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  1. This is one I did a few weeks ago It was onto block work Batons then membrane Batons on the reveals and head Cladded with Cedar then we used a 50 mil 5 mil thick Cedar angle mitred to dress all the opening Sorry no close up I can take one on Monday if needed
  2. Comes of typing on my phone Loads of suggested typos
  3. That’s all I did on ours I let it in 40 mil Lead silicones the joint and stuck a bead over it
  4. What I normally do is tack the lead to the block work and run a diagonal bead over the lead trapping Not the correct way but I always hated beading and rendering in and out of the stepped lead With the advent of fibreglass Nearly all roofers leave the FG flapping in this way when we are rendering
  5. As long as it has your name or build address on the invoice you be be able to reclaim it without itemising
  6. I fitted one in a rental I have We where getting a bit of colour from the ensuite The guy at the plumbers merchants asked if I was having problems with rats Sitting on the loo has never been the same since
  7. I read the £1 m2 fixing Have misread ? Wouldn’t be the first time 😂
  8. Very very Cheap I run a plastering and framing business I pay 2.50 m2 and a £1 a board for carrying them in
  9. A good system that may work for you is a EDPM roof So called flat but always with a fall You can have a drain at either bottom corner and use a podium system to flag a perfectly flat base The rain simply soaks through the 5 mil joints runs down the roof and out of the drains Quick and easy to install Once you have carried the flags up there
  10. I was would guess that any polystyrene is flammable XP is a budget type of coving I would imagine that making it fire retardant Would bring up to the cost of Gyproc
  11. I think there still is We never buy anything other than Hilti Due to no other brand will stand up to the contrast abuse Two year warranty Fix and back to you in two days or a replacement is sent out Put them on eBay after two years and recouped half your outlay
  12. Thankfully the raw materials seem to be back to normal Gypsum have been working at 50% capacity But with many sites closed deliveries haven’t been a problem I think the problem has been the diy stores running out As with loo rolls prices have gone to silly amounts on FB and eBay We use around three pallets a week so could t afford to pay thirty quid a bag Thankfully builders merchants have kept us going throughout I know of at least two sites that stocked up to the rafters with materials then closed for a month The sane sort of knock on as Loo rolls Good news is Gypsum is back upto 80% June 1st The sheds will get restocked and fools will buy more than they need
  13. I used a cement board and skimmed it The plate covered 30% of it
  14. But you will also need a crane or similar with Block and beam and in our case 6 mtrs of concrete and a central drain periscope vents also and to top it a sand and cement screed
  15. I used BB because had no choice Far easier and much cheaper to have a slab No foundation blocks with BB either Solid concrete blocks or brick