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  1. 1. It isn't artificial grass. It is a green plastic carpet. 2. Make sure it is porous. 3. Make sure it is uv resistant. 4. Touch them and choose by price and feel. £35/m2? 5. It will be hard and bruising for any tumbles. 6. You'll gather I'm not a fan, but it's up to you.
  2. General builders generally don't know much theory. They are simply thinking it is bigger than others they have done. The pipe outfall needs to be at the top of the crates, otherwise your drains sit full of water and don't work properly. Why do you need a silt trap?
  3. We do. There are plenty more approximations and they add up. I'd also doubt that the £15 one (or any of them) is that good outside of a testing lab.
  4. @Porschewhen ready, tell us more please. Not too much personal/ location detail though, as it may be best for you to be under the radar.
  5. Not really. Listen to the accents on any highland news story...mostly English. Ditto an Inverness cafe or pub. Not saying that is wrong, just rhe reality of living costs and expectations. Just don't expect Gaelic and tweed spinning being the norm.
  6. Non Squareness of the openings I believe is a common error with diy. Ie measuring the widest bit. I can only recall only one error by a professional out of hundreds of units. He immediately promised to get a replacement in a few days, but I changed the drawing and everyone was happy. Contrast with ordering our own windows. Got 2 wrong. Our cost. Moral. It is someone's risk. You can't have the best of both worlds.
  7. Compulsory purchase of the land they claim wasn't commercially viable ( where they built the easy bit). So can't be worth much in CP. I'm thinking of brownfield sites where they build on the easy yard areas, and leave the old railway sheds / factory units / tip areas. Cleverer designers and contractors than the house builders could do lots of flats and community buildings at decent cost levels.
  8. OK. Just checking that a matching fireplace hadn't been removed already: that might be precarious.
  9. 7 likes suggests a lot of us agree and have seen such sites. I wonder if the government knows though? Who would tell them? Maybe we 7 +1 should write to our mp. If anyone does, please circulate and it can be a template.
  10. If anyone is interested...I built a metal shed where the police were guaranteed to arrive in 4 minutes with guns. The security was such that the intruders would plead to be arrested. Smoke, noise, strobes. The shed itself would have taken an hour to get into with skills and heavy equipment even if cameras were disabled.... and then the kit would kick in. I think prisons rely on multiple layers in walls rather than being solid. Lots of mess.
  11. First try the obvious. Where will the rainwater pipe be? Dig down to that level for access. Then hand dig your 300 x 300 x 300 test pit. Fill it and let it soak away or not, before the formal test. If you want, try another hole or 2, in possible locations. Near a hedge or trees might have help from gaps left by roots. Record your tests as the bco may just accept this. Be safe. 1m deep holes can collapse and kill.
  12. I'd get a stove installer in now for a chat. New rules require an air intake pipe from outside to a nozzle on the stove, and you will need a route for that. Do you know if there is a fireplace on the other side of that wall? Assuming it is a party wall.
  13. I've dealt with a few of these. There was always some insulation and an inner liner and they were surprised and ill-equipped and gave up. What they expected to run off with through a small hole with lethal edges, is a mystery. I'd best not say what would have been more effective. Most robberies I knew of involved driving a stolen pickup at the door, hence rising bollards are used sometimes. For interest, and stole what? Very few buildings have a single metal skin.
  14. But thieves go through windows and doors.
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