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  1. I know this is a 'piece of string?' type question but I know that a few on here have installed their own insulation (@ProDave is the first name that springs to mind) so I was wondering if anyone could give a rough estimate on how long it'd take one man (with assistance from SWMBO) to install insulation in a timber frame? I'm talking about 140mm mineral wool between the studs and a layer of 50mm or 80mm PIR on top. and then, while I'm at it, how long to then add an air tightness membrane on top of the PIR? obviously it depends on the size of the house but I'm sure an average hr/m2 could be obtained with enough results!
  2. it does look good! did you see that video showing off the new unreal engine on PS5? hang on....I'll dig it out.... watch in on Chrome in 4k (Safari only offers 1080p max). truly stunning! I skipped the PS4 as I preferred the Xbox One X but I think a PS5 might be on my list to Santa this year.
  3. nope. I'm a Unix engineer by trade. don't do Windows unless I really have to. although it is good for gaming!
  4. I have invoice software that only runs on windows. that and makeMKV is what I use it for. hence just having a VM I can spin up when required. otherwise we're an Apple household with a few Google devices thrown in for fun.
  5. I don't want to use wifi. I want hardwired automation as much as possible. besides, it goes without saying that the kids are happy to eat bread and water as long as daddy has his toys to play with.
  6. tbh, I think it's typical of Virtual Box. I used to run a Win 10 VM on virtual box but it was jerky as hell but I lived with it as I just used it to create invoices. and I have an iMac Pro so it's not like I don't have the CPU power to run it in Virtual Box! just never could be bothered to sit down and figure out why as my usage was so low. but it's much better running from the NAS for some reason.
  7. does the software work under Wine? might reduce your stress levels a little bit (just like the real thing!)
  8. yeah, Loxone certainly ticks those boxes and I do love to play but I also need it to just work for SWMBO and the kids and especially for my mum who will be living with us and with me tinkering the chances are that I'll leave something half-done and stuff just won't work properly coz I've been playing again! she's not great with technology and if I have to tell her that she needs to double tap the centre of the switch to turn the lights off or press the top right for blinds etc she'll have no ideas. plus I really like the office looking controllers from C4/Lutron etc. it's one of those things that I'm just going to have to get quotes for both and do loads and loads of research and go visit show homes etc and then make a decision.
  9. was going to mention virtual box but I figured you'd want the VM on all the time so would have to leave your Mac on permanently. whereas a Pi or VM on the NAS could be on 24/7.
  10. thanks @Ferdinand. they certainly do have a lot of tools! I decided to with Ego for my garden tools in the end despite much internal wrangling and debate. the equipment arrived today and I'm just charging the batteries before having a go. build quality looks good so far but the proof will be in the pudding as they say. I am definitely looking to go with Makita for the rest of my tools though. that decision has been made and so I look forward to a lifelong relationship with Makita tools.
  11. and how do you find Loxone? still torn between Loxone and Control-4. i really don't like the Loxone light switches and having to tap a certain number of times to get to the lighting preset you want, whereas Control-4 has switches with many buttons for each preset. but Loxone I can administer myself whereas Control-4 is a closed system. but C-4 is damn sexy and does AV very well whereas Loxone uses iPads for displays and doesn't do AV at all.
  12. the price for home automation I guess!
  13. a VM crash should have no effect on the NAS. rebooting a dead VM on Synology? I don't know! on a Qnap system there's an app called Virtualisation Station. in there you manage and control all of your VMs and can access them through the virtualisation app. how this is done on Synology is beyond me. maybe @joth knows? otherwise, it'll need a google search. I don't have time now but if I get a chance later I'll see if I can find anything on Google about Synology virtualisation.
  14. yeah. we love the bats. I've not got any issues with them being around! keeps the insect population down as well.
  15. Can’t help you there! Good luck with your decision.