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  1. I don’t get where the 200k over comes from No There won’t be insulation or screed included
  2. Passive and high bills seams to be a bit of a contradiction
  3. Back in 2008 We did the plastering and rendering on a local site of 110 homes There was very little work about So I was glad to be asked to complete the first ten Just to see how sales went As the country and housing sales where on there arse It was the very first time I came across HPs Due to low running costs They sold like hotcakes All 110 complete in 18 months The owner told me that by the time he had received the grant it working out similar to fitting a gas boiler I’m sure why the same incentive isn’t offered or taken up now Just to add our installer has service contacts for 53 All still running fine
  4. I used nails on our previous and was going to use hooks this time But my wife didn’t like the look of them There quite regional Which is probably why she doesn’t like them Never see them where we live In any case you still need to nail around the valleys
  5. Our previous build and hopefully this one is very well insulated and cheap to heat via a gas boiler and hopefully the HP will work out the same or a little bit more expensive What I don’t understand on here Is people installing UFH in the bedrooms on the upper floors While we have small rads in the bedrooms We have never needed to use them A well insulated home shouldn’t need much heating
  6. As a business we install 100s of render boards each year Whilst it’s heavy work It’s not difficult Same rule as most jobs start straight and square We normally laser the bottom row and put a handful of screws on the top each board to leave a couple of mill gap and stagger all the joints
  7. in effect he’s turning your job into a daywork job With no incentive for anyone to get a move on You need some kind of fixed price With you paying material hikes which no one seems to predict
  8. We had a Woodburner fitted in our last build by a friend who has a shop He said at the time he was down to a couple a month With mostly gas fires his bread and butter Five years on he reckons since lockdown he’s fitting around four per week He said the problem is most are burning pallets and other rubbish Our neighbour burns unseasoned wood It looks like a pope has been elected most of the time Sort of glad I didn’t fit MVRH 😁
  9. Ask the contractor if you can go and see a recent previous job The difference in finish can be pretty obvious and it’s not always the most expensive that’s best
  10. Like most on here I’ve had a Mitsubishi installed via the £7500 grant system Most plumbers do have a low opinion of HPs Electricity is three times the price of gas So HPs are likely to be more expensive to run Or about the same in airtight UHH new build Someone will be along shortly singing the praises of HPs But you can’t get away from the cost of electricity
  11. Big IF Looking at the care they have taken so far Do you really think they will use airtight foam Or just use the cheap shit that they have in the back of the van 😂
  12. It is what it is But filling with foam isn’t the answer Tell them you want all gaps filling with silicone whilst foam is cheaper and quick it’s rubish for airtightness
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