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  1. Watch out for copyright issues if using your architect's plans
  2. Is it by any chance polished stone porcelain tiles? I have been to a few jobs where people have been sold this as a good idea, but it really isn't!
  3. I prefer Forever white silicone sealant. Never white ct1. Not keen on clear around the wc, would prefer white. If you are doing all siliconing you could use a coloured ct1 in grey and hich would be bombproof, but take a long time and a lot of patience/skill to apply This is a useful thing for removing stubborn old silicone The toilet floor fixing kit will have come with caps to cover those holes which can be siliconed in place.
  4. You really needed to get your architect on side and doing the drawings before you let the cat out the bag
  5. If the refusal is due to something you could tweak on the drawings then ask them to delay their decision whilst you get revised plans in
  6. I only brought the weight issue up as I had an issue with 1000 wide R9 double doors and had to have double glazed instead of triple glazed i had elsewhere.
  7. You might not get a manufacturer willing to risk that installation. There is a hell of a lot of weight of glass on those hinges!
  8. If it's only an occasional use door for the odd day in summer then go for the middle option. Personally I would go for the widest doors. In the best of summer i don't want the outside heat over 22c+ getting into my house so I want the doors closed, which is one reason I don't really like bifolds, especially on southerly elevations.
  9. Or fill the gap with mastic and fit proper soffit vents?
  10. I agree with your builder and architect that it will probably be ok. The only thing that might cause a problem would be your neighbour on the "flank wall" If they notice this change they might kick up a fuss. Personally I would not let it stop works, but I would tell the architect he must indemnity you against any enforcement action because of his error and cover the costs of correcting the drawing and of making a "non material amendment" planning application. There is no chance it will be refused. You could get away without the extra planning application, but when you come to sell an eagle eyed buyer might spot it. Far better to get it sorted out properly now.
  11. What about some frame sealant? For 3mm don't faff about with stainless steel
  12. After buying an American fridge freezer with ice and water dispenser i would never go back. Also i would never consider a self top up one, needs to be plumbed in unless you are going to be right ontop of refills, but at parties etc it could be an issue. Crushed ice isn't that great on my Samsung
  13. When fitting old fashioned column radiators, it seemed sensible to use old fashioned trvs such as But they don't seem to make the lockshields with drain off points included. Any ideas how ro get around this issue?
  14. I got it from Lockshopdirect. The Winkhaus Cobra Latch, Deadbolt, 4 Hooks, Key Wind is now showing at £134 in vat, but a 5% discount for signing up to their email address. I imagine you can get it cheaper if you shop around.
  15. You could upgrade to the silver/graphite? blown in beads to get a better u value