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  1. nod

    Kitchen cooker

    With you there Lizzie Grew up with Range so seem very old fashioned My wife was quite specific Two high level Neff ovens Induction hob I quite like the ovens up high in a bank At 6”4 I don’t have kneel on the floor to get at the oven Like I did at our previous home
  2. nod


    As above I simply used 100 x 150 concrete lintels As I had a lot of them and the cost can soon rack up BC was absolutely fine with me cutting lintels into 400 lengths
  3. nod

    Building control sign off

    Not one you want to hear But you can get replica doors that meet all criteria Personally if I wasn’t thinking of selling I would cross that bridge when I came to it
  4. nod

    Tiler rates

    I charge 30 to 40 and £5 for mating
  5. nod

    Is Coving A Good Idea ?

    I used to a lot of coving and fabrics plaster moulds Houses and pubs etc Its simply gone out of fashion But your right-it hides a multitude of sins
  6. nod

    Zoot's Extension- advice needed.

    Do you need a quote From the list above you have covered pretty much everything yourself Get a quote for materials and crack on 😁
  7. nod


    Yeah tried everywhere online nearly all where around 18 to 21 for Shanon The pedesta are 11 Doesn’t really make sense Going from 50 to 60 added £4 to the cost
  8. nod


    Our neighbour has sandstone and has the same problem We are surrounded by trees
  9. nod


    We’ve chosen Tobenore Shanon 60 mil The pedestra are about a third cheaper and also look great £18 a mtr plus the kerb edgings are 80 p each We’ve bought 820 of them
  10. nod


  11. nod


    Yep it is Stil two backs of Kerbs to go in and a few other bits before we tackle the front part of the drive Bit of a nightmare getting them all in Two artics
  12. nod

    Shower traps

    We replaced the traps that came with each of our trays with a Mcalpine traps Though we have no access I think they are about 50 quid
  13. nod


    You sound like my wife and me 355 metres I’ll be like Popeye when I finish Though wife has her eye on a trolly for moving them
  14. nod


    All the paving arrived from island today The garden looks like a building site again
  15. nod

    Precast Floor Slabs - Cost

    We paid 4.5k for a 148 square metres Suplies and fit Including a Crane I Supplied four steel plates to site the crane on That was eighteen months ago