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  1. Lots of helpful stuff on youtube. Don’t forget the search facility on this site before posting. Welcome.
  2. You need to speak to Openreach Wayleaves Dept. Good luck with that. They’re rubbish to deal with, not least they don’t have a phone number.
  3. Hi. So firstly I personally love the look of the house, but architecture is like art, subjective. I love the twin roof design but others have made really good points re the practicalities of that. the roof window suggestion is a good one especially as you have easy loft access, incorporating proper stairs is a great idea in your design. A couple of further practical observations. Think about how you would actually live in the house. There a few architectural features that are like “wow” but may be difficult to actually live with. 1. Are you likely to use the bath in the en-suite. If not bin that. Many here speak about benefits of having more space having no bath in en-suite. 2. Are you likely to use the balcony. Lots of folk here with balconies regret it. That’s a lot of space you could use to improve upstairs. 3. Shape of master bedroom. Long and thin. Will feel weird. Mistake we made with some rooms were they were too long and thin. 4. Master bedroom window. Solar gain will likely be an issue, even with overhang, and triangular window treatments rarely look great. No point in building a beautiful house that’s hard to live in. You could resolve that and save quite a bit of money by going for normal shaped windows. My daughters bedroom, full height windows, overheats. 5. Are you likely to use a large shower downstairs. If not consider future shower and use that space perhaps for storage. We did that & glad we did.
  4. And don’t forget they often transfer the funds to you really quickly, like in a day, so only request the funding when you actually need it. No point paying 4% interest on something that’s probably earning 1% sitting in your account. +1 re speaking to them. I had several what if scenario question they were happy to talk them through with me, so I fully understood. Especially as my loan was part repayment/part interest only.
  5. I think option 1, or a version of it, if done well could look great and a nice feature. Found attached pic which may help.
  6. Drop a line to their CEO? This will be fed back to those who did a good job you, and encourage them to do so in the future.
  7. We had a similar problem under our windows, so rather than creating a lower ledge with ballustrade across we built up the plasterboard to create a higher display shelf/recess for my kids artwork. Works ok for us.
  8. Ok so option 1 is numerous m24 threaded bolts cemented into post holes, with treated timber bolted onto the rods. option 2 is to build several cement pillars with treated timber across. Option 3 is a strip foundation cement and bricks/blocks. All would work just unsure which system, pros & cons to all.
  9. This is so weird. This is exactly what I’ve been planning for a while now, and have looked at both steel frame structures as well as timber ones. 8x4m and to maximise height to 4m also to keep within planning regs. Ultimately I’ve decided to go for a more traditional timber framed structure and today have taken delivery of a stack of 4x2, to build it myself. The steel building companies will happily quote, and they do the required engineering calculations. I have ended up with a quantity of box steel (long story) so my intention is to self build my structure with the 4x2, reinforced with the steel, steel roof with larch cladding and properly insulated etc. Just undecided about the foundation system. like I said I got quotes for portal steel frames with a view to in filling with timber, using the steel to take the load.
  10. We just hold pan / cup in right hand and turn tap on to fill. Never been a problem. We have a spare kettle in the utility room. Never used it. Have a look at the boiling tap from Costco. Does same as Qooker as far as I can see but far cheaper.
  11. Bozza

    4x2 prices

    I can send you 2.82m of 4x2. I’ve no money left.
  12. Bozza

    4x2 prices

    £2.74 per m round here
  13. Will be building a timber frame workshop/outbuilding and was after a quantity of 4x2. Took a punt at this in a local auction. After fees, delivery etc each length is costing me £8.50 each, so £1.77 per m. Not being in the trade I don’t have access to trade discounts etc but seems an ok deal for me as joe public. it’s more than I need but can always flog my leftovers on FB. Just wondering what the builders merchants etc are charging for 4x2 just now and whether it was worth it...?