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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. Well I dropped a cold chisel in my brothers cavity when doing some work about 20 years ago, then More recently I found it when doing some other work, that was a surprise 😎
  2. David Attenborough was saying this years ago, well not quite, he was saying that man ( over population) was the main problem for Earth. I did wonder if Covid was the planet trying to protect itself, the Gaia principle. ?
  3. I agree, remember my saying use a drill with a slip clutch or it could break your wrist if it jammed, also a jar of oil to dip the bit into, large drills generate a lot of heat if not used slow and lubricated. p.s. That’s not Pocster’s place, too tidy for him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, I know, been there 🤐
  4. Too right, “insulate Britain “ is the right direction (even if they are pissing off the public by blocking roads!). YOU ONLY BUY INSULATION ONCE!
  5. Well that was disappointing, typical TV bling (apart from mentioning huff house and passive house).
  6. Just a 6” brush on rods. That sounds hot, should not produce too much soot etc (as long as your logs are dry, at least 20%) in case you want one!!
  7. Sorry bud, bad timing eh? look on the bright side, they are in and you can play with bolting it together and making it solid.
  8. I was advised to have 80 litres, with 5 x100m loops 🤔 (with immersion in case of failure or servicing of the ASHP).
  9. My loft has chipboard unprotected, with a new roof I feel confident it won’t leak, if your not then bung a coat of flooring polyurethane varnish over it.
  10. @puntloos do you intend cleaning your own roof lights?, if not find someone who will and ask them what they consider adequate (and get it in writing!)
  11. Yes, even our Jeremy made his own weather calculating programmer and binned it in favour of one room stat. I have done the same, my programmer needs a degree to understand so I use a single room stat and timer. KISS 👍
  12. As I said I would clean them myself using my considerable knowledge of climbing equipment. I do believe health and safety is OTT, people should be allowed to make their own judgement and take responsibility for their actions without the constant blame culture. Like a previous poster, I was pulled up by a BC inspector fir climbing a ladder that had not been tied off, when I asked him how I was supposed to tie it off from the ground he muttered and walked away. Jobs worth with no real grasp on reality.