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  1. Rough cast is definitely more forgiving 4-1-1 mix
  2. I set all ours at 50 and did the render myself
  3. Looks like blocks laid flat Could be wrong.
  4. 50 mil is an ideal minimum for render
  5. nod

    Stained Oak

    Funny I’ve a friend in Shropshire who did all his hardwood windows in the stuff I Darby show him the pictures He just said Doesn’t do what it says on the tin 😀
  6. nod

    Stained Oak

    My wife keeps saying the same “Why fight it” The osmo that I’m putting on is supposed to protect against UV
  7. It sounds like more fees While warranty providers are reluctant to come out in person Your BC should confirm that the work has been carried out I don’t think there will be any way round them sending a valuer at your expense
  8. nod

    Stained Oak

    Yep it’s had exactly that Two coats of Danish originally Then Osmo Nothing seems to stop the water staining
  9. Quick tip for water stained hardwood Worktops etc Paint Oxalic acid on Leave for an hour Ready to wash off and re oil as pictured
  10. You can overpay on cover Especially if you start covering plant an individual trades Everyone on site should either have there own public liability or the company they work for should cover them If you are using a main contractor Your the client and not employing the trades A public liability that will cover someone wandering onto the site and injuring themselves and cover for fire and criminal damage
  11. They even told us we mustn’t use Spanish slate as they where not local We called in the slate supplier rep He pointed out that the listed building had a mix of predominantly Welsh slate and last time he looked Lancashire wasn’t in Wales
  12. The told us we had to match our stone cils to the listed farm next door When I pointed out that the farm had been rendered since the 70s leaving no stone showing They just said if the render was removed Ours would need to match We ignored this request
  13. Looks ok to me We are next door to a listed building Heritage where fine with ours It may be a case of that you simply didn’t ask Can’t be the worst breach they have ever had I would submit retroactive They May ask that you simply darken the wood Ours are just a taller version of your gates
  14. I chose to use fibreglass rather than rubber No particular reason other than I’m a tight git and thought I might have to pay someone for installing rubber But I can sympathize with you We have magpies and wood pigeons That sound like they are wearing clogs We had considered putting Sedums there More birds but a softer surface
  15. You will need to get lorrys onto your plot for the muck away You will want a firm base for the lorrys Your demolished garage will be perfect for that