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  1. bassanclan

    The joy of turf..

    Not a bad price, but usually at the end of a build it's all about making the savings where possible. 2kg of seed would be more than enough to cover 55sqm and cost £10 inc vat!
  2. bassanclan

    The joy of turf..

    Now is the ideal time to sow seed and will look green in a couple of weeks at a fraction of the cost
  3. bassanclan

    Tax on a second property

    Just an aside, the second property tax does not apply to land
  4. bassanclan

    Manual tile cutter

    Big clinker is good. It's a bit of a pain to line up, but it is very good for the money, otherwise look at something rubi second hand
  5. bassanclan

    Manual tile cutter

    What size tiles are you or will you be cutting? Do you want to go diagonal with cuts or just in a straight line? Is it a one off job and are you looking to sell it afterwards?
  6. bassanclan

    PIR Insulation Installation Tips?

    Use low expansion foam, such as "window and door fitting foam" to avoid the over expansion
  7. bassanclan

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    It's not the stove that is incompatible with the uvc it's the method of linkup. You need a neutral point e.g Dunsley neutraliser, thermal store, h2 panel etc. Worth looking into those pellet boilers though as the payback was something like 7 yrs with the RHI last time I looked, but you need plenty space to house the boiler and the pellets
  8. bassanclan

    Wood Burner and Hot Water

    You can look at the H2 panel if you don't want a thermal store, or there are a number of similar system link etc from Ireland. The good thing about the H2 panel is when you ring up for technical advice you actually speak to the man that invented it. If you are in a smoke control zone you only have the choice of a few boiler stoves, all expensive. There are not many Hetas fitters who can do wet boilers so that is expensive too!
  9. bassanclan

    Sink Waste Extension

    You want a Macalpine ASA 10V adjustable height with built in AAV. No need for chrome behind a pedestal. Probably available at your local plumbers merchant, but worth calling first as they aren't stocked everywhere.
  10. bassanclan

    Interlude and internals

    I've fitted an Iroko worktop from worktop express recently. It was ok, but not the best quality. Don't delay in getting that post up to support the corner. I did and within a couple of weeks I had a 10-15mm bow over a 300mm overhang
  11. bassanclan

    PP obtained - but can we achieve more?

    Demolishing the chimney would not count as commencement unless you are in a conservation area. You can demolish a chimney (or even a house) without permission. To fully secure your planning permission in perpetuity you would need to commence works actually related the permission. E.g lay foundations etc
  12. bassanclan

    Wood floor detail around exterior doors?

    Coir matting for mat wells comes on rolls 1m or 2m wide by whatever length you like £20 a square metre from your local carpet merchant
  13. bassanclan

    Advice on Render on Gable

    If you are painting I would do exactly as you say just patch up anything loose and it'll look 100 times better
  14. bassanclan

    Advice on Render on Gable

    I don't know the latest regs on it, but it's worth double checking before you start
  15. bassanclan

    Advice on Render on Gable

    Before you go hacking it off check that you don't HAVE to ewi (if you didn't want to)