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  1. Same with me. 3.5 years of leaving it on the low setting, and zero issues with moisture. Bathrooms are always completely dry within hours. I only use the boost if I'm cooking something likely to set off the fire alarm (eg, steak cooked on a hot griddle).
  2. Can you install a tank somewhere and fill that up slowly or in bursts, then water the garden from that? You wouldn't need much storage if you're able to replenish fairly consistently.
  3. No, I haven't checked. It's definitely a relatively low priority task for me at the moment! Checking it would involve undoing some screws to take off a panel at the back of a cupboard in our utility room, then accessing a rodding point with a light (and possibly a camera if it's too hard to get my head up into the space).
  4. The music is a nice touch. I was wondering whether you might go with this.
  5. I wanted to include some second had stuff in our house, but: - You need to be organised and very patient - the right stuff comes up rarely. - You must be flexible - the perfect stuff practically never comes up! - Whoever is installing it needs to be willing to work with second hand stuff. It just didn't work out for us in the end. I'll build another house one day, maybe when I retire, and I'll definitely be taking a very different approach compared to the current one.
  6. Parents in law were burgled last year in spite of an alarm being installed. They went in from a first floor balcony, alarm immediately went off, they went through all the upstairs drawers and cupboards at high speed looking for jewellery and watches, then checked the study for valuables. Interestingly, they left two decent laptops in the study and a credit card that was sitting in clear view in a desk drawer that they opened. According to the police, this is the current MO. At least around our way, they don't want electrical goods, because they're too hard to flog without risk.
  7. I don't know what your wireless setup is, but if you have Ubiquiti, they do an interesting line of wireless cameras that work well with their wireless access points and switches. I want to stay away from proprietary solutions, but will still be doing some more digging into this.
  8. We're finished (ish) but happy to show you around and have a chat about the pitfalls we encountered. We're near Farnborough.
  9. From memory, the window is wired to the mains and has a zwave module in it. I have a remote control that should be able to control the window via zwave. I seem to recall that we did have that working when the window was first wired up. There's then a mains-connected wall-mounted module (see pic above) that can be controlled manually (buttons on the wall-mounted module) and via a home automation system (internal dry contacts). From memory, it was transitioning from the working handheld remote to the wall-mounted module that caused the problem. There are four channels in the wall-mounted module, and you need to teach each channel which remote control it will be copying when you push a button or close a dry contact. I can't remember any more detail than this, but I do believe we wondered whether we'd somehow upset the relationship between the handheld remote and the window, and hence the wall-mounted module wasn't able to learn the correct code.
  10. I need to book my electrician back in for this, as he's the one who wired it all up and spoke to Fakro about how it would (/should!) work. Can't see that happening in the next few weeks as I have some other things I need to get ready for him so he can do it all in one visit. That said, it could well be something I or my electrician did back during setup that's causing the problem. I know there was some sort of "learning" mode you needed to access via the remote, which may not have been done properly at the time, despite us having Fakro's tech department walk him through it. If I'd had more time when this all happened I'd have pushed harder to get it sorted then, but too much time has passed for me to go back with a straight face and demand they fix it!
  11. Bear in mind it's the surrounding mounting area that's easier to keep clean, as much as the taps themselves. You don't get pooled water below the taps from wet hands turning them off, for example.
  12. Ha. We ordered 30 packs the first time and that was plenty enough to find space for - lasted us over 2.5 years I seem to recall!
  13. We wanted wall-mounted in our kitchen, but as you've noticed, they're very unusual. We gave up in the end. We have wall-mounted in our bathrooms. I'd have mounted them a bit higher to give more space underneath for your hands, but otherwise can recommend them as being easy to keep clean.
  14. I can highly recommend our salt supplier: https://www.uk-water-softeners.co.uk/ Best price I've been able to find, delivered reasonably quickly, and old-fashioned good communication and service. I didn't buy my softener from them, but based on my experience buying salt, I'd certainly consider them if I were buying another softener.