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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. That's the only way. JustBloodyDoIt - habit forming, wholesome, frightening. Satisfying.
  2. @Temp, could you point me to the relevant legislation please. Thanks
  3. Here is a list of vidoes which might well help you Framing a block wall This video should help with that issue Its more complex than that. This is the video, one of a series which covers your questions Door framing's not so complex.... but its nitty gritty YooChoob's your friend. Good luck. Ian
  4. I don't know what happens long term, but this , as written, is a clear breach of Planning Law. One phone call is all it needs - locally anyway. Ring the Council Enforcement Officer. The wheels will grind - they maybe slow, but they will grind.
  5. There ya go folks.... us mere mortals make our way to Screwy's or a local Shed and buy stuff. Dave scours the Scottish countryside for bits and makes his own inverter. Still, look on the bright side, @MrsProdave is missing: some knitting needles, a large quantity of sewing pins, the face on the kitchen clock, the battery from her watch, the copper wire she uses for her jewelry making class, the phone charger that used to be on her side of the bed and her best Tupperware waterproof box. One day, our Dave is going to get caught, just like they always catch the miscreant on Line of Doody. Eventually.
  6. How on earth do you do Due Diligence on a project like that? How many levels of unknowables are in play? Ahhhh, that'll be it then. Brexit.
  7. Thanks. I think. Are my knees up to the challenge? 😕
  8. Do I need to put a counter batten lower than the one in this photo? Apologies for the dreadful photo: the bottom of the (faded) blue batten is 300 mm below the counter batten. The bottom of the cladding will be about 300 mm below the counterbatten in the photo. On the rest of the wall, I'm spacing the counter battens at 400 mm centers This TDCA image shows 600 centers...
  9. How do you arrive at that conclusion, Dave?
  10. @nod has forgotten more than I'll ever know about this subject. But I do know a bit about joists (and how to get them wrong) - I put my own POSIs in . A 1 mm gap - locally (Lancashire) known as a gnatt's bollock - is an excellent result. Glued and screwed to 22mm boarding will be fine. I've seen 5mm gaps at POSIs put in at 600mm centres and 17mm boarding. They didn't flex..... Relax. Think of England Harry and St George.
  11. Well, @SiBoyle, if yer man says so, then you are not alone . Good to know innit? 🙄
  12. I would love to be expert enough to answer your question. At best I might have a little time today to speed read myself into drafting a hesitant answer. Can you provide links to supporting documentation please, thanks. Cladding calls. Oh joy!
  13. Ask the other half of .. we .. All technical considerations aside, what you are considering is extremely wearing. Starts as fun, demands more time than you'll have, insists on constant support-tinker-fettling-glueing, worries you when windy, and drips - ha! drips - they're always over your side of the bed. Your half of we will need support - so what does the other half of we think? No need to answer; its just that mine has a unique, quiet insistence just as I'm into another of my 'yeah-we-can-do-this' fizzing episodes.
  14. To try and be charitable, everyone is trying to do more with less....
  15. Correct - not bound - but decisions need to be consistent. Here's a long list of resources to substantiate my statement. There is no requirement to explain differences between decisions in a group of houses ( or anywhere) There you are: address that issue and you'll have a much better chance at getting your application through. This (above) would be my main concern. List all those reasons for rejection, and address them before submitting another application. Be reassured. You are in excellent company here. A very large proportion of members have had to demonstrate real determination and grit to get their applications through.