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  1. Wow, that's amazing. I do wonder whether something's been lost in translation. We don't really do "direct" in this country, and it's like a kick in the guts whenever people put things bluntly.
  2. I'd pay good money for an excuse to miss those. Really not my thing.
  3. At minimum I'd be sure to put ducts in place. Fibre to the premises will come down in price over time, and it'd be good to make it as easy to install as possible if and when it comes down to whatever price you think is reasonable. Last week, we had a neighbour cut the wire going up the pole that supplies us and several nearby properties with our phone lines (trimming his hedge!) For three days I was cursing our refusal to spend a couple of grand taking the line under the road from the base of the pole five years ago!
  4. Looking good. As ProDave says, you have to let us know about the interesting find!
  5. I haven't gotten around to doing anything with this yet, although it's only one or two tasks away at the moment. Currently, I think I'll use plastic tiles like what you've done, but still pondering how to get an outward slope to the slab. I've thought of a few ways, but none of them is perfect.
  6. Read the sheet again. This product contains one specific glyphosate salt (glyphosate isopropylammonium) and various salts of a different chemical: 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. Edited to add: these two herbicides are widely used in combination: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enlist_Weed_Control_System
  7. I'm going to try a third time before I go out in the garden and do something more productive. I'm not sure why you keep answering as though I'm asking why glyphosate is sold as a salt. I'm asking why a product containing glyphosate IPA salt 27.9 % (w/w) ***AND THAT ALSO CONTAINS*** 32.0 % (w/w) of 2,4-D DMA derivate salts is: Hence why I've twice now said:
  8. I'm asking out of genuine ignorance: how does that statement relate to:
  9. That data sheet says that there's a significant amount of other ingredients beyond glyphosate: (By mass, there's actually more of the other active ingredients than gylphosate.) I have no idea whether those additional ingredients warrant the higher price, but on the face of it they don't look like the same product.
  10. I looked into this extensively, and would have gone for these if I'd had the budget. The tiles themselves aren't massively expensive per square metre, but add in decent adhesive and labour and it starts adding up!
  11. We used Hilliard too, and he was great when dealing with building control's questions.
  12. What does Eggar say? I seem to recall that for at least one flooring system, the preferred approach for minimal noise was nails (or was it screws?) at one end, and glue-only on the remaining edges.
  13. It's been perfectly acceptable to spell "phone" without an apostrophe since the 1800s.
  14. Sure, I was just pointing out what my parents in law have set up. I know that a per-visit contract is an option, because they looked into it. They did the maths and figured out that the annual maintenance fee would always have been cheaper than paying per action. My main point was that you can't make changes yourself (I believe), so either you pay a maintenance fee or a per-change fee - either way, there's no way around giving money to an installer if you want the system kept up to date.
  15. The better the insulation, the less point there is having lots of different zones. Most (all?) of us with Passivhaus levels of insulation and airtightness just run the entire downstairs a slab as a single zone. You could, of course, alter the set flow rates per room if you preferred one to always be a little warmer or cooler than the others, but it doesn't end up making a massive difference due to the way heat moves around within the house anyway.