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  1. I recently plastered out two virtually self builds One TF The other traditional I asked the question of cost so far TF £110000 Traditional £70000 Which perhaps explains why mainstream house builders don’t do many nowadays. Also I You would limit your market As some people will always want bricks Another was that the TF house was started seven weeks after the tradition and had caught up by pre plaster So that’s something worth considering
  2. I bought some skirtings and Arks from Howdens and noticed on the ticket that there was 76% discount on them Still simalar price to my local timber merchants They all seem to do it
  3. My mum had a quote a few years back It was a couple of grand over the other two quotes that she had I said to the salesmen I thought it was 50% off He looked me right in the and replied Yes 50% Of London prices
  4. nod

    Work Quote

    Bloody hell Now that’s an estimate
  5. Ah so it is Scotland What I rip off
  6. Is there some confusion here I thought a building warrant was a scrimshaw term for inlisting building control Or am I wrong? Im building a 284 square mtr house and as previously stated only paid £795 for the duration of the build
  7. It really is a best guess Situstion You can be within budget Building at under £1000 per square metre and decide to install an elaborate exspensive kitchen or spend a packet on bathrooms Which would impact your sq mtr cost drastically BC fees are very low and good value when you go through your local authority Im paying £795 All in
  8. I took the plunge and had both my eye lenses replaced at the same time Make my work life easier I had pretty bad astigmatism Now I’ve great distance and close up
  9. You make a good point The TF go up fast Somtines to fast I work on both It amazes me how far some of the TF can be out of aquare and out of plumb They usually blame the slab construction But seem to get away with it As it’s to difficult to alter afterwards
  10. nod

    Land grabbing — anyone done it?

    Yes clear the area quickly then get your fence in just as quick. If you leave it a few more weeks It won’t look like you’ve touched it a month later where as if you do anything in the winter months it’s pretty obvious what you have done When we moved the fence out at our house one neighbour rumbled us and came round As he didn’t want us getting in any bother We thanked him for the heads up and moved it anyway Five years later guess what he moved his boundary inline with ours On the new plot we contacted the land registry They told us that they mostly relied on estate agents measurements I couldn’t believe it either So the wooded area that separates us from the eighteen green Half has become ours We has to fell six large tree The green keeper said he would be upset if any droped his way That was twelve months ago The six stumps have virtually rotted Our neighbour has started clearing their half now
  11. nod

    Land grabbing — anyone done it?

    Yep done it at the house we live in and fenced an area off in the woods at the back of our plot
  12. I’ve done mine in block and block Timber frame are easier to make airtight But if tradition is done right you will be able to make it airtight and easy to heat The big advantage of timber frame is that you can quickly get on with the inside Disadvantage is the cost
  13. Yep Exactly ny wife’s point when I sugested chrome origenally
  14. Yes we’ve always had white But it sort of made sense what the Architect said Our electrician made a simalar comment early on saying that there is an awful lot of socket and metal will stand out
  15. We had intended using a good quality brushed steel S&S But after watching a recent episode of building the dream The architect talked a couple into using a small profile white Telling them he hated sockets Why would you want to highlight them Iwas wondering wagat others have done