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  1. I have only done some fag packet sums on this myself so far, but I've started off on the assumption that all water in the pipe run is cold so if you know what the flow rate is, you can calculate the volume of the pipe and then how long it will take to purge the cold and replace with hot.
  2. Standard wind for round here - absolute PITA at times!
  3. It's all covered over at the minute, they didn't finish till late evening when it started getting dark and out of concern for frost I covered it asap with frost blankets while had a bit of light left (it was a rubbish job - windy as hell and I had to deploy the head torch!) Weather here is it's own beast and seems contrary to general forecasts🤷‍♂️ Its crap weather for next couple of days so I'm just gonna leave it covered for now, will pull it all off when the sun comes out next week and get some photos up. Seemed ok to me but then trying to judge things like 'level' is nigh on impossible with the naked eye.
  4. Strange that it looks a lot worse in the picture than when stood outside looking at🤷‍♂️
  5. This is where it stands at the minute - I have no idea if it's good or not other than to trust the contractors!
  6. Rog 👍they're out there now doing it and asking me if I'm happy🤷‍♂️ In my mind, the powerfloat was to iron out any bumps/uneven spots and to 'seal' it as such so dont get concrete dust coming off it!
  7. How 'polished' should the slab be? Contractor is saying that it doesn't want to be too polished if tiling etc direct onto it? I know that powerfloated slabs are difficult to bond to, but wheres the happy medium?
  8. That's a good effort on the trench, you dug that by hand? It's what I like about self builders, summat needs doing, it needs doing - simples🤷‍♂️ No one else is going to do it for you so a 'crack on with it attitude' is essential.
  9. I get you now, so this an internal upstand, I thought you may have been doing something externally. I'd be interested to learn more about what you are doing here as I suspect you have trodden a path I want to walk. Our builds are very similar in terms of SIP, size, no gas, all electric, a good chunk of PV. I also think aircon is the sensible thing to do - in the summer when needed it will be paid for by the PV so a no brainer. At the minute I have them as two separate systems, ASHP to the UFH and air con to it's own manifold in loft. They are both the same thing - a heat pump. What I havent investigated is whether I can get both uses out of one heat pump - UFH and air con (too busy looking at other stuff). Thinking about it now there are many on here who use the ASHP to cool the slab but it is the same O/P - ASHP --> UFH pipes. Can this O/P be switched from UFH pipes to aircon ducts? (Just thinking out loud now as you've got me pondering this now!). Yeah, be interested to hear where you're going with your set up. Cheers Jamie
  10. Hi @dnb seems you are at around the same stage as me - my frame was due to go up in two weeks! I'm interested in hearing a few details of your build - in particular you mention insulation upstand, can you elaborate on this for me please. Also your air con/heating solution. Thanks Jamie
  11. So, full lockdown - there goes my concrete🤷‍♂️ Decision made.
  12. I did ponder that they may be more amenable to dropping the overrun price - think its 9% at the minute which would cost me a fortune.
  13. This is an absolute mare! I cant see how the TF company have any more say in this than me - I reckon it's the government who will be calling a stop to everything🤷‍♂️ Cant see how the TF company can bill me to store summat they cant even move anyway?
  14. This is looking the sensible option - if not the one I want to take.
  15. Scaffolding - that's the other concern. My quotes at the minute are for 12wks then a weekly charge. No way I want to keep paying for a scaff that ain't getting used so that will be another thing which affects the decision. One part of me thinks if I'm off work and the house is up I can get stuff done - but then I wont be able to get materials🤷‍♂️ I'm considering calling it quits at concrete until the dust settles🤔