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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. My block paving patio was laid on ground granite chips (about 3 or4 mm) on top of well compacted road scalping which my builder says is less likely to settle out than sand but sand was swept into the gaps.
  2. I am sure you could make your own, perhaps I could start a business (on seconds thoughts I have enough to do.......)
  4. Yes but have you read the reviews, rubbish 🤷‍♂️.
  5. +1, my original one broke so threw it away, the newer one (plastic handles and pressed steel) is not as good but still has done sterling service for many years. It’s not like me to renew, I usually mend old stuff 🤷‍♂️ ha, just looked on Ebay and loads there to choose from BUT the old ones are now collectible!!,!, who would have thought.... 😱
  6. I have a black and decker workmate that I have had fir donkeys years and found invaluable, dual height, large jaws 👍
  7. That’s because so much energy is used to run air con units in hot parts of the country (I guess) what we need is a white paint for hot weather that turns black when it gets cold 🤔.
  8. I always brush a little water on the surface with a paint brush or little garden sprayer.
  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣, thats so funny, the only thing the council may pick up on is “fitting in with the local vernacular” and this is totally dependant on the planners personal opinion relative to your area. Let us know how you get on (we have lots of knowledge here about planning refusals and even going to appeal!!!!).👍
  10. Complaints are not necessarily proper planning objections, “I don’t like it” is not a relevant planning objection. Can you list the objections for us?
  11. Maybe a bit late but I bought my stove from “stovesonline “ and they have an in-house flue designer who was very helpfull for my installation.
  12. Yes, chipped surface is better so don’t go wire brushing (and coughing all day). The wall has to be damp and the mix fairly sloppy, try mixing a little at a time to get the mixture right. Make sure the new Mortor is mixed well, try to get air into it. If the wall is damp the action of it drying out pulls the new Mortor in so gives adhesion.
  13. Right, see if you can scratch the first coat with a pointy old screwdriver or something to give a key (this is why it’s often called a scratch coat!). I much prefer SBR to PVA, give the first coat a brush with it, let it dry then give a second brush and apply the final coat before the SBR is completely dry. I have even heard of adding a little SBR to the water when mixing the Mortor. Dry brush the final Mortor coat with a brush before it’s hard but still damp to give a good finish.
  14. I second this, as I have said before when I worked as a small time builder my quotes were very detailed, no ambiguity about what I was required to do, lots of communication. Most builder/customer problems I came across were because assumptions were made and not enough detail talked through.
  15. I admit I am generally not a fan of architects, come across too many problems with designs in the past. I did use an architect for my self build but only to convert my drawings (proper drawing board jobbies) into CAD as I can’t do that, he got so many things wrong several times but at least he didn’t try to charge extra (he recognised I was not impressed 😤).