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  1. Just a heads up for anyone looking to hire tower Scaf’s Yet another nationwide shortage Called speedy to add two towers and a room climber to the ones we already have on hire Two week wait at least Same everywhere There blaming demand and Covid shutdowns effecting manufacture Most being made in Germany So if you know you need one Book now for Christmas
  2. It’s based on a basic loft conversation By a building contractor Area sensitive Ie not London or city centre
  3. Nah Converting the loft of a bungalow Is a piece of cake and relatively cheap As I say depending on area and experience 😀
  4. You can use any of The through coloured renders Just grind the joints out of the brickwork prior to scratch coat
  5. No one knows what will happen I suspect lower prices on thing in general will depend on demand for services and labour dropping Some of the larger building companies are starting to reduce labour rates
  6. If they are blocked They May as not be there As a rendering business We can’t help but block wrap vents So it’s a case of going round with a drill with a 5 mil bit to give them a careful clean out
  7. 90000 out of 22 million home qualify Being compared to the car scrap age scheme I rest my case 😂😂😂😂
  8. I was chatting to a friend who has around 50 plumbers and HE directly employed Hes no immediate plans for re training Lije most in the industry he doesn’t think the 2005 date is workable But accepts that HPs will gradually become mainstream But not yet 😂
  9. It’s just reminds of government policy in the 70s building all these high rise flats that no one wants The government is good at wasting our money
  10. No The people who he is fitting for don’t want to hear that They just want a free heating system that will cost nothing to run
  11. Our extremely well insulated next house will have a HP comparing like for like with a gas boiler The running costs will be similar If gas was on its way out why is there still miles of new domestic gas supplies being laid
  12. 5k being offered to homeowners to swap gas boilers for HPs Probably not enough to encourage most people A friend of ours has been fitting HPs to mainly local Authority housing Over the last three years He states that most homes including his own arnt suitable Siting poor airtightness He also states without UFH on the ground floor and the correct radiators in the bedrooms A HP is a costly waste of money I can’t see the government sticking to the 2035 ban on gas boilers on new homes