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  1. @scottishjohn May be able to help (but Scotland may be different) as his “project” was borderline (IMO) and he has done a lot of clearing up before applying for planning.
  2. I dislike all airated blocks and have seen others have trouble with them. Like @tonyshouse I widened the cavity and used ordinary blocks (and can hang anything heavy off the wall if I want).
  3. which is why my son calls it the “poo jacuzzi “ I have lined the lid of mine with acoustic foam now.
  4. Hi @Miek here is a pic of mine, excuse the weeds, yet to do the landscaping. I dug a hole which is directly over the rumble drain and lowered the pump box onto and surrounded by 50mm drainage stone, any water that gets near it drains away through the rumble drain to a ditch. You can see two black 40mm pipes sticking up, these allow fresh air to keep the pump cool as it needs ventilation. Any questions please ask 👍P.S. the existing air pipes were long enough to be re routed through new holes in the side of the tank.
  5. @pocster I have had to use a boss like you due to restricted space and it works fine. 🤞
  6. @Arc_11 you would not need much, see what your local builders merchant can supply.
  7. It’s quite common to spread white chippings on these roofs to stop the felt heating up too much, less hot than black felt!
  8. I know you don’t want it level, but, if you did you could incorporate this all round
  9. I am not waiting, I’m off up there in my caravan 😎
  10. I had exactly the same issue with a vortex, the pump housing was bolted to the top of the tank which acted like a drum, I moved it next to the unit and buried it into the ground (with drainage to stop it flooding and vent pipes to get air into the pump) .I cannot see why you cannot move it away but not qualified to work out the detrimental effect of distance on air pressure . Others have moved their pump and generally housed it in something with mass which absorbs sound.
  11. if not a watercourse a ditch that Is wet some of the year is what we did with a Vortex treatment plant and rumble drain.
  12. Not a recommendation fir a particular type of ladder but having worked at height most of my life the best thing is to always tie it off at the top. I always have a short length of rope fixed to the top rung so when you get up there it’s simple to wrap it around the tree etc and tie it off on the ladder. When I started work with BT many moons ago we also tied the bottom of the ladder to the pole to stop it sliding away as well.
  13. @Jeremy Harris saved a lot by not roofing under his solar panels but he did have to use an “in roof” water Proof system under the panels to make it water proof , so you will need something under them If only to stop water dripping through the joints. Simple OSB sheets and EPDM roof might be cheaper than standing seam metal.
  14. but at least they lasted longer because they used granite chips (that the EU banned).