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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. Never!!!! Well, wait until I put this on FB, Reddit, Chirp and Twitter, and tell the lads in the pub and .....
  2. I've heard that he's helping POTUS cling to power. The argument goes like this; if enough people are convinced that thermal mass (code for Mass Fraud) is true then Jezza feels that its his mission in life to debunk that (wink wink) mass fraud. Now Sydney Powell and he were great mates in the 1970s (code for you know wot) and since her bitter experience with the guy with the runny hair dye , Jezza's inherant good nature lent itself to supporting her and POTUS' claim that he wuz robbed. Jezza never did like injustice. Case proven. QED (I think)
  3. @SteamyTea, it doesn't matter. He's still here for me. I sometimes do buildhub searches refined by screen name, most often his. I have a great deal to thank him for. So, Jezza, publicly, I say thanks for all your help. And entertainment.
  4. With great pleasure Joe 🤣
  5. We just don't know. The online environment - asynchronous and written - can often appear unforgiving, uncaring. Words written with a smile and in haste can be read with a frown. Non verbal cues absent, we are all forced to grope for the true meaning of what's meant - and everyone misreads some of the time. Online, it's hard to show that your tongue is in your cheek.
  6. Declan, he's free to join this thread is he not?
  7. It's easy to forgive his somewhat brittle responses to some comments: we all have our little characteristics. I remember most the generosity of effort, well crafted sentences, depth of knowledge. But Christ on a bike, he didn't wear it lightly.
  8. Excellent. Crisp, and therefore helpful. Will the image / animation run on a phone ( is there a 'reader' for the file)? I ask because I have often shown people Sketchup renders on my phone : Sketchup offers a good reader that seems to work well on mobile platforms.
  9. If you ask an engineer at random, maybe, yes. But if you ask an engineer who has experience with the product (Kore) and proximity to trees, then I suspect the answer will be more qualified. In addition to considering answers suggested here, as standard procedure, Due Diligence needs to be done.
  10. No. The level of information support that the industry gives to self-builders is poor at best. I needed to ask exactly the same question - of several people - before I trusted the answer. You are right, logically. But what they (the industry) don't tell you is that the thickness required to achieve the U value required is calculated at the lowest end of the slope: the minimum insulation needed to obtain the target value. Then additional insulation is added to create the slope needed. So at the opposite end (the high end) the U value will be even lower.
  11. Or a thin wire coat hanger perhaps.... (mis-spent youth skills and all that ...?)
  12. All part of the service @SteamyTea. And thank you for all your help - you made me look just a little bit harder at many things.
  13. Just a little bit of Schadenfreude now and then is delicious innit? You'd 'a loved it if my underpants had come off at the same time wouldn't cha, eh? But they didn't. So there.
  14. Thanks very much everyone. One thing is very clear, the chances of us having achieved this without is close to zero. If we had tried on our own, our bank balance would have been even emptier. There's something very empowering about knowing that, sometimes within minutes, you can have informed opinions delivered straight to your laptop. When the soft and smelly hit the fan we were immediately supported with sensible advice and good wishes, as well as reassuring stories of similar calamity. A virtual group we may be. But the support experienced is very real. Very personal. And very C19 - safe. Thanks everyone.