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  1. There are loads if top access 50mm traps, so not sure it can be that
  2. I realise that different things can be done to try overcome the problem, it just seems bizarre that the 90mm waste is only on the slimline trays.
  3. Why is it that if you want a slim stone resin shower tray (under 50mm) you can have a 90mm fast waste, but if you buy a "standard" deep stone tray say 80-100mm deep you can only get a 50mm waste? Is there any solution to prevent me paddling (deep) or letting the water almost overflow the tray (slimline)?
  4. I don't know what quantity you have, but look at the price of seconds kingspan. E.g. seconds &co If you paid £100 for your material and seconds are £75 then the minimum you would want is £25 back or else you would have gone and bought the seconds in the first place.
  5. You could start by examining the building work you could do under permitted development
  6. Saw this advert the other day
  7. Terrible job You should give him the chance to put it right as it sounds like he let his workers/subbed do it. I would write a formal letter explaining everything you think is wrong. I'm not 100% that is even code 4 lead.
  8. Difficultto tell if they are flag hinges or butt hinges. Flag can be adjusted
  9. Fit the tray Tank the walls if you are going to Tile the walls Grout Seal the joint between the tray and the walls Fit the door. No need to unpack the door, just Google the manufacturer fitting instructions e.g. Mira slider door has 40mm adjustment
  10. Door frame will be exactly 1000mm Usually you fix a metal channel to tge wall and the door fixes into the channel allowing the door to fit 1000mm gap +/-15mm. Worth double checking the instructions now rather than regreting it later
  11. You will find all dry cast manufacturers will stipulate a minimum 2 week curing time and you would be wise to agree to it. If you want it quicker than that you will need to find some in stock (unlikely) or wet cast, which will be a lot more expensive - around twice the price if I remember correctly. And probably not much quicker
  12. You have to decide exactly what board you want. Bathrooms should have moisture resistance. But the chances are your builders merchant will only have around 5/6 options, at which point you decide if its worth the extra performance.
  13. Even if you are able to gwt whatever it is off, there's a high probability of you having to skim it anyway, so just do that now to save messing about.