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  1. Go straight onto it as normal
  2. Interior Wood Cladding and Fire Regs

    Bit of glue on the back wouldn’t hurt Timber will move at 600 centres once you get the heat on
  3. Interior Wood Cladding and Fire Regs

    I’d fix a layer of plasterboard first for the sake of a couple of hours and a few quid It would make fixing the timber easier and take the spring out of your cladding I’m guessing your trusses are 600 apart
  4. Warranty inspection woes.

    I’m not sure why anyone would use a private building control as a posed to local authority I’m paying £700 for local authority I tried three others all around 800 One would match the 700 But the clincher was local BC Ring before ten Same day visit The others would not match that Most of the time you able to give a couple days notice But at the foundation and drainage stage our local was visiting twice per day at the beginning No extra cost Our warantee chap has visited twice Didn’t get out of the car for foundations Inspected the roof from the ground second visit Just requested lots of photos £2500 well spent Or was It?
  5. Yet another Heating + DHW design!

    I thought I’d do the same so I contacted warm up for supply only Who were happy to do a design free of charge While I was going through this process it was sugested that I get a quote from Cadman for the screed and also ask about a UFH quote I have the actual prices if required But there wasn’t a lot in it we put all the insulation down ourselfs Then one fitter arrived at 730 am and had 150 mtr floor done by 2pm
  6. Protecting external RSJ

    Not half Dave They have a little cafe there Simalar prices to dining out Good stuff for 20 quid though
  7. Protecting external RSJ

    Yes you’ll be fine Graham Just clean off what you can see and give two coats I just used a grinder It doesn’t need to be pretty
  8. Protecting external RSJ

    Red oxide is ok for internal But not external BC will pick it up I would be inclined to sand the redoxcide off and hand paint galvanising paint on it I re used two simalar beams on our garages and bought the paint from a boat yard supplier I figured if it was for the hull of boats it would be ok to stand a bit of rain twelve month on it looks like it has just been painted I can’t remeber the name of the paint I think it was about £20 for a lite Which did two coats to two 4 mtr beams I boat it from Preston docks marina shop They May have a website Hope this helps Gary
  9. Protecting external RSJ

    It should be hot dipped if it is exposed to the elements
  10. Oak canopy

    I finally got my oak canopy finished today It never stoped raining from start to finish i should have take a photo of the underside I used 18 mil V boarding and painted it gloss white prior to fitting
  11. Greenstar Jig

    Thank you great help
  12. Greenstar Jig

    I’m looking for the part number for a jig for a Worcester 35cdi classic system ErP any help would be appreciated
  13. Just sat in my office catching up on some paperwork I came accross a bunch of photos taken throughout our build The one below shows the mud bath of twelve months ago Looking at the picture you wouldn’t think we had removed 750 tons of spoil since started our project some twelve months ago Ive read with interest Menbers discussing what is considered habitable and what isn’t So I’ve been carful to instal a treatment plant but it connect gas on but no metre big coil of blue alkathene at the entrance to the site All basis covered You would think We are still first fixing plumbing and electrics Imagine our suprise when a rate demand landed Obiviously a mistake Weve spent all week trying to get a real person to speak to on the other end of the phone Finally we did today It turns out that the neighbour that we bought the land from had filled a form in on our behalf Thinking she was getting a rate reducing due to selling off half her land Talk about a can of worms There going to send someone down
  14. EPS current prices

    I’ve just looked on Varleys eps 100 simalar at £41 plus pack of 3 on account