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  1. I would consider offering to pay him what he asks for minus the cost of putting it right. Or he puts it right. Ask him to show you one other roof - anywhere - with gaps that size between the ridge tiles. Frankly, the work is shockingly poor. I mean its not even hidden from view is it?
  2. Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Lets look at the good bits: I measured carefully I made a plan I got SWMBO to check my plans the plasterer kindly tied string to loops of wire (his suggestion) I stuck to the plan I marked out the ceiling to the mm with string and I bought those Bosch (natch) hole saws - the ones that eject the cut out ; bit like using a pump action shotgun innit I used a DADE (thanks for the tip @Mr Punter) - my armpits are not longer full of plaster dust I said my prayers this morning like mummy told me And still I screw up. 16 holes to cut and I still screw up. Twice. They're going to have to put me in a home. Well, my surname is Simpson.
  3. Morning..... Welcome. Have you thought of starting a blog on BH? I ask because a blog is a good place to collate all your notes, learning, links, videos. Member comments on that are an excellent source valuable information, not to mention helpful in saving unecessary expense. In relation to young families, we have a couple of very young grandchildren - they are being trained in good on site practice - and very useful for sorting recycled screws: helps with their maths
  4. They (Klokow) are probably the cheapest, @Onoff . I needed 4000+ stainless steel screws for our cladding. Less than half the Screwfix price - including the shipping. 2 full days order lead time. @dnb, you'll need to be really unlucky to have a BCO who goes through your roof construction in quite so much detail. ... or in other words @Russell griffiths is right. As usual. 😛
  5. Your retaining wall has drains that vent to the outside of the wall, yes? My instinct would be to wait and see how much water is produced by the wall after a large amount of rain. If you are worried by that volume of water, a quick, simple French drain is all you'll need I suspect.... Just link the French drain to your soak away.
  6. Bingo! Time for Tea and Medals . In each case the wire was too far from the hole for my curled-over hands to reach, and so near to the hole that it was easy to overlook using the camera. Anyway, panic over. Lesson learned. Keep what's left of yer hands to yourself DADE ordered. Thanks @Mr Punter
  7. Ah, that's what 3 year olds are for...... I know exactly where the damn thing is because the glassfiber cable on the camera is fairly rigid: so I know direction and distance from the hole. Its just that my hand is permanently bent (post-operative contraction of the scar tissue) and I can feel the wire with the back of my fingers (when the hand's in there) and cant straighten my fingers enough to grab it. Just had a brain-wave: tape a hook shaped welding rod to the inspection camera probe ..... Ha! Thanks lads.
  8. In ceiling LED downlighters.... Followed all the advice. Took care to note the places where my downlighters should be. Marked the ceiling accordingly Drilled the holes. 70mm. Filled my face, ears and armpits with plaster dust. Fetch face mask. Spat a lot. Pull the wire through in most holes. Except in two places. Thought this would happen, got a strategy: a Bosch (natch) inspection camera - you know the sort where, in private, you look to see what's in your ears or your ...... Set LED illumination at 100% Pop it in the hole... There the little bugger sits leering at me. Some of you will know I have had both little fingers amputated (mis-spent youth): easy I thought : get yer hand in fish it out. Four fingered self builders are at an advantage here: wa hay! Got my hand in could NOT reach it and spent 10 full minutes trying to get my hand out. Felt like half an hour . Christ it hurt. Still hurts Got a right cob on now Wire 'fish tool' Nada, nichts, rien, nothing Dropped the fishing wire in ceiling space. Fook. Welding rod, bent to shape - poked in and - you guessed it - dropped. Fookety Fook. Artery forceps - not long enough I know that I cannot be the first guy who has had this problem. Short of taking the floor above up....... Help, please!
  9. I agree with you @DevilDamo. Not sure about the term retrospectively invalidated though. I feel for you @Moonshine. Many of us here have had our fair share of planning delays - indeed delays in general. The only positive thing I can offer is that the stress that delay causes can be harnessed and turned into something useful - like increasingly detailed preparation. Have you heard of the WayBack Machine ? It's an Internet archive. Your data may be available there. Worth a try .....
  10. Then give Tanners a ring; competent, straight sensibly priced.
  11. An SE for which aspect of ICF? As I understand it the ICF suppliers have their own SEs, so that would be a good starting place. Ours, Tanners, was excellent. We built with Durisol.
  12. Probably. Does the work done cope with the water delivered to that area of your house ? If so, bingo! Tea, medals. Peaceful sleep. If not, (... should be...) then come back here and describe the problem in some detail. Relax we'll all pitch in to help. We love a challenge.