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  1. bassanclan

    How to adjust the price of my plot? Planning

    Ask the vendor to have plans drawn up and submitted. (Jointly agreed) Commenced conveyancing on the basis of the planning being passed Pay bender 100% of asking price + cost of new plans
  2. bassanclan

    Mortar mixing

    The problem with white cement is that it doesn't have a use by date so you don't know how long it has been sat in the builders merchant's warehouse.
  3. bassanclan

    Going screwy about screws.....

    5x 100 screws are useful to have in your toolbox
  4. bassanclan

    Rain and Guttering

    It is possible to go round the corner. You need to go on a guttering suppliers website, input variables e.g Sq m, pitch, etc and decide if you can get say with losing three downspouts
  5. Either your plastering wasn't as good as we all thought or you've got OTT as usual
  6. bassanclan

    Plastered and Perplexed

    Ask a few tradesmen you know/who have worked on the house for recommendations or get another quote. It might pay you to get a one man band and pay him by the day
  7. bassanclan

    Custom Size Shower Screens?

    Local glass company should be your first port of call, with some online prices in the back of your mind for comparison, but the delivery cost shouldn't be so steep
  8. bassanclan

    Plastered and Perplexed

    1 day per room to board 1 day per room to skim Say 10 rooms, (take the rough with the smooth, the downstairs wc makes up for the vaulted celings) Say £150 a day (I'm paying £120 cash). £3000 (add a bit on as the plasterer is taking the risk) = £3500
  9. bassanclan

    Roofing Virgin question: membrane - top down, bottom up?

    Go bottom to top Fit the actual battens you need in their final resting place, but only every third or fourth course
  10. bassanclan

    Roofing Virgin just lost it.....

    Nothing should rip anyway!
  11. bassanclan

    Planning Conditions - advice?

    Maybe an agreement to fit cctv to provide actual surveillance might allow you to apply to change the windows condition? If you wanted the tree gone then you should really have cut it down before making the application
  12. Vinyl silk would give a sheen
  13. Yes most coat with Leyland Super Leytex, or any "contract matt" (non vinyl) then fill. You will see amy areas that need doing a lot easier once it has had a coat of emulsion. Filling after mist coat is fine. The mist coat soaks into the plaster skim, you could say it is dying the plaster, so you there is no problem with adhesion of filler to skim, no need for pva, sbr... or xyz!
  14. It would be good as a final coat, but I think the vinyl might not be ideal for the initial mist coat. You can get something very cheap as a mist coat, you might need two coats, but you're aheadofscheduleon the projectand can affordtosit and watch paint dry
  15. bassanclan

    Who should do the wet room tanking?

    Always the tiler