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    Retired small time builder with a lust to make, mend, build or invent anything worthwhile. I have waited over 20 years to build my retirement abode and finally with the help of like minded individuals will succeed.
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  1. So make sure your more secure than your neighbours then 😱
  2. @scottishjohn can we ask why you want one (and don’t say to split granite!).
  3. On some of these there is only a clear tapered seal at that joint and no red washer, rather flimsy and easy to get wrong (ask me how I know😱).if it’s that tight someone has used a wrench to try to stop the leak.
  4. Or even cheaper in Screwfix and cheaper again in toolstation.
  5. Because of our location I did not wire the house for an alarm , but all new windows and doors are latest design against break ins. The garage is alarmed but I don’t know who will do anything about it if we are not there!!! If we did decide on a house alarm I would get a wireless one.
  6. joe90


    Plenty of room inside for insulation then 😎
  7. joe90


    Welcome Daz, this is a great community and full of knowledge, we look forward to your posts on the various aspects of your journey. As a start, insulate, insulate, insulate, (as much as you can in an existing house), you only buy insulation once, fuel costs are ongoing and WILL rise in price. Next is airtightness, draughts cause a lot of heat loss once you are well insulated. ASHP are now a better option than GSHP (IMO) and the jury is out on whether rainwater harvesting is worth the cost. There are many blogs on the site well worth reading and we have some very scientific minds here (that baffles me most of the time)🤔. Happy reading.
  8. Just shows you have to be on the ball and inspect stuff when it arrives, if that fails x years down the road you would be stuffed, I installed a Vortex and very pleased with it.
  9. If we are playing top trumps on wounds I have photo,s of when I nearly lost my thumb using an angle grinder with wood carving blade, all mended but after cutting two tendons I have limited use of it now.
  10. Yes moving here from Bristol Is great with lovely dark skies at night (apart from a neighbour who leaves an outside light and kitchen light on all night!)🤯
  11. 6 ft length of chain 🤣 works with my chuck key, not lost it since!
  12. Well done Moria, you must feel proud of that 👍
  13. @Home Farm g cramps (in my opinion) are more useful for metal work, down side is they can take ages to screw up whereas quick clamps are far quicker and one handed.
  14. Ha, I have all the above types (but not the “go bang” Lidle types) in my workshop 👍