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  1. nod

    Not good

    I disagree The ones that work on mainstream are more likely to make a good job Its the cash in hand ones that do most of the private work Are by far the worst for overcharging and bad work On site work we have to photo everything that we cover To prevent this
  2. nod


    Exactly keep hearing on here about rates being between 120-150 per day
  3. nod


    If cleaners are charging £17.50 per hour Perhaps the Brickies and joiners tgat work for £120 per day should look for a career change 😀
  4. We are on a 150 cavity and purchased standard lintels Decorative stone outside Though SE advised against using lintels over 2mtrs so the larger openings we use steel with a hit and miss plate to carry the outside skin
  5. Exactly But for this site I would have assumed that with in reason There wouldn’t be a limit
  6. No Use Ardex AF200 with a 4 mil trowel You can walk on the matting as soon as it’s down With any matting it’s important that you don’t get to much adhesive under it If you mark out for on length You can roll it out with your hands Then flatten the Ditra down with a grouting float Then any tile can go into it with a flexible adhesive No priming needed
  7. Didn’t see the last bit Ditra is your best option ive used Ditra on my three bathrooms Don’t use tile adhesive to stick it down Ardex or simalar Hardly any build up Waterproof and will never give you any problems Ardex about £30 15mtrs coverage sites £5 ish sqmtr
  8. Agreed Thats why I use an adhesive No point in back buttering the tiles if there are voids under your board I think the 6 mil backer has become so popular As it allows you to put thicker tiles down If you use 18 mil ply you can end up with quite a step
  9. It’s fine stuck down with flexible Dont forget to sbr the back of the board We do it all the time W specially if there are any bad shapes on the floor Fill any hollows stick your boards down Leav an hour then screw down
  10. nod

    Door ways and gaps

    2100 is normal I had to lift this one another course to stop the lintel clashing with the one on the next doorway easyly filled
  11. No not come across that one
  12. I do marble plastering very exspensive But looks beautiful Real grand designs Though my wife didn’t want it on our build
  13. The lads that work for me I pay them £3.25 per sq mtr labour only Which equates to about £200 a day
  14. Apologies OnOff I’m sure your first attempt looks better than some of the so called pros work
  15. Cost for labour is the same If the taping is done correctly And painted with a gyprock slurry two coats Material cost is more