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  1. It's not a job to undertake lightly. It will cost £60 per sq m for it to be renovated by a professional. Given the change in height you may be wise to stick s thich underlay and carpet over!
  2. Why not ask them where they are working for the next two weeks and have a look at their work?
  3. Sorry should have read fakespot It checks to see if it thinks the reviews are fake, which you get a lot of with crap Chinese imports on Amazon. Just copy the website you are looking at and it gives you a confidence level about the review authenticity.
  4. 35mm is too thin. Check that it is actually 100mm as they often quote a nominal size before planing.
  5. For the money you spend on a surveyor you could get that takes out and repointed so it looks more seamless. I presume that movement hasn't occured during your ownership. What happened when you bought the house?
  6. I don't know exactly how, but it happened with my oil boiler after draining it down. There may be a sensor measuring flow of water which tells it to turn off if there is insufficient. It took a £60 call out fee and 3 days of repeated radiator bleeding to get it running smoothly.
  7. It might be worth checking the rads to make sure they are well bled, which may be an issue if you've recently flushed it as air could cause it to cut out.
  8. So you are arguing over whether the builder will paint a coat of sealant on the interior ply? I think the wording "to receive" makes it look like it is specifying a grade of ply suitable for further finishing by others - i.e not a simple sheathing ply I would say yes it should have prompted clarification from the builder, but more importantly it should have prompted more detail from you. The cost of mopping the interior ply with watered down PVA might be vastly different from 2 coats of Osmo oil
  9. Reviews are genuine according to GameSpot. At that price it looks like it's worth a punt
  10. They will build you anything you want. Factory built insulation will probably be better than something you do on site
  11. Had an email about CT1 on offer here
  12. I presume it is cold mains pressure? Check under the basin in case someone has turned an isolation valve accidentally whilst cleaning etc
  13. Personally I would build an "over engineered" timber platform with a 18mm ply top upon which you sit any stone resin tray. Or if on a masonry floor make it out of dense blocks. I have used a couple of the proper manufacturers leg systems before and they never feel as study.