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  1. nod

    Disabled access

    With our impending move to our new home We are thinking about a sign off certificate One thing I’m not sure about is disabled access Whilst we have installed a Low threshold to the side door It’s unlikely that any of the flags or pavers will be laid prior to us moving in would a timber ramp satisfiy BC Or will they withhold the certificate. Till we have laid a path to the side door and constructed a permanent ramp
  2. nod

    Battens under joists for insulation

    Two 50 mil collated screw in each joist
  3. I use sika flex with mf stud Then build off it the following morning
  4. You can hire one for a day
  5. Shot fire some top hat metal or a length of cieling track and over board the whole cieling Returning the fire check up the face of the beam
  6. nod

    Staircase measurements - how accurate?

    Who ever is making the stairs needs to come and measure up Most will do it free of charge
  7. No if you have moved into the property There will be vat on the contractors labour But there are plenty of smaller contractor that are not vat registered
  8. nod

    My underfloor heating

    I’ve the exact same system It was commissioned a couple of months back simalar problems to yours I decided in the end to drain it all off and refill Works a treat now
  9. nod

    hi to all

    Tell us a little bit about yourself Are you a self builder or are you just offering your services
  10. Getting the neighbours on side is quite easy Keeping them on side is the tricky bit
  11. nod

    Oh bugger, tiles lifting.

    I don’t know about you Nick But once over we used to mix the grout like cream poor it on the floor and spread it out with a spatula To allow the grout to flow under the tiles Then we would scatter wood shavings to soak up the excess and polish the tiles to near perfect That was my job for six months when I first left school No chance of any hollow spots Now we mix the grout like paste and just fill the edges Perhaps that why old tiles are such a nightmare to remove
  12. nod

    Oh bugger, tiles lifting.

    If you back buttered the tiles There is not much more that you could have done Don’t beat yourself up over it Because a few have lifted it doesn’t mean the rest will Not a big job to lift a few and reset them
  13. nod

    Oh bugger, tiles lifting.

    Get a a 1 mil grinder disc Nip the joints out make a hole Get a chisel under The tile should come out quite easy Chip away at the adhesive tgats left As long as the grout isn’t touching the good tiles you’ll be ok
  14. nod

    Rendering EPS

    Whatever render that you decide to use you must machinacal fix the mesh Or the render will eventually she’ll The ones that I have done have been done as follows Prine the surface We often use fancy primers that are extortionately price Simply because they are on the job spec Morevoften than not with render the primer is simply to kill the suction not to stick the render to the surface So I tend to use one of cheaper primers if it’s not on the drawing apply a 5 mil base coat k Webber Stuca etc Don’t schratch or key The following day Drill and knock in render fixing Fischer or simalar The apply a render finish Hope this helps
  15. That price is top Hevey We would charge £11200 Not including scaffolding