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  1. joe90

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    Best of luck tomorrow @ProDave
  2. joe90

    Can this be right? (E7 tariff)

    Does location make a difference?, they do ask for your postcode!, @ProDave who is your supplier then?
  3. After @JSHarris switched to E7 I thought I would look into it, I am with green energy so looked at their tariffs and (if I read it right) E7 gives you slightly cheaper DAY RATE as well as cheap night rate and nearly identical charge per day rate, They already quoted me £150 to change the meter. whats not to like?
  4. joe90

    Finding a blockage in a 50mm mdpe pipe ?

    @ProDave what’s your water pressure like?, if it’s like mine (6bar) could you not try connecting that with a hose and see if that shifts it 🤞
  5. I tend to refer to our house as “heavy” instead of high thermal mass after reading here about the truth about thermal mass, perhaps thermal capacity is a better term?
  6. It’s not that it does not exist, people just use the wrong name/terminology .
  7. 😱They mention thermal mass !!!!!! (Don’t tell Jeremy🤣).
  8. joe90

    Right of Way

    Simply tell them your solicitor has confirmed you have a legal right of way that’s stated in the deeds, if they contest it you will employ said solicitor and be claiming costs from them, worth the bluff about costs 😎
  9. joe90

    Quiet strike impact drivers.

    I used to be a man!😱( well, used tools with no ear protection!) got Tinitus now and slightly deaf and my son bought me a quality (German) radio headset to use, I find myself leaving it on even after using noisy tools.
  10. Sorry to hear this, if they don’t manage to sell the whole business then I am sure they would be looking to sell all they can to recoup money’s, for their creditors, no harm in asking.
  11. I was also told a WBS was a definite requirement and it’s great, we were told we would overheat (impossible for my missus 😱) but a couple of hours and the room gets up to about 28 (toasty), doors open and it has migrated through the house. What is interesting is even by the following morning the lounge is still at about 24, and the UFH has not kicked in all night. I think the brickwork around it acts like a heat store. (Intentional)
  12. Yep, I’ve done the same, 60litre buffer tank with immersion in case of ASHP failure/servicing, in winter I run the ASHP full time at 40’ (heating) controlled by a tank stat. The UFH is controlled by a room stat that turns on the manifold pump when heating is required. That means we don’t have to wait fir the buffer tank to heat up when heat is required, the slab takes long enough to heat up anyway. I may be going on to E7 or E10 so will have to change this arrangement.
  13. joe90

    Automated garage door

    Just looked online and I think it was “rollerdor” may be wrong but the site and drawings etc look very familiar. They do from DIY kit upwards. Hope this helps. 👍
  14. I have not used PHPP but built ours to passive principles. One thing I don’t think PHPP does it take into account local conditions (please tell me if I am wrong over this). @JSHarris found he had less of a heating load and more of a cooling load because of a sheltered valley location, we on the other hand are on flat land near the coast and reckon the constant (almost) South westerlies wash an amount of heat from our structure .
  15. joe90

    Automated garage door

    Sorry @wozza can’t find the receipt (also can’t claim the VAT,)