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    Wow.....I paid just under £3500 iirc. Ill check later. Thats for 12wks, 9% per wk after that. I've a SIP build - think I reach week 12 in another week or so. I got the scaffolders to zero rate the labour though, so I know that out of that 3.5k it's around 2k for the scaff which leaves me paying around £200 for each week overrun. I expect the overrun will be about 3/4 wks. My scaff is for a 170m2 footprint. Two lifts around house. Two hop up lifts on gable. Another hop up lift on the side extension.
  2. Have you read the mortgages sub forum? All the info is in there. Ecology?
  3. without knowing anything other than what you cover in your post these are the things that stand out to me. Agreement made in the 80s....fence been there since then? If so, the land isikely theirs now so you have no bargaining chip there - they hold all the aces. Beneficial situation - yep. If their solicitor is any good they will rightly advise their client to milk every penny they can out of you for this. "Until the build is done" - this suggests you may attempt to address the boundary issue at some point. It will be a costly exercise trying to sort that out and you may not win.
  4. I'm not sure. The biggest issue seems to be maximising PV use, without rereading everything I can't recall if the PV charging was optimal early on or just better than it currently is? I think SunAmp is good, but I'm starting to think that it is slightly one dimensional for its cost. The solar battle went the way of PV over thermal. I suspect energy storage will go to Battery rather than phase change. PV seems to be going down in price, I suspect battery storage will follow suit.
  5. This is exactly what I was thinking whilst catching up on this thread. I think SunAmp has had its moment in the sun on this forum and newer members are looking at them qith a whole different set of glasses on. The early adopters amongst the forum members were very enthusiastic and positive about SunAmp, which bleeds into and alters newer members thinking (not a bad thing as such). But I think the honeymoon period seems to now be over and the real experiences that members such as @Barney12 for one, have had has been somewhat deflating from what people hoped they would be. Its been an interesting journey, but I think the argument for SunAmp is slowly being lost.
  6. @Mike_scotland they gave me a costings spreadsheet which tells you how much they could potentially lend you. Then its 3 months of wage slips, a costings spreadsheet you can do yourself and not a lot else to be honest. You have a phone interview to go through everything, pay the fee, the valuer does their bit, solicitor does theirs and then job done. They are very easy to deal with.
  7. I was thinking along the lines of 2 x Uniq12 for my DHW to be charged via off peak electric/solar PV. The heating would have been an ASHP connected to UFH system. All of the niggles with SunAmp are starting to put me off. I was hoping it would all have been ironed out by now but that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm now wavering towards UVC setup, but I need to put some research in to all this. Up till now it was a vague plan bubbling away in the background, I'm reaching the point where I need to start going firm on what the plan is going to be.
  8. I'm well and truly wavering, 5 grand for a couple of sunamps will hopefully buy me an all singing, all dancing UVC, ASHP and a plumber to install it all - hopefully with some change left over.
  9. This is such an inconclusive topic that the more I dwell on it the more im thinking that UVC may be a more cost effective solution. I'm thinking of 2 Uniq12s but thats 5 grand pretty much. I need to cost up the ASHP/UVC option really as that may be the nail in SunAmps coffin for me.
  10. This is what I used (pipe reamer from Wunda):
  11. Yep, on blockwork. So I'm there or thereabouts on pricing which is good to know, thanks.
  12. Just out of interest (as I need to get this nipped pretty rapid so won't be changing tradesmen) what is the going rate for render work? I'm having a silicone render put on, 10mm basecoat and 1mm silicone IIRC? and the rate is £50/m2 incl materials. At the time I was looking for a renderer this figure tallied roughly with the cost breakdowns I got back from Estimators Online so I didn't interrogate it any further. Now I'm catching up on budget stuff I was curious if this is good value or not?
  13. So if I understand where you are coming from - say you need 500l of hot water a day, you buy a tank that holds 500l. With a SunAmp you buy a size equivalent to 500l but due to ambiguities with the charge state you never know if you have 500l or 50l? (Crude numbers just to clarify if that's what you mean?)
  14. Do you have issues with running out of hot water then? What aspect of the setup is a 'specifier' required for? Surely calculating your DHW requirements can be done yourself and then its a case of sizing the SunAmps to how much you require?
  15. Rog, what does that mean for us mere mortals though?😜 Is it a good or bad thing that it is one of Bryn Davies companies? I know next to bugger all about kitchens and whats good vs whats not🤷‍♂️