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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. @pocster your welcome to visit and try, only 130 miles away 🤣. I don’t like doors on showers, lots of places fir gunge to fester and difficult to clean.
  2. It’s MDF, been down two years and no problems, plenty of paint and siliconed to stop water getting under it. I confess I don’t mop the floor, vacuum and occasional damp cloth. Unless your having a party in the shower ( 😳 ) very little water gets on the floor, plus I have a mat to stand on whilst drying which soaks any small amount of water and dries with the MVHR on auto boost 👍.
  3. I have a couple of 1200 x 800 trays with 1200 glass panel and a 300 “flipper panel”. The flipper panel stops water tracking off the end of the1200 screen, with the tray being 1200 very little water gets out of the shower but enough room to step out of the water spray without leaving the enclosure . I think this works very well ( I don’t like wet rooms)
  4. I was only thinking yesterday that being down here away from people I was pretty safe until my wife told me a colleague had a son who has just returned from Italy and has been told to self isolate, but his mum is still coming to work 🤔
  5. joe90

    Foundation plans

    I am on clay, didn’t use an SE, got the building inspector (local council) to look in a test hole and he just specified 700mm deep, I wanted 700mm wide for my wall make up. Simples, no expenditure .👍
  6. I always use these fir cleaning copper,
  7. I have checked mine and it’s dry!!!, perhaps I am lucky but I will keep an eye on it 🤞
  8. I had to wrap both external 150mm pipes as condensation was forming on the “air in” pipe within my warm loft (I just did it in loft insulation off cuts wrapped with duct tape at intervals).
  9. I have a Vortex and very pleased with it, like @Jeremy Harris noise from the air pump was initially a bit of an issue but soundproofing and removing it from the lid worked wonders.
  10. Did anyone see top gear and that VW electric “car”, faster than a formula 1 car.
  11. I like recessed as it shows off the wrinkly brick edge
  12. I have also appealed and got my banding reduced a long time ago, when our new build was assessed I was pleasantly surprised (fairly poor rural area!).
  13. I have fitted them for customers in the past and they have always liked them.
  14. that’s what caught my attention when I returned home from work and made me look.
  15. IMO it should have soakers as the tiles are offset which means every other tile does not have a ridge to keep the water away from the stack.