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  1. joe90

    ASHP Frosting Cure

    Yes ST and I discussed this as I initially thought the ASHP could turn off just before defrosting occurred, therefore you could get the highest water temp for given weather conditions. I thought the ASHP should know when it’s about to defrost ( then go into defrost mode) but perhaps it recognises when it’s frosted up, too late?. Does anyone know how an ASHP knows it needs to defrost? ST, you can monitor mine when I get round to wiring it up ( among the other jobs on my most important to finish list 😱).
  2. Yes Dave, ours is not loud but a constant hum. We are not able to remotely mount the pump as it has a timer built in and two air pipes to the inside ( produces large bubbles for a time then small bubbles for a time) but like you if you lift the air pump it’s quieter, perhaps foam under the pump. Actually, if I extend the pipes a little I could mount the pump next to the unit on a concrete slab which would stop the plant lid acting as a drum!
  3. Well our Vortex treatment plant is in and working, I am having it commissioned properly by a local firm next week ( which may tweak the settings) . We live in a very quiet place but the plant when running produces a low hum and water turbulence can be heard at all times. We love to sit outside and listen to the birds and wildlife that surrounds us but it’s detracting ( a bit like a computer humming away in a quiet room). As mass is good for absorbing sounds I stacked bricks on the lid ( plus the lid acts like a drum I believe) but it’s not done much good and the lid is beginning to bow with the weight. Eventually the plant will be surrounded by dense bushes/shrubs to hide it. I think the next plan is accoustic foam ( closed cell/ waterproof) stuck to the inside of the lid and the inside of the box on top that contains the air pump. Any suggestions will be very welcome ( plus good supplier for said foam)
  4. I think several people on here have said they have reduced the airflow from what BR say.
  5. My MVHR which I think is the same as proDave,s has a paper filter and no condensate drain. When I investigated this a couple of years ago I believe the paper filter allowed some air moisture through so we may not suffer from the dry air with ours!!!
  6. Our bungalow burnt down during our planning application and people used to wink at me and say “ what a shame it burnt down” but I had to explain it was not insured, the premium was due and we were going to demolish it soon!! Ours was clad in asbestos and I did not know asbestos explodes in a fire so the site was covered in flakes of asbestos. The EA man turned up and instructed me to scrape the whole site clean and dispose in asbestos skips. No tests were done on what type of asbestos it was. He also never returned to check the Work was done. It cost me shed loads to remove all the bits, it would have been a lot cheaper to dismantle the sheets and put them in a skip to take away.
  7. I live in Devon, I don’t think anything gets dry down here 😳.
  8. I am yet to commission my MVHR but just looked and my RH is 67%, I don’t see how moving air around can dry it out if it’s not heated?
  9. On my first day as an apprentice doing house visits ( many decades ago) I was told by the “gaffer” never refuse a cup of tea as you never know when the next one will be offered!
  10. Is not the converse true, warm water freezes faster than cold, something to do with speed of temp fall? 🤔
  11. Yes these are the type I fancy for our kitchen, my only worry after reading Jeremy’s stuff is Hong Kong electrics and radio noise?
  12. Our builders were rigid about their breaks, I made them tea and they brought food, although I was not too worried as it was a fixed price so in my mind they were drinking tea in their own time! They taught me to have regular breaks as it enabled me to continue working all day with less fatigue and less stress.
  13. joe90

    custom build - budget/any advice

    Yes, we are just outside Bude. We asked for pre planning advise and it was pants! Our council is Torridge district council and they don’t have a good reputation , we ended up going to appeal and won hands down but it was a two year fight.
  14. Just to remind people of my mistake, bought two electric towel radiators and they get to 98 degrees, way to hot, going to change the elements to thermostatic ones.
  15. I know two people who were put on statins and felt terrible, they both told their doctor they would not see them, changed their diets and exercised, one changed job, and they both feel much better and no problems. Don’t talk to me about statins!.