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  1. I don't doubt it's fine, it just feels like there's no way staples would be enough!
  2. I'd probably go with staples if I were doing it again. Screws are slow and labour-intensive. Use loads of staples along with the jointing compound between boards and I doubt you'll see much difference compared to screwing them on. This is for walls - I'm sure staples would be fine for ceilings too if you use enough of them, but mentally I think I prefer the idea of screws holding up something above my head!
  3. I don't think this follows. For simple applications, it's unlikely you need an expert. If you want to do something out of the ordinary, or in special area (AONB or conservation area), or involving a listed house, why is a system broken just because it involves some complexity? Lots of people don't have the time, intelligence, confidence (etc) to get involved in all of this, so they hire specialists to do it for them, as is the case across many other aspects of life. I think @AnonymousBosch's comment about plumbers is spot on: the existence of plumbers doesn't imply that "plumbing", per se, is broken. I've said this before Jeremy: be careful judging the rest of the world against your own capabilities. You may have the time, intelligence and self-confidence to get planning on a difficult site, design your own house, install your own plumbing, and so on, but most people simply aren't in a position to do that.
  4. Not me guv! We didn't use a self-build mortgage.
  5. They definitely need space between them and the wall. Depends on the model - ours is a small one and needed 400mm, from memory
  6. jack

    We have a leak

    Those photos are bringing back all sorts of nasty memories. You have my sympathy!
  7. jack

    We have a leak

    That was exactly what we had problems with. PM me if you want to discuss.
  8. jack

    We have a leak

    Exactly this. Took us nearly a year from start to finish. Two rooms were affected. In our case, it was due to poor sealing between the roofing membrane and the outlets through the parapet wall. Another one had started failing when inspected, so we insisted on all five being replaced. The roofer agreed to rectify, and fixed the membrane fairly promptly. Unfortunately, they then insisted on putting the rest through their insurer (even though the total costs were less than £2k from memory), which turned into a nightmare. Their attitude was so poor that if I hadn't had several million things on my plate I'd have sued them for every incidental cost possible, but in the end I decided the stress wasn't worth it and settled for the actual paid out costs. @Weebles, feel free to PM me if you want to talk about what happened and how we handled.
  9. Yup. My Hyundai Ioniq Electric on a business lease arrives first week of April. 0% BIK for the first year, then 1% and 2% for the following two years.
  10. I think I have ours set to cool with 16 deg C flow temperature. Works astoundingly well downstairs. We have concrete floors and it's like walking into a cool stone church on a hot summer's day.
  11. Read all of @Bitpipe's posts in the basement forum. This is a good start:
  12. Hard to hear @Visti, sounds like there's a reason they went out of business previously. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  13. Just to follow up on this, it looks like Spectrum is now out of business.
  14. For use as an ordinary for bell, you can get them with a chime that works in real time. That said, I never have any delay to my phone, at least while I'm on the same WiFi network.