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  1. Nickfromwales

    Wetroom Formers and Wastes

    If you get formers which don't need to be fully supported then the ones over timber will be an hour or two a piece to install dry. Give a fitter time to unpack, eat and pack away, but expect two of the timber ones done in a day with the wastes connected and tested and the proprietary sealing of the trays done too. A good bit of reading here... and here.... and 💩loads here. Ill add a bit more on the UTH ( under tile heating ) later 👍
  2. Nickfromwales

    Wetroom Formers and Wastes

    2 over timber and 2 on concrete? 3 and 1? Drainage in place ?
  3. Do you have a copy of the MI's that you can upload here for the Burley?
  4. Nickfromwales

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    First question is are you going SA and what size / qty? That will determine what size UVC you need. I only got the info off @AndyT literally today about increased capacity of the uniq units when fed by pre-heated water. Makes a huge difference. All the cards need to be on the table for a conclusion, so for every component you consider / add / discount changes all of the peripheral decisions in the same heartbeat. eg add sunamps = reduce UVC size remove boiler = increase SA size Each has a direct effect on the other. What is it you we're thinking of doing with the sunamps? We kinda did something along these lines once lol. Just mention Buildhub and you'll be sorted as Trevor at Cylinders2go has agreed to keep us sweet.
  5. Beware the full polished chrome as blokes may get to see an interesting reflection when standing up for a pee, especially with the convex shaped plates. Not the end of the world but there are satin or chrome-on-white versions too. More of a problem with the 1120's and not so problematic with 820's.
  6. Nickfromwales

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    And then to prance around in them in a nice warm house. Neighbours are going to love that! Was this your debut video?
  7. Nickfromwales

    PTFE Taping

    Voice of an angel
  8. Nickfromwales

    PTFE Taping

    Rocol Gasseal for most of my stuff. Completely non-setting, sticks like shit to a blanket, dense enough to double up as plumbers mate, what more do you want ?
  9. Nickfromwales

    In a panic

  10. Nickfromwales

    In a panic

    Praise the lord for power tools, as seen here demonstrated by the makita reps
  11. Nickfromwales

    In a panic

    You take that back this instant!!!
  12. Nickfromwales

    In a panic

    Sounds like someone's in the mood for spending eh ? .