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    I am, in relation to my business, currently offering the following services to the public.
    Site survey.
    System design.
    Products / equipment procurement.
    1st fix installation.
    Gas / oil / LPG / SunAmp.
    Solar PV & Solar thermal.
    Heat pumps and geothermal.
    Whole of house wiring.

    Please PM me for further information about these services, or for general information just post a new thread here on Buildhub for free, impartial advice. :)
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  1. Nickfromwales

    Fixing down a low profile shower tray

    Beware mould release agent on the underside of the tray ( from the manufacture process ). I use the tile adhesive like Ajax and scrub the bottom of the tray until I can see the adhesive wanting to stick to it, and then sponge it off. Apply a but more as a bed for the tray to set into the adhesive you've applied to the floor.
  2. Nickfromwales

    Fixing down a low profile shower tray

    Same applies, re the prime and flexible tile adhesive.
  3. Nickfromwales

    Fixing down a low profile shower tray

    Forget sand and cement, its the worst advice given by far Ideally you should be gluing and screwing at least a 6mm layer of plywood down and then sticking the trays down into a bed of flexible tile adhesive. Wet / prime the ply first and then it'll stick like shit to a blanket.
  4. Nickfromwales

    Temporary UFH Buffer

    If its sat directly above the 'buffer' and needs no lengthy pipework ( wasted time and fittings / pipe ) then yes, will do the job. You should know by now that I hate header tanks / open pipe systems 😛
  5. Nickfromwales

    Temporary UFH Buffer

    Just add a small EV and fill it up manually. Sealed kit
  6. Nickfromwales

    When do I hire these consultants?

    Depends if the TF company offers a turnkey solution.
  7. Nickfromwales

    Do we lay floor tiles under the bath?

    That can be of benefit, as the layers outside of the tray area bring you close to a flush floor / level entry into the shower. What you have to do is watch the point loading of the bath feet. For me I'd run the insulation board within about 100mm of the feet and then backfill the remaining void with self leveller / tile adhesive so where all 4 / 5 bath feet hit the deck there is solid tile > adhesive > deck underneath.
  8. Nickfromwales

    When do I hire these consultants?

    Wont a TF kit supplier encompass the SE side on your behalf? Seems an odd statement to just get you to engage these professional so soon in the process. The QS I agree on, but I'd have thought you nedd to get a bit more ground covered with your architect first maybe? Do you have a draft design that you've settled on yet?
  9. Nickfromwales

    7.5 Tonnes of Pumped Cellulose

    Goes without saying Close up of the plumbing shows one pipe teed back into the other. Have you gone with a hot return?
  10. The Tesla, AFAIA, has a limited throughput. Therefore, all that glitters ( and wow! does the Tesla glitter ) is not gold. For the given constraint on throughput, it is quite likely that you will invalidate your warranty by default before the unit suffers the expiry of its given ( broadcasted ) warranty period. Other manufacturers give an unlimited throughput, ( this is NOT often discussed, and apologies as I'm currently force-feeding myself on this subject and can only respond in line with current and ongoing 'enlightenment' ), and this should receive some serious recognition. Basically some manufacturers safeguard their arses by fitting an 'odometer', and when you've exceed the obligatory 100,000 mile mark, you're on your own. @vivienz is going for a system / supplier that I am working with, and they also supply ( 1000's of to date ) the Sofar system. They have, after in-depth and probably annoyingly and persistent hounding from myself, come up with a system that harmonises two battery controller / inverters to double the useable output to the house to around 7.2kW, which changes things dramatically when considering a battery system. Its still WiP but I'm confident this could be a game-changer for folk who have got to the tipping point of buying batteries and then backed out. More to follow, when I fully know what the Bobby Moore is. Questions welcome.
  11. Nickfromwales

    Tiling...many questions

    Oh, and maybe this bit of info will be of morale benefit in your hour of need :- If this was a retail bathroom, and I was charging for everything you have done to date, the price would be north of £20k. That's a lot of the weird shit you've drunk since this began. 👍
  12. Nickfromwales

    Tiling...many questions

    "That's another fine mess you've got us into" lol. That's a pig of a cut to perform, but you've got this far Mitigate against damaging the other tile by putting a piece of metal tile trim / metal angle over the other tiles, inserted into the grout line and taped into place, and set about it with a sober hand and a level of determination unheard of until now. "You can do it, Deeds!". Go get it tiger, not long now
  13. Nickfromwales

    Air Test Passed

    One is the norm, prior to insulating usually ( if blown cellulose is the weapon of choice ). I guess the two test argument is if you want to be sure that you haven't reduced the buildings integrity after the initial test proves 'positive'. MBC do their test once as they simply want to know that they have satisfied their part of the contract, as they guarantee the result of <0.6 so just need to be able to demonstrate that at the handover. A second test on that pretence would only be for the homeowner to confirm that follow on trades haven't subsequently turned the house into swiss cheese. For me, I'd HAVE to have the second test done, for my own sanity, but others may value a night out in favour of such worries. If certification is involved then the second test may be ( with good reason ) mandatory. Certainly not a bad thing AFAIC.