabric and just remove the weights when you reach them. very easy low skill job to do. Calculate volume of stones required by length x width x depth. Speak to your building merchant they will tell you bag volume. But big bags are 1mx1m - the depth of bag fill can vary tbh. But maybes 80% full approx. If your calculations result in you needing eg 1.2 bags then if you can just dig lower to use more stones, or offer your leftovers on Facebook someone will buy them off you.
  4. Be very careful. A few years ago neighbour in my parents street built a modest two storey TF extension, maybes 2-3 metres wide. It ended up uncomfortably close to the neighbours boundary / house than permitted. I think the reason was the extension was stepped in from the front elevation but for structural reasons when building they had to move if forward a bit more than expected and because the two houses were at an angle the extension front corner ended closer than planned. By about an inch or two. my understanding is that is was resolved with planning dept as an amended or retrospective application that was granted on the basis that the “victim” hadn’t objected. This was because the applicant had compensated them with an huge amount of money comparative to the cost of the extension. The applicant has no choice because if the neighbour had objected they would have had to demo it, and probably abandoned the project. I believe the error and compensation costs double the cost of the extension. it does look bad TBH as on the eye it’s is uncomfortably close.
  5. Just scape out all the debris, weeds old chippies etc. make sure you get the weed roots out. spray if you wish to. landscaping fabric (toolstation, screwfix or whatever) down up to the edges as best you can. Then your desired stone chipping on top. Very easy / cheap low skill required. Weight of stones will keep it in place but you can use pegs if you really want to. Don’t skimp on the depth of the chippings go down enough for maybes a couple of inches Nothing worse than membrane showing through - the landscaping equivalent of a VPL. alternatively same as above but put down some topsoil and turf. Again easy DIY job. if I were you I’d try just loose laying the stepping stone, and if that doesn’t work just scrape back the chippies (or turf) and get some ready mixed mortar and mortar them down. Turf would look far better IMHO but the stones obviously less maintenance.
  6. @nod has reminded me that this is exactly what we did our main garden for our self build and I forgot in my original reply. We have a large manhole cover in a prominent place in our lawn and this is how we dealt with it. It’s not like access is going to be regular, only if there is a problem. Would probably not turf it in though until after the build is complete due to higher likelihood of build debris getting in initially.
  7. I agree entirely with @Crunchynut. Is it an access chamber, or a smaller rodding point that is required. When you say it’s in the middle of the garden can it actually be located where it is more discreet eg not in the middle of a lawn, perhaps in a bedding area where less of an issue. Why does the access point need to be in your garden. Is there a reason for that. It sounds like the pipes do need an access point and your best bet would be to work with the builder to find the most discreet location / least worst location.
  8. Jail do made to measure MDF doors. They also do shapes. What you haven’t mentioned is your skill level and your budget. If your carpentry skills aren’t great I’d be tempted to design something with less angles, keeping everything square. Or are you looking at the cheapest way to get someone else to do the work. £30k is obscene. agree with other comments the likes of DIY kitchens may be a good idea as they do carcass colours other than white so less kitcheny. But they don’t do angles doors. you would definitely have many more more cost effective options if you’re prepared to compromise on the angles doors.
  9. I’ve got a Bostitch one, no probs with it. Battery & gas. I was a jammy git, a few years back Homebase was in trouble and were closing stores and getting rid of stock. I got mine for under £400 I think it was £180 thereabouts. Brand new. I’ll probably get most of that back when flog it second hand.
  10. If you’re going for the on site caravan option, and thus saving £thousands, maybes suggest, especially during winter months, a regular night away in a hotel, even an inexpensive Premier Inn. If scheduled ahead will give something for her to look forward and will do you the world of good to get away for a night and rest the aching body. Would also suggest, if your site allows, sectioning off the site from the caravan and spending just a few quid making it much more homely and more of caravan holiday home as opposed to a caravan on a building site . Even a bit of turf or whatever, some temp fencing or whatever. is there an option to do a detached garage first that you could in some way even if for dry storage or a temp shower etc.
  11. 1. The posts in this forum. They raise issues, problems, challenges, solutions you may not have thought of. It’s an Open University of self build with a combined genius of many. 2. Existing self build planning applications on your respective council planning portal.
  12. You’re about to embark on an exhausting, demanding and stressful period in your life. Last thing you’ll need is having what would be an unhappy wife within a crappy caravan on a muddy building site and putting you under additional stress. Happy wife = happy life. Agree 100% with @Dave Jones, rent a property close to plot. Downsize if necessary. We went into a tiny flat for our build, and I remain happily married. Agree 1 drive hour each way after a long hard day on site wouldn’t be fun & potentially dangerous and fuel costs would eat into your budget. totally different if your wife was happy to live in a caravan on site of course, but she clearly isn’t.
  13. I presume they mean a wall or a solid fence with acoustic properties. I’m pretty sure you cannot enclose an ASHP. They need a minimum space around them.
  14. Bozza

    Garden lights

    I meant dusk to dawn bulbs. That you can fit to most outdoor lights.
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