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  1. nod


    On our last build We both worked 40 hours per week Spent two hours Monday to Thursday 12 hours Friday to Sunday All holidays including Boxing Day and still took two years to finish It will be a Lonnnnnng road unless you up your site time 😂
  2. Many many suppliers are milking it 9p a liter difference between two independent garages lintel quite over a grand difference between two quotes same product BB 1400 difference between two quotes both selling Armstrong beams
  3. Plus 1 The heights and positions nearly always change
  4. I’m obviously missing something Why would you want to go to the trouble of building a hockey stick into a cavity Just tell them it’s a stupid idea
  5. It was EPDM or GRP for me I had absolutely no experience of either I went for GRP as I felt the finish was more forgiving to the inexperienced applier Absolutely bombproof and easy to apply
  6. Inside or outside is normal here Ive never seen a hockey stick built in to the cavity
  7. nod

    Concrete slab

    As above Also it would be a mammoth task mixing 8 cube with a mixer Mine arrived late in the day at 4pm and 430 and was down before 6pm
  8. nod

    Concrete slab

    The mesh I put in is the smallest grade 30 quid a sheet Just to prevent surface cracking
  9. nod

    Concrete slab

    Very difficult to remove afterwards Absolutely unnecessary Ive just laid a similar size slab 9 cube 2 hours
  10. Which option you choose I would always use an insulated plasterboard on the underside As a contractor I’ve been back to so many that have cracking and nail popping issues Usually South facing Also it will insulate across the rafters
  11. It’s unlikely that BC would let you sit another row of block on the existing foundation's As there wouldn’t be enough width You would have to put another strip of concrete parallel to the existing
  12. Another plus is If you get the trades in yourself You can pick and choose Where as your builder will just ring round and get whoever is available Fast =£££ Especially on a self build
  13. I would run it but a Structual Engineer if you haven’t already done so
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