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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. joe90

    Lidl SDS Drill - Impulse Buy

    I always thought that returns were the responsibility of the retailer?
  2. joe90


    Our ecologist was great, she recognised that I wanted wildlife around our build and gave good advise. I did not want bat roosts in the house but wanted to have them in the garage next to it, she agreed and I built three bat roosts in the roof of my garage. The planners however, despite my forwarding the ecologists report that the bat roosts in the garage were sufficient for the whole site (the ecologist recommended two bat roosts but I built three) told me they still wanted bat roosts in the house. When we went to appeal over the planning refusal, we won on everything including the council trying to over ride the ecologist.
  3. joe90

    Bog Lane Build

    Welcome and looking forward to seeing your involvement on this forum, remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, stupid is not asking and you will get shedloads of knowledge from the many members.
  4. Oops, you could always ask for your deposit back (pretty please) and say your contractor wanted to use a private BCO. 🤥
  5. joe90

    Wrong Floor!

    Might be worth getting an SE to give his opinion (and deduct his fee from the contractors price!).
  6. joe90

    Next steps after planning

    Post them here and you will get many pairs of eyes and loads of suggestions 👍
  7. joe90

    Should I tile Ensuite Wall?

    Yup, I used aqua panel like @JSHarris but managed to use whole sheets for the showers so the only join was in the corner. I also used smaller pieces to make the basin splash back to match
  8. joe90

    Should I tile Ensuite Wall?

    After years cleaning grout out and retiling for myself and others, I now hate tiles. I have used aqua wall board in both my new bathrooms and they are great and sooo easy to clean
  9. joe90

    16mm SWA

    I accidentally hit my incoming concentric cable with my JCB when digging, I didn’t “cut” it but folded it tightly, the outer plastic covering was not damaged but it still tripped the local supply. When the DNO arrived they confirmed the cable damaged and jointed a new section. They were great, very understanding and seeing me struggle to self build on my own reported the fault as somewhere else and I never got a bill 👍. I cut open the “folded” section and the inner insulation had been split by the folding and shorted with the outer. I am surprised this could happen with a bona Fidi buried cable?. The SWA I installed from meter to house was far more substantial.
  10. joe90

    Next steps after planning

    Another example of architects not being in the real world, I also had a customer (years ago) who’s architect did exactly that, I changed the plans to what could be built and sent them back with a snotty note. My customer asked “why didn’t the architect know that? 😱
  11. And we as self (green) builders are doing a little bit to help. My father always told me “there is no such thing as right and wrong, there is only opinion!”. Watching the news last night I saw that school girl who has addressed politicians about climate change and told them their future is being taken away, good on her.
  12. joe90

    Water Regulations

    Like @ProDave our hot water is limited to 48’ anyway ! I don’t think our BCO will be interested in water regs, lucky as we have a huge bath 😱. 🤞
  13. joe90

    Oil usage and micro hydro content

    I would give my right arm for the water potential you have!, I have always wanted to generate lecky from a water source. I remember Dick Strawbridge years ago building a water wheel, gearbox and alternator.
  14. joe90

    Cheap garage

    Floodlight and big noisy dog! 😳
  15. joe90

    Oil usage and micro hydro content

    Just to stick my oar in, even the same house in a different location will give a different result, Jeremy’s house is in a sheltered location facing the sun, we are on a windswept flat location near the Atlantic but still facing the sun ☀️