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    I am a retired academic of 35 years, I have also run a couple of businesses (engineering) and had a short stint as a TV presenter - at the moment I amuse myself building a new home for my other half and I in East Kent.
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  1. MikeSharp01

    Moixa Home Energy Storage

    Have you tried going cold turkey? (Not this evening as an intimate supper is mandated for valentines day.)
  2. MikeSharp01


    Welcome to THE forum for self builders and people of like minds.
  3. MikeSharp01

    Outrageous in Gloucester

    It does not show from here it must be the way your trousers hang. BH boom.
  4. MikeSharp01

    Site Clearance Dilemma

    Just call it 'site preparation' and I don't think they can touch you - you have not started you are just getting ready to start.
  5. MikeSharp01

    I beam wall construction

    We have this and ours is 300mm FJI joist studs on top of two parallel sole plates of 75mm x 50 and 150 x 50 with 50mm x 75mm thick PU infill in the gap. Every so often the stud is fixed, via the web, to the concrete with a strong tie angle bracket in the PU trough which is fettled around the bracket. All on top of a DPC. PS this is as our SE detailed.
  6. Working drawings are down to me his remitt ends at BC drawings. I will post a section drawing when I get home from site - remind me if nothing here by tomorrow am. I don't think the architect was aware of the potential issue. I believe that Condensation can form between layers, assuming dew point is reached, unless thermal contact is perfect so there is no air between them. As I understand it the external surface of the gutter is at air temperature while the surface below it is at envelope surface temperature and so dew point is possibly achievable I think.
  7. We have no experience but we are also doing this on our build. Although we have architects detail for it I keep revisiting the design mainly because of concern about condensation on the underside of the Ali section and although I can waterproof that I am not convinced this won't just move the condensation one layer in and venilating below the gutter is my thinking at the moment.
  8. MikeSharp01

    Remote internet control of TV and such.

    Sorry for delay folks it's amazing how hard this happening to a friend who is younger than you hits you. Thanks @JSHarris that looks simple enough but they enjoy(ed) catch up TV so wanted something like that if I can get it. @Barney12 Thanks also I descover that a friend has the harmony hub and I am going over there on Thursday to have a play with it. Wonder if I could get a pi to do this and allow all friends and family to control it remotely?
  9. MikeSharp01

    Remote internet control of TV and such.

    We tried a now tv stick with an 8 button remote but no joy they struggle to do it with you prompting them. @Declan52 I will need to get them a new TV theirs is 3 years old and pretty basic. You can talk to our Samsung but it's pretty clunky. I will take a wander around John Lewis and see what I can find to see if directly talking to the TV is the answer.
  10. We have had a somewhat tragic event with a single friend of ours getting what looks like early onset dementia, Consultants appointment in next couple of days. We have been up working with them, and their immediate family, to sort things but one area maybe has a solution but I cannot immediately see it. Essentially they cannot control their TV anymore - it all works fine and the remote is perfectly normal but the buttons seem not to mean anything to them any longer, 'which button do I press to watch' so I thought it must be possible to remotely control a TV via their internet connection for them or install an ALEXA like system so they can just talk to it to make things happen. I have seen a harmony hub which might do it but I was wondering if there was another way or any experience out there. It would be good if we could control their heating and monitor electricity usage etc, all of which I could do but need a way forward for the TV and we can probably hang the rest of it onto that. Any thoughts?
  11. MikeSharp01

    Automation Planning

    Have you had a scope on the hdmi signals to see what signal loss there is? HDMI is not a fool proof standard and it was developed to cope with 1080p over a max practical distance of 50ft IIRC. As the demands of 4k and 16k grow on us it won't cope over even that distance so I would build a space behind / beside the TV to put the boxes and run a fibre cable to your router it is unlikely that terrestrial broadcast will get much beyond 4k in the medium term satellite will and if you have a fast enough broadband you might get beyond 4k.
  12. MikeSharp01

    Early doors look at a new build - Land

    Welcome to THE forum for self builders. Sounds interesting, budget should be OK for a modest property as long as you can get plot with services for under £200k leaving you with £250k for build and at £1500 /m2 you should get 150 m2 property with some contingency.
  13. I guess getting the frame up and watertight would be good.
  14. MikeSharp01

    12v transformer for fan

    Not much but a slightly bigger one will run cooler as it won't be working so hard. As Dave says it won't be smooth but it will run just fine.
  15. MikeSharp01

    Fairland heat pump and experiance?

    Thanks chaps - body swerve time me thinks. So as a starting point, and in an ideal world, we need to be looking for: inverter controlled & reversable. For us 5Kw should be stacks.