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    Don’t you just fit one that isn’t actually connected to the heating system, so SWMBO can crank it up as often as she wants. But you actually just control it from an app. 😁
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    If you want to save money ditch the zinc roof eye watering costs, and lots of alternatives out there. this is mine. If that’s the sort of thing your after. Ignore all the white bits I was hacking a window reveal about.
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    Here is the data sheet for your thermostat https://cdn.wundatrade.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/E02-generic-E91-touch-screen-Stat-27-4-2018.pdf See page 3. Parameter 4diF Switching differential, adjustable from 0.5C to 10C
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    There is nothing there worth keeping, rip it all out and get it chucked in a skip.
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    Cordless grinder, diamond blade, lots of water, lots of mess. I would have a go myself, but I’m a bit of a no guts no glory merchant, so I just get stuck in and wait and see if the shit hits the fan or not.
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    my stat has a 3’ hysterisis , means it switches when 3’ difference is felt. Set to 21’ it switches off at 22.5 but switches on at 19.5, really need to find one that’s got a 1’ hysterisis. Yes, I have little temp devises around the house to PROVE it’s warm enough (she still asks me to light the woodstove tho).
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    https://www.ductstore.co.uk/acatalog/Round_Vents___Wall_Cowls.html Don’t know what the rainwater goods look like but some in here look ok
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    not quite. Mechanical stats had a resistor in them that heated the bimetal to get it to switch slightly ahead of time. Today's programmable stats have all sorts of rate-of-rise fuzzyness in, and turn off slightly below setpoint as they know there'll be a bit more heat added after the boiler is cut out.
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    That’s all I’ve got for my ASHP and UFH. Seems to work.
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    be interesting to see just how much overshoot you'll get with straight on/off control. And how that changes with flow temp too
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    Ask the structural engineer or phone the engineer at the precast slab manafacturer. Beware the cost of blocklaying. You'll double the cost of your inner leaf. Resting on precast window sills and concrete screwed via brackets into the outer leaf. Avoid lintels that span the cavity. Thermal bridging is an issue. Use concrete in preference to steel. It's cheaper and easier to finish. Again your structural engineer has the last word here.
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    We used Schneider Lisse and we liked the rounded look with no sharp edges. The light switches are good because they have a spare terminal for connecting neutrals for loop in at switch.
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    Just read your blog Peter brilliant! thanks for sharing.
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    Retrotouch are the make
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    You can’t rush these things (and he sure doesn’t 🤣).
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    Those sheets @ProDave referred to: https://www.wickes.co.uk/how-to-guides/garden-landscaping/fit-corrugated-sheets
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    Was the batten the width of where the red arrow is? The bit your finger is on is the factory edge, I think of the 1m wide roll piece used on the apex? There should be adhesive under that bit you're holding up. Where the nails are the adhesive appears to have been applied on top of the green mineral and maybe under the batten? Looks to me like it's done wrong. How far up, does the bit with the nails in poke up under the bit you're lifting up? A shed roof btw should really have a minimum of two separate layers of felt. One underneath then the green mineral impregnated "cap" sheet you have there. How many layers have you got? If you must go "one layer" there's a proper way if doing it. This from IKO (one of the big felt producers) for instance. It's good to know to help diagnose where yours is leaking: You don't necessarily need wooden strips if done correctly. They can rot and in fact hold water, forcing it back under a poor lap. Not got any on my 2 layered shed roof. My joins are stuck like sh!t to a blanket. Have to be careful (good) to avoid adhesive dribbles. I just wipe and brush in the mineral "dust" onto any dribble. North facing elevation: (I'll finish it one day! 😂) Battens can in fact be run up the slope and can look quite good. My experience of the black, bitumen impregnated roof sheets @ProDave refers to was dire. I reroofed a, shallow pitch, concrete section garage with them (from Wickes). I observed the support spacing requirements by adding in extra angle irons to match the originals. In between the supports the sheets just sunk in like washing up bowl size depressions then split. Poor picture of the roof. (Ruined a Ford Capri I had stored in there. Salvageable but loads more work than when it went in 🙁 ). I'd say a one off/bad batch but similar happend to My BiL. In both cases there was no supporting boards underneath I might add but the bumpf on the corrugated sheets said you didn't need it. Imho I reckon you'd be better with a one piece sheet of EPDM and the proper edge trims. I'll pm you the proper, old school instructions for felting a shed, give me a while.
