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  1. The schedule is dealt with by the company. The only part you need to meet is getting the foundations ready in time for the frame. You can easily give yourself some buffer time here, the same with getting the scaff up. Once the TF starts going up its over to the TF company to manage the schedule. You take over again once they've finished. It's not difficult at all, get all your trades in hand 6 months before with a rough date they are required and keep refining that as you go along. When it comes to, they probably won't be able to start the exact day you want, but within a week or so they can as long as they're kept informed of progress. Not sure where the difficulty is here. You'd have the same 'management' issues to tackle with a traditional build🤷‍♂️ I messaged plasterer yesterday to say hopefully start at beginning of June. The last time I spoke to him was the start of Feb - he's happy enough. Sparky started Monday, I booked him at start of Jan with rough date, messaged him in Feb, again at start of march and he was able to start week after I was ready for him. Nothing difficult about any of this, finding good trades is the difficult part but you won't know until they start as to how good they are! I've being doing a lot myself, I dare say it is a lot busier if you have multiple trades on site at the same time. A lot depends on personal timeliness and the quantity of work you do yourself I expect.
  2. @Birk57 you will find that staged payments upfront apply to all TF companies, as suggested just research them, see what their cash flow is etc and stick to big well known companies. Don't be swayed by nonsense about having to pay particular attention to soleplate interstitial condensation when using SIP. The same issue applies to standard TF construction as much as it does SIP. I had this back and forth with JS Harris a couple of years back on here before he acknowledged that I was right in that the issue is not unique to SIP. SIP doesn't seem very popular on here and that is always the 'go to' reason why. There are however a few of us on here using SIP, @SuperJohnG being another. As for Point 3. from @PeterW (great contributer) but I disagree. The management required is bo different to any TF construction. Cranes etc are all dealt with by the supplier provided you go the 'supply & erect' route. All I did with regards to the SIP frame is stand and watch while they cracked on🤷‍♂️
  3. If you do a temporary fix I hope you have the integrity to inform potential purchasers of the hidden problem🤨
  4. I got mine from Wunda. The sticky bit was a bit like double sided tape, probably works on foil faced insulation etc but useless in wood and probably concrete I expect.
  5. @MortarThePoint the clips don't stick for toffee! I did my first floor ufh a couple of weeks ago and used clips, had to screw them down.
  6. When my goalposts were put up some hilti resin was used and I did the grout myself with sikagrout 111. I've got one of the resin packs knocking about the house, I can take a pic tomorrow if that helps. The sikagrout was a doddle to use, I mixed in big bucket with drill and paddle mixer, not too much and then literally pouted it in. It flows really well.
  7. If you do a search of this forum for this type of insulation there have been a fair few discussions and it generally gets described as snake oil. I'm no expert but that reads like a bit of tinfoil, a bit of foam and a bit of rock wool. My preference would be 100mm of PUR insulation.
  8. I did consider the side of the window but then I was questioning whether I would ever fix anything there and forget! Looks like that is the winner though, cheers gents. The things you start questioning yourself over when self building is crazy, I was literally sat for 20 mins staring at that wall pondering all the permutations, should have asked the question sooner!!
  9. Now then, running my pipes out, going up is easy as I can bring then up exactly where I want. Downstairs is not so straightforward as they need to come down from the pozi, run across then up into the sinks. Where is the best position for the vertical section of pipe? Right in the corners?
  10. I like how it says 'chainsaw' on it....clearly the manufacturer knows that no sane person would assume that is a chainsaw, hence the reminder!
  11. Looks good bud, just the steel and UFH to put in now🤣 Big step forward though, when do plan to get the concrete in?
  12. Probably wondering what's hidden behind that wall which requires 50 million screws to never see the light of day again...
  13. Must have been rendered speechless by your magnificent will likely take him days to recover🤣
  14. @pocster what did the plasterer say after casting eyes over your 'eccentric' boarding efforts?