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  1. HMRC accepted normal till receipts from me, even a few from Aldi etc (for fitted lights & bits and pieces if I recall). I had a real mish mash of original invoices, downloaded ones, online order printouts and shop receipts. I presented them all neatly with a covering letter with explanations. I know what they say as guidance, but seemed flexible - at least with my application.
  2. Yes if your design allows for it get a separate door would be my thoughts. Can you get a fully glazed hinged door that looks more like a window. Not sure about a traditional back door into a living area though. I went for loads of Rational window doors, but these cannot be unlocked from the outside.
  3. Going up is deffo better value per sqm. Smaller roof & foundations. Also a bigger garden if your plot is smaller. Can’t give you a % difference though. Someone might here though. obvious disadvantage is if the house is for when your older though.
  4. Welcome. if you were to do a to do list it could easily run into hundreds of things and potentially overwhelm you. Just deal with the next few things, get them done them move onto the next. See it as running 1 mile, 26 times as opposed to a 26 mile run. At this stage you’re looking at the design and planning which I personally enjoyed. When you have you designs put together post them here plenty of self builders who’ll give you some opinions and thoughts based on our own experiences, and mistakes. Almost every challenge you’ll face someone here should be able to help. good luck & congratulations on your plot purchase
  5. My project included planning to build a garage amongst tree roots. What was agreed was the structure, timber or metal framed, would be supported via ground screws to form effectively a canopy. The base of the garage was permeable geoweb with tarmac on top to form a solid floor. in end didn’t build the garage but that was what was approved as build method.
  6. Agree with @ConorDPM is a brilliant inexpensive sturdy cover for materials. I’ve been storing plasterboard outside on a pallet under DPM through the storms. Fence posts and block work being my friends.
  7. Yes so there is dead space above the cylinder. So stacking a buffer is theoretically possible, as suggested, depending on dimensions and obviously allowing for some sort of structure/framing. Probably need to speak to your plumber though as what might physically fit on paper is different to what can be fitted in real terms eg access etc. as a door is only 2m high or thereabouts.
  8. Our cupboard is 1x1 full height. Contains 230l cylinder & gubbins, fuse box etc etc. Some space to front for ironing board etc but not much room each side of cylinder. do not place your cupboard underneath or next to bedrooms, you’ll hear the system when on. If you have to, mitigate with extensive sound insulation. Hope this helps.
  9. If you don’t want an American style FF protruding from the framework, as Buzz rightly highlights can happen with many, another option is to have side by side integrated f & f, and use stainless steel doors with big handles, to give that look.
  10. My Vat reclaim was paid out a month or so ago. Amongst my claims package were some normal till type receipts, and some of the builders merchants (Jewsons) had “copy” printed on. Some were online printouts eg screwfix etc etc as printed original stuff seems to have fallen by wayside during pandemic. Some had my old address on. I’d say 50% of my submission included things which weren’t quite up to the paperwork definition required by HMRC. No issues and I received 100% payout without any quibbles. my overall claim was modest and I did put a covering letter letter explaining everything that could have been potentially questioned or why there wasn’t a “proper” invoice.
  11. Sooner than expected we experienced another 24 hr power cut due to storms. My newly purchased wee inverter generator performed perfectly for our needs. Having gone down a rather simplistic and cost effective route of running extension cables around the house to the required appliances,, this required the power lead from the generator coming through an open window, which is not ideal in a storm. So what I would like to do is to have an exterior hook up socket to supply a dedicated internal socket entirely independent of the house circuits. Though there are plenty of industrial wall mounted sockets, I’d much prefer to have some sort of waterproof enclosure but these are designed for standard external sockets and I cannot identify anything suitable. I did briefly consider utilising a standard enclosed external socket and running a cable from genny to it, with male three pin plugs both ends but I’m pretty sure that’s unsafe in many ways. I’ve seen caravan style hook up sockets with flaps, but unsure if that’s suitable in stormy rainy conditions as they don’t seem to create a watertight seal. Any suggestions / knowledge very welcome.
  12. Our TF went up during the winter. Exposed to weather. No problems.
  13. Completely agree with what proDave says. In particular cable runs so Additional sockets can be added easily if needed. One thing we did was to have bedroom light switches also next to beds, so main light can be turned off when you jump into bed. Also ability to turn downstairs hall lights on/off from upstairs. where TVs and computers may go put in more than you think. you’ll need. Pop in a socket in each of the big cupboards and plenty in utility room too.
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies and ideas. A few boffins amongst you for sure If budget was unlimited there’s lots of great solutions, some which would put me well off grid. I did look into the car battery / invertor issue, only problem with that being if the cars are not at home Something that interests me is the idea of battery storage but the costs seem prohibitive - £thousands. That said I was wondering about linking car batteries, on mains charge, and utilising an invertor (I have a suitable outbuilding). To keep me going until I need to use a genny, to run the essentials. Any thoughts on that as a solution? I suppose it comes down to risk and returns of any financial outlay. Anything over a grand just probably isn’t worth it. As I live ten mins from the city so plenty of cheap hotels, even factoring cost of freezer contents.
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