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  1. It would be an issue IF gas and oil is ever fazed out That one Connection would be x by millions I can see many homes be converted to HP and possibly forcing new builds to use electric rather than gas But I’m pretty sure that Fossil fuels will be used to generate the power for years to come FAZED in Slowwwwwly
  2. It’s a good point Joe How many time do we here that we can’t make a new connection for our builds without upgrading a line or transformer Only a few weeks ago it was reported that the National grid came under pressure at the England game half time ☕️
  3. I’ve just watched CF A leading environmentalist stated While we are not against wind farm we need to look at ways of reducing the impact on wildlife and also ways to reduce cabling With the big switch from gas to electricity imminent Will this not mean more disruption and more cabling Or it it something else that hasn’t been thought through
  4. 6-8 weeks is about normal at the moment But should improve in October Tiling is only part of my business with plastering framing and render Most of our workload is due to contracts being canceled and reinstated Even office builds are back Labour shortages is a real problem Even on large sites No cash work on sites Smaller jobs like self builds are benefiting
  5. Gone after a few Always seem to be the other end of the country
  6. Had to drive 110 miles £350 well spent If it makes it home in one piece 😀
  7. nod


    As Ian says Most cherry pick the bits that are most relevant to them On our first build we had gas so a Heat pump was never considered To be fair if we had access to gas on these plots we would have gone down The gas route again
  8. nod


    I’ve just asked that question regarding cooling He said no it would effect The efficiency with there unit and disqualify the RHI Does your cooling work in these temperatures ? Did it effect RHI?
  9. nod


    I needed to get some idea of sizing for our sap I didn’t really want a quote Though seems quite high They are a local company supplying what they say are UK made ASHPs Has anyone heard of this type of pump If so are they inferior to Mitsubishi or German made
  10. I’ve just been having this conversation today The sites I work on don’t even bother with hardcore Quick weed kill Done As I stated in my previous post Quite a while back I thought it was way over the top to put 6 cube of concrete under the BB and a drain But once it was on my foundation design I had little choice Probably the most miserable day of the job 6 cube in pouring rain Now After done the freak storms we’ve had I’m not so sure Our tank is only 10 metres away from the house We could easily end up with the contents under the house our next one is on clay also I will at least stone up under the BB Or May concrete and drain like the last one It was a days work and about 500 quid so not a lot in the grand scheme of things
  11. We where never asked for an air test for the drains Is this Something new ?
  12. Normally use flat plate instead of timber nogs Or flatten some 600 mil pieces of track Pictures would help
  13. Plus one The head Lapp looks really short Hes left the valley short so he could walk up it while pointing it I’d have rather had it lapped in further with tile clips and no pointing