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  1. Yeah, I may be wrong but I think it is @dnb who is building in the IOW? There's definitely at least one on here doing so.
  2. I paid 6k for a 300l preplumbed UVC and an 8.5kw ASHP. Looks like you are paying 9k for the RHI. Will you really get £1k back per year, whilst also saving 60% on fuel costs? Smells like bullshit to me. You are replacing an LPG setup, so I'm guessing not a new build? What is the fabric of the house like? If its like a drafty sieve then your ASHP will be running all the time and you definitely won't be saving any dough, e lucky if you don't find yourself with higher energy costs. To my mind ASHP are good, but only in the right setting. We'll insulated, air tight home, preferably with Solar PV. Of you don't have those I would reconsider.
  3. Prize goes to @Bonner, nailed it.
  4. This may be a daft question but I figured I'd ask anyway🤷‍♂️ Close to finishing up the system and will need to fill it all. UFH loops are full, got a a 100l buffer and was thinking to just pour 100l of glycol into there which is the amount the whole system wants. Then turn on a few pumps and let the AAVs bleed out any air? Is there a better way to do this?
  5. I'm pretty sure this came jumbled up amongst the bits and pieces for my ASHP and Cylinder but I have no idea what it is or its use - any ideas? Almost looks like a bracket of some description but it's flat🤷‍♂️
  6. That is pretty much as I thought. Flushing needs some proper kit, all i intend on doing is a rinse through at mains pressure. Cylinder came pre plumbed so most of the plumbing is compression/push fit, not much in the way of soldered joints.
  7. LA3222


    Still struggling to understand why people use buildstore, absolute waste of air🤷‍♂️ Ecology.
  8. That sounds like a lot of effort. You raise something I hadn't considered though, what is a reasonable effective life span of the antifreeze mix?
  9. Right, what's the crack with this flushing malarkey? All the instructions for UVC and ASHP go on about it to clear crud, debris etc. Does anyone do it? Will a flush through with mains pressure water do?
  10. Rather than all the guessing, either ask the builder to show you what he used or go looking for rubbish - I'm guessing there is a skip knocking about?
  11. No coil, all the ufh and ashp fluid is connected. I think it is both hots at top, was just having a brain fart!
  12. This may seem a daft question but I need a sanity check! Bought a 100l buffer tank. It's git two connections near top, two near bottom. Now, clearly warm water rises so, UFH flow from a top connection, return into a bottom one. ASHP flow into top connection and return from the bottom? So sucking the colder water from the bottom back out rather than the warm at the top?
  13. @SuperJohnG don't over think it bud, it's easy. I used Intello products. I used the intello plus membrane with the tescon vana tape. They do a double sided tape too. I ran strips of that along the wall near top, middle, bottom so it would hold the membrane temporarily. Then used the tescon to seal it to ceiling, floor, windows etc. By time you've done that it effectively takes the weight. I would then batten the wall so it pins the membrane in place. A couple of times on sloped Ceiling and one wall I didn't batten straight away and the membrane sagged which was a bit of a pain to re-tension. I used orcan f in joins such as membrane to concrete slab, not really for that but I used it that way. Around joists, studs etc its a pain. Just a case of suck it up and use lots of tape. Don't underestimate how much tape you will use, I think your build is a similar size to me and I think I used over two full boxes (think its 20 to a box iirc). Try and source it all from Germany, it's far cheaper, they stopped exporting to UK just after Brexit, not sure if they have resumed? If they haven't I would almost say it's worth a trip to Germany as I think there's a couple of thousand in savings to be made potentially.
  14. There's a chimney on my house plans, nay fooking chance that's getting built. If someone whinges I'll deal with it then.