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  1. There are standard metal fixings from Simpson Strong tie for this have a look here: https://www.strongtie.co.uk/products/detail/i-joist-hole-support/317 for I-joist there must be an equivalent for plain joists - found this one stateside: https://joistrepair.com/pages/applications
  2. Could they not get straight battens / get the battens straight?
  3. Is that the skeleton of a great crested newt I see in the bottom left of the picture? Good clean cut that.
  4. Looks like wonderful project, time won't be something you will have lots of but finding enough for a blog is rewarding and perhaps useful - wish I had / was done /doing one.
  5. Take a look at Kytun they have quite a range but I struggled to get them in black recently.
  6. WELCOME TO THE FORUM FOR PEOPLE LIKE US. Fabric first - no point in fitting a new kitchen if the electrics all need replacing. Once that is in hand you can think about the kitchen. A couple of questions come to mind. Will you be living at the property, renting it out or selling it one once renovated. The answer to this tells you what to prioritise. Once you have answered Q1 you can think about the budget and how that will be used. You can spend money saving time - IE get a kitchen design and fit company in to do all the work. OR you can save money by spending time IE you do some / all of the install. If you choose option 1 get a couple of designers around and interview them - work with someone you feel you can trust or go to one of the big sheds and get their design team in to do the work. Option two get a design on paper and then tout the components around the big sheds and Howdens (many others are available). Then sit back and enjoy the experience whatever you choose,
  7. Probably 'oven ready' like so many other plans - targets are one thing delivering them seems not to be an issue - the target is the target - I will only be in power for a short time, I will speak great words and leave it to the next bunch to make the hard choices, after all nobody will vote to be taxed to the hilt so we can de-carbonise will they?
  8. Evil genius types tend not to have tiny minds - the clue is in the word genius, but I appreciate the sentiment...
  9. Do you think some evil genius is going around coating crossbow bolts with JKW spores and then loosing them off at the planters of people they find tiresome.
  10. I have been getting the flashing together for the wall cladding and Kytun seem to have stopped, they sold me the last of their stock and were not expecting any more, making / supplying the dry verge below in black .. Any thoughts? Source: https://www.kytun.com/p/slate-dry-verge-alu-t1-18mm-blue_black/c01bb accessed 17.07.2021
  11. You can probably bury them reliably with type 1 provided that they are somewhat spread out so the stone can get around them, if they are left piled up the voids will take a long time to fill and you will get holes appearing for a long time. If you cannot spread them out you need to do a good amount of crushing to prevent voids.
  12. Hmmm sounds odd - did they explain their reasoning? Also 6cm / Meter = 1 / 17 while 1:60 is between the BR 1:40 and BR 1:80
  13. Are you looking to max out the SAP, (100+) or manage the SAP alongside other things? By which I mean, for instance, if you want any cooling from the ASHP then specifying one that is reversible can damage your SAP but will allow cooling, most are reversible after purchase, so no cooling for max SAP but after you move in you may feel you want it!
  14. Welcome to THE forum for people like us - look forward to following the build and you will find plenty of help and support here - enjoy.