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  1. I’m in Scotland so didn’t get a choice and had to put in a drainage field. You’re only allowed to discharge to a watercourse if there are no other options. If you have the space and ground is suitable what’s the big deal? Modern treatment plants output mostly clear water and a drainage field isn’t terribly expensive to put in.
  2. You can do it either way. Easier for the plasterer if they are fitted afterwards plus the boxes don’t end up full of plaster. Slightly harder to cut the boxes and there’s the danger of the plaster chipping off around the box cuts.
  3. I did it via paypal using the buildhub email address.
  4. I’m impressed with the Neff hob recirculation. It works far better than I was expecting. We don’t fry a lot of food. It is noisy on full blast but they all are otherwise they don’t work.
  5. If you can’t avoid sockets on the external walls then there’s not much you can do other than fit surface mounted sockets. For light switches then a bit of technology could sort that with wireless switches.
  6. You could plan to have no sockets or light switches on the external walls. If I look around my house I could easily have organised it to avoid sockets on the external walls for example. I only have two light switches on external walls.
  7. You’ve got to fit the back boxes and 25mm plus plasterboard is as shallow as you can practically go really. There are 16mm back boxes but fitting all the cables in can be a challenge sometimes. You might also have the odd pipe in the void although I’d try and not do that.
  8. My neighbour has hers in a shed. Mine is in the garage.
  9. Congrats. Well done in getting this far. There is loads of information on the forum about all that so do a search but by all means ask away.
  10. Yes public liability which our general insurance provider added to our policy (NFUM) Therefore start with your current insurer and see what they say.
  11. I’d like to contribute financially to running this forum. How do I go about it? Buildhub has been a tremendous resource. From general advice to answering specific questions to just being a place for me off load. It also saved our bacon by putting us in touch with @Gus Potter who helped address a number of issues the builder caused us. We have a far better house in no small part due to this forum. We shall be forever grateful.
  12. Good to talk earlier. Good luck! In other news we got the temporary occupation certificate this morning. I had assumed this was a straightforward thing to get but not necessarily. The default position is building standards want your house completely finished before you are allowed to move in. They ‘may’ grant you a temporary occupation certificate but it’s not guaranteed. Something for everyone to be mindful of. This is in Scotland and Perth & Kinross council.
  13. Same for us too. In terms of where to live. We rented a farmhouse 3 miles from the plot. I know some folk do the static caravan thing but we could not have spent two winters in a static caravan and there’s just the two of us with two dogs and I’m retired. Doing it with a young family and both working wouldn’t be easy! Finding a rental was hard though as people don’t tend to want to rent to people with dogs.
  14. The Velux one can be flipped over too. I’ve not had the balls to do it 😂
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