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    I am a retired academic of 35 years, I have also run a couple of businesses (engineering) and had a short stint as a TV presenter - at the moment I amuse myself building a new home for my other half and I in East Kent.
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  1. MikeSharp01

    Living wall in a passive house

    Yes its interesting how the planting mix will effect the whole scheme. They also have interesting acoustic properties so might bugger up your listening pleasure! Auto watering feels like a must with some sort of feed doing system as well.
  2. MikeSharp01

    Living wall in a passive house

    Just got inspired by seeing some living walls at the SFMOMA and wondered if, assuming you could get the light about right, whether you could get the rest of the environment sorted and maintainable in a passive or near passive house?
  3. MikeSharp01

    Amersham where to stay ?

    Do you know / ever met Ed (Reardon)?
  4. MikeSharp01

    Can you build block work on polished concrete?

    Thanks I will tell him.
  5. My brother in law asked me a question I could not confidently answer today. Tomorrow he is laying a garage floor that he wants to polish and was asking if he can polish right to the edge and build directly on it. Looks like it's structurally ok but not sure if cement will stuck to the polished floor.
  6. MikeSharp01

    VHS or BETAMAX the battle of two technologies relived.

    Yes he used the difference in cost between his 3 year old diesel vans and an all electric fleet going into the zone every day. TBH the new vans are much smaller than the old ones but he and his team seem to have that sorted by being a bit more organised.
  7. MikeSharp01

    VHS or BETAMAX the battle of two technologies relived.

    Can you even imagine what a new windscreen will cost when you crack it!
  8. MikeSharp01

    upside down and buried

    Which side of the iron curtain was that then Herr Bosch!😉
  9. MikeSharp01

    VHS or BETAMAX the battle of two technologies relived.

    I guess that is the essential point Steamy - PS good to converse with you again.
  10. I had a conversation with my brother yesterday - he has just invested in some electric vans for his team to use in the new London low emmission zone (it appears a no brainer as the fleet hire and electric cost is less than the zone charges after about the first two weeks of the month - some incentive that!) Anyway we chatted about the vying power technologies and wondered if we are not in a VHS vs BETAMAX situation where the energy density by weight of Hydrogen (BETAMAX) was loosing out to the much less energy dense battery technologies (VHS) perhaps all because of the cost of producing the hydrogen by one or other of the routes available. Suffice it to sat that we concluded that both these technologies are dead now so we might as well go with the flow and hope we live long enough to see the DVD of car power systems. The good old S curve strikes again! 😂
  11. MikeSharp01

    Anyone used an electric stair climber?

    Is it possible to ask why this 150Kg object needs moving or have I missed something?
  12. Spotted a leak coming out from under our ensuit bath last evening. Traced it to one of the taps being cracked open and a leak from the diverter valve that had found a hole in the silicone seal. Have got the bath out but before I take the diverter to bits I wonder if any body knows what I will find in there. The diverter button assembly looks to have a couple of flats on it so I assume it unscrews but I thought I would gather the collective wisdom before I tried.
  13. 15 mins in not a mention of thermal mass so - single points only.
  14. Both Fakro I hope ours open electrically as that is what we ordered and Velux supply ph rooflights with electric opening.
  15. MikeSharp01

    A chippie's advice please ... tear - out?

    It is tear out and it's down to the way the blade attacks the grain the rotational speed and the feedrate. If you look at the picture you can see that the right hand edge and the bottom edge are very tidy because the blade is moving into the grain the other edges look to be where the blade is lifting out and the grain is open and not dense. You need a much finer blade running fast, fed slowly and very sharp to achieve the best finish on all surfaces. Setting the blade depth to just a bit more than the thickness of the material will help as this optimises all the angles.