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    I am a retired academic of 35 years, I have also run a couple of businesses (engineering) and had a short stint as a TV presenter - at the moment I amuse myself building a new home for my other half and I in East Kent.
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  1. Welcome to THE forum for self builders.
  2. Great piece of work but the overall benefit may hinge on more than the pay back time for you personally. The house will be around for perhaps 100 years at which point it will have paid back more that 10 times over on a planetary scale rather than just for your pocket - assuming the windows don't get replaced (our daughter has just replaced several rotten sashes that where installed in 1887). If you have children, they will see the benefit in an improved environment and future generations more so. Maybe there is additional gain here to help justify.
  3. It must be the regs then allow people to NOT have have homes that impact the planet less. We almost had something like we needed in the 2016 regs that HMG deleted prior to them coming into force. On the plus (ish) side there is a new PART L coming and I found a good review of this and the associated new SAP scheme HERE which shows how much tougher it will be for the big house builders and the self builder.
  4. Didn't he use Eltron in line water heaters to boost the temp on demand he found that they would add the few degrees he wanted to the tank output.
  5. Yes we have only been going 4 and I feel like an old stager, still 18 months to go at current pace.
  6. Welcome to THE forum for self builders (old or new), hope you find it useful to be here.
  7. Ok, I have them on the way. Many thanks. Mike
  8. What machine are these for, angle grinder or a tile cutting machine? Also what is the lube if not water. I tries cutting with water but the muck gets in the crackles! (Not acceptable to customer - our daughter!)
  9. Anybody got any good ideas for cutting crackle glaze tiles without edge damage. Can't get better than attached with wet wheel. Left is cut and diamond polished bevel right is as cut with slight diamond bevel. Left shows too much base to be acceptable while right is too damaged without diamond polishing. Any thoughts?
  10. Not true in my experience - we have a couple of children, both in their twenties, who were regular frequenters of pubs that are set up right before this pandemic - and we used to drop by and see them there. I dimly recall, as it feels such a long time ago but is only slightly over a year, when they dragged us round several central London pubs for lunch, afternoon drinks then evening. The pubs were, to be fair, all of a type - staffed mainly by hipsters, but good beer and well kept wines.
  11. If it already has pedestrian access then there is no one you can lobby because it is an established right of way. Even if the road is private, is it?, access rights are very challenging to overturn and in your case, as you have lots of properties that need pedestrian access, you could not restrict it.
  12. Is not pavement parking being banned / changed - HMG put out a consultation at the end of last year, you can find it HERE, closed, but it shows that HMG want's to ensure that pavements are available for pedestrians. It won't be long, 15-20 years before we don't have cars each we just call a 'self drive' and it will navigate to you and whisk you off to your destination. (By then the AI's around you will have worked out that you are thinking of going down the shops and the 'self drive' will be waiting just round the corner for the actual call 'Alexa call a self drive'
  13. Maybe @Bruno lives even further north than you do - summers in such places must be very hard to imply a COP like that!
  14. Is it remotely possible that the strainer has corroded away?
  15. Not sure I can cut it as neatly, XPS will cut on the hot wire, given the volume the U factor is not an issue.