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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. joe90

    Was I right to sack the builder?

    Well I don’t care what he charged, the Work was crap and “not fit for purpose” . Wether you pursue him for your money back is up to you but I agree with others, get three opinions and quotes for the work you require. If you have photos of his work and there is a chance others will see them, he may well offer you your money back!!!
  2. joe90

    Processing planked logs

    You mentioned bending steel, should be fairly easy with map Gas and a big vice.
  3. joe90

    Processing planked logs

    I have got a thicknesses/planer and planed old oak boards but it killed the blades, old oak is very hard and contains stuff that blunts blades fast. I guess a joinery shop would give you a price for doing this on an industrial machine and probably join the boards fir you as well. Google “joinery near me”. As far as metal frame, again google “steel fabricators near me” (small firm would be best for small jobs). If you were near me I could weld something up for you.
  4. joe90

    Hi everyone from Shropshire

    Also hi and welcome, I used to live in Shropshire near Shrewsbury.
  5. Is your drive and visibility splay specced on your planning application? Does it have to be that big?Temporary bollards (so you could get HGV in there if you really wanted to) might be an answer! Also PIR lights will diswade use as a car park at night. If I remember correctly from our fight with the council over access and splays, visibility can be over a grass bank up to 250mm high so a grass bank with vertical edges still count as visibility splays.
  6. joe90

    Soil stack passive house

    I have an internal AAV in our new build but the drain run goes past the house and to the detached garage with a loo so I put the stack on the back of the garage.
  7. joe90

    Urgent help please

    I too had a leak on my own land but was unable to find it (meter was bombing round with no taps on) water co. come out and not only found the leak (an old stopcock buried in the front lawn) but repaired it and refunded the excess water usage based on previous readings. I was told this would only happen once, if it happens again I would have to pay. I was a very happy bunny.
  8. joe90

    Planning. Slipping in the back door

    Russell I could not agree with you more regarding planners and their policies (if they abide by them).
  9. joe90

    Planning. Slipping in the back door

    Good on you mate, I too hate planners, took me two years and a lot of money to eventually go to appeal and win hands down with the planners getting an earful for not abiding by their own policies!
  10. joe90

    How do you know when

    Ha, I have more “work clothes” than “normal clothes”, just sorting through them and keeping just a couple of work clothes. I am yet to build the wardrobes so still living with “floordrobes” (she is not happy with that)😱.
  11. This has been discussed here and elsewhere and I am not having a legionella cycle in my DHW system. I do however envy your pure water Dave!.
  12. joe90

    walk in shower sizes

    Mine is 1200 x 800 with 1200 glass panel and 300 flipper panel, loads of room (for one 😱) I wanted a 800 door but could not find one but with the flipper panel no, or very little water gets out of the tray area.
  13. joe90

    I need a magnifier..... eyes ain't what they used to be

    Its pre a lot of things 😜 (life’s hard, and it shows now).
  14. joe90

    I need a magnifier..... eyes ain't what they used to be

    Factory shop if you have one, I considered that as one eye is a bit different from the other.