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  1. I think you need to look at the kitchen overall and design out such gaps
  2. Give your design to a truss manufacturer explaining what you want to achieve
  3. Thie kempley antique looks nice in photos, but i think weinerberger jasmine blend looks more like those photos!
  4. Weinerberger kempley antique... I could be anything, but thats a good place to start! You really need to get closer and look if its an imitation handmade, sandfaced etc
  5. I do some work at an engineering company and this is everyday drilling for them. There is some good advice already given, slowy increase drill size, use drillng spray/paste, pressure not speed is important. I will add if you want to make life easy for yourself buy some dewalt extreme cobalt drill bits.
  6. You would only buy the dewalt type ones if you were using the snips every day, as the grip will be a little more comfortable. The top traditional ones will be more sale for a few quid in your local "cheap diy shop" that sells Silverline or Marksman branded tools etc and will do the job
  7. I think you are being a bit harsh. If the plumber had moved the tails up there would have been a coil of excess tail, which may have been visible. (I'm assuming you supplied the tails). At least they are roughly level, vertial and equidistant from the trap.
  8. Once you have got planning permission you can alter the plans to be what you want and any changes judged against the existing permission. It would be worth trying to make small improvements, it wont lead to the ungrant of existing permission.
  9. Why is the glazed porch/projection eaves level lower? I think it would look more harmonious all at one level
  10. You can't reclaim VAT on new build property which is rented out, so probably not the best idea
  11. From the look of that the fascia is very small, only just deeper than the gutter but the soffit very deep 400mm or so
  12. You could fix using expanding foam with s couple of loose drywall screws
  13. Call the grid to say you think you can smell gas, when the chap arrives ask him if he could do a bit of cash in hand work and move the meter. Job done.