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  1. bassanclan

    Torx concrete screws: are they the same as framing screws?

    If there are sheer forces then a thunder bolt might be better, if it's simply bedded on top of a block wall and to keep it from lifting then these will be fine and cheap enough from toolstation etc
  2. bassanclan


    Yes that will be fine, so long as the primer is touch dry
  3. bassanclan

    New Building in Nottinghamshire

    Someone doing a self build just outside of Kneesall on the A616
  4. bassanclan

    New Building in Nottinghamshire

    I'm not building in Nottinghamshire, but living in Ollerton, but moving to Grantham area very soon
  5. bassanclan

    Tiling...many questions

    How would it work out with the mosaic effect tile landscape instead of portrait?
  6. bassanclan

    Tiling...many questions

    Would cutting a one square depth of the mosaic effect tile not be sufficient? They look about 30mm
  7. bassanclan

    Tiling...many questions

    If your cuts are in at the junctions of wall/floor or wall/wall you won't see them especially after a file yo smooth the edge
  8. bassanclan

    Removing Stucco render?

    You need an sds drill with a chisel bit. It's still going to be hard work though!
  9. It looks very good. Do you really want an angled wall in Bed 3 and family area? Might the stairs be better with a double half landing, it looks a bit tight at the top of the stairs. (You would have to move the door to bed 4) The corner window/bifold in the living room could be swapped to be a straight window/bifold. It seems an unnecessarily expensive way of doing it A large house such as this would ideally have a double/triple garage. Is the plot too tight for this?
  10. bassanclan

    Tiling...many questions

    Whatever thickness you want, but put your lines at 2-3mm vertical and 2-3mm horizontal
  11. bassanclan

    Tiling...many questions

    I've used the grey in this exact situation (internal angle) and had no problem. Put two lines of masking tape to keep a straight run and plenty of multisolve on your finger to help smooth it
  12. bassanclan

    Tiling...many questions

    That can only mean your bead is not straight. You probably need to cut the right hand tile and put that in. It might be going to end up 2,1,1,2...3 What space have you got between the bead and the tile on the vertical face?
  13. bassanclan

    Slowly moving to Torx: why?

    I'm a fan of the torx bits, my only problem is I've got plenty PZ2 bits, but never a Torx 30 when I need it!
  14. bassanclan

    False ceiling panel for mood lighting

    I'm currently halfway through doing this job with a 2.4m celing with 120mm + 60mm drop from the celing
  15. bassanclan

    False ceiling panel for mood lighting

    I'venot done it in a living room before, but in a kitchen with a celing height we took the celing a total of 142mm over kitchen cuboards and islands without any negative consequences