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    Installing BiPVCo Solar 358mm PV on SSAB GreenCoat PLX Pro, Colour Mountain Grey (036) from Metal Solutions Ltd with Snaplock(R) Standing Seam at 400mm wide panels Installation in Graven Hill, Bicester. Electrics at the ridge under a low impact profile
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    Defo delay install...i've damaged my own door being careful, it doesn't require a careless contractor. Also if its a metal skin as mine, i'm finding the finish very vulnerable, to the point i'm going to put helicopter tape around the key hole area to protect from inadvertent scrape by stuff dangling from keyring.
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    Seems your system is working right. Do you collect data all the time on the air temperatures? Phew, got away with it. And you have a nice cosy house.
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    Hello to you all, My name is Matt and I live in Norfolk with my wife and 2 young kids. We have completed on a plot with detailed planning permission and are currently having the plans re-drawn to better suit our needs and spec. Although we own the plot, we can't really develop it without selling our current house which should be completed by the end of January, at which point we will move in to rented for the duration of the build. The new house is a mixture of materials including a zinc roof, K-render, brick, with a slate roof to the garage section. It will be 2650 ft2 and will be a very bottom heavy 4 bedroom 2 storey house with a roof terrace overlooking the field views the the rear. My intention is to build to a semi passive haus standard and avoid an air source heat pump in favour of solar panels with a large battery bank and an electric boiler coupled with evacuated tube hot water system. While having the plans re-drawn, I have tried to reduce costs as far as possible, purely as I know it will cost us more than I think, as it does for all bar the most experienced house builders which we are not. The house and garden will be planned to make it as maintenance free as possible, me and my wife work full-time and want to make the most of every spare moment we have. We're hoping to get started in March 2021. Regards, Matt. We are completely new to this
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    Yes, I'm going for the extra fat, super-insulated version in this design. 1.5m wide so a bit wider than in the image. Black escutcheon (yes I didn't know either: keyhole) unlike in the image. That's a bespoke groove pattern by the way.
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    Lol ! Think you’ll be lucky ! Of course you could offer to pay half now and a small fee to ‘hold’ it for 12 months ... Fantastic doors by the way ! - though my finger scanner has since died ☹️
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    I had a 200mm cavity but brick outer skin, I also had “check” reveals. This means the inner skin has a bigger width than the outer skin and the windows and doors are fitted to the inside of the outside wall. Mine was held in place by stainless brackets and expanding foam strip between the window and outer skin. (I also had angled reveals giving better light into the rooms and looked cottagey.)
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    They’re effectively the same product . Other manufacturers also available
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    Alot of our material while not necessarily from the UK are traditionally routed through the UK so Brexit is also a factor on top of Covid, however how much of a real problem both these actually are I'm unsure and have a feeling alot of people are jumping on the bandwagon and pushing prices as they now have reasonable excuses to. Prices are expected to increase further in the summer according to most suppliers and no I wouldn't expect any prices to reduce unless we see a recession.
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    Flooring was actually just some cheap laminate from B&Q which I put in many years ago when this used to be a dining room, to stop the house rabbit eating the Lino I used to have down. When I came to do this, it was still in great condition, and I had a load of spare lengths, so I chose the best bits and relayed just in the kitchen area, seemed a shame to throw it away and I was happy with the colour match. May have been walnut effect?
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    In mine I have ventilated strip of stainless mesh at eaves and a ventilated top flashing, it’s all part of the metal roofing system.
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    Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your PP. I don't want to put you off before you've started but you could look at my blog to see the potential ups and downs of self build. https://forum.buildhub.org.uk/blogs/blog/7-east-kent-self-build/
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    I used the Isoquick passive slab which could very easily be a diy job. http://www.isoquick.co.uk/
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    Admin are still laughing at your joke ....
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    And my massive wang
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    Explains a number of building issues you’ve had... like the walk on glazing.
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    I have the same issue with the bathrooms: "Bathroom is cold" "No it's 20 degrees in there" "The floor is cold" "That's because it has reached it's temperature and the UFH has turned off"
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    Mine will have the SWMBO mark 2 controller. If it senses cold, it switches the UFH heating to FULL
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    So was Robert Maxwell. Czechs bounce.
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    No no no no and no I think that answers your questions
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    Nah , looks way to big !
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    He certainly wouldn’t agree at the price !
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