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  1. You do not need PP for any caravan as long as it’s not a separate dwelling (I.e. you use a toilet in the house) it would be difficult for the council to prove you were not anyway. I put a static next to our build after the original bungalow burnt down, didn’t ask for PP. I was asked fir council tax but proved I was paying council tax in Bristol (wife still working and living there) and told them it was “builders facilities “. No problem.
  2. So sorry to hear of your loss, been there, done that, got the tea shirt. That sounds like a good project and one to get your teeth into which is a good therapy (ask me how I know?). Will watch this thread closely.
  3. like you we are exposed to strong south westerlies and horizontal rain, even on the North side of our new build the wet conditions are incredible. I don’t think a canopy would do much except for heavy rain with no wind (tho better than nothing). I built a porch and am so glad we did, it makes an “airlock”, somewhere for wet boots (and muddy dog) and stops rain attacking my lovely oak from door!!
  4. If I were building timber frame I would use blown cellulose like @Jeremy Harris very good for air tightness and decrement delay as well. His blog is a mine of information.
  5. Clearing a site by hand is bloody hard work, get a man and machine in and get your levels right from the start. Working from a cleared site is soooo much easier. If you want to control weeds etc around the outside old carpet is great (and free).
  6. @AnonymousBosch didn’t get one fitted by his utility co at the boundary!
  7. I don’t think it matters where it is as long as you know where it is and is accessible at all times. (But I would put it where the MDPE pipe enters the property).
  8. my vent pipe is on my detached garage 15m from the house (I do have an internal 50mm aav to stop any “gurgling” in traps).
  9. I think so, if I remember correctly 🤯, a loo flushing does not fill the 110mm pipe completely! If a bath is emptied the waste pipe is full but it will be 50mm max. My AAV is 50mm and I have had no probs in the last two years. Saying that, if I had room to extend the waste in 110mm pipe and use a full size AAV I would. My BC chap saw it and said nothing.
  10. Depends on how wet or dry it is (ha dry?) also depends how good/accurate the driver is, I would make it bigger if it were me, you could even put a row of blocks around the edge (under the poly) to retain a little. It will be the width of the truck plus “fall” so I would guess more than 2.4 wide!
  11. This is the downside of plastic pipe work, connections are more expensive , if it were copper it’s easy to make one from lots of cheap T,s etc.
  12. I would approach the manufacturer first with a visit and ask them to rectify any seals “within” the window that are faulty, they will then give you a professional opinion on how they are fitted correctly or not.
  13. Just be careful if you mount two manifolds together, you can’t get the demount key between them to take them apart again (ask me how I know!).
  14. hep20 and I got mine from toolstation. The welsh wizard recommended hep20 as the best!.