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  1. Roof before first floor?

    That seems a very good idea, it means your first floor when built will not get wet so less drying out and you are able to work “ indoors” in wet weather.
  2. Log burner

    One of the main reasons I moved from Bristol to a very rural location that has little or no crop spraying is because of pollution and noise.
  3. Yup, I have no pump in mine. I am yet to instal it but it’s on my ( very long) to do list😱
  4. Log burner

    Hi James, sorry for the late reply. I used a 110mm drainage pipe under the floor within the celotex layer ( on a slight slope out of the house) and had a box fabricated from steel to bring it up and onto the back of the stove. On another note the stove supplier suggested that I bring the air intake pipe up to 600mm above ground level, a bit like a short soil stack with a cover to stop rain driving down into it, I also drilled a small hole in the 90, bend at the bottom to drain any condensation from within the pipe.
  5. Log burner

    No mate but close, sparky is here working hard and I am laying flooring. I recon another two months till we can move in.
  6. Log burner

    Well I have built a well insulated, airtight ( I hope) newbuild with a small wood burner that has a dedicated under slab air feed pipe. Yes it may get a bit warm for me but never too warm for SWMBO😱
  7. Floor tiling question

    Thanks Nick, UFH not yet commissioned so not a problem, only me, myself and I on the job ! I am sure I am not the only one pleased with these pearls of wisdom.
  8. Floor tiling question

    Nick, just ordered this from Ebay, thanks for the heads up
  9. Like peter above I challenged a council banding (about ten years ago) and was set to go to appeal, the day before the council rang me to ask what evidence I had and I said “ why should I tell you?” He then admitted th council could not afford to go to appeal and wanted an agreement, so I told him my evidence and he agreed over the phone. Job done. I am waiting for the council to ask for council tax on my current new build but on purpose I am not having the Sewerage treatment plant installed till the last minute so it’s “ not fit for purpose “
  10. I had the same problem, without the actual toilets etc to measure, one upstairs ( in a wooden floor) I got slightly wrong and it niggles me that the pipe is not quite vertical
  11. Tile Cutter - Manual and Electric

    I have a rubi scribe and snap and it’s the best one i have ever used. I did buy a large wet tile cutter but didn’t find it much good so sold it. Luckily any of my cut floor tiles have skirting over the cuts so a perfect finish is not required.
  12. Conflict of interests

    I have a single hedge and had to provide a 1 mtr root protection zone which I did with posts and sheep fencing, I don’t see why you can’t ask the council to allow you to remove the hedge ON THE ADVISE OF GROUND CONDITION EXPERTS and provide a root protection zone with fencing.
  13. Floor tiling question

    Thanks for the comments guys, yes I am pleased with it. Tiles came from B@Q, Italian porcelain £12 per meter and swmbo likes them. Yes Nick going with charcoal grout and thanks for the heads up re the mop.
  14. Edpm or grp ?

    When I did GRP roofing I bought of the shelf edge pieces and upstands for a professional finish.
  15. Floor tiling question

    Well, apart from a few tiles in an awkward corner I have just completed 40 sq metres over the weekend and feeling quite pleased with myself, although I ache a little I think the knee pads did a Stirling job. ( let’s see if I can get out of bed in the morning 🙏). only 24 meters of stone and 32 mtrs of wood to go😱