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  1. You're better off using a pre-insulated twin duct. I used Rehau Rauvitherm twin 32 dia pre-insulated. Plus a duct for power to ASHP and another for data/comms
  2. + ducts to outside tap positions, ASHP feed & return Power to outside/drive lighting
  3. IanR


    I've just looked at the rendering of your house on your profile and your window sizing is similar to mine, large openings made up of smaller sashes. ie. I have a few 5m wide windows by either 2.1m high or 4.2m high, but they're built from five 2.1m x 1.0m sashes which costs a lot less than trying to make it in a single 2.1m x 5m sash. The pound has devalued since I bought mine, but that shouldn't have added more than 20% to the price. Have you gone with any integrated blinds on the Norrsken windows, I know that added a lot to the price. It was much cheaper to go with external blinds.
  4. ...and is that a SVP I see just a little further down the wall.
  5. IanR


    I really liked the Norrsken product, and the company seemed pretty good too. But "Wowza", those prices are much more than I was quoted July 2015. Including fitting, you've been quoted £1,228/m2 for Norrsken and £1,911/m2 for Internorm. In July 2015 Norrsken quoted me just under £500/m2 (and then offered another 10% off when I called them to say I was going with Internorm) for 3G Alu-clad pine. For the same spec I got Internorm down to £440/m2, although I upped the spec in the end and paid just under £500/m2. In my favour, all my windows are made up of units that are neither particularly large or small so it was quite an efficient way of buying the glass.
  6. Follow the link from Jack: https://www.greenbuildingstore.co.uk/products/pro-clima-roflex-pipe-grommet/ Just a flat, square piece of 1mm or 2mm thick rubber with an appropriately sized hole in the middle.
  7. I went with the Roflex grommets that Jack linked to, plus some Airtightness tape: This image is from the outside, and my airtight layer is the outside sheathing board. The membrane then just overlaid this with a hole in in for the duct. You'd need to fix the grommet to the inside.
  8. When did you submit yours? I submitted mine back in September, but still not had mine reviewed. Keep calling and they say they have a huge backlog.
  9. The roof is the original cow-shed roof, we knocked through the clear GRP roof-lights and dropped the boom in through them. No ground-line needed. The roof was then stripped once the concrete had cured.
  10. Boom pump, had heck of a reach on it:
  11. It was almost 8 loads, so around 60m3 Quick service though, concrete was in by 11:30, just took the rest of the day to level and power-float.
  12. Here's mine during the pour. The DPM is over the bottom layer of EPS and up over the EPS upstand. If you pour directly into the ring beam then there is a risk of the liquid getting under the uncovered EPS and it floating "away", hence pouring on to the higher areas to weight it down and letting it gently flow into the ring beams. This is not an issue with self-compacting, it can happen with C35.
  13. It's possible they poured directly in to the ring beam before weighting down the top layers of EPS. They need to let it gently flow into the beams after first pouring on to the EPS in the 100mm thick areas. What did the Engineer specify, most are C35
  14. The As Built SAP has to be uploaded by an Accredited person, and my experience was that they wouldn't take someone elses As Designed SAP as a starting point to reduce the fee. From memory I paid £175 for the As Designed and then a further £35 for the update to As Built and the upload to register it.