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  1. Normally jam an off cut of 3x2 leaving a 50 mill gap If you butt it up tight You May have trouble plumbing the truss
  2. I employ two tapers and numerous plasters My wife and myself did most of the building work on our house I chose to skim ours out myself rather than tape it Taping is ok if it is done correctly But Skimming is a better finish Picture is the 8 floor staircase I taped over lockdown Due to lack of multi finish The client rejected it due to it not being as durable as Skimming Four days wasted We had to spend nearly a week over skimming
  3. We are south facing and have blinds between the two layers of glass Which work well
  4. No real disadvantages Labour slightly cheaper Materials quite a bit more
  5. Any stud set at 300 will be more rigid than 600 It’s quite rare to set mf studs at 3 or 400 Usually I stud that is load baring We often build 5 mtr high walls and the strength comes from double staggered boarding I set our at 600 and used a 15 mil SB single layer Very solid at only 2.6 high
  6. Metal stud out performs timber Straighter Wont shrink Acoustically out performs timber Three time quicker to install Can be built 9 mtre high and remain plumb I stud is much stronger than timber You can nog out But most just use flat plate Each year we do groups of between 150 -200 roomed student accommodation Nearly always TF due to time restraints The partitioning would be easy for Tge TF guys to do as they go along But due to sound fire We follow them through with the framing Wiring and plumbing is also much easier with MF Pretty much like Possi v Solid timber joists
  7. I’ve used Robert Sparkes (Preston) on several jobs No nonsense and no silly prices
  8. I Cedar cladded a building that had been done 13 years ago when the site was put in mothballs It had never been treated or painted or maintained I was amazed at how good of condition it was in Especially since they hadn’t used a membrane The building was in a very exposed place in the lake district
  9. I laid a traditional in ours Drying out wasn’t an issue as I laid it a soon as we were watertight The prep work for liquid needs to be spot on I’ve seen a few go wrong
  10. Liquid screed is about 30% more expensive Extremely flat The biggest advantage is the drying out We leave for seven days then tile Tradition needs a day per mil 75
  11. You can buy a spring loaded hook They work really Well ritually invisible from the ground
  12. Your better of hiring one If it burns out Which they often do They will Simply replace it
  13. You will probably realize that with three houses the finance and legal stuff is the easy bit and the day to day is the higher level stuff Good luck