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  1. I am looking at combining an insulated raft foundation with SIP. Just rereading some of the earlier comments on this thread, I find myself scratching my head as all of the negative aspects apply to a standard TF build as much as they do to SIP.
  2. Interesting that you say this @ADLIanas that is what the site I went to calculated it as. I may be doing something wrong though - I'm certainly no expert.
  3. I may be missing something here but surely I can have the foil face outwards so I simply tape the foil joins with foil tape?
  4. I will certainly look to use a 'quality' tape - not an area I wish to try and save a few pennies!
  5. I have just checked and I ran the calculation on ubakus and sure enough I have the phase shift as 12h. I am no expert and I may be doing something wrong but the wall build up I have is: Plaster board Stationary air unventilated Vapour barrier (the foil face of the pur with joins taped) 80mm of TW55 OSB 112mm of PUR OSB Breather membrane Ventilated gap 50mm Block work Render I assume by phase shift of 12hrs this means the decrement delay?
  6. You don't need an VCL with SIP but I intend to tape the joins of the internal foil backed insulation to create one - belt and braces.
  7. I am using SIP for roof and walls. It is my intention to use the 142mm panels and then add 70mm internally to bring the U Value down to around 0.11. When I looked at decrement delay it came out at around 11hours. Shorter than say blown cellulose, but still sufficient to iron out any temperature swings.
  8. I get what @PeterStarck is saying @JSHarris. I normally would agree it is nigh on impossible to compare, but in this instance where @lizzie first made reference to her costs for just the frame/slab far exceeding your own I think we can compare - it is as they say, apples vs apples. The way you describe your preparatory work is exactly how I would have to do so, therefore it is easy to compare your price vs mine. As I say, approx 35% increase in price.
  9. I know you have no commercial interest etc, it was just a turn of phrase and not meant to imply anything sinister or ulterior motives. So going off the £408 You mention it would seem that costs have potentially risen by approx 35% since you built which appears to more than can be explained by inflation etc.
  10. Dodging the question I posed @JSHarris😁 I think the system you used is great and if I could afford it then I would use it too. However for my two storey build the price per m2 is the same as @lizzie price for single storey. There doesn t seem to be any difference between single/multiple stories which is interesting. Like I say - a great system but I do believe you should stop peddling the line that it's cheap. Burying the price within your overall cost per m2 just hides the fact that prices have potentially risen a lot since you commenced your build and skews new members impressions of what is cheap or not. And yes, I agree that comparing like for like is bloody difficult - probably the most difficult aspect of selecting a supplier and an issue I am currently wrestling with.
  11. @JSHarris in £/m2 how much was your frame/founds? @lizzie other issues aside, I think that when she refers to "Not cheap" it is regarding the frame (how I read it) Time and again you use your build as evidence to suggest it is cheap - but as Lizzie rightly points out, there's been a lot of water under the bridge since you built your home and times are very different. What was cheap may no longer be so.
  12. Looks like spot heights to me.
  13. LA3222

    External Meter Cabinet

    @sean1933 I built a kiosk out of concrete and block work. I left enough slab to be able to add a brick outer at a later date once I know which bricks I intend to use for the plinth of the house. I too put a concrete slab on top - yes it's fugly it I will do something later to tart it up - cover it with wood, paint it or some such at a later date. I intend to plant around it to semi hide it too. To make the roof I made a form out of wood, bit of rebar and concrete then job done. Weighed a couple hundred kilos so took two of us with a strop and digger to lift into place. I have no temporary earth. NPG have connected the supply to the pme earth from the get go. I intend to get a caravan consumer u it installed using a TT earth which will give power for the build and our static. Once I'm back down sarth I'll post some pics from my computer showing wot I dun! Disclaimer. I am no pro. I am entirely making this up as I go. It may not look particularly pretty.😁
  14. LA3222

    Contestable Charges

    As mentioned I consider 7k as middle of the road. Some get it cheaper, some more expensive. A new 70m service cable was installed for my connection. iirc my share was 6% of the total cost. It is what it is. Suck it up and move on to the next battle!