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  1. Totally agree there when say I had a day fitting For about a month I fine tuned Though I can’t Fault Came Slightest obstacle they stop and open again The garage door I fitted was a similar setup
  2. Yes already built and rendered the pillars I expected them to be expensive We thought about £3500 ish But where amazed at double that Our experience was most of the gate foundry’s didn’t want to get involved with the automated side Leaving one company to corner the market Came are a great product
  3. I was quoted 3500 plus vat to install two CAM motors and wiring Plus the gates on top I asked an electrician friend for help He declined as it wasn’t something he new about I rang Gates Gates who supplied me the same motors and box of tricks and told me to give them a call when wiring Wiring them is all plug and play Each terminal is numbered I messed up on wiring the sensor eyes Two wires wrong way round The motors came to £600 An afternoon to bury and align the boxes A full day installing the gates Someone with an electrical background would find them a doddle For gate made and installed we had been quoted £7000 With what I paid a local iron works and buying Idigbo to board them with All In has cost 2400 A massive difference
  4. Are you joking someone comes on taunting for work Beware 😂
  5. I think your on the wrong forum This is a self build forum
  6. Yes I used a steel on both garages Simply because I had two over from demolition pictured is tge neighbours garage we built at the same time They never got around to putting a door on
  7. I put the wall plate directly on top of the steel and simply boxed it when I fitted the door
  8. Sounds about right Prices for all trades have rocketed I do work occasionally for a small family firm about 30 guys They are having problems retaining staff They Pay there joiners £25 per hour and supply them with a nice van and fuel and at least one apprentice The apprentices outnumber there joiners 3-1
  9. Your looking at 4 days for a pair of plasterers to skim a 5 bed house 260 m2 ish Working for a firm they would get about £359 plus loading A company would charge you about £ 9m2 for a one off house
  10. 1200 is definitely achievable But as already pointed out You need to do a lot of the with yourself We could have easily gone under that figure if we had lowered the spec If you look back on my lost from about a week ago I was asked about the spec on our house It May help you
  11. 1200 is Doable We have recently completed 284m2 at £830 m2 it As Dave pointed out a quick build is usually expensive Its taken us over just over two years from breaking ground
  12. nod


    What did it cost you for the pm management
  13. nod


    Building a house is a very small project and quite easy to manage Engaging an Architect to deal with day to day trades ordering etc Would workout very expensive The cheapest option would be to organise trades yourself However if you don’t have the time or confidence to do this You are perhaps better looking at bringing in a local builder However if you go the TF route as many on here have You can simply bring trades in as needed I know a few have used PMs on here But I wonder what a pm would do all day on one house Unless you pay a tradesmen to do some of the work and manage others also Ive seen that work well on numerous small projects It’s easy to assume that an Architect will have his or her own team Afraid not They simply phone around like everybody else and see who is available
  14. nod


    Having a Architect Project manage for you is a very expensive route to take Commissioning a local builder would be far more cost effective Good look with your Purchase