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  1. joe90

    Cost of running electric ufh?

    Yes my electric UFH mats were Warmstar.
  2. joe90

    Cost of running electric ufh?

    Both, separate timers. The UFH timer also has a stat with a probe so you can set the room temp and/or the floor temp. The towel radiator just a timer. Beware, the towel radiator had a large element (can’t remember the wattage) and it got scalding hot, I had to change it for a lower wattage, wish I got one with adjustable temp (stop kids or OAPs burning themselves).
  3. joe90

    Cost of running electric ufh?

    I have electric UFH With towel radiator in our en suite, only run it in the winter (but it’s on a timer/stat so will come on in cold weather), timed to come on an hour before rising, an hour before evening shower and an hour before bed to clean our teeth, only on fir a short time and it works well. You can always over ride it if you want.
  4. Mine went on to plastered walls, otherwise plastering up to them might be tricky and not look right!
  5. Yes, I have it around my kitchen floor to seal it to the kick board, and yes if the light catches it it shines but I don’t see that as a problem. Anything solid (cement) won’t flex with the wood against brick joint. moira, do you know the make of the silicone you used.?
  6. @jfb as you say colour match is difficult and in another location (oak stairs) it annoys me where coloured caulk was used. Despite being “cottagey” I like the chrisp edge of painted timber or chrisp edge of the oak conservatory. I think clear sealer would be better as long as it stays clear? (And keeps the spiders out).
  7. I have lots of gaps between brickwork and painted timber and oak stuff, very quickly it’s become a hidey hole for spiders etc, to cure this I plan to use clear silicone so I don’t compromise the rough nature of the brickwork or chrisp edges of painted timber or Oak detailing, my worry is some silicone discolours and I don’t want to have to do this too often. I don’t mind paying for a decent product so I only do this once 🤞. So what would you recommend?
  8. Emperors new clothes (imo) I would not have one (and luckily er indoors didn’t ask fir one😳)
  9. joe90

    How hard is it?

    Adjustable legs will take the problem out of an uneven floor, start at the lowest point, the kick board can always be cut down to fit the high spots (and you won’t notice it).
  10. joe90

    Should I plane my own Cladding/decking ?

    Is she any good at woodwork? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. joe90

    wood nails

    Wow, that looks good for wooden cladding, fences etc.
  12. joe90

    Should I plane my own Cladding/decking ?

    Once set up (depending on make) they are not difficult to use, should self feed, it’s just carrying the boards to and from, you will need some adjustable rollers at both ends , first ones I found on EBay. Wow, where did all that come from 😱
  13. joe90

    How hard is it?

    I used to fit kitchens and that is fairly simple but make sure the corner is 90’, i once had to fit a kitchen in a NEW extension, didn’t think about checking the corner, I had to hack inches out of the plaster to get in in!!. If your not confident with a router and jig might be best to get it done by a fitter (I used to do worktops fir two other kitchen fitters) there is a knack. If the units have pipe room at the back like , Howden’s, B@Q etc you can waste some of that to fit it in.if your cutting a 400 down to 300 the carcass is ok but what about the door?
  14. I hope so, I don’t need to MOT my classic anymore .
  15. joe90

    Should I plane my own Cladding/decking ?

    I once planed all the wood fir a conservatory I built, I bought a little used thicknesses planer on Ebay, I worked out that it was about the same price but I would end up with the machine (which I still have and love using) it is good to have a machine that can thickness to exactly what you require for various jobs. It is a LOT of work tho 😱