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  1. nod

    Air test

    I’m using EPS group Nots they all seem to be around £220
  2. nod


    Thanks We decided to use pine spindles and paint them as aposed to all oak As we though it would add some contrast My wife gave them four coats of paint prior to fitting
  3. nod

    Caulk to me, baby

    Great minds Ive tried better quality caulk About the same as the quid ones
  4. nod


    Thanks Simon i greed with you
  5. nod


    Finally finished the stairs off
  6. nod

    Air test

    Agreed Dave We do both Many years back when a lot of the builders where moving into DD I didn’t like doing it But if DD is done right it as good as wet plaster We still sand and cement and skim for one small builder But the drying out time is a lot longer Up and till recently we would do school and hospital corridors in hardwall But less and less now with the advent of abito boards and simalar It’s fairly important to run a bead of airtight sealant around where the plasterboard buts against the block prior to dabbing as an exstra measure and dab all the reveals solid also I see what happens on the 30 th Ive never had a problem with the air tests on the commercial stuff
  7. nod

    Air test

    No I decided not to wet plaster But dabbed with a continuous band around all sockets and angles I used sixty bags of adhesive and made sure all joints were pointed In my job I use sever thousand bags of Parge each year I’m not sure that there is much bennefit to airtightness As should get behind the board in the first place
  8. nod

    Air test

    I’ve booked the airtightness test for two weeks time We are block and block construction with sash windows While we have sealed evrything off as we have gone along I was wondering what a reasonable test result would be
  9. nod

    Using Grano to raise concrete floor

    Not seen this one before Looks a good site
  10. nod

    Using Grano to raise concrete floor

    Fantastic stuff years ago before the readymix screed We used to through a spade full in each mix when we where screening floors
  11. nod

    Using Grano to raise concrete floor

    I think mentioned in a previous post I used grano on an extension I built on our current home To match to the exsosting ashfelt About 25 mil down to ten It set like iron I tiled it as one floor about six years ago Still perfect