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    I have a plot in Cambridgeshire for a bungalow near the centre of a large town. Hope to start building spring 2020. The build will be screw piles, insulated concrete raft foundation, factory-made timber frame, sedum green flat roof with roof windows, brick skin, triple-glazed windows, gas boiler, UFH and MVHR.
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  1. That's the model I'm thinking of using. Following with interest! Condensate-drain arrangement ready?
  2. @CC45, thanks. Did you grab someone to show you around or were you self-guided?
  3. @Ruben, Apple's forthcoming initiatives may help, which I assume you know about: "HomeKit Secure Video"; and "HomeKit-enabled routers". I intend to make use of both in my forthcoming build.
  4. I will visit the DIY Kitchens showroom up in Pontefract next Friday. I will be stopping off on my way from my current home (Hampshire) on my way to my holiday in Scotland. It will be first visit to their showroom and the first time seeing their full range of kitchens. Given it may be only visit before I specify my kitchen for my forthcoming build, and, given how far away the showroom is from where I live down South, it may possibly be my only visit to the showroom, does anyone have any advice on how best to use the visit to best effect?
  5. I think you mean "colder than inside in winter"?
  6. Consider using the UFH for cooling as well as heating. Airflow rates through a MVHR system are generally too low to provide much cooling (or heating) capacity (and forcing higher airflow rates can lead to noise from the ducts). As stated above, beware of overheating. Are you planning on preparing PHPP calculations for your house? Which direction will your sea-view extensive-glazing face?
  7. Ah, so if you had another residence elsewhere, could you simply assert that this was your primary residence? I had thought the restrictions were stronger in places such as St Ives. Sounds superficially a little like the eligibility criteria for residents-parking permits in Central London, which are fairly easy to accommodate and no a hinderance in themselves to having a second home.
  8. @Adrian Walker recently pointed me towards these… Probably not suitable for your case @ProDave but ingenious I thought none-the-less.
  9. I am very interested in circadian lighting. I haven't yet seen an easy solution to achieve it. With lamps that can change colour temperature I thought it would be easy. And I would have thought Philips Hue would do it but, as far as I have seen, their solutions are limited. I have a few of the Philips Hue bulbs.
  10. Out of interest, why not one of these, and then straight in? (I will have the same problem with trees.) https://guttercentre.co.uk/Lindab-Self-Cleaning-Leaf-Trap-For-Downpipes-SLS
  11. Welcome! I wonder, are you in a Cotswold conservation area? Will it be a traditional design or modern?
  12. @AliG, in addition to what you are considering, I wonder if you have a loop of UFH in that room that you can somehow run independently. Could you use it (unheated) to redistribute heat from that room to other parts of the house? Just an idea.
  13. I am having a green roof on my forthcoming build. Mine was effectively mandated by the planners to satisfy SUDS. But building on what others here have said, my green roof will be a sedum roof, wholly inadequate for growing anything other than plants that tolerate sparse nutrition and occasional desiccation. And my roof will weigh (at most and when fully laden with both water and a layer of snow) 120 kg per square meter. Such a minimalistic sedum roof is called an "intensive" green roof. What you propose is an "extensive" green roof, where the roof is suitable for growing much more. An extensive green roof is an undertaking that is an order of magnitude greater, requiring the structure of the dwelling to be much enhanced to support the considerable extra weight. And it would not surprise me if the cost of such a roof was 10x greater by comparison. Be cautious!
  14. Welcome! Sounds like a lovely area. Doing much of the work yourself?
  15. That video was memorising! It is fascinating to see the intricacy and precision of the mechanical design of such a seemingly mundane object, and the skill and knowledge of the fellow in the video. Impressive.