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  1. Graham, I’ve just moved into my self build a few weeks ago. I’m near Westhill. Happy to help.
  2. Just paid £250 for my AT. £643 way too high unless a massive building.
  3. I was £15-16k for 23 windows and front/back door. Windows same product as you, but supply only no VAT. That included several fixed panels, six 2.1x.0.9 window doors, 5 full height windows for upstairs. No big sliders though. It will take a team of people to fit them though, they are very heavy windows. I’ll pm you my quote Steve
  4. Thanks guys, sounds like there will be settings to address this. I’ll not touch anything for fear of buggering it up and get the installer into get it sorted.
  5. I’m not sure about the pump setting the engineer (over the phone) did mention that could be an issue and may need to be adjusted (down?) From tank ? I think so but so loud difficult to pinpoint. Certainly to right side of equipment as opposed to expansion vessels top left. pic attached. thanks Peter
  6. New Ecodan ASHP system. Pre plumbed unvented mains pressure water heater. Attachment is noise from water heater during evening when no hot water being used and central heating quite low. Engineer has got me to turn off frost feature thing and increase bar pressure to 2. Tonight I’ve turned off whole system, so I can sleep as like trying to sleep in a ships engine room. any ideas? also, and is it me or is the FTC5 controller, and the whole system incredibly difficult to understand? Struggling here.... IMG_0785.MOV
  7. My build is AB32 not passive, but efficient eg 3g windows and ASHP. Give me a shout if I can help in any way.
  8. The company that built my house did a design and build service that I went with. What that involved was basically me designing a house and them drawing it. As a result I do have some design regrets mainly that the house is a bit vanilla and I feel I have some layout errors that an architect would have picked up on. If I had my time over again, if I’d found a reasonable priced architect that understood my likes and dislikes, I would have gone with an architect. If you like his/her portfolio, the price sounds fair, and you get on I would go for it.
  9. You may be totally right about that. our krend is on blockwork.
  10. Are you using K rend or similar if so I think it needs an expansion gap/strip every 5/6m. Reason I say that is if you would prefer to not have an expansion strip you can perhaps use a change of material eg cladding. One end of my house was a bit bland so we did timber cladding between windows for interest. Per attached. another thing you can do for interest is the gutters and downpipe which you can get in quite a range of colours. We went for galvanised and were glad we did. appreciate might not be right for you but just throwing ideas in...
  11. +1 for A, but I couldn’t help myself but to suggest a couple of tweaks as attached. Mainly to give just a little more space at top of stairs, and to square off rooms a bit. Good luck !
  12. If you are building to a finite budget, my best advice would be to identify a house design / style you like, but that you could enlarge or shrink in size depending on the quotes you get back from builders and what you can afford. Also preferred spec and what you’d compromise on. Eg concrete or slate roof. In terms of how much cheaper is self building than buying a house it depends on how much you can do yourself. I’ve gone down the turn key route which is the most expensive,. My estimate is that my house might be worth maybes 15-20% more than I have put into it. Have a look at Danwood Homes. They are turnkey and will give you a rough idea of how much houses cost to buy turnkey, but their prices exclude foundations and kitchens. I don’t think you’ll build a 180-200 sqm house for less than £200k unless you do a lot yourself. You haven’t allowed for fees, plasterboard, contingency, Also £60k for timber frame kit won’t include the external material eg cladding, brick, render etc. It l be just for the kit. £8k for a roof sounds light too. You’d have to try hard or be very unlucky not to make a profit on a self build. But you will have to work hard to achieve that. But what you do get i, or should be, a better quality phone than what is built on your local estates.
  13. Are you talking about a freestanding, or an integrated dishwasher. If integrated a sliding hinged door will help eg AEG or Zanussi. this link may help
  14. One mistake I made with my build is I’ve put small windows on my north side. Too small.