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  1. jack

    Help Needed With My Leaky GRP Roof

    Which is exactly my original question: will it get "dry" in the current weather, assuming I cover and uncover it as described above?
  2. jack

    Help Needed With My Leaky GRP Roof

    I don't mind spending some more money on a primer. It's just I'd rather not spend a lot of money replacing all of the materials I've already bought.
  3. jack

    Help Needed With My Leaky GRP Roof

    Thanks for the comments. I've already bought all the stuff to do everything, so would prefer not to repurchase an entirely new system's worth of coatings. However, if there's some sort of base coat I can get that will give me a dry surface to work from with the standard resin, that might work. I'll give CFS a call. thanks Jeff
  4. jack

    Help Needed With My Leaky GRP Roof

    Sorry for slight hijacking of this thread, but I was about to fiberglass my balconies. I was actually planning to post on this topic today or tomorrow, but seeing this thread I thought I'd keep it all together. The OSB unfortunately got a decent soaking over the weekend when I forgot to cover it. I'm allowing it to dry during the day when it isn't raining, and am covering it up at the end of the day, to keep any dew off it and reduce the condensation. I know that there are both temperature and moisture issues when laying fiberglass. Regarding temperature, I was planning to wait until we had a couple of clear days with expected temps in the mid teens, and then do the work on consecutive afternoons (base one afternoon, gel coat the next). The balconies get sun in the morning, which will help. Based on the comments above, I'm now a little concerned that perhaps I shouldn't be considering doing this until spring next year when things have warmed/dried up. I really don't want to wait though. Short of getting heaters involved, is there anything I can do to allow me to crack on with this in the next week or two, assuming weather permits?
  5. jack

    Am I being too fussy?

    His lack of comprehension isn't relevant. His friend - and client - has asked for the job to be done properly, in accordance with formal rules that also require it to be done that way. The fact that he doesn't know any better isn't relevant. Building regs can't be "wrong". They're regulations, not statements of fact. He sounds like a nightmare. You have my sympathies - good luck!
  6. jack

    Am I being too fussy?

    Friends don't behave like he's behaving.
  7. jack

    Sliding door track over cavity

    Possibly more expensive, but what about foamglass?
  8. You need to know how long it's been like this. On the face of it, and depending on timing and evidence, the rear property may well have a claim to adverse possession of the Title 2 property. Perhaps worth looking into the adverse possession question, but if I were the vendor I doubt I'd be paying for a survey in relation to this. The value of the Title 2 strip of land isn't very high, so even arguing that it probably isn't likely to under the control of the registered owner any more is unlikely to result in much if any price difference. How long does it look the fence between Title 1 and 2 look like it's been there? I'd be more inclined to look into this if it were new than if it looked like it'd been there a while.
  9. Hi Antony I'm having a little trouble following this. Is the existing fence a straight(ish) line along the back of your properties and the properties either side of it? If so, it's probably gone one of two ways: - The neighbours either side have already grabbed the unregistered land; or - The rear neighbour has taken over the Title 2 property. The latter seems a little unlikely - I can't imagine the existing owner of the property you're buying being okay with having the back of their garden stolen like this, although if it was never fenced properly to include it within the fenced area of Title 1, it could have been lost through adverse possession (the "12 year" thing you're talking about above). More info needed to be sure. Can you ask the neighbours of the Title 1 property if they know anything?
  10. jack

    Klug pocket door system

    Start with the less visible/used doors!
  11. jack

    New Build 2019

    Welcome to BuildHub. In what part f the country are you building?
  12. jack

    Hello from east london

    Welcome to Buildhub! Sounds an interesting approach to building. Have you looked into cross laminated timber construction?
  13. That's a false equivalence. There's a difference between a higher taxing regime that's set up to use that money effectively, and a situation where I as an individual am offered the opportunity to pay extra tax into a system so underfunded and mismanaged that my contribution would make no difference. That said, I think the UK's problem is how the money is spent, rather than the tax take per se. We're governed by a shower of gobshites under the control of a bunch of religious gobshites, and our only alternative is another pack of gobshites who are likely even less capable of spending our tax money wisely
  14. jack

    Slowly moving to Torx: why?

    That's odd. Aren't they Canadian? I've never seen one used in the UK.