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  1. More snow?

    I regularly walk for the same length of time, dressed in exactly the same way, in similar or worse conditions (absent the snow), and have never felt even slightly cold before. I assume the difference is that in previous cases I was walking and therefore generating heat, instead of standing still the whole time like I was yesterday.
  2. More snow?

    The cold crept up on me. Didn't actually feel particularly cold until about 15-20 mins before the end, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Didn't help that they were a man short and were down 8-0 against a very good team in the first half! The other team dropped a man for the second half, and the score for that half was a more reasonable 3-2 to them. I did think about the car a lot in that last few minutes, but there weren't many of us supporting so I though I'd do the right thing while they were having a crappy game.
  3. More snow?

    We had about three inches here overnight, after some light drifts yesterday that didn't really settle. I had to stand watching my son play football in fairly heavy snow yesterday morning. It was only around 0 degrees, but there was a fair bit of wind, and the snow was settling on my jacket and trousers then melting. By the end of it I was involuntarily shivering and couldn't feel my feet. I can't remember ever feeling as cold in my life. I don't generally feel the cold but it took me over an hour to stop shivering once I got out of it.
  4. I read it as three months from when it's plastered (or maybe even some time after that - ie, from when they re-assess and then "see fit" to start the three month period). This fits in with the three month deemed completion notice protocol.
  5. So what the hell was that jobsworth you've been talking to on about? She needs a kick up the arse. Good news for you though. Take your time doing the plastering by the sound of it!
  6. Plenty of other stuff isn't perfect (what is, really), but we genuinely don't get upset with each other about stuff like this, and we don't hold grudges.
  7. One too many zeros, sorry. Should be 03000 501501 I just got it from their website.
  8. Oh, and two weeks ago, my wife tapped the front on our warming drawer with a ceramic serving dish and it smashed into a gazillion pieces. I didn't get upset then, so perhaps she thought it reasonable not to lose her rag with me now!
  9. I wondered whether that might be possible, but didn't hold out any hope. I'll look into it tomorrow. Thanks! When my wife saw how annoyed I was with myself for doing it, she didn't add anything. I get most of my sledging when I haven't actually done anything wrong!
  10. Well, thankfully it was me that did this rather than my wife. I stupidly grabbed a cast iron lid to temporarily cover some spaghetti in a colander sitting in a pan keeping warm. I even more stupidly tried to pick up the pan, and of course the cast iron lid fell off. It landed on the edge of the induction hub, and smashed a small section about an inch long a bit less deep. The affected portion is smashed, so I can't just stick it back in. Thoughts/suggestions for repair? Is this something the Magic Man people can repair?
  11. I know @JSHarris had issues with noise transference when he used (from memory) short/tight flexis with his installation.
  12. Crazy stuff. Why would anyone in her position get emotional about something so run of the mill?
  13. @nod, when you contacted the VOA before, did you contact the officer who took your house off the register, or the general enquiries line? If you contacted the officer, it may be that they feel they can't advise because they're too close to the situation, or maybe it isn't really their area of expertise. In that case, it might be worth a call to the general enquiries line to explain your situation and get some advice. The number is 030000 501501. I think what you're really after is a summary of what power the council has to put you on the register when you've just had the VOA take you off. Good luck.
  14. Before they get there, I think you need something to confirm whether the council has the power to add to the council tax register a property that the VOA took off the register only two weeks ago. The general consensus here seems to be that they can't, but it would be really useful for you to be able to point at the specific law that says so.
  15. It'd be funny if it weren't such poor behaviour. Have you asked the VOA for confirmation that the council doesn't have the right to charge you CT now that you aren't on the register? If they agree, I'd be moving on to making a formal complaint with your council. Harassing you to pay charges they have no authority to levy is borderline fraud.