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  1. yay for me! but boo for you. I knew it had to be a ridiculous amount. I recall the UKPN guy came to my house and we discussed the costs for our road closure for the work (single lane road) and mentioned about the astronomical costs in Brighton. so, I'm really not surprised.
  2. I guess I'm the only cynical old git on here then! everyone else's guess seems reasonable when it comes to dealing with councils and parking.
  3. Parking in Brighton is a nightmare and extremely expensive. So I’m going to say they’d need 3 parking bays booked out for an entire day. And then add a nice council ‘fee’ on top. And then an admin fee. Then a notification fee. All-in......I reckon £1800.
  4. Thanks @Rob99 I’m sure I’ll be in touch a little further down the line when I have time to dedicate to the planning of the home automation. I notice you’re in West Sussex too, which is convenient.
  5. I had pretty reasonable quotes for external Warema blinds from and I wouldn't discount them entirely.
  6. ok, makes sense. best of luck with it all! I hope you find what you need at a good price.
  7. ahh...ok. they don't do full aluminium! 🤦‍♂️ I'm surprised that IdealCombi are expensive. they were one of the cheapest quotes we had.
  8. the sliding doors will add a lot to the quote as they're more expensive than French doors. good luck. Norrsken are great quality windows and we're very happy with our choice. (just for clarity we haven't started building yet but we saw the windows at their showroom so have no real-world experience with them....yet)
  9. our large gable entrance hall windows and doors from Norrsken (alu-clad triple) came in at around £11k (excluding VAT and fitting). drawings of it are attached. think it's about 32m2 in total.
  10. thanks. I'll happily give an idea of costs once/if I get a quote back from the installer. I have a few months before I think I'd need to make a decision about this whole thing so it's on my list of things to research. every little bit of information I can get from threads like these is priceless.
  11. thanks for the information. I was passed to a local installer by Loxone head office and that guy said that he would build the cabinet off site and come and do the installation and then leave me to it. but I'm pretty technical and confident I can do it myself so would prefer to buy the bits myself and put it all together. sounds like you've got a good arrangement with your installer though. nice to have the backup if required! I'm very interested that you've gone for DMX lighting. I also thought that it was expensive when compared to standard lighting controlled by Loxone but from your research it would seem that I have much more research to do on the matter! it's probably the lighting that is the area I probably need most help with, the rest of it seems pretty straight forward.
  12. @joth out of interest, who supplies your Loxone equipment now it’s not possible to buy direct? nice cabinet btw!
  13. welcome and good luck with your search for a plot!
  14. ahh, yes. the 'pour buckets of bleach in to the drains' scenario. hadn't thought of that! thank you so much. I'm glad I read these threads and will go back to the civil engineers with the request that all ACOs go direct to the water course.
  15. ok, so if they're not near the driveway or garage it would be ok to drain to the RWH tank? our one is at the back of the house by the door leading to the patio