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  1. Yes but dragons can be slain can't they, particularly with money. PS Welcome to THE forum for self builders and like minded people
  2. Hmmm -- it comes with 12 bales of warmcell as well, bit pricey, might try a cheeky offer once I have done the PHPP change to warmcell from current product to check all is well.
  3. Welcome to THE forum for selfbuilders and like minded types. Our experience, still building in Kent, was to create a mood board, in our case a word document, into which we pasted dozens of images, furniture, interiors / exteriors / details from the web and photos we took out and about. We thinned this down and gave it to the architect as 'our sort of thing'. They then worked with that as their starting place. We have put a bedroom, with ensuite, downstairs as we are basically retired and we were wondering how long we would be able to climb stairs - however we put another upstairs and that will be our bedroom at the outset, the room downstairs will be our snug / guest room, albeit with a rather odd ensuite attached, complete with sofa bed. Our kids are grown up - well mostly, and live away so the extension we built at millstone manor is now largely empty - we have three bedrooms and a sitting room we don't use - how daft is that we now think. If I were going for a forever home I think I might just think about the tightest spot, when the kids were about 16/18 and create for that but working out how each of the spaces would be used once they are flown away. Eventually, one hopes, they will be back with partners & kids of their own so maybe those rooms will get used sometimes.
  4. Wonder how that works - will have to investigate.
  5. Can they modulate down any further though? Is that not just introducing more heat loss into the house.
  6. That means just unlocking, they can open it - although in the Covid era maybe better of the 'entertainment' does not touch the door handle - no let them open the door, once unlocked, but fit these new fangled Silver Ion coated door handles that kill Covid. Simples!
  7. Not sure why you would do this, it is after all a positive pressure system so the stuff in the air from inside the house will be on the inside of the outlet filter trying to get out, or already out - small enough, and creating a fallout pattern around your exhaust outlet and there is no connection between in an out flows in most MVHR systems, other than across the roof / wall between the external inlet and outlet.
  8. Surely the door is smarter than to make you go around the town to lock it again. I recall having a car, I might still have it somewhere, that you can unlock remotely but if you don't open the door in 10 seconds it locks again so if you accidentally hit the unlock it protects itself and of course you could always hit the lock button!
  9. Rafts tend to have peripheral drainage so working all the time to dry out the makeup below the slab thus reducing the likelihood of water up between the blocks.
  10. Yes I wrote in the "Self Installed with MCS accredited sign of TBA" lets hope that works.
  11. Probably - had not thought that high level - the form does after all cover all the technologies developing less than 50Kw (3Phase)
  12. I am filling out my G99 A-1 form, it is the one that goes to DNO to get permission for connecting your PV supply and there is one question I am struggling with. In the Details of proposed additional Generating Unit(s) it asks for the Technology type. Any one know what technology type they are talking about is it: The cell system - Mono / Poly Crystalline. Is it the inverter type - EG String / with or without compensators / micro inverters. Is it the inverter 'system' IE with / without MPPT. Something else? Any ideas. (PS I know I could pay an installer to do this but I am seeing how far I get without doing that.)
  13. Your right - the controller must be software cored and the interfaces common / industry standard so an accommodating controller seems obvious.
  14. Then it all comes down to rate of delivery for DHW, there are electric combi boilers but the rate they deliver is pitiful - this one delivers 12L/M and needs a three phase supply, we need some massive kit that can deliver 20L/min at 50 deg C. You will have the potential current from the batteries - the average EV is many 10s of KW so not a problem energy wise it is down to getting it into the water fast enough.
  15. Well it must be huge - we did our garden room through Howdens and it came in at 4k including appliances + fitting.