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    I am a passive-house enthusiast, already planning designs for a new build but I have not even found a plot yet, so I am probably letting my enthusiasm get ahead of me. I aim to build a small home in the South East of England, probably around Hertfordshire or Buckinghamshire.

    I have no experience in building but have been reading intensively for a few months now and have learnt a lot from this site and many other blogs, including Jeremy Harris' and podcasts, including Ben Adam Smith's House Planning Help podcasts and by visiting houses on the Passive House open days.

    I am fully convinced that Passive House is the best way. And have been persuaded that SIPs above a floating concrete slab might be a good construction approach. For DHW and heating, my latest best guess for internal services is an ASHP, UFH, SunAmp with E7 and PV.
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    Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

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  1. Dreadnaught

    Wayleaves etc., Part 2

  2. Dreadnaught

    Spray foam insulation

    And what's the decrement delay of spray foam in comparison with EPS or blown cellulose? A useful question @Russell griffiths?
  3. This is a good podcast on airtightness. Some of you may know Paul Jennings, a professional air tightness tester. Some interesting comments about different building systems, tapes and tips on taping. Interestingly he named two tape brands as being the best: ProClima and Siga, with ProClima being slightly better at dealing with self builders. https://www.houseplanninghelp.com/hph227-whats-the-best-way-to-build-an-airtight-structure-with-paul-jennings
  4. Dreadnaught

    double take

    @Hecateh Do you mean the "The Big Build - Isle of Sheppey" episode? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08tpkpb
  5. Dreadnaught

    Hi to all

    @PeterStarck When you said "higher levels than the minimum PH level" did you mean to say that or perhaps "higher levels than minimum building-regs' standard level", or some such, instead? I am planning to go to PH levels of insulation but not beyond.
  6. Dreadnaught

    Just Beginning

    Brick slips. Thanks Peter, corrected.
  7. Dreadnaught

    Just Beginning

    Interesting thought Russell. Why do you think a brick skin is superior to brick slips? Is it just cost or are there other things too? (Its a topic that I am thinking about at the moment for my build.)
  8. I believe it is better too have the supply and exhaust vents on the same face of the building (but separated by an acceptable distance to prevent cross flow). The reason for being on the same face is that, in that orientation, the wind pressure is likely to be balanced across supply and exhaust.
  9. Dreadnaught

    Cladding options Marley board and render?

    Might that include brick slips (an option I am considering)?
  10. Please come along if you can. Wildlife (or its absence) is important, I hope you agree. I plan to go along. http://www.chrispackham.co.uk/the-peoples-walk-for-wildlife
  11. Dreadnaught

    PIR variations

    Interesting comment. Could you explain this a little more? (My planned house will have a big flat roof, hence my interest.)
  12. I am following this discussion with interest. I too am interested in a through-the-wall chute, external and through a gate pillar or fence section. I too am concerned about parcels and would like a larger letter plate so at least small parcels will pass, preferably bigger ones too. I am also considering a separate parcel box of some form. Nothing I have seen so far quite meets the needs.
  13. Dreadnaught

    My Advice for Self-Builders

    @Red2000, welcome. What a helpful and insightful post, thank you! I read it carefully and took notes. I hope you'll be sticking around to share your experience in other posts too.
  14. Welcome @katy. Having light coming from more than one direction is important in my opinion. In my build, I intend to have at least two directions for natural light to enter each of the main rooms. A second point is that roof lights are more effective than windows at bringing in natural light (I intend to have lots), but of course that's rather dependent on the shape of your building (mine is a flat-roofed bungalow).
  15. Dreadnaught

    Topographic survey — non RICS?

    Thanks all. That's reassuring. I will probably use his service therefore.