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  1. @Russell griffiths has some which is woodpecker-proof. Honest guv!
  2. Were the coils running a brine with glycol ( antifreeze ) inhibitor in it?
  3. It’s mentioned as a dam. Therefore flowing water, not a stagnant lake or pond etc. Flowing water = abstraction license afaik as you’re affecting the downstream ‘condition’ of the water. Further reducing temps in winter can have adverse affects on nature / pond life etc so best to check ( at least ) before going down this route.
  4. Hi. Have you the necessary permissions for abstraction?
  5. Yup. Should have been block on flat for the majority of that wall so it can retain. No sign of buttresses either, which cannot really be introduced retrospectively and effectively.
  6. Basically what MBC are doing right now on a project I’m on. Just so much easier for a client who’s not familiar with building techniques and won’t know things have been missed until it’s too late. A turnkey build with written guarantees of 0.6 ACH or lower at handover is quite an attractive offering. 👌.
  7. Eh? Look at the image again. The light has a projecting 4-5mm of metal tube which you skim to. The light fitting is the painted edge, just like a circular stop bead. The finish is done by the plasterer and is flawless, crisp and robust in zero time. Just a wipe clean of internal face of the ‘tube’ with a damp cloth after the skim has started to dry, roller with paint, and you’re done.
  8. or Both available straight too.
  9. Yup. The cheap box was to get the uber-cheap price iirc. I paid £150+VAT for my first one, and £249+VAT for the next ( from Screwfix ).
  10. Eh? Does that mean a rebate if they're not?!
  11. It's quiet when new, but does get noisier with life / dirt / dust ingress. Doesn't bother me tbh, as I'm too busy working to sit there listening to it.
  12. You'll see holes in the charger bed which marry up with the holes on the battery?
  13. This fitting has very soft copper at the point where the brass meets the copper, and really doesn't stand up very well to rotational force. If using that then make sure the screws are in and the fixings are robust