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  1. bassanclan

    Slippery shower trays

    The cheapest way us to get a mat which sits in the bottom of the shower... Or a "paint on" kit as suggested earlier Far better to specify this at the start and have it fitted in the factory, but it is too late in this instance
  2. bassanclan

    6 months leadtime ..I almost SHIPPED a Brick !

    2 brickies + 1 labourer will cost around £350-450 a day depending on local area, cash payments etc. They might lay 1250-1750 bricks per day. But finding someone who is capable and available is your first task
  3. bassanclan

    6 months leadtime ..I almost SHIPPED a Brick ! Says in stock
  4. bassanclan

    Discount Offers of the Week

    For anyone near Nottingham, Collins cash and carry have Leyland trade Super Leytex magnolia 15 litres for £12 (Inc vat) They also have Leyland Trade vinyl matt 2.5l for £3 Inc vat in a few selected shades, mushroom, pale beige, cream and another which I forget.
  5. bassanclan

    I'm being a cheap skate

    Or use something like this:
  6. bassanclan

    I'm being a cheap skate

    Yes, you can do it in 2/3 layers so long as you give it plenty time inbetween to cure. Depending on what you are levelling onto you might want some SBR
  7. bassanclan

    Letting a tradesman go...

    I doubt he would be able to make a living for 40 years if he's always been this bad, I feel sorry for him because I can only assume his eyesight and sense of touch is failing. I will post a pic of the filled and sanded wall in the latter half of next week, then I probably won't feel so bad!
  8. bassanclan

    Letting a tradesman go...

    I need to have serious words with the person who recommended him, or send her to Specsavers
  9. I've just had to have the difficult conversation with a plasterer: "I've had a look at the work you did yesterday... it's probably because you're not used to multi-finish... but it's not what I'm looking for" I'd initially booked him for today as well, but he didn't want to stay and patch up some old sand and cement. I feel so harsh as I've basically just shat on his 40+ years plastering experience and he's a nice guy, but it's going to take at least half a day to fill and sand down the work he did yesterday.
  10. bassanclan

    Soil Run Fall

    You don't want to go above 1:40 as it will be too steeply sloped, or below 1:80 as it won't be steep enough, so aim for 1:60, but be flexible depending on obstacles etc
  11. bassanclan

    External garden wall issue

    You have to hope they have put some ties in the brickwork where they have changed bond
  12. Can you sketch it? Is there an aav on the bath trap?
  13. bassanclan


    I think you will find it way cheaper to ask the fabricator to shotblast and prime it. If you need a bit extra protection on a leading face a couple of coats of hammering would sort you out
  14. To be honest, is it worth future proofing the soil pipe? I imagine your great grandchildren won't be that fussed, as I assume that's how long it will be before this project is done