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  1. It may be worth seeing if an insurance policy exists for this risk
  2. The first thing is would check is your deeds as a lot of new builds seem to have covenants preventing certain developments, e.g. loft conversion etc.
  3. The width of the spray is determined by the "key" or spraying tip you have. You need the right tip for the right paint/application
  4. That "key" determines the spray flow and pattern. Usually you loosen the very end of the spray gun and it slots in from above. Water is fine to test
  5. No connection or endorsement, but some ideas of what you can do with 60s houses:
  6. It doesn't look like a great job and you could have at least chosen the right colour tiles!
  7. I haven't got any photos I'm afraid. Try running a normal sanding disc over it first to see how it reacts.
  8. I only have the DA 6 car polisher, I can't remember exactly what I did, but I think I used my angle grinder with a stone grinding disc to get it somewhere near and then finished with the DA polisher. You are working with a different material, so I would say start with the DA polisher, but go coarser as you needed it, at least on the first stone.
  9. I have the exact same polisher as you and used a diamond disc to Polish up some slate slabs, so give it a go.
  10. You can raise the land by 300mm without planning permission. Check your deeds to see if anything prevents you putting up a short fence / hedge etc
  11. If you are anywhere around the west midlands have a look at Eurocladdings, especially if you are not looking for a specific tile and would consider a 600 x600 tile, they have some end of line stuff from under £10psqm
  12. If this is 75p, try for 50p
  13. You could have the decking stepped so none is more than 300mm above tge existing soil level, or dig down on on side, by say 700mm and then have a level decking all the way across
  14. I can appreciate the time and skill gone into @Carrerahill 's worktop, but it's not something I would ever do. If there wasn't room for a clad on end panel I would have had to replace the side panel of the tall cabinet/oven housing to avoid a bit of worktop jutting out.
  15. As a self builder you would apply for exemption from CIL anyway before starting the build, so don't let that be a reason to keep to an inherited design etc.