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  1. LA3222

    The importance of the WC

    Another train of thought is why have a wc in the main bathroom at all? I personally hate having a 'bog' in the room where I want to have a relaxing bath. Equally I hate that when people use it they don't always put the lid down so God knows what crap is projecting into the air and settling on the bath, the sink, toothbrushes etc. Most houses nowadays have loads of ensuites and a downstairs toilet - no need for one in the bathroom aswell? I don't I tend to do so, but maybe that's just me 😜
  2. Well this is a real pickle for SunAmp and p**s poor communication from them. I dare say a lot of self builders are going to reconsider things in light of the current situation - I suspect they don't care though.
  3. So if I am reading what you say correctly @JSHarris unless you deplete the SA sufficiently during the day it will not charge when you need it to. So if you do a reset in the morning but not enough PV is generated and you use it again in the evening there's a danger of no HW in the morning. Therefore to make sure you have enough HW would require a twice daily reset. Madness. I was very keen to use SA for both my DHW and UFH. The more I read the less likely I am to do so now.
  4. LA3222

    Bespoke Inspection Chamber?

    On the left hand side of that table you have a list of various access points....along the top you have the lost of 'to' access points. So....inspection chamber shallow 'to' inspection chamber is 45m. Not trying to be patronising...thats how I read the table. Maybe others read it differently? I'm not sure how IC to IC is ever 22m?
  5. So that's one thing not to worry about. I'm happy with SIP in general, I think I am inclined to add a VCL despite what suppliers state. The foundation is yet to be decided but it seems that as I am likely having strip foundations it will require some careful attention.
  6. @JSHarris your mention of decrement delay reminded me that I had a query there. I know that with blown cellulose you have a rather large D.D. When I crunched the numbers with my intended wall build up I had a figure of just under 12hours - this seems more than enough to me or am I looking at this wrong? With 12hrs, by time house temperature twitches it will cool down outside?
  7. @oranjeboom I'm not saying 'don't insulate the soleplate', I'm trying to get my head around why industry don't recognise it as the issue that self builders believe? I think some of the bigger SIP companies have been operating in the UK for a long enough time now to have looked into this? Thanks for the link @JSHarris, I knew rebuild was no longer accessible - didn't think about archives! One issue I see cropping up is the presence of timber studs within SIP creating cold bridges. I acknowledge this to be true, but then don't all TF have studs at 600 centres creating cold bridges (except Larson Truss, I Joists etc) so I don't see this as an issue (I may be wrong in this regard) as it surely performs better than standard TF? The sole plate being cold seems to crop up a lot. As I see it, this is a problem for anyone building in timber who doesn't use an Insulated Raft foundation? rather than a 'SIPs problem'. So from the threads I have seen, if you don't have an Insulated Raft foundation, the way to keep a TF (I say TF as this problem applies to a standard TF as much as it does SIP?) sole plate as warm as possible is to sit it on a marmox block and wrapped in insulation inside and out? On another note, when I mentioned marmox blocks to one of the companies I am in talks with they didn't seem keen. Concerns about the ability of marmox blocks to resist lateral loads? The marmox website shows it as being suitable for under sole plates? I appreciate the discussion - it helps to focus the mind somewhat. Ta Jamie
  8. I wondered who would be the first to say it's reasonably well preserved all things considered. Don't know why the Mary Rose popped into my head, but I liked it and went with it😁 I may need to take the Mary Rose approach and just permanently submerge my soleplate and not expose it to air....maybe that will work🤔 If my soleplate lasts 100 yrs I'm ok with that....not my problem then....unless the secret to immortality is discovered😎
  9. That's pretty much the point I'm making - the manufacturers do it one way yet you read self build forums and are left thinking the sole plate is going to rot like the Mary Rose and the house will collapse!! Why the disparity in thinking?
  10. I've already seen that video @scottishjohn but I don't think it really clears things up. The thing I'm trying to understand is the discrepancy between what the manufacturers say regarding sole plates etc and what you read on self build forums.
  11. Did you have any push back from the SIP company regarding the sole plate sitting on marmox? One company I'm talking to want a dense block underneath it as a stronger medium for the fixings to go into. Two companies I'm talking to at the minute both say that VCL not necessary, likewise insulating the someplace is not required. I'm on the what harm can it do to implement these things bus! I can do a VCL with the insulation and a perimeter skirt for the sole plate - if not necessary, what harm in doing So? My overall impression is that these companies have been banging SIPs houses up for a long time now, surely if the sole plate was an issue then industry would have worked that out by now? It seems the doubt about it is limited to the self build world - is it really a thing or just FUD?
  12. It's useful to see a positive spin on SIPs. How did you deal with the sole plate and insulating it from condensation? The general solution I see mentioned appears to be an insulation skirt wrapping it. If you had to start over would you use SIP again? Are there any things to watch out for when it's being erected? Any tips or such you could give? I'm not committed to SIPs yet, but it is where I'm leaning and unless I learn something which drastically changes my opinion it's what I'll use. It is not the cheapest - but I believe that what it offers is worth that additional initial outlay.
  13. LA3222

    VCL & SIP

    So you did use a VCL then @oranjeboom The company I'm considering replied yesterday to say that provided it's erected correctly and a ventilation system is used, a VCL is not required. I don't like the idea of not using one. I intend to add an internal layer of Kingspan insulation which if the joins are taped acts as a VCL. I'm considering using this approach to create a VCL - not sure if this is the best way to skin this particular cat yet though.
  14. Just been doing a bit of reading and the answer seems inconclusive. Some say a seperate VCL is still required with SIPs whilst others suggest that as long as the seams are taped then the SIP structure itself will perform as a VCL. I'm interested in hearing what members who used SIPs did in this regard. TIA Jamie
  15. Sorry, when I say claim it back, I mean from the aggregate company. I never asked for it to be zero rated as I didn't think it could be. I was always under the impression that broadly speaking VAT should not be paid only if: 1. It forms part of the fabric of the build. 2. If services are included to fit/operate etc. I.e. concrete pump is VAT chargeable. Concrete pump plus operator is zero rated. I'm not looking to claim it back - it's £75 to me in this instance. I was a little confused that the OP in their blog stated that they got muckaway costs zero rated. Was that luck on their behalf or have I missed a trick?🤔