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  1. LSB

    Size does matter

    I have been using some layout software to layout my barn conversion to see how to layout my rooms. I have been doing this gradually for weeks now without finishing as furnishing and moving in is probably years away. But, today I went back to my original plans showing the barn dimensions and realised that I have been doing the external size totally wrong in my layout. The architects proposed layout didn't have any dimensions for the individual rooms and we changed those anyway, but don't have formal drawings yet. We currently have an overhang of 24m x 1.2m which is including in the planning approval, but as we have to keep the existing wall that is not going to be included in the build size.. That means that I only have 223m2 when I was working to 240m2. That's not a particular issue, its the fact that I now have to plan all over again the kitchen layout, bathrooms, etc. Looking at the architects drawing of how it is now he has the left hand side @ 16.755 which includes the overhang and the right @ 9.075 which excludes the overhang. The building is and L shape so that has affected the other walls. This is what I now have to work with showing the correct size. I didn't notice because the software just adjusted some of the meqasurements. Luckily, this is only on paper, imagine if I had given the planned layout to the steel frame company. As they say measure twice (or more preferably) and cut once. On a better note, the 3rd gas monitor reading today again showed absolutely nothing, we are now half way through that. Not good at all is hubby has been asked to take a pay cut or redundancy because of Covid and lack of work as many of their customers are not placing orders. One of the problems of working for a small company. This is going to make our project even longer as we are saving as we work, which is now going to stop, so once the money we have saved now is gone then we have to stop until more comes in.
  2. Ok, I sit corrected, we are converting a barn and that is 5% and I was under the impression that any sort of conversion of a non habitable building was the same.
  3. Conversion VAT is 5% whereas new builds are VAT free. I guess you need to look at what you are allowed in your planning as that should include details of what you applied for.
  4. thanks for that, the new build is a barn conversion in a field at home so keeping watered won't be a problem. as they are in our front garden I will probably go that route rather than digging up outside the house. thanks for you advice, greatly appreciated
  5. I have 2 trees that have sentimental value, they are not very old (3-4 years) as their predecessor got knocked down by accident (incompetent builder) during previous building work. I plan to move these from my current property to the new one. I know that we have to dig them up whilst they are dormant, so during the winter. I don't want to replant them for a couple of years to reduce any risk of the same thing happening. But, am I better off digging them up now and putting in them in huge pots, they are only about 10' tall, until we are ready to plant or am I better leaving them where they are even though they are growing quite quickly and will be more difficult to dig up.
  6. LSB

    September 16th

    Well Joe90, maybe constant cutting will work for you, but after 20 years here it hasn't 😜
  7. LSB

    September 16th

    Bramble is the bane of my life, it is encroaching on all our fields, we've sprayed, mowed, dug, burnt and still it comes back. It's relatively easy to plough up in the middle of the fields, but it's in the fence line. The burning was the worse, it seemed to kill it all, then the following year it came back stronger than ever. We use Roundup @ double strength and use a tractor and sprayer. I don't mind it in some places, but others I just want it gone. The picture was taken earlier this year, can't quite remember when though.
  8. A couple of weeks ago by daughter and her husband got pulled over in her car when her husband was driving. She was convinced that he was insured, but turns out that I had renewed her insurance and not realised he had to be added. The police had ANPR that automatically shows the insurance status and they saw that it was insured for 2 women (her and me) and spotted it was a man driving. Anyway, the police were very nice about it and just said for her to drive home and make sure he was insured before he drove the car again. Why were they so nice ? She is an intensive car nurse looking after Covid patients in a major hospital in London and he is a surgeon and she is 8 months pregnant. I think they were worried that if they stressed her out to much she might just give birth there on a roadside.
  9. LSB

    September 16th

    Over the last week, although we can't start building, I have been starting to clear the site of brambles, nettles and other growth that we don't want. Cutting it all down and burning is fairly easy, stopping it all coming back is not. I checked with CIL and planning that I could do this as I don't want to fall foul of anything whilst the phase 2 is being carried out. I'm also starting to try and get my head around building regulations as I need to understand what is being said when we have these drawn up. Any advice greatly received.
  10. LSB

    new blog

    Hello Ferdinand I know that you said the same yesterday 😼, but I couldn't find the 'Contact Us' so thought I would try again. Now I realise that it is at the bottom whereas I was looking at the top.
  11. LSB

    new blog

    Hello After taking a number of years to get planning for a barn conversion and now waiting for the phase 2 contamination survey we are going to start proper soon. I see there are blogs on this site and I want to create one. Can you do this through this forum or do I need to create one and just link to it. Also, what blogging software do people recommend. Most of the ones I've looked at are aimed to selling something. I also investigate journals, which is more what I want, but they are not accessible by our family and friends and other individuals who want to know what's happening. Any help greatly received. Thanks
  12. The architect has drawn plans that meet class Q, I had given him my ideas, but he said he couldn't do them because of the roof height. The problem with Class Q is that the dimensions, up down and round about must not exceed the size of the barn, that includes upwards, i.e. the roof line. The architect may be over anxious and planning wouldn't care if I built a cave dwelling. The planning delay is not due to this, but due to possible contamination. What I'm wondering though is can I change the internal layout to what I want after approval or do I have to submit a change of application.
  13. it's a barn conversion and on one side the roof is a bit low at only 2.1m without any insulation. Our architect has said that we may be refused planning if we use this part as normal rooms, but we can use this space by putting non-living rooms at that side, such as bathrooms, walk in wardrobe and even the utility room. We are going to try and dig down, but class q planning says that you must use the existing foundations, even though the barn doesn't have them as such. We must leave the walls which also means that digging down might end up with us needing under pinning. All things to think about. A lot of this is to get the planning, the architect says that we can then put in an amendment to make that part of roof higher by changing the pitch of the roof as the other side is over 3 m.
  14. I have been asked to list each room to say what is living space. So, the snug is 100% living space, but what about the following. Walk in wardrobe ensuite pantry utility bathroom wc office hall just trying to work out size of living space versus size of the whole barn prior to conversion. TIA Jill