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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. Welcome. Lots of posts asking similar questions for you to peruse. Have a good poke around the site. To answer directly; £2 - £2.5k per square meter. Any architect should be able to tell you what local development costs will be - probably slightly more accurate than @ProDave and my responses.
  2. Oh no they won't. They'll drop it right next to one of their feet. Tread on it, trip over it repeatedly, fall over it , grind it into the ground, look at it while drinking tea. They won't give a flying fookety fook about it. Not one. Not even half a one. (PS, Written with feeling - can you tell - , not to say annoyance, #ucking lazy bastards)
  3. You sure its not just an orange-juice harvesting system - cloudy orange juice even?
  4. Handmade bricks eh? Hmmm, where's Ed, ( @Construction Channel ) when you need him? Didn't he make some - as in his watchword 'How Hard Can It Be ' ? When we took our piggery down, we found that the bricks had been made by hand at our local brickworks. Couple of retired builders walked past , eyed the stacked bricks on the pallets: nodded at them and said "Tidy stack, tidy stack lad, 'ang on to um . " No, it was'nt @nod who said that (he isn't retired -yet) , but they each of them know how much a handmade brick costs. And Rollo bless his cotton socks stacked mine for me after I had roasted him for throwing many of them in the skip. Made him climb back in the skip and get them all out. And stack each one of them properly with love and affection. Well, his first stack fell over: he'd never looked at a stack of bricks before. Amazin' wot yoof don't look at innit? " Distinctly uncool Mr Simpson, distinctly uncool" "Lad, if I charge you for the ones you threw in't skip, you'd owe me money: as it is I've paid for you to throw them in, now I'm bloody paying you to take the foookers back out" "Okey, ya ... ... really? " He's now working for a builder.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly ' ... God help their next vicitims ...' Can't emphasise enough the need to do Due Diligience on everyone - and that means everyone. Distrust social media profiles, they can be manipulated. As I found out to my cost.
  6. Oh, in terms of running costs, when your neighbour nails your access gate shut, you can just stop paying the maintenance charges like we have. Free poo disposal all because of a flash of frustration and lack of self control on our neighbour's part. Couldn't make it up couldja ?
  7. Yes, our deeds detail our access rights. And here's a photo of our lovely neighbour nailing the access gate shut. Because he wanted to.
  8. The Planning process is public. And Planners have a duty to help their applicants make successful applications where appropriate - hence the conversation between your planner and architect. To answer your question directly: you can share anything as long as the information is relevant, evidence based and accurate. And the best way to do that is to reference it to existing documentation. The contents of conversations aren't relevant to anything except the mood of the application. Many posts here (Buildhub) attest to the difference between what Planners (and others) say as opposed to what they do.
  9. Welcome. There are more questions than answers. And worse, there's a thing called Optimism Bias. I suffer from that a lot. Biggly. Too bloody late now though. Next question? Ian
  10. The battery type used by 12v Bosch kit has two very thin connection sockets. Lucky that innit... Because you make an excellent point. It was pointed out earlier (last year ?), but your reminder is timely.
  11. Where's the Polish lads ? They'll sort it. Oh, poo. Hmmm. Ummm...... Oooops, sorry MODS, just took my finger out of the dyke dinneye? I'll pop it straight back in. Get rid of them with one hand and then offer a (up to) £10k golden hello. Kudn' mek' it oooop cudja.
  12. Exactly the same for us : they / we (8 of us) all pitched in to disassemble the delivery trucks curtain sider load bed to get the window ( a 4m slider) out. The Polish driver was going to do it (disassemble the curtain-sider) on his own. As it was, he'd already started taking it to bits at 6.30 am. " I wan get beck hom tonight " " Where's that?" " Warshva" " Wot, Warsaw? You driving straight back?" "Iz no proplem" Fookin great big grin..... followed by "Yeah: Tacho fooked , izzz goood " Where there's a Pole, there's a way.
  13. Base 8? Yes @markc. Ya wanna see the grandchildren's reactions. There's much fun to be had moving from noticing that 2 (yes 2 missing grandma!), to disbelief, on to verification, confident comparison ( which is where they are now). Octal numbers next, I think: he's already enjoying programing his FloorBot. It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good innit?
  14. Huuuuuh, in my case it's both little fingers. I was shocked at how much they actually do - like keeping screws in your hand, stopping coins falling out , providing the proper gripping point for racket sports. The operation scar is excellent for keeping a pool of liquid soap in place though. 😝 But part of a finger: thats almost a tease isn't it? You've got a finger, enough to hope for and expect performance, and in the way of things, you forget about the loss - but theres just not quite enough left to ...... To me, that feels worse.... Thats annoying.
  15. Yerrrr, well guvvner, warabout the font as the laundry ven? And the puplpit for wen SWMBO gets on'er eyeorse.... 'an the crypt for da kids wen they playup: never mind naughty corner: naughtycrypt - I like it.