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  1. I understand none of this tech stuff but wish my MVHR was more controllable. RH here varies between 20% and 90% and this confuses my RH sensor which controls the boost facility. I am hoping @SteamyTea understands this and draws me a (simple) diagram so I can make a controller. I always said ventilation is only required when air quality is bad but this seems difficult to measure.
  2. Right, woodwork masterclass coming up...... A/ cut bottom skirting piece at 45’ through moulding. B/ from bottom of moulding cut 90’ to base of skirting, remove waste. C/ from spare piece of skirting 1/ cut 45’ to top. 2/ Cut along bottom of moulding 3/ cut piece to length glue piece C where waste was removed . TAA DAA
  3. if that suits you but would prefer my idea.
  4. Nah, remember my pic way back. The one with the air rifle!!, it’s done like this..... gives a vety professional finish edit, are you not going to put a door frame in?, that needs to be done before skirting, and the bit you cut off will do the edging 👍
  5. @ProDave beat me to it.....just exactly who installed what? then don’t pay the bill till this is sorted out!
  6. Looking good, well done. Can see your multi tasking, three threads on the go at once, iPad, boxing in, ASHP. 👍
  7. Just for my piece of mind where is it coming from,???. Follow the pipe above the tundish and let us know, or take a pic to show us.
  8. Noooo, the other way, what’s it connected to? Which bit of plumbing is producing this water?
  9. Where does the pipework go after the tundish? (Black thing), any chance of a pic.?
  10. I said a proper plumber, not an electrician 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i,ll get me coat.
  11. there is your problem (I think) the only outlet pipe is a release pipe to stop excess pressure in the system, sounds like you’re pressure release valve is leaking (I had one of these in the past.) ( but a proper plumber will be along in a mo 🤷‍♂️).
  12. Top up of a new system can occur as air is pushed round the system but Should not continue. Regarding the ASHP it should be “fit for purpose” or it contravenes the sales of goods act.
  13. It’s “sufficient insulation” if the building regs are good but “additional insulation “ if the building regs are poor, which they are now IMO.
  14. I do remember something like this a few years ago, giving local gov more power locally regarding planning rather than central gov dictation. Down here people don’t want new builds but complain there is not enough housing. Go figure.