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  1. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    I have just finished my pipework and gone hep, no joints except manifolds and end fittings so no potential to leak in hidden spaces or restricted flow round tight 90’ bends. ( yes there are a few non hep,s but these are going to be replaced as soon as I get replacements).
  2. Plumbing 101: the absolute basics

    The plumber who taught me to do copper used to say “ cleanliness is next to godliness” and I swear by these for cleaning pipe and fittings. you can clean pipe ends with wire wool but it’s a pig to get it into 15mm fittings.
  3. Jeez Nick, what a Christmas present. As all the others have said, don’t be tempted to take short cuts to recovery, it will only end in tears. I can imagine the frustration of waiting for recovery ( been there, done that) . DO AS THE WHITE COATS TELL YOU. 👨‍⚕️.
  4. How far can you get in an hour

    +1 on school trips, Bristol is very bad fo this and during the holidays the traffic levels ( at certain times of the day) drop dramatically. My biggest problem down here is getting stuck behind the odd tractor. I just laugh to myself and am gratefull I am not back in Bristol.
  5. How far can you get in an hour

    Well I have been belting up and down the M5 for the last two years and mostly the 130 mile trip took two and a half hours but this was because I timed it right, late at night or very early. I have only been caught out a couple of times, the worst was 6 hours ( two lorries crashed and the motorway was shut) it took me 3hours just to get out of Bristol that day. Down here in Devon, if they have to queue for 15 minutes it’s a big holdup 🤣
  6. Or mine!! , I have been waiting all summer for the ground to dry out enough to get my 100tons of clay removed from site, the farmer who was going to shift it just can’t get on his land with machinery. I have just about given up with my JCB as it sinks whenever I try to do something, I am going to get a swing shovel in to do the work.
  7. Thanks Nick, I jokingly said this to my wife about being made homeless and she did not see the funny side. We have had a lot of change in the last four years and she craves ( like me) to be settled down but our new build should be complete by about March/April.🤞
  8. No, mr nasty has moved, this is a very nice neighbour who we get on with very well, in fact if this charade helps him get his planning to live in the parkhome himself I don’t mind helping. It has however unsettled my wife who is worried we will be evicted 😳
  9. Non heated areas.

    Sorry but going back to planning, our officer wanted bungalow and would not budge, I know it took a long time but I appealed to the Secretary of States office and won hands down, in fact the council was told they were not abiding by their own policies 👍. I don’t know your circumstances.
  10. Thanks for that, our let will be for more than 30 days ( unfortunately) and will probably be for about 4 months.
  11. Yes, it’s the 10 year proof that’s a problem. Well the latest from our illustrious council is they have charged us council tax, which I paid only to be followed by a letter (from a different dept) telling our ( landlord) neighbour that he cannot rent the parkhome to us and they are going to serve him with notice unless he appeals and he is definitely going to do that. I only hope the house is finished before we have to be evicted 😱
  12. I had not heard of these, I was going to buy oil filled electric radiators for my bathrooms.
  13. Cheap stairs.

    I have just ordered my stairs from StairBox, my builder always uses them and gives him a better trade price than I would get and they were still the best price when I looked around.
  14. Karndean vs wood flooring/tiles

    Right, just been to a flooring contractor locally and they won’t guarantee laying “thin” Kardean bonded to a liquid screed, they have had problems in the past with it “ blowing” i.e. not bonding in patches then sounding hollow. Their theory is the flooring acts like polythene on a lawn, it pulls any moisture upwards, ( despite how long it’s slowed to dry) the Kardean acts like a DPC. Wood and tiles ( with grout lines) breath just a tad to stop this. Also measured my part M Front door and the new floor is 30mm below the threshold so 15mm flooring is required to make it pass🤔.