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  1. it was Alwitra VSK https://www.icb.uk.com/products/waterproofing/alwitra-single-ply-membranes/evalon-vsk. I had it installed by a roofing company and that was their product of choice
  2. We had single-ply membrane on our flat roofs which are green roofs. Was recommended it over GRP as we’ve got a timber frame and it survives the movement of the TF better. Had 3 different roofers say the same thing.
  3. cheers. designer has used other control systems and DALI but she's not involved in the control of the lighting just the concept design. we have taken that concept design and will source light fittings and controls/drivers ourselves. pretty sure it'll be DMX. I already have the DMX module for Loxone and the DALI drivers are just more expensive. I also don't think we'll have loads of dimming lights as the design has been done in a way to not need them. and Loxone dimmers are just stupidly expensive. only time will tell if my decisions were right!
  4. then that makes perfect sense. you can fit 68mm guttering and bends behind two 2 x 2 battens. just wouldn't be possible with 1" battens!
  5. does this help? https://issuu.com/structuraltimberassociation/docs/timber_frame_pocket_guide
  6. Thorfun

    Concrete slab

    did the builders do it? or did you do it yourself? if they did it how grumpy were they? 😂
  7. ok. I understand now and, yes, if using OSB for a VCL then I would 100% do as you said! but as @Nickfromwales says I am putting a VCL membrane on top of the internal PIR and fixing the service cavity battens through that into the TF studs. the OSB will simply be for a more 'solid' feeling wall rather than VCL.
  8. why do you specifically state this? I see no issues with putting OSB on top of the service cavity with plasterboard on top of that. I've spoken to a number of builder friends and they all say that they put plasterboard on top of OSB as it gives the wall a rock solid feel. it is something I am very seriously considering. can I ask if you have a specific reason for using 2" x 2" battens for your timber cladding? we used 2" x 2" for ours due to the fact that our external blinds needed the space between the building and the cladding to function but it cost us a LOT of money especially as we, like you, are going for vertical cladding so needed to batten and counter batten. if you don't specifically need that size battens it might be worth using 2" x 1" roofing battens as that should save a ton of money? just a thought.
  9. yeah. I didn't even mention a 3-phase supply. I need a smart meter as I want my SEG. they said they can't give timelines for when they'll have smart meters in again.
  10. just phoned Octopus and was told that they don't have any smart meters and to call bigger suppliers to get one installed and then transfer over to them. sounds bloody cheeky to me! so the other providers pay to have our smart meter installed but Octopus get the custom. anyway, I'll phone around some other suppliers.
  11. yeah, looked at their agile outgoing tariff and looks interesting. I did download their data for average price over a period but I need to go through it and calculate the average price for during the day only. Octopus was my first choice as my Aunt is a customer and has given me a referral code and I'm a good nephew. 🙂
  12. thanks. that's what I figured. I'm also thinking that all that solar PV could be being exported while the house is being built and earning us some money. according to PVGIS we should be averaging 1308kWh in May so even at 5p/kWh that's a nice little £65 a month bonus while we finish building. so a quick install of a single phase meter could be exactly what we need!
  13. so I've been phoning around to try and get a 3-phase meter for our new 3-phase supply and can't find anyone offering them at the moment (some companies aren't even taking on new customers!). our Solar PV is all on a single phase and the house will be run on a single phase with the potential of a 3-phase EV charger at a later date. for now can I simply get a single phase smart meter installed and then upgrade to a 3-phase meter when they become available again and we actually need the 3-phase supply?
  14. we ordered through Permachar but it arrived direct from Lithuania from a company called Degmeda. problem is it's Siberian Larch so that is in short supply at the moment.
  15. Thorfun

    Concrete slab

    phew! I was right and it is the wrong thing to do. must start believing in myself some more. especially when the chippies turn up and say that my battening isn't bad at all and I should see some battens that carpenters have fitted! and when other people in the industry complement me on how well I'm doing and I should see other sites run by 'professionals'. I generally think they're just being nice but maybe I do have a clue after all. 😂
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