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  1. I removed half a dozen at our old house before we moved If the stump that is left is still relatively sound drill a 25 mil hole about 200 up Nock a long chisel through Then simply jack it up a bit at a time on either side It left the concrete in But I just moved the posts up
  2. While the U value is important Its easy to get obsessed with numbers Whilst ours isnt passive we achieved a good U value A large very warm and cheap to heat house All done DIY Worth twice the build cost Including the land purchase I think it’s important that you finish up with a home that suits your needs and budget and also looks good
  3. nod


    He’s quiet at the moment Fixing mdf arch’s and skirting on a local site
  4. nod


    She’s at my sons body shop and is freaked out when he starts the compressor
  5. nod


    Yeah good friend So handy when I need a workshop Won’t take anything for the oak
  6. nod


    He’s cut a load of oak slats that simply slide in
  7. nod


    Little at the moment Going to be BIG Great Dane
  8. nod


    My friend rang and said I’ve knocked you a couple of gates up for around the back of your house Talk about overkill There only to keep my daughters dog off the lawn when she calls
  9. We did most of the building work ourselves But to get started we approached a local Architect for drawing and building regs and engaged a SE Pretty much the same as you are intending to do At a similar price Whilst I think professional fees can get out of hand I think what you have been quoted represents good value and will making it much easier for you to get coatings If you engaged a builder to do this He would do exactly what you are doing with a charge on top for his or her time Good luck with your build GARY
  10. I’m not sure about a door bell But I can answer the last bit There will be lots of questions Your right in trying to make yourself availed during the day
  11. Just a standard letterbox Spy hole would be personal choice
  12. Just called at a site to check if the pre plaster had been done It had None of the straps are fastened down Clout nail will have to do
  13. Get the heat on and you will see your garden again
  14. As I say if it won’t come off with a breaker you can go over it But being as it’s been on so long I would remove the lot