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  1. I have two steel beams sat on top of steel posts on my insulated slabs.
  2. Or just open it in word to convert it to a word document, edit it, then save it again to a pdf format?
  3. Yarp what @Oz07 says. The blinding layer is sandwiched between the aggregate and the EPS. The DPM is in between EPS layers so no danger of that being punctured by coarse sand. My query really relates to what @JFDIY mentions. If the sand is fine will it clump and inhibit the drainage layer under the EPS, therefore a coarser grade is more suitable? Many on here have insulated slabs - just what normally gets used🤷‍♂️
  4. Yarp..probably a ridiculopolus question but here goes..... The sand blinding layer below my EPS raft - any particular type of sand required here? I am thinking along the lines of grit sand, bit coarser so better draining but sufficiently fine to level out easy enough?? I would rather ask than make a rookie mistake 😁
  5. LA3222

    WC Blockage

    There is...I have this very same fitting on the foul pipe I put in for the static caravan. The lid unscrews and then there is a plastic insert underneath which just pulls out.
  6. I'm interested in this too. Sent my application at the start of December, sent all the requested paperwork, references have been supplied not sure where things stand at the minute. With the xmas period I expected things to pause. Wife had a phone call today on behalf of a surveyor asking when can get access to property in order to value it 🤦‍♂️ After several 'it is just a plot of land' replies after the person kept repeating the same question it seems the penny dropped - doesn't bode well, I can only assume it was a confused receptionist arranging a visit on behalf of the surveyor🤷‍♂️ I will ring on Monday to find out what the crack is. As to how long it will all take 🤷‍♂️
  7. Looks good bud, what cladding you used there, cedar? The end bit of my build will look very similar to your overall look so hopefully it will look as good as what you have done. My formers will be similar but the roof on them takes up at an angle towards the ridge rather than being completely flat. My roof will be pan tiles too, I see you have mortar bedded the verge etc. Looks a lot nicer I think than dry systems. Who are your windows and doors from? Is that a grey/green colour you have?
  8. Similar to my own situation...ecology ongoing at the min...on site in static since June, 4 of us plus 2 cats. Just waiting to pull the trigger..foundations delayed till jan now, weather has pushed my ground workers back and the everywhere shuts for xmas next friday..hey ho, but it will all work out eventually. Good luck with your build.
  9. The rain sucks. I ain't getting my foundations in till end of Jan at best now if I'm lucky. God knows what the weather will throw up then...probably snow🤷‍♂️ Hopefully you'll get a few dry days👌
  10. Are you ELDC Jonathan? I put a static on site without asking and when I submitted amendments to planning my architect asked the officer if needed to include it and the answer was 'nah'. I started on site and put services in, a big old driveway and dug out a shed load of soil where the house was sat and didn't send a commencement notice - one of the comments on my app by the officer is 'work has already commenced' so I take that as my PP locked in. I pay council tax at Band A - voluntarily applied for it, I could probably have got away with not paying but it's not much and I needed some bins🤷‍♂️ I haven't seen hide nor tail of anyone from the council - I expect that I could have a finished house and it will be me chasing them to let them know. All that being said, they have been pragmatic and a pleasure to deal with so far. From what i have seen though there are some real PITA's out there so it seems to be the luck of the draw!
  11. That's good to hear - my main concern was whether prolonged rain would balls everything up. Think I will probably buy a sump pump to keep the water level low and crack on with it!
  12. The point about concrete being less dense than the concrete is a good one! I'm not sure how to create a low theory the insulation should be completely flat so it will be the thickened perimeter strips which fill up - may have to look into sump pumps that go all the way down to a couple of mm of water. All food for thought gents and no glaring reasons why not to do it - ta for the feedback, always appreciated.
  13. The potential for a swimming pool is what concerns me. I guess there are two options, delay or buy a pump and take a chance that it will be ok!
  14. I am trying to get my founds in before Christmas but it looks like weather and time is conspiring against me. I may be able to get all the sub layers done before xmas but everywhere shuts down from 20th till 6 Jan. If I get the insulation laid and all the steelwork and UFH heating pipes laid before Christmas will this be ok to leave exposed to the weather until I can get the concrete poured at the start of Jan? Not sure if leaving it all exposed will be ok or Not? Cheers J
  15. How thick was the render you used? I'm looking at the silicone KRend and the docs say it's about 6-8mm thick in total so I'm a bit puzzled as to what size bead to use.