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  1. Not quite sure how what I wrote wasn't simply worded and understandable🤔
  2. And therin lies the crux of my original point. I feel like we have gone full circle here. In a word Patrick - yes. You can not lodge the as built EPC your self, hence my comment about potential future issues. You can do the work easy enough on Stroma - anyone can, but you need an EPC assessor to 'lodge' it. So at some point you will have to engage with an EPC assessor, the issue Terry had (which I was highlighting) is potentially finding an assessor willing to do the as-built if they haven't done the design assessment. Circle complete.
  3. Not aware - well you answered him. You may have forgotten, I get that. All I intended with my original comment is to highlight that doing it yourself may present issues later, as already highlighted by Terry and that perhaps you should be a bit more circumspect in the advice you give: Strong advice which fails to consider potential issues later on. That simple Jeremy 🤔 I have read all the SAP/EPC threads (admittedly a while ago now) and iirc you didn't find it straight forward to get a SAP assessor to take your work at face value and lodge it on your behalf. Please don't paint it as simple when it is clearly not. How many SAP assessors out there are going to be willing to accept a self builders workings and officially lodge it when their name is on the ticket? Not many I dare say. You sucked me in one more time - I'm done, I've got some trees to chop up and some grass to sow, laters 🤘
  4. I have played with the stroma software myself and it is not difficult. @JSHarris I know most things are easy to do so if you can then why not have a go. Before embarking on a self build, the most had I done is hang a shelf - not because I wasn't competent to do anything else but because I had no need to. Through this forum I have learnt a lot and now I tend to tackle the majority of my foundations myself and fit the windows etc myself. I am simply making the point that you are telling people yes, stroma is easy etc. but failing to highlight any potential pitfalls such as Terry found. I would have thought you would have mentionned that tidbit - particulary when you consider that Terry asked you to recommend someone that would do it for him to solve the issue. I am not commenting on this anymore - trying to argue with you Jeremy is a pointless exercise. Once you are on a track you won't deviate and always have to have the last word, I will stick to reading - I have better ways to spend my time than poi ting out that another well established member on this forum has a counterview to your own that people should perhaps be aware of.
  5. Whether intended or not, this comment bothers me. I am too am a self builder - emphasis being on the word self. If I can do something myself then I will, however I will only fight the battles worth fighting.
  6. Regardless of the 'purpose' of the thread @Patrick It, like many many other threads on here has evolved from the original content and for future readers my comments very much apply. I have read 90% of this forum now and am currently working through Windows - I am reading threads from 2016. Without a shadow of a doubt people will read this thread 4,5 yrs down the line and take advice from it. Therefore a balanced view should be presented. Secondly, the quote you ascribe to me is one I ripped from the thread I mention in that comment - it wasn't said by me, rather it was a long standing contributor to this forum who used those words.
  7. Yeah @jamieled, it should be tenting/non tenting type I believe. It is dependent upon if you have a cold or warm roof setup. There will be loads of info on this in the roofing section.
  8. I know you had no problem doing this Jeremy, I have read numerous threads where you have talked about it. It's all well and good telling people how you did things and how it all worked for you but there is then the danger you are giving them a bum steer and putting them onto the path to future problems. I did a Google search and found the thread but don't know how to link it - it was @TerryE who had the problems getting the final bit done after doing the initial bit himself. Quote from the thread I refer to: " So the purpose of this topic is: To advise other self builders to avoid the approach that I took: saving a few £100s is really not worth the hassle: commission a professional firm to do both. " I think you should maybe have a bit more caution and caveat the advice you give Jeremy, as due to the fact you are clearly very competent, people may just take it as gospel and assume what worked for you (a few years ago now too) will also work for them.
  9. I may be misremembering but iirc I am sure I read somewhere on this thread that a member who had done the design SAP their self was having dramas finding a professional to do/lodge the as built SAP as they weren't willing to do that without having done the first bit - I'm sure it was one of the long time members who had this issue??? I have it in my head that there is no point doing the design SAP yourself however easy due to the later problem this creates. In the grand scheme of things SAP reports aren't particularly expensive regardless of how we all feel about whether they are worth the paper they are written on.
  10. LA3222

    Cost of a cube

    Just re-read this. My quote of £80+vat for C35 pump mix seems like a good price now.
  11. This was something I was concerned about, so I paid a landscape designor to come up with a hard landscaping design along with planting schedule and when I submitted a variation of condition application for the house design I made sure this was included. When the plans were approved a comment to the effect of 'landscaping is to be as per plan...' I should now be able to reclaim VAT on it all, hopefully without any push back from HMRC.
  12. My foundation plan designed by TSD has the sole plate straddling the insulated slab and an insulation upstand. So in effect the inner skin is over the concrete and the outer skin is sat over EPS. As to all the above, I don't disagree with the content of what you say @JSHarris, I was simply trying to say that your comments at times seem to describe a SIP only issue which is not the case, so was just trying to clear that up.
  13. I think the girls will like that - they have established a rule where only one of them can be in their room at a time at the minute (bar sleeping!). After a couple of years of this I am sure they will appreciate the space!
  14. The outside skin of my sip panel rests on an EPS upstand so what gives? I give up - you can't/won't see that the point I am trying to make is when you talk about sole plate issues you speak as if it is a SIP only problem and a negative against that particular method of construction. The way I see it, a soleplate is a soleplate, so with SIP or 140mm stud wall you have the same issue. The difference lies with timber construction which have the loading on an inner member such as Larson truss (being the most common as that is what MBC use for their passive construction) - but I am not talking about them. I am talking about 140mm stud walls and SIP. I think the wording of your advice regarding SIP is at times misleading in that the issues you raise are not unique to SIP but your wording perhaps can be construed as implying that.
  15. So can we agree that the soleplate issue exists for all TF construction bar Larson truss type methods.