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    I am a retired academic of 35 years, I have also run a couple of businesses (engineering) and had a short stint as a TV presenter - at the moment I amuse myself building a new home for my other half and I in East Kent.
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  1. One wonders, knowing the answer in the back of ones mind, if CGT is reversible, in the sense that recent falls in house values allow you to claim -ve CGT. I doubt they would go for it.
  2. MikeSharp01

    Any Tesla owners here?

    You mean when he was God! (Bruce Almighty,....)
  3. MikeSharp01

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    Yes I had not considered that you are now officially in an earthquake zone, so you need to check that your SE has; the relevant experience, has designed with the 1 in 100 year event (or whatever) in mind and PI insurance.
  4. MikeSharp01

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    Again not quite true. Screws are not nails they are usually of different materials, have a smaller cross section at the root of the thread, and behave differently to nails in this instance and twist nails are not crude screws.
  5. MikeSharp01

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    Not quite true as some holes are for manufacturing purposes so don't need nails and some are for temporary fixing although these are usually left filled anyway, look at the manufacturers data sheet. For Simpson stuff they point out the what the different holes mean (round, diamond, oval, Triangle) and whether they need to be filled or not and under what circumstances.
  6. MikeSharp01

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    The manufacturer will give you a nail (so the twisty nails are a must) pattern depending on the load / situation. Think this might point at it albeit from perhaps another manufacturer: https://www.strongtie.com/products/connectors/wood-construction-connectors/technical-notes/face-mount-hanger-loads
  7. MikeSharp01

    The Last of the Demolition

    That is spanking small crushing Peter.
  8. MikeSharp01

    Splitting Title and covenents.

    Watch out for the tax person (used to be a man, now more appropriately gender neutral but still as difficult!) as you will create a second home for yourself and may need to sort that out and there will perhaps be a capital gain crystallising if you are not careful. in your shoes I would be talking to a professional, in my shoes I should be talking to a cobbler.
  9. MikeSharp01

    First time self builder

    Welcome to THE forum for self builders and their other halves. Not sure how we can help with your wife. You do need to tell her that this will be a big challenge and perhaps won't go smoothly - you can read any amount of tough news here and you need to be clear with her as there is no point in wrecking your relationship if it all becomes too much.
  10. Yes just get a demolition order and do a bit. That should trigger 'start' back at the council.
  11. MikeSharp01


    +1 dont use kiln dried but there are loads of examples of oak external stairs - they do move and split but provided you get the grain going in the right direction they won't warp too much. It might also depend on the external environment a bit. If it's wet / wooded / north facing then it will very soon grow algi and get slimy which can be a problem. If open / south facing it should be fine. So if using steel with treads you need to watch out for this or buy a jet washer.
  12. MikeSharp01

    cold bridge would this help

    There may also be structural issues with plastic which over time might 'flow' if under high and continuous load.
  13. MikeSharp01

    Wood burning stove and flue install

    Tidy work, I wondered what the roof work was in one of your posts over the weekend ranting about the weather forecasts!
  14. MikeSharp01

    Gutter diameter

    That is interesting, I just took the house next door as an example of required drainage arrangements and used the part H rules for the BC stuff, seems I could have been much more refined.
  15. MikeSharp01

    Gutter diameter

    How do you work out how many down pipes I wonder.