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  1. I think that’s why we are all self building
  2. nod

    Ed, Declan, Pete: help please! Does this gap matter?

    More glue It should be oozing out of each joint
  3. Also these are all scoring 3 in a air test Dont rock that boat 🚣‍♀️
  4. Back to the same thing Private BC Wont Rick the boat this site has 500 houses with 220 still to go
  5. I can’t Rembrandts ever seeing cavity batts taped onsite I
  6. nod


    Mine was also 70 mil Spected by the architect Which I found strange As he was so precise on the type of block and u values We put 150 kingspan down Main reason behind was that it is one of those things that you can never change at a later date
  7. It’s only a garage BUT If you wanted a very neat finish You could stick a strip of PB on the bare edge butted up against the frame Staple skim beads on the edge and give it a couple of coats of joint cement or easifill Then sand
  8. nod

    Creaking floor & Impact noise

    The key is the glue Lots of it Gun nailing is absolutely fine As long as you use a ring nail and making sure there is a good exspansion gap around the perimeter Mine are I joists set at 600 To make them more solid I counter battened the underside with 100 x 25 at 400 centres 140 mtrs of flooring not a squeak to be heard I know my wife got quite upset at the amount of glue dribbling down the joists Doesn’t look great at the time But does the trick
  9. nod

    Disabled access

    Do you think I would be pushing it buying the drive matting in The type that allows you just to have a thin layer of stones
  10. nod

    Disabled access

    Thanks Just As we started the build Went to the docs Stiff kneck 51 never been ill cycles everywhere cancer in his spine lunge kidney liver He lived in our dining room while we have been doing the build Just finished two years of imuno theropy Started Chemo yesterday It does make you count your blessings
  11. nod

    Disabled access

    Well funny you should say that My wife’s brother has multipul cancers and struggles He has his own remote for the side gates and comes in through the French doors Drives his little scooter within inches of the doors He will perhaps be spending what’s left of his life with us very soon I intend paving he area in front of the double doors He can simply drive onto the tiled floor I asked him if he can cope with the 35 mil drop He just laughed But Rules are Rules I would gues most disabled or elderly would choose option 3 I will keep everyone posted As there must be others on here that would like to get there vat back Then make up all There paths and drives etc
  12. nod

    Disabled access

    No plan May fix handrail if required b BC To be honest I wouldn’t use that door for disabled acces We have bifolds and French doors around the back which have great access Park your car a couple of mtrs away BUT BC wanted front or side Unassisted access
  13. nod

    LED bulbs

    You sound like my wife I converted everything to Led at the last house £4.50 each I told yes but they last Zillions of hours Wrong Same exsperinance As you We have 120 downlights on our new home The electrician recommended CPC saying he hasn’t had any problems in five years of using the Buying by the box Tgey work out about 80 p each All ok after six months including 6 outside
  14. nod

    Disabled access

    If that was the case I would challenge there decision I can’t see anywhere that says it needs to be concrete or any other material We will see I’m using local authority BC I found them much more diligent than private BC Most of the private BC companies are easily bullied by companies Pre plaster inspection Sbap a photo or check next door LA BC no chance We can’t even load plasterboards in till they are satisfied I i e said it before Best £700 I’ve spent on the build