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  1. Fit internal studwork after screeding
  2. bassanclan

    What would be your wishlist for a kitchen/diner?

    I think it might be useful to see what the house looks like currently (layout and photos)
  3. bassanclan

    What would be your wishlist for a kitchen/diner?

    Where is your garden/views? Are those double doors coming out of a boiler room?
  4. bassanclan

    Painting A Panelled Door

    Take the door off and paint the bottom, (do you rrally need to?) rehang and then put masking tape on the hinges
  5. bassanclan

    Airless paint spraying advice

    I've got the Qtech QP019. I bought it second hand and found it hugely frustrating in that it keeps getting blocked after about an hours use and seems to use far too much paint. I gave up and used a roller in the end!
  6. bassanclan

    What limits the recommended depth of FlowScreed?

    Laitance needs to be removed shortly after pouring if you are tiling. If you wait weeks (like I accodentally did) it's a real pain to get off.
  7. bassanclan


    You're not supposed to use slate packers now. If you have some scraps of plate steel use them instead.
  8. bassanclan

    Help- Tender costs too high

    The design is far too complicated to be brought in on a £1000/sqm budget. The architect has not understood your financial constraints at the start. With tweaks you might get a similar looking house at a lower cost, but would mean going back to planning etc.
  9. bassanclan

    Change Granted Planning Permission to individual plots

    The problem you would have is that planning permission might not be "signed off" until the whole of the project is finished which might cause problems. It's worth checking with the planning department.
  10. How did the out of date plaster work with the cream of tartar?
  11. bassanclan

    Best place to get joists?

    +1 for DWB , used them for my 2nd set of trusses, much more professional than my local supplier
  12. bassanclan

    Plaster is being rationed in West Lancashire......

    Wickes Grantham had the same. Nationwide shortage
  13. The wall plate will be sitting on the inside leaf (usually) exerting little or no force on the outer leaf of the cavity, but as @JSHarris impies, you don't need to worry about lateral forces
  14. Sorry by "without doing any work" I meant without doing any refurbishment work. I guess they have ploughed at least £25k into the house with the planning applications, appeal and architect fees, as well as a couple of years of council tax.