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  1. >>> Any recommendations on which to get? Leica Disto maybe.
  2. Yeah I have two bathrooms with electric heated floor and epoxy over. I quite like them. Would have been even better if I had worn my glasses so I could have seen the tiny bubbles on one side...
  3. Yeah, I hope they find a way to build more houses, but pretty much every government for the last 50 years has made housing 'a priority'. Also, you have the entrenched planners, appeals system, nimbys etc in place and even if you invent new policy that doesn't mean you will change the system at all quickly.
  4. >>> Maybe we 7 +1 should write to our mp. I'm up for that. My other half works for government, so will ask her the best approach.
  5. >>> ghost voltage I'm thinking it could also be a crossed neutral. You have RCDs in that consumer unit? Another simple test - turn CU on and all MCBs off. Your stray voltage should be zero. Turn the MCBs on one-by-one leaving your suspect circuit til last. See when the ghost voltage turns up.
  6. I would dig as deep as possible with the JCB not for perc test but for DIY soil investigation. Maybe the extremities of the plot and one in the middle. As I said, you're looking for anything sandy or porous at any depth to begin with.
  7. I sometimes use a shipping service (myUS) to ship stuff from US to UK where the supplier can't be bothered to do the customs stuff etc. Works well, not cheap but you can consolidate several orders if you want to make it more cost-effective. There are similar services from other countries.
  8. Goodness. Except where you're craning in huge windows (I'm not) I plan to do myself. Just read the number of dodgy installs detailed here on BH by 'professional' installers. >>> want the supplier to measure and take responsibility for any errors Buy yourself a laser measure and check a few times. Control your risks, have a backup plan etc - it's not rocket surgery.
  9. A couple of other easy tests to do: + Switch off the MCB and leave for 10 mins or so. If the 10V goes away, then it was likely just charge being held in some LED power supplies or similar. + If possible, turn the whole consumer unit off and see whether the 10V goes away. If so, there might be some cross connection e.g. on the neutrals, between circuits. >>> the other circuit connecting to the junction box was removed some time ago I might also be inclined to double check whether this was fully disconnected. Know what that circuit was used for?
  10. Hi, reading back, did you ever have a soil investigation on your own site? I see the mention of sandstone on some of the records above and wonder whether there's any prospect of finding that? If you have a JCB, I think I might be inclined to dig the deepest hole I can in the extremities of the plot and look carefully at the spoil as it comes out. Anything remotely sandy may well signal success.
  11. It's a bit odd - are you using an auto-ranging meter and is the number actually 10mV? These are lighting circuits? Does the 10V persist for a while e.g. a minute?
  12. I'm cautious about bonfires - I don't know whether the 'authorities' could claim that as 'contamination' at some point. Anyone know for sure? >>> Maybe 50% of that or less if most can be done with a small tractor and a flail mower Actually, I think that should be 1/2 day or less with that equipment >>> An option is to have a digger in to strip the topsoil and everything in and above it. Might that be construed as 'commencement'?
  13. Sorry to divert the thread a little, but it is still on the subject of determining fair overrun amounts. >>> 2.5M without any bank borrowing ? Unlikely. It's a cladding project and mostly paid for by the government. No borrowing or bank QS. The contractor refused to give any progress on time or budget until a few weeks before expected completion. At that point the QS went in very aggressively with a 10 week overrun on a 27-week project plus scope to overrun further. The QS has supplied no calculations. Minimal extra work has been discovered to add to the project costs. The client has never run this kind of project before...
  14. It’s a bit weird isn’t it? Considered turning the heating on in my shed for no other reason than just to make a few quid. Decided that was ridiculous.
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