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    I am a passive-house enthusiast, already planning designs for a new build but I have not even found a plot yet, so I am probably letting my enthusiasm get ahead of me. I aim to build a small home in the South East of England, probably around Hertfordshire or Buckinghamshire.

    I have no experience in building but have been reading intensively for a few months now and have learnt a lot from this site and many other blogs, including Jeremy Harris' and podcasts, including Ben Adam Smith's House Planning Help podcasts and by visiting houses on the Passive House open days.

    I am fully convinced that Passive House is the best way. And have been persuaded that SIPs above a floating concrete slab might be a good construction approach. For DHW and heating, my latest best guess for internal services is an ASHP, UFH, SunAmp with E7 and PV.
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    Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

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  1. Dreadnaught

    Cistern help please

    That's a shame. Surface rust on tools can generally be restored. In the right hands of course. My father, as a minor hobby, buys boxes full of rusty tools and takes pride in restoring them to as-new condition.
  2. Would the use of such solutions for boats and RVs meet Building Regulations and electrical safety standards required for UK buildings?
  3. Dreadnaught

    Not good

    Adding to this, the original innovator was Toyota and the Toyota Production System (TPS) in the 1960s. For those interested, this Wikipedia page lists the principles that emerged, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Production_System, the main headings for which are: Continuous improvement Respect for people Long-term philosophy The right process will produce the right results Add value to the organisation by developing your people and partners Continuously solving root problems drives organisational learning Of these six, I suspect that the UK building culture follows none of them. Culture in organisations and industries is a fascinating subject. Culture is hard to change. Jeffery Liker's classic book called The Toyota Way does the whole subject justice. (Out of interest, the TPS directly led to the advent of both the agile software-development approach and the lean (just-in-time) production approach, both of which are now widely adopted across many fields. I am part of a company that follows the agile software-development approach.)
  4. Dreadnaught

    How wide are your doors?

    On the subject of doors, @lizzie you've also got those rather lovely magnetic door latches. I liked those. Nothing protrudes from the door.
  5. Dreadnaught

    type of pv

    @richi Could you spell out those abbreviations for the uninitiated?
  6. Out of interest, what might those typically be?
  7. I was under the impression that the use of backup batteries during a power cut was prohibited to protect power-line workers. Has the situation changed? Or would your system be isolated from the grid? Or perhaps I was just mistaken.
  8. What are the all PV fitters, used as they are to grabbing the FIT benefit from the customer, now to do?
  9. Dreadnaught

    Hello from a novice ‘self builder’!

    Welcome, what part of the country is your house?
  10. Dreadnaught

    Planning permission granted!

    Congratulations! Lovely plot. Perhaps a spot of rewilding? Native broadleaf? Beaver? Perhaps even lynx?
  11. Dreadnaught

    Ventilation Rates Issue

    Could there be a control system that attempts to anticipate when the windows are open (exceptionally low back pressure) and reduces fan speed? I have seen a heating systems that tries and identify when a window is open and reduces the heating load to save energy. Just a guess.
  12. Dreadnaught


    At the risk going off topic, I was in CostCo today. Do we really need all built-in appliances any more. For an oven, a worktop halogen oven (<£40). For a hobb, worktop portable induction pads (<£50 each, have a few). Perhaps not for everyone but I'm tempted. A positive article on halogen ovens: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/features/how-i-fell-in-love-with-halogen-ovens-2098619.html.
  13. Dreadnaught

    Water connection

    Ben Adam Smith, of the House Planning Help podcast and coming towards the end of his own build, posted this on twitter yesterday:
  14. PC (or PC sum) = a prime cost sum is an allowance for the supply of work or materials that will be nominated by the client.
  15. Dreadnaught

    Tendering 101

    I am no expert but you might find this podcast interesting. Ruth Butler, the owner of the building but also an architect herself, discusses her contracting approach, which was to allow the contractor are margin but not give him any flexibility to choose items. You could possibly use her approach. By the way, I have visited her finished home in Sussex. Well worth a visit if you are in the area. http://webuildacademy.libsyn.com/ruth-butler-why-ruth-went-passivhaus