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  1. bassanclan

    Tiling...many questions

    I don't think you'll be able to do that without damaging the neighbouring tile. Do you think a multi tool blade or even password blade will go behind the tile to cut through the CT1? Hopefully you've just put 5 blobs on to stick it...
  2. I found a place in Germany that sells laddomat equivalents at a decent price, but still around €400. I will look it up later. You could consider a quench coil to cool the system down?
  3. You could also consider the H2 panel. If you ring up you speak to the inventor and designer of the panel and he makes different models for whatever your situation is. The issue you are going to have is the thermocycling and dissapation of heat if there was a power cut
  4. bassanclan

    Cheap plot. Potential?

    It's an auction. It's a come and get me price. Councils have to sell off excess land to the highest bidder. They can't "be developers" and seek planning permission speculatively. I imagine it will fetch £150k+ if the planning department are offering favourable encouragement
  5. bassanclan

    Floor tile layout

    CAD or squared paper to start with then cardboard /ply/osb templates to confirm. I imagine it would look better with one 1200 central to the corridor rather than a line down the centre of the corridor. Do they sell matching tiles in other sizes? Otherwise you could end up with a massive amount of waste
  6. bassanclan

    Quartz miter join (upstand/worktop)

    I would ask him to take you to one of his jobs where he has mitred it. If he can't then say goodbye!
  7. It looks s bit top heavy - effectively 6/7 bedrooms, with only one living area and a playroom?
  8. bassanclan

    Where are all the CLS door lining kits

    Im pretty sure Howdens and Selco sell them
  9. bassanclan

    Oversize worktops

    Solid walnut will be staves of walnut glued together anyway so a decent carpenter will be able to glue two together seamlessly
  10. bassanclan

    Windows for 1935 detached house

    Have a look at Residence 9 windows. You'd be hard pressed to tell them from wood until 30cm away and even then they are convincing
  11. bassanclan

    house design and layout Similar sized new build development, ready to go
  12. bassanclan

    Shower Bar Mixer.

    Is it a positive or negative head pump?
  13. bassanclan

    Shower Bar Mixer.

    Does the pump kick in on full cold? If so then then you know it's a hot water flow problem. It's probably worth taking the mixer bar off and looking at the little mesh filters at the point where the mixer screws onto the wall. It might be that the person who fitted it didn't flush the pipework through before fitting the mixer bar and the filter is full of rubbish
  14. bassanclan

    Discount Offers of the Week

    Have you got a code for this @Triassic ?
  15. bassanclan

    Supplier of bespoke doors

    If you are anywhere near Newark or Sleaford then pop in to see Gordon ar Black Mill doors and reclamation. He does some nice oak Doors, but you'll lose hours chatting to him!