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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. Yes, and any price rises in the future will be blamed on Brexit (like decimalisation) rightly or wrongly.
  2. We have been told this but my insulated DHW tank does not heat the airing cupboard like my wife would like! (Water at 47’ ish) I am doing the same as @ProDave and will monitor bills but I have confirmed with my supplier (green energy) that they do E7 and E10 and plan to go to one of them when the house settles down (and I get time!!!).
  3. joe90

    UFH Water Flow

    I’ll get my pencil sharpened 😎.
  4. Takes me back to when the plasterers finished and the liquid floor screed was put down this time last year (in a very wet Devon) windows were running with condensation despite a small dehumidifier running 24/7, so we hired two commercial units and ran them fir nearly two weeks as the only way to dry out the building. The MVHR was not run at all to avoid any problems.
  5. joe90

    UFH Water Flow

    Yes, I also have two immersions In my DHW tank which I used to supply hot water whilst I got my ASHP working, it would be easy to wire the lower one to use excess PV. YES I did mine but it was a steep learning curve (see my threads on ASHP set up) and thanks to many guru’s on here I managed it 😇
  6. That’s got me thinking, I know my hearing is getting fuzzy and noticed recently some mumblings on a film, I have some small very good quality external speakers from a sound system that packed up (lightening strike on our old house), when I get time (or get snowed in 👍) I might just try this with my TV. Good idea.
  7. joe90

    UFH Water Flow

    Yes mate, I have two sealed loops, one for the ASHP with antifreeze/inhibitor and one for the UFH with no additive. Mains water only flows into the bottom of the DHW tank and hot out the top to taps.
  8. Very succinct Jeremy, I agree, and if the EU “rulers” were not so arrogant, we (them and us) could still have a good trade agreement without control of laws etc (unless they affected trade). As the lady on question time said, we would be in a much better position to negotiate after we left as I am convinced not trading will effect them as much as us.
  9. joe90

    UFH Water Flow

    Thanks Nick at least it works (now that you guru’s have helped me so much).
  10. joe90

    Sunamp container bulging

    I am surprised that SA have not come back about this, there is plenty of feedback info on this site alone?
  11. joe90

    UFH Water Flow

    After the professionals have posh diagrams on here mine seems very DIY, but hey ho here we go. The inhibitor water is limited to the ASHP, and tank coils (with their connected pipework). The UFH loop is pressured to about 1 bar. As is the ASHP loop. As I said tho, I have no PV .
  12. joe90

    Joist Hangers: too many holes?

    I’m with @ProDave on this one, and have done this myself, hanger fixed to joist first, difficult to hold the nail but you can swing a hammer in a 50mm gap. I like the magnet on a stick idea 👍, wot about
  13. joe90

    UFH Water Flow

    Will do later mate👍
  14. joe90

    UFH Water Flow

    @Big Neil I could draw you a diagram of our setup if you want but as you have P.V. It might be better if you list what you have/want and there are plumbing guru,s on this forum that will give you better advise 👍
  15. joe90

    UFH Water Flow

    In my case I heat a buffer tank 90ltr through a coil with my ASHP. the water in this buffer tank is circulated through the UFH manifold by a pump (when the room stat calls for heat). In the pipework from the ASHP (flow) there is a diverter valve which when there is a call fir DHW the valve operates and the DHW tank is heated (as a priority) when the DHW tank is up to temp the valve releases and is available to heat the buffer again. I have no P.V.