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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. Hello, welcome. We started that process in the 1990s, managed it in 2010s . We're wincing at the current costs. Good luck! Ian
  2. Thats tremendous @pocster. Useful thread to help folk like me who plan a similar approach in a year or so when we've saved up a bit of money. Would you mind me asking what the battery costs are - roughly ?
  3. To me, that is a powerful argument . But. If the process of building a house is in part about risk reduction, the question becomes: Who is taking the risk ? And : Who benefits from over-stating or understating the risk ? Our SE (Tanners) put it simply - How many cases of ground-heave are there, and of those how many do you hear about? The answer (to the second part ) was (and still is) is almost never. His response was - his (non-professional )friends in Ireland would have given the same answer as I did. But that his company had been consulted a few times recently (Irish building boom times back then) to sort out ground heave issues. Over-stating it? Tanners have too solid a reputation to misrepresent stuff. And beyond a certain level of Due Diligence, you just have to trust. Why buy and dog and bark yourself?
  4. Any of these'll do..... To Infinity and Beyond. One Master! One Slave. Tune In, Turn On, Drop out
  5. 'ere, son.... you thinking you might need to change your signature soonish like?
  6. Reading that article made me feel sick. We are also on glacial till. There's a bit of a sand layer in it and one small rock incursion. Many locals (who wanted to work for us during our build) expressed something on the range of surprise to open criticism that we should get an independent survey of our ground conditions. And when they told the cost, several times the response was: "Aaah'd a dunit fer £200 - tha's bin fleeced, lad, fleeced" "And do you have PII " I asked . "Whassat?" "Listen mert, they 'ouwsiz next to your'n bin oop fer centuriz" was the sole argument they could muster After 6 years of hearing the same refrain, I am now certain that some full-time builders think of self-builders as moneyed idiots. More money than sense. Who sang '... will you walk away from a fool and his money ...' ? (1970s?) The piling company required sight of our ground report before quoting for the work, and then did their own survey in addition. Sensibly, they asked me to do the digging for their own survey. The cost of all the soil investigations together was £2435 : money very well spent. I hope.
  7. Lets hope @Onoff reads this. The last of the videos above has a separate crane unit - based on two strong A frames. That appeals to me. Hitched to a towing point, it means that the unit can be stored and tinkered with separately. Is there any way to attach a rig like that to the swinging part of the dumper?
  8. Until today I had no idea that there is such a thing a 'skate set' for moving heavy stuff around .... like this ... Is anyone aware of an 'off-road' version of the same thing? By that I mean larger-diameter tyres... It would be German-made wouldn't it 😔
  9. Hmmm, same problem, but smaller scale, John. This may interest you : and of course, I've sold my LandRover the other day .... and then there's this ... But this is the best, I think Wadja fink?
  10. Locally, I understand that a couple of the large firms pay their scaffolders partly (50%) in white powder. Which is why we employed a local family firm. Polite, hard-working, sensibly priced. And deliciously indiscrete. Recently, another local firm wasn't paying him properly. So come Sunday morning, he popped out to the site and removed the scaff boards. But what if that company hadn't been paid and so couldn't afford to pay you, I ask. When this company is on 3 months credit, he shot back. "There's credit, and then there's tekin' 't p!ss. Eeee wunts ter pay me in cork - fook that"
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