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    I have a plot in Cambridgeshire for a bungalow near the centre of a large town. Hope to start building spring 2020. The build will be screw piles, insulated concrete raft foundation, factory-made timber frame, sedum green flat roof with roof windows, brick skin, triple-glazed windows, gas boiler, UFH and MVHR.
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  1. @lizzie did. Have the name of her designer if you'd like it. I suspect that she won't mind me sending it on.
  2. Welcome @Davidkw. A couple of places to start: https://www.gov.uk/vat-building-new-home , https://www.gov.uk/vat-building-new-home/eligibility, https://www.gov.uk/vat-building-new-home/how-to-claim. We also have a large and well-maintained thread on the forum here about the VAT reclaim process but I believe that you need a few more posts (to be an established member) before you can have access to that. @newhome in particular is very knowledgeable on the subject. And @JSHarris has a sample claim spreadsheet that he has provided to some others here. Some members, including @jack, are following current cases about exactly what triggers the 3-month clock on claiming after the completion of a build. And there are some companies various members have used to assist in the process (for a fee). @joe90 has used one recently for example.
  3. "Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything". Had to look it up myself.
  4. @new eco home, Touchwood Homes is local to you: https://www.touchwoodhomes.co.uk. MBC (http://mbctimberframe.co.uk) and PYC (https://pycconstruction.co.uk) are two others I have considered for my build. Another is Eden (http://edeninsulation.co.uk) but I have not spoken with them directly.
  5. Oh you might have an exhaust-air heat pump in your MVHR! This one https://www.earthsaveproducts.com/products/mvhr-including-built-in-heat-pump/ecocent-air-mvhr. There is a link to the manual on the web page. Unfortunately, the manual does not seem to mention the word "boost". If that is your model, you might be interested to know that both @Mikey_1980 and @dogman have the same one.
  6. A new (easier?) way of detecting Great Crested Newts in a pond on a building site. Podcast. Costing the Earth: The e-DNA Revolution … "A modern technique is revolutionising how we monitor our living world. Jheni Osman asks how 'environmental DNA' works and discovers the sheer breadth of what it's revealing." Listen to the relevant section here → https://overcast.fm/+IPRWK3mfg/9:04 The BBC site for the podcast → https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0008wpt
  7. Oh interesting. How do you compare using the wood to metal? Which do you prefer using?
  8. Just out of general interest, I wonder did you ever consider using metal studwork, @nod-style? I am tempted.
  9. It is a comprehensive list (from which I stole a few ideas, thank you). One thing I thought was missing was a sense for how long you intend to live in it, which dictates the balance between a design highly tailored for yourselves and one designed for a generalised buyer. I also felt that because of its level of detail, a sense of prioritisation was somewhat lost. Optional or even whimsical ideas were blended amongst requirements. Love the idea of the pipe organ!
  10. One adjacent thought: on the couple of examples of a slab pour with UFH which I have seen, the area where the tails emerged was boxed and filled with sand rather than concreted from the start. I think that this makes it easier to manipulate the tails later on. Others may be able to add more detail. Is that relevant for you?
  11. In my current ongoing experience of my planning application, neighbours wait until the end or even beyond the end of the consultation period. And comments received by the LPA after the deadline are still considered in the normal way. Its not a hard cut off.
  12. Perhaps this one, https://cvcdirect.myshopify.com/products/conus-airvalve-125mm-1, from Jeremy here:
  13. I bet the on-shore Naval radar on the hill north of Portsmouth (Sampson?) does a good job for its section of coast. What's the range of something like that?