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  1. yep! 🙂 but I never knew this checker existed. I found out when an OR engineer was working on the pole and I went out and had a chat and he said it was FTTP. so when I spoke to them about the new connection for our new house it was fibre all the way. I originally wanted the connection to go under the road as I didn't want wires overhead. the surveyor said that's fine but it'll cost quite a bit with the road closure, digging of the road, running the cable etc or they could put the pole up and it'll be free. wasn't a hard choice.
  2. probably not something you want to hear but our FTTP connection isn't costing us a penny! the pole across the road has fibre all the way from the exchange and OR are fitting a pole at the edge of our property and I'll run the cable underground in to the plant room. it's probably worth speaking to OR as you never know and you might be surprised.
  3. I've asked the question but looking at the installation manual for the Solaredge Optimisers that I have on each panel it looks like grounding is not required page 13 it says: "For rest of the world – all power optimizers are double insulated and grounding is not required." so I'm all good without earthing cables, right? or am I reading that wrong?
  4. indeed, I see that now and will definitely be speaking to them.
  5. the counter battens was chosen so I could fully fill the rafters with mineral wool insulation and nothing to do with the solar panels. heat on the membrane never even crossed my mind 🤦‍♂️
  6. errr.....I didn't see them fit earth wires to each panel. oh ****! where would those earth wires end up as, from what I can see, we only have 2 x pairs of cables (one from each string) where the inverter is going to go but no earthing wire that I could see.
  7. and this is the issue. we slated and flashed to the specifications and requirements that were given to us. we were going to use lead but then the company sent the fast flash and it looks really good. that crinkly stuff is horrible but it won't ever be seen at the top so I don't care that it's there. it's very easy to say but that's another day for the Solar installers to be on-site to remove the panels and trays and then to coordinate the roofer to come back once that's done to remove the slates and then put more flashing down but the scaffolding has to come down in a week as the doors and windows are arriving and so I don't think that solution is feasible (although I'm not discounting it and will speak to the consulting company about it). this is just another one of those self-build hiccups that I'd love to have the time and money to get sorted out properly but I'm just not sure that's going to be possible. 😥
  8. hmm...might be able to slip a 5mm plastic packer underneath them I guess. could be worth a try and something I could do without too much difficulty (although I'll probably wait until the roofer is back on-site!). it's a good idea and I'll discuss it with him.
  9. yeah. makes sense and I would agree. but they need to be clamped down and so I don't see how this can be resolved easily.
  10. found this photo that shows the panels do not fully cover the flashing. I'm really not sure how we can cut the tiles any shorter as we'd have to take all the trays up and the flashing and pretty much start over again. 😞
  11. ahhh...then maybe they've done this. I didn't see that and I've not climbed up to look that closely at the top. i'll take a look tomorrow.
  12. I can't be sure but I think they only kicked up once the fixing clamps were installed. so I can only presume that the pressure of the clamps is lifting the slates.
  13. we have the metal trays down the side. the manual you sent does say (p29) you can replace the top flashings with a flexible strip. also, it looks from the manual that the trays were installed correctly as they aren't covering the flashing and the flashing is visible below the trays: it's just the pv panels themselves that are hanging down over the flashing
  14. thanks for the manual, I'll take a read and send it to the company. I don't have a photo of the top and it's a bit dark now to go out walking on the scaffolding! I'll try and get a photo tomorrow. we had a few issues with the install already in that the wrong size GSE Trays were ordered and only discovered once they were all fitted. Also, we fitted a product called Fast Flash (the flashing you can see in the photo). both myself and the roofer were pretty impressed with it. it went down easily and looks really good. But then the fitters turned up and stuck some of the horrible corrugated stuff on top of it! I then removed it and they've used the corrugated stuff at the top but it won't be seen.
  15. we had out GSE Trays and solar panels installed the other day and where they are fixed to the battens the slate tiles are sitting erect (see photo) anyone got any ideas how to flatten them down and keep them there? the roofer is due back on Tuesday so I'll speak to him then but I was wondering if anyone has come across this before and how best to deal with it. I think the the problem is that we were told to cut eaves tiles below the flashing and the panels are sitting right on the edge of the tiles which is lifting them up. it's frustrating as this is what we were told to do by the company dealing with our Solar PV. They are very visible from the ground level and I know will annoy me every time I look up at the roof. if the roofer had only cut the tiles a little longer or the PV panels were a little shorter we probably wouldn't have this issue. fyi, the solar guys said that even when they loosened the bottom fixing the tiles still stayed lifted and that they've not seen slates do that before. They suggested silicone.