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  1. we put a time capsule made by the kids in this extension and we are going to do one with our grandson in the new build. Over the years we've found many newspapers, grafitt and lots of cloths under the floor in a house we were renovating. Not sure what we've lost, won't know until we look for things. We did view a house for auction once, completely empty except for a gorgeous circular walnut table that sat 12 people which couldn't be removed. Makes me wonder how they got it in there in the fist place.
  2. there is something on tonight that I've recorded about extensions, not watched it yet though
  3. no sign of this in my neck of the woods
  4. Looking at some of the EON prices, can someone explain why the costs differ depending on where you live.
  5. Well I was on the fence re the heat pump, will definitely be going ahead. I'm lucky in that at the beginning of Sept I fixed my electricity (no gas) price for 2 years. I can't remember off hand what it was, but almost definitely better than what's happening at the moment. That's with EON so probably safe, unless someone knows different.
  6. I don't think a separate building will be PD, but I could be wrong
  7. I wonder when this will be available and how much it will cost, and more importantly how reliable it will be I love the idea of having this, but looking at their site it doesn't look like it is going to be any time soon.
  8. LSB

    drainage drop

    we've thought about that and checked with the removal company. what we are going to do is lay a track across the side of the garden covered with the plastic matts with grass and they will be able to reach the tank from there. we considered a different place beside the drive, but decided against it as it is the opposite side of the house to the drains. the location is also on the access to the barn for lorries when it was used for pigs. thanks for the thought though.
  9. LSB

    drainage drop

    we haven't finalised on which plant to use yet, still looking. the treatment plant is going to be in one of the paddocks and not in the actual garden, but we don't want it sticking out above ground. it will be fenced off so the horses don't 'play' on it.
  10. LSB

    drainage drop

    and how many access points and rodding points should we have over the 65m i.e. is there a set distance apart for them. in our current house we do have some issues as the access to the cesspit goes under the road and over the years all the traffic has bent it. this won't be the case with the new one, but we want to be able to access if necessary.
  11. Hi, I'm just thinking about drainage and I'm hopefully confused. My understanding is that there should be a drop of 1:40 i.e. 25mm per m. Our building is 25m long and has a toilet at each end and one in the middle with the treatment plant about 40 m away down a slope, so a drop of probably 2m across garden. So, the total length from start to finish is 60 m. This would mean that the drop should be 60m x 25mm = 1500mm = 1.5m For the house it is 25m * 25mm = 625mm so 0.625m So if we start at 1m deep at the right then we need to end up @ 2.5m down for the perfect slope. But, because of the slope of the land the treatment plant will be deeper than 2.5m from the start of the run. Questions: 1. Does it matter if we go slightly steeper. 2. Does the drainage pipe have to be straight or can it be 1:40 past the house and then steeper to the treatment plant. 3. Should we be doing something completely different TIA Jill
  12. so, what about height, lots of barns are only suitable for single storey properties. using the above should it be possible to get PP for a 1.5 or 2 storey house on the grounds that it would look better. this is a barn that could get class Q. Or, will the new build still have to stick to the size of the barn curtilage
  13. During August we focussed on clearing the exterior of the site to allow for easier access for future work, such as laying drainage and installing electricity. This was the back passage when we started, at the end of the winter before all the weeds started growing. and this is after most of the roof is gone and the bank & retaining wall are cleared. In the south west yard where the electricity pylon is, this time in the middle of winter. This was what it looked like. during the clearance, lots of mess and now, getting ready for the electricity to come from the pylon. We need to do a trench to within 1m of the pole and still need to dig up the yard, but as that is thick concrete that's going to be quite a bit more effort with the breaker and digger. Aside from that we reduced the size of one of the openings in the barn to allow for the pantry, something I have now and can't do with out. After knocking out the half blocks, this also shows how the back bank looked before it was dug out, lots of bracken. and now reduced in size. What does Sept bring, well I don't know yet, block work to build up the internal walls I hope, but HID has a bad hip at the moment so moving and lifting blocks is a bit beyond him at the moment. So, we shall see. Have fun and 'see' you next month. Jill
  14. I'm in Suffolk, so next door to Essex and they are difficult as well. We had to have, bat / owl, contamination phase 1, Ecological and archaeological all before they would even consider the application (Class Q). Hence, we had 2 refusals because our planning consultant tried to fight for these being post permission. We then tried for knock down and rebuild and we refused. This lot took years so we just gave up and we are converting the barn. I'm not sure if full PP is as difficult as you don't have to meet so much criteria, but your planning consultant should know. We did a pre-app with the LPA and they told us exactly what they wanted before they would even consider, but that was at least helpful in knowing where to go.