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  1. How thick was the render you used? I'm looking at the silicone KRend and the docs say it's about 6-8mm thick in total so I'm a bit puzzled as to what size bead to use.
  2. @Triassic did you solve the bead issue? Where did you get it from in the end?
  3. Cool, so the consensus seems to be that frame goes up, roof goes on and then the rest of the externals can be done. Ta 👍
  4. Random question, thought I knew the answer it as the time draws near to start making decisions I am questioning everything again. My build is a TF inner skin with block outer. What is the sequence r.e. roof and block work? I thought the roof goes on first then the block work goes up? Sure I read something somewhere about 'loading' the frame down with the weight of the roof before throwing the block work up? Ta
  5. I have the same concern re. remortgaging so I took the decision to suck it up and pay £2500 for a warranty and BC. Its easier to do now rather than realise you should have taken one out later on down the line🤷
  6. @dpmiller, do you have some photos you could stick up of how you solved all the details of your dormer? I am trying to get my head around how the flashing should be done and like you, my dormers will be rendered. I believe there should be lead soakers u dear the tiles at the side which are nailed to the dormer cheek under the counterbattens? Then once the tiles are down they should have lead flashing over them which goes up the dormer cheek over the counterbattens? The render board goes on top of the battens and then render away? I'm not at all sure if I'm thinking along the right lines here, if you could give me a steer it would be appreciated Ta Jamie.
  7. @Visti sorry to see that bud. Not what you want to arrive on site and find when you have paid 'professional's' to do a job. Keep your chin up and fight through.
  8. That's very interesting about the bats....clever buggers. Not sure my wife would be happy about bats - the bat cave at Safari Parks is the one thing she hates (so the one thing I drag her through😁)! I need to look into some temporary lights whilst we build - it's pitch black and there are badgers knocking about the garden too!!
  9. My build is 5 miles from Caldwell. When's it dark, it is very dark. Takes some getting used to - the boss told me she needs a light outside as can't see a damn thing sometimes. It's mega on clear nights though.
  10. Ha Ha, I was being tongue in cheek when I said should I be worried. However, that being said I can see how self build can destroy families. It is easy to get so wrapped up in the build that it chips away at a marriage a bit at a time. I have two young kids (8&9) and it does weigh on my mind that I need to continually make time for them whilst also progressing the build so they have a house to live in. We live apart during the week so they get the worst of it, however it is what they want so everything is a ok at the minute. Two/three years like this though could easily take it's toll. I guess a lot depends on where you start from. Is it a joint desire to self build or is one partner the driving force and the other along for the ride. I think it needs a complete buy in from both in order to fight through the rough spots. A lot of the grand designs programmes, it seems to me that the dream is not shared, usually it's the blokes dream and the wife just goes along with it. To be fair though, I am not aware of any on here ending up divorced after self building - maybe it's just the grand designs effect where they skew the outlook by deliberately choosing stressful/prone to fail builds for dramatic effect. And yes, Kevin McCloud does come across as smug/condescending at times - not a good trait, particularly in light of his own recent professional short comings.
  11. With £250,000 on design fees I suspect the architect was well paid.
  12. I just got the impression that he didnt care. It was almost like the house was his crowning design masterpiece, something for his name to live on in, as the designor of this wonderful house with curves...ya...ya..ya....and I just don't think cost was in his mind - 'that's the clients problem' is how it seemed to me. Don't get me wrong - it did look amazing and the way the value of the plot etc seemed to go up, I suspect it will be worth at least what it cost to build, unfortunately for the client he didn't have that budget. A shame, when it showed them down at the water they seemed to have a great little private area, they had their stuff there and it was theirs. Now it's all going to have to be sold for someone else to enjoy.
  13. Just seen this episode....anyone else left thinking that his architect was a bawbag who was only interested in his vision and how wonderful the curves were. Oh yes, to build a curve isn't easy as every block has to be cut at an angle🤦‍♂️ nice one nobhead, clearly not bothered about cost. Yes the client was living in the clouds but I found the architects attitude rubbed me the wrong way. When his kids got to their teens he should have wrapped, never going to be the family home he wanted when they're about to fly the nest. Divorced and broke, what a shambles. I wonder what the divorce rate is amongst self builders? My wife's living in a caravan for two years whilst I live in a Travelodge room - should I be worried🤔😂
  14. Every quote I have so far seems to come in at (300m2): Site Insurance £2500 24mths Warranty + BC £3000 Tried stripping BC out to use LABC but that's even more overall. A lot of bloody money for some paper that I have to have in order to remortgage down the line. Does this seem about right or are my trousers being pulled?
  15. On second thoughts, would it be worth angling the drip bead to encourage the drips to occur away from the face of your cladding?