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  1. I’ve fixed mine down with flexible tile adhesive I used two bags to fix Three 1200 trays down directly to the cabadeck It’s only to level them out once the tiles are on There never going to go anywhere
  2. Yep Brickies are in short supply round here many have gone cards in with holiday and exstra insentives for weekends This has had a knock on effect for the self employed With company’s guaranteeing a daily amount Rain or shine At moment you will have to pay a premium for a one off job
  3. I’m in the NW of England Going rate on the sites I work on seems to be around 385 per 1000 But the company’s are keeping them in work 52 weeks per year and covering wet time
  4. nod

    Measuring up for replacement windows

    If you want to be totally sure Mesure them all tight Knock 10 mill off your mesure and cut a slate baton for the height and width for each and check them out A bit of time But a lot more reassuring than a tape
  5. Sorry We normally shot fire Hilti nails into steel But if you haven’t got a gun You can simply run a band of gyp sealant down the edge of the steel and trap the edge with your next saved board
  6. Ours are manufactured in the UK But they are a Polish company We visited the factory and while most of the office where Brits Nearly all the workforce are Polish I think if you use an established manufacturer The risks are no greater than using a U.K. manufatorer
  7. nod

    Getting a new supply.

    Super cute We lost both our six and 12 months ago
  8. No it’s no problem Your dryliner will probably run a line of acoustic sealant down the edge that meets the steel and fire a line of 14 mill nails into the board It shouldn’t be something he hasn’t done before
  9. Your ceiling needs to be insulated and double boarded with fireline prior to garage door if any of the fixings are on the ceiling.
  10. This is how we normally do it prior to boarding
  11. Quite normal on commercial jobs that need to put racking or desks against the wall Dab one layer out to 30 mil And the next will simply ride over the steels Being careful to not land any of the joints on the steels hope this helps
  12. nod

    Lignacite block

    I’ve not come across these But cost will determine wether they are viable I never like this request a call back Hard sell At the end of the day It’s a concrete block Under 40p Would be worth further investigation
  13. nod

    Getting a new supply.

    We did exactly that when we brought the electricity in We got wind of a road widening scheme that would have meant us having to pay for a road closure So we had it run into the box at the side of the house and capped What would say is don’t have a meter installed They were pretty keen to put a metre in but we would have been charged quarterly We had the gas there capped for 15 months When we wanted a meter it was one phone call and two days later we were up and running
  14. nod

    Flooring advice

    No I always use water resistant flexible grout on most of tge the commercial jobs I do We tend to do the 5 mil joints as it’s easier to nip the grout out with a grinder when replacing damaged tile There always a few while the jobs still going on Mape is the best for holding colour
  15. nod

    Flooring advice

    No you shouldn’t but any tiles up tight I normally do five mil But my wife wanted them with three mill spacers