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  1. 👍 It’s the water it holds that is heavier than the bath itself (unless cast iron).
  2. Ah could not see those, yes but as said above sistering or ply will mitigate any risk of the timber You removed.
  3. Is this ground floor or first floor?, if ground floor i would be tempted to rip the lot out as you need “solid” to tile onto with new moisture proof chipboard. If first floor then remove floorboards or see what joists you have throughout.
  4. You have to start the flooring from that side really, tucking the first ones under the end panels, yes herringbone can be tricky to get right (but looks good). https://www.factory-direct-flooring.co.uk/advice-centre/how-to-lay-herringbone-flooring?gclid=Cj0KCQiA67CrBhC1ARIsACKAa8RzHQp3M_P9FKKj4_nHJNJBlj8FpXALzR_8bYU67-ar8K0QlLNbzIAaAmNxEALw_wcB
  5. I maybe wrong but I cant see any supports fir that pipe., if not hot water in it may make it sag over time, if you do the “ply” thing I suggested earlier this will also support the pipe 👍 2 birds with one stone and all that 🤷‍♂️
  6. No, you are learning, as @markc says, we have seen worse. On a practical level this is a bathroom so not liable to see lots of people at the same time so loading will be minimal. If it does worry you then sister it or like I posted above purely fir peace of mind.
  7. I go with both in one like @ProDave says, I always double over a single wire to act like two if it’s the only one under a screw.
  8. Waste pipes are too big to be notched into joists ( normal size ), if at all holes should be in the middle of the joist, the top of a joist is in compression and the bottom in tension so both top and bottom are most important to strength.
  9. Which is why i would use bath panels rather than tiles nowadays!!!, however i have used that protector in the past to good effect.
  10. You need grout protector , I use this with a no 1 paint brush, tedious but very effective https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000IU40JY?tag=track-ect-uk-120267-21&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1&ascsubtag=ecSEP1swhjlpo1d511
  11. My suggestion above will mitigate that .
  12. Frankly any type of building is possible (as long as meets planning rules locally,) your biggest problem IMO is finding a property that you like/can afford with the space to put that/those buildings. Then you can decide what extra building fits your needs!
  13. You have already done that with shit coloured cabinets!!!
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