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  1. No that is expected with oak and part of its natural charm
  2. You need to ideally decide on what your final finish coat is going to be and use the correct primer accordingly. E.g. if you are using an oil based undercoat them gloss, ideally you would start with an oil based primer. And you can use a white primer for white/light final coats and a grey for darker finishes
  3. I think number 1 job is to get that bubble wrap out of there and see exactly where the draughts are getting in
  4. £2.30 per block from Spons is surely the price of the wall as built i.e. including cost of the block, mortar, ties etc?
  5. You need an impact driver. Once you have one you'll wonder how you managed without it
  6. I've got those bit holders and they are a bit poor. Pulling the collar back can be a pain and sometimes you need to twist and pull back at the same time
  7. I have some Telesteps and they are very useful. I choose to use them in preference to any of the other ladders I have around that size. I don't feel they are unsafe or lacking rigidity.
  8. Needs to be flat at the bottom. The building inspector won't sign it off otherwise
  9. Have you got a picture or street view of the other houses on the street with the 2 storey protrusion?
  10. As it's a victorian terrace it is going to be a double skin solid wall. Are you putting a new lintel on the inside and the outside at the same time? You'll need some scrap slate or steel shims to pack up the lintel. 2 strongboys will be sufficient, that opening only looks about 1m wide.
  11. Wickes are too expensive for what they are. If you really like them though ask your fitter to get it from Benchmarx (the trade kitchen arm of Travis Perkins that own wickes)
  12. There are supply only companies for R9 windows. They ae pretty easy to install.
  13. I've got the R9 windows. They are excellent and you can't tell they are upvc until close up
  14. Might raft foundations work - depending on the depth of the sewer?
  15. Another cause of the problem might be that they have used the wrong flashing - not a flashing designed for slates