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  1. Dreadnaught

    "As Built" - A way to save significant dosh?

    Wow, that's a good price. Might you be able to PM me their details?
  2. Dreadnaught

    Boiler, buffer, thermal store or UVC? UFH with PV

    I would be interested in your SunAmp quote. Andrew Bissell said on Twitter yesterday that prices had dropped recently, to about £1,000 for their most common model with average capacity, and excluding installation (which I imagine is DIY-able).
  3. Dreadnaught

    Timber frame or brick & Block

    Out of interest, which timber-frame company did you use?
  4. Dreadnaught

    PV up and running

    From the link in your first post. 2 Arrays… Tilt: 25.0°, Azimuth: 240°. The bigger one. Tilt: 25.0°, Azimuth: 150°. The smaller one. Should have read your first post more closely, haha!
  5. Dreadnaught

    PV up and running

    https://enlighten.enphaseenergy.com/ I think.
  6. Dreadnaught

    PV up and running

    Nice graphs. Looks like Tetris! I assume the top part is a schematic of the 2x arrays. Do you have yours on an SE – SW orientation, with more SW? What online service is that?
  7. Dreadnaught

    Land grabbing — anyone done it?

    Good question. Anyone know an answer? Yes. I wonder who can challenge the fences? Not just a neighbour: as far as I can see they have no basis for a challenge at all, unless it is a right-of-way. Is the only legitimate challenge for someone to assert a title claim to the land? In my case it has been well established on multiple occasions by multiple people that that owner has been lost in the mists-of-time. Thus is no challenge even possible?
  8. Dreadnaught

    Land grabbing — anyone done it?

    Thanks @nod. Any do's or dont's? Is it just a matter of fencing and a long wait? Who can challenge the fences (other than an owner, which in my case certainly does not exist)?
  9. Does anyone have any experience of grabbing a small piece of land that nobody owns and which abuts your own land? I am familiar with the legal principles of adverse possession, I am more interested in the period before, when the grabbing actually occurs.
  10. Dreadnaught

    Sockets and switches

    These people perhaps http://electropatent.co.uk/product/bespoke-floor-boxes/?
  11. Dreadnaught

    Timber frame or brick & Block

    That's a really interesting comment. SIPs for the roof only. Attractive in addition as it offers particularly wide spans without a beam. I wonder if any timber-frame company (MBC?) offers the option of i-beam walls and SIP roof? Or whether they would need to be supplied by different companies.
  12. Dreadnaught

    Smug to Mug

    Hadn't thought of this. What sort of future needs could these bricks fulfil?
  13. Dreadnaught

    Smug to Mug

    @Hecateh Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success. C. S. Lewis And… Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. Isaac Asimov Brighter days lie ahead. Chin up!
  14. Dreadnaught

    Hi all!

    Thank you very much for making the suggestion. Yes I have met Jane a couple of times, both times at the Buckinghamshire Passive house that Ben Adam Smith has been featuring on his podcast, which you mention. I also read her book, The Passive House Handbook. Yes PH15 is a nice system, I agree. Well thought through. I was on the phone today with Touchwood Homes about their system, which is similar but differs by having the airtightness barrier on the outside, removing the need for a service void within. An interesting contrast with PH15. Yes, have been to NSBRC a couple of times but planning to return because of learnt so much from contributors such as yourselves and others here on BH and that I will see things with new eyes on my third visit. I plan to go on 11 May for their next "show", when Ben Adam Smith will be talking. I appreciate your advice.
  15. Dreadnaught

    Looking to begin my estimate

    I wonder, does SPONS for Kindle offer the updates for the year like the printed edition? I notice its £30.50 on Amazon at the moment. Also how does the yearly update work? Will it be updated for 2019 in January? Do the updates that come with the book only last until December so the later you buy it in the year the fewer updates you receive? (I love that its the 143rd edition and "First edition 1873".)