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  1. If your boards span edge to edge you don’t need to stagger for the sake of it But if they don’t Then stagger You will be surprised how solid the walls feel once they have tiles on
  2. When I’m adding strength to MF Bathrooms or otherwise I just have a pack of 12.5 delivered to site direct from the saw mil Usually works out around £8 a sheet If the water was to get as far as the ply You are stuffed even if it is marine ply Once over most our jobs involved MP Wouldn’t like to think what price it is now
  3. We came in at £830m2 On wry good spec 283m2 two story traditional build As already pointed out you will need to do a lot yourself to keep under a £1000 m2
  4. We are still working on site each day Deliveries seem to be back on with many We had insulation delivered Monday With more MF booked for Wednesday Sheffield insulation and TP are delivering While the branches are closed though Trades just need to be sensible Four of us are first fixing nine properties and working in one each and a tea break separately Its just a case of being sensible ie Book your roofers and maybe a plumber and wait till they are out of the way before bringing in another trade we normally have an electrician in with us while we are framing But they are working differently
  5. nod

    air prrof tape

    Better to be watertight With talks of the lockdown being extended till June It May be worth contacting your builders Quite a few sites locally are locking the gates behind them and carrying on as normal
  6. nod

    Powerfloat Finish

    It doesn’t make any difference for tiles Though most commercial jobs that I price are including Ditra matting in the spec
  7. One of the Eletricians would know but I know all the commercial buildings have the cabling run in baskets
  8. Excellent point If you are working The right thing to do would be not to claim I’d said in a previous post that I’d waved a months rent for four of our long term tenants Two have informed me that they are getting paid off there employers and will be fine The other two have offered to make the month up in June Lots if good people out there
  9. It does look like you are getting penalised for starting your own business Our sons partner started up on her own two and a half years ago Jubilant when she found out self employed are going to be helped I don’t think she has realised that she won’t be within the criteria
  10. I get paid a directors salary so it doesn’t really effect me But there will be many that will carry on going to site and wave the future payout Simply because they can’t manage that long We have four out of five sites still open and are under pressure to keep up with the work
  11. It was local planners I thought we where going to have to dig some test holes also I pointed out that we couldn’t dig these by hand They said bring heavy equipment on to do this Then take it off We cut more than thirty large trees down also Prior to commencement BC don’t care about any of this
  12. Could I just add We had a one and a half story building to demolish We asked if we could strip the slates off prior to demolition He just said you can nick the whole building down as long as you do it by hand
  13. Yes it’s a real pain looking at the jobs you could be doing
  14. I think you pretty much stuck with clearing trees and fencing off Outs was pretty clear Don’t break ground n No heavy equipment on site
  15. It’s a tricky one Many are self employed in name only So won’t have much backup Though if this drags on for months paying the employed may have to be revised