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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. Not sure about your position but I had a row with our planners about building my garage under permitted development and won the day because I proved I had demolished the previous garage by a certain date and this was classed as starting my development. Probably best to contact planning and ask them.
  2. I remember top gear giving them a very good review (which is good as t does not have a v8).
  3. joe90

    UFH test pressure and duration.

    With our UFH running temp on an immersion within the buffer tank (till I get my ASHP working!) with the TRV on the manifold set to frost I still get 24’ into the manifold and after 24 hours the house s too hot. I bought the Salus auto balancing control as advised by @JSHarris. I hope this controls the temp more accurately. Also I bought the Wilo pump as it’s also whisper quiet .
  4. joe90

    Heating oil prices for the next 20 years

    And if we fall out with the Saudi,s 😱.
  5. joe90

    EURO NCAP * Ratings

    No, a Gentry, copy of a mgtf built on triumph vitesse running gear,
  6. joe90

    EURO NCAP * Ratings

    Well my family car is a merc, solid, economical, estate but my “toy” is a kit car with no roof, on their members website was a story of a crash and the couple suffered substantial injuries, at least that replaces a motorbike for me.😎
  7. joe90

    Durisol: that's it - the last pour.

    Glad your not hurt both of you and well done on cracking this one 👍
  8. I wondered this with ours, 1200 x 800 tray with 1200 shower screen but we added a flipper panel at 300mm to stop water tracking along the screen and ending on the floor. In reality it works very well (originally I wanted a door) and am very pleased, glad we didn’t get a door in the end.
  9. joe90

    Treatment tank troubles

    Yes I have just installed a treatment plant, had to get permission to drain to ditch via the EA. As the ditch is dry a couple of months a year had to instal a rumble drain (pipe from plant to outfall full of holes and trench full of gravel). My treatment plant has an air pump fitted above it so power was required at the location. Simple to install, mine was in concrete as the water table is high.
  10. joe90

    Help required wiring my ASHP/UFH

    That sounds like a very reasonable explanation. Shame this kind of information is not available it might make understanding how they work more usable (for those of us that don’t use just standard settings).
  11. joe90

    Help required wiring my ASHP/UFH

    I agree with all the above.... If I set the hot water point at 45’ this may well be sufficient for heating the UFH buffer and the DHW. Will have to “suck it and see”.
  12. joe90

    Help required wiring my ASHP/UFH

    Thanks Jeremy, will try programming the command unit when I get a new board for the ASHP.
  13. joe90

    Help required wiring my ASHP/UFH

    Ah, my instructions say “113, heat water set point / this code is use to set the fixed heating water set point” min 20’, max 60’, default 45’ i read this as “heating” not “sanitary hot water”. Does the ASHP heat water to two different temps, heating and sanitary (DHW) or just one temp. There is no sanitary hot water temp setting in my instructions. My my brain hurts!.
  14. joe90

    Help required wiring my ASHP/UFH

    Is the heating water temp one of these parameters?, is the DHW temp another or the same.? my controller does have “touch and go” buttons, home, away, sleep, next. (Yet to programme them yet).