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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. I too hate “rattley doors, mine are oak but I use small bump stops mainly sold for kitchen doors etc, self adhesive and clear, one at the top and one at the bottom. I don’t need draft proof doors as we have MVHR.
  2. I am just over the border in Devon and we had a hell of a fight to get proper two stories, had to go to the Secretary of State on Appeal to get our way. Planners were hell bent on either bungalow or room in roof. The quoted our neighbour as a “good design “ it was not till I told them next door was 1.4m higher than the planning application for theirs was (20 years ago) and my two story “cottage” was shorter by 500mm.
  3. Being devils advocate, we have a wood burner in our near passive house, we are in a very rural position. Our stove takes its air from outside the house so it’s not dependant on “draughts” to feed it air. In fairness it’s not lit that often but on a very cold day (with the patio doors open to our conservatory) its very welcoming. We cannot have it lit fir long but fir an hour or two on a winters evening it looks great. Also the heat is retained for a long time so the benefit lasts till morning. cross posted with @ProDave, I agree with Daves points above.
  4. And me, years of renovations (and compromises), my new build was a breath of fresh air and a clean slate.
  5. Ah, missed the beam and block floor bit 🤭, I still think say 40mm vertical gaps in the blocks would be good, saves lintels, run it past your S.E.
  6. Wow, so many goodies 😱, shame I am the wrong end of the country (or maybe that’s a good thing 🤔).
  7. I have done this, saves blocks and mortar 😂, it’s only carrying a floor. 215mm wide also seems excessive.
  8. Yes, he was recommended by someone on this site, so far he has been very good indeed.
  9. Just to say my VAT reclaim went to HMRC today (via Andrew Jones the VAT man) and I got this :- In around 2 weeks, HMRC will write to you, if they ask any questions at that point, please speak with our Andrew before answering, irrespective of how simple and straight forward something may look & sound, HMRC always have a motive At the point of writing to you in the first instance, this part of the process is called eligibility (at this point HMRC are looking for ways and reasons to refuse your reclaim). If there are no questions, brilliant. After appeasing them at this point your reclaim moved on to processing, where the job is waiting for a case officer to actually look at each individual document and see if they agree with our workings. This takes around 4 weeks from initial letter to getting the package back. You then receive the paperwork we will have posted in, back in the mail together with a letter advising how much they feel your reclaim was worth and advising it will be paid to you in 20 working days (the money is in your bank in around a week). interesting point about motive!!!! will keep you posted 🤞
  10. I found different manufacturers of soil pipe toilet connectors have different dimensions , I went through several to find one that fitted properly, the ones I settled on have a rubber flange that covers about 10mm around it. Can’t remember where I got them from now 🤔
  11. I turned my home made manifold into an attenuator by fitting baffles and acoustic foam inside it.
  12. joe90

    Tv aerials

    Thanks @JSHarris will pass this info on to my friend.
  13. joe90

    Tv aerials

    @Temp like me he is just outside Bude, the tech guy was telling us that our area was one of the first to go digital (guinea pigs) and now one of the first to loose channels ready for 5G.
  14. joe90

    Tv aerials

    Thats not what the tech guy from the shop said, my friend had already done a retune hence the reason for calling the guys out. The channel list shows the channel with a symbol next to it to show it’s not available anymore. (His favourite 80s music channel was one of them 🤬)
  15. joe90

    Tv aerials

    I was at a friends house today who has a rented tv and they called the shop out as some channels had disappeared, when the engineer arrived he explained about the channels being ceased to give 5g more “space”, my friend was not happy but He understood it was not their fault.