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  1. Does the quarter landing as the first step down not comply with the regs?
  2. Last step shows you partially stepping up into a wall, which will not work. Could you add a step at the bottom.and make the two top winders a half landing?
  3. No way is d4 glue going to make up 40mm
  4. Leave it in. £50 a year to have it swept. Definitely a feature to attract tenants and buyers. If you board it in you risk condensation in the wood burner and therefore rust. If you take it out and back in you have two lots of labour and it will be at least £250 each time.
  5. Probably easier and less costly to send it over to a truss manufacturer, who will deal with this sort of thing every day. I previously used DWBoston who did structural calcs as part of the design and quote
  6. I can't make any reccomendations of it, but John Lewis offer a free interior design service. Its not obligation, but obviously the idea is that you buy some of their furniture etc. It might be a case of pay peanuts get monkeys or just give you a little nudge that you needed.
  7. You can tell it is a solid wall by looking at the brick bond. Two concrete lintels will be ideal for the job
  8. Where do the current drains run? Where is the kitchen sink at present?
  9. It depends on whether your extension puts additional loads on that wall. For example there will be additional loads from the roof. Ask the SE
  10. Its a hell of a lot quicker to knock out a few bricks than have to build a whole new wall!
  11. Not a massive amount of work to make ,9 pockets in a wall. An sds drill and a couple of hours work at most
  12. https://www.garageplans.co.uk/index.html See what you can achieve with your footprint, plenty of ideas and visualisations here
  13. Get a quote for completing the work offer to pay them the full amount including the bonus LESS this amount OR they complete it as agreed
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