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  1. Wise words. Different systems seal at different points etc. Funny thing water. Pisses out all over the place and ruins your day. What's your budget for flood damage? Deep down inside, you already know what the answer is
  2. SolarWatt is where my money will be going. After the kids all FO that is......
  3. Sorry @pocster, I did just piss myself laughing when I read the above. Sorry. Genuinely. 🤣 I'm a bad person. 🤣
  4. Only at 100W or so. Give the guy a break lol
  5. There are now "silent" / super quiet models available too. Random example
  6. All depends if you want a high-revving 2-stroke, or a smooth running 4-stroke.... Both will work, one will work full time, the other part time. Longevity has to come into the equation too so it's a little multi-faceted.
  7. That’s fine. I’ve put plenty of 35L expansion vessels on walls. Or, wall mounted buffers are common to outsource anyway. Link or Link They may be asking for that for defrost, so there is a body of water the unit can draw back to itself to assist / accelerate or provide defrost function without using an inbuilt immersion. A buffer is the most economical way to defrost vs direct ( 3-6kW!!!! ASHP immersion ) so a wise choice. Do you know if the buffer operates in line with heating and DHW or just heating?
  8. £3200 for a 16kw so twice the Uk average for a good quality gas combi. What price have you been given. ?
  9. Yes. You can’t have SELV ( safety extra low voltage ) or signal wires in the same back box as the 230v stuff 👎
  10. He meant to say CT1........ Plus 1 ! Tres Bien! Nice shower.