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  1. Yes, in relation to your opinion that: "what seems to be happening in this thread in particular, but also more generally in the climate debate, is that healthy and necessary scepticism is being misinterpreted and mislabelled as "denial." Which could not have been in relation to your own comments, as you had not made such comments in this thread, so you were speaking about others' comments that you felt were being misinterpreted as denial. Again, I made no such claim about your posts being denial, and have not seem others' make such a claim about your posts. I'll not be commenting on this again.
  2. No. I've made no such claim about your posts, not seen your posts labelled as denial others. I have commented on your opinion that. My recollection is that your own posts in this thread, were focused on disputing what science is, rather than any particular aspect of climate debate itself, so your opinion above was how others' posts were being treated.
  3. Unfortunately Ofgem are a bit slow in providing any new info about the new BUS scheme, so there's nothing on topic to discuss for the time being. We'll just have to make do with off-topic discussion until Ofgem jump into action.
  4. You are conflating 2 separate debates. Claiming climate change is not happening and the evidence that it is is produced by corrupt Scientists, is denial. With Climate Change an accepted phenomena, debating what we do about it is entirely valid, and disagreeing with the current direction of travel is not denial. However to have a discussion of value you'd need to propose an alternative, not just reason why it is wrong. The opinions shot down within this thread are the former. I made no comment regarding the IB post.
  5. I must be reading a different thread. I'm only reading regurgitated, +10 year old disproved conspiracies about corrupt scientists working in cahoots with political leaders to deceive the world's population. That's not new thinking, healthy scepticism or alternative forms of knowledge, that is denial. Thankfully the debate between the grown ups has moved on to what can be done to limit the damage that climate change will do.
  6. And you offered "philosophers of ancient Greece for theorizing about the existence of the atom" as an equivalent to disputing Climate Change, which of course it is not, since the ancient Greek philosophers were not disputing overwhelming evidence against the atom's existence.
  7. But there wasn't overwhelming evidence the atom did not exist.
  8. That's pretty vague, what is that NASA released that had been tampered with? Again, pretty vague. "tampering" and "manipulated" is to say a deliberate action to change the data in a way that it provides a fake outcome. There are of course many genuine reasons why data is filtered, which wouldn't fit the definition of tampering or manipulated.
  9. When was the first case of data tampering?
  10. If internal temp is still at 20°C, then dew point is up to 13.7°C with 67% RH. So, yes, inner pane is above dew point. https://www.calculator.net/dew-point-calculator.html
  11. RH inside will tend to drop when it's cold outside. Mine is in the 40% - 50% range at the moment. I'd normally be at around 60% in the summer.
  12. I've got the 310's with the foam under the cladding, which is what I thought you meant by "thermal breaks" Looks like most of their Aluclad options now have something similar. It wasn't on all their ranges when I purchased.
  13. How odd, I have the same windows, with the extra foam between cladding and timber frame.
  14. Is it an Aluminium frame? Obviously thermally broken, but the thermal breaks can be quite thin, I wonder if there's a small cold bridge.
  15. If those are the conditions when condensation appears, it would need the inside pane to have dropped to 12.7°C to condensate. I can't find the reference now, but I'm sure I have something that shows the inner pane of 3G only dropping a couple of degrees when 0° outside. Hence the improved "comfort" over 2G. Is the condensation at the edges, where a cold bridge through the frame may be having an effect?