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  1. Heads up

    What I was thinking ??
  2. Do you think I should partake?
  3. Important updates to BuildHub

    That's the problem tbh, I need to go 🤓😭 Or you can save me getting specs and make the letters half inch tall........?
  4. Important updates to BuildHub

    Just a different font I think. I too would prefer a slightly bigger font but maybe it's just because I'm on the iPhone most of the time.
  5. Important updates to BuildHub

    It does, just reverts back to the original / old. No bother, just thought it might be an easy mouse-click jobby 🤐
  6. Important updates to BuildHub

    Can we bump the text size up one increment?
  7. Just tell him either he does it in line with your program or you'll give him the bill for someone else to do it. Do you owe him any monies ?
  8. DHW for extension

    UVC yes, just DHW. Greensquare are wrong as they've shown in the schematic you posted ( was it their drawing to you? ) that their separating the rads and UFH circuits with zone valves. It would only be ok if the rads were on with the UFH in parallel at all times and even then it would be less than ideal. Oil boilers like to run hard and long and are most efficient when doing so, and they don't modulate like gas and electric units can. An oil boiler firing just to put heat into your small UFH circuit would be unable to match the low demand as the UFH manifold wouldn't allow it to put more than ~35oC in at any time, and even less when the slab has warmed up. Id say a buffer of 120L with oil would be a good match.
  9. Glue Down Engineered Oak

    Basically it's saying don't just slap the glue onto a fresh liquid screed and expect it to stick . The post-cure surface laitence needs to be mechanically removed, grinder etc, and then the surface needs to be primed over a couple of sessions to provide a key for the surface to be ready to accept this adhesive.
  10. Glue Down Engineered Oak

    Quote :- Anhydride substrates After sanding and dustaspiration, apply PRIMER PU/ POLY ECO, PS39/ 3W, etc.. quartzide while is still wet and the next day after the complete curing, remove excess unbound crystal, then proceed bonding. Do the prep properly or lay the floor twice ( or three times if your my current client ).
  11. DHW for extension

  12. DHW for extension

    Solar ( Pv ) can be easily bolted on later down the line . Just get dual immersions on the UVC and one on the buffer and you'll be covered, not just for Pv, but you'll also then be able to survive short-term if you run out of oil. ( assuming you have oil as you mentioned an external boiler ? ). Ps, if you mention my username and the forum Trevor will still give you a discounted rate ?, but you'll have the slight recent increase to bear. They're still very competitive tbh, so not all bad .
  13. Would be argued out all to easily unless a datum was given and signed off by both parties. He's laid a slab and that's enough to get him off the hook. @oranjeboom, how's relations with said builder? He still in comms with you about rectification / gravity of the situation and what's needed to put it right ?
  14. ? If it's what I think it is then wait unti the grout is dry and we'll pop one together ?
  15. Stop spitting at him and maybe you won't need to keep going back