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  1. My self build mortgage is through Ecology and I was just speaking to them yesterday/today to release latest funds. They are superb to deal with so far. Easy to speak with friendly etc, personable flexible and quick to respond. It was the first time my solicitor had dealt with them and he reported from his perspective they were also excellent to deal with. My solicitor wasn’t cheap for the conveyencing but he’s excellent so happy to pay for that. Pay peanuts get monkeys.
  2. I’m self building in Aberdeenshire and my main contractor uses tried & tested sub contractors. One of these is Who are in Burghead and are doing my central heating and ASHP. I’ve had some contact with them and they were quite impressive in terms of helpfulness and customer service etc. I did visit one of my main contractors previous houses and the owner was impressed with the heating system / ASHP.
  3. I don’t know tbh I presume so sort of thermostat with electronics
  4. The bedroom is 18 sq metres but has three full height windows each 2.1 x 0.9m - all 3G. The calcs they gave me was heat loss 678w, 20% uplift from cold state being 813w. 3:1 uplift for lower heat pump temperature, so 2522w output needed. So two 700x900 rads or one 700x1200. Insulation is good. 140 frametherm 35 in kit plus 25 over face.
  5. Great suggestion / product thanks but looking in detail the wattage output is too low I need to achieve 2.7 kw output in one of the bedrooms and only have room for one large rad.
  6. My self build is going to have a Mitsubishi Ecodan 11.2 KW ASHP with 250l cylinder. Ground floor will be Underfloor heating with rads upstairs. An optional upgrade - at £531 plus fitting - it to have both floors on different circuits, to allow the underfloor heating to run at a lower temperature, so should reduce running costs. The house - 214 sqm, SAP rating is estimated to be 89 well insulated 3G glazing and south facing. In NE Scotland. Planning on it being a house for life. for those with relevant knowledge of such matters, is the upgrade worth it? ta
  7. I’m putting a DIY kitchen in my self build. It will be my second kitchen from them. Avoid Wren my parents kitchen was from them despite my advice. It’s rubbish and overpriced. My mate got a DIY kitchen after my recommendation he’s was / is very happy with it.
  8. Have a look at DIY kitchens in Yorkshire. My current 10 yr old kitchen is from them and my new one in my new self build will be.
  9. Hi Angela, though my project is different to yours, I’m currently self-building just near Westhill. If I can offer any local advice please do ask.
  10. I’m with Ecology / in Scotland. They’re very good, easy to deal with and very flexible. Glad I went with them. You can deal with them directly. Emails are answered quickly.
  11. Button magnets glued or even routed/recessed into the panel? I use button magnets to secure fireguard to metal fireplace and they are incredibly strong. If panel is too heavy just create a small lip at bottom of panel to take weight A variation of this might even be Velcro stapled to panel. I use this method for attaching bespoke stainless steel plinths in my kitchen. have you thought about hinging the panels if they are not too wide. Just using hidden hinges like the ones on the cupboard doors. Then magnetic catches.
  12. We also did / currently doing exactly what you want to do. We went for an interest only mortgage to keep monthly payments down. Santander via Buildstore to buy the plot. Then self build mortgage from Ecology to build the house. If you sell currrent home before new one is built, simply rent in interim if you don’t fancy living in a caravan
  13. The mortgage offer would surely have been based upon the valuation & survey so I’d imagine you’d need to have a survey etc redone. Ask your lender.
  14. Yes that feasible but stone rubble walls are very time consuming to build so though material is free I would imagine manpower costs could add up. Your builder will advise you better.