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  1. I’ve fitted loads of Howdens kitchens Very rarely anything missing and a massive stock of bits It’s just a shame that they never give there best price You have to go through the same nonsense each time A real problem with the German kitchens is Six weeks turnaround for anything missing or damaged in transit We had a door and a cupboard damaged and a five mtre stainless finger rail scratched So wasn’t able to order the quarts If I’d have been fitting for a customer Six weeks without a kitchen would have caused a real problem
  2. nod


    Like many things Not thought through long term
  3. I fitted a German kitchen (Nolte ) Far cheaper than Magnet Wickes and similar price to Howdens German lookalike
  4. nod


    The main problem with nuclear isn’t the safety It’s the waste Surely we can’t just keep burying it
  5. nod


    There no gas available for our next builds so that decision has been taken out of our hands We had decided on a heat pump But logic tells us that from an environmental point It seems to be window dressing Like solar If most of the electricity will be generated by fosil fuel While nuclear is now touted as clean Its not exactly green Or safe
  6. nod


    I’m just looking through the local planning Three have been passed on a local farm All on oil Sap rating of 94 Though they have included PV which we avoided on our first build Partly because we hate the look of them and partly because they would never pay for themselves picture is from the final sap on our first build We were surprised that spending all that on solar panels would only add two points to the sap rating
  7. We met with the Architect yesterday and was quite surprised when he suggested an oil fired boiler as apposed to ASHP He said it’s ok getting rid of all the gas and oil boilers But stated ASHP are no better as the electricity that runs them will likely be generated by fosle fuels He has a point
  8. I’ve just stated the boarding seven houses out and the warm roof comes as a cassette with roof lights in and all insulation already in the gables and roof all held in place with 9 mill OSB Its just a case of boarding with 15 mil fire board
  9. You don’t need anything to fancy A clear 10 mil gap around the perimeter is a must
  10. Yes always at the doorways It’s worth putting a a screed expansion in each doorway
  11. I don’t see why not As long as he doesn’t need a sponsor to come over Pay him each week like you would with a subie
  12. Yep The boot is on the other foot now Trades are in demand The last five years have been manic I’ve enough work in till August 2023 The large sites take preference over one off jobs Find a Brickie and show him some love ❤️
  13. It is mainly settlement and shrinkage cracks But make a list of anything else within the first twelve months Such as window and door mechanism locks Even Something small like a dripping tap It can all be addressed when snagging
  14. Most of the ones I do are 100 mill kingspan or similar between the rafters and insulated plasterboard below 38mil On our own home we intend to double up the insulation