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  1. Bathroom Floor Tiling

    I would reconsider the tiles. To get a good job will be a lot of work and then you'll wish you had put in undertile heating, then you'll want the suite replaced! I would seriously look into a good quality tile effect floor, which will look just as good and be many times quicker to lay.
  2. Or take down the cling which has been over boarded and reboard it? You could try removing one layer of plasterboard, but the chances are you'll need two Then you will definitely get a seamless finish
  3. Mood lighting etc

    Thanks, it looks like they have changed the scene/mood selector, but the end result is the same. Cheapest I have seen is on 4g switch 103.99 inc vat Controller 27.58 inc vat
  4. Mood lighting etc

    So I had a call from a lady at Casambi and she has said a rough price will be £40 per luminaire, so for 20 odd lights it would be £800. Compared to a similar solution at around £400 from lightwaveRF. Casambi use bluetooth rather than radio communications, but I think for that saving I can live with it!
  5. Mood lighting etc

    Yes I think that is what I am looking for. I spoke to someone at Lightwave and one mood controller can speak to different light switches, so the mood controller (now called scene selector) could operate all seven sets of lights. The costs seem reasonable, around £130 for a 4 gang dimmer switch, £35 for a scene selector so for me it would be £295. With the option to add the link for £100 to add phone control and automation if required. I have contacted Casambi too to find out more information and get prices, but on the face of it the Lightwave looks very simple
  6. So just where can I but a 40mm SW stop end?

    I'm pretty sure they do make a 40mm solvent stop end. I will have a look if it exists tomorrow.
  7. costs of owning land?

    You might struggle to get a mortgage on land without planning permission. The hidden cost might be the old tyres/fridges etc that might appear there and any fencing etc to keep it secure
  8. Mood lighting etc

    That Fibaro hub looks a bit complex for just a lighting solution. The Ikea system seems to restrict you to using their light bulbs. I thought about wiring where the control over unit would go, but I don't know exactly what I need etc and assumed that a solution would work in a similar way to the lightwave system, with wireless switches etc. By 4 circuits I meant the lightwave do a maximum 4gang switch and I want to be able to operate 7 lights in one room with one controller
  9. Mood lighting etc

    I have an open plan kitchen/sitting/dining area. There are seven lighting circuits proposed: 1. Light over dining table area 2. Light over sitting area 3. Downlights in cooking area of kitchen 4. Under cabinet lights 5. Over cabinet led strip light 6. Over 'false celing' strip light 7. Plinth led strip light It has been first fixed, with the wires for switches coming to the usual place for a lightswitches, just as you go in through the door. I want to have switches to put different moods etc A: ON/OFF all lights B: Mood One: Cooking E.g. Downlights in cooking area 100% C: Mood Two: Eating, e.gLight over dining area 100%, lights in the kitchen area dimmed by 75% etc D: Mood Three: Sitting, lights in the dining area dimmed 50% lights in the kitchen area dimmed 50% I looked at the lightwave RF products which seem reasonably priced, but they seem to only have a max of 4 circuits. I have no prior knowlege of these sort of controls. Any pointers?
  10. Neighbour right of access

    I would check the wording in the deeds of your house. It may detail the access more specifically. Alternatively I would measure the width of the existing alley and then take it from there
  11. Copper or Aluminium nails for slate?

    I used ashbrook roofing
  12. Masking tape

    To get sand and cement off I tried soaking in hot soapy water, WD40, many specialist cleaners, but the thing that worked was Cellulose thinners, but try and get it off less aggressively first
  13. Planning permission refused - options

    It's difficult to tell whether the planners objections are reasonable without more information, however I would prepare a more detailed design and access statement disproving the planners complaints and laying out your permitted development fallback position, which by the sounds of it may be "worse" looking.
  14. Planning permission refused - options

    If you have not had the refusal letter delivered through the post (just a chat on the phone) then immediately or sooner withdraw your application. By doing so you can make revisions and resubmit without further fees
  15. Manifold plumbing pipe routing problem

    I had similar issues with pinch points, so decided to run one hot and one cold to each bathroom and teed off for basin/shower. After all you aren't likely to be washing your hands at the same time as having a shower.