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    I have a plot in Cambridgeshire for a bungalow near the centre of a large town. Hope to start building mid-2019. The build will be screw piles, insulated concrete raft foundation, factory-made timber frame, pitched roof with roof windows, brick skin, triple-glazed windows, gas boiler, UFH and MVHR.
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  1. Dreadnaught

    Celotex installed in cavity block wall build

    Very interesting. Hadn't realised that at all.
  2. Dreadnaught


    Insulation costs just once but pays back each and every year. I would say yes, upgrade it, for three reasons. Energy and so ££ saving. A more constant (and so comfortable) internal environment. Improved sound proofing. Value airtightness too. You evidently know about things if you are quoting U-values. If you haven't done so, consider thermal modelling of your building, even just a little. PHPP or Jeremy's spreadsheet. It can be revealing.
  3. Very helpful, thanks! Now I imagine all I will need is a bit of plywood and some bolts
  4. Brilliant BuildHub does it again! UKPN have just confirmed that I can attach a cheap meter cabinet to the fence (or at worst a concreted fence post with plywood). Thanks all!
  5. Thank you all for your excellent and helpful advice! I have … contacted the UKPN surveyor (not the central service) asking if its OK to put a cheap cabinet on the fence (with @JSHarris photo as an example) as there isn't really any space for a ground-mounted kiosk. replied to the builder who supplied the original quote proposing we instead put a (cheap) cabinet on the fence or, failing that, attached on some plywood on a new fence post next to the fence (and with the implication that the bill will reduce greatly).
  6. Thank you. Right, that gives me hope. If you don't mind, I will use the photo of your cabinet to show UKPN what I plan to do and ask them to pre-approve it, just in case on-the-day they turn up and throw a wobbly.
  7. Oh interesting. Jeremy, did your DNO bat-an-eyelid when they saw yours attached to the fence?
  8. @lizzie, wonderful. Hopefully soon, and with you new furry-friend ensconced, and with just the UFH now to tweak, you will at last be able to put house issues behind you and really enjoy your truly lovely home. Just in time to do it all over again with your new build in south Wales (although with smooth sailing this time).
  9. Yes, I think so. Although it is slightly unclear exactly where the UKPN part ends and my party of the trenching starts. To that access road you mean. Yes, fortunately the other party having a connection at the same time is taking care of that, to my great relief. His building is much larger (a boathouse) and he is having a three-phase connection. One neighbour in particular is being greatly inconvenienced and I am not looking forward to his reaction.
  10. Prompted by @LA3222, I am going to try and speak to UKPN and check if they will allow me to put a normal, cheap meter box on the fence. Sadly there is no wall near that location otherwise I would attach to that. Interestingly a search of google did not reveal a single picture of a meter cabinet attached to a fence, which makes me wonder if it's forbidden. I even checked building regs but it does not comment on it, I am guessing because it falls within the remit of the DNO. It is sadly, yes. Interestingly I wont know how much the connection part will cost until UKPN process the refund for the combined work after its all done. I am hoping it wont be enormous. I have paid the full price now and looking forward to some of it coming back. The (unclaimed) access road has a concrete surface.
  11. Now I have noticed something that is confusing me. In the document from UKPN that accompanied my quote called "YOUR TO DO LIST, What you need to do to get connected" it does specify a £600 GRP cabinet, as shown below. Why do they say that?
  12. Thanks @ProDave. The builder who gave the quotes above proposed a rather plush-looking Ground-mounted meter box for £600. I think all I need is a surface-mounted meter box for about £50 attached somehow to the old fence. Does that sound right?
  13. Thanks @ProDave. It now dawns on me that I am bit short of time before UKPN install the supply on 28 March so I need to decide on the meter cabinet/kiosk type and location. Quick question: is it possible to attach a plastic meter cabinet temporarily to a pretty-run-down old fence?
  14. Thanks @PeterW, as always. To be honest, I don't have a plan. I am having this TBS supply installed now as UKPN are opening up the road for someone else and I am saving ££ by combining jobs with them. Its a log story but all the saving comes to me, not split with them. I am putting the TBS just inside the plot behind the entrance gate against the fence. I do know that the service trench when we get around to it will pass directly through this location along the fence and into the house so I think the TBS is well positioned to then either leave it there or relocate it into the house somewhere. Does that make sense?
  15. Hi all, I am breaking ground on my build (Hooray!) albeit only to connect my temporary builders electricity supply ("TBS"). UKPN are laying the main up to the boundary of my property (£££ ). Is the following quote generally OK for the extra bits that I have to arrange: Ground mounted meter box, £600 (zero rated for VAT as supply & fit) Excavate a short length of trench from my plot your boundary to the meter box location (perhaps 2 metres under concrete, 485mm deep), lay duct and backfill with warning tape, form concrete plinth, and fix meter housing £950 (zero rated for VAT) Electrical work required to provide the earth and tails: awaiting a quote. How much might I expect this to be? Any advice appreciated. By the way, does the meter box need to be ground mounted? There is a panel fence there but not much else.